I hear this talk now of how there is increase in life expectancy for women and it goes further to claims that I make a contribution that makes it possible; on one hand it is entirely laughable that people can think up such nonsense but on the other hand the more serious aspects is that these idiots and their cultural wickedness and what those of them that make money and appear on media get up to is off to it again. In this company we have gone from a need they have to take over my public life of which nobody knows how they get to, then deploy it to make customer service and unless they have some cultural evil that more so they are applying on me it seems they cannot trade or do business and its the big companies behaving as if they are the small ones and small ones behaving as if they are the big ones kind of scenario but this whole process of taking over my public life and public work and then my literary empire to sit around employing trouble makers and then blaming me for what they get up to, refusing me jobs and setting out that racism is on the rise as a result of my attitude is the bit where the question of where it stops does need to be answered. So they know I will hurt them seriously when they do such things but they will self harming do it anyway which is why we are here yet again. Their Politicians complain of the NHS whereas we are all supposed to have one GP for life, sometimes we are ill and sometimes we are not and the rest of what they do is just general consultation thereof but they had decided we need to have names and profiles on computer systems while we get moved around claiming it is social inequality and class divide they are conquering but you cannot tell if it is the matters of the class divide that seems to be the problem or the fact they are either lazy or stupid of which there isn’t much distance between the two kinds anyway – much the same as housing where big housing complexes are supposed to be crime ridden according to them but since the swinging 80 crime management and security and the way we get about as a society has rather advanced to a great extent but we are still yet to have any affordable housing; the Tories who can provide it want to do industry with government Labour which is made up of people that will fold a fist and face a criminal instead of their jobs want to do and nanny everybody, so it is a story that is hardly resolvable. However that I interact with women and it increases their life expectancy is another story that is best understood along those lines of claims I handle peoples history; about which the old issue has always been that when large companies are scared of me and I am wary of what they can do to me as well we tend to meet in the middle and people go to an office to get a job done, until these fools get involved, knowing I will kick them when they do it but relying on media revenge and advertisement millions, so it has eventually come down to a need to take a stand on their insatiable desire to set out cultural evils without which business cannot be done and spend time in public taking over my business and taking over my stuff – so those Royalty that end up as scribes and writers were their local cowards obviously and they can be free of me the day they stop taking over my stuff – we all know there is a behaviour that goes far beyond a process of engaging with peoples products to a point where they have to remind you that they are selling it, when people like an author they buy his books and they should be here to buy books or should not be found anywhere near around here at all – it is a book shop, a Royal Book shop; the Politicians complain about the certainty of death but along with the abuses of worthless women that justify murder all the time being put in my face because of their views and opinions about me that are meant to make it happen and the abusive nature of it, only to worry when the Public wants their own blood as well –if the bloody fools do actually stop taking over my things, taking over my public life taking over my stuff as it were, knowing they are looking for trouble especially with that stupid Industry and that stupid media. Their friends at the Monarchy who claim I am not a Royal Prince are just as well; we all know the Queen was always going to be surrounded by stupid men and clever men but apparently they continue to refer to how history testifies to an outcome of the clever ones dying away while the stupid ones take over so they can turn up here to pretend that either telling tales about somebody not being Royalty or pretending I am bluffing when I say they will die first has anything to do with reality; so far they have lost the part of One’s life that they were meant to profit from to me and it is not hurting badly enough yet as we can all see.

