I understand it is said all I do is not sustainable but of course the real issue is the media as everybody that harms me gets hurt and their wickedness which beats the imagination all the time has a media to express its stupidity over what happened and when they have the recovery and the advertisement and the attention and the publicity and fame follow it seems their civil and criminal disobedience is unstoppable; in their defence they say I harm the Politicians but its rather difficult to locate if that was before or after they started this; the bit where everything is to be done on the basis of stupid evil poor people taking advantage of the privileges of the guy who dares to challenge their evils because he is Royalty and so on and of course the reason it all seems I cannot make sustained progress is Industry idiots playing giving and taking money with them in the hope they will call a bluff and make profits at my expense and there is not a planet where that gets to happen only Politicians tinkering on what they must do to decide which patch of the world is mine and which is theirs which will lead to the gathering of enough information on my part to handle their own business empire in the same way too; it is clearly a fabulous use of my time as it were and they say it happens because they have got money to waste it with and the money will be the only thing they have, this is a promise. It’s the same issue over and over and over again; waste my time and money and talk nonsense about how I need to see they are more evil than my imagination can conceive and it is rather difficult locating who asked them around here too. They are so evil my imagination cannot conceive it i.e. the need to get on media and attack me when they are not making profit is not the only one, that is just the business one - there is the power one as well that is largely concerned with how I appear to be the Christian that is protected by God from all kinds of power and they are out to crack it because it offends them, it is always before they tell the Politicians they were minding their civil rights and I turned up to offend them and the Politicians never listen to anything anybody says to them - as we all know this is one of the fundamental importance of preaching the gospel and converting people away from evil, they will stand in government buildings to attack your faith for hours and then push through legislation to ensure it is being limited on account you may have made them uncomfortable when people push them into your personal space and they felt good in it without knowing why, that being the case, they on the other hand with their stupid media do need to put their money where their mouth is as well. We all know when the Politicians start they have started and there is no turning back i.e. those from whose families the trouble makers come will not murder their own and save other people’s children the trouble and so an entire sub culture of people having a need to do your life starts to emerge and yet it is always the business of the Labour Party to find out what is happening in peoples families and in my case they have found out I do not get along with my Mother because she is a violent git and I get a lot of pleasure from making her understand I will not play a part in any of her stupid schemes and she hates me for it too but these idiots will spend all my days savaging my finances to ensure that she has no respect for me when she thinks of her children and that is always long before they pop their stupidities about others expecting peoples children to kill the trouble in their family and go to prison for it; so there is nothing new about it but the need these fools have to get on media and threaten me every time they are not making profit will bleed them and it is quite possible I am bluffing when I say that too.

I hear they say I like to pick on the working people and the poor people and not the rich but we all know the rich always chose a direction and follow it and that is why they are rich – the poor and working people are here and there, damaged  if you do and damned if you don’t and then their civil rights will want to undercut you at a desperate cause all the time otherwise they cannot live in peace and there is always a need to drive you to a desperate cause first of all to that end; hence I kick the poor and working people first and when I am done with them I will look to the issues with the rich and then the Politicians will not turn up here to make noise about being overlord of all black people and having the right to cherry pick and sacrifice those they think will aid their sense of personal progress with a big mouth – the rich however like to do it all the time i.e. I want your possessions and you think I will not have it wanna bet? It’s the only way they will make advertisement, it’s the only way they will trade or sell anything and I have to adopt a hard. I do not think this is a complicated matter, it’s an old case – something Germans do all the time and lead others to do all the time as well and even when they have become more American than German for instance they are still doing it i.e. I want your market and then you have to tell them you don’t think so and then they use the cliché ‘wanna bet?’. The French do something very surprising and its always largely concerned with knowing that you like to play a game of runaway victories that come back to bite you because somebody else gains from it and steals your fame and lime light and starts to manipulate you to get more as well – it makes them feel like real men to get into people’s personal space to that extent and the Spanish are the ones that want to stimulate others while they are the lovers of money with stupid girls that have a need to show protestants are the children of Catholics who worship the mother of Christ and so on and hence they have an abject lack of respect for my equities and if the firms that broker it do well they want to show I am the guy whose career has been done by others but wants to pick it up anyway in order to provoke people as if they are talking about anything that actually concerns them. So their need to get on media and threaten me when they are not making profit has come to a head and those of them who say my books hurt can always get the hell out of it and stop being so stupid but there isn’t a world where they grabbed any of my market or possessions and deployed it to their own ends or politics and society and culture and economy and business operated on the basis of me being made to fear them (I have just had enough of their involvement and violent disobedience that affects sales and fans all the time and the never ending stupid insulting