So the story is largely that I take advantage of the fact somebody has to come up with a private expense to put celebrities and journalists on media in order for me to make a living which people find particularly irritating and annoying but of course that is never true as we all know they started first and it was all about making a mess of any public existence I had to mix it with the person of female journalists and write stories for pornographic Industries – so that we have gone from the time when every journalist seen associating with me cannot get a job to where we are now, where they get the job alright but it will cost me everything. The view then that they have of what I think their job is like is sort of a gold plated platform on which to stand and a golden camera which to point at a tiny celebrity and make them important but the truth as everybody knows it, is that the journalists in front of the camera are the stars not them. They do these things all the time, travel overseas and gather up very intense deviance right up to idiots who refused to join criminals and want you to accommodate them in your personal space because they are big people and want more space and more freedom along with it after doing you the favour of not being a criminal and when they bring them here what they do with them is ruin people’s lives to make popular culture riches and fame; of which at my expense they have made it but will not go away hence the problem we have ended up with; bearing in mind they already knew right from the beginning that these deviance were things I was not going to be comfortable with.

I do not think it is an issue as such, the reality is that they are supposed to do these things; I mean doing your stuff, doing peoples stuff, your stuff has been done by another – apart from the devil, only organised criminals and con artists talk that way and it is no wonder they are always making a case in public places about how my books are beneficial to them because I have written it to expose their problems so people can measure from the solutions it offers them, how to cause them more harm; it is impossible to actually come up with an imagination that accepts it is happening but having said that I know I am supposed to use it by saying this is happening but the service my customers get must be above reproach, it’s just that I want to use it without being nice because their behaviour towards me is so specifically violent, I want to test what it is exactly they can do for my part as well. The nature of an intellectual property administration service meant I was always going to make these kinds of matters public but I don’t think it is a problem as such either, it’s all expected – they don’t want o buy my books and I am being punished for the nature and content of the books as such, so to make the punishment effective they are making sure all I do to prevent that position from affecting others is not effective, so it simply gets to a point where it is time to do something about it as well. The case of when we put celebrities and journalists on media he deploys it to make a living has just gone too far and so has the bit where Politicians tell little man to bear in pain in silence and try to do as he is told if he does not want to suffer any; for the Politicians it’s a matter yet again of worthless women, them and media all in some need to ruin me all the time and so we hear them ever at it endlessly and when asked when they have targeted me for so long to this extent where it has created a social problem and ripped up the moral fabric of society, they like to say wealth inequality needs some people to be cleansed of their quality of life besides which the moral fabric of society should not be telling them what to do, so I only just upped the ante as it were and then I can have a company that does not exist unless they say so looking for trouble.

I understand they say I am always everywhere and so nothing matters anymore because of me but its utterly not true; what is true is that this is the bit where they say the punishment for the fact whenever the Police pick up a criminal their downfall is linked to something you said or did in some way has not actually paid off in the sense that we are not buying your books and are also making sure our con works in the sense that others are not so we can find out later if it is possible to sell another product to them and get rich, so when that had failed they have now resorted to spending so much time around me and all I do such that it is expected that what ends up in their minds will become theirs to keep which is where I think they are bluffing as well – I mean if people fancy a literary work to that extent they buy a copy for themselves and if they are writers they write a tribute of somebody else’s work at a later date not turn out to seek to be better off than the owners on their own property but then again like the old story of my company being reduced to stories about problems of women about which their stupid women believe they will eventually set out enough controversy to get rich with and with that set about selling what they like on the first to get rich and so on, this is the part where the whole process of reading drafts of my books by spying on me gets to pay off and so there is no reason they will want to buy a copy if they fancy it to that extent more so considering that their ability to read my books while I am writing the drafts generally gets to mean that whole means by which every lucrative violence channelled at me becomes very operable. Based on these facts as such there is no reason people who do these things will want to buy books written that they seem to fancy to such an extent – nothing like my turning up everywhere so people cannot really tell what matters and what does not anymore. It’s all settles on that case of my fundamental lack of commitment to the needs of the company which costs me money while I blame others but such a lack of commitment of which does not exist i.e. the watershed for me at all times is when these fools start to tell me I must spend money to make money; that is when I start to see the masks drip off their faces and their con artist nature show up and start to get violent too and they simply cannot lay off the freedom and democracy story.

