That my case with Journalists at Court is hard to explain - but it isn't; it’s a matter of the same lack lustre performance every single time – I mean somebody will stand up in public to report the news and have their intestines ripped up by society idiots but at the end of the day the pain can be dealt with by getting drunk and it is I that is really worth abusing. So their opinion of me is clearly low enough alright, I took the risk I did because I thought they were the ones who stood to gain the most if something was done about society villains at fame and fortune, obviously of which I was wrong and there is nothing wrong with that either. Some do speak of the revolution they want but it will always be the story of their insults and abuses and the question of why I don’t seem to mind as it is obviously where their fucking heads are. Otherwise generally I am meant to have a Court that reflects my Position and place in the Queens Court as a work Court and I am working on that – the people who tend to support me financially and I support financially as well and the reason the Literary Empire is suspended globally because they are not engaged to the extent that they should be.
Its like the old case of women like it was a conversation and there isn’t a soul which I hurt me on this planet that has escaped being hurt by me as well and I suppose their Politicians are doing a great job for them ripping up my finances because it will take a turn when I get out of this and that is a certain reality; women need to keep their abuses and violence and threats and insults and involvement off me as we are not mates and it matters they do it very soon enough too; my anus and penis is where their head is obviously, apparently some want to chose but generally as a people what I have done so far is not hurting badly enough yet so there is still those daily public challenge and threats and abuse to deal with and I am blown away as it were - especially for their blacks for whom it’s a matter of sexual context or they get the trophy without the sex which I am meant to enjoy as well anyway, there and then when you meet them on the roads - it’s as though with me, immoral popular culture society is on a role and it will end very badly too. It’s much, much wider than just saying popular culture idiots must use my faith and personal life for all sorts of things in their view, from devising a means o making rich people give them money, to being forced into sex with foolish women who know men that can kill me because I have been manipulated to that extent, for various reasons including the residue anger that the man who took their virginity left them etc – it goes far into the fact every fool that has a mistress in the land with a wife at home needs to ensure that she is playing around with my public life in order for him to make some extra money on the sidelines and it is an example of the reasons it is not good enough for me to just say they belong on the left and we have all got to live with it, I don’t have to live with any such thing and they need to clear my space really soon. I have mentioned before the problem is that I never actually muster enough anger to be effective when people damage my Royal Public life and Literary Empire and this is the real problem as it is obviously never enough for the block heads who feel they are handling a dunce the Monarchy took into public office to wind them up.

So now the story has taken a turn for the part where nothing I say or do comes from an idea that is originally mine and it appears I am stuck with it and my life is over but there is really no such thing as it is never clear why people feel such claims are credible when entire societies and communities are levying it on a single person in the first place. I do not think that the matter is a huge problem and I do not say so in order to put a brave face on things – the reality has always been that when they damage my property they say it is the seven deadly sins and find themselves amusing, when they are no longer laughing we have to deal with threats and stupidities which are a function of what Politicians and media fools put them up to while they think it has to be condoned for their right to make a decision of their own was taken away from them all together. For my part sometimes I feel I live on a planet with people and that human beings get competitive but other times I feel I am being made to hold my breath until I suffocate and die so that these idiots can have a life they never knew they had all along. It’s all lower middle class nonsense and their relentless assaults – which does nothing to explain as it were why so many of them are getting killed by Police officers they are far more important than, especially in the US; the first time this kind of matter came up around my concerns it was to do with being attacked by them and then due to the ferocity and relentless nature of their abuses I end up being angry, which then creates an environment of insecurity for them and their foolish children which then became my responsibility so they might practice nepotism that is necessary for their well being . it is conceived by them that I am dead but I am not, just like the old tale of how I do these things when I am upper class and they are not and I have made myself clear their very nature is a blunt instrument driving into others all day long, an existence that is built on the creating of clinical depression which they think is amusing and attack people when it affects them as well, their nature is rude in itself and it can only progress towards violence but even when I say so I am still talking semantics since the real problem is their need to get involved with me and tell me how to live to make them comfortable while avoiding clashes with them. So it leads still to the same outcome of ending up supporting a goon financially for a while and then when you realise its wrong he pops the question of whether it is the one where you were being such a good boy that you will then use to harm him. So it can be measured by the behaviour of their communities and its leaders – such as an inability to furnish me one good reason they would see me at work and set off whisper the worst possible villains they know to come to me while I am at work: are they suggesting to people that my actions are unjust because they are unaware of what they are doing, are they saying they are able to explain the reason for it whenever they are asked to do so? I want control of This Royal Estate and its Finances and they need to stop pretending absolutely everybody is obliged to support them in a financial way or context:- I am opting out.

