So I am told about this impending war with Liberal USA which is meant to be scary but it does not scare me in anyway – they spend most of their time telling lies and the way it makes people sick only encourages them to steal peoples social lives and career once they were done with distant sexual context abuses and processes of building communities that get imagination up the bums of their victims all the time, to express the way their stupidities think that they ruled the world and others were being disrespectful. I can only say when they blab about the war they might take it up when they are mad enough, otherwise it’s clear that I am done with their insults and do not care about their problems anymore, every involvement with my concerns ought to come with a process where they bought and read copies of my Books for it as well. They do believe I am bluffing but the beginning of their war will suggest they need tell their lies and get into a fight with Russians already, either way I am not a Politician and it should not concern me at all. The remarkable part of it is the way they tell these lies and set about pretending that how those lies affect other people’s careers and finances is that which is reliably destructive, while to me, there is no need for the fighting because I know they are lying and never stop lying to a fault, so if I tackled the money that is the source of all civil and criminal disobedience that targets my hermitage, the problem will go away. We then make sense of the way those lies destroy people’s lives while it matches up with the fact their women are in a perpetual state of hysteria, fear and anxiety over the activities of culture and society goons, as per the way it does not fit with success and civil living, while their place with respect to British/US relations has become a matter of the perpetual threats of Liberal USA gits which according to my Bank balance is now spending my time on its insults and therefore become intolerable – a need to end this process where the lies implied I had to live in this existence whereby they had formed a habit of hurting me, bearing in mind people always say the only thing that likely gets them paid for being popular is when they got into a fight with civil and criminal trouble makers – so they set me out as the enemy they know they can beat and the bullying has now earned the results of a response from me to that effect with their big mouth blabbing all over the place, so it is clear that a waste of their time in life as well the way they waste mine, does not seem to deter, so I need to make use of the options available to me and very soon indeed.

It is now said that the intentions I had in mind when I created my social media have been clear although I am of the opinion I need to explain them but the purposes had not materialised and never will. We can therefore see they think it’s a big joke but it is an example of the sorts of behaviour that will cause me to get into an act of making my own contributions to their wealth and social inequality problems, of a magnitude that will make me popular for a very long time.

The matter at hand have never really been a huge problem as such; just a case of being inundated with perverted fans who have a very corrupt way of handling my property – a problem I can solve by making decisions on which parts of a community at the Hermitage is entitled to which parts of the work that I do in it as such. What we have seen it develop into instead due to their abusive behaviour are realities where they claim all I did with my publishers and distributors is where their fame was located and that criminals were buying entertainment products while I spent time trying to rub shoulders with them – I am now sore all over because of the way that celebrities blow kisses at criminals on my public image to make glossy magazines that show up at the corner shops and super markets, never mind the insulting leadership that fools on media supply them to work this abusive nonsense with every day and the communities built up to get imagination up my bum for it, whereby there is no reason for this, now telling me that the purpose of my work needed no explanation it simply isn’t going to be realised with their stupidities active all over it, as though we signed a contract to play practical jokes on each other. They always say that my work is an affront to the men and hence the question of who exactly the men are and why exactly I am being addressed by the men, anyway that the men wanted to do so with that big mouth they have got? The truth of this being expressed by what I had displayed on my social media, that set to show that the biggest social crisis we faced was associated with the fact they were more interested in the social impact of police work than their own responsibilities and their singular interest in me is my responsibilities, how I get around it and a process of securing attention from me, as pointed out above; so this need for attention has developed into a destruction of my academic work and career, to buy shares with companies that are seen getting involved with me, now to stifle my Bookshop and tell me its purposes will never be realised i.e. where I am coming from upon issuing warnings that I am set to make contributions to their wealth and social; inequality problems as will make me famous and popular for a very long time as well.

The other story they tell is that I never solve my problems without making sure it entirely depended on other people, while the single biggest problem we have is that it’s not my decision to be left alone as far as they were concerned, claiming it will remain the case as long as I am in possession of what the people want and then it will be said that describing them as scum was bad language if they kept the good behaviour for their equally stupid families. I mean it’s possible for people to destroy their ear drums rather than hang around listening to what I am saying, if it applies that it meant that I got to depend on them rather than sort out my own problems – I was of the opinion that not handling me was the easier option of the two. Same as the blacks talking nonsense about making me a real black person and they must have been aware at this stage that I am not a fan of Nelson Mandela’s legacy, Barrack Obama and all the populist stupidities they wreck people’s lives with while Trump was racist.

