Now I am being told that not only I am delusional based on some cultural detachment that allows me to think of doing things I wouldn’t dare to contemplate if I lived in places where people had the same skin colour as I do but the Politicians are also telling me it appears the whole thing is developing into a war and there are questions as per whether I know what I am doing. In terms of the former of which my Royal Estate now lies in a mess because somebody has a relationship with the Monarch and there is no real connection that can actually be made between the two, same with me losing my academic work, same with me losing the support of City Centre people who give their support to my business either because they have something to lose in the sense that I am so similar to them they feel obligated or I have got something they need on account these idiots feel like making statements on a regular basis that I walk around like a character through whom they might lose their inheritance and so have I lost my academic work too and no real link can be made because whatever inheritance they have, whatever relationship they have with the Monarch and these things – the only link that has been established is that I have never really responded to them and so they think they can do whatever they like with me and any of my effects, as propelled by a very stupid media to do so. We have now reached a point where it got off to defend British interests in Russia but it has no respect for me and people who fancy what I am doing in Russia feel that its behaviour risks their lives, so they ensure they are protected and somebody gets killed and turns up here to blab nonsense about how diversified the Monarchy is becoming, of which be that the case, nobody knows why they are seen showing up around the armed services all the time as well. In terms of whether it is becoming a war, I really have no idea why people get involved when I can fight my own battles anyway; these idiots like to handle and read my Books without paying and the reasons for it is that they have already got a job that they want to improve on and you would never find anything so stupid if you looked hard enough – so their student Union leadership insults telling me what to do and showing up on that media to promise me violence because their bottom got chased the way their insults cause society idiots to chase mine so they can create a fight for me and feel like women, is becoming ever more intolerable and the American ones who talk rubbish about how I provoked them by writing a Book that civil rights money loving scum could not crack can turn up here and talk rubbish about a war when they have the fucking guts for it too – no chance not enough have died on my account yet, shall I teach them another one that they will never forget in a hurry. Its been 15 years of the same sermon basically everyday over and over with the attitude of the same group of people and it is said that there is nothing I can do about a Court in which the Men can invite themselves when they want to be free from the problems associated with the fact they cannot leave culture and society where it is located on account they want to deploy it to bottom whip and tummy whip members of the public to get what they want – a Court they can breeze into, take over our lives and security, provide it for us and ship our bottoms and tummy, pillage everything we have and use it to make celebrities comfortable, then build security guarding companies to protect the Celebrities but already the fact that these fools are having to deal with officiators and societies of the federated systems from overseas is the reason they are unbridled corruption talking nonsense about a war with their fucking mates on whose work and public image they like to make sense of their stupidities to the Public in order to become more important with – fair to say enough have not died on my account yet, the Arch Prince have never asked low lives for respect and does think it will be fair if they kept off his case and cleared his life of their involvement but with respect to the war in itself, this is an intellectual property administration business and if its whole purpose will be security against Men who own me and can use me and do not do very well with rejection otherwise they will become destructive, then so be it – I wouldn’t be human if after 15 years, the same group of people, it was still business as usual; Hollywood Agenda didn’t end very well and that has been added to my CV, can only say it is getting better and better from here. In retrospect, I am unable to see what the problem is with the idea that if my Literary empire opens new markets people buy the Books to access it – what they prefer to do instead is handle my property as leverage and hurt everybody to put pressure on me and make me sick to the stomach then decide what my public image that they want to confiscate to trade with instead of buy books and broker the equity to create little products that make quick millions from the oversight of big companies and that means somebody fundamentally wants to tear up financial systems and steal money and yes in that sense I can understand why people think it is becoming a war, however I can assure the world if I have to, that it is not a cultural detachment that makes me think I can do what I like taking those stupid risks and assuming their insults and abuses does tend to determine what I can get up to if I wanted as well. The real problem in this matter is the media and the media only; it is the group of people who on account of a job they have already got spend all day making sure one is unable to protect himself with his own pocket money, from people who want to use others as a flash in the pan to get money off the population which does nothing but anybody, allows them chose what they want to work on instead of a job and makes people Poor, then makes the Country poor – I find myself in a situation where a reading my Books without paying, issuing threats and encouraging crowds to do the same as well day, seeking out beeline insults and excuses and blame from where they can find it, where I am saving them for the last; some industry idiots handling my Books to tackle Politicians and vulnerable people making me breathless always seems to take up the time each occasion, so it seems that the day I physically clash with the Media will be the day that all problems will be resolved, so I might put out information and run a Book shop in peace for a change without getting stuck up with violent problems and running them for a deal. Its like I have no right; achieve mine to the very top and then I will get stripped of the finances and brought down so others can get there too – cleanse self of violence through work and then pick it up again without money; yap, yap, yap topping up their rights, my rights is the one where it was not said I was selected as one of many sheep to be slaughtered to look after important guests; fucking idiots need whole Parliaments and National Media and Civil service to slaughter one sheep – I mean the Europeans do not think those who need to put up and shut up while what they are doing to bring stability to the world via industry tears up the livelihoods of moral people and it’s difficult to locate where they will take Scotland off to when they break it away from the UK anyway; they always say I omit the main problem that concerns me damaging peoples income levels and that it will be a nagging problem until it is resolved and what we are looking at is one where they think they have put themselves in a situation that allows them do whatever they like with others and are allows following me around, so it has become quite obvious that I will never find a home to rent where I can just sit down in an Office and write without smelling like my Toilet the whole time and the idea here is that they think they will not be passing around any information that I want them to pass around for me as well, they think when I want a story from it I will not get one – then their Politicians will claim I started it all while the reality has always been the fact that the more I do not want it is the more it becomes a main preoccupation for them; so the bone of contention they are talking about is the fact an Arch Prince has no business with the media, their insulting demagogues is just a need for advice and there is only one which has to do with the fact that whenever people are as evil as they are, such people always have problems, I am fed up with seeing them around my Books and my Public image space and I will never stop using their security systems for my own purposes. Its an old story where if everybody had to make up their minds, these fools will bear the brunt of all punishments because the Monarchy is important to me and what I do matters to the Monarchy and their stupidities that makes trouble for everybody is the only thing that stands out – given the right tools and property measures can be made to let others be. So, it seems what they expect is a process where if the Queen says don’t do the Media it means they are powerful and that power must be respected, so I am only hoping they will not be getting after the Monarchy if I do their own all together as well. so the reasons it persists is that I am messing about with people who are more powerful than I am suckling me to experiment on whether standing up in public to mess about other peoples jobs with their jobs until they ruin it makes for a one off or a power they have which they didn’t previously realise they had and could be the path to other forms of greatness, provided I am reacting to it on a regular basis; the