In their defence they say what I do is full of potential but lacklustre in every way beckoning people to take it over and getting the way of everything else but the game was started by them and they always want to make a lot of money they had never worked for and are now explaining their own public image away as or with mine especially black girls and women whose disobedience is legendary and constitutes the reasons they come from areas of the world where genocides are a regular feature of living there. Much the same as the stories told about how I a writer of rubbish who thinks it is the best thing in the world but then again which it will make the same sense if I sell it for millions just like people buy music made abusing government operatives until the finances of their targets are affected but then again I am not a writer of rubbish, this disposition is just an asset – there is ever a sense that the job done should not have created the Books but of course the reality is that it has and don’t ask me why. When I write rubbish and sell it through their public image to make millions abusing them in the process as well, we will be even, otherwise these fools can always leave me alone as it were; the Christian who needs to be fucked, the guy who seems to be free from all problems once he has a job and therefore needs to be denied one until he end up with problems whether or not he has a job since people are like that by being nonentities in the first place and then there is my party piece where their Politicians spend all their time thinking about the rebellion they think about but do not carry out and meaning I must be stuck in the bad areas of their lives where such things exist as lowest of the low while they claim my public image for themselves to feel good with and so when these fools see their leaders do it every twerp in this Country that knows which is a good book and which one isn’t wants to get on media and have their own share too, every twerp that knows which is a good book and which isn’t when they are so stupid in the first place. They speak of how I have closed down their society of course but it is the same old case; they turned up here because they had picked out their target and were off to make lots of money they never worked for – now they are giving me book bloody reviews when they are not buying copies of their own too, so they are not going anywhere, I will find out and settle what they turned up around my case for, make a public statement of my findings and get some closure otherwise there is the easier option of staying the hell away from me as we are not mates. As I have maintained on other occasions their parents do think their self expression is an abomination and I can see what it means too; for every crack that existed must be investigated probed and scandalised, like being a Christian meaning I want to be fucked before I earn money and so on and there is nothing preventing them from selling it out to industries and politicians – never useful human beings of course except the sense that their bodies will make good fertiliser when they are dead.

They do say they want to understand what I meant when I said Islamic extremism is not the real evil that is being done but it is the same old story; they are evil people and they are this and they are that and they are everything and business cannot be done unless there is an evil culture being used to make money and there are those in whose lives and livelihoods those evil cultures should always end up while everybody else goes off to enjoy life buying and selling the latest stuff and so on, so clearly of which Islamic extremists cannot be free of them as it were and they think the Terrorists are after everybody; in my case they have learned to evil people somewhere else but with media now available to them it seems that they are coming back again – so it is the same old case; things cannot be bought or sold unless there is an evil culture used to suppress good people who don’t want others to be free to enjoy their lives and the House of Commons was only ever full of fools who think their powers are limitless.

They speak of these problems concerning me which I am supposed to deal with but become more concerned with other peoples success; it is an old story about the only relevance they and their Industries and Politicians and stupid children have around my concerns being that of a corruption of involvement that simply will not move on because it has that stupid freedom and democracy statement to make but I do not risk my limb or risk my neck for black people, we do not have that sort of relationship, so I have no clue what problems they are talking about, a sense therefore that they are seeking publicity for it as it were. It’s always been as simple; they think they are wealthy people and all will be well when they do not take mine over any longer; I mean people handle my work for a while because they are wealthy and think I want to play with them all the time, so that when these fools behave in such ways you do understand you can still ignore them and fake it to make it as they say but they have to take that spare step and handle the products slap you down and bottom out the market and we have now reached a point where take over and employ trouble makers then blame me for the problems they cause and deny me a job and a career in the process to issue threats whenever and wherever has reached a pinnacle and I have had enough of them; they got rich by being so stupid obviously and if they do not take mine over all will be well – they know they are looking for trouble when they do it just as I do, so I have to assume they wouldn’t do it unless they are. It’s only a Bookshop and it can be nightmare too and they do say I talk but really cannot do anything about anything but of course everybody knows the story of looking at or desiring their women is dead and buried which is why we are now talking about my problems about which I am more concerned with other peoples successes and the big thing that seems to be happening with them is finding out how I can fight all the time and that is how we have this genetic selection in Industry where you find they are always of a certain size talking nonsense all the time about how you couldn’t take them on when it came to the violence. I have had enough of them and they are not to breeze into any Royal Property and Public work or Literary Empire to take anything over anymore lest we have to find out what it is exactly that they can do. Like when they claim the things I complain about are all made up in my head whereas it is not what steady drips of customer bullying and bad publicity just at the right time to ensure they can determine what the size of my business is says; its these fools being uncanny and I am sick of it, sick of it especially in terms of their disobedience and the sense they have rights and that other sense they need to take control being the bigger persons. They say they are winning and that a steady stream of their needs will ensure their behaviour eventually pays off when others have nowhere to turn; but it’s the same old story of the House of Commons acting as though it has limitless power all the time to take a stand on peoples personal lives and expect them to move away from it and of course the story remains the same for all especially the Industry idiots – i.e. make work for me if you think you can win the fight.

