Recent development is that it has now turned towards a usual occurrence for people to break the ice if they felt they had less energy to chase their own concerns on the day by getting the media to start a conversation about disrespect on my part. I could never tell anyway; we know it started out as a case of a perverted obsession with a personality I cultivated in a Hermitage and what they could use it for, then it progressed into tales associated with the way they will like me to be handled because I was a well raised child that listened to other people and they could have what they don’t usually get from their children from me, now we see that the whole thing had become violent probably without reason or purpose, attached to which is a process of having enough money to say that if I started a fight I will be burned out before their money ran out, which is used as a tool that ensured they built publicity to say they deserved a bigger and better version of all I did with myself. The heart of this matter is still that even as I have said this, we find that they will have performed routines that trash my Bookshop market after I had told them off my concerns in this way and then start the gimmicks that make the mess all over again before they then progress to the stage where I am disrespectful on account they are lacking energy to chase their daily concerns. So what is really happening here is a question of what I am to do with a group of people who loved to handle knowing we are neither friends nor mates and are now entitled to a process of doing so, garnished with a sense that if push came to shove they would be better off but talk about disrespect on my part really takes the biscuit to say the least. I don’t think the issue is a crisis just the matter of disrespect on my part being raised like this all the time and whenever I tell them off a routine is performed to wreck my Bookshop, about which they are even so not too stupid to understand they were destroying another person’s property – I mean I cannot tell what the motivation for people to say that as a human being I deserved to be handled in a way that provided others with social inequality and raise a feel good crowd that buys products from them over it anyway but we ca see that while this continues the prospect of this fantasy disrespect will continue much as well too – I feel like a very disturbed person at this stage and I am sure they would like it to stop in such a way as they felt comfortable with. So it is not a problem in the sense that all I have said are still facts surrounding the one issue of routines that wreck my Bookshop each time I tell them off and the need to perform this sort of nonsense everyday – all associated with it which I can pick up and use as guiding point to ensure that everything they did to conduct their daily business as civilians was completely trashed. I don’t believe I have a problem in this matter anyway – we all know the prospects of it being said that bad people were able to handle an Arch Prince to do bad things all over again does not exist; they are aware that if they made such claims, they would have to get off their need to get paid for being popular in order to prove it and then I will start whatever it is they are complaining of all over again.

I have been told I regularly appear to be at deaths door and then people set about rescuing me but I don’t do this, it would make me the boy who cried wolf, they do it all by themselves as such. The whole thing is developing into a matter of how I got about stopping people who had money to spend hurting me – since what they do it establish a relationship with me and build up problems that they corrupt hoot systems, then mock everything I do to move them on by assuring the crowd what I said was different from what stock market numbers said –making crowds of people feel privileged and comfortable in order to build their own markets and it’s never clear when exactly they perverted the service processes of my Bookshop into this nonsense rather than read what I have written anyway, what is clear is that they look for trouble and then complain when they find it. I would be told the business where I am usually informed that I had problems with the way that quasi criminals got around Industry communities because I had no respect for rich people, which leads to outcomes in which I complained as well that they are not doing the work and I had to pick up the pieces like so, ignored the fact these issues have purposes but of course they do as 90% of CEOs usually think that profit margins are only improved if they befriended local hoodlums and we end up with those scenarios where there are hoodlums on one side and Shareholders on the other, which made sense of the reasons they operated in that way. That said, when these goons set about those gimmicks involving the destruction of peoples careers to employ criminals in the neighbourhoods and then tell me my behaviour was a show of disrespect for wealthy people, they have been lobbying Politicians and the fact they did have given them ideas about whom they were superior to – I see all of it and they do need to stop getting on my nerves as well if they are complaining, being broke is not to say that I am to do nothing when my career and finances come under constant assault to preserve this nonsense and as a Royal Hermit, I don’t need Money to do something about it either. we hear these excuses all the time but the truth on the ground is that Celebrities will make friends with culture and society goons and then set about showing if anything abused them they will make somebody suffer, so they bashed me for it, then when they get abused they bash me and the bashing continues until they reached this point where telling them off meant they made a comment or set off an abusive routine that wrecked my Bookshop, while all I did about it served as a tit for tart measure if I had started to take them on and they have now attained an amount of financial wealth that will not run out before I was burned out if I started a fight – so if this does not indicate they were looking for enmity, I do wonder what does. The Media are just people who control me for fat cats, celebrities and industry trouble makers, which will not be the first time they had organised their career and finances to hurt me in such ways but I think will be the last.