They do say the UK has a problem with issues associated with those that are having the most successful economies in the western world – it is utter nonsense of course because it really should not be that way either; the way things work is what for instance the US does is Russia likes to play around with US social and Political and economic specialism and the sense is therefore created that Russia wants to call off a bluff on nuclear war or something but what we have is the incredible of George Bush starting war in Iraq with tales of worthless women being able to do whatever they like with any person of their choosing because of how much the US spends on international aid and Obama immediately after him wants to play up black Mamas and Latino communities and homosexuality in the US Army which is clearly not how economies grow – they all do it of course and we will not do ourselves down in the UK on account we do not think we need to handle economy like they do as well, it does not mean we quantify our success in ways that imply we see the problems associated with it as something that should take up all our time. After all if we do pay attention to it as such the reality mostly is that everything answers to its kind and perhaps the correct method of doing things which is largely a matter of Russia plays with US interests and the made up reasons for it blows back on their leadership is not applicable here because the Russians are not making it up. So naturally it would immediately turn to the issue of small countries like our grafting bigger Countries which has no meaning; what does is a condition where these fools are not Christians but want the personal life of a Christian as trophy, when asked why talk nonsense about deploying it to trade if they cannot have his sperm so they can make use of his life force and so they cannot graft me as such but have built up and atmosphere and want to be able to stand above me and force it through which leads to complains when I push it back at them – it is not an emotive issue, when we listen to them we all know that if pushed to the very edge the men always react to problems like women and not men, so these are things they are ashamed of and the only way they want to deal with it is have other people’s lives by destroying people’s lives and creating scandals for the victims for it on media and then not much attention will be paid to their nature as far as they say it works and so on; so to have your economy determined by such nonsense is actually completely senseless but it is important to keep abreast so people do not graft you as such. In the end it’s the same old story of the fact that whenever a con artist is picked up by law enforcement especially those that cannot lay off the freedom and democracy story , it is always in some way a failure to run their chosen career properly because of something I said or did, so they are showing me their side of criminal revenge as such and should not be something that clients and customers have to pay attention to, knowing they like nothing better than to be in a place where they can work something out and get people sacked from their jobs which again is why European socialist parties love them so much.

So there is the story of how I have trouble handling rebellion which is not true; what is true is that people have nothing to rebel for anymore these days so they have no clue how they are supposed to get about this process of getting attention from it – to finish off, I have set up a working social process by which Industry idiots and Politicians spend money on them to keep them under control, it means that they have less time and less resources to spend on gathering industry fools to promise them my markets so they don’t have to look into their attitude in order to serve the customer better and that whole process of people plugging products into my markets to pile things high and sell them cheap then talk nonsense about how it has always been that way when the truth is that they have not been messing with the wrong people as it were becomes more manageable.

