The story of sales people pushing others to their deaths is of course a matter of prime concern; I have not failed to respond to it all day because I fundamentally think it does not matter when the sales people concerned are charity operatives. It is an old story of when they feel or at what stage the feel that the UK is fertile ground for their activities; we see them at International community’s all the time and they wouldn’t mind risking the life of a child you can feed today in a war torn part of the world by ruining yours with media and Politicians and their games at corridors of International Communities, just so that there might be unbearable pain there for you over the problems of the world, meaning that whenever they want the money off you, that you tend to give it just to enjoy some moments of peace and sense of well being. I mean don’t get the wrong idea I am not going to end up in a place where a British Government Royal Office means my primary sense of duty is to Africans and not Europeans for instance even though I think it is the parts of the world that need charity the most that ought to get the help but it should be seen that it is fundamentally the way that fund raisers behave as a whole and then it is finished off with communities of wealthy people that they are who do nothing but party as loutishly as possible to ensure you can never reason with them at any stage or rate and the excuse for that which usually shows the level of manipulation is that they need to ensure that those who give money give it away and do not return to ask for it. Normally the reality however I should reiterate is that sales people are normally nice; they like to invent very nice things they can do or say, so that you may feel the pain about a problem but they will leave you alright at the end and that is referring to proper sales people and not the group of idiots we have to deal with that had gotten completely out of control due to the Leadership of the Labour party where they are told to go out there and live in a Country where they can be whatever they want – it was bad enough as it were when we had to deal with their violence concerning a process where they take permission from those whose existence benefits them just so they can make use of it, creating that social situation where they have already covered their tracks on the bad things they will be able to do to such people in order to get rich and famous – hence the elderly are particularly vulnerable to such things and I feel the government should crack down on it too, never mind the Industry morons that like to take up all our time to orchestrate some wealth inequality story while creating their own poor and rich differences who cannot keep their hands off other people’s property at market. It’s the old story of progressing with the issue of stopping others from sharing my Royal Estate and job as well so I can keep the fans and customers to earn a living, its far beyond the fact they are violent and develops into such realities in the case of silly Royalty in Europe as name calling and abuses behind my back because they know that is what they are, always better expressed by the financial vandalism of their fashion idiots that never stops until they have to deal with what their own Achilles heel is and we all know what it means too and same with Politicians, they are the ones that deploy public funds to wreck my finances because it is important for them and their silly celebrities to stand up in public gaining from my work and making a public statement of it in a way that makes mw worse off i.e. when there is that dialogue with evil about what they do it for the outcome is always that I am vulnerable and so it all gets simulated for so long and makes me a target for long enough for people to start to believe that money and fame is linked with afflicting me because the evils want to do so and are trying their hands on it constantly; so adjustments and readjustments and moving them on and out will not do, I need to ensure people do not use it as well and do so absolutely too especially for Africans, white society idiots more so those of them that want to take part in my personal life and want to get it by privileges of injustice as well and black people.

I understand they say I need to find a way to pacify their Politicians or there will be trouble ahead and I have no idea what trouble they can make anyway – it’s the old story with the lower classes thinking they have been through hard times, have a need to murder others and grab peoples possessions rather than work for their own and ultimately think they are really tough until the fight starts and they realise they are not as tough as they fight thought they were and somebody will be accused of human rights breaches and so on. On this occasion it’s just reality that I don’t want them being me anymore and it will blow up on their faces when it continues to get more violent this need they have to be me, this need they have to exasperate me and build up my temperaments somewhere they claim it as their own to ensure I am sharing my life with them, so they can feel safe and secure from problems which they think has become a government Policy state of affairs as well, so this talk of pacifying them will blow up in their faces the next time they raise it and I would like it if they cleared my space as it were.