reaction of which is born out of the stupidities that handle information I put out to run a Bookshop with – still blabbing at me its powers with a big mouth, expecting no consequences, expecting business as usual. So I am usually told I need to deal with it empathetically but there is only information to relay that it has always been about the fact I have no business with media and Media will not stop clinging to my finances in order to create me a fight – so it usually hits the ground so to speak, when their bottom hurts the way they hurt mine because I have to create them a fight too and they need to tell me that when they are angry it matters, when I am it doesn’t with that big mouth that is never going to discipline its mates on TV anyway; they say that even what I say comes with risks but we all know the only risk is a process where I spend time and health to build a product and another person shows up to spend time and health building a process where he does not have to buy it after the time and health he tried to spend building an alternative failed; so it’s a given the right tools and proper measures as a way of solving a problem situation since none of it would be happening if their stupid civil rights and freedom did not mean they could keep an eye on me and follow me around – we do say its not as black and white as people buying things when they need to and selling things when they need to but sometimes it is and they do say I am guilty of the same thing while the fact is that I dropped out of University because they will not stop showing up at Industry Communities and Public places to handle my property and form money gangs talking rubbish about how nobody knows who the hell I am, so when their bottom hurts and their divorce wife of many years, it starts to get serious, shows what they know about those Industry Communities, while I have done their own and looked like a ball at the other end because they are so superior. Much the same as when they tell me what I said about people defending National Interest from Russians was not the way to do it but its not a matter of regular National service, this one is about people doing things I was too cowardly to do for myself and have since done my stuff indeed as it were – we have not even started talking about Media blocking Mobility of ex-service people because they are fans of those goons who sell them the class A drugs. In the end there is a case where I will end up playing my games into the trap of the Russian President but we all know that will never happen; it will always lead to the same gimmick as there has always been i.e. are there British people living in Russia and does not mean I cannot breathe for the sake of Industrial blackmail, are there Russians living in the UK, does it mean Mr Putin cannot breathe for the sake of world peace and I shall try to make it cheap and cheerful and to run on social media completely out of control – just as absurd as the whole situation is. It feeds into this case of me acting at odds with Asian Allies which is not really the case – the prevalent attitude in Asia is that they are always deploying peoples lives and work to get things done and when they do it better it means they worked hard enough to do it better; what is messing it up over there is what Europeans believe they want to use Asians for and I have mentioned before that the Fashion bits especially couldn’t do that Fashion to save a life if their own lives depended on it – unbridled corruption it is obviously; such that it owns me like an item it can damage if it is unable to use bottom whipping and tummy whipping people because it has some money to spend, if my friends say I have a body type that can tolerate bullying. They say these things are done to make me fight for freedom around the world but we all know that it’s a stupid leadership that American Democrats are providing around the world to pillage books that civil rights money loving scum cannot crack – the reality of which is a story of things I do at a half priests office which the Monarch relies on for support that means she can govern by Law without making too much references to the Church and some is being exported to foster British diplomacy considering the fact the Monarch does not respond to foreign powers but does get involved with the rest of the world; so its another of those cases where I will have to mention that enough people have not yet died on my account making sure it is not the preserve of the privileged few as it were. So the effect is usually that I am being forced to rebuild what I have damaged of European and American business connections but we all know Europeans put cheap food in European markets by setting up an arrangement with Russia while spreading stories that the British do not want other people to exist in Africa and the American democrats are always confident their stupidities and vandalism will make them wealthy if they can build popular culture pipelines on peoples Estate and can build one here again if they have the guts for it; it does come down to a process of keeping an eye on the relentless ones especially in Europe taking pictures of their girlfriends a splash out of my Public image and displaying it on social media, then wondering why I have found work for them to do which will not be paying them as well – nobody really knows why they never take their own pictures for it, so we can find out as it were. Its never really as messy all round; the reality is still the same as ever i.e. time and again set to find a way to build a security company in my personal life, pillage it to make celebrities comfortable and provide the celebrities with the security services, unless it finds out that people it bottom whips and tummy whips cannot stop whipping his own and moving it out to the left as well because I pillage that society and will sell any good bits I find – they speak of a nagging point that will not go away unless addressed and the reality of that is that I do not have this Office to myself; yap, yap, yap we hear all the time but they have to be up and doing too since I do get out of bed everyday expecting to deal with it until I see a change. Its is possible to reason with them if I came up with a point of reasoning otherwise which I am unaware that on exists; what happens most of the time is that I have taken my company and broken it up to broker the equities with those who broker with me and sell my Books for a living – so student Union leadership character telling people how to exist thinks he stereotypically hates people like me and cannot stand me on the streets, stand the sight of my Books, stand my social media profile but wants to come up with an excuse to extract money from it all the time, looking for trouble and when its time to take me on what it really wants to do instead of tackle everybody else on the planet to put pressure on me, then show up to make me deals and ensure I cannot breathe; the story is that I am insane to break up a Company and broker the equities for a living but I was hoping to pass exams in University and get myself involved with Asset exchange advice, even so I dropped out in 2008 and this is 2017 and they will not find somebody they actually have the ability to hate until it goes completely wrong. So the problem that actually pertains to me is one where the Democrats are always providing leadership that calls on a crowd to keep off my Books and get involved with what they are doing to leverage money somewhere and make it profitable, its always stifling my Book sales with Government office and calling me names complaining about what I have already done on global media but it will never stop doing it all together as well – eventually it is leading to a waste of my life and work for a process where in order to avoid working for money, they are prepared to preach wealth inequality and betray themselves with the way they have been making a living hence its always going to be a double standard with them as per whether Women are safe or not, as per whether Children are safe or not and so Obama and Biden didn’t get re-elected so they can make all the time in the world to spend on me obviously, good for them for as long as they are not yet complaining about it too. they say my relationship with communists is destabilising the world which it isn’t; what happens is that Obama shows up to provide the world with the most separatist White House that has ever existed in US Political history, then Trump wins elections on a platform that promises separatism; so it becomes a question of when they will say whites this way and blacks that way tearing us apart and then going off to do something about the racism on the right and violent criminals who work for tyrants as well on the left – however which the separatism is not what Mr Trump is doing at the White House for now which does show there is little to worry about so far and so they tell me I am throwing away opportunities to advertise and sell my Books if I wanted to but just like if I sorted out the issue of constantly being career bullies and abused by Mr Obama making excuses on time, they will have the time to apply other options, so I have to handle it the same way that dropping out of University in 2007 and not being able to clean up and return to it in 2017 works, to ensure they are past it too – in this case the prevalent sense is that I am on social media to make money but I am actually there to find profiles of people and Companies that Broker Equities with me, so that I can best deploy what rewards I get from it to sell my Books and I would be doing it if they were letting me run my own Bookshop the way I need to.

