Their friends in the US say the UK is not a free Country but likes to make out that it is but the reality is the distance between what I have and an idiot that wants to take it with Politics promising a New Country thereof, which causes me to preserve rights by hiding and keeping secrets - however the way they see it here in the UK is that I cling to Monarchy when it wants nothing to do with me - but everybody knows that if I abandon it, they will snap it up in seconds and it is the same behaviour from Popular culture all around, except that it is now so endemic that people are shutting down and we cannot have that while we need to exist as an Economy - I for example am a Younger person and I know I want it all as well but I want it all my property not bully and abuse others and make a fool of older people so they can give things up and let me snap them up in a heartbeat etc. The argument of fallen wealth inequality heroes while the reality is that of Britain recovering and rising continues in parliament – they say if half the people behaved like me the freedoms we have today would never have come into existence, whereas we are talking about the stupidities with which they get on Pulpits and organise group, get rid of the real leaders and get off messing around until the trouble makers that follow them everywhere due to their history, get into positions of government, for government the last time we checked was a toy and the rules are only there to encumber peoples freedoms, except the result is that it costs lives to screw around. They do say my activities are a matter of absolute fear for trouble makers but of course for them the deaths of other persons can be an acceptable and justifiable cost for messing about in Government buildings - nothing unusual about this anyway as such, we all know their needs are so important that our sense of reality has now been clouded with transferred aggression based disillusionment and now they are waiting for the clinically insane who think the various medical names for murderers make sense when the real problem is that although money is a thing they chose not to work on things but work on people. Then their Politicians will likely ask what I have as plan B is somebody picked up on such statements to advocate the death penalty but the reality of course is that there is obviously no reason for the continually and increasingly feverish need to control men socially apparently in the view of the stupid Politicians that talk in such ways – bearing in mind a point has to be made every single second and every one of it is violent. For me it’s just thrilling this whole process where the only way they can express hate for me and what I have done to their cultures and neighbourhoods is some stupid destructive involvement and using popular culture to cling to my Book sales but then again the government need to control them is clearly without reason. So now we are done with the big stuff we are still at the main one i.e. if I am supposed to support their stupidities while they go out to bread win.

They would say where I am coming from is not exactly understood, after I have to put up with days and days and days running into years and years where I think that because I see them in three piece suits I can take them on whereas people are successful when they can be beaten and it’s their game with playing a little bit of what you don’t like at people all the time – it’s very bad for women of course and I want to know if that sort of behaviour is a fight their wives can win just yet as it were and it’s like they have a car drivers clique and cannot keep off my personality and public life and especially my finances playing a bit of what I don’t like extricating income from my property and doing distant violence that ensures I cannot chase them up even if I had the finances while the media creates a barricade for them each time no matter how much money they have in their savings – they have this car drivers clique and every one in it is violent in my direction especially – after all people are Arch Princes when they are beaten too the last time we checked besides which each time the matter is raised those distant violence and anus penis insults give rise to access that facilitates a stop to anything that opposes them and I want them off my Empire as well and I want them off without anything being damaged or lost otherwise they will know where I am coming from as well in a big way; I don’t have to support the bastards while they bread win – such a fact should serve a hint. It’s like the story of the environment as well, they ask all the time if conservation actually works because the rest of us are having the feeling of animals we can only see or touch on a special occasion taken away by those who can buy everything and then share their misery when they lose the happiness its existence brings –so I suppose then that it doesn’t the bloody clowns.