Their friends at the civil service point out I live on benefits and spend all day idling around and we know they are happy to divert DWP investigators towards those that are not committing benefit fraud over the assumption that money they pinch can easily be used to harm me when they are having their Holidays or putting the feet up at a tourist destination that allows them pass insults at me that a Bird will carry around the world – recently we learned they had moved it all to the middle easy because the Asians were not co-operating as much and I guess it means that harming me will be a safe practice then. I do get asked how I ended up in this fiasco but it’s an old story about insults graduating into abuses which graduate into career practical jokes and has now graduated into violence – I intend to find out what it is exactly they can do with it as well but for the time being preventing those lies developing into communities that help them hit women after churning the tummy is the main concern and we have heard them claim that it indicated I am burned out. Same as that story they are not news to everybody else save myself while what happens is that they are a handful of gits who facilitate the way the men who have claimed what I do with my social media will never materialise and that my literary work was an affront to them, while my social media suggests that none had yet engaged with what I had put up there all together – always bound to get on that band waggon concerning ideas on those whose success knows everything and is unacceptable to the Men, to show up around my concerns and make friends with Politicians by counting pennies until they magically ended up with millions they cannot account for as disrespectfully as possible, like life itself was that easy for them to live all together according to history. Then we find them claim they were able to damage the career and finances because it served to show I am a dunce while we know they do it because they are stupid and everything they handle gets broken.

It’s the same issue as ever; lies and lies and the lies will churn the tummy and that will ensure that the victims had to deal with a violent situation, where they hit women and progress to issuing threats at everybody with a community of money madness gits to back up their stupidities. Speaking of a process of solving my problems without letting it rely on others; their media and celebrities needed to cease this gimmick of starting and ending everything they did by making comments about my person, Books and public image, to claim that it was their way of destroying my career because it was an affront to the men, when we know that it is a war which had broken out due to the fact they were had failed to achieve a process of becoming the centre of my world; all they did was a gimmick about how they hated the way criminals operated when they were customers and when others were clients but criminals were buying products while I was a low life that only sought to sub shoulders – there after black lives mattered, everything was racist, they had to be listened to because they were important and there was a global stage crisis for it all. Now it’s more a matter of how it would be better for all if they knew where the criminals were and I suppose the criminals would have been located in every instance we found them disrupting this place while I was trying to write some Books and run a Bookshop thereof.

They claim it prove that every time a younger man makes an alliance with women that are older than his age, the outcome is usually something like this. It is utter nonsense naturally; we know that if I find women who are older than I am attractive, they would be the first to suggest I want to get into bed with every women that are older than I am and would also be the first to complain about the consequences of such gimmicks. Then again, I already was unable to function properly without the women in my head before they savaged my career and finances with their long suffering wife at home and sugar baby at work gimmicks, so it did kick off at that stage obviously and we all know that according to their sense of entitlement, my relationships were likely to head down one direction alone. Then there are other bits like claims I am vulnerable to tribalism, once they are done setting off their civil disobedience goons on me because they think they are more social and cultural than I am – so with all the women in my head, I don’t set off any person through whom I can berate them and wreck their lives everyday claiming I know something about their embarrassing younger days and whenever I make time for female society issues, I end up with publicity as a person who is vulnerable for profitable tribalism based abuses. We then find that they do not define criminals as people who never got through the process and the system like the rest of us because they claim that as long as such characters are buying products I was a low life spending my time trying to rub shoulders with their stupidities and should be taught a lesson when I had lost everything. We therefore end up with this situation where the biggest social crisis involved people who would not get into a fight to make celebrities comfortable, that their main concern is the civic duty that had emerged from the work Police Officers do, that the people who bother them are the main source of social crisis and they never do a thing about it – what they do is make my rules and claim that the gimmicks they played prevented me from making progress with myself even when I had cleared it out like so and we know it’s not what the law of the land is and that we usually find out what those were when we ended up in a law Court for some reason as a result. We are then left with an obsession with my civil duties to make a mess of my career and finances, the fear that while we were carried away we had failed to notice if I young person had spent the same amount of time I have spent on them, such a person would be 19 years old this year, that the destruction of my property suggested their rules were right and I had not made progress with myself for trifling with their culture and society. They always excuse this on grounds that I claimed I would take up the fighting for the Celebrities, while what I have been doing recently is trying to ensure Celebrities I shared a Court system with were aware of the way I worked – that we made entertainment out of each gimmick they inflicted us with and we know that if Trump was really racist a form of entertainment would have emerged from it at this point, hence they are lying, we also know they have now developed a habit of waiting for us to build and then taking over, meaning that each time they got involved, it was the herald of a period of relaxation in all that we did.

