So it is said I sit in sedentary positions, refuse to do what black people want and set about trying to influence what happens but it does not necessarily have to be seen in this way either; the reality is that the Labour Party is the abyss of civil and criminal disobedience in the UK and it is always okay to put up with the abuses and the scandals and the insults i.e. put up with it and live with your faith, and if you go against the teachings of the Bible its between you and God, if you do in a way that affects somebody else its between you and God and the person-The threats from them however brings up another kettle of fish; so now the cat is out of the bag they can make more comments too, after all we all know they are designed to ensure people punch my anus and penis over things I know I should be doing but am not.

I do not believe the matter is a problem either; I am doing my own disobedience as well i.e. the last time there was Royalty that was not directly married into the Royal Family first was something of a hundreds of years ago, so to have one today is unprecedented level of disobedience regarding what these fools want but of course the reality has always been that they are stupid but it gets to a stage where it becomes destructive so that you tend to adopt that position as well. I mean if they don’t want any more Royalty I get to lose a Literary Empire and nobody knows why it is that when they don’t want things it has to do with those who have things but are also vulnerable to them at the same time anyway and that stupid need to breed such people and have foolish women around that never listen to what they are told if they can play the role of other peoples mothers instead and have a knack for looking for trouble they think is funny especially when it involves setting people up to be made a mess of and to be a plaything by the idiots of this world.

I understand they say they will threaten my Court of course which is perfectly understandable for the last time we checked they claimed they were the ones manipulating those things people do to be a part of my public work because it will support them to do what they need to do with their time, especially for single young men as it were, considering it is their Politicians that do not have salaries that people can undercut at will as it were and are therefore the ones who offices and positions are used in such ways – so yes every chance offered up that I must turn it towards violence as well.

We do hear them claim it will never be over of course which I wonder whom they suppose really cares; they are telling me how it will be over when we are here and they are having some of my empire as I build it as we go along because they can play the part of my parents and brothers as violently as they like if they wanted because I can be beaten up but it is the fundamental reasons for it that is the real determinant of whether or not this ends not what they say or think about whether or not it ends i.e. we are here because a Christians light got into their eyes and after they started attacking him realised they could spend all their time doing it while getting money to look into their needs from them which has in turn spurned the wealth inequality at his expense to have the lion share of his empire story but then it still does not hide the true evil nature of that party which is either full of compulsive lairs or full of people who have no sense of right and wrong and by that I don’t mean a suppressed sense of right and wrong; I mean it is right when somebody is suffering and the purpose is to make them smile, it is wrong when somebody has something they don’t – so I have made it clear their Politicians and popularity and media is not to be done addressing me or done in my direction, they have decided that line will not be followed and are now telling me how anything around here will likely end as well. I hear of the Americans that support them which is not an emotive issue either; the Americans want to spy on people and make deals with goons – the more they push it is the more extreme I will become and people need to speak to the Police and get a fair sense of what a criminal looks like, understand the link between disobedience and crime not buy anything that is placed before them so as to turn out to pretend it is another person’s problem.

It’s never been an issue with the Americans; it’s a case of do heroic stuff and they become quasi villains especially the niggers who like to pretend you do not have black skin as well and when you decide to stick to your own corner and fight your own battles only it becomes a war because you have not chosen a side – so if they cross me I will kick them so seriously they will need to do American all over the place again. It’s not an emotive issue, always that same old case of Nigger thinks he is so bad that he can beat up a Royal Prince but when his physical endowments are cracked he has a problem with that too. I personally do not make too much of it, only the story of my books coming into the case yet again, about which I hear they say I am hated by Europeans as well and making enemies everywhere which is utter nonsense; what I said is that I do not have a side but those who do things to me I have told them is counterproductive if they are trying to help will feel my full wrath – in the case of the Europeans, when they don’t know how a Country works they investigate especially the Germans and so if you do broker equities with a German company you find you are stealing pocket money from an idiot and his mother for instance, so they do need to have their sense of reality realigned as well and that never happens until they are complaining too, otherwise it will never stop as we can see the fat boys are out in force chasing anus and penis and so on. So that there arises this question of whether I think I am better off which does not make any sense either; I have an empire which others claim does not exist but it is the poor busy bodies and a need to get connected with the rich that means any weakness come back round to ensure people plug their products into my market, bottom out my sales and make millions they never did a days’ work for, so they are not as innocently poor as the Politicians make out they are, certainly not the Muslim ones who clearly come from a world that has the highest number of evil merchants characters with a need to trap gifted people and abuse them into telling peoples fortunes before they do anything that remotely looks like trade. The result is always the sense you need your company on one hand and these goons in pain on the other before there exists any semblance of normalcy. So it is still the same story about the American ones who are determined to peddle my royal renaissance at the stock markets to get rich needing to be very well educated about the fact that thing they like to chase is not their home or their family or their personal life or their renaissance and doing that in a full understanding of a history that exists between me and social democracy idiots who will give you no trouble if you have struck gold but will want to shit where you have fashioned your gold into prized jewellery – so obviously the general idea is that handling my books as a means of getting involved with and having Royalty they can make with to improve their self esteem right up to their president giving them assurance the economy will not recover until the renaissance of Royalty forms the backbone of their market, are all things that could not have been foreseen. So people are selfish, people are evil, people like to think they are at the top of the food chain, people want somebody to blame for their problems and I have punishment set out for every case of disobedience I have to deal with, it does not mean I am worse off and they are better off; in terms of money, it is the popular culture goons that are getting rich these days and that means they get to fund the problem of evil people with a greed that can kill, it also means that the talk of me setting up a Country they can be rich comfortably with goes quiet too because not only are they making less profit with the prognosis of sacrificing my empire instead of looking into their attitude towards the customer failing them completely, coupled with my own self appointed duty of checking compatibility of the taxes they are paying with the valuable amenities they are using as well and now we hear much talk these days of those they will make a recession hit hardest for not letting them have a perspective from their faith that frees rich people of grafting. They do in their defence say I bring it on myself of course which is utter nonsense as I have made it clear time without number that they are free to look at the products and the public work and the renaissance but are not allowed to touch them and have mentioned it innumerably to no avail as well, if they have media to make up their own based on what they know about it in order to fulfil a desire which desire they claim is my fault too with that big mouth – we do hear them speak of a power thing of which they obviously have most and if not all of it as it stands as it were; so the situation remains the same; I want nothing to do with them and my Court wants nothing to do with them as well and we are certain they can understand what people are saying to them here too.