In terms of Government the Politicians never listen, so when they see their stupidities it is the so called educated people that wanted to lead the rest of us that jump on the band wagon as it were and you can never convince them you were there at school with these idiots and that they have always been a problem and deserve everything that has happened to them as such. Hence what you have is that these fools are now grown up and have brainwashed their wives and children creating a population of trouble makers and the Police are supposed to manage the blow ups here and there but the incentive of the existence of the Monarchy means the story of what a government is and what it does becomes less important than what will happen if Politicians did jump on heir band wagon that has to do with rebellion against the Monarchy just because the incentive is there. So you hold your breath and then somebody tells you to do something and you tell them you did not elect them and they have no authority around your concerns. However when other more serious matters are explored it is largely a prognosis of an idiot putting up a stupid girl that thinks she can beat you up to do an advertisement which is finished off with threats of what will happen if you mess with what she has done to you and your livelihood in order to make profit and the reason being that you are being punished for saying or doing something that ruined their con artists business which you never said or did until they wanted to make use of your books without buying their own copy and then the Politicians will join in and spend money on them – so they have recently reached a point where they are running out of the money too and have started off stories about how I have trouble handling rebellion: so they like to say I am not qualified for what I am doing which is utter nonsense, I am - was chosen by the Queen and it was demanded of me to complete a programme of study and carry on but some things were also needed as a matter of emergency - the Politicians left Parliament to chase me around and wreck the academic work to brew that argument and they love it thus much as it were; they clearly hate my books of course but are still behaving as if it is a separate thing from me as a person (I am completely detached from these social and cultural evils as a student, I have no idea how Politicians that are supposed to have spent so much of their time on productive matters, never mind their families seem to be able to deep their hands so far into it as to mess up my life and their own and apply state power on me to fix both but make theirs better than mine in order for them to be superior to me claiming its a matter of the respect I have failed to show but when you think about the nature of their rebellion and their media fools and their spin and their socialism well enough it will not surprise you - that they want to make lots of messes and cover their tracks with my intellect as insultingly as they possibly can so as to create fear too is not an indication I am not qualified for what I do; I do not think it is an emotive issue, I was there when they started this whole game of building a means of harming me while I have no way of harming them as well and now that they believe that has reached its peak all kinds of nonsense will be the result - I for my part do not yet have enough time on me to think about what I will do to anybody who has made a slight comment or statement about my work and or books which has cost me sales in the next 24 hours of it having happened but at this rate I will make that time available eventually). The part about making enemies in Europe really does bake my bacon as it were since it is obvious they can do anything about it too generally; I mean this is not the only major economy in the world that is full of nice guys that others like to abuse and take advantage of to make money and serve customers, the other major economy is Japan and I simply want to set the Spanish and the French and the Germans in a position where I can make use of their Mr Bad guy image to serve my customers and clients and I have no plans to be nice about it too since it has already done enough destruction here and the money they have made in the process only adds to the sense they will never move away from a bug they have the power to squish; they however have has long ago began the industrial villainy on a global space of developing skills needed to have the power to get people fired from their jobs - behaviour that should provide services that your child gets to use as it were, behaviour that provides celebrated services that should turn up anywhere near your child's party celebrations and so on, so we are made for each other as such and their con artists pawns do like to think they are famous when they are not because I made it that way, just like the British ones who like to say Industry does not last in the UK and that it is the way it is but will only have it when they are ripping up their own and not mine that they will only not touch at all as it were; they never give it a rest about the freedom and democracy con and when I write books the contents of which they want from me as a person rather than buy a copy they say it is the means to the creation of celebrity services for instance that my children will deploy, never mind Industry and customer service and sales, so it gets serious especially when you need your health knowing the more contributions you make to it is the more they attack you still and its the anus and penis insults thing that is their criminal character forte as it were, not hurting badly enough the books they hate so much, when I crack their own too.

We hear of the tales of my very special way of thinking and seeing the world but there is really no such thing; these idiots will largely organise themselves into societies that exist secretly and there they can decide their sexual preference is sadism and when they locate people like me whom the satisfaction for sadism if practiced on would be greatly maximised, they come up with a very elaborate twisted network of lies and stories they can tell to round me up like I were and animal and get that feeling anyway regardless of my consent before they realise they had forgotten to pay their bills and that is why wealth inequality Politicians are so important to secure my earnings for them through market and career piracy and I for my part will never stop punishing every single occasion in which they do anus and penis insults at me every single time; I need my tummy to do what I want, I need my health for my job. They get homosexual and sadist feeling here they get my wrath along with it too – tolerance is a word and it is behaviour and it has meaning and purpose, it’s not something that randomly needs to happen. I am a writer, people are here to buy books or they are here as con artists.