Now I understand the views of white communities on the Police shooting of black people is turning around and my days are numbered but in actual fact there is no such thing; the reality these fools face is far starker i.e. their multiculturalism is a threat to my person and livelihood and not just because of its nature but because they had made it so; it means they are always investigating my privacy, familiarising with me to a point where they can see me naked so as to chase my anus and penis and make me feel shamed all the time and it has now reached a point where they regularly turn up in public places with pen and paper to document findings and settle on what it means in terms of what I have in my savings and how much I am making from my job and what the bottom line says in terms of a fabricated right to do whatever they like with me, so my days are rather far from numbered with their big mouth. It’s not an emotive issue either, it seems that there are people who support them because I have caused on offence but that would typically have been a group of idiots who make media appearance, live in a big house in the countryside with lots of trees in the neighbourhoods and generally like to buy music CDs people make by abusing me, who clearly do not want to buy products people make by abusing them as well which is why I have a preoccupation of my own here; for the story of people making music CDs abusing me was a factor of these kinds of nonsense of numbering my days after turning up to investigate how much I earn and how much savings I have and what the bottom line says they can do and undo with me which they sell up to industry to get rich, only to number my days at will with that stupid media, so that each time they happen to chase my anus and penis and tell me I will not become homosexual either because I am a Christian which is far worse on account they do it because there is nothing I can do about anything and would have been better off being immoral enough to be homosexual, I will happen to drag that stupid culture in a direction and crack their own as well so they can chase it all the time – at the moment the favourite way is popular culture abuses right up to stories they tell about how I think I am a soldier and so on, then they can get on media and number my days. We see them every time talking about the lack of accountability in male society whereas it is women who clearly never ever are seen around their own social concerns; I grew up as a man, I know I grew up among violent and evil men and I know that as we grew up they peaked with violence and started to fear what I might get up to but the problem we face now is women going into male society to change their disposition for them, so that when they do gangs and crime and so on it is women they kill most of the time, don’t ask me why, giving rise to these confused idiots showing up on media all the time as bigots with an opinion endlessly and as for my part concerning the shutting down of female society as such, it is the same old case of their insults never being found where it is appreciated especially for the blacks and so rather than a case of seeing their mess and untidiness and vandalism around my Government office leading to bodies being found as it were, I can always shut down their entire societies and I will either murder them or be the reason for it for this matter of their need to address me to have improved; since of course I did allow popular culture around my diplomatic work on account of the fact some of those songs people make do get deployed by military operatives to settle psychological warfare with organised criminals and violent people and so on, now that these fools have take over the society needs to be shut down so we can all see how they are doing it as it were. I understand the case of mixed sense of where my position is but of course the reality is far more clearer than their explanations of such nonsense; even the Court of female journalists here do have their role and to the effect of their jobs they have a team that works for or with them and those teams do their bits while they do their bits – here at the firm, I write books and the advertisers do their bits and the customers do their bits and everybody has got a rile but then again this is the exact situation where my party piece on this matter comes to the surface, that these idiots will not be unless they are deploying my life and work to get their own fixed and that is how we end up here – are they doing so and if not they can go ahead and find out? I hear of the story of how they will depart the UK and preferably move to Ireland where they will be better accepted and what they have learned from the UK will aid their cause but I know what their nature is and that will not change a fantasy of me doing things to serve their every whim that propels them to turn up here to seek fulfilments of such nonsense looking for trouble and it does not matter which part of the world that they travel to in any case anyway. For my part this whole story of people getting out of bed to get into a process of breezing into my company to take things over and get rich has reached a point and starting from their deviance and how spare time is spent on orgies turning up around the business of an Arch Prince whose religious books they have no plans to buy, right up to the story of me being the point at which people are to take their revenge on the west the story is still the same i.e. it’s all talk, they can make their move if they are ready – not enough have died yet (for of course we know that Muslim girls cannot keep their mouth shut about violent boyfriends and how you have looked at them and the reasons for it is that these idiots fundamentally need their extremists because it is the one thing that helps their threaten people in order to make money and it is much the same as the whites as well, those need their media and their racists every single moment; I for my part have been very clear about where I stand and they can make work for me and number my days if they have the fucking guts for it). I associate myself only with those that work for me around here, so that I might work for them as well and if I need customers to buy my books I will recruit them to that effect as well but everybody here have got a role and these idiots cannot stop looking for trouble deserve everything they get for it too – what I do here is write books and others may not interfere, especially those that may pretend it’s a death do us part eventuality with a big mouth; if I am the point at which they take their revenge on the British Government or the West, I would think it’s all talk and they can make their move when ready, everybody knows for a start how much they hate attending my errands but always end up doing so anyway.

