The claim I sleep with peoples wives and generally live a life of making couples suspicious actually has no basis on reality or truth – what happens is that when I create my Court of female journalists because I need  free staff at Government Office, anybody can join it if they spin up some public statement with popular culture with which to like they destroy everything else around here and set about boasting for doing so all the time; this is how men have turned out to develop a society state of affairs built entirely around lies and rumours that I sleep with peoples wives and make couples suspicious of each other. Then there is that question of course of what I need the Court for since in their view, if I stand at the Shop or the Shop of my employer and am faced with customers trying to find out if I know what is going on and end up knowing nothing about anything, that is generally a very good thing as it were and yes they also ask why customers would need current affairs to try to find out if you are keeping up because the world obviously revolves around disobedient men on the left and destructive men on the right and stupid evil women getting really busy a commotion to help them get rich all over the place  as far as they are concerned.

So this story always immediately first moves onto the part where saying such things has made my career vulnerable with that big mouth and I am going to chase up those their stupid girl friends that are always turning up to build me a history whereby I got into violent activity with culture and society goons and they weakened me until I got hurt or killed to build a status whereby while they got married, I got killed which they can then boast about – and I will chase them right up to Asia as well and it will come to one of those occasions we all know it will come to as this is a matter about which we have shown up several times before, so they can hurt themselves until they cannot sleep at night and start bothering me again. People are only ever safe when these idiots have no exit and that is why I never discuss this matter of whether it is true or not that I sleep with peoples wives; since it spears every time I shut down any exit they might have, some of these idiots who have high IQs and are building me a history of violence will turn up and do so, to fabricate these goons a statement and get off on media to help them get attention and thereby forge an escape with my public work and public life and sit around pretending they and their stupid children are the women that will give birth to another when they get killed and hence like to turn up and do their own version of my job, talking nonsense about a stupid British Country that gives an illiterate government office to play with, while on the other hand needing the entire parliament and National treasury just to handle my finances and cause delay to run off to Universities and turn out in public with high IQ they can compare with their so called dunce and yet time and again take these risks like they can handle me on their own.

I want trying to get people all hairy on the matter; I am only saying unless I missed out the part where it is a government Office and has to be managed and is not necessarily about people with high IQ which I have to manage while their high IQ exists or not otherwise we have a problem, then that should be it on the story of me sleeping with peoples wives.  So they have always had high IQ which got them noticed by The Queen and gave them a Royal commission some 15 years ago or perhaps it’s a recent event; I simply don’t think the statement that they belong on the left and that this kind of behaviour is expected is actually good enough – it’s good for the celebrities because the only thing those ones want to do in life is find somebody to tie down and completely destroy in order to have babies in the personal life of such a person where they will have a future that is safe once done with their stupidities that make them rich but for these guys, what they need at all times is proper leadership.

They do say I know nothing of that stuff on the left that people do to fight for and protect others but I have no idea why I would need it anyway – there are only two sources of money in the world and one of it is the Central Banks which print it and the other are the people that give it to you  - when they do they always attach conditions and if they don’t you end up doing so in the end, hence the best option is still always to work for it, I have no need for anything people do on the left to fight for and protect themselves and others and those who destroy all I do for money are always after one thing only and that is a quick and early comfortable retirement which is clearly something I can spend too – it’s precisely as I feared i.e. when they cash into my public life to get rich and famous will they make the money and go their way and leave me to go mine until the whole thing gets shut down by itself or will they make it personal – if in the former, then they are real celebrities and if in the latter its twisted evil culture scum owning everything in the world and what has happened is the latter – so they have crossed that line of what I am willing to lose in my ventures in life on account evil people exist and that is how it starts to stop as well, whoever told them they are celebrities must have been an insane as they are.