The ones in the UK speak of a terrorist threat that is my fault which is utter nonsense too; there is no terrorist threat or one that is my fault as such more so; the point has always been that they need to fight their own battles. For the politicians they can spend tax payer funds to help idiots get rich and famous on other peoples personal lives, it’s just that it leads to an outcome where these media boom boys are done chasing drugs in poor neighbourhoods and are off to become famous rich as well and that means even when somebody is a comedian he has to handle my person and public work first for his self esteem before he does looking for the same trouble they are complaining about too; for the social democrat American ones the Books I have written are as much a problem that is more than them like they love to claim they are more than me whereas we all know it’s nothing but media men and the need to get involved with their racists to threaten others and for none whites those twisted women with a certain number of children marked out to be criminals finding somebody they claim is a soft touch; so what I do here is write books, I am not a Politicians or a terrorist and people do not interfere – those who do interfere do not have an outcome that they have decided should be case either – so I do interfere with the drugs trade and so on and that is why we see them on media all the time making sure that my book sales are as insecure for the public as the drugs are for them hence asking if selling the books are going to be a problem always has a special flavour to it when directed at them i.e. they come up all dressed in suits but find it difficult to understand that level of distress they create for you when you walk up the streets and professionals take a look at you and decide you have been messing with aesthetics of a career you know nothing about to make trouble for others, hence are fucking idiots behind those suits that cause us so a high levels of deception as it were; personally for now I will continue to collect their twitter profiles for every single occasion in which I have been offended, so I can track what it is exactly they are their popularity fools can do about me.

So back down to Scottish Nationalism is where the story of the British extending their influence on the world is settled because of course it has always been a matter of the fact anything you do to stop a process where they are the poor busy body violent people with a need for connection with the rich, opens up this stage where it seems that if you have five jets in your air force they want to see it flown in a war and getting blown up while their idiots want to join a terrorist group that fancy their British fighting skills in order to turn up and lay war on me to extract and copy my reaction – so being that we do not know what criminals are like when their Politicians are playing with them and handing government funds to their stupidities to show Politics is important, it seems the real issue here is that people like to push up my agenda when they know they are going to likely complain about it – at which point it’s a matter of terrorism and criminality i.e. when they see war ships they want to see it in a war getting blown up and so it all amounts to squander and ruin and its completely irrelevant how they go about it too whether by blowing up tube stations or killing people that are British and so on and these days they have a card up their sleeves that is concerned with how everything we do about it can only make the Americans more powerful because they are the ones Policing the world to ensure small Countries that can offer hiding places for trouble makers are taken care of and somebody has to take steps to ensure it does not affect the economy, no such thing as the British having a hangover concerning the empire and so on. So that these guys have now been drafted in by the SNP to help propel them to victory and break up the UK to get rid of its Nuclear deterrent as well,  only to claim people like me will never speak of the mess Westminster made that is largely concerned with helping these idiots to money and then standing up on a pulpit to give speeches that will propel them to electoral victory when another is made to suffer for the problems since these are big individuals that are difficult to control talking nonsense about doing peoples stuff, it seems they were burned as well as it were thereof. But then again the insults of the SNP has always been developed along the premise of handling people who are novices at what they do most of the time when they are simply thinking a heightened state of things will break up the UK rather than set out insults that they think will earn them no consequences when they pass at others and start to think has made up reality as it were; for the rest of Westminster however the case is largely that I have to deal with their insults while I standing in front of a job interviewer to answer questions so it is another angle by which I bring it on myself considering how many times in any given day and for how many years they have been giving it to me as it were – the bloody clowns.

