Now they say I am a poor nobody who likes to take on people who are successful and rich and it is utter nonsense – nothing has stopped me getting back to an academic arrangement to finish my studies and run my career properly, only the business of waiting for stupid media and Celebrities and their Industry twerps chasing money around my concerns as disobediently as possible – it beats the imagination that the same group of idiots are responsible for building this publicity of me as a poor person while they were successful and important all together but is an example of the kinds of problems we contend with here most of the time.

The Politicians like to say they will get me on behalf of their goons while we all know what has happened with them so far is that I stole a personality that should rightly have belonged to those who make decisions which affect criminals and since the abuse and destruction of my academic work got me responding to local hoodlums and criminals, they had become the people who complain the most whenever they are made to respond to it as well because it had gotten overboard and I am in love with those stupid threats they issue while they will not let a single 24 hour get by without pushing off this nonsense at me like we have recorded here all together in the first place – when it confronts me in person and blabs about me getting into trouble with it to claim it expected a different result blabbing like that all the time thereof.

The Celebrities I have always been clear have no reason to keep the Celebrity jobs since it most of the time crushes the business of women playing up tricks on big bad people to move their lives away and set up somewhere safe – if their insults about somebody who thinks he is important but cannot be counted among the Royal Family does not come to a stop as soon as possible, I am bound to make it more serious than it already is as it were.

They claim I encumber peoples 7 figure salaries which ensures I get into these bother all the time and it is utter nonsense whenever they think that their hoodlums at industry, Celebrity and those stupid Liberal and Socialist societies that think they will find somebody who wants to work on them in a way they will survive the next time they follow me around at an academic environment to make a mess, is incredibly important. The truth of it naturally as usual while I am not the one complaining the most about the consequences, was that they take up and corrupt my surveillance based State provided security, such that the damage to the academic work and finances and the damage to my Books aside, somebody else’s Payment for work done is what is facilitating this nonsense and of course they think I ought to lose a Royal Estate and do not mind expressing it every 24 hours, knowing very well that in Government there is culture and society and that the only reason it will not be a problem would be that the criminals and hoodlums were unable to take me by surprise while they are at it the entire time. It beats the imagination when the idiots make time to build publicity that sets their stupidities out as very important people and me as a poor people into whose bottom everybody wants to imagine that their stupid finger went while they complain so and I wonder if they are thinking I am going to rip up the 7 figure salary for them as well as long as that nonsense about how these behaviour helps to secure power for the common man continues; the part where I shall ensure I responded in kind as well to see those stupid civil rights movements did not build them enough equity for small businesses because my peace of mind hinges on their stupidities running a life that develops around the cycle of work, shopping for supplies and doing the childcare. I mean the only reason these matters have become an issue is that Arch Prince is uncomfortable, so their society and culture goons have built it up as history that they can deploy as a form of power, these idiots then being the only persons responsible for this situation as they will not keep off the academic work and the Book sales – they even point to the business of serving people, such that a Celebrity would establish a relationship with me and somebody will invest money on that, while they will set about extracting their own incomes from the market that results from it, each time I stopped them, I got a threat for it and we also have other forms where we know its an economic crisis, so I serve people and they do not buy my Books, which is an understanding that they will buy at a later date, since unless there is a miracle, economic crisis usually means less and less money in the market structure every 24 hours – this system is where they want to get all their idiots riches, some customers I have served have given up and allowed them take the money, so the business of taking money from the customers that have not adds up to the thing their stupidities boasts about all the time concerning a process where I am finished with that big mouth they have got and there still isn’t a reason this nonsense is taking place as we speak all together. Then we hear its about me supporting mothers while they have already confessed that the purpose of their gimmicks was to ensure that I became homosexual; the damaging of academic work and Book sales until they had built me a history of insults their Liberal foolishness and socialist stupidities can run with and the need for sex based abuses which puts them in control, such that if I am to find a spouse, the only spouse they can get along with will be the one that allowed them continue, claiming their stupidities were looking after their 7 figure salary interests, as stupidly as possible – so it is not a normal experience for me, I have not know human beings to be this stupid all my life and have increasingly become determined this nonsense is going to end on my terms as well. None should get involved with me without reading my Books, these rubbish are possible on account I gave away information from this Office to help save lives during difficult social times, no idea why this makes me so vulnerable to socialists and Liberal twerps, who cannot let us be complaining about injustice all the time and I am fed up with it.

