I understand it is said I am the devil; I wouldn’t know, I know I am not the devil but that people suffer a lot on account of me which is akin to what the devil does but these fools are my bosses you see because they have such blame cultures in their society as can recycle the problems that comes with that to ensure that it is actually true in their piffling minds the more they suffer for it – then there is the result of that story which is their disobedience that means they cannot stop hurting me and I cannot stop hurting them for it as well, so all together it’s pretty much devil stuff, it does not mean that I am but then again as far as they are concerned they are busy getting points of respect for the devil on people’s minds at my expense and that is why they do it and the bloody clowns hope that I might be fatigued. The story of being bullied is a regular one, I know its bullying but if people have the energy for that after their regular jobs then its good luck to them, however it’s the Politicians that ensure you have to worry about your footprint in the world on their account so they can get the needed pleasure from it and they will never accept that is what it is because they are busy telling lies around wealth distribution to cover for it which they are covering very well even though it does not do them any good because of what I have been up to as well. In the end the men will talk about problems all the time and the women will talk about feminism but that is what it is; they are all bullies and all you need to do is pay attention to your friends and then you don’t have to worry about how others live but for me, it’s not before I finish with the Politicians as it were. They speak of a National embarrassment that needs to clear their perspective of course but continue with the distant insults, so I am still here and they can come and get it when they feel they want to as well. The story is that there is a way they are supposed to dominate the general public to get rich and I have refused to make myself a tool in their domination and will be punished for it; so the punishment is therefore interpreted especially for the European ones with a big mouth in terms of whether they spend my work on their stupidities because I am their Father who has to provide for them or wish to punish anything around here because they are mine – so they can come and get their perspective if they think they have the fucking guts for it. It’s the same story about making a mess and setting it out as a separate thing from their Politics and calling people to join them as a separation from it then informing them it is a dealing that is supposed to end up in my life and that is because I have cleaned up everything they tossed at me, so that are such a collection of trouble makers they create new ones and get on media to talk nonsense when they make fools errands for them as well, claiming they are the boss which also means they will have to catch me then if they can. It’s not a question of being a nimble fighter, it’s a question of not clearing the mess Politicians toss at you and push into your personal life because you can but because you are being told to by those who have mandate from the public, so each time they make work for me they will be busy with so much nonsense that stupid career will be history as well and I cannot seem to do enough of it too.

It is not true I am being used and abused, it’s the same old story – celebrities abuse their local people abuse and so on, it can be ignored because we do not live the same lives or operate in the same class of society but they have a knack for handling my books to get my attention and for being me because they don’t like being themselves with it; so you simply have to decide at some point that some idiots statement on media or some fools popular culture music or some goons bigot opinion is not going to affect your book sales any further – they have their own lives and they had better been talking about that instead, I am sure they know that is what I am after. I am not trying to impress anybody and do not need to in any case either i.e. we do not want you to clear up the mess that we push into your personal life and thereby look like the guy that cleans up after society as such because you can, we want you to do it because those who have the power and mandate from the public want you to and made you to with a big mouth and I cannot ever be allowed to forget about the Royal Estate and Royal Office and spend time on my Books and Company to earn a living at any point or any rate because people want to make their own as well and this was where they lived thereof, so it gets personal really easily when they start to yap off power they don’t have as it were. I don’t think it is a problem; they know what my capability is when people deploy my royal estate to build customer service for products – the stock market ones used to think they deal in fast money but have now worked out it does not actually work, so I only need to know if it is possible to forget about the Royal Office and just sell my books otherwise any fool who thinks I need to clear his perspective can turn up here and make me. They say I am hated because I suck up to extremists but of course the reality is that apart from the issue of trapping white people who don’t want to be racists in racism white women and none white women all want to be rich, famous and free of work on their way there by getting a bigger man to beat up a smaller man and collect a career for them, so people have nothing to worry about if they don’t make work for me and if they do they will attend mine as well and I will ensure they do not like it.