So now their stories is about a case of power sharing with the Monarchy being brought about by me which is utter nonsense as the Monarchy is providing the leadership that it normally does but we can count at least five times that the International frontiers the Politicians claim is trouble has been done and the five times they have damaged it to seek their business interests, so it is a rascal behaviour that needs to be kept at home and outside of government buildings if I am asked personally. The reality is that their society goons are stupid to a fault and they can always measure reality by seeing I am one of those classified as the great and the good and that will help a bit – example is a process of living in a neighbourhood and settling your case with neighbourhood criminals dithering on the edge of it while doing the same with idiots that are good at the moment and need to get fame out of your behaviour otherwise they will be bad as well but when you have done it, those who men being friends of a man will destroy your personal and public life in order to feel convenience – people don’t behave like that unless their brains are made of stone and when I had mentioned it they tell me I am House in confection and I wouldn’t know exactly why that would fail to make a rich statement coming from people who seek help from Politicians to get me a witchdoctor extraordinary out of their homes while they continue their vile behaviour towards me at the same time either. So it’s the old tale of punks whose feelings are the greatest thing that happened to you unless you create conditions and punch it out with them, except you can never tell if the kind of competition they seek at present will in their wickedness lead to your demise for their trophy so you must keep making them suffer as well. I don’t think it’s a problem they do like to ask if I believe I can beat them in a fight but we all know it has taken 15 years of my time and a whole parliament to create conditions where they get an incentive for a fight as thought that is what violence is used for and now they think they can dominate me their villainy has taken up a proactive nature with a big mouth, a big mouth that means they are unaware the whole thing will be turned the other way when it kicks off; so they do it because they want to ensure they create me a condition where they call me out for a fight all the time and when I don’t engage I lose everything I have to them because that is what is really important to them in life and nothing else and need to piss up somewhere else, especially for the Politicians. There isn’t a thing they do which does not suggest they are cowards – ranging from picking on me because I have a good temperament to abusing women because they have good looking bodies; so perhaps they might understand better when I inform them at parliament that their society goons are the kind of persons you get involved with only for a second in order for all your have done to get organised a career to unravel – they are as stupid as a presence at the market square at its lowest levels every single day of their lives and like to think the invented reasons that allow their appetite for destruction that stems from problems they have created for themselves makes sense because their Politicians have told them so. They do say I regard myself as Royalty and that it is what provokes people, it makes so much sense coming from those who think friend of the Monarchy being their concern to such a violent extent will provoke no One. It’s not the first time either; the first had to do with walking around their country like I am their boss – the one where I do something for five years and get better at it but do it for ten years and can do it seamlessly being the point where I get into trouble right up to the highest levels of government whereby these scumbags think they really matter. So in terms of clarifying my position on racism I would never know anyway – they say it is obscure, I have no idea what it means, since what we are looking at here is a very difficult existence these people are complaining about which difficult existence was somebody else’s fault – hence the question that never gets answered and then I get told I cannot just say vague difficult existence like that but it is rather very obvious; when they see a Christian they want to bottle the gospel inside him until he explodes and then that will create gay and queer religion, if it ends up with a condition where the Christian thinks it’s his life and others cannot have it and in terms of Islam the Islamic violence wants some of their own, then it’s time to be racist and claim the problem was created by others – so it is a behaviour whereby they complain about it but do exactly the activities that led to the outcomes they complain about and the blacks too want to take on white people starting with a process of leading me; utter rubbish of course since it is their own that gets used in such ways all together. The Politicians do like to brag on the other hand about dragging me into a difficult situation where I am now being subjected to serving them and it is utter nonsense – they know I can always dig up again the part where they spent time chasing me around, ignoring government work and telling the public the reasons they are no longer doing the jobs they are paid taxes to do is because they have found the public a new person from whom they can extricate the next stage of civil rights and it took them 3 electoral cycles of my time to reach the point they are at the moment and I really do like to make them believe the state of that stupid party today is entirely of doing, even though the part where I hit them as well concerns how much the process of wrecking my finances to make me end up in a part of society with their social and cultural goons, so I might have to remind them these people are stupid to a fault is the main one and yes I do like to tell those all about government as well so people can follow Politicians to Parliament, mess up their Office and work as well and stop them bragging about doing what they did. The rest are white people who claim they suffer as a result of my escapade with Politicians, which is so because if I have a problem with black women they are certain to interfere, nothing serious, just the need to make the problems many times worse until it becomes what I do for a profession – so it is not hurting badly enough yet I want them to keep doing it for me. They do say I talk but people still get the better of me, which is utter nonsense; it’s about black men and the fact no amount of punishment seems to deter them from using my public life and faith to make money especially as an expression of how they don’t believe in any of it, in the hope I will give more by trying to until I eventually convert them, by which time they will be rich and will have the religion bit as a public life so they might never be argued with – I have made it clear it set out the sense that doing to people a little bit of what they don’t like done to them is okay and I would like it if they built businesses and lives on it by excluding me, otherwise I have no idea what I will do to them to stop them peddling mine in the first place anyway so far.

