I am late for today here because I thought the prognosis has changed but it has not - the diligent follow up and destruction of fan base and reputation of my work by male television personalities and Media men has taken off as soon as my latest posts were completed. So it’s how it was meant to be i.e. the claim that I underestimate the Media which is why they have such an obsession to show me they are not to be but I have never done any such thing even though they are a handful of very sad losers anyway that will never see an immoral society for them on the left while I am around because their behaviour shows no signs of improvements as it were. Their place of work is clearly simply an environment where people think you might be pleased with a process where they wish to detach your career and set it at a distance from which they can do whatever they like with, mostly just to see the expression on your face but it is the part where neither I nor they make any progress with what really matters, while they maintain through all kinds of evil and prerogatives they wish to share with Politicians and celebrities a process whereby no matter how bad it gets, they will continue to be the ones that are having as a matter of comparison a comparatively better quality of life than me that blows it up right through to the religion front. The evil nature itself has no more sway on the general public as a whole due to my activities, so these days it is used by them to recover power as a matter of financial punishment aimed at me - nobody here made them out to be the underdog, just that I tend to beat them every single time. It is a very difficult existence these people complain about but only two main realities have emerged to factorise everything; that the suggestive implies it is my fault and also when they make any progress as they do like so, it is a huge life threatening problem as well, such as being the dunce kids kick to make high GCSE grades since I was responsible for the low grades in the first place.

So that we are still living in this world where people make regular public appearance to express the improving academic standards of their children in UK schools and how I am the dunce they get to kick to settle up and be free from useless thoughts in order to pass their exams but I wouldn’t know anyway, all I know is that when the children they have raised to be psychotic block heads like they are, want a hate figure before they attend school, what is done is random selection orchestrated by them and their Politics to make that happens – the trouble is that if their 16 year olds start to feel I am a flesh man they want to stick a knife into, some of them will get killed for it again as it were, I too have a reputation to preserve. I mean it’s not a complicated issue as such, I have a very tight schedule to run here; a paid job to look after, Books to write and sell and an academic work to complete, I cannot describe really, how tight it is, so these sort of things are not a good use of my time I am sure they understand but clearly it is still obvious that even when they are making progress be it so in these kinds of ways it is still a problem that they are. Like when their idiots express on TV contrary to my previous warnings, that a certain Simon Cowel has his Coffee made in such ways as the servant has to stir twice to the right and once to the left, they show they are oblivious to the fact such information thrown at me will likely provoke me because of course Simon Cowel can stop staring people in the fact for a few second when his tummy is giving in, so he might recover and better continue with his celebrity work without pillaging my public life and Royal Estate making stupid boys and girls assume fame in order to afford enough cash to pay for servants that stir coffee twice to the right and once to the left as it were.

I am not in any way concerned about the implications of better GCSE results as there are no concerns to be had, the matter here is that the purpose of these qualifications should ensure people get jobs but most of all should help them do those jobs, not seek to do jobs for employers using my public work like we see them want to all the time all over the place of which nothing whatsoever in the world works in such a fashion. So that what really happens is that they have the qualifications and don’t know the answer to specific questions and bearing in mind they will not stick to training and procedure, what they want is a process where they insult and abuse my secrets out of me because their stupid jobs depend on it and cannot tell the difference between that and Terrorism nor will they ask the Police about it as well. I am never going to tell anybody what the answers to anything is in anyway and those who threaten me will always open up that whole new kettle of fish that they really love to hate too. I had warned them before now that I am prepared to accept compromises since some things never ever change; but the only one I will has to involve media fools complaining about how much they need to improve themselves at somebody else’s expense while children that belong to society goons speak of how I insult parents that have to get out of bed and essentially go out and beg for money to make a future for them which means I will one day get seriously beaten up; it is what normalcy looks like. I hear of the tale my Royal work is not up to scratch as well but they especially black women are still doing witchcraft violent things for me whether I want it or not as it stands therefore apparently and are as a community doing it for me still at this stage but it is not a complicated matter, it’s just reality that if I got about making myself out to be more important than somebody else no matter how many strange things it does to me when he bends  and twists me and my own around as well I would have known exactly but they especially black women are still doing witchcraft violent things for me whether I want it or not as it stands therefore apparently and are as a community doing it for me still at this stage but it is not a complicated matter, it’s just reality that if I got about making myself out to be more important than somebody else no matter how many strange things it does to me when he bends  and twists me and my own around as well I would have known exactly what I am doing, especially when my whole life depends on whether I get certain respect from him and more so still if I got off getting my friends from overseas to have a go as well so that they might build their self confidence; I am sure they can sense we are getting towards a path where it will come to an end too. I am perpetually accused of living in such a way as makes an existence incredibly difficult for others  but beyond that are such stories that society idiots rally young people that want to grow up to be very disobedient freedom goon adults on the left with other people’s property and lives, such as the claim for instance  that I am the guy everybody knows is meant to start a career that others can take over later and a Counter revenge that follows anything I do to defend myself, meaning that when I allow them and the media to rip up everything here with their stupidities, it is a process of getting a job to rise funds and restore it that seems to be that which they intend to stop me from doing because it makes an existence that is impossible for others to bear which in turn sets a template for me on how I am to develop.