We even hear the idiots talk about government working with business at some point, especially when they want to blab about getting rid of nobody like myself; whilst what happens really is that the same way they are CEOs, is the way another person runs the Civil service, except those who run the Civil service were called ‘Ministers’ the last time that we checked – we know Ministers need to be everywhere at the same time and that they never are, so they delegate their power to others who operate on their behalf and the Law Courts have to keep an eye on the whole thing all the time; so we know government works with their stupid businesses every 24/7.

As I mentioned; I am not vulnerable to any of these things save people building a history from the pain and discomfort an Arch Prince suffers from the financial disposition they have caused him – I spend my time with culture and society and the only way it is not a problem for me at this Public service Office is that the criminals and Hoodlums never took me by surprise – the next time their Liberal and socialist culture/society goons got off following me around at University to wreck the academic work while their mistresses thought the insults was how advertisement should be made, I have warned them I will ensure they found the trouble that they sought from it – the Celebrities should not be having Celebrity jobs as it kills off everything women do to pass exams in school and be safe from big bad people in the world we live in – if they are unable to get involved with me and my concerns by reading my Books, they have to accept they are about to get into a phase where they will be kissing their Industry hoodlum large salaries goodbye on my account.

I do get told that I cannot escape the fact I am in very bad shape but I am not in bad shape, I thought I had met reasonable people but hadn’t, so I must now transfer everything I have been doing onto social Media where I can make some contact with the people I make arrangements with, since the last time people showed up here to say that they were damaged and will be dropping off to pornography because of the boys bothering them and I allowed them take stage around areas of my public work to make popular culture that will support Law enforcement where things are blowing out and support young people at school and they took out those jobs, build publicity for it, spent most of their time rocking my whole life back and forth to show they are more important extract money from my Public image, never got the job done, left me inundated with gangs, criminals and hoodlums at University whereby I dropped out and became a play thing for the Industry hoodlums with whom their foolishness makes deals half the time and otherwise needs me to help with security from whenever they wanted. For their part, they have said it’s a matter of other Royal Family Members taking over the entire structure but I have no idea what provisions people think Crown Government makes for such nonsense anyway, I know that if people show up at this Hermitage to take out this job roles and fail to do them, they need to keep their hands off my concerns from then on ASAP.

They do boast about these things being the Price we pay for the wars in the Middle East about which I am usually left wondering how much they have paid anyway when everything people do with School run or just attending University must be broken up and set out as a page that lies on the doorsteps of all people in the neighbourhood to feel a sense of being important by and if you hurt the older ones you had the audacity to hurt big things, if you hurt the younger ones they were so brave they were battling the difficult issues you were too much of a coward to deal with – it does this all the time and the reasons its stupid children love those insults so much is that it is helping them get ahead in school. What happens in the Middle East being that when people make videos playing with their Families because it provides them a platform to rebuild their lives, now that they are required to reorganise the way that prying predatory nonentities have decided, it becomes Publicly offensive and when I say that the way the war on their terrorism has been planned is too expensive for Civilian populations, the idiots think I am talking about them – hence the price I will understand and then get to pay blowing off that big mouth like that all the time. It needs to keep a distance from my Books and stop following me around; we all know I have no problems whatsoever, save their idiocy picking up my Books to feed to the general Public the way they wanted or just stealing what I write off my computer for the same purpose – the outcome being that they have begun some new stupidities about my life and work in the hands of Celebrities from whence I could never get it back and it fits into my scheme of work at the exact point at which I had begun to trade my Books and produced this result where the harder I worked was the nothing I earned while they were asking me to be homosexual and thinking their hands up my bum for it will never be punished – we have now recently uncovered that they have been reporting me to DWP as a Benefit Fraud and this means that DWP having all the power to get me off benefits the legitimate way, is now creating a hassle for me that we all know will end with encouraging me to keep off the benefits at the end. It is not a normal experience for me, I have not been though an existence seeing human beings behave this stupidly, I must begin to enforce the timetable for getting rid of it too.