The matter of controlling MPs as needed by Parliament Business curators for example was never a complicated matter – just an old case of Mum with 4 little children on one hand and popular culture goon on the other, brought in from abroad by stupid socialist women that want to teach a religious kid they didn’t get to fuck a lesson but I have no idea what these popular culture goon will accomplish by attacking Mum with 4 little kids anyway, besides which judging from being able to attack me according to what she does to him, he is obviously a big enough man, living off the one he did before and on his way to do another one as it were – so when it comes to it, I am not interested in their problems and they need to respect the fact this Country has an identity but for the Politicians, they can bring them in and stand up in parliament regularly to brew that body language they want to talk to people and get to threaten me at the same time with, see if they will not get killed for it before they feel that it has to stop. These losers need to be well informed that competition is competition and damage is damage, damage is not their competition. The evil in it can be expressed in many way but at this particular point in time the best one to describe is the fact our idea of war is still when Germany Bombs Britain and people run into Train Stations for cover - in the Middle East and Africa, what really happens is that people become homeless along with their entire families. On one hand they say I have been beaten and this is all a last gasp, since it is all fun- on the other its more of s story of how I never pay attention to what is happening when those who had hurt me are now helping me and those sort of self imporvement insults to deal with the lot that befell them for the stupid lives they make for themseles and the gratitious nonsense thrown in the face of those who tried to help and even now when they can do me either way with a big mouth: in terms of the latter however of which the case is still that of why I seem to have a problem with most world leaders i.e. if you are seen outside your home at everyday, one day something bad will happen to you as it is a matter of mathematical probability and if a woman does not have a certain level of security at a certain age the effect is much the same, so whatever on earth these guys achieve by wrecking my literary empire through international stalking and of course pretending they are helping me out of their own extensive goodness is never clear but it is an example of the reasons for the complains they make; one moment they feel like destroying people they do not get to see, reach or touch in such ways in order to bring them down and gain access and the next they do not have the patience for a three day delay when people pay them Housing support because the job has been ruined as well, hence how they tap my energy to do things with and the Country will burn when they cannot use me or my faith without beliving in God, in terms of the former - that would be a matter of MPs and the fact that I only support in financial context those who support me in financial context, no idea why they always like to make public appreances to enhance the idea they think absoluetly everybody is supposed to support them in financial context and financially anyway but we all know that is why they drive around their insulting Cars on the roads of this Country passing about anus and penis and private parts insults but I am not in need of involvement from them as anything that needs to be done overseas can be done by the people I support and who in turn support me - they are good enough for it. Competition is competition, damage is damage, I am tired of it and it is going to blow up too.

That I change my stance when people support me on matters of dealing with villainous goons and more so jeopardise myself when I make mistakes as a result, is not a claim that is based on reality or truth. The truth is that the trouble makers have been beaten and I am now only faced with the generous doling out of depressing which their entire existence specialises on, so that they can do permissive murder and elate themselves on others all the time but while the women specialise on it and practice it with impunity, the men then become the popular culture murder scum and I am always dithering between support from Law enforcement and a point where it will not be able to help me which is clearly a life to live as it were considering it is their own too as far as they are concerned, looking for trouble. As I have mentioned before, when they do it, the reasons are all seven deadly sins orientated and it needs to stop being amusing for them as well on one hand while on the other I do not think the Police needs the vigilante business of the permissively racist communities either, which is why they prefer my Royal Office work instead. So now that it is clear, their Politicians and Industry idiots can deploy them to ensure I lose a job for being bullied too - that part is also news to me as far as they are concerned and they need more information about the effects so they can better change their ways

The claim I am stuck somewhere and have this tough nut to crack over the Migrant crisis in Europe for which I supposedly involved myself is utter nonsense; there are only three points of view for the crisis and one of them is to do with normal people, the other is to do with people who live in such ways as the Bible condemns and criticises who like to think they want to impose their way of life on me as well with incredibly bad behaviour which is meant to cloud my sense of reality when Politicians support them and the third is my view of the crisis and an example is the US where some women is held in contempt of Court for refusing to give them licenses to marry in Church and so one moment they speak of how people are not using the lives of religious people to do homosexuality and the next they build entire markets and businesses on peoples personal lives and religion and all that is scared in the land meaning those who are single for a long time because others want to fuck the spouse they have not yet married for example are able to tell enough truths to secure their own sense of justice and have any kind of normalcy – so there is no such thing as anybody or anyone being stuck anywhere on the matter. It is much the same behaviour when it comes to matters of the victims of famine in Africa for instance and most recently the Greek crisis where bailouts are never free money but it takes years and Political nonsense to bail Countries out which makes it free money in the end and does not help those who need jobs and a life when economy needs to recover whichever way it does – so this is a game that these goons play all the time and we are all used to it.

No we hear the UK wants to leave the EU according to polls; nothing have been done to set out the parameters of the referendum but it shows we are leaving the EU already, so I need to breathe and they need to explain how you vote yourself out of the Eurovision song contest which is actually the most important of the public displays of a cultural Union in which everything else is activities by government to improve the lives of its citizens. The story about a Coward who wants to lead others is very popular, I am aware of that but it is usually a very rich statement coming from incredibly stupid people whose progress is based on whether or not they provoke me and challenge me to a fight which I ran away from so they can chase my private parts and organised themselves into spending my personal and public life and it continues in each case because they do not yet have a reason to fear me too as it were. As it stands the society ones, right up to the public transport operatives are fed up with fighting me but we all see rather than leave me alone to be by myself they have chosen instead to play out the fact they have a need to end the fight but also a need to look for trouble and not get beaten, so it’s already feeling like joining Tories to do racism on my account with a big mouth. So next stop is clearly popular culture idiots and those never ever listen to the warnings about exposing body to be savaged by society and the world over on account they are trying to deploy mine and my people’s lives to make riches and fame – they continually miss out the justice part where they destroy everything and are now spending the health and body of those they have pushed onto benefits, so it is their bodies that will become the focus really soon as well and they know I can too, just like their Politicians claim it is their civil right and it is the same way their women have no wish to heed warnings about cordoning my Book sales to hold it to ransom with any little money they have and some violent social blackmail which will ensure they get anything they wanted and continue like that until when racism happens to me I am vulnerable, looking for trouble all the time.