As for the story of sleeping with peoples wives all be it partially; it’s an old case as nobody tells them to wreck other peoples academic work and finances to force sex on others because they have a need for it as it were – after all sleeping with peoples wives is something that just passes too thereof and there shall have been no consequences for it all, for they have always gotten away with using it to blast their way into people’s lives and suckle them thereof as it were, hence they will show that disrespect for other people’s rights until they complain about their own too. It’s that old story of what indeed says that it is not right to put a bullet in the head of those who do these kinds of things claiming they are on the left being superior to women and attacking me on claims that because I have refused to let them use the peace my Christianity has afforded me to devise a new decadence I must be punished for damaging things that mothers go through hell to provide – there isn’t a thing in the world that says murdering them is wrong and I cannot mention enough times they need to keep off my income, do their modern world and freedom somewhere else and most of all not threaten me as it were – know their bloody limits and I believe I have been clear if I see that stupid culture I will cut it up again, like way ahead of my time and being trapped somewhere to be used like an item and made to give up that time to somebody else who needs it better – it’s like they are evil and it is getting deathly violent and you have no wish to kill them because they are so worthy to live with a big mouth. We live in a society where we don’t class people are stupid who need to be avoided if you have something to attend to about which you must be successful but it does not mean they can keep threatening and persecuting me as well – as it stands it’s the semantics i.e. what can they do with a coward who can only fight with weapons to create him problems and what I can do with idiots who can handle themselves to create them problems of that sort too – so they are leaning further and further to the right to handle me, the world has changed for them unrecognisably but they are still making noise about how a need to use me to create a new decadence considering they have discarded the old ones and need the latest will pay off and I have mentioned that will cause me to change the west as they know for them all together and I know exactly what I will change it for too. These are evil, evil, evil people – they were stupid before and now they are evil too – any society could do with their absence and threatening me does not help their case either.

They do mention I am rude and regularly interrupt people when they are enjoying their few minutes of fame on media and I always make a blog out of it to ensure the interruption is fairly permanent too, but that is largely a matter of how I must protect myself from every ugly community croon with a need to find some young man to trap so she can be free of the dreariness of home and become famous, they however think such things exist to see to it that when they steal your career to make a thousand or two with their media jobs they can unleash those women and ensure you never catch on and prevent them from doing it, so I like to make the record and ensure it become a subject matter each time they are having their few minutes of fame because they have turned to another supposition that nothing will happen no matter the lengths they go to ensure the consequences of their behaviour are recycled and left on my doorstep; so talking does not make good writing career but I have to punish the Men as it were, I don’t consider the distractively destructive media that has already cost me my academic work to be part of my job but it turns up here all the time because they enjoy taking up 90% of my time with left over trivia they have created with their media jobs, on account it will make them look civilised should they claim I interrupt others. I mean if I wanted to deploy other peoples public life to my own ends every day, in order to ensure their pursuit of me and my vandalism does not pay off each time I do, what do I defend myself with, trivia from my stupid life that I am actually trying to protect myself and my family from? Its losses all round for me as it were so they can deploy my work for their own purposes as it were and as for telling me where I am supposed to be – it’s a matter of National television and no occasion in which they do will ever resolve itself and they know it too. I suppose it does not look that way apparently but I really hate the media, it is not a part of my career; but it does not mean I like to deal with ending up in Court with people over some scandal or libel or another as such, I prefer the one where they look like little Kings and Queens whenever they have to eat their humble pie and ask somebody to tell them stories about what happened so they can make a living – it’s like the violence that has resulted from a process where their anus and penis and tummy hurts each time they turn up here to feel popular because they cannot leave people alone as it were – so does it mean they don’t know what they are doing on account they have offered their own version of an explanation, does it mean their explanations make sense? They have become rather obsessed with this game of seeing how much and how irrecoverably they can offend me and how I will recover from the irrecoverable – it has become a freak show, when they threaten me as well it goes too far and that their promiscuity really wants to get somebody to explore what it is in the whole world that they can do as it were. I mean I know I need to dress myself in expensive suits so when I shake hands with them and tell them to keep off me it will make sense but imagine if I did it in a different way, how expansive that would be – for it is still the old question of whether it is actually the case that they don’t know what they are doing as it were. I don’t like people pretending to be the arch prince as well especially pretending in part and I have left the financial and academic damage as evidence of what can happen too, so there is no way they can spin it any further. I understand I used to say black people cannot do anything to me but it is clear they get the better of me all the time – its utter nonsense; they don’t, these are idiots with cultures that damage people’s lives and property just by getting involved and when they do to help other idiots to cash into the publicity being that they have done it to such a widespread state, it helps their other fools to get rich and therefore means it is an evil that has the power to make people rich or make people poor if not respected but it is the threats they issue as if people will miss them – I have had enough; they always say its civil rights but that depends on what they mean – I know it’s all idiots who have sisters they dominate and therefore know women are inferior thinking they can get on the left and finger my bum to extract my temperaments to rebuild any decadence they have lost messing up my career and of course they can sweet talk all the Politicians in the world and get jobs at the US NSA for it as well, it will end very well as long as it continues it show up here and make its mark on that stupid media to that effect, it is still a matter of prime importance to me to ensure men do not get their sense of security from my personal life by the way kind of had enough.