It’s always said by some Celebrities that the ones I get to handle it largely a matter of how wealthy and powerful those I handle are but that is not actually true - all Celebrities are the same thing to me, doing nothing with their time save the destruction of peoples finances and property if they feel as though they want to get into relationships in one way or the other with stupid girls that are supposed to have babies somewhere safe aka the lives and personal lives of their victims - so this is going in a direction where I bend them up very uncomfortably to raise a Family as well, right up to this stage of which there has continued to be a steady stream of warnings sent out from this Office to them about their attacks and vandalism - it does not matter in anyway how rich they are and the person who told them they were famous must have been as insane as they are. We hear those stories all the time these days about a problem that I have with people as a whole which is utter nonsense, I don’t have a problem with people; what we are looking at here is a process where as I mentioned before within that prognosis of ripping up your life because you are a Christian that does not want people to make use of your faith without believing in God or other possessions without doing so in a way that is not perverted, giving way to a certain group of society goons which they can tell stories to about others that will result in the people taking action; so it comes down to those threats that are a factor of what a media goon whispered to them about me and they have their own reality to live in and their own facts to gather from it, so what they get up to is not my problem, I have no own decisions to make and if they want to act on account of a tale told to them by a media fool about me I am curious as to what with as it t stands; so that if these media fools love to target me because of their propensity to act everyday for the last decade and a half it really does call for reckoning as well. This thing has now built up to a point where the only way I can sell my Books is to get around the world explaining every single sentence in my Books in order to exonerate those I am too scared to implicate by its contents and yet if I did that the habit of damaging my finances when I will not be angry enough to pursue the problem, in order to secure a footing by which to set about deciding where I can sell my merchandise and where I cannot in order to have a cut of my market will only increase, hence never clear why they are still here asking what my problem with people is all at the same time anyway. I don’t have an issue with the social context of this matter anyway – the way it works is very disobedient men on the left and very disobedient men on the right and twisted evil women that do wicked things for them to secure them prerogatives they can continue to maintain power and grab people property to get rich with: so that when it comes to every occasion I am at work, the outcome continues to remain that old process of the fact the reason I am having an eye popping headache is because of negative emotion based hormones rushing into my head, while my tummy aches because they are doing my bottom and my chest is about to explode because they want to find out what I can do about it and its all while I am at work as such and One really always needs these kinds emotions and feelings happening to his body every single second, never mind the fact that it does because although they are incredibly stupid they have cars and money to show off for it and will never be seen as such, so the story is that they are hitting me to find out the latest and own it too and it is much the same as the story with Politicians who like to ask them to scout the land and find somebody that can get things done to collect a career to help those who do Politics look good in the eyes of the public and the assumption they make with it that the fact Mr A’s  idiot son who got elected yesterday is actually good to go with that sort of behaviour at all times if he wanted. So it’s not a big thing for me, it’s the disobedience from them that makes it so big. They might ask to have it simplified of course and I can understand and it is as simple as the fact they need to keep off my Books and clear my space and it is completely irrelevant whether or not the Books are about them since it was fun to start in the first place as they do. Otherwise it has always been a simple thing for me to handle i.e. disobedient men on the left and one the right and twisted evil women spying on me and abusing me to no known end to secure prerogatives for them and a case of when I am going to stop thinking they run industries and the economy and are therefore free from consequences because they have cars and money to show off now and can never wrong at the end of which Women are the problem and I need to be informed on one hand and then on the other a process of getting out of bed to decide what to do with them today and then tomorrow and then the day after that which is how it usually gets to stop as well and we do hear their children will do the same to me with that stupid political narcissism of theirs and it’s not like I am ready for that either; those are not complaining I will get seriously hurt for insulting parents that get out of bed to work for money and then beg for it to give them a future yet, they think they can do anything and are blowing off their big mouth because those their parents are not begging for money enough times yet - just like the Industry ones like to interfere with my finances to get on media and talk about things I do to please whereas if I gave up all these so called demeaning activities that they who are my personal gods want me to; the question is that of what becomes of my Industrial Court comprising of a process of working for Companies and being taken into their communities and then their communities of communities and extended communities and then the local and global PR which I am a part of and so on, never mind the fans of the Royal Estate who have for the last decade made advertisement with women recruited to appear on Public Media especially Television as a matter of security equity brokerage with me during the advertisement and all these other things made available to me for my use - so yet again One could do without the bad hormones running into the head to cause headache and my heart pounding like crazy: they need to leave me alone, keep off my Books and clear my space as we do not live in the same life especially so for the blacks, this is the problem with People.