These goons are so obsessed with ruling introverted and religious men; they said all I can do is establish a big church they can get involved with, hear me beg them to make their lives better at my expense, then corrupt later for the kind of lifestyle they wish to enjoy; what they have ended up with is a process of somebody that is now in charge of their twisted evil cultures and causes them to race after it on a regular basis so they can get off on popular culture to abuse and attack him with media and has finished off now by making sure the culture is being deployed to work for and pay off the National deficit that they created – what has therefore been destroyed being the sense that the culture is untouchable and their outlook over a useless existence that pays off all the time with them on one hand and racists on the other will always be other peoples purses, livelihoods and personal lives and now I do not need to work many times as hard for anything anymore no matter how many times Politicians reward their stupidities with tax payer funds because the culture is no longer untouchable and further justified by claims they make that they were always financially well off than I am and therefore superior which means those who have had lives and possessions damaged can get their payment as it were and finished off by this process of shutting down their society and keeping them monitored – this is what the Christian coward can do and what’s more, there is more as well if they are interested. It is never true I need to be protected from women – what is true is that women find it so difficult to steal from me when they want to live in the city and get rich without work in order to avoid work and the politicians work so hard to ensure I am broken down so that they can deferring academic work, deferring studies, deferring job prospects and it never seems to end and the scumbags simply cannot leave me alone as it were – as for the blacks the whole process of I hear what you say but I am busy enjoying life which causes them to attack peoples business and finances was dead a long time ago so it is not true in any way that I need protection from women. They say I do not recognise like their toy soldiers and criminally disobedient confused bigots with a need to get ahead of people in life do, that women have a need to have big guys that can prospect them but of course they are always free to gamble it here too, I am game at all times; it’s like the reason they like to abuse me intimately until they feel they can see me naked all the time and finger my bum for the sake of their frustrations is because their men are telling me I need to take it as there is nothing I can do and this is what I mean they are free to gamble it and gamble it here if they want too. I mean it seems I cannot run my own empire anymore for the reason of every scum that wants to get involved and take over – right up to those I have ignored having revenge which is very popular with black women; it does not imply I need protection from them, it’s just a sense of reality when it works out that the only problem seems to be myself when I go from not paying attention when I was younger to their stupidities to pay attention when I am older and the reasons for this sense of self worthlessness being what Politicians and drip, drip, bad media publicity for me which I really don’t want but cannot cease to be a nuisance physically do with my possessions seeking a piece of me, to which I have been very clear that there is certain dislike for their twisted evil nature when it comes to the culture in itself but this other part is the bit where some of them get important jobs or make regular media appearances, so if they would please stop taking over my company or getting involved with it lest I have their guts as well following this route of events. I have made myself clear they will make work for me or continue for those that have tried before because they want the kind they will attend to until they come up against an American bomb for instance or something like that etc – all I do here is write books if I must declare and others may not interfere. Its their version of the truth, all made up and academically planned to create a sense they are intelligent people which they believe will prevail but a lot of the times the evidence speaks for itself, for instance wealth inequality against those they have taken everything from already.

