I am not in any way astounded that Celebrities are getting involved in Politics – most of what the SNP gets up to is a matter of support from Celebrities and nothing more. I for my part have had enough of being bullied by them and am sure they can speak the language I speak and understand what people are saying to them about being exasperated and distressed; they would rather think mostly that if they have a Country where they can mess people up as much as they want and get rich from it then condemn them and call them names that will stick with them forever, they will be in heaven, Countries such as the ones the SNP wants to create and I think it’s the same old case of not boasting about what they don’t know and avoiding any process of making work for me which is what this is all about i.e. simple economics whereby more input eventually leads to no output and they can push mine into that condition everyday if they wanted as it stands but that is where I want to get to with celebrated services and the seemingly vicious and narcissistic idiots that are providing them. They do say it’s the support I get which creates me the means to defy them but that is not a new story either; I have made it clear I will one day mark out a celebrity and follow them on until it ends up in a law Court through which I can provide decades of circumstantial evidence that shows they assume people are so stupid that people think the way they are seen in public is how they live in private therefore there will always be support for them when they feel like I have no right to a personal and family life and even a career as well to that effect and then I will ask the judge to decide how fair it is at the end too. It’s never been an emotive issue; we all have always known celebrities like to take advantage of people but five years of it should mean they have the money they seek and move on, not cling to me to rip up my empire and make an example of me, then get about supporting SNP and making other miscellaneous trouble; They asked for it – it is not how to sell Books but I definitely can sell it that way – they need to stop abusing my clients, nobody knows who on earth gets about taking participation away from people and even whole companies anyway, unless they are celebrities and very stupid and really destructive. I understand I tend to finish what I am doing on a particular setting before I set about hitting them to ensure they cannot harm me – its utter nonsense, I mean I am supposed to work that way to guarantee my own security of course but it is not a primary prognosis – the reality is that every publicity these idiots risk to turn up and attack and bully me works the other way round because it isn’t exactly clear how you hope to pull off without violence a process of confiscating other peoples public life by spending publicity to do so in the first place anyway, so it has gotten violent and I want to make them bleed as well.

There is talk of me and relations with the US going all wrong of course, which does not mean anything; I mean Mr Obama thought he was going to get into the White House and settle revenge for Black people against British Monarchy over involvement with slavery and slave trade but of course he has not gone through with the issue and left it hanging after taking it up to a point of revenge like he did – since we all know they are still doing the same things in Africa today, where the good people are the ones that will creep into you and rip up your life and then give you a perfectly plausible explanation for it to make you wonder if they couldn’t spend their time to better themselves if they were so clever – the bad ones will simply tell you they should be able to use you to make money as well since you are using yourself, so the Ball is in Mr Obama’s Court. So we do hear whispers that Mr Obama is mostly concerned with Muslims and not Blacks or Africans but then again it’s the old story – people who have become eventually obsessed with commitment as a result of the abuses are the ones being dragged out and killed by terrorists who are confusing them for the enemy these days apparently, so what we expect next is Mr Obama’s friends infiltrating Terrorist groups so they can decide who gets killed – unless they want to fill me in on other things rather than pass around more insults about how I am playing the power game for them like they have always bullied me to get me to with a big mouth as well. It’s not a problem for me either in anyway; they have played the America and Communism game and it has come to no good end, they have played America and Middle East game to no avail, so now we await what they will do with Terrorism – at the end of the day they like to say they will beat up women and it will be my fault but bad sex is still a habit as it were not hurting badly enough the bloody idiots. They do these things all the time if they are not showing how much they hate the Police; they will always be out there creating wars all over the world by barging into people’s personal lives to get about defining their new sense of freedom and democracy all the time. I hear they say my position is so difficult and complicated it is really hard to understand but clearly of which we British believe in having certain relations with our host cities and Countries if we are doing business in their territory, throughout my Childhood I have always heard how much Africans hate it and so there is also that assumption I am being apologetic too which has to bearing towards reality – if other peoples existence is not threaten by you, you will have no reason to bite back as it were – they know what they are doing is wrong the problem comes each time they tell me I am to back down with a big mouth. So those that feel they can barge into the UK and do whatever they like are free to but in my view shouldn’t complain when it hurts as well. In terms of Africans that like to target us with their greed above all else – it’s the same old story; it’s when they feel like taking a stand on my possessions for instance to define their freedom and democratic needs on it that it applies they want a piece of me too, they want a war, last time we checked it was power whenever it happened.

