So the media has become a place full of male fools who want to talk about nothing save my whining and whinging but of course we all know its rich coming from them with the one ambition which is to see me get into a fight that is bigger than me; that said I have no idea why they find it so difficult to lay off anyway if I were to remove the defeat they have suffered at popular culture robbery of my Royal Estate from the picture – now their violent need for conveniences is beginning to provoke me in a big way as well. They think that whenever there exists talk of matters concerning wealth and inequality they are automatically deserving of something and if they did that hit and rob routine their Politicians weak peoples finances and exasperate people in public places to set people up for them to do, it would never be enough because it’s really all a matter of their barely schizophrenic brains being turned in the direction of somebody else’s finances no matter how much the owner has fought to make the case different because Politicians never listen and like to find such games amusing  - appearing all the time to  be on a roll as a matter of fundamental difficulty with living in a society that does not discriminate against stupid people.

Culminating it does all the time in the tale of burglaries that their Politicians like to set them up for and then turn up in public to talk about growth and changes or perhaps wealth equality economy. They do tell me I get stuck on such matters but I only am because burglary is a career for people and they plan it over a long period of time – when the media gets them to notice you, if you pay attention you will realise that they are tracking you every time you lose your bank card and every time you take money out of the Bank and forget it at the cash point and you know that you will be burgled or that they will definitely attack at a point where you have begun to earn good money and they want your stuff at that particular stage and what they expect everybody else to think is that it is the petty criminals they create from desperation who do random hitting that are the main problem. Then there are society people that claim they get attacked every time they try to fix these issues whereas all they spend time doing is get about having difficulty telling which one is neighbourhood rascal and which one is potentially racist and which one is career burglar and then they set out abusing people every time, really mix it up and then the question of why they do it will be the invented result which answer has always been as simple as the fact they are making sure that when the only advice you can give to other people is the don’t trust anybody routine, it really gets to work and pay off.

So the story at the bottom line always runs along the lines of how clever they are and how I never caught on with Mathematics but I was never slow when it comes to mathematics either – I simply was never as quick as my Brothers were, so as soon as I realised it was not going to do much for me and I will struggle and come through with an average I found myself slipping into catch up mode which is usually impossible to recover from in terms of mathematics and then forgot all about it but it does not mean I do not know how to make my calculations or do my sums in any case, it’s just not a maths guy. They do speak of my academic work and the question of when I am going to finish that but it will never make sense to me; it’s that stupid culture obviously and they are beginning to understand what the big deal about culturally evil people is; nobody yet knows what their obsession with what culture leaves behind is but we all know it means they mess themselves up, complain but keep doing it and then they start a story about how the system is treating some people fairer than they get treated which provides a platform for sharing the trouble everywhere and on public places and public transport complete with lies that ensure they get paid attention when they do and it is more important than getting a day job and must always operate with involvement and threats without purpose. However being the problem that media idiots enjoy finding out if they are more important than a Royal Prince through insults about which of it is his fault especially the American ones, so that they can improve themselves and dominate those they feel are sitting ducks and that results in an outcome where they are always telling lies about villains and what they really want on media and now having been they are starting to understand what it takes for me to handle that thing that here we go again I wreck my academic work with – so they can turn up and do it around me while I am trying to study even when it is a University looking for trouble as it were, they are starting to tell the truth about villains and are going it all over the world all together as well. So it seems the only thing that makes these goons better people is popular culture at peoples expense and even that rips up peoples livelihoods and careers just to exist and yet these media fools tell lies about it every day, so it was always begging for the outcome that has now existed i.e. they are out there making some real and clean job based money that stems from a need to dominate the guy that enjoys selling and controlling that stupid culture for them and are paying taxes that are not derived from criminality to let this Country look good on the world stage with and that is not to count competition to dress well and attend school which are two things they never do unless Politicians provide them a hate figure but all together they are doing it on the precinct on media goons and Politicians and they now know what it takes – so I win again. In the end they say it is not exactly clear what it is about me that people are afraid of besides this whole clever than I am thing that is more of a case of their need to feel hopeless and inadequate this morning, rather than a story about me never catching on at Mathematics that they thought it was going to be but it has always been i.e. their daughters raised from very corrupt homes and raised in the most appalling ways turning up to spend my public life on themselves which has led to this result where I have gotten away with everything and they were none the wiser while I did and those of them that will not listen at the popular culture and fashion want a piece of me directly as well, since it is government work here and really tough as a result i.e. there is nothing wrong with wealth inequality or even global wealth inequality – the case matter here is that of the fact every foolish woman wants to take a swipe at somebody’s public life in order to better her boldness where she appears on the catwalk being a mannequin for a designers products and they don’t do me unless they are looking for trouble, the one where I find myself telling them I have got news for them and all these poor people they see are actually good people etc: however it is the sort of thing the Politicians that speak of global wealth inequality encourage the most in their public lives, it makes them feel somebody is being trampled upon and boosts their confidence and makes them feel they are somewhere special in order to make sense of what they belong to – just like the reasons black people hate me i.e. we want nothing from you save the ruining of your entire empire by following you around to do it over decades in order to groom you into the kind of guy that will join us to complain about the injustices white people visit on black people; they have not yet paid for the damage to my empire and while I have allowed them get jobs to fight racism with unless they do me considering they are always clowning around think that they will then dominate me with it too looking for more trouble; so naturally they believe I am meant to be stupid enough so as to put my work out in public so that people can copy and go to some other country to get rich like the British which will create global wealth equality where the result is actually that everything I do will operate at government Office and British businesses will see these kinds of actions as a very destructive form of competition; the insults obviously cannot seem to improve.