So it is said what I have discussed here would rather have revealed the way that Caribbean Communities facilitates these activities and yes it does; they appear to be complicit with racism at all times, claiming they arrived in the UK first before all other black people did but it is usually a distraction for the way that these goons make a mess of people’s lives to acquire money that is spent on their tourism economies, putting the feet up to pass insults at me that a Bird will carry around the world to say the least and I do not plan to ease their difficulty which has resulted from the relationship they have built with me as such. It feeds into the other case where the Media and Celebrities are always suggesting my activities added up to a process where I had dealt with social issues and they were the ones to get comfortable from the results. The truth being that I have done no such thing but that they are always establishing relationships with me, stuffing it with public problems and then building crowds that will benefit from those problems being resolved in order to create their own market – so the consequences are that with respect to their right to feel safe and secure, the way this shows up at the Monarchy decided how they got served and this is the beginning, the more advanced stage being the part where I began to copy their abuses and build up my own publicity that suggested I was deserving of a bigger and better version of all they did to manage the effects of what I had done to them as well. I have been told by some Politicians that this is a problem that goes on for an eternity and I needed to conclude it but it is not as such: it follows exactly the same pattern that it normally does every time i.e. when they have trashed your academic pursuits and career, it is certainly going to make you respond the way they want, so as to build you reputation that suggested you hated rich people and to set about developing connections for their friends and family with wealthy people by and they have never at any stage stopped running their career and finances that way, gets a lot worse if they saw me walk into a Church. If I did nothing, we would this case where people had begun to think the way things work is to reward them for being stupid by helping them get rich and or to acquire venues and equipment through which Celebrities may engage with the Public at will. So the biggest problem of all is the way that armed forces operatives are always dealing with characters that have strange imagination in order to keep us safe and these behaviour plays into the way people think that armed forces operatives that have been captured should be handled by their captors – this is what I raised earlier, as it tends to show up at the monarchy very frequently, so it decided how I got to serve them too on the way that Media and Celebrities may safely conduct their concerns every day, the more serious one coming up which is where I got to build my own publicity for being entitled to a bigger and better version of all they did to manage. They have also said that my own activities creates the same risks for armed forces people too but it doesn’t; what does is the culture and society goons sharing my personal space and public image because of these media and celebrity stupidities, claiming that it was the way they got to recover their lives or deal with the punishment that was handed to them for breaking the Law. So I don’t raise it often due to the fact that it simply tended to make sense of the communication parameters I shared with armed forces people as such – where they will say I needed to keep an eye on the big penises for them and when somebody gets on the wrong side of the Law it becomes an issue of the fact he was not being paid to use his imagination to do it as such. That said, if the Media and Celebrities cannot stop handling my Books and making comments on my Public image which continues to cling to the consequences of the mess they have made of my career and finances, it is going to end very badly for my part in the matter as well.

I have been informed people do not necessarily think that helping stupid people get rich and or securing equipment and venues to help Celebrities engage with the Public, was not a way to get things done but it isn’t – it is associated with people who have built themselves such a position as to say that whilst the rest of us cared what happen to the world around us, they only cared about themselves, so their disposition like the most violent of the low lives that only pick themselves up when emulating Celebrities, especially the Caribbean targeting me all the time for reasons I have pointed out above and being complicit with racism over the idea they got here first, is set to pillage local wealth and then seek a way to get counted among those who owned what was left of it. It is always a concern that they will find a way to get elected to Government Office to keep this going and then we will end up with bigger problems as a people. I have as a matter of specificity become victim of gimmicks associated with attacking those who are famous for hugging the lime light to tightly, they claim thereof that I facilitated the fame but have now shut everybody else out of it and it’s a result of people spending years of their time on a hope I built which I then dashed i.e. the way it plays out being a good substitute public sensibility for the fact they wrecked my academic pursuits to facilitate getting paid for being popular with my personality and public image and I decided to take them up on the threat that affecting their popularity will make me a target at a point where they were at their most ferocious but then allowing it play up shows the public how it works never the less. They do claim they scare me but they don’t, only think that bad things will happen if I devised stringent or even extreme measures on how to handle their interest in me but it always tends to hit other people’s quality of life when such things are done, so I prefer to say if people lived in a place like London for instance, it’s difficult to tell which a person might meet while walking the dog in the Morning; the Queen, the Royal Family, the Prime Minister, Members of the Cabinet, MPs, so dressing up as though you expected to meet a dignitary every day is never likely to get you sanctioned by mental health section. The reality is that it needs to stop handling my Books and making those stupid comments on my Public image – we know each time it blabs about being very important it boosts its salary on my Bookshop to buy expensive drinks for its friends and this needs to stop, they are not important people, just incredibly annoying.

