I hear of those gaps I need to fill in where what people think about my position is concerned and I would never understand why they do it for my part either – what we have here is the incessant need of media idiots to sit with business men and tell people they have access and controlled ownership of my literary work and public life and that these business men and women can have it if they wanted, which always leads to that outcome where a business idiot is being reasonable by telling me he will try not to damage my livelihood like his good friend beside him is suggesting but always ends with the reasonable guy sticking the knife into you at the end since he has deduced that when he stands up to speak to his customers or associates or employees he cannot do without mentioning your livelihood, it must therefore mean that it is his own and I cannot take it back because I have neither the means nor the guts to. This is usually manageable as it comes down to what fans and customers hear me say, so it quickly develops into some claimed ownership and control of my office developed around a need to get on media and tell me what my responsibilities to maybe Ukraine or maybe Washington or any part of the world that tickles their fancy is and the reason for it is to express that although they need my help they feel they are superior to me socially, culturally, academically and financially while they continue to damage all these things in my life as they go along and find it amusing when they share the stories. So we regularly end up hearing them tell me they will be willing to stop it if I am willing to call it off when they are willing to call it off as well and I don’t know what it means since in my view they are not working hard enough yet first of all and also I do not wish to see them anywhere near my Books sales and hence do not care what they call off or not, considering the last time we checked I normally just set out 15 years of my time and throw it away in the interest of idiots with jobs on Television; so when they have started making themselves ungovernable like they are at the moment it tames that noise about how it is my responsibility to make the country comfortable for them to deploy anything they like to get rich with a soft and insolent racism that never knows its place as it were, it is usually the start.

So I hear of the reality that is not being faced i.e. that the Labour Party simply cannot please some people and that is how it is naturally; it is utter nonsense of course because what really happens is that they speak of oppression and civil rights and that is when you become sympathetic but the end product is always the realisation they are in their view better human beings that you are and therefore deserve a right to do things to you that those who hurt them did to them in order to recover from it and in order to have that will sacrifice absolutely anything, claiming the more important is the more powerful they will become at the end – so there is no way that anything they do on this platform can ever be right no matter how good it might have been. This is just an academic way of putting it, the rudimentary form is that they organise themselves into groups and speak of civil rights; this then gives them access to people and access to people’s emotions and immediate after becomes a civil rights of squander and corruptibility and destruction, they say they need to do things to me that they suffered, then they finish off with a need to make me see I am supposed to treat other young people in such ways as well and because I refuse doing so has resulted in a decade of abuse and unemployment that will ensure they rip up my academic work which they have and set out to make younger people complete their own and then that will cause me to understand how they feel about my successes –leading to this question of whether the damage is not going to be punished if I can pick on younger people instead as it were. So these things are some of the simplest examples that express the fact they are really stupid people and not just that but are always very twisted and very evil and lie a lot, just like American democrats who organise themselves into groups and seek a disposition where their civil rights means having other peoples personal lives and finances and personalities when and if it is something they have never seen before, in which way their leaders such as Barrack Obama can communicate with the world about poverty while keeping millions in earnings about which whether he has worked for is questionable in the most dishonest way imaginable; the problem with me being that their wickedness is always about money and my very person and nature seems to exist at odd with that, which I can do nothing about first of all, is a good thing as well and generally runs in the family too. I am just putting the facts in a concise way, to simplify everything it’s a simple case of waiting for black people to be done with partying and deviance and smoking marijuana and the parents and communities to raise a certain number of their children as criminals in order to create problems for the system and the government, then turn up to handle your property in a processes of civil rights and their Politicians to chase up your personal details at the civil service at the end and turn out at Parliament to mess with you so they can have the access and then everything they do and the lies and accusations thereof will be right and pleasing to you after that; so of course they speak of racism and how I never mention that but of course they do because they believe I will likely do so with everything else they have not been able to damage here within the process of pressing for compliance with their stupid needs over me. They speak of the culture and society of course which is not a new story as we know when you do not handle it, then you get killed over what you own but when you do then you get killed for handling it, so I do enjoy handling it and they might want to keep their insults where people appreciate it; I understand it is said I am not strong enough to handle these matters but that is not necessarily true, I mean I cannot measure my own strengths at random as such but I do know that people are not just going to ride over me if push comes to shove either - so what happens here is that when I rent accommodation from them, it means the part where they are my House and can move into my public life and lay down popular culture empire pipelines to whatever end they want is 70% completed and so for me it’s a matter of when they move their provocation outside of that nonsense about me living in their property to the bit where they clearly say they want a piece of me or want to get out of bed to spend my own and then we will find out how tough they really are as well - at the moment it’s a matter of Landlords that are more interested in whether or not they have had something to do in which they were your Boss that everybody needs to know, which means that you rent property but find it difficult to ensure what you do to pay the bills such as the job for instance is not messed with and it really shows how stupid they are and does not harm me in anyway - these are the kinds of stupidities that achieve things that they think are supposed to please others. I don’t think the whole matter is a problem as such either – its largely a matter of what steps I take to punish it; for instance when they turn up to stir up the neighbourhoods that chase my anus and penis and bang cars and doors and distant violence on me while the media works it from there, it generally tends to mean that the things I am doing socially is hitting them really hard where the jobs are concerned and hence less talk of things done with me in which condition they were my Boss, until further notice i.e. they now know how being the boss works, when their bosses are picking on them and the media is bullying me for them as well and it’s so much work all round.  