So now the story has taken a turn for the part where nothing I say or do comes from an idea that is originally mine and it appears I am stuck with it and my life is over but there is really no such thing as it is never clear why people feel such claims are credible when entire societies and communities are levying it on a single person in the first place. I do not think that the matter is a huge problem and I do not say so in order to put a brave face on things – the reality has always been that when they damage my property they say it is the seven deadly sins and find themselves amusing, when they are no longer laughing we have to deal with threats and stupidities which are a function of what Politicians and media fools put them up to while they think it has to be condoned for their right to make a decision of their own was taken away from them all together. For my part sometimes I feel I live on a planet with people and that human beings get competitive but other times I feel I am being made to hold my breath until I suffocate and die so that these idiots can have a life they never knew they had all along. It’s all lower middle class nonsense and their relentless assaults – which does nothing to explain as it were why so many of them are getting killed by Police officers they are far more important than, especially in the US; the first time this kind of matter came up around my concerns it was to do with being attacked by them and then due to the ferocity and relentless nature of their abuses I end up being angry, which then creates an environment of insecurity for them and their foolish children which then became my responsibility so they might practice nepotism that is necessary for their well being . it is conceived by them that I am dead but I am not, just like the old tale of how I do these things when I am upper class and they are not and I have made myself clear their very nature is a blunt instrument driving into others all day long, an existence that is built on the creating of clinical depression which they think is amusing and attack people when it affects them as well, their nature is rude in itself and it can only progress towards violence but even when I say so I am still talking semantics since the real problem is their need to get involved with me and tell me how to live to make them comfortable while avoiding clashes with them. So it leads still to the same outcome of ending up supporting a goon financially for a while and then when you realise its wrong he pops the question of whether it is the one where you were being such a good boy that you will then use to harm him. So it can be measured by the behaviour of their communities and its leaders – such as an inability to furnish me one good reason they would see me at work and set off whisper the worst possible villains they know to come to me while I am at work: are they suggesting to people that my actions are unjust because they are unaware of what they are doing, are they saying they are able to explain the reason for it whenever they are asked to do so? I want control of This Royal Estate and its Finances and they need to stop pretending absolutely everybody is obliged to support them in a financial way or context +– I am opting out.

In terms of migration Policy, I have no idea why the Politicians have not made it clear to the world that the problem we have in the UK is a matter of pressure on services, rather than speak of some complex web of Political decisions which suggests they are keeping the facts for some other reason, other than to clear up for people that what we have in the UK is a condition where it has become a very attractive choice for Chinese people and Russian people and Japanese people to live and work here and if it has become so attractive to Asia and the East, you can only imagine what the influx of migrants from Europe will be like; so it’s not a matter of sneering or being a pain but a simple reality about the fact that at a certain level we will make promises to migrants and not be able to keep them. The government spokes person has mentioned something about other support we are providing without which the situation would have been far worse – why he has left out this fact will never be clear but if we follow up what he has said, what we end up with is realities around the services we have provided to take care of problems that our Principal ally aka the US is facing which is also the reasons behind the level of migration to the UK in the last couple of years too – so the big idea has to be that when I finish my work and put my Books out for sale, they stifle the Book sales and redo it in order to keep facts to themselves and speak of complex webs of Political decisions which tends to suggest they are not at the heart of the way things are happening, not at the heart of the facts. The idea being nobody has ever suspended a plan Politicians have had to set out a process of pushing people in a certain direction and moving off in another to make lot of money from a market they had never worked for or created and having achieved such a thing I will be taught a lesson and it is not something that is going to make any progress either because I too have brought this matter up at this stage on account I am losing my patience with them; I mean competition is competition, damage is damage and villainy is villainy:- when they damage my property they make out it is an amusing application of the 7 deadly sins and it is as though I cannot detach competition from my income as well, speaking of the competition