They do claim most of these activities are a matter of the way I antagonise the Prince of Wales and its utter nonsense, I don’t antagonise the Prince of Wales – the reality is that whether or not what they are doing with HRH interests is the correct thing, they have created us two Monarchs, we are in pain and every time they push the pain gets worse, if at all it was equally possible to ascertain what their problem was. So we hear it would be an unsurmountable problem where handling the Americans that take part in this nonsense was concerned and this is not the case either – the reality is that these are all low lives and there is nothing here save a handful of idiots getting Crowds of people they curate to secure wealth and social equality from an Arch Prince, at the end of which they are rewarded with market, usually followed by blame based Political nepotism that is set to reward their civil disobedience financially – I could never tell the exact point at which they perverted the service processes of my Bookshop into this nonsense all together but if I gathered them up like a community and decided I was entitled to a bigger and better version of all they did to manage problems I had created for them, I would not have required money to do it and the process would have been completely detached from anything else I did with career, job or business – they do put up a sense it’s not much but when they continue until I begin, they will understand too. I do not write their Books here and have never signed a contract which said they could handle what I have written – they must know they are damaging people’s property. So it is said that these are not matters I really should concern myself with naturally and perhaps they are but it’s impossible to run a Bookshop if Celebrities are trashing it to build me a reputation that got me into a fight with people as will make them feel comfortable and safe i.e. going by the Queens leadership, I am not supposed to spend time with or get involved with the Media and I am not.

They claim I am caught up with characters who have strange relationships with Money and perhaps I am but I don’t see how this process where every hoodlums and petty criminals they point my way and get involved with me to play up their gimmicks, producing an outcome where the neighbourhoods are now an ugly place and I will not let them change the way it affected them, while the way I refuse to get into a fight with petty criminals and hoodlums who serve them tended to mean these characters are now in charge of their ageist personal security for the rest of their lives all together as well, got to mean I am facing any danger as such. It’s pretty much the same as the reason I decided to build up the lies Celebrities and their marketeers tell at my expense as property that I now own, which I can churn their tummy with too i.e. I picked up a bad neighbourhood to write Books that interested me and Celebrities created me a five year death dealing mess and are still mocking me with gimmicks of how they are deserving of a bigger and better version of what I do to manage the consequences of their stupidities in this place. So eventually it comes down to the other idiots making statements of how they can handle my public image for what they needed and there was nothing I could do because I am afraid of them, looking for some of mine, even though it would be sad when popularity idiots vanished from our way of life completely on my account as it were. If I felt I was facing any real dangers, I think I would have developed an equivalent version of this nonsense that trashes my finances and career and sets me out as a character hoodlums and petty criminals can play with in order to make their stupidities weak enough for me to handle all the time as well and if I feel there is such a threat I will make this position very clear to their idiocy as well; their imagination gets up my bum because they are stupid and wish to learn something important that would ensure they are not at my expense any more as it were – they do claim I have set out a social disposition that churns their tummy all the time as well but Celebrities do not live on foodbanks and I need to be free every stupidity associated with the application of sensibilities that looks like it being applied to my career, public image and social media, while the others who think it’s not up to me to decide who got involved with and handled me because if push came to shove they would be better off may keep at it – I mean it must be that difficult for them to simply stop handling me. They do love to point out that if I were wealthy none of these would be happening but I don’t think talk of the town insults tearing up my career and earnings, while they got on with it by putting lipstick on a pig and walking around the streets like two faced tarts who did not have to organise their lives for any reason, encourages people to ensure that finances was available at beck and call. It helps deal with the question of where they get those finances each time they want to trash my career and hang around somewhere getting violent to prevent people wrecking their own as well, where they keep getting the money for it and now their hoodlums and petty criminals are responsible for their personal security because I would not get into a fight with any of those, we will see the results and get answers for this question pretty soon. By far the biggest problem that supports it being that of Journalists and Celebrities picking up my work as something which helps to support their own, instead of buying Books at the Shop and I really cannot tell how hard it is for them to stop doing this and to acquire Books I have written each time they showed up near the shop anyway. The consequences in question being that they start their day making comments about my concerns and end their day the same way, trashing the market to improve their lives, if I had managed to move them on during the day, they perform routines that trashed client interests, most popular of those routines being the claim I simply cannot handle the fact they were financially better off than I am. So I am rather done with it – needs stop picking up my work and ensure it did not leave without a paid for copy of my Book for every involvement with my concerns and needed to stop making comments on my Public image to pursue its concerns in safety after the stupid personal decisions it had made which is incredibly rude thereof too. It’s an old story about people who only tend to pick themselves up off the floor literally if they are emulating Celebrities and how their life fits with that of Royalty and Public dignitaries but the present matter is largely a matter of how they are used by Media and Celebrities. I think I am doing considerably well seeing its only about 3 months since their interest in me became something that constituted a main concern of mine so far – there has been a lot of progress made.