The story of how much I have suffered is utter nonsense, I am just working enough to teach these idiots a lesson; I mean their mothers will cling to me that violently every single second because they decide who gets to have sex and when? What does it mean? Now they are replacing me at industry as well especially the Americans with a big mouth especially when black and I want to make an example of their case for my part as well – there is always the easier option where they leave me alone, it’s not like we are mates anyway. We hear this talk because they never give it rest and it is much the same where I do what I do because I want to do it and there is another me on media showing that I do it because no matter how tired I get I will be pushed by society men into doing things that make their hearts feel good and yet these are idiots that are seen complaining all the time about being treated like sub human – we are here because it is about sex and I for my part never actually knew in any case that getting yourself all socially corrupted and sleeping around with strange women, even having babies by some idiot that will have you for the rest of your life either way was something people were forced into – it seems I cannot be so my life will be flushed down the toilet so that they can have the benefits of these things having happened anyway like I am some sort of item. This is not the 80s or the 90s and I am not giving back that stupid civil rights, they have to come round here to get it because of course they do not teach these things at Church and the Monarchy has no business with Politics either as it were; they have to come round here and tell me which part of the Monarchy which concerns me indicates I am an idiot taken into government affairs to make problems for others and show exactly how clever they are with those obsession to be seen around Politics and seen using it to attack people every single moment of their stupid ugly black women lives where those who have alternative opinions about things are racist all the time with a big mouth. That civil rights is staying here as we are not mates and it will be used to pay for every single anus and penis insults that have occurred around here as it were – easier option was always to leave me alone as it were and if we run out civil rights I am going to fucking kill them should it continue thereof.

There is talk of English votes for English laws these days which will never make sense and yet if I say such things are utter nonsense and Politicians need to explain it to the public the way it works and stop pretending others are responsible for the things the public thinks and how they might react to some English votes for English Laws nonsense, then the story will revert to one about how I want us all to live in perfect peace and harmony that is gay; the truth however being that if somebody has to travel hundreds of Miles to Westminster and another person walks 30 minutes to it, then when we speak of devolution there is no such thing is England. Technically the position of the other regions is first of all so small in parliament and because of that their role on any English Laws are primarily persuasive – so the question lingers as to why the other regions will want to deploy a persuasive disposition to secure a sabotage of laws that benefit England, a perfect example of the fantasies by which these fools think others need to be led by their insults. I have never had a problem with it for my part either, it’s the same kind of issue that has led us to where we are today; the government pays us benefits to support us when we are unemployed because it is investing in the local economy knowing all you really do with the money is shop for your needs and stimulate local growth and employment but the Labour Party will turn it into a tool for categorising and controlling a certain people that can be made to help out with their career of perpetual block heads, so that when the Tories got involved they became more interested in making sure that as many people paying higher taxes as possible are aware they are supporting the unemployed, so while that increases the number of people that confront you when you are on benefits the government also cuts the benefits; these are of course the unimportant bits, the important bits are that I don’t want to earn benefits, so it is the Labour Party one that I will rip up, while the Tories can now go on to talk much nonsense about English votes for English Laws because Europe is not hurting badly enough yet as it were – same old case of I want to use your piece of the Country to get rich violent career piracy thing; about which they need to get out of it and get over themselves, I for my part personally will settle up on whether or not they have secured their pensions and have so little respect for me and the time and money I spend on training to get me skilled enough to secure mine and then the number of troubles they cause me will be matched by the number of twisted evil people ending up in their companies and taking it over. People do say I never wish to pay attention to the fact it is a form of racism but it’s much the same too; it happened to me not them and I am very well aware of both the devises of the devil and what their version of villainy looks like – it is racism alright the one that checks if none whites are settling into the Country and is usually brought about by the provocation caused by one of them trying to be too important for his own good; in my case it was black people that pushed them for years into my writing career so they can locate somebody that was being too successful for his good for it, playing Politics – now things have changed and other smaller parties are taking root, I have been doing things about the economy as well where the lack of respect for my patents and income margins leads to market securitisation so communist economies can become wealthier than democratic ones, the outcome will of course be the rise in power of Unions and then they can save up their retirement and show up with expensive cars on the roads to bully me and continue to ruin my business and training and employment prospects to find out what will become of it. I am only saying these lazy idiots need to get off peoples case as there is no need for any English votes for English Laws and those inequality and justice faggots will eventually soon find themselves in a place where they have no monopoly of the ideals of the poor man’s politics and then stupid girls will stubbornly play games with me I find hurtful anytime I have an opinion they don’t like to an ending that is fucking comfortable as it were; those like to think they get to determine who has sex and when they do have sex too and that they can get involved with absolutely anybody that happens to share a skin colour with them and more so when they do they can get involved with them at any capacity as well with a big mouth not hurting badly enough yet as it were; they tell me I am never satisfied with what I have and therefore think it’s somebody else’s problem, no plans to move on and take their insults with them as well no profitable nepotism around here as it were, like the story of determining who has sex and when they always get their way and that is being put to the test too. The way it works is I sell books and become famous for that and people who want to sell books learn from those who have obvious success at doing so, not people killing off my books to plug popular nonsense into my market and Public office to get rich and famous and I have not built a public life on the matter so far yet as it were – it’s a would you could you question and those who do it do because they have the fucking guts for it and it will end very well too. So its new civil rights done, nice to have done it over the English votes for English Laws thing can’t get any better than that.