In their defence they say I turn up and refuse to get along with the black cultures that were here before me but of course they must be referring to whether or not they are Afro-Caribbean and like to finger peoples anus from a distance and touch peoples penis when they are being nice to others and the assumption everybody else thinks it is an acceptable behaviour; it’s all very well making noise about being my House and how I have nowhere else to go, the question is whether that is the truth – reality check being that they are not being nice at all its a story of hurry up I want to plug things into your business and get rich with government help. This is not a problem either – I mean picture the scene and you will end up with a condition where you can never get a real job in the future unless you know somebody that works in an ideal company or establishment, so it is one of those eventualities by which we will find out if Afro Caribbean and some other of their fellow west African fools know more about discrimination and tribalism better than Nigerians. So they do speak about the violence all the time and the reasons for their abuses and insults is a matter of gangs – gangs, gangs, gangs but my very nature they say is at odd with the fact their wickedness is supposed to lead them down a path when they get rich and my inability to tolerate their stupidities at the diplomatic circles and corridors of International communities still isn’t something they understand well enough either as well, so the violence has never been a question they were asked with their big mouth and I myself like to control the lives of those who threaten me so they are not complaining to my satisfaction yet. I hear of the part I never considering being that the reality is rather a case of others wanting to be The Prince of Wale’s Arch Prince and that my functions ends with The Queens reign – it’s never really a problem as such, it’s just reality that everybody else has failed on the matter and it’s not clear exactly why they feel they have a greater chance of being successful either; but this is not the main issue, the main issue is that I got support from The Queen when I had trouble being asked to set out how I will serve the Prince of Wales after the Queen which essentially meant I had two Monarchs but now that my Office is working smoothly I will now plan to become The Prince of Wales’s Arch Prince in the future – it does not work that way but the main problem is that I have not had a moments peace or enjoyed financial comforts attributed to my Office ever since I got the commission on account these foolish candy from a baby middle aged men and their European secret societies exist. There are other factors of course which express it better i.e. if I turned up on the streets to say I am a better man at being the Mayor of London, if the mayor heard it he would ask me to enter the next election until I told him I wanted him to leave his office while I took it because I am better at it – these idiots have never really had a regard for my Office and that is why there is trouble with the finances and I have no idea which planet it is they are hoping to become The Prince of Wales Arch Prince either. The other story about messing with the media and getting into trouble for it is all very well, it’s just that we really don’t know how much of that is true anyway – it’s like they say I used to be quiet but am not anymore which makes no sense because of course when I am not selling any books and being quiet makes this fools comfortable that needs to change. So it’s the old story of the bubble that exists between them and the prisons and the criminals being explored, the means by which to push others into petty crime and rehabilitate them to confiscate personality and personal life – nothing is left of that contraption in my wake as we speak but I continue to get into trouble with their stupidities – the start of it was that my Literary empire was what they needed to destroy to have a riot for if Thatcher had one Blair had to as well, at the moment I would really like it if the idiots were not so keen on pushing me.

This story of how women can handle me and do and undo do with me as they please has resurfaced and this time it’s about extents of self improvement that can be chosen but I have no idea what it means anyway, all I know is that women have been testing the waters around me for years i.e. he lives the existence of a woman and what can be get away with when we say that, how much of his possessions can be grad and steal when we say that, so it is nothing new but they are beginning to show signs of violence and this is why it has come to my notice yet again. We see them do it all the time and in my case it’s about being the Prince that gets away with things which they are a fan of the celebrities are even worse – top of my list of distasteful nonsense being shown by likes of the Kardashians and likes of Taylor Swift; coming right down to the part where my friends take me home and they must take me home as well and then it will be the home that millions of people get to share, not their home as such, my home being traded away by them over some stupid accusation they really can substantiate being feminists whose activities are bank rolled by men without brains. Then again it was always been easier to deal with them as a community and not to try and accomplish anything by picking them out individually; it prevents all that whispering and backbiting and prejudicial violence, so there is no way of supporting this claim they can handle me in any way that they wish either – they do these things all the time with their popular culture and it usually matters only when I have lost my temper and I think I know when I have lost my temper and when I haven’t done so, thus this amounts to a statement they want to make in public that they are less than human when they are women and we all know it is every so fair when they start as it were. I understand their case of wanting to look after me as well but that is not their job especially the fashion ones whom I will really appreciate if they had the good sense to get off my Book sales and clear my space as it were – what happens here is that I chose people I want to work with and if that is good for the Monarchy then it stays that way over time but if not then there will be enough trouble to burn the world; they are not good enough for me to pick in the first place and I am quite fed up with this stuff. They will switch from claims everything I do to deal with them only furnishes them with ideas for hurting me even further to claiming my treatment of those who exist at the fringes of my Company is extremely cruel and uncompromising but of course I have had enough of that access too for myself and they fundamentally need to see something else for a change or prepare not to complain when it is time to stop my way or their own – it’s like that old story about my attitude towards anal sex with women being at the heart of being punished by them all the time (but I do not suppose it gets to make them nervous and fearful of me then in any case from what we see and hear especially the fashion ones who find it impossible because they have lies to tell and wriggle out of a situation where they already have distant access, they find it impossible to clear my space and keep off my Book sales and black women simply want a piece of me directly playing role of my mother endlessly).