So the bottom line is this; that the academic work which has nothing to do with religious persuasion had been trashed to facilitate Office bloc insults that are profitable at my expense and it is meant to be an expression of their extreme wickedness which can also be brushed under the Carpet whenever they petition Politicians about my attitude – all measured by their need to be seen practicing some silly modernist and celebrity abusive gimmicks at my expense which sets to suggest they had superior minds and were working power that I would have worked if only I could. Not so for this bad reputation they have built me which keeps making them and their stupid Celebrities money at the market – what it does is set that stage for the way it is supposed to be i.e. I write a Book and decide which communities I wrote it for since those were likely to pay me for writing it and I spend time building Publicity to express their wickedness and draw public attention to it as a Hermit in order to get things done. They even pick out this story whereby they claim each time the British are involved with Americans bad things happened to ordinary Americans, while what happens is the question of how any person who picks themselves up when they are down by emulating what Celebrities own, wear and how Celebrities behave, would ever pick themselves up when they had no wish to secure a job or to chase a daily concern without causing others they had deemed to be inferior distress and suffering, assuming that is, that they ever would want to think about not hanging around street corners blabbing of the way people do their thing to provoke them; so it grows into this case of a credentials they had to show for being low lives and how they wanted it to affect other people who had credentials to show as Public dignitaries, whilst there is no reason whatsoever for this crisis and adds up to a process where they had found a trick to make money from their obscurity which is in itself a behaviour that adds up to a public problem, the Police is also stuck in the Middle. They say there has to be a reason I am saying this now naturally but there is – they have begun to make themselves my main preoccupation with the ones who live closest to where I live exhibiting increasingly violent tendencies that grow on me, get imagination up my bum and issue threats associated with the lies they tell over what people smell and grow that stupid violent threats on me all day – hence we are starting to enter that phase where they look like I am about to be blamed for their personal problems until they felt good enough about stabbing me and shooting me to do it, while the other ageist gits had gotten increasingly accustomed to a process of getting on media to blow off the big mouth on my public image and blab all sorts of nonsense about cowardice over it and I think we will get there too when their stupidities were fucking mad enough. I am going to take whatsoever it is that is supporting this nonsense and the way they work it from them again and this time when Politicians claim I am the one behaving dangerously, they will stop me somewhere in hell.

They do ask this question about reasons I am still single, but it is a tale that gets confusing for people all the time i.e. I am a Hermit and unless a Celebrity had a way to negotiate between me and society trouble makers I cannot get along with, there is no relationship between myself and a Celebrity that will work, so I am not looking forward to one as such. Then there is the part about the finances where although people know this is the case, their interest in my bookshop and websites still involved a process of handling my concerns in order to trap girls and women for sex and attention – hence what they are really afraid of is that someone who has no money such as myself is likely to get into a relationship with women and this means that such a woman will be guilty of a lot of offences that cannot be substantiated. So they do say I had made it complicated as a matter of the way my public relations with women looks but this is utter nonsense as what has happened in the last 5 years alone is a process of Celebrities building me a history of insults that trashed my career and finances because they thought my talents should be better used to get into a fight with those who offended them because they were incredibly important, leaving me with this feeling I want to hurt them seriously for it, more so because it has now grown into an obsession to get involved with me and secure wealth and social inequality they shared with Crowds in order to get rich and it is an addiction for them, as stupidly as possible. The rest of the time, we can see what the Men are doing – the French and top offenders but the Germans are so close behind them it’s impossible to tell the two apart; they set out processes of extracting money from my Public image which suggested that Celebrities are living on foodbanks and when I counter it they set about relationships with women who are my type because I would no longer allow them to be the centre of attention in my life or indeed any processes by which they would have achieved had been botched, once the attention they get from those women dissipates, the divorce comes and the violent divorces work like the subject matter discussed earlier – while it creeps up on me after it gets imagination up my bum to tell lies about the reasons people smell what they are smelling, it works as a community to ensure the threats of violence came to me very quickly but for the women they are there in the home, have arrangements with culture and society goons that they don’t need and this way they work the violence and the divorce and completely destroy the lives of the women all together. I don’t think it is an issue as such, since I had decided on a measure to control the way they pillage my work to sell show business products such as suggests Celebrities are living on foodbanks, the process has been working on every eventuality, I simply had to tweak it a little – the society gits have never improved their behaviour if they didn’t think I was a threat to their finances and  plan to make sense of their imagination getting around my private parts by being custodian on their loo and this will be my platform, the other city centre guys that work the show business tell lies all the time that is now my property and this will churn tummies to my satisfaction for a start. Generally, to take the relationship issues into my hands, I will need a process that ensured Celebrities had stopped putting me in shit by perverting service processes of my Bookshop into a means by which I got into a fight with people on the streets to keep them safe because they were very important but as a whole it’s still the same wickedness as usual where