I do get told that I am in great amount of suffering and require sympathy but there is no need for it; this matter is not as difficult for me as it appears – I mean none tells the Politicians about the way we don’t see a Priest ever engage in rituals in a way that decided what the bank balance of Celebrities were but we see Celebrities do this with my academic work and finances all the time, then leave it to their insulting twats in the City Office blocks to decide if I am a big bitch with a mouth they never shut all the time, hence it becomes obvious when I take these rituals associated with their fame from them since it is being used to hurt me all the time, my problems will be solved all be it temporarily. I have been told as well that I am aware I am able to solve this problem as soon as possible but prefer to let it drag on and I let it drag on because the Politicians claim their actions in ripping up peoples social lives with violent lasciviousness and then hang around building communities that get imagination up peoples bums and attack the victims violently claiming there was a smell, was alright, even my Books have been stopped to prove this, so I am in no mood or position to solve problems immediately on this matter, as there is primary concern there will be a squeezing balloons effect. That said they do claim I am unaware of the powers I am messing with, as doing so is preferable alternative to putting a stop to processes of starting their day by making comments on my Books and public image which affect my Client and ending their day the same way – we see them boast about the effects of what I have done on my social media and yet my social media account would say that people have not been engaging with me all together, which can afford me assumption that they are threatening my clients every day and it needed to come to a stop if they were complaining. I mean the first time I saw their insulting minions, they were deciding who was inferior to them and had to live out an existence that prioritised their own personal finances, thereafter was the wealth and social inequality campaigns and after was a process of being a fully paid up member of the problem section whereby they didn’t care about anything but themselves and were obsessed with a need to handle everything that was of public importance because the income margins at the market was greater and they didn’t have to worry about destroying local wealth to get counted among those who owned anything that had not been sacked. So, for their part the powers I mess with, since they started lobbying Politicians, these activities their stupid minions engage in have been their social lives and it does not in any way scare me obviously. We know what happens is that when dad spends my mortgage to get me a University study literally, they hang around with media friends seeking crowds that help them claim ownership of the sociological manner in which I chase my academic pursuits and finances, then claim they were entitled to do so as well, as insultingly as possible – the entitlement indicating they were aware city centre people love to experiment with new ideas people in academic institutions have and when it costs them money they will let the person who came up with it understand it was blanks literally and when it makes them profit they will return to seek new blood for their ventures and probably will be encouraged to send their children to the same institutions for the future as well – what these fools do on the other hand is gather a violent society that gets imagination up my bum and attacks me for a smell issue claim until I dropped out of University and follow me about years after to suggest that everything I had become thereafter was their own creation, to bring about sales in their businesses, talking rubbish about the powers I am messing with. I mean I cannot be that difficult to decide which people were marked out to benefit from my Books after I had written them if I needed to pay the bills – I usually decide that in order to ensure the crooked interest of Politicians in my concerns did not damage my finances further, I had to make public statements on which parts of community in the Hermitage were entitled to what I was doing each time I did anything and it was this simple, until they stifled my sales, built a space on my right hand side, moved into it and developed communities that got imagination up my bum according to the size of my wealth, which effect were that I had to find a solution to the mess they were making, get people engaged on social media, of this group set out a fraction that engaged with the actual service and solution I had offered and from their responses set out which problem had been solved, before IO started to run a Bookshop and pay the bills properly and now it is in their hands because they update this nonsense every day with their media jobs, each time they made those stupid comments, every morning and every sun set, they leave me with nothing on exactly when their stupidities believed I should begin – so they decide to fill in that gap by setting out community based bullying which placed labels on me that suggested I am a bum i.e. talking rubbish about the powers I trifle with, if their blabbing was loud enough.

