Of course it is always said that I pretend to know what I know nothing about and never listen to anybody for my part as such; I say the use of my work and the denying me support and progress for it is all very well but what do they want? Obama does surveillance because it is his power, what I do is my power as well, they need to decide what they want or I am going to break them over that stupid idea I am a toy they can get on media to fuck with as much as they please. They do have a job and are not supposed to work on me and be it militant socialism or not Royals like me are very conversant with the nature of organised crime and terrorism, we will at this rate need to test exactly what it is they can do. The UK needs to get off feeling it is an empire and go out there to integrate with the world they say and they will not start with themselves – what they think is that they have located a Country of nice guys to take advantage of for a big break before they get off to areas of the world where real men live and they can free to come round for it too. It’s not a complicated matter; a lot of the time we see people do bad things, it is always largely because others are trying to prevent them from doing it, so a nuclear deterrent is important, the only plausible argument behind the reasons the SNP wants to get rid of it is that they want to make Scotland into a leisure and tourist haven for Financiers and Politicians and so if not that kind of Country they will not live in it as it were. We do hear them speak of things that happen on account somebody else is more powerful than I am which is utter nonsense of course; the reality is that of a simple case of how I may wish the job did not create the Books but did through no fault of theirs and now I have to live with the Books and so does Mr Obama have to live with them too – his method of doing so is to claim the books hurt but listen to every idiot who talks nonsense about when one person is more powerful than the other and can collect a Royal Estate for idiots to play around with and pay greats attention and makes public policy on it. It’s never really been a serious matter; you do tolerate people attacking you all the time and being seen around your concerns all the time – they are itchy and scratchy about your very existence, their foolish children are taught to sneeze and cough on you when they see you on the streets and these are the kinds of nasty nonsense that helps to determine who is famous and who is not and so on but it is when they start to make out if they have views you are to shut up and when you see them on the streets you are to move aside that they need to put their money where their mouth is on that stupid media. We all know this is the important bit of people music cd sales being a function of the behaviour of those whose personal lives are abused to make them but money is made by over stimulation, sales and hard work and money lovers need to be made to understand others are not to bear it for them as for the counter attack against any justice for me that this breeds, I am happy for that to happen so I can cut up whatever is left of that stupid popular culture as well. It’s nothing unusual, each time I talk the way I do and they mention something about macabre nature of politics which I cannot cope with but is all about cheating developed around their bitter and twisted nature for instance and I make mention of what they think is the most competitively convenient way for them to please people who have money to spend on them at the expense of the authorities which gives funding to their republican movements all over the Country I do get support from their parents telling me to stand my ground and not get bullied and so on, so it’s all perfectly normal and good; they always have this sense of their own intolerance that is practiced on none violent people and religious people, their reaction to what they have gotten involved with people’s lives to ensure tickles them being anti-Semitic in practice a lot of the times and the assumption when they claim they are ultra modern everybody will find their behaviour acceptable – I might tolerate it but that is up to me not them, when they regularly target me and climb up my nerves we do have a problem. So they normally react in very bad ways to certain people, their behaviour contributes nothing to other peoples career or academic work but attention is then paid to it because they have pushed their way into people’s lives knowing these are supposed to be people they cannot stand most of the time and now they are building themselves up to the violence when they should have had it all figured out before they started and nobody knows what part journalists are playing in the matter these days anyway as such. Eventually it still play out on the story of why people chase the anus and penis of those who have refused to be homosexual and why they love to press me with violence and sex and so on; when they start to speak of somebody that is more powerful we all know what they seek as it were but it is not a terrorist they will find here, it another kind of nightmare entirely; money is made by overstimulation, sales and hard work and if Obama continues to send his idiots out to simulate mine and get rich he should not be complaining about the Books as well. The rest are the usual civil disobedience idiots who take up more than 70/5 of your time but contribute nothing to the very reasons they are in your life at all, all waiting for Politicians to ensure you are distracted into paying attention to it and media idiots and using it to gain from your personal life to ensure they can screw their stupid existence and recover with yours and still remain superior to you which they ever were in the first place; all because you have not been having extra marital sex and you have not been thinking homosexuality is a good thing etc.