It is never true the Politicians have twisted me into a position where I am now fighting battles for them either; that can be easily explained by how these insults and its effects are supposed to have been dealt with for me by the help of the Royal family which again makes no sense whatsoever. So they do say I like to feel I can handle the crime and criminality and when asked to have a problem with it, much the same as their goons claiming their civil and criminal disobedience is a function of pushing me out into a fight to teach me a lesson when we know it’s all about theft; they understand they can teach no lessons when I chase their anus and penis and tummy and chest and so on as well with intent on beating them up as it were but we have been here before since every stupid nigger always tends to take themselves way too seriously when they see you eliminate a process where you hurt others and sort out a secure world for your followers in case anything happens to you which if it does happen will be a one off, they like to get involved speak of some guy that should case a cause for the glory of black people until they remove that and start to pretend that leaving what would happen in this circumstances to imagination does not scare them in anyway whereas the rest of us know it is the prognosis of how self harming bastards make themselves into the bullies they become. The parents are rather the ones that see me return to the UK some years ago and adopted a personal ambition to ensure I never fit in – now they are the ones with a problem concerning what I am doing with African culture that was never extracted from their stupid lives and you will never understand why the bloody idiots never act along the premise of what they really can enforce as it were, until the part where a foolish woman is going to spread news of a real man in her family that populous idiots can use if they wanted comes into play to make sense of their twisted and evil nature, never mind the bit where they say they have the power to push me into crime as well – so that it is the Politicians that want to gain from that who need to understand a processes where they are fond of going off to Africa to find idiots that will turn up to tell me to hand a Royal Estate to their socialist stupidities because they are white and the UK is their country has been very well noted and they have not been able to note the part where there will be them on the red corner and me on the blue corner when the story of their cultures and societies turning up here continues to get propagated as it were – we all know that if they were selling those things I wouldn’t not be dealing with any of this and that is why I have been selling it for them as well because of course you had dared not mention the fact people are supposed to speak with their governments about wealth inequality not turn up on media to confiscate your empire because it will set off a trend where they exasperate you in a bid to be pointed in the correct direction again making noise about poverty and deprivation – same old case of tuning into an African TV to find people dancing their bottom all day long and finding out it has been having something to do with you at diplomatic level, so when you get in touch with female journalist friends and spread problems as well it gets violent and clearly of which the threats from that their big mouth and a need to move into my right hand and lay down popular culture empires does indicate not enough have died yet as it were since it clearly does not look like that in anyway whatsoever. So it really brings us back to the same old issue of people not pushing my agenda to pretend they get to tell me what to do when they know they will complain about it; so its crime, criminality and terrorism at present and we do not build defence budgets in this Country so idiots can turn up and deplete the assets. It’s all squander and ruin and it is usually sad when third worlds emerge as it were. So we do hear that I think I have done much but have really done nothing but it’s the same as claiming it is a problem that is too big for me when there is nothing to it except middle aged white men and a need to handle other peoples possessions and get in touch with their racists with media, black people and a certain group they have set out as their community criminals and my personal favourite the Politicians with links to peoples parents who help them to the essence of other people’s lives if those people are real men and real women but what really brews my hate for them is not all these abuses including the anus and penis bits and so on, that was an expected outcome, what does is the story of how desperately they need my help but will never ask because it will make them inferior – now they are ruining everything as well. If it is important for people to rebuild their society for them in each turn it should be important for them to understand I don’t want to see any of it as well; when it really comes to it, putting it away mildly is the simple part where I do not know who they are and do not care if they existed but for the media and popularity ones its ever such a good idea to start and put a name to their faces as well, so at the end of the day when they speak of a lack of regard for the fact people have a difficult existence it becomes one of those issues where they chase you around to make you look like one of those things kids want to put a knife into, just because they want to find out what it feels like on the flesh and spend a decade of your time making it so without reason or provocation as such, foster some Political paedophilia and keep their hands off the effects of the filthy work immediately after and send out their parliamentary corridor scum to find somebody who is not going along with popular sympathy for sex abuse victims that they can confiscate possessions from and all while they know they have racism in their Country as well but we all know that each time you ask them about it they want to have a conversation with somebody else in parliament to make sure it affects others and get spread around, hence why we have reached this point where they are confident enough to think they are manipulating me as such and we are not talking about stupid women selling the essence of a real man to populous idiots either – so it totally justifies what I have done to ensure they are spending their own money to look decadent on the left and with the media and I can become intolerant of it at any time as well, otherwise most of the time it’s