It is now regularly said I enjoy being really awful but there is no such thing, rather the fact I want to be on my own on one hand because I have to say something to people hundreds of times over a period of years before they get to understand me just a little bit, while they have decided otherwise – hence when I say given the right tools and right methods they can leave people alone and it draws from the fact they were beaten the first time and have therefore decided on this behaviour as punishment for me. The reality is still that such opinions are held by those who are cleverer than I am and I was there when they invented this whole process of messing up my academic work so they can do their own and become clever and there is nothing unusual about them doing it or celebrities spending my public life and savaging my finances in the most nasty way imaginable before they then get on media to tell me I am awful and they find me irritating for reasons of being more educated – I don’t mind them hanging in there while I finish my academic work however long it takes to anyway but its these kinds of abuses and the lack of patience considering how interested they are but I would rather they cleared the precincts of my finances and got off my space. There is nothing unusual about these things just when One has to take seriously the problem of what is not profitable and it turns up right down to the game they play of funny ways of dragging my reputation into a corner where they can profit from it and later tell me to behave like I come from overseas all the time without handing it back – that disobedience to a fault that means they complain about me on one hand but are still doing it on the other; there is nothing unusual about being able to handle yourself at popular culture and being able to handle yourself and neighbourhood criminals and then being chased down and bullied into a plaything by men – it’s just that they pretend they want a conversation out of it and are cleverer than I am and this is not a form of attrition people normally have an imagination for, it just gets worse as they invent new ways of building up hate that has to do with me and tend to show their big mouth for freedom and democracy on the media for it. I need to be left alone; tired of being misunderstood and bullied by those who get involved with my concerns without permission – it is the only way to determine what is what; otherwise they have to accept the solace and peace they seek will never come as long as that stupid future built on challenging me to a fight which costs me everything for not taking part is effective; they are very well informed about what I will do to them whenever I get bullied by them but it is something they do which does not stop – we are discussing it at present because they are not laughing as usual don’t ask me why – starting a job being by told in a social sense by bus drivers and commuters that the job is actually too much for me, while the Radio waves and Television media lead the way; we have a history, so I have no idea what they expect each time they indulge. There isn’t a single thing on this matter that is anything less than heir lazy and very stupid but incredibly destructive selves seeking conveniences and the reason the emphasis is on women is that they get their way out from women rather than change their lifestyle – they cannot get it from most men, so they get it from women most of the time when they don’t like being themselves anymore. I am so intolerant of it because when I started getting the grooming vibes it was a matter of ruining my life and theirs on media with an end result that means they will still be more important in the eyes of a certain crowd, so that it is never a matter of right and wrong but what is comparative convenience, hence I have always known these are idiots about whom nothing can ever be right or corrected.

I may enjoy being really awful but we all know they also claim I am really common and that is the reason they do not like me but it is always a rich statement coming from those who should have been spending all that energy serving their Royal masters rather than bullying me – so they speak of what I am supposed to be troubled about when we all know that what would settle this matter is when I put up a statement and ask them to bring around their celebrity world big boys to settle the matter and then the need to rip up my public life and reputation to make fame and fortune every single time they feel they might find it amusing will stop the way I want as well; on this occasion what I am dealing with is that when they do it  I am also really common because of what the public office is used for in the first place. I do not think that the serving of Royal masters was the issue; I mean first of all is the story of what their anger concerning the way they are treated is really all about whereas we can see it is as simple as waking up at 7.45 am to find out people cash in on your public life to make fame and fortune and tell you that you are really common and not going anywhere – so could it be that they are incredibly stupid? I mean it’s the question around matters like homosexuality which exists in our society because their need to find the most convenient way out of problems most of which they create has reached a professional degree and it only exists because it is currently the most convenient way out of the problems associated with it, so that they can tell me not to challenge them about it or I will end up with a problem I cannot solve but their insults tend to mean they need to keep their money where their mouth is, concerning the ones I can. Like when they claim that it is a celebrity world and lifestyle and that I am really common while they have no say in what the person that took their photo shoot or made their various publicities ripping up my public life to put their pictures on billboards with a product etc got up to while the rest of us are aware there is no job on this planet much less one that makes people millions of pounds at a time where the owners are free from self assessment – they do and it is these kinds of insults that will determine how it ends as well.

