We hear the story of sounds I make that people find un-pleasurable as a result of some involvement with my Intellectual space facilitated by the US NSA and other idiots at Dutch and British secret service mostly but then again it is rather difficult to locate exactly what retarded low lives that are better off being poetic whores considering their flawed sense of right and wrong and excused hatred for religion are doing in other peoples personal lives, save the fact that they want to find sounds there that they deem to be un-pleasurable to them? Otherwise they are meant to be a lot more busier with gossips and popular culture to facilitate a process where they can mess about with things others have put together to afford their own personal stability and pensions – money lovers who do not want to be stimulated for it as it were getting us all to believe that homosexuality is all normal and good of which it has now come to the point of things happening on the basis of who is scared of whom with respect to me but their big mouth is seen on media still all the time.

Talk of unstable governments coming therefore from those who prioritise stability itself as far below the need to secure Industrial control of other peoples skills and qualification and replace them at will through mechanisation - which will enhance the power of their fat pensions, is not a disposition that is likely to stick where facts and figures are concerned and by the way of which besides the fact people ought to get rich where they are being stimulated and keep their violent love of money out of other peoples personal lives, people should get rich where they are being stimulated and leave others alone if they are interested in Stability. Personally however, it does appear the only way to feel protected from an industry fool that is hell bent on doing other favours by outsourcing jobs to members of their inferior race is to allow him deal with the problems of his superior race at some point where he will understand what is acceptable and what gets out of hand regardless of whether or not he or she is to wealthy others will not mind. Considering options are so thin because the Politicians are the ones facilitating their lack of respect for the means by which others secure their own pensions and savings, it is impossible to settle where exactly they are hoping their fabled stability is meant to originate. So there is talk of joblessness among young adults when there is so much need and happiness in seeing that the income of people aged between 18 and 30 can be so easily calculated by anybody who wishes to attack them financially. There is no such thing as getting into trouble with men on media – they like to say their behaviour amounts to competition, you however know its w waste of your time but having been Politicians have helped them to means of savaging your finances you have to accept it for what they say it is: my question is whether it is actually possible for them to behave in such ways as I don’t have to have the Royal Estate at the back of my mind while I am selling my Books as it were? Their friends in developing countries have their case of course but they might want to try it someday as well i.e. being the Country that people hate as it were – apparently it’s not so amusing anymore; it is of great wonder if they suppose that if I had lost control of myself I am likely to get after the girls and women they send out to attack and insult and abuse me all the time. We hear them speak of reasons all the time but nothing will change the original reason as it were either; they want to get rich and famous to be free from work, they want to make millions without working for their own money, they will not make money which they love so much where they are being stimulated and have here located somebody whose access to government and whose office they can fuck with as much as they like and we will never stop finding out if it is actually the way they say that it is as well. It’s the Politicians that could have handled it differently – it’s the Politicians that could always have decided not to spend tax payer funds on every idiot they find that wants to be able to estimate or calculate how much money I have to defend myself with if attacked but for them, we have never been equals and there has never been a need for them to cling to me like that; I have never thought it a problem, making a living means realising it has nothing to do with me when people are selling their products and that means nobody has to get sacked because they refused to play the game where I was being used by sales men to make profits for companies if they can settle their own customer service with me and with everybody else instead but these fools will not get jobs unless they antagonise me and suck up to rich people and it’s not clear if these rich fools cannot employ somebody else on one hand or they cannot keep their insults to themselves on the other.

