The grand story of how I am stuck in a losing battle over finances - whereas I am only aware not of a case of finances but a case of a society and its ageism that produces very destructive idiots that have no respect for my person, public work or possessions whose position the Politicians like to exploit without fail and of course half the other time they are not being such destructive idiots of which they are largely more concerned with how they can get to offer me a job at their own Time Table.

So there are these questions I am supposed to answer concerning why I feel my Books are more important than human life as such, which is not the same as the fear that ISIL might destroy ancient monuments in Syria. What mine is about is the fact I don’t care if people get killed as much as I care if pages of my Books are abused, so the Books are more important than people’s lives and they need to stop taking my breath away with their stupidities being seen on media making up their tales about how they would buy my Books or let people do so but the problem being the way it makes people feel when people read it. In the first place getting involved with people below your class is actually hurtful because of course you need to say one thing to them many times before they understand and usually a lot of the times they understand only after you had given up on them and left them, so your absence and inexistence leads to a process where they get to understand what you were saying to them all along but then again in  your absence they can claim it for themselves and become famous and this has thus become what they want like second nature especially stupid black men whose corruption I had cut to pieces over their insults years before finding it hard still to learn some manners and respect. The problem of course is that their stupidities has exactly the same effect on me but for me there is nothing to claim in their absence which is why their stupid celebrities have begun to feel they will manipulate me into position and challenge my existence at a Law Court and win and I am interest as well. The bottom line is that we hurt each other when we get involved with each other and they are the ones winning the game because I sooner had become the guy people hurt in order to get good things; so if they push me over the fact my books are more important than their stupid lives it will be proven in a very practical way. I have to wake up to it every day and cannot breathe, the fact the same people I have designed the pricing of my Books to exclude have control of my company and its markets and would buy the books or let people buy except the problem is concerned with how the books make people feel due to its content facts, looking for trouble all the time.

As a result there is that tale told all over the place of how I think I can take on Celebrities who clearly want to teach me lessons in a Law Court but it’s not a matter of whether I can take them on as much as it is a matter of what happens and what does not happen around here so we can find out as it were; for it has always been a simple case of keeping track of those times when celebrities are nice being brothers and sisters and fellow countrymen because you know already that they can never communicate with anybody in an honest way so they might save their wealth and spend other peoples own an enjoy some mob justice for it at the end as well, so you wait and wait for the time when the bullying starts and then you will be able to make reference to all the records you must have kept previously –so in my case the records are there and there is enough tracking to ensure if I pay a private investigator, the exact time in which they invented the songs they have made can be located and compared against where I was and what I did with my public life which they had chased into, to make those songs instead of sing songs about their lives or their own songs no matter how much it distresses me for them to do it and how much trouble it makes for me and financially so especially. I personally have no plans to win a fight against them at Court in the regular way, I want to win such that whether or not I lose what I do about their need to handle my public life and my privacy to get riches and fame by selling it to the crowd with a song or two is to make it a latest and most recent example in a law Court so as to get the Judge to throw out their stupidities and that is why my social networking sites does a lot of good in that respect – it is obviously never enough as it were. I have never thought it a problem for my part anyway, it’s a simple story of the fact I will only lose a case against them if it turns up in Court that they are not Royalty and be it my life and public work they are after or another Ones own, they have no right to it and which of course it is an example of how they will win too, unless perhaps the Monarchy helps them out by sending out a message that my supposition that I am Royalty is based on a figment of my imagination, which is actually very unlikely to happen because I am popular at the Monarchy for my part anyway i.e. you are supposed to meet the Queen and speak to her and assure her the curtsey that people are not using her own to get things done but because I have difficulty talking like everybody else do in a cultural manner, I tend to write mine instead as such, so they know if they push me I will rip up that stupid celebrity of theirs as well. They do these things all the time, involvement and a need to find something around your work and personal life that you are unable to do, so they might do it and be superior to you because they believe that they are ripping up everything else in the process, now they think they want to teach me lessons in a Law Court on account I have shown signs of letting down my guard to deal with whatever it is they have as a case with me in an alternative way. So we can always carry on from where we left off; I twist them and pull them apart and string them along and pull their intestines and they solicit community croons to spy on me and do the same too to steal my work for them to get famous with and it continues to get worse while they find ways of complaining to top members of the Royal Family, it shows they don’t like it themselves when people use their own to get things done the celebrity. As for teaching me a lesson, I think they are bluffing. As I mentioned before, we hurt each other when we get involved with each other – if not because of the differences in our social class it is because my Christian faith is such that I can handle matters of social and even criminal violence, it is not the stuff of milk for children but they will not accept that as the truth because they are superior to me, they will complicate things and feel they have a right to be living breathing human beings that other people do and it will carry on like that over and over and over and over and will be all over the place while they mock and insult claiming they have got power – at the end of the day I may change their lives for the better for getting involved with me but that again will be a harm that I have done for nobody asked me to as such and that will mean distant violence for me all over the place, so why exactly they like to get involved with me cannot be explained by anything that is fundamentally rational, people have to stop talking nonsense about not believing in either God or that the devil exists first but for them all together it’s a matter of taking those stupid risks because this only compounds the pre-existing problem of the fact stepping out of m y door will always result in an idiot talking to a DJ in a studio to find out if a person of a certain temperament can be abused and used to make fame and fortune for them, they are still issuing their stupid threats around here because they think I have not had enough of them.

