Evil has now all turned to the Career and Society ideas for power and politics in the future levels of simulated paedophilia; they did it to my career first because they said they were having civil rights and their loutishness and abuses always tend to indicate they will never understand until their societies and cultures and now the very ideology behind which evil people get rich is handled in the same way too. Crucial difference still remains that of the both of us, between me and them, they are still the ones insolent and bold enough to conduct the sexual and sexual context abuses, and I will make my mark and point by handling their means and livelihood and Media even further and more viciously than I already have.

here is that talk that will never go away of how I refuse to accept the way I live encourages migrants to turn up at the borders and so on but I have no idea what way I live which could have caused it anyway; the reality of what happened being that they turned up here to rip up my job and finances claiming they want somebody they can bully to run small businesses and have political power with their violent money loving and when asked why they do it claim it is because I am a Christian, when asked if Christianity offends them claim it is precisely the point i.e. it is really annoying because it does not offend anybody, which of course was an activity that racist were engaging in first and foremost as it were. It was therefore when this behaviour got to the stage where they wanted me to spend my own money to afford myself a certain lifestyle so as to prevent migrants from turning up on their borders that it came to a head since they could always change their ways if it was a bad thing in the first place. So it has come to a point of no return 34 years old without a job and people ripping up your books and hence any other business you have left while we see them make that noise all over the place about a need to be relentless in order to be successful as if more meaningful points to be relentless are not staring their stupidities in the face at all – today we even woke up to personals like Russell Brand telling us to vote for the Labour Party because they will listen to us when they get into Office and it is all so incredibly ironic as such and as for black people, when they have opinions about others it is followed by a sense they have the right to touch them, so we have a problem which means if they don’t like me I cannot live my life without them on account they want to impose their will playing parents like the bullies they are which again I should ignore, the stupid block heads that cannot leave people alone talking nonsense about being relentless to be successful and cannot leave me alone until a hate system is built here for them as well and more so to get concerned about racism because all these things are being done by racists as it were in their view.

They do speak of the part where I played a part to ensure these things get to the point they are at the moment which is not exactly clear which part I played in peoples grand plan to live in a modern country where people will not take note of the evils they practice because other things such as making money in order to ensure attention is not being paid to those who do becomes more important – except that towards a Christian it gets violent and it is acceptable because it is their choice to select only one person to make hell for and not as if they are doing things that are far reaching enough to damage the Political system with a big mouth and this is of course when they are being tolerated until it got physical as well and I start to deal with people threatening me as per when they cannot handle me they get the Politicians involved so that they might too, while their media friends find more evils overseas if I crush the ones at home because I was blessed with the ability to, thus if I cannot be beaten I must be suppressed and it all got that bad in a very short period of time. Even now they speak of my inability to let people live the way they want but we all know their wickedness are not practiced on them because they don’t want to hurt themselves, they do on me because they should be able to practice it as it were and this is where they are tolerated of course until I end up bumping into things in public all the time that suggests they were involved with me in a condition whereby they were the boss and are getting relentless to build career and success with it, so that their idiots can get off to tell us whom to vote for on account of whom they think will listen to the public when they are in government office and I don’t know which is more insulting – that it is their bloody freedom or that it is something they do out of the power to do it. Always seen getting involved with people’s lives and concerns every single moment of their time in public, so as to get about spending other people’s money while saving theirs and communicating in the most dishonest ways imaginable to make that happen and so they are always after me because they like to feel I am a soft touch. Now there is talk of how I am not making any progress anyway because all I have done has already been spent by somebody else I have no respect for who actually dealt with these matters successfully and wants his due from society as a result and it is a matter that will continue until it ends really badly too – since at present their need to play money games and impressing of their stupid fellow greedy freedom and capitalism freak friends is clearly not something that works for a Christian at a National level which is why they are unable to impress their stupid friends today and are always compulsively angry to that effect all the time, it was actually by the way developed from the part where it was in their interest to ensure the Christian has no money so that he might like their own to a point where it is the equivalent of God to him which never ended very well, touched off with their Politicians having a hard time at home and overseas too – as it stands besides the issue of the fact this is not their lives or where they live is the reality that the process of turning out to stick themselves in the middle of all I do with media to ensure they build enemies for me that spend my personal life and they get to spend my money and public life on the left and mock me for it is on borrowed time – they will blow their big mouth off where it really matters one of these days as well.