Of course I am conversant with a regular reality where women are deciding what my life should be for the good of everybody but it is nothing new – they know it is really provocative especially black women and they know they hate my guts because I have never communicated with women on anything beyond the need to know basis but why they continue to take these risks to provoke me in such ways will never be obvious; all I know is that capitalism means women are wicked and people do wicked things because of women and certain men can be manipulated and used if they want to feel financially secure and comfortable and look beautiful by avoiding work in the process but I don’t think this provocation and from time to time those public place and media abuses have ever done them any favours with respect to me anyway.

The point of provocation here is still the part where three days prayer changes my physical appearance which then gets interpreted on public places with a sense of oppression attached by really stupid women that are not only more important than I am but also spread stories about how I sleep with peoples wives and stir very violent behaviour towards me because of things they feel they want to use of my person and property but clearly which it is going very well for them not least in the US as well for good measure because they talk too much about places in the world I would not have been able to do anything and put in danger the lives of innocent people at my expense which media picks up to spend my property on them while they celebrate a villains aesthetics that provides them with some evil new beauties, along with their stupid children who think I believe those who get killed by the Police are the criminals the Police were looking for and therefore think it is a good thing when Officers turn guns on their stupidities because they were attacked thus.

It’s the same old tale of finish with the men robbing themselves all over you to rob you and get caught up with the women one and they say I cannot live up to any threats I issue but we all know they need to be advised to get the Politicians first so we can deal with that as a whole while we are at it, before they boast, as we all those I had finished with them and this mess is created by Politicians to make me pay them attention to the effect of what populous idiots get up to. Of course I do get informed it does appear I am not making any progress but that is because of the way I have put it – what I mean is that very disobedient goons typically Labour Party leftists that want it all  on the left and typically twisted society goons who work in the rail Industry – so these are the two extremes and everybody else fits into the middle and the whole things crosses the entire economy including stock market and media who rely on sexually abusive women to do things to me like finger my bum and whack me over the head with their powers of wonder and so on in order to appear they have gained privilege when it has never happened to them and hence how much these foolish women are getting from it determines how many times they want to do it while the US President pretends nobody is provoked if they have the FBI that is big for nothing to play around with; we are here because of all these mess I have to clean up brought about by governments wrecking my finances to help them secure lots of attention paid from me that facilitated popularity  stupidities and when I am out of it they will be very disappointed as a results of blowing their big mouth off at the wrong place and at the wrong time. Of course I do get told my actions and activities put people in jeopardy but it’s an old story of the question of whether we are still sharing foreign policy and foreign interests with Africans and Asians and certain South Americans so that with their superior Country numbers we will then be beaten and put in our place as the British and it is a level of provocation that is unprecedented but they have said it is because they share skin colour with one of the Royals aka myself and so the results thus far is utter destruction of their commodity supply routes and at present they still cannot catch me – so all together its usually said this is the way of the Coward but its rather a case of assessing what you become when you get off government office to engage in the savagery of the ignorant and violent, hence the reason and twist them into a corner where they are fighting for the right reason whenever they  do it. It’s as they say the mad killer bull we entered for the cock fight would not be noticed if we put enough feathers on it and eggs between its legs i.e. for what is coming to me may I be thankful when they have a bad day and have to work for money which is what this is all about, except that when I respond as well they kind of forget they started it and the whole thing becomes really big.  Like when it is said I provoke the Media when I don’t; what happens for instance is that Bush and Blair will have a plan to create lots of perversions and secure some nice little place in the world where they can get rich without trouble but because they have pushed and pushed and their personality is now 100% immoral in public light hence people can trace their activities based on recognising the trail, they need a Christian from the neighbourhoods whose personality will be deployed to created diversion and the Media offers me up – so I had to furnish them with information on how to get it done which involved a process where they had to save lives so we can see how they do their own and made it such that when targeted outlets do not take it up the rivals will cash in, so they are always ever so keen on whatever I have; it’s like that case of being told I copy and vandalise Greek culture whereas in actual fact there are few English men that behave like I do because I am being incredibly rude as people are meant to buy my Books not get information from me and express their disobedience as a means of securing market share and ruining my empire for me – so maybe they want to resolve their problem with the Greeks as they clearly think they have problems as such as far as I am concerned – otherwise it is clear peoples world of mystery and adventure get flushed down the toilet each time they want to find out what they want to know. It’s always been a reality of how you get rude to a point where people appear not to know what they are doing anymore and then the question of how anybody is to get off your rudeness, recover and set out to earn money, have a rough day and return to buy your products; so I win again.

It is usually suggested that when the Americans say we British are not democratic we get all over the place but what they really want is something from which to develop some windmill on the minds feeling along the lines to making money, the trouble being that this is somebody else’s renaissance and that means they are looking for trouble.