So they say my big problem is that I wouldn’t make a public appearance but we can already see the problem to be that I have a Bookshop to run while others get on media to ensure I do not run it because they want me to make a Public appearance so that they might find out if I am really big enough to prevent them confiscate my public image after years of trying to be more important than an Arch Prince who clearly has no rights in their view, by clinging to it; the appearance I would make in public would normally have gone beyond their stupidities, would have become a case of all I have worked for all my life being factorised on the basis of their need to pillage my finances in order to control me and make me grovel for money and sell sex for a living with community wickedness that ensures I always have to fight for my life – it would become a case of being hunted down and trapped so community croons can claim I steal a woman’s personality which they and house wives in the community should be having and so ensure that most of these nonsense are the story of my life as a whole – so we can already see nothing would go the way they think it would if I built a small crowd of my own intent on making sure I prevent domination. So what it happening is that there is nothing I would get by making an appearance which I do not already have but so can we see that because they want me to make an appearance it has become impossible to earn a living and these are just some of the activities they believe are worth doing with the jobs that they have got – goes beyond taking up their inability to listen to others that results in me fighting for their civil rights for them, so that when they preach inequality but do not want others to be equal they betray themselves and start to chase other people’s tummy, it goes beyond their leadership becoming obsessed with clinging to my public image by tackling my Book sales so they might make use of it and develop threats they issue in my direction because of what populist politicians do to tear up my finances and build their stupid confidence at the tax payers expense, it goes beyond preaching wealth inequality and then becoming wealthy to attack people when told to share as well, preaching wealth inequality and attacking those who have great ideas in such ways that means that people are past it if such people thought about sharing the ideas with everybody and then seeking another careers path after wards but do not like to be damaged good until they buy Books for showing up around my concerns or just leave me alone, it goes beyond that stupid audacity to tell people at Government Offices to deploy the Country to make them comfortable looking to recruit their mate here as a member of their media mad medium sized gangs – so there are a list of more things I would like to express if I made a Public appearance. In the end what happens here is that they want it to be like the groovy 1980s but have gone off to tackle an Arch Prince they want to see make a public appearance to prevent them peddling his Public image and his Faith and his Personal life and I have no idea what kind of idiots would think such nonsense to be a fun past time while complaining that I am not necessarily innocent in the matter and thus need to show up in public to prove I am the one with the reputation that says I always go off to pick up my Public life again after it has been taken from me with that freedom big mouth. In the end they say most of my problems are a function of involvement with women but it isn’t; it’s a function of their involvement with me and their problem are usually created by women who make it their fault that they abandoned academic work and financial well being to get about attacking others to get rich quick – so I do have some financial complications to deal with like they do but its not my fault, however the problems I have to deal with is associated with what society said to them because their own was their fault; making use of mine by insulting me and having preconceived ideas about everything. They speak of how I am provocative living in the UK like I was in Africa so as to mock them which is precisely because they are still playing up those practical jokes, especially the one to do with women creating me financial problems and clinging to my Public image to threaten me with boys from the neighbourhood a civil rights money loving wickedness. So I can do whatever I like save if they will show up here and tell me not to do them in person, otherwise chasing my bottom and private parts is good, save I want my Office for myself, so I can do the right work in peace if they are complaining. Its usually incredible corruption where my friends may playfully say something about me having a body type that can stand a lot of bullying – then we find them invite themselves in and want to use the body for their own purposes, plans to ensure I sell sex for a living and all, the Americans leading from the front, making sure all that people have worked for is being thrown at Terrorists but the problem with the UK that they have is that the lower classes are always allied to somebody in the Upper classes and that means whenever they are at work they work for us – so it works for me and I cannot sell it any Books to facilitate the problem while the people responsible bottom whip and tummy whip because you have money and are so successful their problems are greater than other peoples own, so successful they have the right to discipline others, is good if you are not going to complain; so I can do whatever I like and live anyway I want unless they intend to show up and tell me not to live that way in person.

The Politicians like to burst my bubble obviously but so can we all see that when I do not have a Royal Estate Houses will burn randomly in the Country, when the Monarchy gives me one, they say I hide behind the Queen to attack Politicians and it goes on endlessly but it wants to burst my bubble at the Bookshop because it has got its own job and salary as stupidly as possible while it preaches action against unemployment in order to get the stupid job in the first place – usually I could stick them in but ethnic minority Political scum want to win elections as well, so it will be difficult to with a big mouth. The story about teaching me lessons is not a new one; its tackling my Book shop for fun because it has got a job of its own and it’s a wonder how stupid and how low they will get just yet, the white idiots who do the dirty work want to beat up ethnic minority because it is a stupidity they have been blabbing on media until they had gotten used to it, while reality is that I can blab their own a need to see them destroy the Country if it will not shut its big mouth and stay out of my concerns – the media who put them up to it complain endlessly while we all know their main problem is that they always get out of bed to see me deal with financial difficulty and get into a fight for having something they have not yet tasted and rejecting them when it comes to using my life for self-improvements which help them deal with the stupidities that their deviance have made out of them and so their bottom hurts because they are the ones having to deal with a fight I have decided for them as well, doing my Book shop because it has got a job of its own like the fucking idiot that it is every day. When it has not got the job because it spent all its days at school being a bully, I am at risk of racism – when it has the job, this is the sort of shit I have to deal with and we are not talking about the Celebrities whose religion is other peoples personal lives blabbing a double whammy they gained on me with a big mouth over how I am always in their face as well; I will get my hands on that stupid celebrity culture eventually as we can see, and then it will be the last time that they see it too. They always love to tell those lies that I depend on celebrity culture for everything when I don’t; what really happens is that they never tire of running a story that people like to make out aspects of their lives are not useful until a Celebrity deploys it to make fame and fortune and then there it trouble – at the heart of it being that old case of starting a clash that involves a historic provocation that will be recompensed but what is left out is that once they had the money the entire purpose of having it will be to hunt me down and tell me how to exist, rip up everything around here to make more of it like the insanity that gets their communities complaining about me as well a historic provocation – yap, yap, historic provocation but everyday a target victim smells like their toilet on the way to work, yap, yap, its not how they start apparently, not how they end up complaining about me too; the blacks complain about me all the time and the atmosphere whenever they want to blow off their big mouth about changes that have cost them and how somebody will get into trouble, its as though there is some black on black racism going on but I do not smell like my toilet on the way to work because they want to look cool and it clearly does not happen steadily every day – it is not how they start. They speak of war and where my sexual habits fit in but we all know that just as it translates into the damaging of peoples lives and property, they have never actually seen me have a sexual habit with anybody. Its not a matter for concern in a larger sense, the Politicians are involved because they want to ensure whenever these idiots build their deviance they can get given somebody that they will dump it on and seek a self-improvement thereof – what really happens is that neither myself nor the ladies at the work Court need any kind of protection, so they get themselves involved with our concerns and provide some for us, complete with processes of staging problems for us and fingering our bums all the time; so it is getting to the point where they will give me a closure for my hurting bottoms as well and it will make sense of the fact it starts with stupidities as beeline as claims religion is the problem of the world and then it wants to beat up its mate after that as well; the Politicians who do the bits they do apparently do it because they have got a job and it’s a question of how stupid they really can get all together. So it’s a matter of idiots wanting to show me their jobs as celebrities involve a process of feeling special and feeling as though they always get what they want but the outcome is usually that I end up living on government unemployment support while the Americans blow off their big mouth in a condition where I do not live in the US and they have got no evidence to support their blabbing – so it will lead to outcomes where I prevent them selling products at my expense and that of my Company, handle the Celebrity culture that is just as insane as they are therefore tells them they are famous and ensure the process of doing something about it spills until a case of tackling bully journalists and the media head on and then the experiment will be to find out if they will still be passing around those insults and handling my Books to laugh at my reaction when I am finished. They do claim I speak like a killer but we all know that the Prison service offers inmates free satellite TV and their need to see me in a fight and amuse themselves with damaging my Books is something extremely vicious – it is what this is all about save the bit where their bottoms hurt as well because the barely criminal scum in the neighbourhood want their jobs too, a foretaste of when it will become amusing at a very poor point. So I do get told that I could settle the media problem but never will until peoples lives are messed up and that is correct too; the number of times Politicians tell me to stop tackling the media as they are not my mates and are more successful – now that they know these are scum from the neighbourhoods who are not necessarily within the wave length of those Industry fools want to bottom whip and tummy whip on account they have money to spend on products a corruption and that they have their own specific type of custom made corruption as well, it has gotten real. It is going to end with a bang obviously; we all know all that narcissistic nonsense at the shops have nothing to do with Middle Classes they claim to be who are actually people that are very house proud and a 40 year old might be worth some millions but is still walking down the streets to sell a product, serve people, watch the manners and look after spouse and kids – I am really fed up with it. It is the only way we get to find out which world exactly they became more important than I am Arch Prince by tackling his finances and getting on media to practice until they got it right; they always like to say I am not an Arch Prince but I believe I have made myself clear that when I get my hands on the Celebrity culture it will be the last time they see it as well; mostly when they do write it on a banner and sign their name, that will be the day. So my position is obviously debatable because I appear to be doing my own security while I am actually doing no such thing; so its the story of the UK no longer being a place for them to do what they like in which has cost them their jobs and businesses but I am still obviously not smelling like my toilet because I am their bitch and its not going to lead to a history they will complain about in future again. Its not really the case that they trouble me too much; we see that they are now satisfied with their fame and are offering me fame as well as per that is what I want, while the need to see them end a process of putting out products on my stead to extract money from my life or handling my Books and Public image, so I know my Shop is safe while I spend time with my academics was what I actually wanted – all is now developed around their insults which they think makes them famous and their Politicians have helped to build them a leadership for taming shrews while their stupid jobs are based on talking – same old western absurdity of finding a rock many times their size to roll up a cliff while other peoples lives are put on hold and presently it does not appear when I say that handling the celebrity culture will mean the last time they see it too so far.