They do speak of what they do because it’s the price I have to pay for being me; none of it makes any sense since it’s clearly a case of people who think that those trophy bullying will be something they get to keep while having a culture and society at the same time as well, same old story of why it is important they are none entities; the real issue is that each time I decide I might not hate them so much the price is always astronomical and then we have to listen to them speak of how they need to be elected into government office because they will listen and it is clearly not a harmful thing to say but they have put themselves in a place where it is incredibly offensive. For my part I like to rip up the culture and society and hold onto it just in case I need something to remind me that I have to set out what I don’t like about them very clearly otherwise they will never change and will never understand and that is how I get them to behave towards me the way they do all the time while I have had a need for it due to the vandalism and distraction that comes from a very unlikely source that is their Politicians who now speak of my enemies spending my personal life while they spend my money for their part too with a big mouth. There is no price I have to pay for being me, none whatsoever – it started with how when I need a job the fact my Christian temperaments will be good for fucking means people want to give me sex to calm me down instead and now it has progressed to the stifling of my Book sales if they can turn up to give me home instead having made every rented accommodation hell for me over the years. There is nothing unusual about it; I will only have their media when and if I had paid for it, otherwise I do not wish to tolerate anymore around my Books or around anything I do in public which it seems they cannot do their media without handling and I would like it if they cleared my space as it were – we have spoken of the matter is lighter ways before i.e. their need to ensure young backbiters are out there making themselves into trolls so fools like them can have jobs on media and will do anything to help those extract an income from other peoples possessions rather than work for their own as we can see – so that it’s the fashion girls that like to express it the most about strategic and violent vandalism as it were and a certain noise making about how any opposition from me will make things worse and how it happens because they are superior; career ambushers, job ambushers, personal life ambush and so on but now I have crushed the ambushers and am waiting for the rest to wind me up – its time out for the media over my Books and Public life. The women will spend all their time distracting me from job and academic work claiming it offend them and that they want to have sex with me, just because there are women out there that are friends and behave towards me in a certain way and then it gets so extreme and so violent when they know at their age and as a result of years of failure and habit of abusing those that teach them, I am so far younger than they are and will find the idea of sex with them intimidating, so it becomes a power that their Politicians want to use on me to confiscate personal life they can feel glorious with but for the men there is that hatred of the Police and a problem they have with women going for them, for they hate a Police on account they are the media as far as they think we suppose but we know they do only when it is not weak enough to let them sex drugs and rock and roll and I have had enough of the involvement – each time I think I may not hate them as much the price is off the scale every single time, so I need to be clear that I hate it. It has never been an emotive issue – only money loving to a point of clinical insanity and the Politicians that can spend a decade of my time like they have at present to create a social and media relationship between me and them, then tell me there are offences on my part that means they have the right to, so it is not hurting badly enough yet, so these idiots can mess around with burdens of leadership, screw my health to make me a target for extremist groups and juvenile gangsters and punks, then when I get murdered on the streets for not having sex with the croons that will be where it all ended; they are the ones that have to get out there on the streets to win votes as it were, let’s see how wise that idea was in the first place; so its people who are clinically insane and lost their minds over money being given a relationship with me at social level with tax payer funds on account of my temperaments and an Intellectual space watched by the British Government from space and satellites and so on, in order to destroy it, so I have no idea what they are complaining about for my part as well anyway – it was a sexual relationship that they created, to turn out and blow off a big mouth about helping small businesses made up of these idiots with a need to finger my bum before they sell confectionery and other small items that celebrities and Industry workers might need, now we hear they will listen if elected.