They do like to say I interfere with businesses on one hand while the others are simply immoral people prepared to take advantage of me and ruin everything I have but it has never been news; in terms of the former, what happens is that I am ever better a customer than I am an employee so they can take advantage of me to make money and their employees do not need them anymore, not if it is possible to settle their own link with customers including me to ensure they can keep their jobs – as for the latter their livelihoods and communities are not yet an integral part of my faith again, so they can turn up here to be free of religion law, so its yapping all over the place. I understand they say I think I am invincible but I am not; they do nothing but back bite and I have to ensure no idiot gets to employ them every time they handle my possessions for it on account it leads to a process where inter racial hate is created and they turn up here to solve the problems the black race has created as well and need to be seen around my company for many a such nonsense – people don’t need them anymore and I can get any job I like for my part and black people like to make work for me because they want a piece of me personally as it were. There must be a way every fool with money can employ people without a condition where they boost their CV by ripping up my reputation and back biting me – 12 years ago, these idiots wanted a hate figure first before they agreed to attend school, so it’s a matter of whether it will ever be enough as it were. I hear of the story of how I must find a way to move on which is utter nonsense – there is no moving on story attached to it, only distant violence that is completely unnecessary from people who like to see me in pain and so we live in a society where we don’t say people are stupid and need to be kept off our personal and family lives and career if we want to make progress because it will lead to bigger problems to behave in that way, so it means they must make calculations of their cost for getting into violence with me all the time – that said however they need to be out there paying off the deficit their stupid Labour Party created or I will pay it off for them. They are done really at the end of the day it comes down to the story of accepting responsibility when it is through you popular culture goons are found all over another person’s Royal Estate ripping up everything and pretending after they had become famous and rich from doing so the consequences will not apply and what’s more, they are so good looking and famous that they will be able to do it again and again and again whenever they need anything to that effect. There is as such this question I need to answer on whether or not I think I deserve to be successful at what I am doing – the answer of which is first that if I don’t settle what people need there will always be the sense that I am desperate and I will not be able to talk with them about the Books thereof and there is no way I can settle what people need when other mess with the Royal Office and they know as such I will never stop what I am doing thereof as they are clearly not as significant as they first thought that they were. In terms of the second answer, it’s a matter of the fact they have wrecked my finances and spent 13 years of my time building their Industries and Politics and media on my faith – the blacks always like to tell me I was meant to be a pastor but as soon as I saw others were to gain from that immensely to my detriment I decided to rob everybody and rob the whole race all together hence a provocation that can never be pacified and I will be free of those stupid industries and Politics and media when it ends up in my faith as well. As for their Politicians however, I find their behaviour very insulting, they have not actually physically touched me but the fantasies have now reached a frenzied state and is as good as which I have to stop them from having as it were.

They speak of liberties that have been hard won; utter rubbish of course as we all know them to be goons that mess with people’s lives so they can get on pulpits to play prefect routine and when they start to decide which week you will feed and which month you will not and you end up killing them they will call it assassination not a fight in which they lost. There were not hard won liberties as there were no liberties to be hard won – all these fools have ever done is dominate moral and religious people to set off uncontrollable violence by pushing boundaries of society all the time because that will mean the tendency for bad things to happen to people and a condition where they are able to set up people of their choice even those they feel will serve society if killed would mean that they have unlimited power but the problem now is that they have no plans to keep it off me and my personal life and when that is combined with the fact I don’t think it is right for me to sit back and watch until some white person puts themselves in harm’s way to deal with them, we end up where we are today. The bottom line being that these are stupid people and their nature is such that hurting people to gain from them and share with them and use them is something they cannot do without but since you are the one dealing with the hurt, you can always draw a line under it and that is where their civil and criminal disobedience comes into its own, starts to express its power with a big mouth and becomes exceedingly profitable  – there were no liberties being won here and yes they do say that mine is the biggest sucking up to white people there ever was which I don’t mind, after all they had their stupid lives all sorted out before they met me and took the risk that means they have to do so all over again, besides that of which I know them, they are pure evil and are not fighting for any civil liberties and need to keep off my book sales. We are not talking about Obama here, he does not prevent them from buying books if they wanted to as such but if he makes out they can move into my Royal estate with their stupid children and Politicians to make fame and fortune again there will be even more trouble than what he has already seen. I understand the question of whether I am unaware they have always existed – I am aware of that, the difference is where they make fame and fortune at my expense and back track to make contact where they get to handle my products and ensure I am not earning anything thereby committing crimes against me which I have no way of dealing with at the Law Court in their view – is clearly a matter of power and so the reality has to be faced i.e. for every pound of mine they have wasted 70 pence us usually spent on stupidities and access and civil rights and I simply cannot stop working for it because I am an adult that needs to get things done hence they have hit the jackpot, so keeping off my book sales my way or their own is how it is going to end – hard won liberties.