Of course I am a much more inferior man, I expect people to support me while I help them deal with social instability that beats them all the time, right up to economic issues and even Terrorism but cannot do it without selling the Books as such, it does not mean people need to be seen around my Office and around my work and seen around my space on Media everyday like it is at present either; I cannot do it without the Book sales and they should not be found around unless they are found around because they want to buy the Books - an argument of an inferior man that expect respect for his leadership when all he does is support beaten women who can defend themselves and take him down if they wanted to at will, will not suffice and it is much, much, more than the simple unnecessary fanaticism of tyranny and a story of democratic and freedom insults and dominance too – far more than just targeting a Royal Prince that is getting around his business to ensure he is unable to keep the business of trouble makers disrupted to help them to a way out on media after lots of insulting corruptions of involvement that are the fault of the victim that they happened, much more than self exhibitionism and I do not need to go on about the list as it were. I understand the story of things I say about immigrants and get away with but of course I have never really said anything about immigrants, only pointed out in ways that I have been forced to in a violent way on account others have problems, that there is Money involved in living in the UK, so the question has to be answered by those who are interested in its government and leadership concerning if they are interested in the UK or are interested in the money, it is not about me – I for my part personally will not allow myself to work for their stupidities and destruction a second time and I can promise them it will be a bad idea to try their bullying around here again as it were.

The tale of how I have taken up and done most of the work for the Monarchy as peddled by Politicians will not do either; I mean it is not like I am a separate thing from the Monarchy in the first place anyway but then again it does seem the matter needs to be settled around how Parliamentary Parties will come to an agreement to end their hung parliament disease – I personally have a suggestion that since the Labour party does best at bankrupting the Country to provide for the poor and the Conservatives do best at restoring the economy so Labour can bankrupt it later, they ought to agree among themselves which party is to back down for which whenever there is a National crisis, so if it is poverty then the Conservatives back down for Labour and if economy and deficit Labour for the conservatives, so that they can stop talking nonsense. Their American friends speak of a world of imagination and change that I have created but am now trying to keep people out when they need it which is utter nonsense; the truth is that I own the Liabilities of the British currency and the Queen owns the Assets and stability, so if any of my structures thus created to foster trade relations with the US is ruined by any American idiot, the whole prognosis of the fact they speak a language I speak as well and can understand what people are saying to them so that being an American does not necessarily mean you have to be criminally disobedient will come into perspective again and the end product will be another case of the fact I actually do not need the help of the British government to take them down. Overall however it’s a matter of making sure equities I broker with firms all over the world is secure at the end of the day i.e. for instance German Car firms always tend to make lean reliable and fast cars, what is it that has now caused them to start making fat cars like the British – it’s not encroachment but equities brokered, it seems that they have to borrow from us to settle relationships where they have major trading partners and so on and so it’s never really an issue until an idiot in Germany wants to be a rich trouble maker of which there are social structures in Germany to prevent it unless that is the British become obsessed with the next persons I am supposed to have been scared of and then I will have to intervene – personally of which this habit they have of using me to make money then blaming me because I use myself too has got to stop, it is not going to continue for any much longer as it were.

Of course the white ones say I never really accept some are superior to me but of course superior or not is not exactly my cup of tea, not the sort of thing I have always done, the reality here is that when I was a Child my parents would buy me toys but when I grew up I would get myself a toy to play with as such – these fools grow up to find a way of making a toy out of other peoples livelihoods – so that they do nothing but show a need to threaten others and never turn up for the fight early enough so as to create a coward they were scared of but are not anymore with Media, hence the ultimate question is what exactly they will do if I refuse to run my business in such was as means I am ruthless when it comes to making sure people do not use my body and my person and public life to make money as well just because I am using it for such a purpose. They speak of saying such things making me a plaything for a Politicians whereas the reality is that they think they are supposed to bully me and get away with it on grounds they deserve to and will not go away if they can hang around my concerns making noise about superior looking for trouble as well and as for the Politicians, spending tax payer funds to bring violent people back into my life as an adult so their envy might no longer be stirred over my personal life because I had done so well in putting them away before the end of my teens that it was making me famous, has paid off – the bit where children say I need to hurry up and get things done before the bad guys catch up and the men say it’s a matter of things that happen and things that done, so that the disruption for organised crime and terrorism has now reached unprecedented levels so such the Politicians that have always been the friends of these bad people don’t want to anymore hence assuming that is my problem all the time.