It’s like this story of a problem people are having with Government promise of free child care Hours; it will never make sense why people do so anyway – taxes are supposed to have been government money and if my employer was not willing to take into account my mobility costs and other costs, I can move and live closer to work – so the taxes are no negotiable and I have no idea why people cannot see it is theft; I really believe the government should set out measures on the precedence of people  protesting free child care Hours for parents that cannot afford it for instance to pursue more vigorously the tax evasion and tax avoidance problem that has become endemic since it happens because in an economy where people are paid by the Hour others are having time to find out if taxes were their own cash all along and I still have trouble locating why the government is unable to see how evil it really is. Question over the matter now is how they know which parts of their taxes are used by the Government to pay for free child care hours all together. And it is the same behaviour when they claim the British are Lazy as we all know that if people spend all day long taking away the essence of a person as a community, then the person will become lazy – in their case they are the ones doing it, they are the lazy ones, they are accusing the British of being lazy – so that its much the same old minority nonsense all the time and all is well unless they turn mine upside down i.e. I have to make the majority comfortable and take personal responsibility for them when they come to my Business – explanation; I am a discount electronics shop and five bus stops down the road is a chocolate shop but since they are minority, they do not do chocolate often and that means if the majority in my business of which a certain portion do the chocolate shop down the road shuts down economically, it’s not just my shop going out but the chocolate shop as well, so things are interlinked and I am not their spare leader while Obama for example since he is the most popular of the lot, is the real leader, I am not their spare resources. We do hear the likes talk about some injustice that is responsible for their financial problems but I am a typical example, where between 2001 and 2003 the prime basis of all they did was to spend more than 80% of their time to do that which appeared impossible, in the form of bulling a 21 year old that was not vulnerable to them financially without having a relationship with him and that generally meant screwing around with my public life in order to facilitate mobility for extremists who wanted to get involved in the financial services and the Industries – between 2004 and 2008 was when the whole thing continued right down to ripping up my studies at University and in all that time had no time for their own finances and even in 2012 when I started studying at the CILEX, they were still going to the colleges to play the role of the scorned fathers doing the same and now that I am down to my last penny so to speak, that is what they want to share to make me do what I don’t want to do using their big size that would have made them money and made them financially comfortable if they deployed it to work and stopped complaining about women doing things that affect them when it really doesn’t: so not everybody buys into those insolent populous public appearances nonsense about injustice, besides which is the question of where they keep their own last penny as well so I can share that too as it were. I am not saying so because what women do harms me as such; it doesn’t – what harms me is when I am disposed in a condition where I think my lot is not an even match, whereas if everybody that sets out their own costs and benefits and gets about using their own stuff to get things done for community and themselves were collected I would be the biggest and most powerful, hence it is an even match – these guys however are telling tales when they claim their problems and the difficult existence they complain about is either somebody else’s fault or a function of injustice. I have warned them enough about turning out to disturb me intensely in order to move into my right hand and I have never thought it was enough to say they being on the right and are used to their current behaviour – this process of always pushing me into a disposition of making more female than male friends is something they do to pump me for information they can get rich with and turn out in public to handle my products without buying them while I use their dishonest and thieving lives to make the products; so they never really learn. They do say hitting people socially and culturally is never really my main objective either but it was always what they tend to complain about as a result – the real issue is that each time I get a job, it can never be a job I am in charge of, to decide what I do, it has to be the job they have an opinion about, a job between me, them and my employer, while they start to run wild immediately and decade how I behave on account I have the job or I will lose it, leading to the moving into my right hand thing I have warned them about time without number as well and their need to handle my products and not buy copies of their own at the market as it were; I want them off the Books and to clear my space and that need to pass around subliminal messages that always end with kids around with guns and knives and how I could get into trouble because I look like something others will want to stab or shoot, whether there is a curb on the road on which I can hit my face, whether I have a bum they feel like fingering, whether I may lose my job because I ended a day at work and was tired and hungry as a result and could lose the job because I look like it’s too much for me already and all that nonsense they really enjoy making me terribly tired with – get off my Books clear my space and do not move into my right hand, all these other statements in their own right will lead to even more trouble – I am just giving them as a society as much information as there is to give. Three things only, not the end of the world; they need to stop getting involved with me, never ever move into my right hand, get off my Books and clear my space – or for those statements about kids with guns and knives, a curb I should hit my face on, cars I should get hit by, my bum to be fingered, bottles randomly lying across the street and where they should break and stab and losing a job because everybody can see it is obviously too much for me, there will continue to be serious consequences and that society and culture I will selling up for them as well because if they were selling it to make the money they need so much I wouldn’t be in this position. Of course it isn’t true that I do all I do to stay out of trouble with them which their Politicians like to throw in my face like a revenge that comes to me unexpected thing and it does not and never really has that effect – what happens is that I write my Books and they pick up passages of it and get on media to ensure the Books were written about sacred areas of their culture which will require them to practice some violence on me, when it wasn’t and it is not the only time they get to cross that line after abuses and insults get so intense that I realise I am being made to write my Books about them so they can make me shut down the career and own that part of my life due to the fact they are pure evil and always want to handle and use other persons and human beings in such ways having garnished their stupidities with those they have hurt in the past looking for somebody they will abuse into doing something about them too; so every time I put them in their place and establish normalcy for everybody else to decide what their own choices to be and they happen to cross that line like that and decry a better time that existed for their type in the past like the 1980s when they could do and undo, to destroy my finances and make noise I use my own to do it in order to avoid getting into trouble with them, neither God nor the Devil will be involved as it were: so the three issue stand i.e. they need to get off my Book sales and clear my space, never ever move into my right hand and stop getting involved with me. It’s not really about winning or losing, it’s about leading and ruling; I don’t share this Office with anybody, I do not share responsibility in this Office with anybody; my Public life is very important to me, my Books and the sales of it is very important to me; these are examples of things people might want to be forewarned about sharing or making use of along the assumption I wouldn’t mind and that it is their insults that will be the death of them. For the labour party and its MPs that are extremely fund of turning out in public with statements about what they have whispered to their community idiots and how I will writhe in abuse and derogation in order for them to deploy my work and my books and career to look good to the public, I have made a statement of intent to get into a fight with that stupid Labour Party and really increasingly feel like starting it myself.