The complains as a whole can easily be that I turn up on media all filthy and without respect thereof but we all know that was never the main issue, which is rather that selling Books involves a process which is not queer and that means writing Books and printing them and making publicity to sell them and engaging with those who buy – that their media and celebrity stuff is very violent stuff and they are complaining at the moment when I have not yet roughed them up in their designers and three pieces so far; they always tell me I don’t have the guts or something like that but I have also made it clear they have partners and children that should support them while they bread win and that should make it clear enough had badly it will end too. It’s like the other case of how my actions do not actually reflect my status with which I disagree – I have brokered these equities with big businesses to a stage now where I am an associate in a Public way – so added to my State provided security which is based on surveillance, the nature of the job I do for them should be thus clear: we have always been aware people will get involved with our business and do things the way they like to make riches and fame but it does not mean it is okay to get bullied as well. They however do say on one hand that it’s just a processes of things returning to the way they have always been, while on the other claim what I do is a function of rectifying the damage I did and hence the problems I created Politically and diplomatically before it leads to serious problems that will cost me a Royal Estate but in terms of the former the reality is still that in the past being chased around by goons seeking fame and fortune would last technically between 2 to 3 years, however, with the advent of the Internet and the speed of the spread of information and the violent viciousness of the grown up ones that show up at Industry and media, I was expecting 5 to 8 years because of how hard I work on it, which is why some pieces of my Books and blogs are given away and then securitised by me later on to save lives – it has run into a decade and a half because Politicians are supporting it in a certain way and with the third factor of Politicians considered, 15 years is not unusual, however the unusual factor becomes what Politicians can lose which is why they are losing it too. In terms of the latter however there are no problems I created in anyway whatsoever; what happened was that I was being made to ensure financial hardship at the highest levels of government, just so that people can deploy my morals to extricate a safe mind for Politicians while they plans and execute the wars and it was tough going from a Christian to such a position and the result is that I have beaten them so badly they now resort to local and international disobedience and general appearance on media everyday for survival, which when garnished with making a reputation for themselves as peace makers and for me as war maker ends up creating them their own version of revenge where they make progress by challenging me to a fight the result of which is that when I refuse to take part I lose everything.

It’s never been an unusual case either for the most part – the reality is still that when I handle the matter of popular culture punks jumping up and down on my finances and neighbourhood criminals doing their threats and bullying for them I may say – the result becomes that I am a man but the problem turns to the fact that I am a man they want to use, so they set me up for gang violence with their mad media and sit about provoking me all the time until damaging my finances becomes an amusing past time and for each time I realise doing something about it will lead to more problems, they chase my private parts and completely destroy my health for it – so I had to ensure they were using their own to do it so they can be men as well. Hence this is the part where media goons and television personalities are ever so worried about my actions because they bully and they attack by making me very uncomfortable only to develop a sense that I am irritating for the public as a result of how their actions affect me, knowing their black idiots who claim I am in their homes will make use of that and then I will be the best victim for racism and that whole reason that led to their stupid revenge will start all over again which is a worthy use of my time but when I say anything, somebody from those poor countries where they go to find these popular culture punks to spend their money on and make trouble thereof picks up on it and then things will blow up at some point very unexpectedly, having said so they will not keep away from me and I have warned them they can as well given the right tools and the right methods. Its ever so pleasurable to run around Industry making trouble for me to get appointments as managers of companies and Industries and so on, so as to wear expensive cloths and find celebrities to savage my finances with and chase my anus to mess me around all the time whenever I am about to see what is going on but this is not their property. So eventually they say I provoke world leaders and pretend that will not come with problems, which has no basis on reality; which is rather that every stupid girl that makes to pillage peoples public life to make some fame and fortune only needs to ask Mr Obama or Mr Putin who will then give the permission for it and it is extremely inconveniencing as well and now has reached a stage where they pass around insults due to attempt to corrupt my surveillance based Royal State provided security and play fat boy games chasing my private parts and collecting the best looking girls for themselves etc, creating problems for me at work every day – it is extremely inconveniencing and even when I have said these things and put my business back in order, what will likely happen is that these women will ask their vastly more powerful leaders to listen in the air and hear a provocative thing going by which needs to be stooped because I have, so it is extremely inconveniencing . Their goons here in the UK do nothing with my time except corrupt my security, finger my bum, gather best girls to themselves and play allies of the Communists which creates conditions that put my associates and allies who have business in Communist territories in danger and then their need to seek power will see them do popular culture at my diplomacy Office to cut them off and seek out leaders that will harm them as well, then sell the disposition to the high bidder power broker of the world powers I am said to be provoking and their media and fame girls cannot keep their insults or hands to themselves either like we were mates or something – it is how they started me off on the first day at work with tales of fingering my bum and sharing the power with public transport operators who knew the job was too much for me, like that is how they were started off on their first day at work and it was much the same at the University as well.