In terms of the elections they say lots about what my position is on the fact the labour party is winning; I don’t care who is winning; all I know is that welfare cuts are a dirty word because there isn’t a single soul in that civil service department that was bullied into a job and yet every single one of the scumbags that work there especially when from the Labour Party wants to be able to bully others into a job, knowing it is worse when you are employed for a short period of time at any given rate – however is perfectly fine to them because it is one less thing others have to experience which they are not thereby increasing their sense of privilege. That said it does not mean I disagree with a Policy that says the welfare state is there to help people onto jobs not a means of categorising people into populations that are managed by a nanny state, so if people want to vote for the nanny state again for another four years I don’t understand why my position has become important anyway. The blacks as far as the women are concerned are more interested in the disobedience of mothers around my finances and personal well being but the men are the ones that are showing their true deviance with the civil service where my Landlord tends to know if or not I have been paid my rent allowance for instance so they can feel they are spread around and are become powers that be which really does nothing to change if I will pay him his money or not as it were, so it all boils down to that of when they get on my nerve and problems result from doing so – as for whom they vote for, that does not concern me and if they are after my case I will kick them again for it. I understand they say I have a problem coping with a Royal position which is no true; these are goons that like to fabricate their fantasies about a Monarchy they control who would regularly send them out to afflict me for their self improvement and the fostering of their wickedness because there isn’t a Monarchy that is giving their twisted and evil nature such things and they are reaching a stage where the fabricated Monarchy is being set up as rival to the real one as well making out it is my problem. I for my part need to live apart from them and not pay attention to them thereby giving them a sense they matter and that is why it has become violent, so the only time I breathe okay is when I am detached from them but it only lasts minutes and a disobedience has taken place and media fools have picked up and the local communities are running with it and its the neighbourhoods and it’s me and I am the good person in a place where the devil cannot be questioned and so on and they really, really, love to do it on that stupid media as well which is why they cannot be allowed to have healthy respiratory and circulatory organs as well the problems and the power problems and they can talk into me and press their problems upon me if they wanted and there will be no problems; as for what they do on that media it’s all up to those who think they have to give support for it. It’s much the same case as the fantasy of living in a world where they were stupid women who loved money and I was a suck up that wanted to do anything for them which is one of the reasons for the problems we have all the time because they have had the fantasy to a point where it is second nature and need to try and get some fulfilment for it in some way but the above one is a matter of their evil cultures and the clash with me which didn’t end well, motive is revenge and there isn’t a Monarchy that is helping them with that, so they made their own on media.

They speak of me in competition with Vegas especially the European mainland ones with girls at Industry that have some subliminal understanding with abusive society men at the same time, meaning they get to over stimulate and work others to make money instead of themselves for instance and every fool that wants to feel like he has a renaissance and a violent tendency going on inside of him can thrive there and pretend each time crossing me leads to a bad ending it is surprising or constitutes a cultural change but of which especially for the black ones, damage to my book sales is especially with the fashion Industry and advertisement industry by which they feel like I am some kind of animal they can handle all the time, that I intend to make it stop permanently as well to wipe that stupid narcissistic happiness smile off their faces. It’s the general idea that Vegas is largely full of immoral people which isn’t true; there are immoral people in Vegas but they are not half as widespread as it is normally made out – Vegas is one of those places that shines a light on the evils these people commit i.e. they do the same things we Royals do when we have a need to create people an environment where they can make shows and express themselves, don’t like terrorism don’t like organised crime story and in my case specifically their involvement was more concerned with telling stories at the renaissance of a Royal Prince and having a good time and it was until black people got involved to turn it into a money making racket as if what is being stimulated here concerns them in any way as it were in the first place but more over is the reality that on one hand are people like the people we find in Vegas who have the same physical endowments as these goons but tend to spend every 24 hours making a show and entertaining people and on the other is the perpetual state of doing wicked things to others in which they exist and the air they have around them that people do not take note or think they need information so as to realise the effects of their actions. There is really no loser’s competition I seem to have gotten myself involved with where Vegas is concerned.