We do hear the story that I am juice being squeezed for instance and we hear it about what people are doing with my property on the Internet especially but of course it is entirely a matter of what the Media and its Politicians do i.e. get out of bed every day to nudge people into chasing my private parts, which eventually culminates in a process where they get on public places to secure conveniences from my personal life that I have refused to respect them using these crowds of violent idiots on a daily basis and then going off to steal my career that they cannot steal too all together; so when I have the problem with black women, what happens is that white boys get involved and then they get used as shield and get abused by the same women while I am set up for racism to happen to me as well which they might even be the ones to carry out time and time again, so that these foolish black women can separate me from my own part of community and confiscate it and make it their own, name me a new kid on the block and then get me to please them and give them all they want in life before I can get it back with a big mouth and so they have started to get off to the shops to way lay me there looking for trouble as it were and it was always all expected, everybody heard them claim I am juice being squeezed so I do not yet know if taking the step to clear it up is the start of something big but we shall see as we proceed; it’s a matter of a process where they collect these insolent trophies to a point where it appears I am wrong and they are right and then there will be trouble again. We hear endlessly that I need to justify my position from the Celebrity ones and when asked what they mean we find them talking nonsense about how nobody can touch me and it seems when people do society will blow up and people will start killing each other and how it is like a woman and I need to hand over the woman thing so they can be where they want to be and do what they want to do and need to do with that big mouth but of course we all know it is unheard of to get to work and just keep meeting strange people doing strange things to you and then when you turn up your Mobile Phone TV you find that a journalists has been encouraging them to go to your Christian personal life to secure conveniences; they complain like these about society that will kill people if I am touched but they keep doing it; of course it is unheard of and that is why I feel like doing things to them that are unheard of all the time too. I hear they say my Court will be at risk but the Court is doing what it does and we meet regularly to update and if I find they are facing difficulties as a result of these sort of nonsense they will have even more to complain about than that. So am I aware there are extremist groups which support these celebrities but of course I am aware of that too – it’s the old story of claims they make that they are famous when we all know famous is when I have a Royal Estate and I am the only person on the entire planet that does that kind of job; if they were supposed to be famous they knew it came with morals and good behaviour to make an English Language definition of the word fame, hence excluding attack on religious people and those whose lives they deploy as trophy for the lies that media and Politicians help them out with, of which they are all now starting to tell the truth as well because of my actions all together, lies that are about extreme sadness and the idea immigrants are the reason people cannot walk around freely in their Country, so as to settle up on a thought that is about everything and anything and stumble on a great idea that will make them famous – the one they were using their own to do it thereof so as to be famous. Of course they are not famous; just set up all kinds of self improvement nonsense in public and expect to deploy my half priest Royal work to make fame for themselves and as I have mentioned before, I like it better not when I have to explain why society will kill each other if I am touched but if they have somebody that will beat me up so that they can have it because of course nobody has got that sort of time as it were. They do claim I will never get away with treating a lady badly but I supposed it is a problem that they want fixed too as their insults and abuses do get to a point but it is not the insults and abuses I am worried about, it’s the bit where they should remember if they forget everything else “somebody did want to buy my Books; it’s not a toy”.