me, all me, always me and they are winning. I mean you can easily think that when people say they are all snakes and you should show no pity on the younger ones than you would on the older ones, it sounds a bit harsh but when you have been selected as the hate figure that can push into abuse and laugh over the beauties their villainy has acquired in order to get linked with industry and enjoy the latest modern life and items that are found in it like I phones and latest hip hop and so on you may think you have seen why people make such decisions and that you understand it totally but then again it can get worse obviously. They do say it’s a matter of militant socialism and the need to control tyrants and be able to stir revolution but none of that caused them to have this need to drive me into involvement with the Royal family so I might become this Royalty whose property belongs to the media when the Monarchy is removed for all these nonsense to turn up here, only for them to tell me the idea I might lose a Royal Estate and put my time to something else I really like is not allowed so they will poke me and extract whatever it is I am planning to do if I am removed because they do not get rid of Royalty so that the Royalty might like it and it is exactly the same method criminals use to make villains out of perfectly normal people as it were, put war into you and cripple your ability to fight then sit around poking you and stealing your reaction to fight against law enforcement and terrorists are particularly fond of it too as it were. So it is obviously a matter that means they want to have my body parts in their parliament before they feel they can get thing done as it is obvious there are so many way I will have to bend them over unnaturally as it were. They do say all I do is a factor of my fear of them which is utter rubbish; they are happy to spend tax payer funds on a need they have to place me on benefits and get their foolish women to soften me up which they feel means they have put fear into me but clearly of which I am really scared, so they do have to explain it with claim I actually am hence would not have been talking about anus and penis insults if I wasn’t but everybody knows the chances push comes to shove when you chase their anus and penis as well and you have them seriously beaten up is greater than the one that you face; at this point they are no longer able to wantonly sell that story of a party that is relevant because it gets its way with the crowd and can press others over wealth and social inequality but they cannot see you will build an army from their ranks if you want to and are therefore really scared of them as well. I am just saying they need to relax and I am really scared and it is okay as long as they are winning in their view; obviously there is nothing good about weak but successful people that can have their possessions confiscated by those that are having a hard time unless such persons are taking drugs to hold it together – so we can see most Labour MPs used to run drugs in their neighbourhood and all of them at some point smoked marijuana while a large proportion did crack cocaine and heroin – even their TV boom boys are made up of people who need UK film council to make films and pop music after attending drama and singing school when they have their eyes on other peoples Royal Estate but still the comedians even cannot tell jokes for a living if they do not things to your possessions that you have expressly told them not to. They say I corner people of course and yes I do, the back down story and how things they buy with their money will make sense when it is more important than God because a Christian does not believe in material things; so they will make their way out of the corner at their own expense and put their money where their mouth is since the last time we checked they were not psychopaths that think killing people is how to solve a problem, so I have to write books to wean them off the killing by taking it from them as though it was my right in a condition where they are being held by the Police in return for an improvement in society most of the time – these scum are low level sociopaths aspiring to crime and issuing threats with a big mouth, so you do have to watch your step but not necessarily watch them as such as there is nothing in the whole world the idiots can do no matter how much media and fake confidence is build from it too that they have. They do say I am being bullied by women and whilst I cannot handle the ladies feel the men are game but of course the story of attacking others and getting false confidence on media was a manly thing to do as such hence I am the confused one here – they like to feel they are awesome bitches and want my home of course which is why doing a writing career in rented accommodation is such a big problem when people want to fuck me and have to get on media to do that all the time a s result. The men ones are not yet leaning well enough towards the right to handle me yet as it were – not enough of them are doing that so far. It’s never been a serious matter, it’s stupid girls that cannot do their fashion and popularity without handling or addressing or threatening me with the guys in their lives of course but I accept I provoked them first but that was as a result of the link between social democracy idiots who are always complaining about wealth inequality and stupid worthless deviant fashion idiots doing what they do best to rip up peoples resources and make a few millions with the leftover to show they have not done something wrong if it makes them successful and it turns out the link was that these idiots do have an ability to abuse religious young men to help them get famous and so I had to kill that off and the personal diaries here are full too as it were, there will be no more written to manage any such issues. What it costs them as a society for me to stand up in public and mention home numbers where men and women need to stop things they are doing at night has become much more important to me and this is the start of it, I am not confused about the sex of those that are bullying me. The blacks are an example of how wanton it can get; it can easily be a matter of a need to have sex with me from a distance and progress to a matter of the bad day she has had for trying to spread her love around – so we all try and live in a society that is okay for everybody but it does not mean I am unaware these things are the reasons people kill them and their worthlessness as such.