There is this story of me provoking Politicians by being me which they find insulting because it suggests I am more important than they are but at the end of the day, I need conservatives and the reasons for it is that whilst matters of International relations and this problem of Countries that are bigger than the UK being respected is sorted out, which it needs to be because they want it so much and needs to be on the basis of which big Countries can help us manage our small one while we discard the ones that cannot help us with that, it is important to have people whose business and financial interests are fundamentally founded on things remaining as they are which is where the Tories matter – they like to think they will jump over me because of it and that will never happen. As it stands they are all suffering for damaging my academic work and finances to force me into trying to sell a product from which I need to raise funds to stave off homelessness in order to exist and are convinced as such that all the damage they have done so far will not be punished – so there is the fundamental idea going on that they believe I do not think the black people that fancy white idiots and suffer racism for it deserve everything they get, so they are convinced they can take any chances with me and waste my years to build up a sense of later superiority without serious consequences. So for the Politicians I have had enough of the insults and for the rest especially the media the big idea is always that if I get stabbed by them and stab them as well I am still worse off because I am Royalty and they are not and this is not how it will work out – I will pull out the stops and make sure they lose if I have to do it. The bottom line is that I have a certain liking for my work by the general public and every Political and media fool needs to stay away from it in order to avoid trouble as a certain fraction of that will buy books from me to help me make a living – if their stupidities pay off actually I will change the western world for them as they know permanently as well – I am not going to allow 15 years of my time to be wasted so they can play these stupid market games without consequential outcomes. People get involved with an Author if they like his books and want a copy otherwise they need to be informed about how others get to deal with a process where they are reduced to animals as well. They say I never mention or talk about it which is why they feel they can do as much of it as they like for any length of time that they wish – but I do not feel I have to when they are currently complaining about their cultures and societies and I am in no mood to hand it back considering they have not yet fixed the finances what tax payer funds and treasury money avails them to do with their foolishness on other people’s property as it were; I do not think it makes them nervous, the insults and abuses do not suggest it does neither does the need to handle my earnings – as they say, I think they fucking love it. It is nothing new of course as such; it’s the same old story of the fact it is rather impossible to say one thing to a single group of people over 15 years without consequences – I have my friends and allies and others at government office and any alternative communities inventing work and oppression for me want a good lesson on wealth inequality as well, it’s as I have mentioned before i.e. when their insolent women speak of how I need gender reassignment. They do say it has taken all I had of course which is utter rubbish too – it was just a bit of work making sure pornography is beyond their reach and so is popular culture and celebrity culture before educating them on the importance of anal sex, it does not make them nervous, it’s as they say, they fucking love it and I if they want a piece of advice think they need get off my Books and clear my space. They do say they will return to the pornography Industry and get them to handle me in the same way and it is utter rubbish too – I mean I have complained for years they need to clear my space and get off my Book sales so Pornographers don’t turn up to beg me to keep going which they will not comply with in hell and now they think they will turn to pornographers as well; all I want is a bit of normalcy, where they get off my Book sales and clear my space; it’s like when they say they will turn my statements on me and teach me a lesson on wealth inequality and it makes me wonder if they are to do that using my Community at Industry anyway and what it is that makes them think that people are going to go along with it. We are talking about it because they like to threaten me and if they don’t do that I wouldn’t mind – the reality is that they are haters of my work and like to get connected to that effect, it does not mean that it belongs to them, it’s just a criminal form of disobedience without which they have no energy and thereby constitutes a problem that really needs solving too. Fundamentally it has never been a serious issue – simple case of watching telly and when you come across them and their shenanigans your power remote turns to something else you want to watch except they know where my Books are and the threats and community abuses are there to ensure I respond to it no matter what taking up my time and causing insecurity for everybody else. So on this occasion it was as simple as haters of what I do getting connected while Industries juggle between me and them and then they handle my Books and issue threats – so they need to know if I have to do it I will make sure they lose when I do.