commentary with that stupid media, especially about how nothing I do is actually sustainable progress with a big mouth - nobody is actually scared of the Middle and working classes as such, they are just so evil that others have not got imagination to conceive how much before they then tell the Politicians they were minding their business and religious people started it all - they need to get the hell out of it and keep off my Books). I do take some responsibility because I am the one that decided to put to the test if the claims they make that people like me can be handled and done away with and all we can do is build a big religious system others can get involved with to abuse us and get fun from watching us preach a gospel to teach them how we live our lives so that they can copy and make their own better too which is something that is so amusing it is one of the best evil forms of happiness that sustains their version of industry; giving rise to this process of rounding them up and putting them to work to rectify damages done to society and culture and anything that concerns my Office and when I had finished with this process of settling what it is they came into my life for and made a public statement as a result to get closure, then they can go or there is the easier way of simply staying the hell away from me - or they always have the chance to work out how this great religious establishment they would corrupt and abuse me while I teach them how to be good people would have turned out the way they claim it would. It’s much the same as the story of a problem Politicians have with those who have forced them to make electoral promises on the realm and its security, on the economy and the NHS and various other things that matter not to them but to the general public, so that when government works it is on that basis they will account for their actions and the revenge they have taken by going off on another tangent where Non-domiciles are concerned and various other equality issues to get revenge and chase their own ends in the process which raises those questions about the kind of people that vote for such nonsense and the fabled story of difference between a cock and a raging bull with feathers on it. These goons like to make out my life is not the shining thing everybody likes to get involved with anymore due to incessant violent competition they have orchestrated but it is not so - what we have is a well calculated industry of very violent deviance where their homes are safe and all their resources are channelled toward bullying others while complaining about the effects of the behaviour of their minions such as those who chase their anus and penis and so on and want to ensure everybody is suffering it and cannot therefore stop getting on media to threaten me and make privileges that are a function of their paramount position for their stupid girls, so it is creating wars everywhere and in places like the US there is real paranoia in the suburbs with more people carrying guns and so on and as ever their response has been to garner Public support to prevent government locking up people with reason and attacking men who carry guns and so on but their institutional and heavily planned and resource funded violent deviance because they think of themselves as little Kings and Queens for a bygone age in which their deviance was the way things worked continues, which is entirely normal - nothing like my life ceasing to be a shining thing that everybody is a part of although the event that they have mentioned it needs to be noted, especially in terms of how much of it those of them that travel in from overseas and those of them that already reside in the UK for instance like to think should constitute reality and of course the abuses when they have their eyes set on my work and earnings and academic work and possessions and their media fools are in on it, none of which has anything to do with Politics or government, except the politicians at the moment think it does but everybody knows is an inventive invention and makes no sense whatsoever (in terms of the overall Political situation here in the UK, it seems that Conservative spending cuts plus Labour Party spending equals balance and so it is likely to proceed in that way and an end thereof to systems of bribery set up by the Labour party for twisted evil greedy fools that will get them into Downing Street for any reason depending on whether or not they get what they want; they say I never speak of the damage I do to the Political system for my part as well but there is nothing to speak of, I simply do not care who they are anymore - they have this need to stand up in public places and pass insults at me all the time and it gets to s stage where it affects an ability to sit in front of somebody and answer questions on a job but they are still doing it regardless of tales they tell about being tough on crime and anti-social behaviour, so this is just the bit where I put a noose down their nose and drag them back where they came from, otherwise I have areas of my life that are difficult too like when people want to sodomise the holy Christian but cannot or when people think nobody cares if the Christian is carrying the weight of the world which always ends with a revenge that must be gained in this life or the next for the destruction of the cultures and societies concerned thereof, to shove politicians into as well, that I have not yet done and they along with their media idiots as such continue testing me to that end: it’s a story of whether they talk like that to their stupid children or do get to pay my own bills for me as such - but for me personally, it seems that idiots exist and we have to create reality regularly for they have their media and Public appearance at the finger tips and so it becomes so easily unstoppable and addictive). They always say they have reasons for their behaviour and there really is not one - the only reason is that they want the easiest possible way out of a problem that everybody is having to deal with and although I can tolerate the way it affects me as a Christian they are also the most prolific problem inventors in the Land, they even offer up the effects they have with it involving an ability to change people’s quality of life and then ascribe quality of life to others on media as a prerogative of power to Politicians and Rich people in order to make friends with them - so I really do get to that point where it is all filled up and I wish to know if they get to pay my bills or talk like that to their bone headed Children (in their defence they say that it’s a matter of where I share what I know and how people get to chase them about and abuse