I end up spending my life listening to how people thought I ought to exist and when I am not selling any Books over it, there exists the question of what is really going on and of course the idea I needed money to do this has now caused enough damage, if it was possible to tell what their problem is. They do claim what I have said about discrimination and racism provokes people but then again, they said that wrecking my career to get me looking like an object of suffering so I might make statements about discrimination and racism was not a big deal considering what happens when discrimination and racism gets out of hand – this tends to suggest I am likely to suffer more than most when it does, so the original question was that of the reasons they knew more about discrimination and racism while the worst distress was mine in order to get me saying something about it and this has now developed from threats on their part to a case where I have no wish to learn of it, so we might find out with respect to who will suffer most, what the truth really is. I do get told that none of what I do is guided by freedom which I fail to understand anyway, same as when they say I cannot enforce these matters I raise while I only need sell up what they should have been doing for much needed cash I am being denied – it’s a simple process of being able to tell where you go to first whenever you are on Holiday and it takes years to find and great experimentation using the spending of personal income to do so, same as where you go whenever the Children are ill, where you go whenever you want to find out what the Children’s interests are, a simple business of knowing where everything is whenever you need them. In my case I will set out a Bookshop after I had made sense of what the racism and discrimination issues which are largely a product of them hanging around somewhere indulging extreme feelings about being superior to other people and the racists will be doing racists talk down one side while the ethnic minorities will get imagination up your bum down the other, which ensures that what is done with racist talk is that about which you are completely unable to tell others how you intended to respond and then they trash my Academic work and career to put me in such intense experience of obscurity that I will end up making sense of these matters if they performed public media abuses on me to push me down that line, only to get up on my Public image and adopt a lifestyle that suggested the same way their local idiots share my personal space and tackle me all day if I dared to move and so on, a lifestyle which suggested that I was in custody of their financial wellbeing – so we see that this is about what happens whenever they had seen somebody will similar talents to those who became the millionaires of the day and that they will never stop until they are rich, regardless of who gets hurt and I don’t keep their money in this place. Their abusive behaviour is usually a matter of being important as far as they were concerned but a new constable earns £18,000 pa here in the UK – so if this was about respect, none would be hanging around somewhere with ideas about how somebody should get off the local office where they do paper work each time people had committed crimes, to demand people got off their work to sort out discrimination on the streets, such that sometimes they will say they were unto it and will get responses which suggested if they weren’t there would be trouble – none of the people tackling Police all the time have a disposable income of about £100 a week after all their expenses were taken care of but it does not appear to be an important factor to them, that you cannot keep insulting people because they had such talent that it was possible to boost your stupid income doing so and more so cannot expect that there wouldn’t be consequences at some stage. I will then be told it’s a matter of life they were talking about and so we find the situation is such that the local Police office relates to the local prison service which relates to the shopping mall which relates to the local settlements, if we imagine normal people think about a life that involved the way the Police worked the Prison services – now we have a situation in which the prisons are full, the Police Offices are inundated with paper work and an Officer on the Streets is handling a person who is a threat and that person has communicated certain matters which suggested that they knew what crime control conditions were and process will only hurt them and incur their wrath against the Police – this is the question that people must answer: what are the series of decisions that they would have made? Such that if we threw into the mix the fact this has happened before, an Officer snaped and a person died, such as the fact 60% of people Police handle on the streets are usually suspects in an investigation we are not aware of, leaving us to think they were completely innocent etc – answering this question honestly would result in people making sense of the world that they actually live in and not the product of burdens they lay on other people’s lives and families abusively. The problem which the Police are now actually helping out with is that these goons while supporting racism partially because they think those who have failed to co-operate with their needs are more vulnerable to it, also support crime – so we are heading towards eventualities where they suffered at the hands of the Police, their protests led to racial divisions and then I may suffer at the hands of racists which they will suffer as well but how it does make them superior beats the imagination. The outcome is that whenever I set out a Bookshop, upon failing to co-operate with the needs of black people, I end up with a damage to my career and finances and subsequent campaigns to ensure other black people did not engage with my Books – so it goes beyond the question of what they want from me and turns towards a matter of the fact they are not too stupid to understand they are destroying a person’s property and it will not go unanswered. They do say it’s a matter of what my State provided security said to provoke them but I do wonder if after the measures I have taken and the way I have displayed these measures in public, they do not think that what state provided security says from now on will actually break them instead – it cannot be that difficult for people to stop handling me. They do have counter measures for everything I have done here, like what we see them do with the sex industry in setting out such that the idea suggested they were interested in handling matters of armed forces corruption but the real purpose is to ensure they are able to bugger anybody they wanted to, to any extent they wished to.