So the part that is clearly difficult to understand is that I have used cutting people off from popular culture and celebrity culture and pornography as a way of expressing how powerful and connected and wealthy I really am and how they cannot get connected with my people or associates or indeed confiscate a Royal Estate around here – its only that old issue of them knowing where my Books are and turning up on media to issue threats with their filth because they do; first there is that process of saying I am not going to think about the intrusion right up to bed chamber story and then it will continue intensely and violently to a stage where you say alright I need to ensure every time they get involved they complain about wealth inequality because I have the connections to make that possible and I will lose it if I did nothing and then it comes to these threats bit immediately after and all the while the reasons for it is that there is a product they are selling somewhere at the expense of my health and well being and there are Industry idiots using it to dig money from my Company and this is what I mean the threats the issue and how I will make sure they lose if I have to do it.

The problem itself had long been settled – it’s just that there isn’t a day that goes by I don’t have to talk about these fools and their own Communities whenever I do anything and get somewhere to wait for mine to catch up which has nothing to do with them; so we are getting to a point where every cheap popular nonsense plugged into anything to do with me will be followed by reprisals from female journalists at Court as well. So they do say I talk about working and I talk about having a job and that it is my nemesis but it isn’t; this is what I do for a living – the issues always begin when a single person gets £4,500 PA in Housing benefits and a Banker gets a Million in bonuses alone and he needs to show how important he is by making sure the general population co-operates with his needs or else machines will be made to replace peoples skills and jobs and they will go round and round in employment training cycles for the rest of their lives, so in my case they cannot replace mine and it has become something really personal and personal indeed it will get too. Especially when they have started this story of every fool that wants to get rich and connected with them needs to do so ripping up my books sales and getting on my public work and personal space with media. I never asked them, all I needed to do was ensure my CV ends up on their desk and if I don’t get a job it was always good enough – if they don’t employ me it was always their loss, they need to handle their own aptitudes when getting things done. We first time we got involved with each other and their wickedness was expressed it ended with the outcome we have today where the neighbourhoods cannot be allowed to exist unless they do the way I want, now they have taken it up at Industry as well hounding me; it’s the great old story of telling somebody not to handle your Books for a thousand times and in two seconds he will do it again making sure you are fighting something and he is using you with a position on media which of course is all made up but makes sense if he is able to destroy your finances and tell people otherwise happened – incentive being it’s the only thing they talk about, me and my private body parts and the things I will be tortured into giving up building themselves up to a point where they are fundamental threat to me and I am never allowed by them to feel good, so they have taken it up to Industry as well and we will find out how that ends too. We hear their opinions all the time especially the ones that say my Books are not befitting of my position and a level of intellect expected which is not true as they can buy their own or tell lies instead, it is not supposed to bother me. As for the story of whether I can handle voices of dissent at government level, it is an old case as such; that when it comes to settling which Country we have deep relations with, its fundamentally a case of if those governments can help us run our local affairs like the US for instance and those that cannot will not be close allies of ours – countries have relations and the reasons for it are never really much less than this. So that it is the vices of dissent that need to handle people’s possessions and are always in a perpetual state of seeking change, so there have always been voices of dissent and I will not have made an exceptional occasion. They say all I do with my time is basically get around finding out how the lower classes live so I might use it against them and it is utter nonsense as well of course since the truth instead is rather that the problems would not have existed all without the Priest that is homeless and his blessed spilled for all who will not therefore pay for it or go along with Christian rules kind of perverted access to me that they have got and like to complain thereof about the consequences such as what happens to their societies and communities; it’s the games they play with peoples finances and academic work claiming I for instance deserve it because City centre people are playing hide and seek with me and they are torturing my secretes out of me which they have the right to because they don’t deserve the hand that has been dealt them whereas we know they are pure evil and it is official they are incredibly stupid as well but the real issue is that when done with these games do nothing about the mobility that extremists have gained from it because I am the clever one, so they need to be made to see and appreciate just how clever – this is just where it got to me i.e. I am the clever one and need to do something about the extremists and racists getting mobility from their activities otherwise I will get into even more trouble, there are other nonsense they come up with to take up peoples time such as how this is evidence of their power and why people should comply with their needs and then the one that concerns me being that they are witchdoctors from another culture and I am the top one in the UK.

