Of course nobody is disputing that charities are and need to be run as a business; that has never been the problem, the problem has always been such realities as the sense your biggest worries according to you is a girl steeped in culture who can have your career because she is surrounded by men that can get it for her if she wanted it but obviously such things aren’t, charities are because they look after the poor – it’s never true I am always on the road to vengeance, it’s a matter of being provoked until I decide to take action (for instance being chased up at the University for the purpose of vandalism and bullying and destruction for four years that completely destroyed my academic work and left me without a qualification and a good health) and if I am deciding it has gone too far like that on a daily basis, then they are really having a frenzy and are in no position to complain except they think they have media and their complains are part of the fun or a means of having extra fun. We do hear of it being a problem that cannot be resolved of course which is never true; it can be as simple as not making any more stupid references to the Royal Estate as I do have the right to work without thinking about it all the time, stop making their stupid references to it as though it is their own or something they can handle in order to manipulate me into doing whatever they wanted – it’s been 15 years and nobody really has that level of patience. It was the same with the Books – do not mess with it I say because doing so would give organised criminals a statement I say but it becomes a main preoccupation for them more so because I have clearly said it; they do these things because it is important to black mail me and have something on me with which to manipulate me into doing things for them - is it their own then after all?

So it’s like the story of the EU where they say it is through my actions that the EU is about to be broken up due to Greek debt but I would never know anyway; first of all, you cannot just tell an entire Country to implement reforms in order to get money off you, if the Country happens to get money off you which bankrupts you, it will always be a client and that part is the part you should never forget, then try to pretend you have it all your way and always will do when you have completely forgotten such fundamental basics, like the French and Germans have. Then of course is the other story where people have stopped at this point, stopped damaging my livelihood and my academic work to a point, so the assumption this is the worst I can do is very unhealthy for them too as it were – I am not saying the fact they are very destructive and even their choice of friends from Africa and the far east are much the same is unusual, it is not; necromancers of European City streets are always going to end up in its politics to finger your bum because they have started a fight with you and lost considering they have no respect for you whatsoever as it were but the part where their Politicians know how destructive they are which is something you take into account when running your affairs and take up ten years of your time to turn up in public and expose your valuables right up to personal life was a line crossed, now it will not be crossed again. Obviously since we had allowed Greek Politicians to empty Greek treasuries into German Banks, then perhaps it is necessary to have another referendum where German and French Citizens will decide if they want to bail out their Greek neighbours and I bet the answer to this unlike the Politicians will be a yes.

It’s like when I get accused of living in a society where I share nothing whereas what is actually so difficult to fathom is how my physical endowments might allow me to be immune to certain social evils but those who want to gain from it are busy communicating on the premise of whether or not I am afraid of them; how does this absolute lack of respect even fit into the idea of identifying a problem and coming up with a solution for it at all in the first place besides the fact it fundamentally is built on the basis of a total and abject lack of respect to a point where they feel I do not deserve to be treated in any way they might have felt they deserved to be, a point where no sense exists whatsoever as per whether I am a person and if they don’t like something done to them would not want to do it to me.  It’s not the only one; there are others about how I pretend others do not do moral things but time and again if morals are left to them we end up with racial violence and civil rights movements for of course they know what they are doing which is not the problem at all for the problem that they have is actually my leadership. Then there is my party piece which is the industry ones, where their insults tend to mean I ought to fall flat on my face and feel that my life is over – so I am right here and they can come round and get it if they wanted and walk all over me while they are at it too. We all know that even when they resort to pornography the reality is still that they have laid waste my finances and made their own good at my expense; so the pornography is just to show me perhaps and then everybody else how they have been damaging my life.

They do say it’s a matter of making me suffer the way they normally suffer when they try on inter racial relationships which is an old story about how the guys don’t want me to have female journalists at Court because it will definitely lead to trouble considering these fools ever behave properly and things they touch remain as they found it once they have ever before as it were.  They have problems obviously; they want a conversation while somebody is suffering the way they normally do first of all with a big mouth.