In their defence they say I have made so many enemies that are all over the place at the Monarchy that it would be impossible for me to get any support for anything which is utter nonsense too; same old story about African leaders and their silly relatives, who think they are real Royalty and I am not when we all know they are the stupid children of their parents that got elected into government office a few years into my life time but of course mentioning that would be one of those occasions in which I will get into trouble for humiliating entire Countries, so it apt they turn up at the Monarchy to complain – by the way of which they are not there to make enemies either as well. An old story where I am said to be happy to go out and look for trouble whereas we see what these idiots have devised as their new freedom based small business prosperity these days, they cannot stop targeting me for it and it’s really difficult to kick them without being approved by the Queen due to the fact it is so widespread and such a headache if I was to do myself down as such. So it is the celebrities that live this existence where they fools move in somewhere to chase peoples anus and penis and so on, not me – the importance of it is the stupid women they have in their celebrity communities that steal people’s lives along with their media fools, for them to get rich with because they spend their celebrity money on the trinkets the idiots sell too and hence in their interest to work on me the way they do instead of their jobs; so it’s obvious when it makes them uncomfortable to live in a world where people chase anus and penis, what they do is set me out to be sacrificed for it because I have a good temperament and my personal life can be used for all sorts of privileges they think they now have money to buy and it is the reason they are complaining as well and I don’t think that will ever stop too. The rest as just idiots that either do me favours to tell me what language I am supposed to use rather than buy my books i.e. the behaviour of these celebrities affect them and I am able to do something about that but I must be made to exist in a condition where it is all on me so that they can be free from it since in their view that is the only way to solve the problem; hence get people out of a condition where anus and penis is being chased and cover yourself to ensure they don’t damage your business because they certainly will to see to it that it is your anus and penis that is being chased instead; so I don’t know which part of a Book that was written an academic endeavour which has nothing to do with them that they have failed to understand, failed to understand before it leads to trouble; I have to deal with this all the time – they like me but I break their hearts whereas my books are written to give people security against society because it makes people stupid and retarded and costs people their livelihood and future all together as such and above all destroys peoples children, what they are suggesting is that I am likely to write such a book and seek out a way of selling it that means they can turn up here an every tom dick and harry to fuck with me as much as they might wish to and it is a really stupid assumption too. It’s a simple reality that if I protect people from having their anus and penis chased around I ought to be able to ensure mine does not get chased around – even the pricing of my books was designed by me to exclude these fools and I am only mentioning I have had enough of them showing up on media to indicate everything I do is to their benefit and then threatening me after, especially over their need to tell me which language I ought to use as well, had enough of them. They do excuse themselves with claims I interfere with people when they are doing famous jobs which is utter nonsense – my business at the Monarchy is curetted by those who do it because they are the ones that curate things, I am supposed to go out there, sleep well, eat well, dress well, speak well and fly a certain flag, not become a Prince that has a job – so when they want to teach me a celebrity lesson at the Law Court they might want to bear it in mind as well and I would like it if they clear my space and cease their involvement with the ladies at Court as well. It’s never been a difficult matter for me as I have mentioned before; my Books are more important than their lives and they can lower class take it how they want, the reality is still that they want it as if their lives depend on it but will not buy their copy because of how it makes them feel and then there is the part where it matters to them and they bully me for the information – so the books can save lives but it is clearly not their lives that are going to be saved by it, I need to cut them lose. It does not in any way make me vulnerable to mention it – they are already teaching me lessons at the law Courts with a big mouth, it is important I consolidate my grip on my position as a very selfish Prince without which there is no survival. They do say I have a problem because I am not good look enough to be like them and it is utter nonsense too – I have already made it clear what the problem is, like a Prince that works for money and when people appear on National TV is all filthy and everything because their corruptions of involvement makes it so and it happens on account that they exist, needless to say their stupid fame and fortune celebrity threats will get them into trouble before the situation improves. I say and do the things I say and do to them and about them and their big mouth because it is important to ensure people are always chasing their anus and penis and making them feel filthy all the time too – so they can always keep their insults where it can be appreciated or they can stand their ground, put up a fight and stop complaining, I have personally made myself clear on the matter, I would like it if they cleared my space.

