Of course it is not true that the media have got me at such a corner that when I get into trouble especially with Royals in the Continent about which I have survived then, I will only be able to continue with an existence if I explain myself to them and it is not true; after all they would find it really difficult to get by a condition where their case for being famous and being the Boss is questioned which it always is as such every time, especially around my concerns. The point is that most of the things they make out is all the end of the world for me is entirely a normal way in which people ought to behave – for instance a riff raff bus driver who comes from the Caribbean would think it is amusing if the fact there is a picture of Justin Bieber on the Bus he has been assigned for the day is used to make hell for me as I walk down the road, he knows it benefits his party and clubbing people somewhere, I simply have an obligation not to let him do it but the bit that becomes a problem is the part where I may be unemployed for more than a decade because I am afraid of men and this is the atmosphere they have been able to build up with media and are still doing it even as I express the uttermost displeasure, so it is a matter about which we never hear the complain about what has happened to their societies when it means I will work for things that they will grab and get together to make plans for doing so. I personally do not think it a problem, its better measured by the media where men claim they are having a hard time but each and every internet troll for instance is a fan of the male news anchors who will do anything to help them have  social state of affairs that enables them make money by being decadent, their problem with me is much the same as the story of soliciting character references for evil people since businesses enjoy wasting my public work and company to make me spend money to training so they can arrange interviews for me and get rid of me after to recruit the persons they think are right to the specification; it is something I have only recently nipped as it were and women are not in any way getting preferential treatment – they enjoy doing it to create this sense they own the women in their profession and have it all the power and everything and they love it so much when these women become confused and got to them for protection so they can do and undo. So I really don’t have to explain anything to them as well.  This story of male journalists and their communities of trolls they will do anything to help make money by being decadent and how I need to explain myself to them in order to exist is utter rubbish. It is never true that I am in any kind of trouble with the left either; they enjoy their media appearances and can do nothing with it because it is the only way in which civil disobedience becomes financially profitable but where it starts to become criminal is when we start to deal with things like these i.e. they like to make out they are clever people when we all know that they are not and love to ride high on their disobedience with regards to other people’s property, now they have made money with mine and cannot go their way and let me go mine and this has become a problem as well, we wouldn’t we answering this question if that problem was not created, the foundation of which is always a matter of how they have made themselves financial successful but cannot be happy people of which the reason for that has always been so obvious; whereby science might help and you can bring your religion along if you are looking for trouble unless they get desperate and attack you on account you have it all together and then a new way of discussing civil rights will be the result of that and so on with every fool feeling the sense of destruction that is linked to their well being needs to be found around you and what matters to you all the time. I was born in the 80s I have seen every colour of nonsense about how evil a place the world is, in fact the story of nice guys finishing last has always been second nature but we have a problem now because they keep telling me no social problem created by getting on my case so frequently and for so long will ever deter them and that their aim is to change my quality of life and that if I helped with that it would be over by now – so it is one that I have never seen too. It’s taken their need to work on other people’s possessions and finances to make their success of idiots to a whole new level and I need to match it. When it really comes to it, this is the old story of sacrificing people to save themselves but living in a way that means they have to mark people out and sacrifice them as well and these two dispositions are therefore not sustainable and they don’t get to tell me thereof that I am just a number as far as holy people and servants of God go and nothing I do will last an age; they do need to put their evils and wickedness and their money where their mouth is.