So I understand it is said my position is insecure which makes no sense whatsoever – what people normally refer to when they say so is whether I am well looked after and the answer to that is yes and by everybody, leaving as such answers to be supplied on the case of why I got off to fight and put it all at risk but it’s the same old story too about the fact I should be left alone and people not pretend to be me as a fundamental way of existing – in their minds they are celebrities and need to have security the way I have it as well but the disruption is unimaginable and they end up being the same to chase my anus and penis all the time too because I look and feel sub human who has a problem knowing where he is in life as such, their involvement leads therefore to unimaginable disruption as a result while they feel being celebrity justifies it and the men tell me that when people deploy Prince’s trust to help more and more of them to money for their activities I am being aided is an evidence I am better off a friend of politicians and media idiots because they simply will not accept they need to leave me alone and stop getting involved – so I got off to fight because it is still important to ensure men do not get safety and security from me and yes they do say they had those before I came along too which is quite true because until I came along there was nobody yet to chase up and ruin and sit down on media mocking on claims concerning how he reacts to make them feel good while they complain of unfair treatment from governments etc. My position is very secure, the media simply is not a part of my career and the question for them to answer is why I cannot be detached from it but they always say it was a matter of teaching me a lesson whereas in reality these are people who want to gain power to create recessions whenever they wanted because they saw the hopes and fears of the rich being displayed in the last one and so if I am unable to hate them my Office and even the Country as a whole will not have a future; if seen in much simpler ways, it is obvious this is not where they live and they do not treat their friends and families in such ways. I need to ensure they stop using my job and my position and stop pretending to be because it makes them feel good; it does not matter how I am distributing my Books, no part of it is any of their business. They like to speak of how my activities are actually things that should be done by women because they think themselves to be part of an empire with boundless powers these men of freedom and democracy as they like to see themselves with their stupid media all the time; so that when you consider popular culture for instance, the part that gets you deceived has to be the one where those who have it flaunt it and those who don’t will do whatever they can do, the reality is that they are specifically violent and like to target my Royal Estate and possessions with destruction, then make up their explanations and I need to destroy theirs and make one up for it as well, otherwise it is really difficult to locate how ordinary people will have any future while they have their wealth equality and its much the same with every fat bitch that likes to think they were trapped by men and actually should have been stars and so on.  I understand they say my reasons for hating the media is irrational just like my feelings are easily pricked but that is not true, it’s more like celebrities in the US lying all the time in my direction because they cannot be bothered to be forthwith on the matter of how many big men that can beat people up to grab wealth for others I am stealing from them and I have had enough of their vandalism around here and need to destroy their own too. The reality is that if these guys see a recession they want more because it exposes fears of the rich but what if they have several recessions and another has to provide leadership in a public Office? For them it means that what it does to such a person indicates social and even wealth equality; so they are always the first ones to show that there really isn’t enough time in a lifetime to play big brother very violently with others and for me what they are complaining about at the moment concerns telling me time and time again until they started drawing crowds in my direction, to bring my life and lay it at their feet so that they can be where they need to be, so what they will be complaining about next needs to be the part where I can never ever feel good due to their obsession with deploying violence on me at media. So it’s the old story of being screwed either way because if I don’t deploy my Christianity fighting evil place so others can take a position between me and such evil persons to become rich and powerful with media, then I will get into trouble anyway because I am not violent – so there are many reasons to hate the media and all of them do make sense as it were, starting with which ones they are presenting anyway to measure their big mouth against their actual strengths.

It is said I have trouble handling fans but that is never true; 7 years ago I was at University and an international game of somebody else graduating before me for every single year I spend there, to put themselves towards grabbing my career plus various other forms of bullying eventually led to a drop out, which was meant to be temporary by the way as well, save half of them outside are the idiots and the other half are the employers that will give me a day job in their own time as it were – so now they have bred their stupid girls and unleashed them on every aspect of my living, none of which I want anything to do with – it will never ever work of course since the primary prognosis of all I do is that men are always certain to give these stupid destructive women who are because it is the best option to do bad things and stay out of the clutches of the law, money and sex and both will then conspire to think they can do whatever they like with other and hence my world is built around my Court systems as such. Much the same with my unawareness of black people supporting the SNP which is much the same story of stepping out of my house to feel I have boundless confidence and can put my finger tips on anything around me in a society where I have to feel it belongs to me too and then I will make money with it and have sex too; so I cannot do it and they need to get off lest we have to deal with another complain concerning the fact I can never ever feel good on account that they exist. I don’t have trouble handling fans as such, these are not fans, just really twisted people with a sense that their feelings determine how other peoples world works, the most recent issue being that when I set up my social media DJs control it looking for trouble, just like when those who have it flaunt it and those who don’t lay popular culture pipelines right across my Royal Estate and set about blaming me for it too. The reality has always been that of some very destructive people whose idea about what to do to make money really does not add up at the bottom line armed with civil rights and a plan to get away with every wickedness they come up with using media and of course the main problem is that they cannot stop making up lies and excuses to get involved, handle me as a person, when black play the part of my mothers or fathers and so on looking for trouble all the time and so there is nothing unusual about what I have done to them as well – I did not steal anything from the history of their stupid lives and they have not paid to my heart’s content for the destruction they have done here yet especially the Africans.