The trouble with Media and Celebrity culture goons have never been as great as they have made it all out to be but apparently seem to have this need to attack me every day; the reality of course is that these are people who are simply so insulting that my personal priorities do not matter to them in anyway and so we see that time after time, it will avail its stupid self the opportunity to get on media and address me plans to get rich in mind – usually led by Germans, blab about whether I speak of tearing up their celebrity culture because I think I really can do it, clinging to my public life and expecting respect from an Arch Prince which will eventually translate into an outcome where they own it, then claim the reason is that the bigger and stronger are best. Reality of which is that we see them do the sexual abuse because they know what it is used for, I am caught between women dripping sex abuse offences at them because they think that by ripping up my business they might be able to cover it up, while the truth of it is that when it comes to Industrial success they have none, when it comes to academic success they have none, when it comes to Political success they have none; what they do have is a goon having manufactured them into an industrial form of popularity, talking rubbish at me every day about being famous and this is what they claim they will not lose on my account until we find them weeping and wailing over it so as to stop passing around those insults, spend more time with their own mates. The Politicians are the reasons for it of course and like to claim its my fault whereas they have always wanted to trap somebody for them that they can screw with which all perfectly sound save the outcome when finished and then we hear that it is easy to handle the poor and not the rich whereas I had written a Book which should have worked for everybody if only they kept away from it instead of showing up to make me sick to the stomach blackmailing me so when they pillage my life and want me to do it I will respond in kind – allowing the idiots we have to control today to get completely out of hand with money gained from Industry that they know nothing about, so that it becomes impossible to control the rich and ensure they do not take National wealth to another Country; hence resolve it and face the prospects of Angela Merkel becoming more powerful than the Queen and I cannot yet seem to work out what I need to do to stop them making those stupid comments, make them keep their mouths where their money is. Then I get asked why I think my methods are the best while it stares everybody in the face the fact the UK has a Utility focused economy; which for each time that people are not checking up on what they are doing on a regular basis is the number of times we have stored up disaster for the future – there is one path only to follow now and it’s the one where each time people find it impossible to pay attention to the jobs that get to their heads and make excuses for it especially with respect to determining whom women in my Court get involved with and thereby determine whom I get involved with, the probability is that they will lose that Job, so I that I too might be done with this reputation I have for punishing people. The sensibility being that I can curate parliament business better while the main case is that there is always some big guy somewhere fostering and developing every stupid thing that we have seen popularity fools and Media goons get up to, especially the ones that involve destroying peoples property; it will say I am not an Arch Prince but will not put it on a banner and sign its name; then we hear that I provoke society people whereas the truth is that I cannot have my Office to myself for two main reasons and never ever feel good, never mind the fact I am always tired i.e. I have a personality and body type in which people can dump problems and seek greater things and the other being that they have now established a connection between hurting me and making money while their stupid women are doing the same on the basis of a woman’s beauty and means to get rich which I have taken and my personality is a product of sleeping with peoples wives and jumping on my chest and head and booing and cooing and hitting gestures all day while complaining about being dispossessed so I can play practical jokes too – the bit about Russians and its allies wanting some of mine is an old story naturally; that was the one where if I told them I wanted the Office to myself and that was all they had to do in the whole world, it would mean I thought my word was the last one with that big mouth but of course we can all see that the scum who keep telling us they need to control wealth in order to decide if they can increase it or deplete it, so as to decide what happens with the National economy are the same that will sell their arse to the highest bidder and while they show up here led by stupid Americans to bully me and get rich, they are in China pillaging my property there and cannot stop talking nonsense about how nobody knows who the hell I am the whole time – so this will be a start to getting taught lessons at the hands of Russia and Syria and Iran and Turkey; besides which it might please them to know my tummy hardly does what I want it to anymore these days. Eventually I understand that I am said to get too much attention from the Monarchy which is just as well in any case – the Prince’s Trust spends money to churn out the Celebrities, who pillage my academic work and Public image, then a group of goons supported by a big guy that sits somewhere to build wealth to incredible heights which does not belong to him supports every abuse and vandalism that Industry manufactured fame freaks who think they are famous get up to alongside media goons, then they get between me and anybody I have any business with and take over our personal safety and security in order to look after us and strike our bums all day long and then its mystery that when I get my hands on the celebrity culture it will be the last time that they see it too. In the end, these things are bad for Armed Forces personnel when they are Loyal to me, so in order to prevent an outcome where they have to decide who plays around with me so they might keep their jobs as well, I have decided that I will not be doing anything on a personal basis with any Royal that is a part of it and the two most prolific are the Prince of Wales and his younger Son; the rest are goons who need an education that whilst there are people who are neither armed forces nor law enforcement, who keep people off the business of Royalty depending on the person of the Royalty, this is not the business of the Prince of Wales or that of Prince Harry and we are getting closer to a stage where their property showing up here for its destruction and abuses and insults will lead to outcomes whereby they do not have it anymore. Its pretty much the same as the Media; they say they were never aware that the reason for all the problems they face is because I cannot breathe unless I am seen getting involved in a fight, while they are rather adamant on the other hand that bottom hurting stuff was a bad thing but they do nothing else with their time save explore the many dichotomies associated with things I have claimed to have done but never have – so what we find is that they do not want to do any fighting while it was obvious that do it or not, it is pointless since for instance if it is about something somebody said, they must have said it where you are in your own life as it were, hence they deserve some violence for it but having said so, they pillage my finances every day and my Book sales are a mess, while every populous scum from Africa knows where my anus is and cannot stop blabbing their insults my direction a civil rights money loving, which will not end well too. The Politicians say I will pay for what I have done to their Politics one way or the other but we can see that it is wickedness that they claim helps them deal with a cruel world except when it is amusing that its existence is the reason I am fighting for my life in the neighbourhoods; develops to this point where the question becomes one of why I find it impossible to get along with people while they spend most of their time passing insults at me until they get used to it and now we find they do not seem to understand I face the same challenges that they do especially when it comes to paying my way just like they claim they need to and especially for the women who love to play practical jokes they seem to complain all the time about a feminism and sexual abuse but have no wish to tame especially with respect to me and my religion, they cannot let me be if the respect bits are so difficult – so it has led to this outcome whereby the reason I am always getting attacked is the fact that my religion affects others and changes their lives without consent but so are we aware that it is their abusive and intrusive evil that causes it and that action I take is concerned with when my life is the place to dump problems and go off to seek some fame and fortune on my public image and that I need to watch where I go as the problems have now filled up and are spilling over affecting others whose fault it is not that they have been affected – so we will continue to end up with this situation where the Men that will beat me up were apparently their part of society to spend time in and we will continue to hear all about the feminism and the sexual abuse.