Now we find them get on big Chairs on Media to make statements that will constitute a matter of public and political influence, that I have behaved in a way that affected footfall on the High Streets but I could never make sense of what it is exactly these fools found difficult with a process of just doing their jobs properly anyway. We take an instance of the Publicity they have created for what I am doing, whereby they claim I am meant to cover their backsides while they get right – whilst they are entitled to regard my work in this way, the reality is still the question of considering the fact that women need to be covered more than men do but they have suggested that if the men are not, there will be no money to look after the women, so it’s not exactly clear why my Bookshop service processes have been perverted into a means by which they curated crowds of people that will get wealth and social inequality off me while they got paid by selling products for doing it but it is an example of the sorts of stupidities I must have upset at some stage, to create this interference with footfall that their stupidities are talking about. Another example is the property equity I have developed and brokered with Companies who spend money developing it into products – the core products some of which are so expensive and Unique to develop that they are put away in vault, which conditions were shared as a Trust system for the Hermitage – when these core products are used to develop consumer items, we find these idiots get paid to build their own publicity around it which suggested that people ought to exhibit narcissism towards me in order to buy and enjoy products if they were to be entitled to any form of dignity – this is then how I had done something which interfered with footfall. The one they love the most, the one that allows them employ stupid girls whom they reward for being abusive at my expense, which is about to stop as I would want, is that I set out equity to support young people and the way organised crime affected them at school and I also set out some for Celebrities that worked with me in a Court system to continue this work; because we have a state of affairs where they have developed a sense anything that is involved with me will not have a career unless such persons agreed to abuse me and make them feel good, I tend to decide it all okay provided their stupidities were paying for it but now, it seems others have showed up to take me away from racism where I really belonged, I have stolen the career that big brothers in my race should be having according to the cunts they fuck and anything allied to me is being attacked, statement made is that the services I have provided from my Bookshop which they like is clearly the problem because of how they want to use it; this is not unusual, it’s something Americans are very good at, the result is supposed to be that once they had completely trashed my concerns, we will find them learn enough from it to do it somewhere else for somebody as a fringe benefit attached to a process where their stupidities were trying to run businesses of their own – hence goes without saying the mantra that I had never signed contracts with them that allowed them handle my Books, they need to keep away from Books they did not write and all that is associated with it and stop making stupid comments on Royal Public image they neither know a thing about nor can afford. We see this all the time and it’s not really a surprise for me as such; Shop managers deciding a person is better for them being a customer than an employee in the establishment where they worked and it could completely wreck your life if you do not know where it is coming from, which direction it is going and how it gets about it stupidities most of the time that it does it. As a whole however they love to say there is nothing I can do about them which is utter nonsense as I am now about to build my own practical jokes that will get them responding the way I have ended up making sense of the stupidities that passes on their left hand side and right hand side as well – such that the way it allowed them to build me this dual identity where on one side I am me and on the other side a character people push about in order to feel good about themselves within a process of making money from market I had built being told what I do while those who pervert my service processes to do so never buy my Books, will offer ample ideas on how I will be paying my bills at their expense in this place too. What really happens with these gits is that when they lobby Politicians, we find them thereafter with ideas on whom they were superior to and the reasons such persons should prioritise their financial wellbeing – should I say something about the reasons it should not apply to me as I am not a Politicians, they must have gone from a five year history of insults that Celebrities have helped them build, to a process of deciding how people engaged with my Books and it had grown into a habit of hurting me to feel modern and in keeping with the times and trendy, as stupidly as possible, looking for a whole heap of it. I do get told that I tend to work on it when I see fit which is not the case naturally; what happens is that they decide they didn’t care about the world around them, only to make themselves financially comfortable which is not a crime but soon enough what we find is that their true nature begins to show at some stage, like when journalists must control me for fat cats, celebrities and industry gits in order to secure their financial future and the social position of their children, it then eventually builds up to that character which meant that their existence is set to destroy every good thing that they see in order to suck up to rich people or force those who dare to have something they don’t, to react in a way which suggested they hated rich people, so they might have violent lasciviousness to operate with and from here on the problem will certainly be that if I get the whiff they plan to get elected into government buildings and spend time there controlling me, it is really going to blow up the way their stupidities trash people career to employ criminals in the neighbourhood and wreck local wealth to control what is left without reason or purpose. So the Politicians will say they understand what I am saying and I think any normal person would understand if it was said that I acted in a way that affected footfall and deciding what happens with Royalty was that simple and I explained that they are not doing their jobs properly, such as setting out what is asset equity I broker with companies as something that showed people could abuse me to ensure products gave them a form of social status and personal life enjoyment in order to boost sales. They do not understand what I am saying and I don’t expect they will progress from here to make sense of what I mean when I said I have had enough of them, so I do plan to trash the salaries as well, so that whenever they perform such nonsense it would actually make sense. The stage set is that they don’t understand why people listen to me while I had no money and I don’t understand why they continue to behave as though I signed a contract with them to handle my Books and public image, as though we lived in the same existence and that they could buy anything with their money, such as market disposition associated with abuses that can be gleaned from processes where I am struggling with public matters, hanging about in public to suggest that by doing so, they were not looking for a whole heap of trouble.