They do say my reputation is getting worse and worse with the Monarchy but the reality is always rather that they are going to do nothing but what they are doing at the moment; media and celebrity and all, for the rest of their lives if I allowed them to – whole societies and a cooing and a booing and the abuses and the babying telling me to feed them – when I feed them the Christianity it gets violent because they think they are more deserving to live than others are; I mean I have one at home too and it’s my good old evil mother and they have no idea anyway, so I am sure they understand what I meant when all those things I said indicated I don’t care if they existed. It’s nothing unusual just the result of parents forming pack mentality with their Children to set me out and target me, claiming it is how they win the day and bring home the bacon – so it starts with fight that I am going to win obviously as their poverty shows they are idiots and it runs in the various families too and then they will get their children involved and then the Politicians too and try to pretend they are going to flush my life down the toilet on Media as well – absolutely no respect whatsoever and yes they speak of society and communities and cultures and they will never get those back until my finances have been restored by them so they can be free of me and I free of them as well – its victimless as far as I am concerned too. The part the media and the politicians play in this is to ensure these fools see my personal life and possessions as some addiction they need to top up every day and they are now in that position while I am in one where I do not find myself very happy or pleased about it, so I cannot make out what the complains is hoped to achieve when the way out is ever so simple. The part where I handle other peoples businesses as well is ever so popular but I provided the participation property equities because they were based on an asset and exclusively meant for the deployment of those who brokered with me and not available to everybody – it is something I could have done for free and still had time for my academic work if its nature is to be considered in the extreme but I have neither been able to earn a living from it or do my academic work and settle up a job because people like to play games and get involved so they can avail themselves to my anus and penis and so on – the advantage of them is that they can make use of it and get rich quick and if I do anything about it send out a stupid insulting girl with ideas about prejudicial violence to keep me from achieving my goal, for me the disadvantage is that people buy very expensive products and cannot settle on the work that has gone into making those products to give them what they want, until I pick up the companies of those who do these things as well and they start to pay for it; so that is for the big businesses but for the smaller trouble makers it’s a matter of how increasingly unpopular I have become with the Royals. So it’s always been a matter I have under control – reality is that some women will broker equities with me to build a business that supplies gowns and lingerie for states women and Business women, so because those bras are out there on the market somebody will buy them and make a display of herself as she seeks to extract and income from my business at the discretion of a stupid Politician that is handling my empire to get rich and is being protected by her until he does or she does and they all behave like that right up to Mr Obama who says he wants to have revenge on the British Royal Family over slavery and slave trade and now has to explain his position to the world too since that was actually what the real problem was all along as it were – it blows me away when they complain that I handle their own empires as well because the situation is such that if I act on these girls and these women they send out to do these things I will create discrimination over pants and bra and if I don’t, the idiots will completely destroy my Book sales and ensure I do not have the right to feel good on account they are way too happy doing their prejudicial violence – they cannot do fashion without it these days and that part will end badly too.