So they speak of practical jokes I like and the bits I don’t but its an old story where women do it all the time and we see them play those games where somebody is so in keeping with what they stand for and so alike in personality to them that the person was their Son and it was absurd; because it really is in terms of whether or not you end up with a label – so it seems that the mystery and adventure cannot exist around here as far as these guys are concerned. Then they will say that I do not respect their envy and that the Media does not think I am Royalty which is not an issue but its still really difficult to locate which part they play in the matter when black women will not stop claiming they own me a civil rights money loving madness tool, while I am always getting into trouble with security handlers because I look like I am doing my own security – it seems the reason they enjoy playing around with such things is that they fundamentally always want to be the last straw that broke the Camel’s Back. So it does become a case of how I am not able to get along with people in a normal way but what we have here is largely men who want to be treated like women and when they want it from me, do not do very well on rejection; they are getting to listen to what I have to say to them about which bits do not work for me as well, they are getting to understand what I am saying to them too – so that old case where all I have fought for have been reversed is utter nonsense; they will never be free of me so I can move right as a result of my social position any time I like and can move left because I am coy and cleverer than they are. They always say what I do on social media especially is a display of innovation in tracking and trapping people but so am I certain that they can see it does not matter as long as I am able to be with the person I care about and she does not have to do any unnecessary back breaking society based work because I am with her and they feel like putting up their insanity to get what they want – they can see that in the absence of academic pursuit and Book sales I will not be with her; otherwise if they cannot see that, they can see that they are fighting for their lives too as we speak – before they started tackling me because they thought they could use my Books and writing career to cover up their dirty secrets, they were busy experimenting to see if I will get shot like John Lenon or come up with a trick to avoid it which they can copy. In the end the Media ones are always so keen to draw attention to something I have said about service people but we all know that service people are paid well and given comfortable after services of loss of life in the line of duty benefits but that was beside the point; the point is not whether or not they want to enlist and those friends of theirs that make trouble for them had not read the contract, it is one of whether I am a coward and their rights include doing stupid things with my job in order to escape from a big responsibility and continue with an irresponsible lifestyle, a question of the fact I have been a coward that has to put up with this process of a need they have to see me get involved in a gang fight on account they show their faces on my television that takes up my time when I am at work and when I am studying for an examination in school, a question of whether it is their time to take up – as for the beating me up bits, we all know they will beat up nothing on Media and that their insults have no regard for my personal priorities and that their families are none the wiser that their crap is what I have to deal with every day they attend the Office. That said it is an old tale of what happens when it is repeatedly pointed to them that those who have sacrificed their lives to fight for the Country looked just like Journalists and celebrities – these are the reasons we end up with places like Las Vegas and various other forms of organised deviance that they get a lot of so called powerful pleasure that shows up here to rip up my finances and then expect forgiveness for it that will facilitate a planning of future times when I get consistently bullied, where as it stands, I do not feel bullied and they will not beat up anybody on TV. Its just reality we see all the time; damage and vandalism endlessly, followed by a means to determine how much money others can earn when going to the shops means that managerial positions change hands if people are nice to you and if they do my own again, so will we end up seeing another case for months and years about how they will be putting their big mouth where their money is located too. I hear its up to me but it is not; they are always hounding me because they think they can peddle my public image to make money and this is a stupidity associated with people doing whatever media fools want them to do at my expense all the time – in the end it’s a case of spotting an opportunity when a company manufacturing widely used products and they could have created a better component to make it more efficient; the process of taking advantage of the market gap to get rich will never operate unless it does by tearing up my Book sales and Public image, pretending their stupid civil rights looks like that and creating their stupid products over my life – so it does need to keep its mouth where its money is and get a Book each time it shows up here. As for the bits about me being a coward anyway – their whole lives now depend on that stupid media as they continue to think their drive for equality depends on gaining access to or owning my Public image and I want them to clear my space and go everywhere smelling like their toilet too for a change; so far it thinks it will get me with society goons complaining that I use my pocket money to drag out of them the losses I have suffered as a result of playing up stupid nepotism over my finances which involves delaying my income and damaging property with Politics because I cannot drag anybody to a law Court due to the fact it is too wide ranging a damage – showing up here with American friends to make so much noise about a Book that their civil rights money loving stupidities is unable to crack while claiming I am the one complaining the whole time; it does play out over the number of times I walk down the streets and get taken advantage of by them when they are with their children and then when I think they do not actually believe it’s the way it will work in the real world their stupidities gets all haywire about it; so the first was the one where damaging my property means when they suffer for it they get their children off to deal with me after all they have already done on account I am trying to achieve success that is more than their own, led to a process where they ended up with less rights than their parents have which is why these insults have gotten out of control over time – the next will be a process where going shopping always means that when people are nice to me managerial positions change hands leading to greater and greater things that will see them complain about those civil rights or a lack of it again; the media would be the ones whose duties it is to ensure those who are not getting into a fight cannot earn a living but it’s the way I do the fighting that means they can no longer keep their media jobs, so it’s the same incredible fools whose insults have no respect for my personal priorities and loves to show up around my concerns to take up my time. In the end they say I simply wouldn’t accept it to be the case when others are better than me but we all know it’s the same superiority we see gets them travelling off to Syria to see what ISIL is doing, then get kidnapped and then beheaded while our tummies back here gets churned, what they do not want to deal with is other peoples superiority and its not the only one either – what is going to happen next is that I am going to put them in serious pain over their need to address me and the insults that come with it to take up my time, so that I might decide what happens with my Publicity and find the ability to release money from Royal property to pay my way when I need to. They say society people have gotten the better of me of course which is utter nonsense; what happens really is that they go around claiming I have a relationship with clinically insane local croons and that gets me following up their insults with a process of using the suspense between when they anticipate customers and when they actually get any, to run my Bookshop, so it translates into a need to drive down the premises of local prostitutes and then drive off again without using their services, so that the whole business of having a relationship with schizophrenic croons might mean that I cannot feel good for more than 5 minutes in any 24 hours – the media ones will never let me be until I am doing some fighting however but when I do the fighting it yap yapping I prevent them keeping a job that is rare, as stupidly as possible; same old case where they believe what I think of them is that they are massive fearsome people but it’s the twerp lower down from the big gangs and then the mid-sized gangs who speak of how others should use everything to make them feel comfortable all the time and even the small gangs that blab about people not wanting to wind them up but getting about making sure others cannot breathe as well; these idiots simply invent their own hierarchy and frequently go to Politicians to ask for government power to be deployed to help them build one on other people’s lives and then the disobedience