them with problems for it but these people are just as deviant as they are, the feral Boys and Girls we come across everyday who take advantage of the Media and Public place insults to decide I for instance am gullible and they need an easy way out of any present little issues they have to deal with, not least because they have consistently continued to get media support for it, which is why they think they can touch my penis and finger my bum and so on; so they will know anything that will facilitate a process where they can chase Politicians and Media idiots in the same way as well and they can only be free of me if they are deaf; I mean what I can say, that I find it insulting and they need to stop it and for how long do I say it, daily for a decade and a half?). Truth is that they really should not be found around any of my concerns not even as a slight comment or passing statement unless they are trying to buy a Book, they have got their own salaries and need to keep off mine - this is the damage I do to the Political system (of course we hear of cultures I have damaged which there has been no recompense for yet but that is always after they start, then go off and tell the Politicians I started first, then the Politicians turn up to act on it over and over and over endlessly - fine I may think, it is what they want to do with their time, except that it gets worse and worse and more and more violent and the predicament is being sold on as prerogatives of power and privilege so they can get connected - at this point they have already started the shut, shut routine of their public place insults, that generally gets to mean they have come across a coward they used to be scared of but are not scared of anymore and we have not done a half an Hour’s worth of the conversation about the damages I have done to the Political system which they invented and started off here yet as it were - where the Politicians are concerned, they act on it over and over and over without the facts, do not ask me why but of course it is the bit about telling me where I am supposed to be as a follow on that concerns a history I already have and will be as they have made out the day they are able to enforce it).

So the case continues around the premise they cannot do anything unless they are killing my finances and using my life to do it and it is the kinds of privileges a culture affords those that are older than others and we all know it’s a death do us part kind of situation. I understand a tale of red warning lights on the global economy which has been raised by the Politicians but I have no idea what it means anyway – these fools are not confiscating any markets to trade with and make money that will be used to employ people anywhere around here; the first part I had to tolerate and forgive was the damage to my income and now they are confiscating market and the job is not guaranteed because I have no contract on that and cannot hold them to account and of course the only way they can increase profits is if I go off to work for them for much less than I am worth so that they can keep some of the money for National posterity, get rich and give others measly jobs, while their civil rights idiots read my books without buying them to gain access to civilisation origins they can add to their feral inability to keep their hands to themselves and stop assuming the right to punish people into doing things for them and rip up the contents before they are published to hit me for being royalty and gain from anything I do about them too (they say something about seeing the way things are and feeling like handing it to the guy that goes against the needs of culture and his kind to make it that way and it is usually the basis of their violence that means they cannot stop punishing others to get people to do things for them and of course it can only be seen around my books until a public life emerges here for it too). The part where they still owe me being of course the fact that the only way to make their material possessions into other peoples sources of idolatry is to ensure that a Christian that does not care about material things cares about them and the only way to make that happen is to undercut him at the basic of his instincts like feeding and having a roof over his head; now they want to confiscate market and are throwing me bets in total ignominy of the fact that was always impossible – impossible therefore it is to do so alright and so now we have to deal with day to day processes of wrecking my business to make a market like the one I have got for themselves using Popular culture and Media, so perhaps the Politicians are right when they mention warning signs on the global economy because I am learning from it as well considering they do not teach it at Church as it were. We expect some good people to make money and save us from unemployment but they are not demigods and if they will not do it others will – put me forward for instance and no market is getting confiscated with a big mouth only and I am throwing up bets on that too. At this point they boast that they have got me which is utter nonsense, we are only entering the bit where I am going to have to dig them to make enough equities as to ensure the size of this particular piece is acceptable and so that leads us straight onto the matter of spying on me and jerking my computer screen and my television every time the observed state of affairs means there is something preventing them from extracting profits from the equities of my public work and there is a link between this and abusive feral children chasing my anus and penis just as the abusive feminists do, a link between it and media abuses/ the making and selling of Music CDs and the running of music award and chart shows, a link between it and the fact it has become the only manner in which they will make advertisement, a link between it and attacking me to tell Politicians I started first, a link between it and an incessant need to get on media to threaten me when they are not making profit; so the question now is that of which happens to have been the easier option of the two when staying off my livelihood and concerns is thrown into the picture, knowing I need equities to run the business and they understand clearly that I know how to acquire them. They do say they will get it from my Royal Estate of course and I was under the impression that the reasons people complain they don’t know how I am doing it but understand a step in the wrong direction will hurt many times as badly was because of indications they want to get hands on the Royal Estate – so the state of affairs is as such still the same, they can if they have the guts for it.