I hear of a story of how homophobic I really am of which if I am not, the facts have not been cleared up by me either as well – it’s an old case of the fact being a Christian does not make me homophobic i.e. if I put a gun on their heads and tell them not to be homosexual, what am I going to do thereafter, take them home and pay their bills? The Bible can be a fabrication for some people obviously hence they make it up as they go along. They all do it, even the US President – the part where people have a way of riling you and never ever listen to reason while they are having so much fun from doing it i.e. they are so stupid that they never care about others but even so are unable to care about themselves enough to make the money, so that after targeting you because they are money lovers and not lovers of their fellow human being they start all over again when you try and make a living and tend to behave as though everything they say is actually fact because they say it on media and I have no idea why people like to think that because they are homosexuals or fans of such behaviour they should find it impossible to stop doing things to me I have expressly informed them distresses me and needs to be stopped but clearly of which they do make something of the consequences all be it to tell more lies. In the case of the US President, he runs himself the filthiest elections in US history, gets the community croons to target me and get me ready, then get into office to legalise homosexuality in US Military and turn out to get on my case all the time – so that when I had decided his idiots will have no rest for need of sex with me which they will have thereof in this life or the next and the goons get in touch with him to help them have sex with me, after all that time wasting where dropping out of University due to depression meant being treated and recovering has to take years until it sets in again at a worse degree because Mr Obama is doing elections, he is not helping them to have sex with me anymore and for the sake of people who are friends and allies I simply have to point out he will likely play these games until the creeps and the blood run the White House for him before it gets any serious. They say it all the time; we were fine with seeking easy living on the left, along with getting around the corridors of International community and clubbing and partying nonstop thereof until you damaged it and now you will suffer like the pain of a mother by which such things come by – so it’s a matter of the fact black boys and black men still fail to understand how little I will tolerate their superiority to women if they table it at me too as it were, never mind the girls as well a combination of which there simply isn’t a thing they do in my direction that is not vile in every way before we hear them complain thereafter and its always a matter of their nastiness which can then be used to determine who gets famous and who doesn’t when nobody is actually asking them and then they will ruin your entire life over trivia and can even get on to inform you they found it amusing too; so that as it stands it seems that people just get off and become homophobic as such which is therefore the reason that I am. Besides which the warning were very clear they need to keep off my Book sales no matter what their needs are but they refused to comply and now I have to deal with organised criminals making statements about how I never had the support of the public hence the reason I am not selling my Books on one hand, while on the other deal with their liberal theft and a process where people gather thousands of crowds and set them on a course to seek a civil rights that is about having the same person life as me and eating the same things as me and sleeping with the same people I do and sleeping like I do at night and so on – so I find it difficult to locate what they are really complaining about, to locate what it is exactly they were unable to foresee on this matter, nothing about it of which is new civil liberal people are always ever the victims while their civil and criminal disobedience is legendary, such that they want to get you to kill somebody and end up in prison first before it appears they speak the same language you do and can understand what you are saying to them.

I mean how do you walk up to other people, the men and boys and girls and croons, and tell them of a quick plan you have to replace all respect for them as persons and the effects their achievements have on them with a process of exasperating them to build up an atmosphere of their temperaments which can be used to get things done for others as a decadence that you intend to own, how do you press them for it every day on media for a decade and a half and get Politicians to aid you everyday all through that time – what does it mean, what are those you have chosen with your big mouth meant to do about you, cease to exist? As ever, I clearly deserve these things considering they do not care about anybody or anything, they like to say it is because they are busy with what is more important aka money but then are still so stupid they cannot make any unless they are working for somebody and have since gotten into this behaviour of succeeding only when they see me fail claiming I use my own to do it and hence brought it on myself.