So there is that talk of the Politicians threatening me but it’s a trait they all share; Tony Blair did it, getting out of Downing street to chase me around the streets of London talking about somebody that stole the Prime Ministers aesthetics, looking for some kid God had blessed in a Unique way to pervert in order to develop oratory he never knew he had and then it became life threatening at some stage as well since I couldn’t simply just stop being myself all together, after which like they all do, he became my personal God and the safety and security of his Children became my problem because I am older and the abuse goes on like that over and over and the range of Politicians from that stupid party that are doing it becoming more and more lower status time and time and time again; what the whisper to their society goons and the violence that is coming to me of which is the reality I don’t have any more sense of resolve because they work so hard on it – holding me down financially, sending out stupid black women to decide when I am angry and when I am not in order to determine how to ensure their children that they will then build up from there endlessly will clash with me and then it will happen and they will be happy at last, assuming that is how anything will play out and have no plans to go into that government office of theirs in peace and keep their insults to themselves for a change in 15 years so far, instead of being seen talking nonsense that set out a premise about how I want to go out for my part and assume they will live through it. They ask why of course which is almost incredible as it were but the why being I had extracted gay from their personal live a push comes to shove basis to see what they are going to do about it and of course the main reason for it is that they turn up here too often for their own good and this is not their own lives – the stupid loser, leftist popular culture scum threatening me all the time. We all know the African ones that turned up in the UK on the basis of being told it’s a place where they could do whatever they like and a fair society that will work in their favour, now hate my guts because nothing in it is as they were told it would be but then again I don’t see why I am the target anyway, the manner in which I returned to the UK should have ensured they never got to follow me around being a menace except that the Labour Party exists and they don’t make their own choices as it is made for them while their nature is rude and progresses from there to violence and the things I have done since I returned to the UK had encouraged even less people following me around of which the reverse is what they have chosen to do, so now they are here to spend their own as well. Otherwise I am only interested in Africans that fit considering improved relations between our Politicians and theirs, Africans that fit where trade relations and other relevant issues are concerned, if they have to get involved with my life as it were – they clearly can see that when black people have a reputation for violent integration after which they pretend racists do not know the people they murder personally and therefore kill at random, they are supposed to do the opposite to a point of extreme consideration like I do if they want my life – we are not talking about Muslim ones who realise they have stigma of packaged and suicide bombs hanging over them as a people but still regularly get off to leave their bags at peoples premises randomly and when I say it is inconsiderate talk nonsense about me getting into trouble, which of course I never did as it were.  They speak of how I think I rule which is utter nonsense as the way it works is that it is the manner in which The Queen has set up her business that we must all follow – people who talk like that make no sense whatsoever, however they are not more important than I am and that is an end to the commotion on it, just like the story of what I say about George Bush causing problems in the US which is utter nonsense too; I mean he was very happy to get into international community offices to approve a process where stupid black women that want to take advantage of me on account they enjoy Aid from the US could do whatever they wished and it was like going global with the one same problem where they never do what their Mothers and Wives want them to do at the republican party and then have difficulty handling the celebrities and popular culture goons but take their problems out on those who handle it and keep their Royal Office impeccably. They complain I have taken this whole sense of problem solving to a whole new level dragging a Royal Estate all over a mess with it without consideration for those who are dealing with their over enslavement but of course the truth is that when I do my self assessment at home they go home from work and sleep during that time and by morning get on media to complicate my life and attack me violently on claims I do my job with the one aim of making them lose their own and it’s just one more thing I have done apart from pricking their feelings when they turn up in my life of their own accord which makes them feel like killing me; so I would like it if they stopped getting involved with me, stopped trying to move into my right hand, got off my Book sales and cleared my space and if they don’t want over enslavement stop having ideas about how I am doing my job to create that sense I can only keep it if they are pleased which result is always that I lose it because they have not actually got a clue what they are doing and of course stop the threats to that effect as it will never cease to bring up a whole new Pandora’s box. We see them boast for it all the time that when I see the media I think I can take it on and now I have it I cannot – whereas I don’t go into an office to ensure I spend time complicating another person’s job on account I would find it amusing and so I have issued my warning and this is a taste of what they should expect. I have not spoken of it in this much detail because social issues had to clear out of my system idiots whose mothers will give birth to another one and have a regular habit of turning up to take away my tools each time I am at work, in order to stand around doing their own as well for attention; like the attention politicians spend our tax payer funds to force us to pay to popular culture so they can build on for fame and fortune that they have not worked for which continues to encourage them to turn up around my concerns to set up shop for revenge against their enemies and tell me I problem solve without a care for how difficult their lives are.