I hear I am this guy that does not actually have anal sex but set up a whole planetary atmosphere of it to make peoples nervous all the time but it is much the same old issue – there are communities of people that rely on my leadership and I am still wondering what those who are affiliated with a far superior human beings than I am are doing in it; so it’s the old story of destruction and the gathering of spare resources and it gives rise to the other tale they tell that my existence leads to a process where people lose important government positions.

So on the matter of how their community croons were right when they got about persecuting me because they always knew people like me were going to attack them sexually, we can all see there is a very tiny brains inside of those heads to that effects, especially the African ones. It does not matter – the fashion ones will find somebody that will get them involved with a contract to make fame and fortune but when it’s time to work for the money they have earned want my public work and it cannot get any better because it has now resulted in the need to ensure a few people buy my books because they need to know how and then everybody on the planet will share and read it to ensure I am under control; the other ones who speak of how their community position means they control me and all I do plays into their hands are simply the ones preparing the stage of what I may do to teach them the importance of anal sex whereby it is not the one where they did celebrity culture and popular culture and pornography to that effect as well. But it must be in a general sense that they turn up at the Communities in the Royal Estate to gather resources and dominate people because when they had we will become subservient to them the guy that does not have anal sex only build up a global atmosphere of it to make people nervous, thus leads to the same track where they need to get off my Book sales and clear my space, get out of my sight mainly.

I mean at this point the only barrier to my book sales is that people can see I am not necessarily happy with my work and it is because of interference based violence meant to enhance the power of those small brains and we all know its genocide stuff.

The story of cyber security comes on all of the time and these days there is another problems of relativity to deal with and I would never understand why it is that we like to make up our reasons to explain why people do what they do when they know clearly that they are doing the wrong thing; I mean china for instance is a Country full of people with Money to throw around who will really love to take a stand on people’s lives and make them move on from it, so Cyber security and its problems are not things that people do from China because it is an unusual act. The problem is that it appears the US Government has designed foreign Policy in such a way that the only way the matter is to be resolved is that of war and so I have no idea why I have to deal with this question about cyber security and that all the time bandied around by media fools who take themselves too seriously anyway; much the same with Europe where we find that the leadership in Germany is 90% ego and same with France and same with the Dutch and same with the Spanish and we will never know what they are thinking except we are clear they want some great National idea they can copy to sit around in their Countries getting rich while avoiding the process of working for money which the media fools really love to play with because they like their jobs too much and then of course it hear there is a story about relativity of matters over Cyber security which means UK operatives are spying on others which again is another term I suppose is used to explain what people are doing when they know they are doing the wrong things but it becomes a problem when their popular culture idiots and Fashion ones have come to love this prejudicial violence from a distance that they really love to shoot off at me all the time and they have come to love it way too much indeed as we. We have tried to guide the Americans on Russia and we have tried to guide them on China and the Pacific as well but they keep running this plan of a foreign Policy that will resolve itself only by war when people have an uncanny need to cash into the founding principles on which the US as a Country was built, whereas in actual fact most Chinese people have always loved to have a shop or two and do some business to raise money and there is a world of difference travelling there to see how people live and to enjoy what they have to offer.

I am not a Media hater or a Media hunter it’s just a matter of the case where the Christian is the weak link has now given way to an understanding of what Christians really do not like others doing; so when they complain about me and think I need to watch what I say lest somebody picks it up and kills others and their shrews/community croons go from chasing my anus and penis and doing corruptibility with my body fluids at me all the time to make out they are a version of Christianity that will always get the better of me to complaining about society failing to kill the man they have always complained is a threat to their ugliness in a sexual way, it all amounts to progress. But need I say more? In the Book of Genesis it was what Man said the Animals were that they became after God asked him to give them names and the Apostles spokes of wells of living water in the belly and how what you say affects people around you globally. Either way of which insults about competition over who is aesthetically the best man in Town that means I do not have the right to think when my livelihood depends on it because they will need my personal life for another purpose and of course their right wing media grooming people for criminal violence has now stopped.

They do claim they are trying to solve a problem while people like me are being uncooperative but I wouldn’t know, all I know is that when people stop they stop my stop not their stop whereby they have changed my quality of life around, they stop when I want and not when they like and yes they do say I am very selfish and uncharitable but it’s a matter of solving problems and what you solve them for; what we have here is a group of people that want to make use of my faith and personal life and in order to appear they need it they will find problems for themselves and turn up on media to do their bullying until society understands their need  and then they will tell me they want to make use of my faith without converting to it and I will be left to imagine what they expect is that I should become more gracious with what I have but it will always turn out that they have a problem with the faith but are after my financial well being to own it or destroy it in order to destroy the faith later and it is not clear how you want a faith so badly that you destroy it anyway  and this is where it turns up on that stupid media everyday a claim things are going the way they like it and they will get it out of me anyway with a big mouth.