itself of which I beat them all the time as a Nation – so I want them to get off my Books especially in the US and clear my space. I know I am accused of relaxing Political rules and opening up borders in Europe and it is the same old tale of Media providing a certain kind of public service to play with their hedge funds idiots who are the most notorious, followed only by stock market goons while the rest as collateral damage. I did no such thing as relax borders of anywhere; three reasons governed my actions and the first of them is that these fools do the racism they do because they are complaining about a very difficult existence but then again that difficult existence was my fault the criminal disobedience as it were, the second being that of the fact their Politicians are just as disobedient and cannot give it a rest picking up tax payer funds to travel off to poor countries to get a kind of respect they never get from heir citizens which has now meant somebody had to reset the state of affairs of migration and that job had to be done as it were, and the third being the general global security issue. It’s never an unusual matter, I mean an example is a scenario I have found myself in many times – speaking to an elderly Lady whom if 60 years younger would have been somebody I fancied and there are many occasions where people have a problem with it but the one that stands out is the one from Eastern European men whose countries are burning currently – so it is as though it hurts seriously to behave like that but they are still doing it. Then there are the Politicians about whom I am losing my patience over suspending book sales to redo everything I do especially in terms of services for our principal ally i.e. the US thing – the Politicians about which I am losing my patience as well like that stupid greed that means they want to create warriors by keeping tabs on people who reach the absolute pinnacle of everything in order to bring them low enough to get them involved with violence and then control them to solve problems concerning villains; those have set up a state of affairs where every women I meet on the streets want to hit me in the tummy and do dirty things to me, the women who are simply scared of their popular culture idiots considering people have families and families contain small children exempt of course, the reasons for that I am very well aware of as it were the way the politics is supposed to be so people can mind their business and my sense of competition detached from my earnings while I don’t get to support them in financial context or financially – they have now ended up with an enemy that is me complete with a social condition where I speak of security for women but groom them for sodomy, however which while they complain they are still doing it with their popularity and society men and the stupid Politicians are doing very well stifling my finances and spending tax payer funds on them to ensure they get to as it were – so it’s all in good time when I get out of it and the whole thing gets worse in the process too.

They speak of how what I have said and done does nothing for migrants which was never the point – the test rules in every border are there to fix the needs of every country with respect to migration and there are provisions for crisis situation migration in it as well – what I am saying here is that I am losing my patience with their Politicians as well just like that their stupid greed, over the omission of important facts in the middle of which their jobs are when they are asked the questions, so that they can get off to ruin my finances in order to do my job all over again but in political context: I mean when they are women they spend their time doing nothing about money which is why we have this problem, I was groomed for the purpose that I will be made into a person they can walk up to on the streets and insult by trying to order around to end up with my exit for fame and fortune all the time and for the men it’s about unleashing their civil rights idiots on me, who will show me how they came to be where they are now financially, while boys run away with my career and an academic qualification with which to grab the best jobs in the land and their MPs pretend that chasing my privileges around in order to tell tales about wealth inequality for a career is a prognosis that will never fail them when it comes to winning elections, which is why what I eat is where immigration is to be settled according to Labour MPs for instance. I understand it’s a city we live in and that competition is fierce but it does appear I am never really angry enough to stop them doing any more damage to my property all together and so it has become their version of completion. As for the part where I spend my time thinking I am okay with the Royals when I am not however, it’s an old story that my responsibilities are to HM and none other and if we imagined Princes Diana’s Family will be spending their time and effort and finances to keep people out of the Monarchy and Royal Family we would not have been very far off from reality, so if they are, it certainly has to have become news as such – so it is never clear why people simply cannot do what I tell them to rather than turn up to cloud my judgement with panic, then find out they are unable to handle industry villains and that the wealth gap is widening and by the way of which there is still the question of whether I have to support them in a financial context; it’s just something they do and say as it were, I don’t.