So it is said that I think people are meant to work with me but they are simply just making sure the UK pays the price for colonialism and it beats the imagination every time as per whether their interest in me is a matter of me being a colonialist as such. Then again we know that in every instance of colonialism, this sort of gambling was at the core of the problem, especially the part where their culture and society meant they had to trash your career, social life and finances to enjoy pleasurable civil and criminal disobedience, then get violent to ensure you did not get to do the same to them and mainly because they did not have to organise their lives for any reason whatsoever. So although we have to accept there was corruption in colonialism and its consequences were things we wouldn’t want to wish on anybody, the core of it is still the gambling associated with those sorts of behaviour and how it turned out that whenever the Militarily advanced countries won those gambles, they didn’t want to give up the position of leadership they had gained – the 1001th Country will fall victim to it and the 1002 country will perform exactly the same gimmicks to gamble on the future of the next generation and even so we see that the problem gets worse if we allowed them get away with trashing my academic studies which were in no way linked to the religion they claimed to hate, every time they petitioned politicians about my attitude but the behaviour got on an international stage immediately after they gained such disposition. Their excuse being that I tend to suggest colonialism was a good thing while they are apparently the only group of idiots who have not yet solved any problems associated with the fact their attitude suggests that it was; even now the gimmick is that they target me because I have everything while they had nothing but the reality is that they trashed my University studies to make me concentrate on civil rights because I would be the one to suffer most if it got bad due to the fact I was a weak and effeminate man – according to recent history we now know they will clash with Police and once Police gives up on Police work, racism will take hold and they will have suffered at the hands of Police before they suffered at the hands of racist like I would, which will have shown they were superior. We see the same behaviour on the streets as well, the importance of getting accustomed to financially profitable insults that can be channelled at me; the entire time they were worried about people who moved into their right hand side to get imagination up their bum and trash their dreams, how they decided from it that I was completely incapable of inflicting pain on them beats my imagination. So there is no such thing as the idea that I have everything and they had nothing which motivates the stupidities they target me with; what happens is that they cannot now show that trashing my University stupidities to make me spend time on civil rights was not a big deal like they had originally claimed it wasn’t – I did not care about the civil rights anymore, especially as they would be worse off and I am now a state of mind which thinks they need to go to hell. It is developing into something of a plan to repress them with German and Liberal America influence stuck in the middle of it – where those whom paedophiles attacked needed to take their problems out on the paedophiles and keep off my case before it blows up in their faces, same as the youth bullies who were bullied fighting those who bullied them without bothering me if I am Mr smell and it will get me into trouble with their big mouth and the ageist idiots with disobedient children and petty criminals to play with, it’s not looking like one of those cases that will stop entirely as I would like apparently. We hear those gimmicks all the time whereby according to my ideas people would not be able to stand up to tyranny while we know that if we didn’t want to live under the shadow of the sense we are to become the guys who offered fresh ideas for how we can live without problems instead of those in authority hurting us when we protest, they will be the ones to inflict it, not as people who are dignitaries like those who authority do but as low lives who only pick themselves up when emulating Celebrities – so I am sure they know what it means if I said I have had enough of them, the insults and imagination getting up my bum is what is about to come to a dead stop the way I would like it to as well.

We can see all these said and done, the only thing trailing is the state of my finances and I really wish I could draw a line over it and proceed but we can see I will have to go back to the point at which their stupidities first took an interest in me to sort something out with them and would like them to keep a distance from my Books and stop shooting off stupid comments on my Public image. They claim if I was so good I would never have ended up in current predicament but there is no such thing – what happens is that I picked a bad neighbourhood to avail myself to facts that were contained in the kind of Books I wrote and they had since split themselves into the two part of culture and society goons that get around with market and industry goons but since last the media built a bubble for it and ran off the gimmicks for them every day, it had gone to hell literally – it has nothing to do with my Bookshop and the abusive processes are now set to decide that it got to stop as made me comfortable not as made everybody feel okay about it. They love to say that they have always done this and I am unusual because I am unusual but its utter nonsense too; what really happens is that you tend to see them as the means by which you may decide that you had done all which you needed to do with a Hermitage before you spent time on more personal matters but we can see it has since become a means to trash my academic work, my finances, market for the Hermitage trust, my Bookshop and generally to put me in a position where rules do not apply as to the way I am handle, in effect, they have hit the jackpot and the process of very violent and abusive, so I need to fight for survival. We see this play out endlessly; the goons who pick up peoples personal finances to show up at their tourism economies and put the feet up to pass insults at others which a bird will carry around the world, will show up at stock markets to make trouble, should I make a statement that allows those who go there to work get on, they will trash my finances until those goons had another statement to continue until we ended up with a global stage crisis and then that crisis is what will make their abusive behaviour which stems from sharing my personal space to feel good about life into something that is deadly violent because they will stick the problem on my door step and appoint themselves resident bullies in the neighbourhoods; it is producing all the features it should – my life being trashed by Celebrity insults, spending all day with their imagination getting up my bum while they never got to buy Books and people end up asking me questions on what I thought was really going on and of course the civil rights movements that will help them become leaders using my public image. They always make those cases for me being a weak person which encourages them and its utter nonsense; what happens is that I am not good at looking for trouble, so getting a body that is always ready for a fight places me in a position that allows me to break easily under public pressure, so they are free to churn the tummy as much as they like but they are about to attack those who sexually assaulted them, those who bullied them and those who stole from them instead of me very soon indeed like I have promised before that the Bookshop will be their undoing. They would claim its confession that I am fat but I have heard people say my physical features were perfect and it’s like they have been that way all my life, when people show up to say these activities are a product of culture and society and I think it’s about civil and criminal disobedience since I have got women that can behave like fire through straws with their lives, blabbing about information from their youth and their history but I never use it – same as their celebrities and media goons whereby I am actually better looking than good number of them are.