will become the answer for everything until it ends up in hospital, because each time you happen to tell him off, you get informed it has become an acquired madness that he cannot seem to get over. So they say I do not know what to say and what not to but it does not look that way to me at all; what I am trying to do here is sell some Books what these goons have showed up to take up my time for is a shrew taming shrew leadership but the big problem at the centre of it is that their jobs are based on talking, so I am always getting threatened because they are afraid of the truth. An example is what they claim I do not know how to handle critics but what really happens is that they do not read my Books, what they do instead of that is show up first to claim that it might be worthy a read if I took up all their personal problems and solved it and so show up on media to build me financial complications to that effect for as long as possible and what I lose is access to those who actually want to be a part of what I am doing for the purpose of making money to look after a home and so if I have products to sell it becomes more and more difficult while their ego is rewarded with fame and riches on media – so the critic is not to read my Books but to show up in Public places to  gather their own crowds on the basis of how my Books have not been written to deal with the same problem the way it affects people of their size and physical stature – so since this is counted as the conventional reasons that people should have to deal with financial difficulties for all it is worth, I do not see why people are worried I think they are insane and not famous, especially the Celebrities who tell me if I want them to move they will not, so that when they stand over completely shredded celebrity culture to tell me they are famous and always get what they want, it will then have made sense, instead of that belief they have leverage over me which as I mentioned, what I lose is access to people who want to get involved with it for the purpose of making money to get a life and look after a home. They do claim it is all in the things I say about other Royalty which has no basis on reality as much as a matter of when we see them drag somebody at the top end of the Royal Family and Monarchy into Popular culture which leaves me feeling sore all over and then once that is done a Hollywood type the fun was so good they want to do it all over again a European Underground type etc – so that if I did explain most of what I said was a matter of interest expressed by Royalty for my work, it would appear I was explaining myself while the reality is generally that I will likely do them again as it were. It’s never a big problem as a whole, there are for instance people who handle brand admin in large companies and if they manufacture really stupid girls and boys into fame it would be a wholly different eventuality from what we see of goons that enjoy setting up narcissist popular culture canopies that bring about sales doing it while their subjects cannot stop handling me to blab about being famous and getting supported by German Politicians especially – such that everything I do is gone already just like that, over some stupid need to look good on media especially social media with a progressive success based wise saying, topped with getting on public places to blow off a big mouthed threats at me. The black people bits will never stop claiming I am a sex addict while reality is that we are in this position because of another insult that began before then about how I was marked out to be homosexual, so women might be powerful on and on even though it makes me sick to the stomach, but we find them keep their distance all the time because they want to save themselves from practical jokes talking nonsense about how they need to handle me otherwise there will be racism. I am only saying the problem is not an unusual one even though it appears I am having it all mixed up and fuzzy – if I want to do something about it I will; they are not famous – they are insane. So there is talk of my sexual habits all the time without any evidence of whom I am having the sexual habits with; what it is being they say am obsessed over having anal sex with women but the truth really is that they are always doing strange sexual things in order to pressure us and make us feel sore violently because of their needs, so we have developed our own version of fun that will be find rewarding and growth fostering as well and they now know what we need, which is what they are complaining about; I mean imagine somebody striking your bum because you are disrespectful of older people and the reason was that you do not tend to show signs that you may step aside after you must have worked for that which is developed in a writers office with peace of mind that they want to deploy for their beauty sleep, while the financial benefits gets picked up by their stupid children who want to be famous; I mean it makes perfect sense they are complaining on a global stage about a guy who writes a Book that money loving civil rights goons cannot crack to make quick fame and fortune with – imagine having the anal sex after I detach them from culture and society or make them feel dispossessed, they get what I want as well, it is the case behind my sexual habits – fed up with it being the last word when they want to gratify themselves with my work financially. They do claim that I need a lot of attention from them and it is utter nonsense; what happens is that they go around claiming I have a relationship with insane community croons and it means I will play around with the anticipation aspects of their trading until they feel me as well – it is an integration and cohesion and tolerance and diversity thing, the fact if I want to live in a neighbourhood with them I will but for me personally it’s a case of constantly being hunted down and trapped somewhere by very evil people who want a possessed soul that tells their fortunes before they trade and I am tired of it enough to set up an Office for a writing business at the heart of their society, just so I might find out what will prevent it from being successful. Its much the same as the claim it is never over with me which need not be that way; we can see that the old need to simulate my Court and ensure media can decide when it is open to everybody while I then have to try and make a living from civil rights while others were there first has not reached a point of direction violent destruction and vandalism and there has never been a wrong thing about people pretending to be me of course save I do not have a clear communication line between those I need which will be a problem i.e. I may have a journalist I consort because of some new German led civil rights abuses which turn people’s livelihoods into wise sayings to look good on social media but people will not let me have it for reason that they are trying to be me – hence there may be some pain involved in detaching people from my Court and Public image at this point but the harder bit is still the respect bit, the harder bit is still the bit where I can get along with those I need. There is talk naturally of there being a fight in the Media because of me but it isn’t a fight in anyway; its people getting caught up in the stupidities of some goons on media – usually it is a tale of the reasons peoples families and finances and academics are affected due to a spate of involvement from them and when you start to speak of weed smoking marijuana piping fools that are always playing around so their whole personalities look like something others can take jobs from, then they want other people’s income after that with popular culture and want to be famous by making sure others are messed up by their vices as they seek out a new life but following this route will get the Politicians claiming you are being discriminative while they are unable to keep their insults where the money which gets to their heads is located and stop making comments they are aware will affect my Book sales. In the end its very abusive gangs stuff and I have become just as intolerant of feeling whiffs of it in the neighbourhoods – it is not that much of a problem and I am not blowing hot and cold on it either; what is happening in the world at the moment is that women are making a big case of one group i.e. the ones that know what sexual assault is and what it is used for and will not stop talking to those who don’t about treatment of women while they secure themselves women they can do whatever they like with – the other two will be the goons we end up talking about messing with peoples finances with as though we were stupid, whose need to screw with my Books and Public image will not come to an end apparently, until they are weeping and wailing over something really important as well, the second are the ones mentioned earlier, effectively the modern day militia that Politicians like to terrorise us with all day – so I much prefer handling it in terms of making the Politicians complain all the time too i.e. their families are none the wiser that every day at the office is hell for me, so they probably can keep the hurting bottoms bits a secret too; it is not as fuzzy for me as they suppose that is and is worth thinking about when they start; needs to stop showing up around my Books and Public image to make stupid comments that affect it, needs to show up here if it wants a Book and not to mess with me and put labels on before it gets one too and starts blabbing about justice as a result of it.