So am I aware the things I say can encourage racism? But it is the old case of this is my Country and I have the right to walk around it and feel things and then get propelled to get rich with what I feel, so it gets to the point where they must handle peoples possessions to decide whether or not they want to feel it using media – but it is the very fact that you survive this exclusion in the business world that provokes them the most. So at present they are not talking nonsense about the guy that corrupts their women and black men are not getting around seeking white women they can fuck at my expense anymore but it is over handling my products and taking over my markets that real trouble will brew because this air was free the last time I checked and I need to breathe. It exists in the same category as the Police brutality and Black Americans story - its like the Police will say its sad when somebody dies and they will say I should not be able to do whatever I like and the Police will say, looking for trouble and he will deploy your own to do it and they will say you do want to kill somebody again don't you - so its a matter of the fact they are evil and are such money lovers it is beyond your imagination and you have to beware of that fact every single moment but for me personally, they think bad things are happening to them and not only is it a matter of handling problems in a more dignified way as compared to me but I am to be made to eat my heart out because they are superior; its nothing on unusual, we hear Islamic extremists kill people and complain they took everything from me claiming I acknowledge another persons importance and not their own as well when I have not seen what their homes look like in the first place and of course when it happens to other more level headed people we always tend to think they are retarded but never mention it because it will make things worse - for me personally however its a matter of living with them in their hell hole brewing two outcomes i.e. one of them being that I do not live like Royalty which is none of their business as I am not answerable to them or any and do not expect help from any Royal as it is almost forbidden to help another out with a Royal responsibility, unless you are a mind reader and the other being that living with commoners who clearly do peoples Royal work for them and keep the Lion share looking for trouble with Industry and Popular culture is not an indication they are superior to me and if I can live in my rented arrangements to figure out my books and academic work without their Media, Politicians, popular culture and community women chasing my anus and penis all day long there will be no problems but if it continues, there will be the blowing off peoples roof and ripping up popular culture and general culture at the end of everyday single day in which it happens as well: I do not live in a fantasy world, they are very nasty deviant feral goons all together seeking people they can take advantage of to make the best of problems they have created for themselves while they maintain excuses by which those problems exist and make out it is a means of maintaining superiority and dignity at the end of the day when every normal person knows it is the bane of their civil rights i.e. theft, social, moral and personal corruption (if you picked them off the streets and put them in your home, you might think you can handle it but it will surprise you the amount of lies they can tell and the number of people they can randomly pick off the streets and lead straight to where your life savings are as a result of the cut they will get from it; so if the abuses and insults that cause so much distraction encouraged by their Politicians and Media fools are not targeted at me, they do not have to worry about whether or not I am living like Royalty; its a matter of being prepared so as to give it up when ready - two things are supposed to exist as the beneficial part of that, first getting my life back and secondly making sure they are chasing around every Royal or Government goon that is like them or Celebrities that cannot leave me alone instead. I hear it is said they steal these things and then use it to harm me as well because I have mentioned them, which is how far the disrespect has come but it does not matter - when their stupidity seeks to get involved with the Prince of Wales in order to secure a future the most logical step is usually of course to find some Royalty in a third world Country whose disposition is the deviance by which things are done and some silly women and then start to talk nonsense all over the place about those I am to have shared a skin colour with but which is then again my problem, no idea why others are involved).