I hear it is said I have not actually settled my case with the Media but that is not true, I have;  the view they have of what I think goes on back stage is heavily flawed but I can only say that influencing the minds of filthy young men and women who want to live as trolls and thereby having power over society was never enough, so getting jobs by having hate figures to back bite had to be added to the list but even that was not enough, so getting women that are affiliated to other to grovel in order to feel secure, that was the answer that everything needed and then male journalists will turn up to play those games whereby they are having a hard time and there is sexism and ageism and preference for women going on in the media to a chronic state and so on – it gets to a stage where you have to decide you are not mocking around with that stuff anymore as it were.

I understand they say things would improve so much if I stopped complaining; it makes no sense since I am not aware I am complaining, the reality being that the only way it seems that you can ever protect what you have developed for yourself to serve an asset by which you figure out your pensions and mortgage, is to hit the Tories because if you don’t, your inevitable bad behaviour towards industries will lead to a process where they stifle your finances until they investigate your skills and personal attributes and replace them mechanically to ensure such stupidities as people interfering with their power over others does not occur any longer bearing in mind they have already got their own pensions, while the only way to ensure people do not destroy it so that they can flatter you for having enough wealth to let them move their stupidities from their personal life into mainstream public living and then name it power is to hit the Labour Party but if you do any of such things, you will end up leaving the Country worse off as a result of removing one of its major Political parties – that however was the past, things have changed since then and smaller parties are now mopping up that stupid power, so it will be possible to get rid of Political parties in the near future thereof since it is obviously something that cannot be explained; why indeed why it is that a case of getting out to get yourself all socially and morally corrupted is something that people should force on other people – the bit where somebody is always being abused because he is not having sex and the reason being that it is pointless, pointless because others will take the sex anyway if he is not interest and they rip up everything from academic work to personal life and explain it as competition that develops an outcome in which they enjoy seeing other peoples condition deteriorate, then tell me I have no way of getting rid of Political parties which I suppose is a matter of choice of words as it were – for what I should have said should have been that I shall now be able to prevent Political parties from existing as a result of actions and words and public cases made to give my books National level exposure in order to stifle its sales.

As for the media idiots and the neighbourhood goons; the last thing we ever hear them want to discuss is that they are paedophiles, they think they have reputations as monsters and that I have an office or buy media equipment so they can talk through to me in some way or another but of course it is the Politicians that are responsible for my being opened up to it since I am clearly not a child in the first place as it were, so I suppose I have set out above a realistic choice of words for them anyway. They do say they have won of course which is what this was all about and I wouldn’t know if they won where employers now have to employ in some other way save giving jobs to those who backbite me for the sake of it and are going to have to do that if they insist in their way or mine; there is no winning and holiday in the Caribbean or Bahamas story here for them. The thinking behind it has always been as simple as the fact a collection of people don’t like me but they have my talents and even my personality and my training, so whilst their racism can kill me if they wanted and the nepotism that is necessary for their well being is about to all together, I cannot go elsewhere, I cannot move to another Country, I cannot unless I hurt Tories seriously and they have no plans to tell these fools to take their filth somewhere else either. Their best line is obviously that I stole a Royal Estate but the need to damage my property and drive it to a state where they can make it their own through the help of a higher authority that wants to get rid of it is not getting better it is actually getting worse. Supporting the Monarchy offends them they say i.e. the Monarchy is bigger than them and they are bigger than me – it’s not as if I leave my home to buy cigarettes from them or anything like that it’s just that they have access to media. If you sit down with them in a class room, failing your exams in guaranteed for instance, so this process of getting up early in the day to declare wins is not actually as amusing as they have made out that it is. It would be noted at this point that I am going round in circles and that would be a function of those who claim they like my work and get on media to take advantage of ruin the sales all the time – these are the ones that not also think they are famous to me and to which effect I would do anything but also think when I watch pornography the consequences are my problem. Apparently I do not do the same things to their salary so they basically can behave anyhow they like and make up their reasons for it at some point as well – I do not mind for my part anyway as I mentioned, I do watch the odd pornography so they can assume it is my problem that I do but then again it is also reality that what they like to complain about is concerned with dipping their hands into my earnings and getting stung by the problems, so that if it gets too much I get bad PR and they seek the glorious self improvement with my business and personal life, so these are all together a group of idiots that cannot leave people alone and I was not published on Media. It’s not a crisis, these are only facts that express evidence of a collection of fools on public media and popularity lifestyles that cannot leave others alone period; I mean one of the main fundamental reasons you fail exams for sitting next to them in the class room is that something happened on the left and on the right and it is then picked up by those who think you have yours and are not bothering others to squander it and those who think you are looking for trouble for having yours when you should depend on the superior.