At this point I apparently said something about how white people like to ruin peoples academic work and better still if they do in an academic environment because it just keeps giving and they have now taken it completely out of context and gone off to talk of talking statues off the University of Oxford in order to facilitate academic inclusion; it does not annoy me as such but we can all see why it will get to a point where I will dish out vengeance and consequences too which when I do tends to mean rather that I am either looking for trouble or am on a path of vengeance and anger at all times when we all know that if I have to decide enough is enough on a daily basis, they are having a frenzy and would only complain about my actions if and when they had media to invent some extra fun to have with. I do not think it is the end of the world when people take up my writings and misconstrue them and make a mess of them and abuse them; it’s just more serious things like South Africa from where most idiots like these come from for instance where they will feel like travelling to the US to pick on some wealthy republicans that can afford money for game hunting in South Africa, then do nothing about those republicans paying to kill rare and endangered Lions for instance but when and each time it happens find somebody else who dares to have something they don’t for most of the time that they find such persons a reason, to pick on over endangered Lions which is of course a cycle of destruction for the Natural environment that is not sustainable, giving people a sense that slavery and slave trade served its purpose by making sure their stupidities and its excess energy which never gets used is being spent on something meaningful  – what I am saying is that I want nothing of my academic business to be or become any of their concern and I am reiterate that it might be possible that I am bluffing when I say so; the state of their popular culture as it stands at present was because of the fact that when I don’t want something done with my possessions or public life, it tends to become the main preoccupation of their black people stupidities and it happens because I kicked them really hard in a spiritual manner the first time so they will teach me a lesson till kingdom come until I kick them in a physical manner as well and it all comes together as such. It’s much the same when they claim my activities are unbecoming or unusual but they ought to try owning an empire where the money ended up somewhere else because complains about inequality and racism gave access to a group of people through your skin colour which meant they could steal and stay out of trouble with the law and were 100% unreliable in everything which has become a power they want to apply on you every time and then get away with it too, hence white man being the reason for problems of black people for white man has ever before in history performed destruction at a level that amounts to 10% of that, with his own people or with those of another race; the white man has ever through familiarity and insults created somebody who has built an empire in which the money has ended up somewhere else, either a member of their race or that of another race – so it is a unique pattern of destruction found only among their black selves and so far to achieve this over my possessions it has taken them and me 15 years of my time, a frenzy on National and International media to that effect and nobody will ever know what the importance of such foolishness is and I believe I am very clear when I make it obvious I don’t want any of my concerns to become any of their business, not complying with this means looking for trouble and I am going to break them once and for all here as well; they are not my fathers and certainly not my sibling and I don’t want to see any of that stupid popular culture around my public life anymore to say the least.

We do hear their Politicians speak of a new love for Country and how especially for the Labour party it would improve their lot to do it but of course we all know they are only just finished with granting every criminal in the land an intelligent disposition with which to commit their crimes without getting into trouble with the Law and have been funding it with taxes too to create popular culture fame and fortune where the crimes will happen but the action under law is not actually a crime and there will be huge amounts of money attached. They had not been paying attention to the fact other peoples become really clever at the planning process with which to chase what they want no matter what the cost might be as well, so now they are claiming a double whammy that is happening to them in the sense English people do not think Labour supports England and Scottish people think they are on the side of the Conservatives. As for me, they say everybody wants to be Royalty these days and that it is a problem I created which I have no wish to pay attention to – first of all which the part where I have no wish to pay attention to it is entirely wrong as we can now see that their lascivious societies especially the black ones are not as powerful as they used to be anymore just in a case I might have need to speak to somebody about the gospel and they might have need to be reminded to leave me alone and keep off but over all the reasons they hate my guts are very clear, it’s just not one they will discuss with others since they are useless people but useless in a very clever way too and I don’t like them to be found anywhere near my right hand side if they could get jobs and pay taxes while I do what I like with the stupid culture to make sure it happens every day depending on the provocation and insults of their community croons as well who are largely supported by black idiots from Caribbean leisure businesses, that turn up here with pornography that exists for the sole purpose of stirring evil all the time – so I do wonder if their yapping on media considering that what they say has never really been understood by anybody as well and their relationships with normal people never last thereof is meant to gather attention so we can better live in a society where people are classed as stupid so it might be easy to discriminate against them; however they need to stay the fuck out of my right hand side and get a real job and pay taxes – I am perfectly aware everybody wants to be royalty and its going my way so far. The women ones are the ones that are almost incredible, where you wonder why she thinks you are a thing she can handle like an item and the reality is that although she is fat and ugly and has a few kids to look after, she actually thinks that she is a celebrity at heart and her marriage is on the edge all the time because Her husband does not quite think it will work.