As for reporting me to DWP, we know they complain to Politicians about my attitude all the time while they leave out the insults that their children find amusing, which wrecks my academic work and helps them get ahead in School – having begun gimmicks about my life ending up with Celebrities and Media, this nonsense has coincided with the point at which I began to trade my Books, like the year I dropped out of University coincided with the date at which the 21 century economic crisis began, they complain about me all the time but have not yet reported to anybody that the effect of this nonsense is that the harder I work at my Books is the more money I lose. They speak now of having come through it in such a short time and what good it will do to share with other kids but I do not think what I have said here was lost in translation either; the next time they follow me around at the academic institutions with that stupid ageism and its society and culture and its Celebrities and Industry hoodlums, I shall ensure they got the trouble the sought. It did start out as stupidly as usual i.e. you are an Arch Prince if we said so, your Literary Empire exists only in your head, now it is becoming serious, very serious indeed. It has already killed off the romance between the City and the Universities seeking to control the sociological ways in which people respond to the world around them while studying for high end qualifications – you walk into the City and in the past people would behave in a way that suggested they had to support you a little because if they didn’t, somebody will take advantage and attack them later on and it will be obvious you had some real talent that counted for something, today they feel that way but will never do it on account these idiots had decided when they wanted to do the talent hunting as per it did not matter what the rest of the world thought – they even claim that its due to the fact they do not feel like women and Men anymore, while I am the one being detached from the academic work and finances until a history of insults was built to ensure I was groomed into a homosexual, the entire time of which they had family members of various sexes to pass most of their insults at, like we know when I get my hands on it again there will certainly be a fresh story to tell on the matter. So, we can see that if I had decided I wanted it to look the way it usually did a Political mistress at the City centre, I would be courting fresh hate.

I do get told that nothing I do can ever stop American Celebrities making a mess of it to get rich and I have been clear American Celebrities need to understand I am now fed up with the business of them getting involved with me without buying the Books; chief of their leadership is usually one of complaining about the activities of Armed Forces personnel and then getting off to make money on any support I had developed for both sides because their stupidities were more important. It is also getting very serious indeed. It’s the same we see with the Fashion people: I write a Book, the patents allow me get into an Office to work in peace, several things can happen between when the Books are produced and when the customers access them and I have to keep an eye on those but we find Fashion idiots enjoy a certain sort of narcissism that they claim improves the environment in which they do their runways by giving it more atmosphere which involves pillaging income and market associated with each of these stages, feeling sorry for me, issuing threats and being happy playing around with my corporate Identity. So it is growing into something of a need to take it down and I feel like I do not want to be called upon to do it because it is general consensus that most people want to move them on and not get into a position where they are called upon to get rid of it but I would not be disadvantaged if I were either, I have Celebrities that get along with me well enough and its never fair on them that each time I provide some support for Armed Forces people and provide some support for them, these other group of fools spend the earnings and public image on their stupid selves to claim that they were very important.