We hear that talk of where it all started endlessly of course which I am happy to go along with too; after all it started with journalistic pompousness where women will savage your finances and get you to do civil rights then prevent you from making a living with a cause if you feel you are financially stuck on account whispers have gone around that somebody is having sexual fantasies about them – so they did it to me and realised I wasn’t and that it was all made up by the men so they set about apologising which is where the other stupid women who want me to build a career around them so they can get to a stage and when I am about to break through tell the world I am a stalker they know nothing about dedicated their lives to my work and career and so each time I detach things from them they get it back on again with media access they have and it has gone on with its damaging consequences for the last 14 years since. So I simply realised at some stage that people have a problem and that I could help them – the bit where some goon preferably with dreadlocks was more interested in deploying their personal life to get famous and so I did but we all know that the men have turned it all on its head since because of the journalistic pompousness thing, so there is really nothing that I can do for them at this stage with my own power, so I am not trying to very much. That said, I don’t have a problem with the ladies as such, it with the men; their corruptions of involvement is that of such absolute power that it is clearly possible that they can do and undo – where they hate law that they know nothing of but governs their lives never the less, they must get it from the life of a law student and use it to evade the authorities and do whatever they like with no plans to pay for what they use and when they want religion which is completely unnecessary but screws with their lives all the time, they must get it from an Arch Prince and not pay for what they use if they can threaten him instead, so it is their involvement with the ladies all together that means we have got a serious problem – these idiots have jobs but their laziness is still such that whilst they set out a story they don’t like people to get through them to be successful which forms the backbone of their happy slapping society for those who are aesthetically proficient at what they do, they must also be able to handle you violently just to get by with jobs that these idiots have already got as a result of their extreme laziness and will likely think you are bluffing when you say you will hurt them seriously if they touch you in the physical as well. They do speak of these ladies I protect doing the same things to younger ones but I have no idea since we are talking about every stupid little girl getting support and protection from them so as to be able to finger the bums of everybody they meet and when you find out what makes them so insulting it turns out it’s the old story of their deviance and how much they hate working for their money and why their problems needs to become your priority; of which I am a typical example of what they can do with their popular culture where I must spend decades on a career while they keep close association with it until I make a public statement when I am going for my big break and they declare I am a lying stalker they know nothing about and if I start all over again they will have hit the jackpot. We hear talk of US influence in the matter of course which makes no sense whatsoever; everybody knows it seems to the Americans that we learn everything we know about commerce and trade and Industry from Americans and their links with Asia brewing that sense every fool has to tell me I have got mine and it needs to be squandered or I have got mine and the fact I should be using the one that belongs to the superior like everybody else is the problem but ultimately I am sure the US President can stop committing Intellectual Property crimes against me in order to get about pretending he should be and deserves to be anything other than a lame duck leader while he is at it – there is no way I am paying for the effects and if he spends American taxes on the matter he will make a loss on the global scene, I can guarantee that, I promise it.