So there is the age old story of how I never address the fact I run a campaign of verbal abuse which when black women who don’t like it and think I am an appalling idiot chase it up I will end up in prison; I wouldn’t know anyway since it does not add up how a normal person would have thought that a campaign of verbal abuse would resolve a process where people follow him around being a menace and a nuisance, in order to create the British government staffing based problems that they make out is all possible on account that I exist to punish me for not doing their bidding the eternal insults. At this point linking themselves with me by a skin colour I share with them has a resulted in building an empire in which the money has ended up somewhere in context and it is an unprecedented level of abuse which is hard to see how it then got to make me the shrew in the matter all together. That said I think the problem with these women is that people never get to pay attention according to my recent behaviour and activities as per how far I will be willing to go on their case – so I will keep to the usual advise that is supposed to fill in that gap whereby they believe they are unaware of the effects of their activities and therefore need more information, with the usual fact on the ground i.e. I don’t want to know, they need to get off my Books and clear my space – I am perfectly aware the situation improves when I say nothing and that is why I say something to show what I am capable of too. The reasons it happens are clear i.e. that their behaviour means each time I am organised for my concerns it gets disrupted when idiots I have never met are able to tell me to get out of their House, the reason they do it is because it means freedom and democracy if the world is an evil place an religious persons are being persecuted – so that if the devil wants anything done these days women are to do it making evil prerogatives that can be sold to twisted industry scum, the reasons they do it is because of their laziness and the need to secure a man they can bully but at the same time has the strength of a man to do their problems for them, the reason they do it is because it is competitive of which by the way I am winning and the US cannot help them. I have simply decided not to tolerate it in my generation because there is no way that it can be justified a process of disrupting my concerns in such ways on a daily basis by being set up for a process where women can walk up to me on the streets and tell me to get out of their House and I will cut up any of that International community nonsense along with it as well the competition which I am currently winning thereof. I created this Intellectual properly emporium and Empire Equity space to allow me and my equity associates all over the world to think and to develop products – apparently when we do what we do and become good at it we get their attention, when we become aesthetically proficient, we have stolen women’s beauty and need to hand it back and I did not create it for their convenience and will sell any part of that stupid culture that I have not already sold yet so far, all they need to do is get on the fucking temper like they normally do and then let me see any of it too. As for the bit where I am being protected while I think I am big enough – it is when I crack down on those that are a threat to me so they can stop protecting me that this matter will become a lot more real to them than it is at present but so far I will tolerate none of it from clubbing and partying to International community corridors – they need to go to hell and clear my space and I have a problem with my temper especially concerning these stupid evil women of freedom and it will become more obvious when I start to have a publicly obvious career for it as well if that does not happen and happen really soon as well the nepotism that is good for their health and well being and a big mouth to show for it issuing threats at me all the time. They say I am now the biggest ally of men but we all know that when it comes to society, it is usually sweet to extricate power from abusing and bullying a religious person, trapping me and issuing statements about the things that would not happen in neighbourhoods if I had provided leadership on it, in order to push me closer to gangs, pretending men do not live in those neighbourhoods and people do not live in it. I understand they want the freedoms they used to have in the 80s, so am I aware of the devastating consequences of children having less civil rights than their parents did which is what I have created but it has to be seen the two reasons for it of which in terms of the former is a case of spending time and money to get organised, so that when I step out of my house they can tell me I need to get out of theirs and run it for eternity day after day and in terms of the latter is a condition where I had become one of the best the Country has produced in the world, so they just breed their children to become a competition. So there is the big question of why Women like to target me in particular but we all know it is because they are evil and the whole game of stealing all I do from a secrete culture where they were planning all I know all along which I got involved with to steal it as such had to cease to be amusing - but above all, the only way the girl who spent her time thinking about where Teachers anus and penis is while everybody else was studying, can make money from my property and public life and abuse me for conveniences supported by her Politicians and Her Community is when she is now 60 years old and has a civil rights and a connection to Britain like the White person does; so every bullying from them results in a vengeance where they are detached from any British identity they have but even with consequences that heavy and the complains we have to listen to about my activities, they are still doing it anyway - this is why they target me all the time. Hence my Business provokes them because it is Intellectual Property Administration and there is always an aspect of it that has to remain in a