It is then said that my position on racism is largely decided by the level of investment that I have brought to the UK and the fact that I need to show respect where it is due, so the way I deal with this is to allow racism fester and important people suffer but it is utter nonsense – what happens is that these goons know pushing people into social issues is a very nasty thing to do and that if they were made to be as disorganised as they enjoy making others with their Media jobs, they would be taken advantage of in their cut throat get famous world by a white person at some point but why they think they can do it and there is no risk of people doing it and learning for these abuses to force them into handling it as racism beats my imagination. In my view it is literally a matter of being a very mean cunt and nothing to do with my opinion and position on racism. I do not respond to it most of the time because I am not like them but although they think they matter a lot, the next time they follow me around to make a mess of it when I attend the academic institutions, I will build them a powder keg and light it for my part too – it is very easy to get off writing blogs that help me spend everything that allows them live in those neighbourhoods of theirs without having to deal with gangs and criminals etc and to get off making sure they had no rest until they were responding to local hoodlums like their social issues insults set about achieving at my expense all the time – we know the last time people played up these games of how others who have invested in the Country should be served or how they have showed up to suggest it is easy to be successful in a world class Country like the UK, they ended up joining gangs but since I am not in a gang, it feels to them like I am an easy target, so they want to get off the part of Africa for example, where the levels of Public morality is incredibly low, to turn up here and play up some rich getting richer and poor getting poorer which feeds their industrial narcissism at me, as if this was the 1980s and 1990s – it does go without saying I am not really a character that will wait somewhere for this nonsense to develop into a case where I showed mercy for their behaviour being one that educates people on how the big crimes are committed, to a stage where it is a habit for me and they could do whatever they liked. They claim I think their money is not important but I wonder which money anyway; we are talking about stale business interests these goons have not worked on for years because they prefer to spend their time on me, showing up here to have need of my income margins no matter how big the establishment, making this place so noisy people cannot read Books I have written and wrecking my income the process. In their defence they claim there are reasons they do these things, reasons they are confident about doing it of which reasons I cannot make sense of since its largely about working their way to Buckingham Palace while their Media gits spent time promulgating nonsense about how they should be seen as the Upper Class from emerging economies, who have the right to get along with Upper Class from the UK and not some riff raff in the form of a goon like me who should be getting around with other low lives but is not because I am set up as something that the Monarchy mocks and belittles them with. I could not get my head around this nonsense anyway but they now know that it is very easy to wring them and that stupid society of Liberal and Socialist goons into a difficult position and then get about making the most of Celebrity and industry Hoodlum narcissism by spending everything that allows them live in those neighbourhoods without getting into a fight and doing absolutely everything that they do not want; as I said, I will burn their world the next time they started following me around on seeing me attend the academic institutions like they did before. As for my financial condition in its own right, I have no idea why they want to talk about that endlessly anyway but they have suggested it is largely a matter of showing who is really important; reality which is that HM is Head of State and our mind expect that HMs job is mainly to meet with Politicians and people from the Legal system and not much else, while the culture and society bits were the things that The Queen’s Aides and Advisers got their heads around, such that if people paid attention to their own businesses, it would be possible to see where my State provided security that is based on surveillance is located and to stop corrupting it and following up their insults when I am offended about the results. They do claim it would mean I am not important while what happens is people attacking others on my account, which propels them into the insolent behaviour where they spend everything I do on themselves to show that none gets to mess with their over-bloated egos, which I also suppose would offend them much when I said it was about being a mean cunt and not my position on discrimination all of the time but technically I am not, especially when they want to discuss how my financial matters are decided; it is my abilities that make me important and people are particularly fond of the part where those who threaten me over money issues get opportunities off my Public image but what I get in return is that their history and reputation of not working for money with vanish too – naturally of which when that happens they feel like punishing me for the rest of my life and I in return do not expect to be distracted from my own concerns by the Media as well; what then happens is that I spend a lot of time being exposed to Culture and Society which is not a problem as long as Hoodlums and criminals do to take me by surprise, hence the main problem here is still that for some people, getting out of home to get to the Office generally looks like Hoodlums and Criminals taking me unawares all day long, everyday – not that I am powerless to do anything about it for my part as well in any case since I will only likely take away their access to fame and popularity, so that when the Hoodlums and Criminal arise they got to do something about it.

I am told that saying I am not important is a problem but I am referring to people losing sight or becoming disillusioned with respect to what HM Head of State Role is like, the way we regularly get into a bother over the National cote of Arms being seen on my Websites. So it feeds into that old case where they say I don’t get along with Celebrities but some Celebrities get along with me and considering the issues may be a conflict of interest, which is really not the case: the reality of it is Celebrities coming to me for support – such that in terms of Industry hoodlums tackling them, I tend to build a Court and in terms of Society goons thinking that when they play with their Families it is a problem, I tend to build them a Coven and when these are big enough the trouble makers will be the ones suffering instead; it is an old case of business and the business world, where you make £300 on the first day of the Week and earn nothing till the Weekend when you earn £1,000 – so these goons have become very proficient at lying and playing up abusive practical jokes that help them fill in the days when they earn nothing with other peoples income margins and most of the time we find that they were never in dire need of money while at it as well.