This is the point where we think it is important to speak of the grand old case of lies that religion tells coming apart; I could never make it out anyway – after all if everything that is written in the Bible is a lie, there is still the good part where somebody put his life on the line to die on the cross so that mankind might comfortably live a life of none violence and that is certainly not a bad thing in my view and this is an example of what I mean when I say they need to keep off my Book sales and clear my space as this does indicate they are using their own to do it and of course of which we all know they are using their own to do it at gay culture and popularity music. Yes I know they have been hounding me, years ago it was a matter of how twisted evil journalist would get me possessed by demons and if I fell for it, then they would have a spiritual servant considering they were in the service of the devil before me and if I didn’t then they will cause m suffering for the rest of my life claiming they are extricating power – so it was the latter scenario that played out and therefore the whole thing has now developed to imaginations of how they can make me suffer like Jesus in order to get rid of anything that was Jesus, so that they might have a world where there was no Jesus or anything that he did, at least in their minds – the consequences of this however have not changed i.e. these behaviour tend to give them the right to pretend that when people are religious they have no entitlement to their possessions and income and businesses and obviously their predicament as a result of what I have done to them in that respect has become a matter if ridicule in its own right as well, they clearly seem to have a problem that means their sense of reality is always being damaged but it can get better from there, the part where I am protected by the State and I am protected by The Queen and I am protected by God and they might want to think about killing off all ill thoughts about me and thoughts of harming me for these two reasons – that if God is all knowing, they he will not let me come to harm and they will continue to complain about how I end up in their House and need to be made to move out and the other being the question of how religion tells lies if the things I do are not a function of divinity right down to an economic crisis they cannot create to hit me hardest of celebrity culture they cannot build to oppress me with and all I have done without actually leaving my home in order to do them. So this is usually the kind of occasions where the story of oppressive religion providing some background advantage for people like to abuse and insult others comes into play which of course in light of these two facts does not hold water as it were – they have always been the ones that had all the advantage and even now still are, need to clear my space and keep off my Books and we can close this conversation by mentioning they need to stay away from me as they are not fucking mates of mine and I am not theirs as well – if they are that bothered they can carry on with the way they wish to live i.e. they claim they are expected to minus something about themselves to make other peoples comfortable but why that is such a bad thing will never be obvious, we all do it as it were – in their case what is comes down to is that they need to leave me alone and  stop pretending I buy media equipment so they can get on it and talk through to me on such stupidities as the lies religion tells, especially when they have not set foot in any place of worship in their adult lives and therefore could never have known which lies religion therefore tells thereof, then they can go home and leave me alone and spend their time at home imagining a hurt for others – I mean it is not that I find their situation amusing right up to the big Church programme I initiated to manage their lives for them to my own ends, it’s just their predicament. I hear of that old tale of the collateral damage for religion which is never addressed but of which there has never been any either; the only collateral damage for faith and religion in this Country being that of fear thereof – fear of Politicians, fear of society men whose violent ageism knows no limits along the lines of wickedness that leads to the need for money – their stupid children talking gangs on one hand and complaining my very nature is an add with a process where their wickedness pays off financially on the other, fear of celebrities, fear of journalists and media, fear of fashion bullies; I mean I don’t fear them but we can see how much capital they wish to brew from a simulated sense that I do and then religion can tell lies if they are unable to reverse the work of its prophets by making sure somebody else is doing what they did but to serve popular culture and homosexuality. Their Politicians have thrived this long because I have always been willing to go along with the part where it is a bad thing to get rid of an institution that was built from the will of the public which they can go to in order to chose leadership for themselves – if I get the slight whiff of that stupid Labour Party being replaced, I will rip up on the same day for my part, all they need to do is turn out in public places to threaten me and build a life on it and the chances of that happening will continue to improve every day. Fear and nothing more it is; that a 50 year old embodiment of disobedience will be happy to exasperate somebody else and bang his car loudly at them every day without reason because if you rough him up and tell him to go get the Politicians it will have been a bad mistake considering he has had time in the work force in order to save money and then religion might tell lies, while I act to withdraw from them suffering that is a function of their ill thoughts towards me reaching our Heavenly Father with whom I had made a covenant. Thus living in reality like everybody else does now have a flavour of sweetness to it; it does not mean we have a challenge at the Firm, as ever these are very stupid people and that is why everything they handle gets damaged because the only thing they understand is violence by which they take things that is not their own but that said, their big problem at my Company and Royal Office is that the feeling that things are about to go wrong in my world at the highest possible level needs to happen everyday - it clearly will not stop and I will view their fame and fortune popular culture and the Politics which make it happen as an illness as well.