They always claim such activities as mine always inevitably lead to wealth inequality but they would say that since even the Bible teaches that those who bury their talents will end up with the one talent to pay their creditors with and those who invest theirs will end up with many times more and a good relationship with their creditors to show for it. At this point they will say I have mentioned something about people investing their talents and we all know if hey cherry pick my stuff I will rip their own up again as it were – like 15 year unemployment because others find it amusing with needs and a media to show for it. So obviously they are still cherry picking my stuff so we need to continue right up to the story about my support for cuts in Military budgets which is never where they catch me over a barrel of course – I mean they do like to claim they are protecting me from people that are taking advantage when we all know that people are not buying my books because although the job of protecting others from right wing media bullying which Politicians need when they require their drag queens to drag those that have trouble being  led which means they want their own incentive and start to target moral and religious people financially  to groom them as victims of criminal violence and its much the same when their community croons and violent shrews want money and need to finger peoples bum and plug products into their business to extract an income on media and it’s the same when Industries want to handle peoples aptitudes instead of their own to make market with using the sales business which are classified thugs and vandals to do make the profits –so I know that if people saw what I did I would see more books and the reason I am not is because they are not seeing it and how it affects their ability to be free from listening to the case of their jobs being done by somebody else every single moment which is then a good thing to be listening to all the time after having the defences taken away as such both by Politicians and a recession  of which they will not give up even after the recession was long over with popular culture in place to ensure people do not develop an artificial defence for themselves as well. So in terms of Military budgets, we have enough buffers unlike the US where there is little buffer even for the unemployed, to ensure laid off soldiers understand why they have been and  it even comes down to the Queen’s Birthday Parade in which they show themselves off at their Best and it all comes together to show various laid off staff where they might have thought they were productive but were not, and the trouble makers where the Politicians said money has run out for instance but for these right wing media fools they have now done one better and Scotland needs to be an independent Country cherry picking my stuff and complaining about me as well.

They say there is no way I would know these things when I am not in the military but of course we all know it is another favourite past time of right wing media to cherry pick my stuff along the lines of question mark around whether I am Royalty or not, it means they cannot let me be by myself knowing I have to provide structure for senior security staff and leadership assistance for the junior ones and that if I don’t I will pay the price for it – so that the anus and penis insults do not offend me because I know what it is about but the problem is that of when Media and Industry are doing it as well distracting me from my academic work, ripping up my finances and making accusations of interference from me to be superior; which is much the same with security people – it’s an academically charged environment and after their training nothing else will detach them from the job and they do say it as well all the time the hey you are a hero, no I was only doing my job story. As for the Industries however there is an evil that they can never be detached from and it is the one that makes their neighbourhoods worth living in for them, the one that permeates consumerism and allows them an understanding that they have goods in the warehouse which people want and means they want to feel all those things are in place when they drive into their drive way at home every day, except the difference these days is that they want a Literary Empire that beings to a Christian Prince and nobody really can explain it. So I don’t care what their problem is and where it is leading; if they do not cherry pick my stuff any further they will have nothing to complain about e.g. Christian has spoken of those who bury their talents ending up with one talent to pay their creditors and those who invest their own ending up with more and a good relationship with their creditors, so more of that hay ho right wing media.

They do say I relish their interference of course and make an asset out of it with but I don’t, it’s a matter of what I  relish i.e. Chevron has no regard for my literary empire for instance and their idiots keep ripping up academic work and finances, so I have to assume Chevron thinks that when it destroys the environment with Oil spills, it has got to mean that people are afraid of its Managerial staff and that nobody noticed when they were planning it and so it is usually a loop hole that allows me to go after Chevrons Empire as well. These are mainly kids that couldn’t let mum and dad breathe on account they had needs living in the real world for a change – so that even what I eat must be taken up and done and taken over by a much more superior human being, but if I go down that route I will become really violent and if I leave it to law enforcement they will end up with a bad reputation.

They do say these kids that never allowed mom and dad breathe are the ones I cannot let be and it is absolute nonsense; the truth is that they have stories of how much they control me all lined up, how much I always end up doing what they want all lined up, enough lies and accusations that allow things to happen to me before the truth is realised all lined up right up to the peace and quiet in my office being deployed daily by pals I don’t want or know anything about all lined up – so they are not listening, they are still cherry picking my stuff and I cannot do my academic work and sell my Books and above all I cannot be left alone with my Royal Estate which I need to be and that means always a head that is located in the Middle Class so they can have an excuse to pillage all they want and keep up such a history.