They say I like to have a go at people all the time which really isn’t true; the truth is that I cannot run my own empire anymore and they on the other hand do not actually have a use for it either – everybody that gets involved with my work does because a Christian is taking a stand against Industry destruction and vandalism and abuse and so I need to ensure a sense exists that media and Politicians and big business are scared of me on one hand while I am wary of what they can do to me on the other otherwise I will never sell my products – these are busy body idiots that have located somebody to sacrifice, somebody they can sell out to get rich and are even spreading the word claiming they have found a massive one, so others can easily listen to this cooked up version of reality they stomp all over the media and end up thinking it is the truth or indeed the end of the world and the idea taking mine over like they love to do should remain a subliminal message has now passed its sell by date – have rather always been aware of what the cost is i.e. I worry about the amount of work each time peoples big business empires have no respect for my royal estate empire and love to plug their silly products into it and make a mess of my public work and office its a matter of the amount of work I have to do but for them it should always be a matter of health and safety and well being as it were and I have given them five years of time and warning to that effect too. They are supposed to be found around my concerns to buy books or they shouldn’t be, I do not have a relationship with the general public that people can just get into and certainly do not have any with them whatsoever. Its not enough anymore to say people are mature and people are perhaps just engaging with products until I have to remind them I am selling it – its not good enough anymore and they should be here to buy books or not found around any of my concerns at all, its just disobedience and not the end of the world for me as they have made out; we all know it happens because of their problems and how they want to get it solved of which the ways they want to if put into words will express why most people want them to be outcasts at all times - they have however chosen to describe it as freedom and democracy to create maximum damage to the health of those they target and riches for them in return on the other hand, while their women have fantasies of great men serving them and answering to their every whim and turn out to try and fulfil those dreams with me all the time which of course means they want their own rival state of affairs to my public work starting with such nonsense as stealing a woman's disposition in life etc -we have see these fools work at high levels of Political office to change the operation of the economic circulation of wealth in their favour, its not that it is their stupidity that is in doubt, its explanations they give for some of these actions and I for my part think its a matter of the fact economic text books are accessible to them etc - hence the answer to their problems from those they are able to bully and the rich people want to bleed dry everything there is and then float once its all in their pocket for they have no sense of patriotism and no sense of culture and no sense of society and no sense of belonging as it were; they do say mine is the biggest suck up to rich people that there ever was in history but not true as what happened is that rich people needed my equities and I thought I had clients, these goons however have no reached a point where they should turn up to buy books or never get seen around my concerns to avoid creating problems, for we all know they said the money was the problem and now they have that it has gotten worse and yes they do say the money they got because people like me never listen to the needs of Politicians but we all know it is the Politicians that spend tax payer funds which actually exists on the other side of the spectrum on them, to help them turn up somewhere near your career and academic work because they had failed to do things for themselves that you had done for yourself when you were a teen. Its the reality of it that on one hand Politicians always spend time funding aspects of criminal behaviour that they think the general public is so ignorant they do not pay attention to and it is this power that puts them in direct war path with religious people,even now their women are taking over the Church to trap those religious people about whom they claim to have been given ownership by the powers that be, so if they are serious about crime perhaps when people stab others it will not be because play grounds are disused and so on but in terms of the media however, its the old matter of claiming to be the honourable job, done by people who punish themselves when they do the wrong thing so the authorities never have to bother, except 15 years f unemployment for religious people whose personal lives will provide new democracy for instance and the trophy victory violence thing and then you have to make sure people are chasing that their anus and penis as well by making sure every scum in the land knows what you know which seems to be the biggest problem they have with me and so on but now that they have been doing the same too, we know what kind of media we are dealing with here and it will be that either the authorities will have to give or they will in the end; their little soldiers are supposed to have been the ones with ideas about whom they are superior to but of course which Members of the Royal family have to deal with all the time - we see them get involved with Commoners which people a boost those that are being picked on to take on the day but these goons always prefer to churn their tummy inside and out pretending they know more than those they know nothing about because a parent or a relative or an idiots they have a lot of respect for who appears on media put them up to it but then again when they have turned their tummy inside out it is always obvious they have set out their own challenges and need to get down to it either way, their threats are therefore the real problem i.e. my whole life is about playing games and having fun and lots of career piracy when I need money and I know an idiot at Politics and TV to that effect, it is the reason we have to deal with media salvation all the time all day long.