I understand there is that confusion continuing about what my problem with people really is of which I have none as it were; it’s just the insults – they face the same challenges as I do, the ageism in the UK is off the scale and my Christian temperaments means I am always looking like a respectful kid people can bully to get somewhere while attacking me on grounds of claims that my career passes through there thereof at the same time and boasting about it too on realising how free their villainy has become of recent. So they really needed to understand they had to tame it unless they were paying my Bills so as to become the fathers they always want to become all the time, or else we will always end up in that condition where they are sorting their lives out all over again concerning which I have got the youth for my advantage and they have not got any for their own as well and have to rely on years spent on the work force and how to attack career which is a loop hole I am going to plug because I need to make them go away really soon. They do speak of how I handle their National sense of fame of course which is utter nonsense, I need the National sense of fame because over the last 15 years everyday their Politicians and Media have done nothing else and equipped them to do nothing else but try and grab my career and wrought any level of damage to me to that effect as they might please, so that if handling Christians like that eventually pays off after the 15 years and whatever number of years it may take to make me suffer until people get used to a manufactured norm on media of a career they know belongs to me ending up as somebody else own, actually pays off, I will change the west as they know it but that is the extreme option the easier option, the lesser of the two evils is the bit where I handle the National sense of fame and they need to give it up as they will never ever get it back, all they can do is restore my finances and work and public life and move away and they can have their freedom from me too. As for the media however; I want them to clear the diplomatic front of my Office, clear the Literary Empire and stop stalking me, otherwise it is the same thing I am going to do to their journalism and their celebrities. So the bottom line is that I may have taken care of the part where idiots always want to get involved with me because they think I am a target at which they can communicate dishonestly and save their own money somewhere to spend mine and other peoples own about which its always violent distraction after another that makes no sense, the fact they cannot do anything without touching other painfully as a nature and an inability to forgive others for having an anus so to speak because things are happening on the left and on the right but it is still impossible to sit in front of an employer and answer questions properly on account men have horns on their cars and claim they own me basically – so it really comes down to that need people have to jerk me and test me and scare me and grab public life and anything else I may have owned and worked for which I am unable to protect, then make out it is my fault, not a case of a problem I have with people and when asked to explain it as a community we hear that noise about how it is something that happens because I am paying the price for who I am – so whatever it is they are plugging me into, I am tired of me and could never do it for them from the very beginning in the first place anyway. I have never seen a group of people like to show their need to have the small persons they really love to bully and the big persons that enforce the law hold them down and beat them up or kill them like these guys do. It’s all stuff that you are meant to take care of – get a job, get to college, progress your career and when they start it will all become a tease no matter how much they like to target you, unless that is like in my case the Politicians want your personal life and the diplomats claim you have stolen the aesthetics of their personality which is identical to their career and on and on and on and hold you down with public funds since it is impossible to on their own as it were in the first place for 15 years so that these idiots can and now that they have and I am responding, it is back up time – no idea what they are complaining about; as I have mentioned before this is a typical example of the reasons you do all you can to make them nonentities but that has now become an impossible feat with Media Bosses employing to take that need to have a small business that is not going anywhere so they can sit around the communities bullying and looking over those they control into National Media and now that those jobs they have been given is the only thing that helps them operate, it seems those who gave them those jobs have a job of their own to do as well and if they don’t I am going to do it for them for my part: I understand they say I offend the Media bosses too but that is another story all together – for when they started making advertisement with my public life and sending out their idiots to mess with industry and abuse clients that broker participation equity and Intellectual Property Administration with me of which nobody knows how they hope to take that away from anyone as it were, they were on a high; they said there was no way I could keep up with the fact they had to change what they stood for, change their news and change their headlines every single day if not every single moment but that is not what it looks like today anyway anymore; today they have to do what I want by running with the news I want or else somebody else will grab the headline and so I have kept up so well I have produced a Book from it to earn an income and return to my studies which they can mess with a second time if they want too as it were; this is a start of it therefore as such – they are now employing bullies when they enjoyed their fun so much and will have to manage their personnel or I will assume they are a threat to my safety and well being.

It is not true that I am at deaths door because of the Media; there are a range of issues involved in it 1.) US foreign Policy that means an idiot who claims he is a Muslim of which there isn’t much of the Muslim left in him can attend a party hosted by Mr Obama and once he is done with the drinking and feasting he is off to show his face on TV talking through me with a flannel around his neck and the story of the glory of men thus advances thereof with a need for them to handle peoples possessions and become US Big stick, I for my part had made it clear the last time they marked people out and to move into people’s right hand to be in a place of power, it was women they marked out and it is what got them where they are today where bad sex is clearly a habit 2.) Terrorism of which there are always two categories of people in it – one of them being the people who are religiously devout and get to kill people and the others are twisted and evil and must have peoples children trapped somewhere telling their fortunes so they can feel like real merchants, so they always get together to decide how to kill people and when to do it but have also made it clear it has nothing to do with me i.e. when they are like normal people again, they have stated it has to do with the foreign and business Policy of the Americans that is full of idiots that touch people all the time and cannot be seen not making what others do not want into a major preoccupation of theirs 3.) Business interests – it is the French and the Germans that like to pretend they can always barge into people’s Countries to do business, as for me however the idiots do say when American gives the go ahead they grab whatever they want from me while another group think they will be the ones that spend my money while these fools spend my personal life and it is obviously not playing out that way, I am going to hurt them seriously and then they will live in their own lives instead of mine. So I want the media to clear my space – clear my diplomatic Office and clear my Public work or they will make an enemy of journalists and celebrities here. They do say I am soft on terrorism which is utter rubbish; between 2004 and 2007 their biggest preoccupation was the latest person whose empire they can confiscate over claims the person has been messing with ancient civilisations in a bid to boost some profit and become exceedingly rich, between 2007 and 2012 it has gone violent and their need to destroy people’s property with media had taken up an unprecedented progress but the part that causes the terrorism being of course the other things they do at Industry and that is how people buy guns and how peoples kill people; so it is rather important they ask the terrorists and not me why they do what they do and stop complicating that war to avoid earning my hatred as well when they do so at my expense; so they have had it all split up you see and some people were supposed to be human shields for the problems of the world while others become gods and it’s that kind of nonsense you find all over their stupid culture that is full of a need to be able to do whatever you like with children and so on and I can always assume people can always get jobs anywhere for my part of course if I wanted, they however are pushing up the ante, so where they end up a problem with me is that they are greater than I am and those they are responsible for are therefore my priority and so it replaces respect at the global Industries and allows them do whatever they like with my books and follow it on with some bullying that will soften me up – so killing a person is the biggest decision any human being gets to make and they need to ask the terrorists about it not me – as for me I know that ripping up a literary empire to make me a human shield against terrorists while they build up empires with my possessions means that on one hand buildings will be blown up and on the other they will be emptied if they are not as it were and I would like it if they had stopped stalking me, kept off my Book sales and cleared my space.