They do this thing in the UK all the time where their society and culture idiots get off on the Media to put up subliminal messages through to me to explain myself having been I am not White but am planning to support or vote for the Tories; we all know it’s not a matter of party but plan and manifesto and by the standards of the economic growth and development that we had in the last decade the level of deficit we ended up with as a proportion was historical; the Labour Party has not got a foggiest clue how to manage either the human resources or the natural resources or the economic resources of the UK which has given rise to an increase in the powers of regional and Nationalist parties but they insist on such nonsense – so we are again expecting some quasi militia on the streets made up of idiots and popular culture bullies with a need to see into people’s privacy laced with lies about their evils and whether or not religious people are taking it down meaning others saw into their own first and it will be held together by spin like Tony Blair did and they will be all over the worlds media pretending they are really good at their oratory skills for it as well and every idiot that wants to tell me whom I can or cannot support needs bear in mind when they claim I have my life and finances and career ripped up by these fools so I can work for their Labour Party to have parties in Downing Street is a function of their power and not a matter of taking advantage of what I do as a result of my conscience and my patriotism each time they seem to take a break with their destruction of which I have got enough resources to let them do in order for their wickedness to gain some freedom from law and religion, needs to bear in mind I have had enough of them and will not work for that stupid party to rip up my business assets as a basic function of their existence a second time – it will never happen a second time, they need to bear it in mind when they vote for them. Of course there is not a single shred of truth to claims of a fear of the power of theirs as a result of this quasi Labour Party militia built from popular culture and media to terrorise people into giving up what they have worked for - they like to think they are famous when they know I made them the way they are and are not, like to think they are the boss which is not true either - I am only making it clear they may have made up their own version of what the things I do because I have a sense of patriotism and a conscience means in order to facilitate a process of destruction that lets them express their wickedness in order to be free from Law and religion which I clearly have enough wealth for but I m assure it will not happen a second time and they need to bear that in mind when they push their Labour Party into Downing Street before the damage they had done is reversed by others to allow their twisted political nature to get into government and tell lies to do some more again as it were.

They speak of this problem I have where I demonise employers and businesses which is utter rubbish; the Politicians enjoy talk of being tough on unemployment but they are the same that bully people into jobs when people are lagging behind – not a single soul in that civil service that does the dirty work for them was bullied into the roles they fill for instance; I know for my part that when they take their problems out on me they face the same challenges I do i.e. I always get out of bed at 5am and that is because all through school we always did and then there was morning prayers and then 6am was time to prepare to get to school by 7.30am, so it is impossible unemployed or not, to stay in bed beyond 5am, these goons will sleep beyond that time for those of them that have the same pattern and then when you have an appointment with them the purpose of government Policy will be to take it out on you and if you do find a job being bullied into one like that when people are in employment to seek their advancement and promotion, as soon as media is involved with the latest plaything especially for black people who play all the time with matters that are as important as your finances, then it’s a matter of 4 weeks employment and then you are back on benefits as well, so it is obvious when the Politicians continue to insist on bullying people into work, they have to tell employers to discount the number of times that they have been let go by Companies because they are surrounded by too many problems and it’s all over the media costing profits, even though they are really good at what they do i.e. when they come in profits rise and then at some time keeping them is costing money, tell them it should not count as a negative history in the work place and then everybody will be happy, rather than make out they are achieving something by forcing me or bullying me into employment. This matter is not an emotive issue, in terms of the Companies themselves, the evil people in our societies are to them what popular culture idiots are to me but have we seen them ever show that popular culture idiots are a problem to me in anyway whatsoever? What they do it employ them to cut me up and trap me and use me to make profit, no respect for me whatsoever and I have none for them hence I love to sort out character references for evil people so they can employ them right up to the leadership boards of their firms as well; the training costs time and it costs money and their behaviour makes me very frustrated and I have drawn a line on this matter alright but they will continue to employ evil people so we can see how much racism they will do with it later on as they do love to threaten all the time. The Politicians speak of demonising employers and wanting jobs from them because they have not got a clue what they are doing and it is not the only part where the Politicians make trouble for me either – there is the popular culture idiots bit who actually like their situation the way it is hence do nothing to change it being asked to dig pennies from my income and market place by their top politicians who make their stupidities out to mean equal opportunities and if their media scum and quasi militia vote them into office again to get about making me work for them, there will  be trouble. in terms of the fame freaks and popular culture goons however, it is obvious that when you see people drive their expensive cars they are your pals, until it turns out they buy the expensive cars through a job that has the one ethos of members of the public have money and give, give, give it all; so yes it is magical the fact they ruin their lives and become really frustrated so Politicians need to help them to my earnings and give names for their stupidities as well. In terms of the Multibillion pound companies, especially the ones that deal in oil, they like to pretend they can do any evil they want as long as people are not paying