The other question asked is that if me being single and it is starting to develop into stories of me being punished at the Monarchy while there is no such thing. What happens is that Celebrities usually have their own social status but they believe when they begin to chase the love interests of Royalty none notices that they do – so whenever people at the Royal Family get involved with Celebrities, The Queen will resist it until it is perfect and then wellbeing will be developed on the basis of people being baby machines. In my case I am a Hermit, so it is assumed what I say about Politics and the western world is my world but there are lots of things going past under the bridge very fast in Europe and the Communist bloc, with respect to social morality and coupled with the prospects of living a world where I spend my days in company of a society where older people prevent badly behaved younger ones from committing crimes, which output is that if I am not cursed to spend my days in a bad neighbourhood wasting my life, then why do I end up there in the first place – like we see the same applies to Police and Military operatives, I end up there while I had no reason to because I am Royalty. I don’t think there are Celebrities and wealthy people who would live with this if it wasn’t some sort of Hollywood Royalty that had been created for them which I cannot afford – so people need to stop building the assumption I am likely to get into a relationship with a wealthy or famous person.

It is said that my interest in armed services have never been explained but there are no interests; what is happening is a change of hands between service operatives that worked on the basis of consent and those who work on the basis of prioritising the interests of those who serve in it and not that of those who operate outside of it – so the two relevant facts are that it’s obviously a crisis and both deploy my work to get things done naturally but the method of operation is different. Here I will be told that it was always thought that I opposed the way that some operatives worked but I don’t, it’s not a right or wrong answer necessarily, the difficulties come from recent confused messages emerging from the Monarchy. I am not talking about the top brass here, the Top Brass are a completely separate group of people – its research and development people we are talking about and I am involved with, so apart from changes, research and development, they also make decisions on the kind of relationship the Public gets to have with armed forces and armed forces gets to have with the Public and in that way I put up what happens at the Office, nothing personal and we have seen the difference between the two ways of operation being put up on my social media, including the administrative brainstorming processes associated with periods of Government teaming up with service operatives and of course the bad intentions being displayed on my social media as well.

They claim the problem we me like others in kind is that I live in a delusional world where I think the little Island, I live on rules the world and its utter rubbish naturally. What really happens is that we know we are a small Country and we also know the last time the US thought it was a gimmick worth spending time on, they threw money and weapons at some Terrorists that carved out their own state in the Middle East and set about killing thousands of people, so I don’t suppose I am encouraged to stop their fun either. The real problem with these guys is their obsession with financially profitable nepotism, once it met up with their sense of entitlement, this gimmick of seeking out ways to gain power over other people or overcoming other people over matters of money becomes a main public place obsession and this is the real problem because they always love to invent some form of abusive nepotism to channel at me, in the hope that an Industry idiot will find a way to help them make money from it in order to harm me for some reason, due to a lack of co-operation with their stupid industry needs on my part. The real application of this behaviour which is then enough to create an amount of problems that gets a response from me was the need to make short insulting videos they claimed added up to advertisement and the point of those videos will be to say I am untidy and that I smell and to make a statement about their confidence they can beat me up if I did or said anything about their stupid communities and societies, with respect to the way they target me with insulting practical jokes every day and when they do run this off enough times and get people to pay for it, I have to respond. The other more generalised bits are the gimmicks about saying we think our small Island rules the world and then building enough publicity on it to get people buying products on such gimmicks, hence it gets a response at some stage, since it’s probably a hobby considering none is paying them to be such a handful of inconsiderate twats. I don’t think it as issue as a whole – when they decide their insults and abuses should incapacitate me every day, I am certain they will do the work and pay the taxes on behalf of the both of us either way and since they have a very abusive community and society funding their stupidities and publicly supporting the gimmicks that meant they could invent any nonsense and insert it into my concerns with lasciviousness and media insults, they I am sure will understand the reasons my mind had reached this point of reasoning thereof and can continue blabbing that I lived in a small Country and do not seem to know what my place is over it. I do get asked how I feel when I say such things and yes we can see it is what they rely on; it makes you think that your social life has been streamlined, week, months, years after, you will realise it’s not who you are and then the mental health people will probably not sanction you. I don’t consider the matter a problem for my part either, we can see that they hate my guts and I am not the only one as we are now living in an epidemic of them organising communities to help them get into the lives of successful women in order to be the centre of attention and when that attention dissipates, the divorce is on, probably without a murder and at the end of proceedings they will either destroy any wealth and success or grab it – so the next time I start on their case again to end up in a situation brought about when Politicians stopped me and hung around somewhere complaining about it for years, I will solve my problems by picking a fight with Politicians all together as well, considering how convenient it would be to do so.