The story of how I say what I say and do what I do but fail to make any progress is becoming more popular as well but I have always considered it and long ago taken steps to ensure civil rights people remain the way they are permanently lest my books lose credibility when I protect myself from the people that are not very happy with the fact I have written them and that it does what it does. So I have no idea what other thing they have in their history yet which means that anything they come up with on that stupid media is likely to be successful in my case anyway but it is the effrontery of getting on it to pretend I exist so they can do things to me that really gets to me for my part; same case as all the others i.e. they need to keep off my Book sales and clear my space. They do say I like to think my nag nagging gets things done which it does not but of course it’s just reality that my Books are the products of my Empire and whatever it is that is getting to their heads is the products of their own as well and if theirs is a problem for me mine will be a problem for them too – obviously they are not nervous when they approach me, except that they are but will resolve it by violence and a big mouth. It is never true I have trouble with my fans as such either, I don’t, I mean I like to take out the complications of people getting involved with me for obvious reasons, so if they are here and total fanaticism of me and what I do is too much then it is the problems they want to be concerned with then apparently – I mean it’s a real drag around here anyway, there is this bagging two stage gap between me and everybody, firstly where they are comfortable with the Community as in this is the world we live in beginning and end and there is no other unless they are getting involved with people to do business or get a job and the second being prepared to fill their roles especially the ladies at Court without which we cannot be sure they can pass their position down the generation and I can be certain I will have a Court from my families for my inheritors and so on, so I have to get there and wait, so it’s a bit of drag. So my big problem they say is that I am not in agreement with the men that serve me back stage media which isn’t true – they never liked the idea of me and the ladies at Court anyway and that was because it was going to bring about trouble with black people, however after all these time they are still acting like I go out and find black people and then tell black people they can always follow me around if they wanted. So on the part about my reaction to the story of how I need gender reassignment however, it was not a reaction; I don’t need gender reassignment and am not keeping any secrets, it’s just reality that when it comes to stories I can tell my Children about standing up for yourself, the stupid societies and culture and stupid media and politicians, I can never run out of stories and examples – the other side is the part where it gets physical i.e. I walk down to the shops and he drives up there, so he parks in front on me as I walk by and bangs his car on my head and chest and back and so on, so there hasn’t been any of that hitting back physically so the police can get involved on my part but it does not mean there are no consequences – the one they have recovered from is the one where I handle them badly enough for them to seek out help from the Politicians as well but now it’s no longer viable because the Politicians have moved heaven and earth so to speak to give them some financial advantage over me that is based on their age and how many years they have spent in the work force and so because it is not, I have to look to the radio stations and TV stations that are opening up my feelings and ripping up my finances to ensure they have a plaything they can pick on in order to deal with their daily grind and I am going to rip up the popular culture associated with it right up to the United States so it might be saved by the government as well; I have shown a tendency to do that but they have continued to provoke me indicating they have a black up plan and I need to be prepared for it too; they do it all the time and then entire neighbourhoods will listen to the way the music is arranged and understand what is happening and it will be up in arms car banging door banging until I cannot feel good and no matter how many hours of sleep I have its never enough, especially when I am trying to study and so on – so this is the bit where they claim I need gender reassignment. So it measured with the things I do to them making sure neighbourhoods can only exist as I want it and dragging their culture and society out there all of the time means they are more in need of gender reassignment than I am but I know they want it back and they need to fix the finances first considering the easier option where they get to leave me alone as the both sides are not mates as it were has always stared them in the face all along – so this is what it looks like in case they blow off their big mouth and I arm my case as well – I mean they already do when they chase my anus violently and it appears my body does nothing else but digest food because they will never let my tummy do what it does naturally on account they are sharing something and when I say the fools do need to understand it hurt that is when they start to think it is amusing and it makes me remember I am supposed to eat well and rest well and fly a certain flag not become Royalty that works or has a job, so that will be tested really soon too – how funny it is that is. I do not think it is a crisis only facts and figures behind decisions I make – it seems the feeling I am only involved with the Communities about which I am concerned lasts only 10 minutes at the very most – they move in always and take up 90% of my time so I can never concentrate on anything need doing which is important because they are getting good feeling, making up lies and rallying mob justice  in order to continue; so I always start off saying I will not respond to it and then I am off on a tangent soon after to doing something on wealth inequality to teach the a lesson but it never stops still. So there is no relationship with media here; I might do what I do but things still work here in the correct way i.e. I write books and I sell them and I become famous – the rest are those cases where they want to find out why I am such a respectful child they want to abuse to fulfil their fatherly dreams for instance and its all books and they can read if they want and then talk about it without getting their copy if they wish and have the fucking guts for it too. So I hear there is nothing I can do but that depends on how many can prove their point on my TV and let it be or accept using communities and societies and neighbourhoods to make use of my personal life and public work to feel good when they appear on my media equipment followed by threats will not lead to a good end – I was there during the days the men were warned by the women not to look into my face or get involved with me and they thought they had corruptions of involvement and will punish me for the effects as well – it gets to a point.