Now I have no idea why I have to deal with that process of claims what I say and do affects what Politicians do at their jobs in an adverse way; it really doesn’t – what happens is that when people complicate my affairs and I rise to the challenge, what they do with that is set out that I have developed for them another task on how to dominate and rule me which then increasingly get violent; so if I say that supposing I shot him, they would say it is an assassination and not a fight in which he lost, they would say I speak of it as though it is not a bad thing but it is a bad thing alright and that is why these things happen and they claim the reasons is that my reaction to such matters is amusing. I mean my State Provided security is based on surveillance, so because of that every idiot wants to handle some secret service equipment and spy on others – but unlike their stupidities, I rather need my state provided security and there is a point at which their insults develop and I will take very serious actions for my part as well – I mean the fact civil rights idiots cannot have enough of getting on media to talk nonsense at me and they cannot have enough of getting on media to challenge me and get on my breathing in some way does not annoy me half as much as their journalists having a need to replace respect for me with a need to get between me and the Royal Family to secure some feeling that has become a fix for them. The problem with these guys is simple that they really have become blinded by their own ego and therefore fail to see they are dealing with another statesman who is actually more successful than they are, such that whenever they have to deal with that fact and what effects their insults are dealing it resorts to a story of the bad things in their society they are keeping away from me which is supposed to take the place of respect and I always say not enough have died yet over it too as it were. So the general idea is that I make money from selling Books to fans and get to share with the trouble makers but I wish to customise that, meaning I will do no such thing but apparently it is the older generation that has thrown their lives away on such nonsense that are the biggest problem I face at the moment and it still comes down to the same old game of stupid people and the processes concerned with being taken advantage of by Celebrity, hence runs into the same routes about the next people I will pay a lot of attention to over matters of seeing them stay away from my Books and outside of my space. It’s rather interesting when the fashion idiots share the insults about being affiliated with persons that are far better human beings than I am - I really cannot put my hand on why it does not annoy me even though I get a fair sense of what the reasons for that are.

I am aware of that talk of how if I say anything about expenses and pay of their Politicians it can develop to a point where I get into real trouble and of course the reality is that there is no place on this planet where such a point can actually materialise; by the way of which the Politicians are actually the ones that set about destroying every single means by which wages can be calculated and settled because it hurts them when somebody who is paid £12 an Hour for instance works a 50 hour week to earn more than they do considering they are Ministers of Parliament and people have no right to earn more money than they do but when they are not doing it we live in a backward country and the persecution of moral people will detach them from an early family life leading so HRT statistics being at an all time high at present and it is the same behaviour with everything else. In their case however it is an old story about pretending that you are not looking for trouble when you see people are bigger than you but set out to find them sit at street corners to smoke marijuana then invite them home for dinner because you are being nice, until they start to get through your door at will and then your safe as well – so this is what Politicians are doing for people when they bankroll popularity to target individuals and make up the reasons to attacking people like that as they go along including the ownership of personal lives that people do not deserve. So they say there is no way I can back up the fact no such thing as getting into trouble for talking about the pay of Politicians who have tea with their mates over government matters which they find stimulating as well but that is not really true and now they know what I really think about them and why I never respond to their stupidities and they now know it is the Politicians that are causing the response too, so they can tell what I will back up and what I cannot. I do not think it has ever been a crisis; its half the time pack mentality salesmen who know that if they express a gaff at your expense when they stand up on a stage to entertain a crowd it will affect your book sales but become really obsessed with entertaining their fans in such ways, will think there is no way you will find access to them and then start to send them meaningful mail to make them stop but of course overall which it is their need and desire to destroy my property and public work that is at the heart of this problem this exist – the other hand is popular culture idiots getting Politicians to detach you from your career so society can have access to your personality and then when they issue threats concerning how much trouble you will get into if they see you anywhere near a celebrity people will think you have done the wrong thing and therefore deserve it, so they always end up with a response from me which says they know where my public life is and can deploy it to please a celebrity to make their own money as well if they want to find out how I get to do it as it were – and then thirdly the one I nearly missed out is the Industry ones that are now being made to work for their money no matter how they get to do so and there is therefore an ending in sight to a process of extracting an income from me violently more so in order to preserve themselves and teach their stupid children that it is how to preserve themselves and ensure they never work for their money; anybody for whom they were a major problem would do it and somebody was always going to eventually anyway.  I am not going to get into any trouble for saying anything about the pay of their Ministers – the problem is that they have a distorted view of what I think about them. I hear they say it’s a matter of living in the City and respecting the way people live there but so is it a matter of the fact the customers will never accept I have done enough over my Books unless the Celebrities stop taking advantage of me, so I don’t see how their mouth wagging about getting into trouble if I speak of the pay of their Politicians helps the problem – at the moment my question is that of whether I can reason with them. Of which they do say such threats will come to nought of course and no such thing is ever going to happen when I can always ensure that they lose; I mean when I make friends with women it is because we have parents and they can be very strict besides which with the world their stupidities have built up we need to encourage our parents to become more extreme as well but since I last checked and it was free for all, every idiot to be a part of and the things I do to them is not hurting badly enough, there is no way they will dangle that stupid celebrity in my face and have it completely destroyed so we can find out what it is they can do about it well anyway. Ultimately is the question of whether the part whereby I am the kind of guy whose life and career is used to improve other peoples own is the name their parents gave them as well? Ultimately is the question of whether the part whereby I am the kind of guy whose life and career is used to improve other people lot is the name their parents gave them - so the function of their stupid jobs might be to work on me instead of working on it.