I have been told it’s a matter of American revenge for the way I criticised the handling of terrorism issues and yes the US has had its revenge for criticism naturally but no part of the problem which brought it about, involving a process of integrating my Hermitage with Terrorism to feel good about themselves once they were done with the war has been resolved, so we have the reasons for the criticism as a problem that has not been solved never the less. It’s not the only issue, I mean it can come to mind very easily that the US has not yet worked out how it wants to establish relations with its allies, now that it is engaged in Nation Building and not Diplomacy and aid and there are many more issues still. They say we British were supposed to help and yes we have; whilst we take up responsibility for Political asylum seekers, the trouble makers respond by travelling to the UK to set out the idea that it was just a pass, through which they could take advantage of people and move off to the bigger markets in the USA where they might become exceedingly rich thereof but since the UK is a place full of rules, we find they are stuck with those rules and frustration is building because it is taking too long for them to get by and achieve their aims. The US does claim what happens is that bad people get imagination up their bums on one side and my state provided security does on the other – the story left out of it is that they have pillaged my academic pursuits, finances and social life to build up the campaign that the UK ought to sacrifice one Royal at least, as would help them achieve a state of established civilisation and it brews up the sense that American Men especially are very good at inventing something really stupid that they got to insert into people’s lives and careers all the time – so it is gradually being seen as a threat because of the violent abuses that they want to enforce this nonsense by, especially so where the Celebrities are concerned – so I am sure people will understand why I believe my mind will cause me to act in such ways as meant I had solved all my problems by picking a fight with Politicians, the next time I am stopped and those who do hang around somewhere complaining about it for years at my expense as well. These nonsense are meant to be some form of spiritual power that can make them rich apparently and one of its most prized effects is being able to inflict mental illness on its victims who had the audacity to resist them – that it has been allowed to permeate mainstream living is incredibly frustrating for me here at the Hermitage.

The Politicians do say that I have mentioned my position but not what I plan to do. I however think I have issued the warnings whereby I made it quite clear that they spend their time telling lies and the way those lies affect people’s lives and careers must have given them a position of privilege and entitlement, so the lies are usually supported by Communities that help them attack those who have had too much over smell issues and these violent activities were their way of showing they had paid their dues and were part of the Club for making money. As we can see that a small Country does not necessarily mean whenever I did anything with my Public image they had to build advertisement for products which suggest they were entitled to something bigger and better, leaving me with mental illness the entire time. The Americans do say they are not alone and yes they are not, they have their German Partners whereby if we take a good look at the Americans who engage with this nonsense all the time, 80% would be of German Origin, like we know that if young people hang around school environment shooting and stabbing each other, their stupidities will have been responsible for facilitate the mentality, and atmosphere. So it’s a position of entitlement and any who does something about it is different and unusual, it needs to keep away from my Books and stop making stupid media comments on my Public image.