perpetual state of in-completion; in case they mess with brand and property of an associate and I am drafted in to take care of it and do the neighbourhoods as well - these stupidities of theirs as we all know gets worse and worse with every generation; it’s just that when I do, peoples grand Mothers cannot sleep for weeks which then really makes sense when they do that stupid Popular culture to secure finances on my public life and Royal Property in order to make their bullying more violent as well. The reason it seems I am impervious for bullying being that I am a bully as well; the other benefit of taking action either way being that Politicians and Celebrities and television personalities and popular culture goons can live with the consequences of the crowd they pull with their behaviour, not have me figured out, live in my life and ensure they follow me around. It’s a simple process of making sure if popular culture is a business it’s a viable one by behaving in a way that sees to it for them all and that is why I am a bully as well. I hear I need to control the Tories which I have no idea what control is thus needed – I mean I know I can get into areas of Town to find my public life is being used, which is not necessarily a problem when parents want you to be strict otherwise the kids will screw around, hence the result is that those who get off to make it a threat like to assume I would never have found out it is especially when it comes to corrupting my government security to play friend of the communist games and their Mothers then get to tell me it’s the one where they did it for me and means I need to shut down the career as it has become theirs with a big mouth, complaining all the time but doing it anyway – so they have become rather fond of making black women allies at the shops, so the idiots can sit around messing me up when I get organised and pushing me out of jobs, hence the reasons they do it for me when I have trouble with black women while at the same time claiming its a race issue that is not their concern and each time its affects them ought to cost me. The Labour Party and other Liberals on the other hand are just going to get it by violence and they are bluffing in my view as well; it’s been 12 years of these fools and their idiots wanting my Christian personal life to pacify their foolish kids with in order to stop them becoming criminals and in that time they have gotten the academic work and wrecked mine but nothing has improved so it has to be concluded it never will – I think they are bluffing.

So they say I should be supporting a Policy about abolishing the Army but I wouldn’t know anyway – we all know the Army is not the only section of the Military there is, it’s just the one that makes them the most trouble due to their socialist stupidities and how it affects; I bet they would like the Navy for its cruising lifestyle and they would fancy the Air force for its Jet set lifestyle as well, so it is not necessarily a valid argument. However if they are interested in the part where I was supposed to support them on being a Christian, what we are looking at has to do with abolishing the Army not being a bad thing necessarily, if people can go out there and ensure they create the conditions for that i.e. speak to organised criminals and gang lords and drugs lords and obtain a written agreement from them that there will be no more crimes and table it in Parliament where others have obtained experiences over time that such a thing has been accomplished which then means that the Bill will not be defeated and then it will pass into law and bingo the Army is no longer needed, so goons can do their own as well. I mean as a Christian speaking of which, I do try as it were, I really do; it’s the one where my Business is based on Intellectual Property so I am predisposed to provide Industries with creative equity, gun makers use these equities and I have to inform them I am actually comfortable with the idea of organised criminals buying these guns but when they do sell it never the less the result is that somebody likes his gun so much it’s an extension of him everywhere he goes but when he is about to use it realises the state of affairs in the world disagrees and so he loses taste for the gun but I would rather they did not sell the gun to them goons in the first place at all for my part; we are looking at a case of creating certain market instability that kills off organised crime businesses but the owners still have millions of pounds in savings and in the stock market and are making a tidy sun every year that runs into millions – meaning they are now millionaires but clean and straight, no more crime; however they still want some revenge against the person that had the guts to stand up to them when they were criminals and this is where socialist love comes in to implement it, so they can abolish the Army. It’s much like popular culture where I am now creating conditions that will lead to an outcome in which it is regulated by making it exist as a viable business considering they continue to claim that it is and so it will be open to regulation if I have my way and it will be open to competition if I have my way as well, so it can do like a real business and enjoy a sense of affinity with how hard people have to work in Industry and show some respect for it too and they tell me it is self regulated but what that means is that the Popular culture boss is the one that does everybody the favour of finding a really bad stupid girl and a religious person they can hate, whose personal life will be pillaged to collect facts with which to make the stupid girl rich and famous and leave her struggling with family life for the rest of her existence but it is not good enough anymore as it stands and they do tell me I need to use my own to do it too, which is precisely what I am doing – when they work ever so hard and get so busy to a point with the process of finding stupid girls to set up for fame and fortune on my public life they will find out it really does not pay off at the other end and I am sure they can see it is what all of these is all about.