The story of respect for their Politicians is one about which I have had enough at this stage; there has never been a respect issue over their Politicians as it were, only their desire to see somebody held down for them to wee on all the time which has now reached fever pitch as a Country and save the fact I am British and there are things I know I would find myself describing this as one of the stupidest place to end up in, in the whole world. That said, if the confront me with a respect for their MPs issue again I will make sure they never forget it: the facts are as follows – they are always reaching for things that are beyond them in order to end up with personality problems and then find out they can become others in order to feel good about themselves which only makes sense in the whole game they love to play of people doing things to them if such persons can justify it which also gives them the right to do things to others if they can justify it and then end product of that being the never ending desire yet again to threaten me with a bigger guy and grab my career and market to get rich and famous with, then complain about that stupid society and culture and history I will cut to pieces again if it dares turn up around my concerns again. It’s the same old case by and large of the fact if you sit beside them in an academic institution you will certainly fail your exams being that there is always something on the left and on the right and others have got an anus when you don’t know them at all as it were, playing these stupid games endlessly and yes they have wrecked my academic work and my finances and are now after my business too all together turning up on their stupid media every day to speak of a respect problem over their Politicians. I understand they say there are reasons behind their behaviour but there really isn’t any, only the twisted and evil nature that produces that result where those who can stab them are free to if they can justify it, which means they can stab others as well if they can justify it stirring up all these colloquial nonsense we have to deal with all the time about doing peoples stuff all over the place. I have had enough of them and will not tolerate it any further – the last time I checked this air was free and I need to breathe, the next time these fucking idiots challenge me over respect for their Politicians I will make them wish that they never did – it’s not a matter of not recognising their idiots are in charge, it’s a matter of being made to pay attention to them day in and day out for 14 years and then told I need to put down roots which I do not reach for things that are beyond my grasp and therefore do not have any such problem as regarding putting down any stupid roots and more so over what I say and do and over my career nor is it a matter of the fact somebody is in charge, somebody was always going to be in charge, it’s not a problem for me. So the real issue here is that I am an Arch Prince and they are nobody, their insults are destructive considering they can try and be me if they don’t like being themselves and their Politicians have been helping with that, so now they have wrecked the finances and are keeping their salaries as sign on media that they are superior to me but that is still not enough – respect for their Politicians will not be tolerated any further than that around here as it were. We hear talk of whether or not it will be done and over with me at any stage; its utter nonsense, there is nothing to be done and over with – this is the same old issue of getting your finances and academic work done so that you might tolerate worthless civil rights idiots that have been left behind by their mates pillaging the life of a younger person in order to catch up with their age group but since last they brought an entire government to bear, they have failed at doing it to me and the process of pillaging their culture and society as well has now reached a point where it is beginning to cost me and it is that cost they pass off as a victory of their own when it is a simple matter of economics in reality – security not paying off anymore because we keep adding more after optimum security was attained so to speak and now we must look to ways of pushing the envelope, most attractive being the fact that their brush with large companies who always want to be able to control how much they earn so that whether or not they have the means to create trouble for companies can be settled gives them ideas of how to handle me as a person which is why it is so vicious all together; so they have done the bit about wrecking the finances and the bit about knowing what jobs I have had and how to calculate the minimum wage and then my feeding habits and come up with a rough estimate of my spending pattern and how much I have in savings in order to settle how much trouble they need to create for me and that is their bit – my bit is that that I will be doing that to them and selling it on really soon, the next time they challenge me about respect for their stupid MPs and continue to ensure they are found around my Book sales. Personally all I can really say is that they need to keep off the Office and off my Public work unless they are man enough, if so they can continue.

It’s never really been an issue, just like the story of me and the American people, which is seriously flawed as what is really happening is that there are friends and allies in the US most of the time but because Americans cannot give it a rest ever about getting a big guy to beat up a small guy so they can collect small guys career, having seen their British counterparts do not like me very much are still hot and hard at it – so I get to fix that their stupid society and culture for them and over handling my books it will blow up all together as well. It’s a case of the fact that I am said to be scared of them when I am not; I mean they speak of violence because they want others to think of violence as the biggest problem they have which is absolutely not the case and so developed this flawed sense of reality that I think violence is their biggest problem and have no plans to find what it is and use it for violence as well all together anyway – so as I mentioned before trading off the issues to ensure they do not have access to me and my possessions is now costing me and it is entirely economic that when you have reached optimum and keep going at the same frequency you start to make a loss, they have passed this loss off on media as a sign of their domination naturally and I am thinking that pushing their envelops is the right thing to do but