I am told by people in positions of authority that I appear to spend my time talking while my career becomes a plaything – it does seem to have progressed from telling me that shutting down access to popular culture and Celebrity culture for the damage done to my academic work and career was the wrong thing to do, now that we know their career has not been damaged in anyway, while there is a space on their left hand side that is being preserved when they target me and practice things that their employers do to them whenever they make too many demands at random – to such an extent that I am ending up in that situation where I drop out of school again and again. However the reality is that I am not talking while they make a mess of everything; what happens is that they have bad habits that allows them grab my Public image or get me dropping out while they passed the degree study that I was doing in order to get ahead of me and save their bums from the throes of employment each time they needed money and they now know I will shut down access to popular culture and celebrity culture if they did that, so it should have been a sufficient deterrence, except it is not because of a group of Celebrity and Media twerps with Royal connections who spend most of their time making sure they tried to get me involved with gangs and hoodlums because they were aware their need to get the hands up peoples bottoms generally largely means that people want to get them into trouble with such individuals in the first place, so it is their need to run off one insult after another everyday while at it which allows these other goons who raise the question on playing with my career, to think that they need exhibit the behaviour all over again on account it does appear as if somebody is standing up for them in a real way. It beats my imagination as per why they do this when they are complaining about me all the time and are doing so on a global stage; obviously what brings it on was the fact that you set out a livelihood and understand you will need to be nice to complete strangers in order to make a living, so they have deployed it as a tool that helps them make you into a character they harm and attack whenever they want to make people fear them, at the same time, there is an almighty media obfuscation because the idiots want to preserve and save their own livelihoods from it all together as well. They even claim I want attention from the Media all the time while what happened was a matter of women chasing me around for help i.e. these guys spent most of their time setting out a case for the idea that I was a weak person that could not stand up for myself and make a living, then I walked into Church to make myself the advocate of peace, later one which I end up with financial problems that I take out on women who want to make money without doing any work, while at the same time claiming the female colleagues they had spent all day reading news and reporting facts which meant they did nothing bad at work and at home and were the next best things to abuse apart from priests, this then fed into a case of people attacking their partners in the neighbourhoods and the women found some of the things I did supportive of their 6 figure salaries they did not want to lose but as soon as they got enough support from me, the male colleague chose their friends for them and the managers informed them friendship with me will eventually become a choice with the job on the other hand for a decision that needs be made, so by the time I covered this, I dropped out of University and their stupidities got much worse, their goons hanging around me all the time like I am the point they go to whenever they need to get ahead of somebody or bully somebody to feel good about themselves in the world of work and career being that they need to ensure I stay University drop out forever and serve that purpose for as long as they lived; there is no grain of truth to the suggestion I want attention from them and more so all of the time like they have claimed.

The other question people ask of it is why I suppose they do these things, which we see at Church as something to do with people that are just purely evil but on the social front it’s a matter of a series of decisions they make which gets them into a position where they are tired of living in the society that is the only one that they have, so they begin those insults and abuses which when people are not exposed to well enough to make people tolerant, we end up with the murder and manslaughter crimes being committed but when people are exposed to it, we end up with an understanding its another stupid decision they have made to play around with difficult decisions that Law enforcement makes. The others who love to threaten me have become good at showing I will end up with a crisis that may claim my life if I did nothing about Media fools and some means they set up with hoodlums and junkies that want to get around at Industry but if I get hold of that stupid society, I will sell it and then they will have to get into a fight never the less after I did, however if we speak about other processes, it will likely continue until the case of Media fools making arrangement with hoodlums and junkies that want to get around at Industry, handling my Books, academic work and income margins becomes a real issue, by which time it will get serious for a change. They do boast that it is a matter of getting me into trouble as well and I can understand that they need to as a defence mechanism when their whole lives are about getting the hands up my bum, so that I will have no choice due to the pain and discomfort, to respond to their needs while they know where my business is and want a leg up on it as leverage, to fulfil all their dreams and heart desire by, with a big mouth – so it can never stop threatening me when it is not complaining about it and while it is complaining it beats my imagination that it prefer to carry on the behaviour, invent new ones, tell lies on Media and complain to Politicians about me while leaving out all these facts.