So they always claim that people like me are the reason for the worlds wars while they were superior to me in every way and we know its utter nonsense as they are usually seen psyching themselves up over their culture and the way they had been raised by their parents to ensure they can do anything about everybody and anybody who dares to tell them that somebody else had grabbed their career. It has now successfully merged the stupid parts of its life with the one I built for myself after years of work keeping ageist trouble makers from making me grovel for money and we know that if I respond to it in kind according to the stupidities I have had to ensure here and this foolish idea we now live in the same existence while they got to handle my finances, the idiots will be seen fighting for my civil rights in a while when that nonsense about being able to do something about anything that tells them others had grabbed their careers, met up with ageists that wanted them to grovel for money, talking nonsense about being superior. Other factors are that their body type will smell in a while when the pressure of public issues begin to kick in and since they had no respect for how this made them feel, they are always seen attacking completely innocent people to boost their financial wellbeing and of course they do not have the energy to fight for the peace either, especially when their stupidities must have developed an outcome in which somebody got hurt and the family must have revenge. I do get told this sort of discourse is dangerous and yes it is but it is not mine either – we can never be free from their insanity being seen in public places claiming to be superior to me, even their silly primary school children do it each time they engaged with Politics and of course they do say that when the relationship they have with their parents goes bad again after being corrected at my expense using a process of getting these stupidities to show up where I had done the best work for my career and make a mess that leaves them financial profit, I will get into more trouble but I don’t see their relationship with parents ever going bad because of me, if I had a history of telling them the evils of making their parents look like mankind and how it encouraged the racists to do violent things, starting to progress towards cases where they might end up being taught lessons they will never forget. So here Politicians will say that the whites will push their nepotism to a whole new level over what I have said here since they consider they are the ones putting pressure on me to release these secrets and its utter nonsense as I am only just writing Books as such and its expected the matter would go round in circles thereof as a result – the main case is that I didn’t hang around a Royal Office looking like I was off setting everything that facilitated a process where these idiots got punished, save reasons such as when Politicians stopped me performing a simple business based administrative process that kept them off my mainstream living.

Now it is said that there is one rule for me and another for everybody else but it is utter rubbish as what really does happen is that the career and finances destroying practical jokes, the time that these people spend on it developing into the stages that allow them perform their acts of persecution on others all the time, grows into statements about what stupidities and insanity had passed on their left hand side and right hand side and so if this abusive behaviour was intense enough, it not only has like it has me the ability to get the victims making sense of it while people grabbed the career and finances, it also facilitates a process where they built a crowd on the basis of it, a crowd by which they got to decide that people were free to make decisions on where they thought power really lay. This will then have caused public problems which public authorities respond to and these responses are the instances where they claim that there should be the same rule for everybody, whereby I was made to suffer as much as they had.

It is the same as those other gimmicks that I hang around somewhere being spared the means of facing up to Industry goons directly, nursing a sense that I am able to take them on while I cannot. The reality of course is not just that if I did not allow those gimmicks where they walk about picking up other people’s market to add to their own as a method of expanding business instead of doing a job properly, to run through to a point of public stage crisis, it would be impossible to retrieve what they had taken from me because there would be no parameters by which I could do so, this is what provides the confidence that I am unable to handle them and sets this stage for a suggestion my frustration being expressed is a form of false confidence, leading people to danger. We can see that even as I have said what I have said, the Celebrities will have spent it on themselves already, so there is always the other question of them behaving at other people’s expense, as though Celebrities lived on food banks coming to play and I have no idea what I will do to Celebrities to stop them running them concerns on the basis of being the centre of attention in my world, while it becomes obvious that as soon as they think I am about to cut them off, the whole thing will become violent all together as it were. The main point of call is still that each time my distributors want to sell my Books in big cities of the world, there really isn’t a problem as such, they simply become obstacles and place insulting labels on me that describes me as a bum, whereby I had issued the warning about the need to end the perversion of my Bookshop service processes if they do not wish to end up with a future in which their ventures were handled with the same magnitude of abuse.

Industry property owners do not behave in these ways as such except when there is an argument that gets them to make decisions in favour of their companies i.e. they employ these goons to boost company profit margins and the way profit margins are boosted is behaviour like gangs, getting around the streets to grab other people’s market, so the only viable decision to make is that it’s up to me to fight my corner. These are the kinds of social bureaucracies that allow them build up the abusive and insulting social lives, linked to every process where their obsession with the means to become centre of attention in my world is largely a matter of the way their personal decisions have affected them and we see that never stops, like the comments media and celebrities make about my concerns before they start the day’s work in order to feel good and the comments they make to end their day in order to feel good, the insults of ethnic minorities to rip up my finances and make sense of their opinions about the Royal Family on my Public image and the white peoples abuses that have taken up from where they stopped and is developing into a form of racism. It cannot possibly be that difficult for them to stop making comments on my Public image to deal with the way their lewd and immoral personal decisions have affected them and it goes without saying that on understanding that it causes me to wake up to nauseating financial complications every day, they were looking for a whole heap of trouble. They are never really the problem they think they are – the last time I took seriously the business of not taking out issues that encourage people who want to punish them; the need to wreck the lives of racists and point fingers at me whenever there is racial activity in public places, developed into a case of somebody killing over 320 socialists all by himself in Norway for instance – so I believe that the way to solve this problem is to ignore this history and if I started again to end up being stopped by Politicians, I will solve all my problems by picking a fight with the government as well. So it’s not really a crisis as such, just a process where their stupidities exhibited on my social life has replaced the service processes of my Bookshop and a process of serving their needs in terms of the way their immorality have affected them is what I spend my time doing because that was the publicity they created for my work and this needs to stop; the part where they keep away from my Books and keep their comments off my Public image was clearly a well devised exit plan that worked for everybody as it were.