The singular problem here is the same old case of these people making comments about and around my work and public image – I used to wonder why it was so destructive but each time I peel one surface I find more gory details that explain that process where the source of all my problems was that the liked the Books I wrote and services I provided and wanted to hang around somewhere providing it for others in return for product sales because money was their middle name, besides the fact they wished to ensure they were the sole leaders of their civil rights groups, leaving me to wonder exactly what a Bookshop had to do with their civil rights groups all together. The journalists start the day making comments about my Books and end the day making more abusive comments about my public image too, in order to cover their arse while they made money and this is the sole problem I faced alongside the interest of their popularity communities where setting people out for narcissism instead of working on a business properly produced a lot of money and blow over at football communities – I am sure that the point at which I tell them off like so and they conducted a routine or said something which boosted their profit at my expense is something they would recognise as destruction of my property. Fair to say I am done with the insults and abuses now, all that is linked to the bubble that gets society goons and industry gits and Celebrity twats all over my Public and social life. The rest who speak of living in a man’s world whereby I have not done enough work to get people interested in my Books, never read anything I write, they want to keep score of my work and decide how much I got paid for it due to their desire for life in a Man’s world and the idiots really do need to read something if their stupidities were complaining of consequences. This is how they get to say that I clung tightly to all that belonged to me while what happens is that their need to trash my finances in order to handle me and make money, the slimy well off neighbourhoods corruption of it all, produces this effect where I look like somebody who desires the Hospitality that was set out for people in uniform at the Hermitage and when they follow it up with more abuses that suggest I am unable to deal with the fact they are financially better off, it does really feel as if it has to stop being a game for them very soon indeed. The gestures that make a mess of the Bookshop be it as civil rights or politics or Celebrities are still of the same form – started from a process of publicity that suggested a personality I cultivated at a Hermitage existed to help customers feel good while they sold products and if they didn’t have it, they would destroy it, so I am sure they understand each of these gestures and every other involvement with my concerns associated with it add up to property damage. We eventually reach the part about the idea I have created this for myself because I lie about these matters as well but these are not my lies, its all their lies that are meant to help them get imagination up peoples bums, tell lies about it and physically attack those who smell, much the same as they need to ensure others hated rich people so their violent lasciviousness may be profitable; I have never been attacked as such but their big mouths do express this each time they do it.

So now its all cleared out – we can see that the matter of society gits getting petty criminals that steal from the shops all the time, to get imagination up my bum and hang about threatening me which further facilitates stupidities about them being important people, getting paid for being popular at my expense instead of getting a real job, would not have added up to something of a process of being victim of bullying everyday without the involvement of journalists and Television personalities that wreck the Bookshop making statements and comments, at the end of which they continue with a routine that ensured my work existed to cover their backsides while they got rich and they got paid for being popular, whereby should I stop it, the idea would be that I had stopped comments because I needed money. So they always say that I am powerless while I really can build up those lies and run it through to churn their tummy, so I might grab some media and journalist jobs as well and I wish to do that to such an extent that I got to trash the salaries too. The society bullies on the other hand are looking for somebody that will oppress them since I am not beginning to think the petty criminals are their responsibility and the pubescent idiots with imagination up my bum are starting to look like it was a problem they should have fixed instead of showing up to handle me as an alternative to doing so and I intend to become custodian of their loo and to trash their finances with it too. There are the gratuitous insults of questions regarding whether I feel satisfied with this but I do not - I am three weeks to the time that society idiots sending out their petty criminals and hoodlums to tackle me and use the personality for money making had eventually pushed me into putting them at the top of my agenda: I will feel good about it once I am able to catch up on all they have done since the last time I stopped my tit for tart behaviour towards culture and society and ended up dropping out of University because I smelled, only to find all I do about my person and career from then on had passed to something they claimed to have created; so the threat is that when people get into their hand right side and get imagination up their bums which kills their dreams I am the punching bag and there are threats now which suggest its about to get physical because of something I said like a bunch of twats becoming the centre of the world for all the wrong reasons, while the fame gits need to stop the comments and routines about my concerns and Books and soon as possible, irrelevant being the fact that a large number will drop to obscurity for it since they have done a days work in their lives literally (we have seen the way that goons who never stop petitioning Politicians and Industry leadership about how I broker equities and take back what I had given and therefore should be replaced, to go the Monarchy to make a mess on account of this Hermitage and are constantly engaging in one form of abusive financially profitable nepotism after another for it - how these idiots are preventing racism in this way beats me all together but each time I have cleared it up like so and it becomes obvious I am not interfering with their salaries while my finances are trailing, they make another statement and perform a routine on media that keeps this nonsense going, which I am certain must have as equally as it is the one nonsense I get to wake up to everyday, appealed to them at some stage in terms of the actions I have taken as a destruction of my property).