I understand it is said that my books are not real books but that does not actually cause a setback, it just highlights a work in progress; for the reasons people feel that is that I have not been able to detach immoral socially corrupt people from my daily concerns because they have media and Politics by which to ensure they are seen in public voicing an opinion about the Books all the time – so at present I am exhausting options and that includes ripping up their popular culture and their media lying and scheming and their Political lying and scheming and moving them on to make a lot of money they have not worked for somewhere else then when I had completed work on that people will not be confused about my books not being real books anymore; I mean it’s the same old story about rock and roll people and their hatred for those who blow off the roof of the lady of the house all the time but that said the question of why they like to target me has never really been answered, what they have given as reason is that I am the most stubborn there has ever been and I am going to rip up that fame and fortune contraption they have as well because it’s always them on one hand and racists on the other. It has never really been a complicated issue, as we all know they enjoy making abusive popular culture to make money and do not like it when you make money out of them in the same way as well, so they have now reached a point of their abuses where they are saying that my Books are not real books and of course it’s all based on what happens and what does not as a function of whether or not I fear them and everybody has got some of it too which is why that culture and society will be destroyed as well. I understand the reasons for their threats, it is because they think they have seen it all which is utter nonsense for the most part; the reality is that they are third level gangs i.e. there are big gangs and there are small gangs and they are third level gangs and so they enjoy chasing peoples anus and penis and abusing people all the time and when you know that you also realise why people really like to kill them a lot of the times; so this therefore sets out the reality around the policy I have about their very existence i.e. either way they made trouble or got into it, I do not wish to know, I am not interested and they can beat up from there as well; they spend every single 24 hours lying and scheming and ruining peoples personal lives and religion and livelihoods and nothing, absolutely nothing else – need to get out of it, get out of my books and move on – they are real books.

They speak of how I have again avoided addressing the blowing up of the roof of the lady of the House thing but it is an old story; I can always go into a place I have rented to sit down and do my writing career in peace or they can behave the way they do because I am writing books in my apartment – we have Policy here for that too i.e. when it comes to academic work my anus and penis will be chased all day long every time I pick up study materials, months on end until the end of the programme but it is when the results come through that we will find out how it ends and of course bad grades always mean that culture will be destroyed by me in this life or the next – the other one is about my anus and penis being chased around on account I am writing books to distract me from doing so and it has to happen all the daylong but at the end of the day I will blow off their fucking roofs too. I hear they say it’s their need to have my personal life and restore their useless existence to something resembling the days of their youth and I can understand that; it is the reasons I will use that society to lace my legal career so when I am done kicking them and talking about it because they have a need to stifle my book sales until they are in a place where they can say  am a provocative activist, they will commit crimes and judges will mention it before the police take them down but a more proactive side of it is that their Labour Party leaders are the biggest civil and criminal disobedience goons we have in this Country and they will keep off my books amicably or there will be a fight to keep the off starting with turning their bums around to be stimulated by their idiots as well and then they can confiscate my personal life from there when I am done making an example of them for it.

It’s usually said that everything I say gets lost in translation but it isn’t; the books hurt all the time they say but their stupidity means they are seen around it all the time as well talking nonsense about what must happen because they know I am scared of them; I am only advising them in the strongest of terms to get the fuck out of it. The truth about it is that if we imagine a situation where a fight has been set aside to move them away from me for instance, the reality about that will always be an end product where living apart from them brings success and peace of mind and so this is all a matter of getting it done by staying away from getting into trouble with the law and their need to get on media to do my nerves will create some pointless violence they will complain about too. It therefore as such falls to their Political leaders who can be asked a question about defence for instance but want to talk about their position as overlords of ethnic minorities which includes me because I am black and s statement about how others should not play politics with defence, meaning I will be turning their bums around by their civil and criminal disobedience goons as well. As for the Prince of Wales, they say he is the biggest problem I face which makes no sense whatsoever – since we all know that his marriage to Diana was arranged because he was having an affair with another person’s wife and after the breakup of the marriage and the demise of his ex wife was happy to despite all the women in the world find and get married to the same woman, so it was a matter of making a statement about people not telling him what to do and pretending I think I owe him a debt as such thereof, hence his new found alliance with popular culture about which he will one of these days have his anus and penis chased over an important matter of state to a point where he has to send back a memo explaining he has been compromised and then will have to abdicate, I do not we him a debt.