The story of MPs have a desire to teach me a lesson is nothing new – it’s like when last week’s evening standard had a front page that mentioned how a Top Army Boss pointed out The Prime Minister as the one responsible for the rise of ISIS with respect to Chilcot and I thought  he was referring to Tony Blair but was actually referring to David Cameron and I was a bit despondent for a while and it hit me; the difference between a Soldier and a Civilian i.e. they are always talking about what is happening now – unlike me who generally thinks the person responsible for the rise of ISIS is the one that though rule Britannia that thinks that in order to survive as an Island Nation, it must defend itself at all times having its fundamentalisms messed about with by friendly goons in the Middle East while he was Prime Minister was responsible i.e. Tony Blair, which is so because I am a civilian etc. Threats from MPs do not bother me – if they wanted to teach me a lesson they would have done so years ago, without having to deploy government property to wreck my finances and pillage my health surrounding me with women that endured I no longer had capability to build resolve for anything while they take their children to the gym and turned up here for threats once done with it. I am happy with my life as it is and do not wish to be in the gym for the sake of anybody and it is much the same old story i.e. completion is not the difficult part for me in terms of handling my State Office, that part is easy – the problem now is that I never really get angry enough when people damage my property and so it has become their idea of competition all together, it was always the normal thing i.e. have a career, compete and stay out of trouble if you cannot see the benefits of competition in its own right thereof but the damage done to my property everyday on grounds of some seven deadly sins and threats from the Politicians of those who do it is not good enough and it is like the villains who pretend they don’t know what they are doing when they see me at work and feel like fingering my bum and letting me know in no uncertain terms, then get off to inform some of the twisted evil goons in their society to get through to me while I am at work as they take on the day as well, to pretend others think they need more information and don’t know what they are right, right down to the public transport operators etc – only to complain when I rip up the society as well in order to show I don’t have to support them in life for any reason especially financial context support which is not a conversation about whether they have got their wives either as it were; a Minister of Parliament will get hurt over this vile behaviour before it stops.

Then there is the story of how I offend MPs and why I need to resolve it which I don’t; I don’t offend MPs, everybody knows about playing up the bubble that exists between their Offices and the prison service and sending out homosexuals to screw around with me until they are able to trap me financially and push me into crime in order to rehabilitate me and detach me from my morals to move into my personal life and have peace that God blessed me with without believing in God or having to. When they started, complete with features such as how much they know about my culture and respect I am supposed to give them which nobody knows nothing about and no society can say is wrong as per how they take or how they use it, which they do because they knew I was 21 when I returned to the UK and an adult and nobody had to support me while my temperaments was up for anything anybody wanted thanks to my Mother who is actually a member of their stupid political party so to speak, what they overlooked was the fact my age should have informed them I was no novice at what I did, what they were more interested in is that it meant nobody had to support me and that they could do whatever they liked. I am not 21 anymore, I am 35 now and they are going to get killed before it stops as it were; I mean I don’t know why they ask the questions but it does appear they thought I was bluffing when I warned them and their popular culture fools who wanted to appear on Magazine covers and make popular culture fame with my career while I tried to study at Greenwich, ripped up my academic work I warned them about in the process as well taking all the necessary risks, so they can turn up to complain and pretend they are always in need of justice as per it is the right thing, so the questions definitely have to be that big idea as I suppose, that they assume I wouldn’t do it again, hence that I offend MPs and it needs to be resolved.