They do speak of the feeling that they now live in the 40s and have ever less freedom than ever but it’s an old story, people get involved with an Author to buy his books, not to send out evil community croons to attack him and sit down on media becoming maestros for it every day to steal his public life to get famous with which leads to this outcome where there is a lot of pretence the victim is not aware of it and has come to accept it as what his life is due to the intensity of the abuse; it’s the old story of whether I will continue to skip the need for hurting people until they had rounded up every aspect of my living and set about such things as writing letters to employers to get me sacked if I don’t behave how they want, considering they have already taken up 15 years of my time so far. This is what I was born to be, what I was raised to be, what I was trained to be and they are nothing, need to find their own level and degree and set about being a bully there, it’s the only way to ensure they have time to move on with other things that may have mattered to their stupidities which gives others the chance to do so with themselves as well and hence not thereby risking peoples human rights, or they can turn up here and live in the 40s. It’s all very well showing up that stupid villainy all the time to pretend people do  not want to kill them whereas we all know that is not true and I would like it if they cleared my space and we can see it’s all very amusing but when it is not amusing they are living in the 40s and have even less rights than they have ever had; it goes without saying people get involved with an Author to buy his Books and they can stay out of the Royal Estate if they don’t want to end up in the Books as well. It’s not a problem for me as such in a wider sense- it’s just that they mention that it feels as though they are living in the 40s and have less rights than they have ever had, its beggars belief that people would say such things when the need to ensure that the services you provide through your books are not seen on you because they want to manipulate you to provide services through your work and business at their beck and call without reason or purpose, hence every security must be countered, has now given way to daily experiments on media to find out if they can use the publicity to scare and intimidate and abuse others into not doing business with me, so I cannot understand where exactly they are coming from with this claim they have less rights than ever before but above all is the question of why they like to do that stupid experiment of theirs day in and day out considering this was their own stupid lives as it were with that foolish media. We are here because they talked too much and have now seen what I am made of; if it hurts they need to leave me alone as we are not mates; I wrote my Books in their view and gave up every fact in it to them for this very reason – it’s crunch time now and we are going to find out what they are going to do as the stupid Christian who gets off the evils he was born into, so that he might hurt himself preaching none violence so people can take advantage of him, has now given way to daily experiments on media to find out if they can bully and attack and intimidate people into not doing business with me, which now has to finish off on the fact people get involved with an Author to buy his Books. We know they have been reading my Books even as I write the prototypes and their ability to bully me has been at the heart of what they must do to influence the world and change decisions in their favour to become alpha and Omega in people’s lives and not their own, now we must hear how it ends and I can understand they have less rights than ever which is why I have put it to conversation so they can see where their fucking rights are meant to have been located – for every neighbourhood bullying I put up with there is always the initial subliminal message sent out by a media idiot with his or her irregular heart beat TV, they are going to keep off me and leave me alone and cease to be found anywhere near my public life and my livelihood and it is clear they are not going to do it in their own way, so I have to be prepared to ensure they do it in mine. I understand it never ceases to turn up on media of a case of how I store up problems for others, when we know they are bullies and that is why people like to detach their personality and move into their right hand as well and because they are is the reason they want to move into mine too with media but that aside however; the reality here is that they will gather and get Politicians to help them rip up my finances because they have this desire to get on public places to compound their need to be seen telling me what to do and gloating over me as I do it which is primarily born out of a hatred for my morals and religion and the need to be the ones that attack me when I know of what I should do but fail to have done it and still for the Politicians is yet again another obsession with a bubble that exists between their offices and the prison service by which they can ensure I am always going round in circles financially for the sake of their ego and prestige of which there has been 15 years of my time spent on it while they make up the benefits of it as they go along – so I am not one of those people who share their hope that these complains and accusations of their insane media will change a thing – it’s the same feeling to time and time and time again finish a project and realise people have been snooping behind you and the finances are  back to square one, you cannot tell anymore if it is about the project or about the finances nor can you tell what their problem is or why they think that was the purpose of government offices. The matter of distant violence which I cannot