They do say the issue is that they never liked me but I have only been busy with those who made me susceptible to them most of the time, not with them; I can always ignore it if I don’t have my books messed with and my business messed with and my holidays messed with and so on, all the things that will ensure I do not have to pay attention taken away thereof but when that happens it rather shows intent of violence, so that when people say it’s the things I have done which provokes them the reality will always be that I was being competitive as well. So when you look at the things they have done, even the losers have a sense of people who bring it out of them that they want to get hold of and wring the life out of such like a bit of string. Of which it is never clear how they will from a distance anyway but what is clear is this destruction that produces an ability to stir my feelings and extract things from me I never knew were there in order to copy and become warriors or important people; then they will become so busy telling me how to respond to terrorism and racism and so on and the original problem of rounding me up like I were an animal to force me into providing a service that is part of my nature which they can ensure they do not buy in order to ruin my life as a community people which has led to this outcome where the products are good and necessary but in order for them to win they need to prevent others and not just themselves from buying it as well – only to be seen talking nonsense about how much they never liked me when nobody asked them.

I don’t think it’s an issue; it’s as I said, those who have spent my time making sure they can do these things in my direction I have been paying attention to – they like to say its power and wealth and some evil and Satanism perhaps and need to stop complaining about the consequences as well. The rest do like to speak of how I mess with peoples women for instance but if I put a name to my face on peoples television and set about targeting somebody to rip up his finances and make my girls feel comfortable, girls that can do things like cling to peoples writing career until they say something in public about it so as to feel good from telling the world they do not know and have never seen any riffraff that may have looked like their victims but if I did something to harm peoples finances to please such women I would wonder what had become of them in a month’s time, wonder if they were sleeping rough and so on but these idiots like to think I buy media equipment so they can talk through to me with me and deserve everything they get so far, I am only going to settle whether selling my books will be a reckoning between me and them as it were; we all know they say there is nothing anybody they have tackled for years and brought to a point of ruin can do and its always that yapping until you are doing something that makes you look anti-Semitic.

They do say people like me throw away every opportunity to do something about wealth inequality until it comes back to destroy me and they wouldn’t mind being the tool at such a point as well but it’s as I said in terms of reality; if I did that for 24 hours I would stop and think, if I had trouble getting my lunch because there were no restaurants in an area while I was really hungry and realised somebody else felt that way not because restaurants were lacking but because he had no money or that I had pushed a good man who is somebody’s child and somebody’s relative and so on into sleeping rough, I would stop and think and it would be hard to live with myself turning up to tell people my name and report stories of what happened everyday but these are idiots who are good allies with community croons that chase such lines of activity as ripping up people’s lives because they are cleansing others of their good personal life on account they are trying to own it and they themselves do this as a result of their own worthlessness – so it’s still the same basic question of whether selling my books is going to be reckoning with them all together because of course I want nothing to do with them but that does not matter if it is in their interest to have something to do with me anyway. I mean it’s one thing to be a nice guy and quite a different thing to be the guy who always has everything he has worked for taken from him, such that you work all your life and have no retirement; when you can read the warning signs as girls and worthless women and journalist and popular idiots are on the case harder than ever before – I am giving them time heaven knows and I want to know if selling the books is going to be reckoning: they do say I like to feel I have done and gotten away with of course but that is not the bit that thrills me, the bit that does is the part where they deploy my possessions to make fame and fortune and get better off than I am on my own possessions, then tell me they are not moving on to allow me get on with mine as well due to being a bug they can squish of which the law will do nothing because they can fix that bit too, giving way to this bit where I am finished with them when it comes to securitising my Company without being nice to them as well and there is nothing whatsoever about that stupid culture which meant anybody was going to die around here and if they tempt me I will start all over again.