It seems everybody needs to be educated these days about why they should not provoke Politicians by seeing things my way because I am hated by them but I have no idea why everybody must be educated about it either for my part – it is impossible to keep saying one thing to a collection of people every day for a decade and a half whop turn up at your door step to tell you to give up your life to them to be important with without consequences, so I am not actually aware the things I do provoke them and yes the lazy twerps do say they have reasons for it besides the fact they cannot keep their insults with their bone headed children and their foolish spouses anymore if they can use me as punching bag and it is developing to a point where it will get personal and a warning will be set out alongside an ultimatum. For now I shall wait for one more insults to act and I bet it will have to do with the fact I am unemployed on account I have not had sex and they are having an evil sexual abuse pleasure that the law does not protect me from on account I am an adult while the men just take it to another level and speak of need for sodomy and other alternatives I can afford to save myself and give them their desires temporarily, then we will find out how it will end from then on; it cannot continue forever with them saving up their families and friends with it. I don’t think it is a crisis – we are all trying to make ourselves financially comfortable except the media is full of idiots that must feel comfortable with my possessions or racists will get me, that part led to trouble now it’s the Politicians who are getting me along with the Celebrities and they all like to pretend they don’t know I have every reason to do anything I need to do to harm them so as to ensure they keep off on account I think that they are living on benefits of doubt not complying with what the media wants them to do which is why my finances ends up there with daily media publicity that I have not asked for or paid for, so it’s the same as I have said before – one more insult from them and people being educated about their hate along with the laziness and violence of them that goes with it too I suppose and then we will have to find out what becomes of it. They say they have their reasons obviously save the fact there aren’t any white persons being told to give up their business empire because it is the only way to ensure there is enough wealth distribution to go round – I am just inferior enough for it and them whites who are not are becoming increasingly intolerant of how I respond to the matter as well with a big mouth rather than mind their own bloody business and I hear what they say and am issuing one more opportunity only considering that government office is their personal and private property as it were which means they can blackmail me with it forever - I did let it grow too big alright and that is because I can do and undo (I hear my attitude constitutes a crisis which does not make sense to me either - this is a matter of the vandalism of Politicians that is a function of the fact they are being bothered with a disobedient society that they really love to please using other peoples income - so neither they nor the societies have ears that are used for the correct reasons and after dealing with both I have to make myself clear on what my Office does with the things they can use the Image of the UK overseas to do for themselves and their stupid families and this is the result i.e. we regularly see them turn up to address me the way they do even their bone headed children as it were - they do it because they are important their societies do it because I am part of an oppressive system and it goes round in circles between the two groups. So I would appreciate it if they did not table how others need to cooperate with their feelings concerning a hatred of me only within their families and circle of friends, otherwise accept it can only lead to a warning and an ultimatum kind of occasion; the position of The Queen Arch Prince is as big an appointment as they come. In the end I understand the ever reliable tale of the accusation that what I say encourages people to do bad things but of course we all know that my good temperament being used to build people perceptions that perspectives that lead to fame and fortune actually has no meaning whatsoever, only that somebody has been spending tax payers money on it to ensure it does on my account and at my expense - so that I find myself going round in circles with people who never listened to what they were taught in school if they could think about sex with teacher all the time instead and wonder where teachers anus and penis was all the time for their part and I put up with that everyday for the last decade and a half only for the bloody idiots to turn out in public to issue their threats too all the time. In like manner they say I refuse to accept responsibility for it but of course they are referring to how much of my work and my position I inform the lowest and stupidest in society about regularly - its a matter of the media making out I need to be done with them then find way of running away before I am caught with that big mouth and the fact people get involved with an author to buy his books or they can read all about it and shut their mouths, alternatively find out if he is going to gag them and own their problem power popularity societies or not - I mean if I did generalise it I would say when the air clears and people feel they are British in this Country the feeling usually lasts for ten minutes at the very most; like when they say I talk but it still does not make any progress over the fact they own and control me and there is nothing I can do about it and we have to put up with that all the time too - yap, yap, yapping but we do not see them turn out in public to tell people the yapping that the last Labour government did spend tax payers funds on them to give them an undue advantage so we can find out what will become of it as well and their insults can only leads to an outcome where I do it for them as well.).