attention so the story of exemptions for them on this literary Empire and its Royal Estate is obviously built around the premise that a pebble tossed into their drive way to crash oil prices and not face consequences for doing so is never going to happen to them. All together however the point at the end of the day is not me trying to look like I am Working Class – I only mentioned facts and realities around about getting a job and to do so my assets are my training and my time which should not be spent on interviews where people copy them and keep me out of employment to suit their prejudices and nepotism that is necessary for their well being otherwise they will have to face the consequences as well; they have got their retirement and it is the fact I have to work for mine and they know it which has thus become a toy – that said, its good luck to anybody that wants to offer me a job but being seen around my Literary Empire Book sales is where they will earn real problems that will make them listen for a change in their stupid lives and any popular culture idiot that feels like it can always lay down their popular culture pipelines on the growth of my company – they do with my personal life and faith so the company is up for grabs as well – as they do and nothing will happen as a result of it. They speak of the things I say which I cannot back up of course and so it does not trouble me that much, after all when a book has been written and patented, you then have to start securitising it and when you are tired of that there is nothing you can do, for if they want you to be patented at local communities or somewhere insignificant while they write one like yours on media to get rich that is precisely what will happen but it does not work of course so bullying and brainwashing the population on your account coupled with pillaging your health will create an alternate reality that sucks the life out of your company and they will get away with it using socialism, so it goes without saying considering that it is impossible now to un-patent the books in order to protect my health that their big mouth will get them into even more trouble than they find themselves in at present. They say the books are provocatively written on other peoples culture because talking about abusive thugs on media and Politics when it comes to peoples finances is not the right thing to do – I say they can handle the growth in the personal life and religious activities but why don’t they handle the Royal Estate and the Company as well not hurting badly enough yet as it were. It has never been a problem and when I say so it’s always contended I am putting up a brave face which makes things worse because I am in denial but it’s all a very, very, twisted and evil and violent and aggressive form of very abusive begging solicited by Politicians who have no problems with throwing tax payer funds at it as well and they can always handle my growth if they wanted, especially in Europe, Black America and Communist Territories, where they have got a bloody culture. They speak of my approach leading to racism of course but racism is supposed to be the one where they are really tough and can turn up here to tell me I need to be held down and dominated first before I am allowed to finish my academic work by Politicians or leave their Country and the various nonsense that is brewed following that from then on as it were and it will be the one where I do it and leave it for them to play media salvation with again as it were.

I hear they say it’s the bad PR that kills me, the part where I know all these things but do nothing for anybody – question being that of what it is exactly they do for me as well: I mean I surround myself with people who work for me so I can better work for them as it were and these idiots do not buy books, never mind the fact they will happily gamble the civil rights they have and want some from my personal life, so every Political idiot can turn up here to make me unemployed at 40 in order to find out if I can tolerate stupid insolent children that are sent out to seek self advancement on me by Politicians refusing to recognise the part they played in messing up their own lives because they can take advantage of my morals to fuck mine and rectify their stupidities on how I react to that, while their civil rights idiots expect me to take on a big enemy until I am wounded enough to be destroyed by them to end their reputation for being losers considering their villainy will not be noted when there is talk of freedom and democracy all over the place, so it’s a question that needs answering; what is it exactly that they do for me? They say I am all hot and bothered that others are not doing something for me – utter nonsense too it is, since the reality is not what they do for me but what they shouldn’t do around me whereby they get about building media that explains my work and possessions as the existence and activities of a soothsayer that gets about seeing into the future of Politicians and acting to lay a personal claim to what they should have become and of course we never see them explain their career like that to others, what we see is the pretence that the victims will let them and their stupid children get away with it if they blow it off where it really matters on account they have bought shares in large companies. It’s a matter of thinking of yourself as somebody that would make another person’s livelihood into a point for addictions and nepotism that is good for your well being and not getting about being randomly scared of them; they do say it’s all fake democracies destroying the world and yes democracy and freedom and gayety is a nice proposition but it depends on whether it is the one where you tell a particular singular group of people about the harmful nature of an unusual thing that is being done to you every single day for 15 years running or not – they have this idea others are supposed to build a different interpretation for the harmful things they do to people and that they therefore do not accept that democracy and freedom and gayety is actually vital to society. If I said it is a matter of the lower classes fitting in as well, then it all turns to the violent fitting in game and we all know where that leads as well. Tolerating these idiots is nothing unusual but it is when large companies set up shop and they have a need to describe peoples livelihoods as the activities of soothsayers that see into the future of Politicians to lay claims of ownership to it that it becomes serious, at which point I have obviously become a plaything for their fame idiots but it is when they and their stupid children start to stand around on the environment that Industries have built for themselves to do it that it becomes serious; at the moment they have not and if they tempt me the slightest I will alter the West for them as they know it for my part as well.