They do claim I am a coward and if I am not I do act like one but I believe that any person that did not drop out of University because the way the gimmicks about insanity that passes on the left hand side and right hand side of these goons was used to target them until they lost the academic work and career, needed to stop making stupid comments. The rest needed to stop perverting the service processes of my Bookshop as well either way if I am not interfering with their salaries every time that they did so. We see this gimmick to be a way that they split themselves into the two groups where half of them hang around the City centre handling my Literary Empire to make money and the other half forged societies that would get rich by being more important than I am and it’s all developed on the opinion they have concocted about my star sign, while their own star sign gets me to understand how their world is developed in such a way that it made sense to make themselves the centre of attention in the lives of women and when they think it’s about to end resort to violence and during the divorce proceedings grabbed the money and success or a part of it, yet I am not perverting service processes of their livelihoods and building societies that will help them hurt them on it and even so whilst I am not, we can see that it’s impossible yet for their stupidities to keep their dirty mouths off my concerns if it has not yet come to stop the way I would want it to.

I have been told that these activities are racist in context but they are, however they are ineffective if Politicians do not spend tax payers time on the usual evils – like chasing people down and wrecking the career and social life to ensure they got themselves orientated with every GCSE subject their victims had passed, in order to make nepotism effective or ripping up peoples career to allow utter gits show up near the social life and count pennies until they magically ended up with the millions they cannot account for. Usually its white big brothers abusive market practical jokes that replaces a process of working on a business properly and they all have those lifestyles that should be rectified through my personal space and so on – then the ethnic minorities who wreck my career and finances to make statements on their feelings about the Monarchy at my expense and decide what I thought was racist while they were entitled to a bigger and better form of my career and social life using media will take it up to a whole new stage all together, the outcome usually being that I spend my time on it by showing off the way that I have which churns their tummy as well, the way that there is a cure for the fact that they believe I am not entitled to run my Bookshop successfully because they had to put up with the smell of me but also think it’s not my decisions to make as to whether they stayed out of my prayer space and personal space on this issue of the way their stupid personal decisions have affected them and what they can also peddle to get rich fast. So it will be said that I rely on a process where they and their Celebrities were unaware of my activities and it’s not really a case of doing something real but it is a case of doing something real – the Celebrities are a handful of evil people who would make you take unnecessary risks with yourself if the money was right, so it is usually assumed that if they made money at your expense the money came with a lifestyle that moved them on but we have ended up with a specific group of Celebrities that are determined to ruin me, so they had no wish to move on, meaning these theory does not really add up. What happens is that they took 100,000 pounds from me and I started chasing them but at the stage at which I began to handle the issue properly, what they had taken grew to a million pounds – the fact the money had grown will only encourage them to break up into groups where some handled me as a risk while the others ran away with the money. The outcome is that they always say that each time I tackled them, bearing in mind they paid more taxes than I did, I was tackling the money and would regret it but it has only ended up building up to this stage where I too made it quite clear if they wanted peace, I would like a demarcation between the people in Uniform and them to such a tune as they had stopped making a mess of my Books, so that when they had trashed all that allows me chase my daily concerns safely, it will show up on their door steps to see what it is exactly they can do about me. It needs to stay away from my Books and stop peppering my public image with the comments – this really is an exit that works for everybody. Often than not we find them make the two statement at the same time i.e. there is a link between my work and the interests of the Church and on the other I hand around somewhere grabbing opportunities the families of those who hold top jobs at Industry should deploy to make some money by the way side but as a whole we have reached a point at which I keep waking up to this nauseating financial complications every day and it’s no longer enough to say that matters needed to be allowed to sort themselves out and they must know they are destroying another person’s property as such too.