respond to but gets the better of me and if I do respond to it will cost me everything when people handle my business on media while I have no way of defending myself and hence have to put up with it until it costs me everything in the end never the less is not an emotive issue - it seems that when you are White doing business in Africa means African idiots cannot let your livelihood be because you are white, when they do travel to the UK, the things British businesses do to them becomes their main point of call for black people, which also means they cannot leave your livelihood alone in the UK if you are black but that said, the problem is still the white community; fools from the Labour Party and Tory scum in fine cloths talking nonsense especially about where they put the confidence of their money when nobody did ask them about it, always better to mention it would have been acceptable to be cleverer than they look apparently; I have tried to dodge this whole matter of ending up in a place where there is a very clear set out state of affairs which makes it clear I hate popular culture people and they hate me in turn as well and these fools can continue to do the distant violence if they wanted and it will only see us get to that point really quickly - there is nothing out of the ordinary about it, the grooming people for and getting on media to enforce anus and penis insults have a purpose and its purpose is to ensure that people find it easier to just get off and be prostitutes for instance than they find it to sit in a class room to study, so that for instance they are not done fighting their terrorists friends yet, they are only seeking more enemies as it were, it is as though when they bite off more than they can chew on an instance they find some way to bite off more than they can chew somewhere else to make it better (of course we hear them say they never knew this is what I was thinking naturally because they always like to think others are not aware of what they are doing and that their lies convinces everybody but it is hard to deny these facts when they happen everyday and people like to pretend you buy your television so they can talk through to you and that there is no way you can take such a took away from them after they had taken up 15 years of your time, wrecked your academic work and placed you in unemployment and 30,000 in debt to the student loans company so they might build obfuscates with your personal life and deploy your temperaments to make themselves fame and fortune with the problems they have sown in it and so on - so I do feel they need to get off my media equipment and turn up at my place to say whatever it is they think they have the bloody boldness to say, so we can find out what they are made of as well: so far its a matter of how they will steal my career and personal life making excuses that it gets in their face, which if the frivolities and destruction actually does eventually pay off as Politicians continue to deploy State office to play it up for them, I will change the West of them as they know it too for my part: we hear I could never back up anything I say of course but its a matter of whether or not they can show me where their tourism and deviance economy that works alongside snooping all over corridors of International communities, is supposed to be these days anymore without facing more serious consequences than they already have and of course this can always continue until I build a public life on it all together as well. Either way I will turn up in public for them at some stage, so they will have all the opportunity they need to blab at me thereof but for now they know what he is thinking as it were. Its always been that simple, I could never get my head around a process where they followed me into a Bank and it was a bad day thereof for those who work there and the story made it to media where it is said I was meant to do something about it but these are examples of people I do need to ensure remain the way they are permanently, so that I can sell my Books as it were, all together of which does get to solve the problem in the end anyway - its always been this simple all round, idiots that want to be able to get out of bed to spend mine - the stupid media they have has now become a tool for fighting me 100% no spare allowances as such and they continue to blow their big mouth off at me which means it will end very well too; I have no idea what people do expect me to do when I hate these behaviour anyway, perhaps they think I am going to chase around the fame Industry when it is the Politicians spending tax payer funds to make idiots famous so they might seek my public life and make me a Statesman that is not getting paid - they do have trouble letting people be and their nature in this respect is quite unfathomable - so far Mr Obama who is clearly at the top of the pile is the one ending up with every cent spent on them leading to a loss and that is what the distant violence and abuses are all about with the big mouth, the rest are easy pickings and they are all aware of that too. But I never knew it was a marvelous reality since I tend to do it all the time i.e. the only way to ensure idiots do not get famous so they might chase your public life and turn you into somebody who is doing public service without getting paid, making sure the Politicians cannot bankroll it was always the only way - the more they turn up around my Office especially the diplomatic part to sit around on media and explain their problems is the more annoying it gets.). The Point I am making is that of the simple fact I do not feel as though I hate popular culture and fame idiots at this point but the distant abuses especially the sexual context ones will get us to that point very quickly indeed, they have not got enough to hold me back like they think they do.