So it is said I am really rude and nasty to people but I have no idea how that conclusion was derived anyway; all I know is that the day before I saw something of a woman who got into a shop to abuse the staff that work there and stop others from creating injustice by telling off people of the same race as they are when they call others names – names like bitch: the outcome was that she was there to return a product she did not like and had to sign a receipt for it but because we know women can multitask but cannot quadruple task, I found somebody delaying queues at a till because she had to ensure injustice of stopping black people abusing others was not happening, she had to return the goods she did not like, she had to process the goods she had bought and she had to abuse the staff at the shop – so it slipped my tongue the word “idiot” as the whole thing intensified and she was no longer able to sign her own receipt that confirmed her cash was returned to her when she handed in the goods she didn’t like – they have been chasing me around today to ensure I lose my job over it, so that the irony was that she likes it when white women are described by black women as bitch but does not like to be an idiot. Obviously I have mended my ways but not before a little cross society social gambling where they were the competition and lost right across the job range in the Country. I do not believe the need to chase me around to find out which jobs I keep and which ones I don’t is that much of a crisis; as far as I am concerned it will stop when the whole prognosis of white boys interfering each time I am being attacked by black women without reason, so as to be in a position to assume managerial offices where they can steal people’s property right down to personality and become the sore of indolence everybody around the world derides the UK unduly for, becomes a more serious matter in my Books all together, otherwise for the most part, a lot of the times they die over their insults for it is all insults they will die for as it were and not enough have died yet so far. It’s much the same with the celebrities; very happy to rip up peoples finances and create them social context setbacks that will allow a celebrated idiot to set out a life she wants to have with a history and a future all of which dominates their victim and now it has come to that point where the story at the heart of these matters, which is that I am the kind of man woman get to mess with has become a point of call all together; the male goons speak of how when they see women provoke me and I respond I will get beaten up to please women but I have no idea anyway, they were told the UK is made up of Gentlemen and they could come here to take advantage of anybody they please and none of it has once worked out their way since they arrived, for the women however the title of the man that they get to mess with is clearly the name their parents gave them as it were. It does not bother me that much as such, I know why they do it and the reason is all about the fact they are pure evil and now having been beaten so emphatically because they pushed the matter out of agency and stuck me in the middle to select violence as their means of to matters of spirit with catastrophic consequences attached, they now want their own pound of flesh and like to do these things as though they had the right to but it is their Politicians that has stopped telling lies about their villainy and wickedness, now that the fact they cannot do anything unless they have strange spiritual things that consult and oracle for them over their career has become more profound with the fucking idiots rounding me up at high street stores to way lay me every day with a big mouth and those men that will beat me up when they see me respond to women abuses claim they don’t know what provocation from women looks like and of course I really don’t care what their problems are anyway, it’s that stuff they do by the way the big mouth all the time more so.  The white ones likes to speak of what I cannot do but I believe I have been clear anyway; when they say they have fed off my empire to this point and need to finish the job and I look at what I have done to black people for damaging it to make me civil rights goon, the answer is usually the question of what if I don’t and their response always means I have to tell me I actually think they are bluffing as well; it’s the only thing we see them do i.e. sit down in company management offices to send these fools out to complicate my job and it is going to get really serious as well, now they think it means competition but for black women especially, I am in no way the kind of man that they get to mess with, I actually have total control of absolutely everything around me and they know that perfectly too, so it is never clear why they chase that course of action when they need somebody to bully anyway, if we did remove their pure evil nature and a need to see me beaten up by a big popular culture idiot from the picture that is – all I know for my part is that we are not mates and when it is over it will be over my way although for now they need to clear my space and I have to wish to tolerate their existence around my products (where the Labour Party fits into the picture now is Politically organised theft and ideological robbery that they do love to develop to a fault meaning that I am yet again to blame for a condition where leaders can claim they love the Country without actually singing the National Anthem but of course I have no idea why I am to blame anyway; we all know that Party does nothing but develop a suggestion that unless everybody is a legal practitioner, people will not be able to obey the law and it is either that happens in order for them to do so and thereby stop getting involved with peoples property and being really careful to observe if know better people such as religious people are having an effrontery to tell them how to live or behave, then the law will constantly have to change to suit them which then constitutes their civil rights and so it appears they think they have it all figured out but obviously have not - for if their disobedience damages my property any further, what I have done so far will pale in comparison to what I will get up to next.).