Now their attention has inevitably turned to a need to be seen in public cracking my  career all the time, making accusations that I take my problems out on their stupid children; their stupid children whose foolishness and damages it does to your livelihood can only be avoided if you are seen acting professional at work all the time but of course do you need to act professional at home too and professional when with friends as well but why, is it not the prognosis for racism in the work place and how it is made as it were. So like the parents do love that noise making on media, I am sure they can tell their foolish children of a certain enmity they enjoy to exhibit towards all those who actually feel towards me in a positive way for whatever reasons that they do and how I will not deal with this while I hold out on the balance of making sure the activities of criminals does not affect what others feel about my work at the same time; so we all know this is how their personal life ambush and public life ambush and career ambush is created – all so very important to them of course because it is the route to making money that puts them in a place where they are high profile clients of small businesses which means that they can determine who has the right to get jobs or not to steal peoples public life if the Politicians will not co-operate – I am not saying it is a problem either, since first of all it rather appears I cannot be allow to do anything unless I crush the ambushers and ask the rest to piss me off as well if they have the guts for it but it is even better because the celebrities now don’t like my tell, tell, tell attitude towards work as it does mean they cannot spend the money they spend on the small businesses of these idiots to look after mine too – nothing they do as we can see is free of crimes they are supposed to commit which others do not punish on account it is a means to an end especially when developed around their civil rights and the next time their parents talk nonsense on media about accusations in my direction it is going to end really badly too. They do say I don’t stand a chance and I beg to differ –it seems the Political persons of this Country can get away with murder because their religious wickedness is never ever challenged and the next time they piss me off cracking my career with an accusation on media while they know their stupid children are out there finding ways of looking to do my career for people on media and claim it as their own at the same time, all of that is going to change. I understand the story of what I have at the Monarchy but that is an exclusive environment in the first place – we are here at all because their celebrities like to get involved with my own and shut it down with distractive stupidities that help them ensure the stupidities end up in other people’s lives and what little cleverness is out there running a business that is earning them millions – I am fed up with their stupidities being found in high places and the sense I am a soft touch and this is the last warning I will issue on the matter as well. I have said everything I have said to take away the incentive, we all see them do it as though their lives depend on it – I am a celebrity and I know I am stupid and I know you know I am stupid but it can be a positive if my stupidities are found in high places and you are my soft touch and so on – the reason being that while they mess up my career, they can grab my public life get a crowd to blame me for poverty and sit around deploying any little there is in their stupid heads to get rich and famous – all I am saying is that the idiots that speak for them need to think really carefully indeed about the next accusation coming up because I will not tolerate it – I need to breathe. The men clearly want to be free and rich of course but this is not the US where they are allowed access to money so the government can grow the military if they become terrorist later; here in the UK disruption continues while the anus and penis insults exist to show it will end very well indeed too. I hear the excuse to be that I let celebrities get away with it which has no basis on reality as the story of the celebrities has always been a matter of how much they want me and if the way they want me does not match the way I want to be seen then they need to part ways and leave me alone – they have shown they will be satisfied when it ends up in a law Court with decades of circumstantial evidence that is akin to stalking before their behaviour improves and that of their daft parents too. The media on the other hand is actually the point where peoples stupid little children go, to claim my career and public life as their own – so it’s largely the same old story about the fact I will never have been the first when it comes to being ruthless about people using me to make money on account I am using myself to do so but then again I want to take it to another level hence the expected outcome for the prognosis of what will happen, what it is they can do if I refuse to follow that line or convention – only one advice, they need to stop using it and never do, I want them to keep their journalism and business outside of mine. The last incentive for these things to continue has to be the story of failures I have turned around at other peoples expense of which there isn’t any; I have done what I have done around my work to show I am able to handle myself and to support women too right up to the pornography Industry, it is far more complicated than that hence the outcome of States women that need my support right up to the International community – so I am tired of Media idiots using me to make money and it needs to stop, the next accusation will really kick things off around here – I need to breathe. They do say I want to be seen around celebrities but have no plans to deal with the problems they face, its utter nonsense since the truth is that the reasons they are always seen around my concerns need to be explained and that is why I am now in control of it, to ensure the problems happen when and where I want – their loutishness has never really stopped me from getting my point across and they do say I am looking for trouble when I put it the way I do which I can understand but I implore their security operatives to get in my way as well when I want to stop them from using me to make money and then telling me it’s my fault for I use myself in the first place thereby causing and encouraging it, I am sure they speak the same language I do and can understand what I am saying to them – I need to breathe. It’s never true I have hoodwinked the Royal Family and nothing I do can ever therefore be seen as wrong but rather than go into that I am sure they want to consider what it means when I show I can handle myself and support women right up to what we see them do at International communities, maybe it has something to do with a Royal order, that is actually quite possible as it were.