There is eventually this talk of how I have ended up with a standoff involving the Media while the truth of the annoying Media is that they cling to my Book sales and tell me to tell them off in a specific way that is academically proficient and worthy of people who are as clever and successful as their stupidities are. The question eventually falling onto the bits about why they do it and how there could have been another way to go about the matter if only I listened to others; while the truth was that they are evil and I am different and save the part about positioning themselves so that whenever somebody wants to pillage another person’s life to make money at Industry they can be of help with Media, there is hardly any other reason for an activity which sole purpose is to ensure it is primarily their business whether or not I protect myself from Industry trouble makers with what obviously happens to be their own pocket money the last time we checked literally. How do you tell a group of really stupid people off making comments that affect your book sales because they have a job that is paying them enough money to help them build an ego, if they are hell bent on offering their job as the place where every fool who wants to gain mobility by explaining their difficulty situation over another person’s life to do so – do you tell them off in an academically proficient way that is befitting of how successful they are or do you tell them off in the way that they have prescribed for you? It always makes sense when they claim the problem to be that those who have no money get around tackling people who have money without any money to show for the fact they should be tackling other people over something tangible but besides the fact that all they really can do is go off and cling to my Books in order to show up and tell me they know where I have placed it and will harm it and me if I refuse to co-operate so they can have their needs met looking for trouble and blowing off that big mouth that shows they do not respect the fact human beings need to breathe air and that the air itself is actually free – it has over time become an Industrial question of whether I am protecting myself from Industry bullies and trouble makers with their own pocket money all together, hence never a prospect I am likely going to harm them as well before it stops. The part about responding in such ways because they have an influence on me being an old case that feeds into the fact that unless their attention for 100% of it is spent on the media jobs, others will not have anything that remotely looks like normalcy, the way we all go to the Office to spend our attention on our jobs and get out of it to realise the time spent has allowed others to get on with life where we were interfering without being aware that we are – it is a leadership that Politicians should provide which Politicians have not been providing all together. This is the bit where their main point will then have been that I want Politicians to respond to the needs of people but not in a way that makes me uncomfortable whereas what they are referring to is the fact that Unionism and the Civil service always needs to be tamed because of their propensity to seek out persons with personalities that Politicians can line a career with and then become a fundamental threat to moral people trying to get by as well all together, while the civil service is in a wholly different league where strikes happen if they saw a privilege and desired it, on losing become obsessed with Celebrity fostered vandalism of people’s lives and property while they provide some private security Industry service – hence you simply end up living in a way that avoids such a privilege so getting off to find out you are owing the tax man money because you have been trying to run a business which shows where the goons that have been screwing with your life are actually operating from, while the Media and Celebrity fools tell me the context in which I am meant to tell them off if I want to get results every time I try to sell my Books; reality of which is that it is a choice between how they have sex and how those who want to get involved with me for the purpose of making money to look after a home have sex, thus saying so of which kills the sexual deviance and pornography bits and means that I win again. It has become important to not just because I am done setting up with those who want me for courtship and those who want me for social reasons or indeed of the number of times I have these kinds of nonsense forcing me to react in ways that specifically push away people who want to get involved with me in order to get on with life and to acquire a meaningful one but also because it is some sort of a full moon situation when I am dealing with European goons handling me all the time over a case of me being a tease while Media goons on the other tell me there is a specific way to tell them off showing up around my Public image they claim they need to own because I have already got a Royal Estate, that they will have in hell, damaging my Book sales and finances on seeing their media jobs pay them enough to run off an ego marathon around here endlessly. So its all they really can do; tell me they know where my Books are and have it as leverage to handle anything I am doing around here, make use of my Books without paying for it to blab nonsense about their jobs that always involve the bad stuff that happens digging peoples empathy, while the good news is deployed by them for power and domination and so it is the abuse bits that have been catching the headlines with women complaining all over the place – thus have I set the stage for the next line of conversation to be about feminism while they damage my finances and tell me how I am meant to tell them off if I want a change of situation. I do get told that I am wasteful and that people are concerned about it; it’s a confession you see and it seems I cannot avoid going down this route with fools getting on media to help idiot beat out their problems over my life and then cling to my Book sales to tell me how I am meant to tell them off; naturally of which they say that Politicians are supportive of this behaviour which does not surprise me – those were meant to provide leadership that gets them concentrating on a job but never do. So they say its all a matter of how I antagonise Politicians and it will never make sense as we can see that if somebody won an election by a single vote and had one ex-convict vote for him, he would think long and hard about getting off government office security to chase me around on the streets, letting his goons tear up my finances because he wants to make use of my personality to look good – now of the tens of thousands of people who built the winning margins by which they got the government seat job, the question they need to consider is how many of them were ex-convicts, so when they get about chasing and abusing me because they want to look good with my personality: I do not believe it to be a problem since we are always talking about it while they claim they have taken revenge on me because their whole lives now depends on the Parliamentary security itself, while mine “now depends on seeing Hunks and Chunks strut their stuff or I will be stuck in a life of desolation, living in a Council Estate and eating old Men’s sausages” as they say. I mean they could get real about the fact that when an Ex-convict chases them around at government office as well, it would likely be the type of thing that one day wants to see them dragged out of it and laid out on the open lawns of parliament with a gun to their heads because a coup had been performed, about which the big idea would be that I am coping out of Royal Authority while I am only pointing out a fact concerning Political interference and their bottom is not hurting badly enough yet. I do get told that the way I handle the matter generates strife and nothing else especially with respect to where what I know ends up, which is utter nonsense; what I know ends up where it does so I might run a Bookshop while society and culture people who are obsessed with insults that mean I smell like my toilet every time I step outside of it and every time I have cleaned up and gotten ready to attend a Job or contract meeting, might have what I think about in their heads as well and that way stop performing activities I can only respond to with punishment – the reason it is still all hell broken lose around here however is that another group of fools have jobs to do on media; so the result of that being one of when I make the trouble makers chase their lives lest somebody else takes it up for them, meant to take up their time so they do not move into my right hand instead, which means they will be ending up on the media jobs for such a purpose too. I do get told I behave as though I can take the media on when I cannot, while they were the bullies that were met when I took my first school leaving and came across a sense of the government and civil service and nationality when I met pupils from other schools showing up at the venue for the same exams; they have always believed in their bullying and organise means by which they chase it like a school from which all their problems as solved as if I have no right to feel good, so when determined to beat them up, the idea they should marry their own siblings become really important and weapons are part of the game; as for what I think, the reality is that they have needed a whole parliament and civil service and now National Media and High street shops to handle me and have not made a good job out of it so we all here in a big mess while they have not yet started thinking of an end to taking up my time and moving off, so I do get told I probably need to go out and meet them but this was not what I planned, it was what they planned; the plan to pick a fight with people they have never met so that culture and society can beat people down for them to clear out their loser history on; we are all aware they do not need an education on what those insults that has to do with me thinking I am a Man when I am really a Woman is all about. What happens in terms of me creating strife is that the people on the political left claim that people on the Political right tend to achieve what they want to do, the whole of it, in an environment full of schizophrenic people and deliberately put themselves in the position, then blame others for the outcome but the left is full of even more financially well off schizophrenic people that they have created and it’s the ever present issues between Brexiteers and Remain in Europe people, between Westminster and the Scottish National Party, between Westminster and the Irish Republicans; we go round in this circles where we end up with the same problem we had to deal with 50 years ago and the same results as ever i.e. impossible to convince the Tory inner city and Suburbia, while