They do speak of social justice that I am not interested in but generally it means when people rip up your finances by getting involved and sit about inflicting financial looses on you in a game of entrapment, it means that forcing you to do something about social justice is how social justice is done because they are idiots and will therefore create problems if they did it considering they are powerful enough to do this in the first place. It’s a case of third level gangs after the big and medium size ones who like to make work for people all the time and make people feel ashamed and chase peoples private parts and become sexually abusive to extricate power they claim is beyond the power of God that my Christianity claims to protect me with and so on; I have never really considered it a crisis for my part – I just never paid attention when I was younger now I am because of Politicians who will soon decide to leave me alone or have me seek vengeance for it but for these fools in their own right however they appear to seek an outcome where a claim my books are not real books was the main agenda and so this particular issue has run out of its sell by date. As for their media fools; they now know who is in charge anyway and will mostly now try to think about putting their money where their mouth is.

They do speak of British and Muslim views not getting along and I have no idea what sort of conversation that is anyway, we all know they are all the same – blacks and whites and Asians and Muslims and they all have a need to be involved with the dichotomy of what other like on one hand and what other hate on the other because it is the means by which losers can threaten people and sell thing to get rich and so when they start to make out others are bags of flesh and they are ultra men chasing peoples private parts, it is really difficult to see how much of it will be tolerated by those who have to handle organised criminals and gangs anyway; so it’s the old question of what respect is and what its purpose is as it were and they like to claim the media opens people up for them and hence it’s not their fault but we all know media and popular culture do it because they have their own definitions of democracy and freedom that they want to apply to people’s lives and possessions, they do it without reason and we all know the end product is always money; so that there is this intense need they all have from across all races and ethnic groups to get Politicians to hold important people who have been made available to the hell holes they live in predisposed to them to wee on which will put an uncontrollable wry smile on their faces, light it up with happiness and create a day in which the fact they are losers ended.  For me they like to say my problems with a condition where this leads to an outcome in which when they have views I shut up and when I see them on the streets I move aside implies I use my own energy to get things done which is the only thing that is saving me from trouble but I don’t know if I need to hurt somebody as well when I string culture along and people cannot sleep at night and the only way out is abusive popular culture music and media which I am about to kill off as well because they talk too much.  It’s the price they pay when they stop it, when you set out what problem it is they and their families seem to have with a sense there are things you like and things you hate that was clearly their bloody business in the first place which means they follow you around as a community for it and how creating a campaign on this would have meant for instance that you deploy your strengths to get things done which is the only thing that is saving you from trouble with a big mouth – I did warn them about the personal diaries being full and I did warn them about the fact I had stopped writing any because of their behaviour – for now I am finished with them and am just out to sell my books and they of course can start another if they want since we can all see the need to touch my private parts and control me with my temper is still one of their most important preoccupation. They have always existed in the UK and their abusive behaviour too but the need to have me as a trophy thing that serves an answer for all their problems, my physical appearance of which they are the ones that get to enjoy and is not available to me as well and those insults from their women about owning me are just some of the indications they follow me around with problems because they want to bully me with it; so when it’s all good it’s me and my Court with the world of men on the left and the world of feminists on the right and it’s the part about how they do what they do because I think I am a Christian that is immune to any power before they claim that I started it that is usually tolerated at this stage, when the threats and how I do things with my own stuff lest I get into trouble kicks in, they get to learn a valuable lesson every single time – so they are still touching my anus and penis and there is more punishment to dish out because of it and then I can use my own stuff to get things done to avoid trouble. when I had strung up peoples culture and the only way to handle me is to set out popular culture music abuses, it’s not clear why media must ensure I hurt somebody first before it means they need to keep away from me but what is clear is that its purpose will not apply in full i.e. crack them up and make them target for wealth distribution so that these cracks can be investigated and scandalised all the time; they said they wrecked everything here and continued to make mention of my personal life over their wealth inequality story because it’s just one person and that wouldn’t be such a problem thereof – hence the one person that will be their undoing as it were.

The Europeans ones and their mistresses speak of their girls overpowering me but I wouldn’t know if a case on people getting it from where they are stimulated was always going to hit hard the Spanish, their twisted Catholics and various other European scum as a result anyway; all I know is that they are now in a place where it is ever so difficult to turn it around and get rich as it were and there is a deep atmosphere of fear in the advertisement industry because of me too – so its all good; its always when their twisted and evil nature and its media salvation claims I start first that we have a swan song; after all neither God nor the Devil exists and mine choices is up to them with a big mouth.