they do not teach it at Church, so I give ample warnings beforehand. They do say it is the sense all over that I have everything but am never satisfied with what I have that propels them to take note of me and it is utter nonsense; I need to set out a means of providing leadership for the general public and the public work and office is there for that purpose – to which effect I will stack my books and sell them or people are going to get hurt especially on media until they locate a corner they are most comfortable with, in order for that to happen. It is not true that I have a specific problem with black people either – they can just get off and deserve things because I share a skin colour with them and cannot get rid of it and then sit about abusing me every single moment of their time especially black Americans – the rest of what my case with them is about is collateral damage, it is not in my interest that they become upstanding or moral people; obviously it is a failed attempt at a conversation on the matter, since it is all about secret society powers as a means of wealth that is fit for a king which is handed to stupid people who are actually very violent beggars and the grooming process that makes people vulnerable to it. I shouldn’t have to live a life where stepping out of my door means others get to spend my aptitudes and dig so deep they dig into family life and career ones as well and hence never stop because they think it’s all victimless as it were – it started to become a problem when they made me understand they had used it to create an economic crisis and were going to ensure I am hit hardest as a result of it, like it grows on trees or is cheap to acquire as it were and such things will thus happen with their big mouth only. They do say it is all my fault but certainly waking up to a case of popular culture idiots informing you that you are on a decline and their deviance has won a great battle which is a disposition they can sell onto big companies that will not rest until people are messing with their power so they can replace peoples training with machines, which Tories are never satisfied with life until they do and Labour is never satisfied as a Party until they make the Tories support and foster it – having said that, every bully does the same, it is always the fault of their victims, however it seems they believe that too themselves so they must be seeking freedom from me at this point as well. They do tell me that I do not deal with matters in a direct way, just talk but doing so would involve a more radical version of the old tale of a problem concerning where I say what I say and who actually gets to hear it for of course hearing is the start and then after that people will do what I want to tie their lives in such knots they don’t get to do anything: it is the bit where secrete society men buy shares in large European companies when they are black, then seek out peoples Children to practice their paedophilia on from a distance – so I am not as such saying they cannot buy shares in established brands in Europe, just tell their daughters to Watch that stupid equality about which they claim I am the one seeking some with them instead which is always condescending enough to flatter me about my successes before squandering it on media exhibiting themselves and tell their stupid wives and small army sons to watch their stupid insults and put their money where their mouth is – as for the media goons however on the other hand it’s a matter that is at an advanced stage at this point , with the whole process of putting myself in their shoes showing that I would not want to control televising rooms where I marshal forces that go out to encourage entire societies to target individuals whose personal lives my male journalists want to deploy for trivia after the insults that detach the owners from it and pervasions like competition over whom is aesthetically the best man for instance by which their lack of respect for other peoples position and the respect society has for them gets to pay off; so there is detachment of journalists from Media managers and next I will start to experiment on replacing them to find out if I have that power, while the question of what their job has to do with my career will finally be answered – it’s not as if they have not given an answer either, they have, it’s the one where I need to clear their perspective as it were, so we know where we stand; just like the Politicians like to say I have to respect for other young men that have done better than me whereas what they are talking about is me who has to deal with entire government squandering my income because it is powerful to and somebody who does not wish to be part of men who kill people and women who destroy people’s lives that always end up in suits working in a bank or running a successful small business for instance and I cannot see how it resolves the problem of the fact these are the ones Politicians like to attack for it is the case that they must tell you emphatically where you are supposed to be as it were.

I understand it is said I live a hopeless existence and it is utter nonsense; it’s pointless violence on me every time – it can be because a stupid girl wants to influence people in order to be safe and I am the guy on which he nepotism works as advised by the media and civil rights idiots, it can be because they have laid out popular culture products as their disobedience is legendary on my Royal Estate from which they made the songs in the first place and something I said or did depleted the profits for the day and it is much the same with the stock markets and a certain problem they have with handling my books and aptitudes and then there is media as well where men simply get up on public places to tell me what to do, so that anything I do can be followed with violence as a result of the fact I was already told by them and so when people judge what I do they say it is extreme and uncalled for but not with a sense of the pointlessness of all that unprovoked violence I suppose; so nobody knows why they cannot leave alone other peoples royal estate as it were and have to sell products on it and make songs on the public work and so on, as a result we are in a place where I really cannot tell or control what I might do to deplete their profits in any given 24 hours and they really cannot tell what they might have done to provoke me in any given 24 hours but for the media they are in it to experiment and find out if they have such power at all in the first place talking nonsense about being provoked by those who use their own to do it.