Now we hear they want to talk about extremism and are pointing fingers at me yet again, it makes sense of course since radicalisation has never been the same thing as extremism; we all know it’s not people getting radicalised that is the issue but people being violent with it that is the issue. So what we have with ISIS for instance is a process where half of them are very twisted and evil people beyond your imagination who are nice when they are tying normal people up somewhere and abusing them until they become possessed with demons and tell people fortune so idiots like that can become merchants and traders and they are the ones that advice those who do the religious dedication on whom to kill all the time – these fools back here at home are never interested in the reality of this mix of what really makes up an Islamic terrorist group, what they want to do is detach the dedicated Muslims that kill people from the evil ones that trap and destroy people spiritually to get rich and then end terrorism by being friends with those and that is why it is a war that will never stop for instance; I speak of it because they have started pointing fingers at me again, making noise about being done with Islamic radicalisation and returning to cleanse me of my Christianity and how it is a matter of me one of the most stubborn of them all being made an example of which is a big mouth we have had to deal with in the past already the one that didn’t end well and I have therefore been made an example of on media for the last decade and a half by their various stupidities from their multicultural society where they claim it is profitable to abuse a pastor and so on; this matter has never really been a problem for me as such, I mean I am really good at whipping them without getting whipped by them because it is my property and nobody can whip me for anything I do with it save black women playing the role of my mother’s looking for some as well as it were but they have started pointing fingers again and yet they would accuse me still of making out I am the innocent party which I never did – for the one that got them all pissed off at this stage is the bit about freedom from Law and religion which they cannot have unless they are fucking with me and so on and I had made them understand earlier that what will ensure I do not have financial problems, so as to need money until my relationship with it is dysfunctional and therefore evil as a result of their power and the destruction of my finances to create a sense their possessions matter is the things I will do next with that stupid popular culture and that stupid money they have made at my expense when I do get hold of that stupid media at a point where I am able to handle it properly and break it permanently as it were – as for the part about being the innocent party in its own right, freedom from Law and religion concerns my personal life and income alright with their big mouth but he who wants religion from the life of an Arch Prince has the money to buy it as it were and he who wants law from the life of a law student ought to follow the same and buy it not turn up to talk nonsense about how it is my duty to create for them a country where those two things do not exist in order to ensure their stupid lives do not get complicated – even as I speak it would have again meant that I have been chased up into that corner where I play big spender and they get rich as a result; if a child behaved in such ways people would be arrested for committing violence against children all over the place, so they can do it if they are grown up as it were, it is not a conversation – the bit about grabbing those media and fame and fortune and stupid industries to do my religion with was the bit they have been angry about all day long, they point fingers at me when talking about radicalisation because they are taking it to the next level as it were. I give it another 24 hours, year date 20/4/2015 and I will have to put up with their comments or behaviour which affects my book sales yet again and it will end this well as it were, as nobody knows why they cannot make their songs or sing their music CDs or get rich and famous and decadent without my personal life talking nonsense about the situation and how something needs to give; these fools assume all the time that people like them when people don’t – I mean in my case the prognosis of criminal behaviour is always people taking advantage of women and those in positions of authority; these idiots want the attention and they do nothing but get on your TV and put a name to their faces to recruit young idiots who talk nonsense as much as they do to get all over the place being menaces and trolls so they can keep jobs and news anchors and talk show idiots but this is the last time a process of behaviour or talking which affects my books is tolerated; I mean it did wind them up when they knew I can grab it and use it to do my religion as well and then they will lose to stupid jobs on my account and stop pretending they want to confiscate a person’s royal office around here all day long but now they want to talk radicalisation by pointing fingers at me as if nobody really knows what it means when they say they hate Law enforcement despite killing off their popular culture influence and access to class A drugs industries and so on; the only reason what they say needs to be credible is clearly because they say it on media and I have had enough of it as well for my part, turning me into Mr spender is a strong over the weak nonsense they have never won in their stupid lives and will cause them a lot more pain than they are suffering presently. I have never thought it a crisis even though it is the problem; the story of the fear and the gangs they are and the threats are a factor of people messing up my livelihood so I can get off to beat down that stupid body until they feel they want to become racist and so on, now I have been held down by their Politicians do they can do the same to me on media simply for running my own business that they wish to make into their own; so I give it 24 hours from this date and if I have to lift any more nonsense of this type, there will be a new war on this matter at the end of which I will find out exactly how they are doing my stuff and there will be no more enemies of morals hear say showing off its stupid muscles in my face all the time around my Company to get rich and famous.