I hear the talk of me being forced to serve the public and none makes any sense but we all know what the abusive content is meant to serve and so it appears that every idiot these days wants a career pillaging my company to sell things for Industries and every one of their sub fools cannot get a job unless it is all about my reputation at the end of their business with employs as to whether or not they are taken on of which it gets assassinate and it has become a problem about which employers will have to employ is another way and leave me alone as it were, the story of the idea they have policies at their shops and businesses is clearly not enough anymore. So the reality is that it is either a case of crowds at my door step because something must give about a rhetorical way things are going on their stupid society or I am being forced to serve the public and so it has come to a head and needs to be lost to them as well. Much the same as the story of migrants and my views of them being a bad thing whereas for good feeling sake these goons cannot stop a sport of rounding people up as if they were hens in order to become pillars of society ordering them around from a distance and then starting to get violent the more contact they make while their stupid children cannot seem to get jobs without backbiting that gets violent ever so easily as well – they have a problem of racism in their stupid society of course but cannot be persuaded to behave otherwise and now are telling me what to think of migrants as well on their stupid media claiming the provocation is the aesthetical form in which I am skilled at what I do with a big mouth – which is largely a matter of stopping men from building gangs around me, only for these female fools to take over of which they cannot be made to go away due to the existence of media and popular culture where people think they are always the ones being offended all the time. It is much the same with the story of how I do not know what I am and have to shape at all as well which is brought up time and time again but the reality is that The Duke of Cambridge for instance is at the top of society and they are at the Bottom and can always say that I am instead to great costs and hence the question of where I fit in if I am neither top nor bottom but it is the same old story of the self harming goons being inventive and then telling me my treatment of others is unacceptable if I mention such things but they will rather be busy on other occasions with activities linked with how they cannot keep their hands off my literary empire, when they get stung by the problems, then they must work out how to sting me with my own problems and handle my possessions never the less as well looking for trouble all the time. I do understand the story of how I need stay away from the Royals if I don’t like them and it’s never been about not liking the royals, it’s been about the fact that I have done this routine more times in my career than I can remember, whereby an idiot turns up to involve his stupidities with my affairs to cause financial damage in the process then sits about making trouble for me for years until he reaches a point where he thinks he is in a position to get rid of careers starting with mine and when I get rid of one it is replaced by another which is why Politicians have come to hate my guts so much and then the Royals concerned get involved immediately after chiefly of whom is the Duke of York that is eager to please the Labour Party for making him trade envoy, so that we can see he has some money in the Bank and has enough range do so anything he wants but is only happy to do subversiveness and perversion – I mean it never surprised me since the reality is that most people like to assume that since HM is head of the Church her family will behave in a certain way at the bottom line but the reality is that such topics as Christians that mess with their needs can easily become the main point of a 12 hour party, so it is not for me apparently and I never get involved with it but his Royal highness has developed a real taste from picking up lots and lots of acquired tastes along the line to the effect of stifling my finances until my business becomes a barrier to him that he can get rid of and the last time I checked it was popular culture idiots and pimps that behave in such ways, so I am really torn between whether his Royal uselessness is a Prince of  pest – the reality that is therefore left of it all when he is done with his needs. My main concern is largely with the issue of the fact when we look at some of the things Muslims and Black people do it is always impossible to help the question of whether it is in vengeance for a great evil that you had done to them and so this question can be asked until I put their stupid countries in a place where they do nothing but blow their brains out and then they can have plans for economy in which I am a hate figure or my country is a place people like to hate – I mean as I have mentioned before, it is a position they might like to try out sometime as it were. This saga with the Duke of York therefore does not in any way scare me, he has done his bit picking up lots of acquired taste to create disparities between Businesses getting HM seal and businesses he controls which then degenerates to a need to savage mine and own it on grounds it gets in his way and all the things he has done to it to make that happen and now that he is here he has become convinced he will not answer questions about his royal uselessness as it were which is why I am supposed to be scared especially if I get off and build a public life on the matter as well. They do say he has more influence in the business world than I do and I wouldn’t know, all I know is that I keep getting messages from Americans and Europeans about how dipping hands into my honey pot results in lots of stings and how they will do it and turn the stings on me instead which they have no way in this life or the next of achieving as it were – cannot keep off the books and have no plans to realise it is the reason they get stung. So in terms of the question of staying away from Royals if I don’t like them, it’s largely a matter of profitable stupidities and if you are responsible for a process where every stupid useless little girls that feel their problems should become the priorities of others floundering in other people anus all the time that people step outside of their doors, the least you can do is say that you have done a bad thing as it were.

Its obviously nothing more than the dastardly evils of a collection of idiots who think I have enough property to be spent on the transition of their stupidities from their personal life into the public, so there is nothing really amazing about it but they need to stay off my books and stay off my finances as it were; first it was a matter of my Christian personal life and since then it has developed into that which concerns a process where I face a lot of financial problems so my career and possessions might become something that gets in the way of their stupidities and can be gotten rid of from a position of power with a big mouth: they do complain they do not understand what I am up to of course which is utter nonsense - the racist ones know the problem they have with me is because I have got mine and am not bothering anybody, the one white or none racist ones have a problem because they want to squander it, the Politicians have a problem because they want to spend it to transition their stupidities from their personal life into public living and make it into power, the media have a problem because they want to share and to that affect must ensure I cannot hold onto anything I have and so become homosexual and so they all have their style and its all about bothering me in the most violent way imaginable and then assuming I will sit back and take nonsense from them; so it always comes to a head when paying attention to them can be guaranteed by making sure I have been undercut at the basic of my human instincts through money and so they handle the Books which is actually a crime as I have never signed any such contracts with them which suggests that they can but because they did not end up in a law court to face a charge the fact they did ends up on media instead and it goes from there to evils being fostered from their twisted personal lives in the public sphere as alternative to my Books every single day, eventually intended to end with popular culture fame and fortune for them that they have never worked a day for in their stupid lives.