In their defence they say I will have all I have done pillaged as The Labour Party is now off to running some good old manifesto for young people; which makes no sense whatsoever – after all it is the Labour Party that throws government funds on every fool that is done getting a reputation with the Police and gets off to being famous after that so they might never be wrong as it were; the result being that you are always coming up at young people with one story after another; its either he has a problem with people who take advantage of women but does not know if he is right anymore, another is confused because he is made to be a social and community troll so that another idiot can be a New anchor and help him to get rich in the easiest way possible by telling lies back biting and abusing people and the list is endless and they like to think I am caught up in it as well when I know for my part that my problem is the squander by black women and that people can be mad enough to move into my Christian right hand and lay down a pipeline for all kinds of nonsense that they feel they want to get up to if they have the guts for it. The problem now is that these media idiots have a bottom that hurts all the time because there are people who have to pick up their crap at regional news and the local communities and they think that when the Party that enjoys throwing money at deviant people to ensure they pump others into working for them speaks of a manifesto for young people is constitutes a problem for me. It’s like when they claim the big problem I have is that of getting about with women that are beyond my league but the reality is that I need to set out an Arch Prince’s leadership and lead people out of the immorality they have spread which is sweeping away everything else that matters and yet again they have decided it’s another platform to exasperate me and seek an easy living doing so; so they do need to stay off the public work, keep off the training and personal development of the members of the public and their Industries now understand the problem we have between us is their lack of respect for the fact they have their retirement, the entire planet has heard about it and need to allow others that need to work for their own to do so as well. The only other extra work that has been added to this office thereof is that old case of these media fools and an alternate me running around the media, which they control, ripping up everything and I have warned them before about it, they know where I stand on the fact I was never published on television and this is the last warning I will repeat on the matter because we all know they have decided to take care of the part where their bottom hurts and twice as much when the elections are on to a whole new level that involves soliciting black women to abuse me and help them continue to chase up what I have put together to provide for myself as a means of getting connected with Politicians and Industries and it is the only way that the male side of media will ever operate as it were – it has added another dimension to my work, which has to do with keeping Industry people that have their retirement and need to allow others keep the means they have to work for their own and tone down the give, give, give, everything rhetoric but there are also those that get out of bed to dominate the public who need to understand the message applies to them equally. So it started with wrecking my finances to go off and seduce women that they would not have fucked before; that led to creating a court system in which most women that can match my passion and emotions end up – this story of getting around women that are beyond my league which is therefore my problem while I blame it on others takes it up another dimension as it were and they might want to keep off the books as well unless their Politicians are doing public work for free. It does not mean I am working class – when I am done setting up my Arch Prince’s religious leadership and had people’s needs met, I will spend the rest of my time sell, sell, selling my books but for now it appears these fools want me to hurt them, the pillaging what I have put together to fund my retirement and my home which they find amusing on media, to chase second and third mortgages and to seek easy living and all kinds of stupid homo-lifestyles, until they locate a corner they are most comfortable with before I get down to that.