the Blairites never stop evolving and realising what they didn’t previously know. They say I leave myself out of the picture the whole time, which I have not; all those stupidities about getting people to grovel for money that they think they know much about is a fantasy, I am starting to see a world where they will not let me be with my Church stuff and this whole process of having a problem with them being financially successful in Europe and Middle East and Africa and the US and South America become a real problem with me at the centre of it determined to destroy it and as I have mentioned before, complaining while setting up society that claims I have a relationship with clinically insane community croons, they can build those popular culture empires and stretch it from the US to Japan across this Estate again if they have the guts for it – we hear the Middle East ones blab all the time about what will happen when their people come from the Middle East to handle the guy that tackles their children who search inside for solutions to big problems but I wonder if they have not seen the African ones that will shoot their brain for tackling the beautiful kids just yet as it were; the Politicians are at the heart of this matter spending tax payer funds of crooked organisations they have set up to help these goons to money they deploy to prize money off other people while destroying the lives of those who actually know about how to make the wealth; no idea why their jobs are about government but their lives are such a disadvantage for the government itself all together, so this is a disposition that suggests if I tackle them it is not in my interest for the treasury to have money lest it is spent making idiots famous, so I took myself out of the picture and it is talk time for now; I want their fingers off my Bum and this Office to myself and myself alone as it were – reality is that if I want to live with them in a neighbourhood I will, a fighting for their lives as we speak. So they do ask if I am satisfied with my life which is utter nonsense; they do not have enough to facilitate somebody else’s Royal Public image, leaving an opportunity to sell my Books after I broker Equity with them so the Books cannot really be that expensive – what they want to do however is set about making use of the Books without paying for them, so those who will pay will have been buying Books they should have and that would mean trouble, this allows them to block my finances and set me out as somebody whom when he fails to co-operate with them somebody else will take it up through Industrial espionage, so that they might take advantage of where companies have been inefficient to make their big breaks alongside their fellow idiots on media, and so it does not look as though I am going to rip their own to shred as well for the time being – they always point to the violent people and extremists, I do not care about those, their stupidities need to get a Book. Its not really the case that I do not have this matter under control its just that I am a Church person and do not fancy the process of just taking it as it is knowing that your good looks predispose you to those stupid hurtful gimmicks about your tummy and your anus and your body type such that you drop out of school and are unable to get out of home to earn a living while they celebrate some villainous beauty – so before they even think about it you set out to ensure you had made your mark concerning the creation of destitution and wealth inequality around the world, so I prefer to dish it out as I get it and yes I do get told the problem is the health aspects but it is not without its own leverage; I have already taken steps to ensure they never get economic separatism with those civil rights madness being played out on my property all the time and do not acquire a piece of the market I have worked to build no matter how much they want to confiscate my Public image – so the probability is that I can mess with their market and products to teach them lessons and I cannot harm mine in any real way, so I am in a position where they are unable to do it and I will not be harming them as well. I hear of this other case of the Men I promised to share my Estate with which is utter nonsense; reality of that is something to do with securing the position of those who were good like I was and these people do not have a reputation that can facilitate fame without somebody complaining about something somewhere or an ex – convict recognising them as a friend at some stage which means they get off clinging to other peoples public image after being manufactured into fame by some Industry goon but it starts to get really serious when they become bullies all together and the result is that there is such social pressure as means their managers and producers will not live beyond 60 years of age which means people start to chase their bottoms live on Television and other public places too; I have no regrets for it as this is not some novelty that I am aware of, it is something they know will happen when they fancy themselves bullies with their fame especially fame they are unable to account for because they have been building popular culture on other persons public image. The women like to claim all I say is born out of fear but even they are not blabbing tales of me stealing a personality from Men that can do violence to protect everybody these days anymore; they now understand perfectly that be it as it may that going down the route of the reasons their involvement with others destroys career and academic work is discriminating, it is always possible to ensure those Men are unable to protect them and seek out an opportunity to make them keep their insolence somewhere else; I mean its an Arch Prince with duties to perform for Church and State and quite obvious therefore a fact that he will not be fond of peoples civil rights money loving madness thereof – good to tell me about which ones I fear after years of Politicians being internationally silly at my financial expense but it is never the end – its an old case that has been nagging endlessly i.e. what they did for today and everyday was to imaginary whack an Arch Prince over the head and make a fun that they hope to sustain out of it, which has gotten serious since the last time he sacked their socialism all the way to South America, so they might get after Guards standing on Duty at Buckingham Palace and I might end up with questions concerning my Office while they have always been aware a Royal Commission would have involved a process where you get along with the Armed Forces otherwise it is obvious you are unable to cope and that people shouldn’t be playing stupid games with me that makes it difficult; it is the matter at the heart of what is wrong with media and Celebrities who are chiefs of certain areas of Africa where they share their salaries and therefore cannot keep their hands off peoples bottoms or setting a stage where peoples bottoms are chased by their poverty charity goons – in their case I have now set the stage for the mid-sized gangs they are so fond of to seek them out at the Office, hence their bottom hurts on a regular basis and I get told they will have me beaten up on my television screen; it has never really been a problem, just people getting entangled with what I am doing on account they simply have to do everything that the media wants them to but since it is convenient to make money in that way and look like everybody is an evil creep climbing up a hill to fame and decadence with hate and vileness in their faces, what the result usually begets is a condition where they tell me that they cannot back off on account their ego will be hurt; so we find that it is very difficult for football people to play football looking like real men in such conditions for instance and therefore that it was never a problem for me. I hear the tale is told too of these things being a smoke screen in terms of what I am really after, which is quite true i.e. should we stop being capitalists that want to earn a living by finding ways to provide services that help people optimise their incomes to make extra they can pay us with on account China is now a world power, would it mean China became a world economic power is a sustainable way and we were better off? The whole gimmick is fostered by Americans who seek out peoples new ventures and deploy what the owners did to defend it as a tool for fighting terrorists which has bred this madness of Americans throwing peoples work at terrorists like we see them give their own to the frugal all the time, at the same time of which the laziest way to secure economic recovery is that which they are champions at, so the wealth of China will likely end up creating world war three as Capitalism gets suspended by casino self-employment goons who wish to ensure everybody makes them promises about how rich they will get first of all. They do say that by doing this I have shot myself in the foot because I am not white and should not be allowed to tap into white peoples wealth; but there is that bit where I got about serving people and they thought about rewarding me by buying my Books, this is where they will shoot themselves in the foot as well if they had decided to try and make a living extracting money from – I mean we see it on social media all the time, where it’s not just the need to deploy my Books after reading without paying for them but also the need to take pictures of stupid women and strewn it all over my Public image but because they cannot be seen dead following my profile that is just a click away, I then have to get about finding where they have done this on account they are eccentric. I hear of the vested interests and the money at play and the dangerous game I am dabbling into but its an old story, I have been clear where they cannot be seen extracting money to make a living as I have not signed a contract with them and their insane media goons that says they are at liberty to – usually when they start they claim they have such money as it will not run out no matter how much I wasted it to glorify myself but in a short while a fat cat will end up with a fat arse (they like to claim nobody can tell why I am after them but the truth is that the whole arrangements they make has one purpose only and that is to pick up equity I broker only with designers I get along with it such as is at Fashion for instance and make garments, so the purpose of taking pictures of it to throw around so I get about feeling myself is to ensure all persons who buy it will be able to sit down with the US President to have a conversation in New York while they earn the privilege that comes with buying the Fashion items, which is to bottom whip and tummy whip members of the Public but even so it has been a decade since the economic crisis and the government has not been able to come through with a workable Policy because of their eccentric characters).