So apart from the case of my career being a toy for them, the reality of it is that people never knew these facts really were what my mind looks like, while I have actually had no other form of history apart from this with them – making those stupid decisions, getting tired of living in their own society, grooming me for homosexuality, following me around to churn my tummy at academic institutions because it is sorting out a future for its hoodlum children and so on; needs to stay away from my Books and stop following me around, especially when they are chasing money as such – in retrospect, we know there are people just like them in the neighbourhoods making trouble for them as well, hence not clear why I cannot enjoy my backyard and front porch just swirling around in my head while I am at home as they wind me up and keep an eye on me to ensure it never just drips away in order to make me respond to the criminals and gangs, instead of take on these people that are also bothering them the way they bother other people as well – they do claim I am a cheap shot and this is what we are exploring. They do claim I love to pick on poorer people because I know I am protected and it means this has much to do with the Royal Family while it doesn’t – at University it was about my body type being deployed to look after the kids who have attended University to find an overaged student in their midst, at which time I was 24, now I am about to get it done at 40, so there is a tendency it will be about me trying to get rid of a reputation for being a fool at 40 and there will be feeders, about which if they try it again, I am really going to tick every box that they do not like. In the end the younger ones know I will shut down access to popular culture and Celebrity culture when tackled, it is the older ones led by the Media who need to make a decision because they run these nonsense off all the time and everyday until it becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy, give it a rest then and start again when I appear to have recovered slightly.

We now hear very often these days that I have been placed in the same position as homosexuals and alternative lifestyle people but have failed to cope, right up to the stage where I think homosexuality is okay – I could never make out what stage exactly that was: the stupid decisions these gits make, which gets to make it impossible for them to live in the one and only society they have to live in is a story in its own right, like a series after series of incredibly silly and massive but very stupid responsibility that relies on other people, likewise the business of spending time on insults concerning what respect people should show to millionaires in the City, likewise the business of wrecking my academic work and finances to tell me I have bigger fish to fry than spend time sorting out deterrence and consequences for it while they pile on the extras, likewise the damage done to my Book sale business so they might build me a history of insults that suggest I might only look like somebody who has written a Book they want to look at when I have solved all the problems they have in their stupid lives, likewise following and unfollowing my social media profiles which I have gathered is meant to abuse me to a stage where I am conditioned to like LGBTQ without a care for the damage it does to my earnings and other Public matters in my care which failings its stupidities complain about all day long, and then the business of getting into a struggle of my life to ensure society and culture trouble makers knew the pinnacle of my achievements is the Office of an Arch Prince, therefore it is intolerable for people to peddle my personal life, faith and public image, only to be conditioned to like LGBTQ after they had declared a hate for me Publicly because I have sorted out some consequences for the disobedience of having their homosexual sex on it and it becomes such a difficult task to tell what is really wrong with the bloody idiots all together in the first place. I mean Politicians are very good at this prize for insults thing; my personality will become a subject for public debate and then all hell will break lose when I want to recover on account the real conquerors had moved into my right hand and forged a history with my entire life, about which they needed to deploy government office wrecking the academic work in order to achieve, now they think when it bothers them, I have the answers. There are no stickers on peoples faces as we all know, no stickers to tell you this one is a Lesbian and that is not; such that being nice to a woman who is being groomed by these fools for homosexual activity at University usually means having your bottom chased until you smell and drop out – that big mouth doing all these damage and blabbing of what it has manipulated me into doing has not yet recognised so far, that I have had enough of their layabout and opportunistic busy body stupidities, until it becomes a lot more serious than it is presently; I mean I am not doing the bits about picking women up and playing games I know homosexuals have introduced me to as disobediently as possible, in a hope that once I built it up into a campaign there will be a probability to getting homosexuality out of Public life all together, so I am aware they have an excuse when they claim they hate my guts but this clearly matches those stupid threats they issue at me and gather up crowds that make them out to be victims during their pride day while they continue to show up all over my income margins and beat me down in life to brag all the time – so it seems I am going to start on this all over again too and this time it is going to rely on them entirely. I cannot make out what it is people find difficult concerning the business of the fact it is impossible for them to get involved with me properly without reading my Books. All these said, it should be noted by the way, that the real problem here is the way that a group of idiots want to deploy their media jobs to run off the idea I have lost my career and property until it became a self-fulfilling prophesy when there is no grain of truth attached to it; these are the fools that have a decision on their hand to make but if homosexuals want to find out if I have had enough of them too, that is on as well.