The matter of controlling MPs as needed by Parliament Business curators for example was never a complicated matter – just an old case of Mum with 4 little children on one hand and popular culture goon on the other, brought in from abroad by stupid socialist women that want to teach a religious kid they didn’t get to fuck a lesson but I have no idea what these popular culture goon will accomplish by attacking Mum with 4 little kids anyway, besides which judging from being able to attack me according to what she does to him, he is obviously a big enough man, living off the one he did before and on his way to do another one as it were – so when it comes to it, I am not interested in their problems and they need to respect the fact this Country has an identity but for the Politicians, they can bring them in and stand up in parliament regularly to brew that body language they want to talk to people and get to threaten me at the same time with, see if they will not get killed for it before they feel that it has to stop. These losers need to be well informed that competition is competition and damage is damage, damage is not their competition (its like that old story of how it is vague what I am doing to protect people and how it works but there is nothing vague about the fact that when people have a habit of wrecking my product sales in order to cloud everything I do with panic they must be thinking that wealth gap is something that works in their favour, so they ought to know I am not their wife that has to support them while they go out to bread win and need my people here for reason of popular culture trouble makers in Africa and the Middle East and South America, about which there are Royal duties in context of which concerns the special relationship with the US and Global Security - so I am aware it really hurts when I say so which is why I say it and the result makes people wonder why Industry villains and Politicians and Media goons and popular culture Celebrities can never get to me no matter what they have.). As for this matter of interference with Politics in its own right; the story has always been the same but I have reached a point where I have to defend myself from them at this stage i.e. I used the example of the migrant crisis earlier where there are certain matters that are primarily a function of British Government co-operation with the Americans and this had led to certain responsibilities which have encouraged huge amounts of migration over the last couple years, which added to European Union Migration and the general migration from the rest of the world that the system have always cleared year to year, there has been unprecedented levels of population growth and pressure as a result on services - this is an information that needs to be relayed to the outside world and maybe something done to alleviate the problem and see if we can take in more asylum seekers hence play a part in the crisis, instead of keep secrets and speak of complex web of Political negotiations which allows time to rip up my market and redo my Job as a matter of Politics and in order to get rich but they are still talking about my involvement with Politics leading to problems as these kinds of facts only come into the media when it has been circulating in their government Office for on average five weeks at least and is an example of how I interfere with Politics while they destroy my income and I have had enough of it too. The usual response has not changed i.e. what am I going to do about it? There is nothing more to do for my part save taking what I have already developed as security to a level that will mean they regret this question for as far foreseeable future as possible; it is not the first occasion, the most popular of this behaviour from Ministers of Parliament is to ensure when I prevent people from trying to ensure their entire businesses and market places are developed to sell things on my faith and morals, they will spend tax payer funds to rip up things in my life and open me up to their popularity idiots and all I am saying at this stage, what I am going to do about it is develop security that will be foundation based and fundamentally destructive for Politicians and Politics in this Country over the squander of Property that belongs to Queen and Country in my care until I am absolved. I feel these losers need to know as I have mentioned before - we all have to live in a society and compete with the rest of the Country while holding down a job and damage to my property is not their competition, cannot be their competition and never will be their competition; they are clearly not hurting badly enough yet and like to yap that I groom people for sodomy as a society. We will hear those statements of republicanism made again and yet the IRA has only just gone away with nothing learned from them and they will speak of support they have from the Americans as well which makes no sense; in terms of the former, the story has always been that of somebody who has a job and uses it to hurt others instead of get it done, so as to take it from them and get it done no matter what the result may be in order to get rid of such a person and they are the ones with jobs used for such purposes in the British Parliament the last time we checked besides which the great thing about these republicans happens to be that the only thing they know is where all the great talents of the Nation are, no idea what to do with it whatsoever, just the sense they want to be leaders so they can determine what it is used for and as I mentioned before I am clear their abuses do not trouble me as it is obviously where their heads are - in terms of support from the Americans however; it is supposed to be scary but the reality is that American republicans are not finished taking jobs away from debauched and Adulterous democrats yet, they have become interested in changing the UK - so it has to be that network for idiots and numb skulls and trouble makers who think they are off to blow my top and love to show their stupidities on media regularly for it as well. In terms of the part where it is said I am very wealthy but like to attack the Politicians while the Industry goons get the better of me, there is nothing like that; Industry goons like to wait for me to put up my equities then deploy it for their Hedge Funds and stock market nonsense etc seeing I am neither their wives or mistresses that are supposed to support them while they bread win and it will end really badly too - presently the problem with me as a Country which they have here clearly is that I groom people for sodomy as it were (they are all in as a whole whereby the big problem facing the US is how powerful society idiots have become due to years of making vast sums of money hood winking the American government into beating drums of freedom for them all over the world and their story here is that the British are taking care of the problem because they think they are softies that became tough enough but since they then moved to the UK to seek their fortune, have realised it does not work like that in anyway, so that amounts to both a Migration management issue and a social one as well but it is the Politicians that seem to need this whole reality check thing where they must be detached from the Americans and made to focus on the Political job they are actually being paid by the State to do and so this has brewed such nonsense as the SNP sleeping with it, threatening me and calling a referendum in Scotland while Westminster idiots let it happen and regularly rip my income to redo my job whenever they need some attention).