They do claim I think I have got this problem sorted out which I have – we are here because I wrote a Book and I did not publish it with a British Company where we know how we work, I did with an American Company and the way they work is usually finance orientated I.e. the relationship here is that I worked for them and must put in the work to create the Books which they sold for their commission and gave me my Royalties – since then every fool with a fantasy about getting involved with more senior members of the Royal family at my expense and by making sure there was publicity suggesting I worked for them kicked into action and I keep waking up to the nauseating financial complications they cause because of it. They have now said the problem has grown beyond me which is utter nonsense as I only need run a certain campaign and get it out of my system and beyond that there will be the war we hear them blab about all the time; as a whole it’s not the way I designed the company so it’s incredibly frustrating but they have said its al a behaviour associated with a process where a lot of Liberal USA people want to read my Books and were simply settling up what price I had to pay for the market size, which some will say is a legitimate disposition to adopt as such but we can see that the more I appear to have set out structures and service processes which cater for all needs was the more inventive they got; the outcome is that the only people who now form potential market for my Books are some of the wealthiest in the world, they have adopted a position of abuse and history of insults which rip up every conducive environment that allows the wealthiest people in the world to offer me a big break – so it’s time to fight and it goes without saying one of the option here is to make contributions to their wealth and social inequality problems as would make me very popular for a very long period of time thereof. They claim it’s an example of the way that people hate free and liberal people which is utter nonsense; your whole life is inundated with their problems because they were entitled to but the stage at which you are in pain is where you think it made sense for them to backdown but what they are really thinking is that they had struck the opportunity of a life time, so it’s always explosive. It’s not that Liberalism is a bad thing it is a dream of Politics where your backyard and Courtyard was always open to people who wanted to make deal with you but it is riddled with the gimmicks of socialists and so it’s the social liberals and social democrats that are the eternal problem. I am not a Liberal, I am a conservative and it’s usually largely a case of a bunch of idiots with very abusive practical jokes that get me making sense of the madness that passes on their left and right hand side, developing it where I had done the best work for my career to such an extent that every time I ended up making sense of it, something important in my life and work is added to their new found ways of getting paid for being popular because a simple business based administrative processes by which I keep the trouble makers out of my mainstream living being stopped, before those who did showed up in Public places to complain about the outcome for years, by which time I too rather think that I ought to stop them from punishing people too– so we are said to be responsible for a wars which does make sense since people tend to have these kinds of big ideas more often than they really needed to have them (the bottom chasing and decisions being made for me about whom I am supposed to fight by destruction and blackmail of handling my career and finances as stupidly as possible is the stage we have ended up at this point – whereby we know the only way to avoid it was always survival developed on a business of repressing those who live in these ways in the first place before this nonsense tool hold all together and since I didn’t, I am now living in an eventuality where they believed their own lies and formed a habit of addressing me). They say we hang around making out that racists and criminals were entitled to an existence but what really happens is that the way an Office and work place is organised is such that the crimes and racism simply buzz away at the background and had no meaning whatsoever, the problem being that the free people and the democrats and the liberals will not allow us keep the work place and then we find them complain thereafter. Another of those big ideas is the wealth and social inequality bits too, where the assumption is that people want to get rich beyond the wildest dreams while what happens is that once they had made enough money to pay for their lifetime, they want to get off the wealth making systems but there are hundreds of people in it making money for a lifetime as well, so avenues have to be sought like charities and development programmes which is exposed to socialist corruption etc and then the endless fight ensues but as soon as the democrats get involved it becomes an existential problem where it is amusing that somebody spent a lifetime in the world environment and when near their retirement they lose everything – another of those big ideas, since it generally meant that the victims of such things end up in areas of society where they got to share their ideas on how to make money whether they liked it or not. We see the same mentality where health care Policy is devised – I mean I have used medication and various types of the same medication, common sense showing that each company had a vision and the on the counter drugs are meant to maintain an existing good health not to cure people of ailments; the approach of the Government never listens, so the way they respond to Government is the sense that Government operatives are stupid and they have not got the time for it, considering poor people are never in a good health and ending up with huge amounts of on the counter medicine that they can buy does nothing whatsoever.