So the big question now is whether I do it because I am a sadist or do it because I enjoy making people suffer but I do it for neither of these two reasons; I do it because they are determined to show me that when they want me to share things with everybody I will do so whether I liked it or not and to that effect I am always choosing if I want to exist in my past or want to exist in my future at any given point in time while they keep their own, remain whole persons and live in my public life making violent trouble for me and fingering my bum to ensure I am never healthy, feel filthy at all times and feel shamed on account it is the problem they have which does not affect me but they have a problem with my leadership as well with that big mouth; so when I am in my past then they are in my future and when I am in my future then they are in my past and its a 24/7 thing yap yapping – so they need to be out there getting a proper job and for that popular culture being imposed on me I will run a big Church programme that will impose my morals on them as a community as well. We see them at it all the time; sex means they were bullied by a necromancer and those who know how to deal with it must be bullied by them so they can understand the problems and take care of it and then there is the pornography and then the media and then the tourism businesses and the insults and so on – so nobody can actually work out what attracts them to my concerns except the criminal need to extract perks from my job – this is why I do it.

The media ones claim I have turned their jobs into a matter ground where abuses are always catching them out and I wouldn’t know anyway, since a slight comments and a need to make a big show of my ill feelings because of it will bottom out my sales day after day which they would find amusing and it is not amusing stuff, its somebody else’s livelihood that has become a plaything for National Media Publicity, like their Industry friends I laid low a long time ago and are using the same system too to create a new superiority for their money that will be followed by sexual context abuses to make me comply with a big mouth and I really hope they are in charge of their own establishments and not that of others or indeed somebody that brokers equities with me because it will blow up in their stupid faces yet again. Studios are a war zone for journalists these days they say because of me and I will suffer for it they say but I don’t mind, it is not the worst I can do considering they enjoy issuing incitement approvals as early as 5am everyday to their community croons to attack me, which is why it is so important for them to exasperate me and get people to creep under my feelings and now it is all going on at will and they no longer have control of it hence something that will be violent when those who do it have to roll it back coming up as such. The days when I was so angry I was willing to keep them provoked everyday so I might meet them and rough up their three piece suits is done so the least they can do is take war zone studios like the men they are; after all they are enjoying their experiment and have no wish to put an end to it and are complaining because they want to get away with it too i.e. years ago it was a matter of how everybody wanted their jobs because they would speak the language that formed a corner stone for it and worse case occasion was when people liked to think media people should be fighting for everybody’s rights; today I have a Court of female journalists and the men have appointed themselves the people who hold me to account, so the experiment is that of whether a negative publicity for somebody can actually result in an outcome where they are no longer able to get employment which means it can be kept up for the rest of their lives to decide if they become rich or poor and it is something they have no wish to give up hence complaining their media studios have become a warzone because of me for which I will suffer with a big mouth. Reality is that if I wanted a conversation with them I would take up a place on the studio sofa like those who do it – otherwise crossing my books and public life is looking for trouble especially for boundless energy black idiots who cannot protect their own anus but have a problem with those who do theirs.

They do say I cannot look after my anus as well and it is utter nonsense – of course I can look after my anus and that is why I am able to mention the reality about black idiot with boundless energy who think they want to beat up somebody but cannot look after their anus – the American ones have gotten Mr Obama giving them a whole secret service to play around with but these celebrities especially the male ones want a piece of me and will get it too. When push comes to shove it’s a matter of spending money to buy a product that people put a lot of effort into making, not exploring whom they brokered equities with to deploy the importance of an intrusive corruption of involvement and extreme financial vandalism, complemented by your stupid girls spending my public life to make fame and fortune that will help them look after boyfriends that pointed them in the right direction, just so they can issue insulting threats at me as well. So we know they speak of money they spend on those products and what those I broker equities with would think of it but we all know the purpose of this company is to allow me serve others with my products not sit down somewhere to watch people take what they like from it and that is why they get into trouble. It’s like when they speak of the problems of the Labour Party where their insults fester and grow the most - At the end of the day it’s the insults obviously; take a stand on am empty road and let it go for instance and then you end up asking yourself what their problem really is all the time. They always like to say they have got problems and that is why it happens but they have not got any problems – what they have is a big ego at the moment and when they need my place in the world to a stage where they are taking class A drugs to keep up their strengths then they will have problems, so yes there are people who want to trade it to them naturally and if I told them not to screw my books as it will give them an alternative statement, it would become their main preoccupation to do otherwise instead – so they need to have this line set out at all times, that I come from the right hand side of society and have a Court of female journalists as permanent allies at Court, so I am practically untouchable in their world. So it has always been this simple – when I say something and they have learned something my chest feels as though it is about to explode as it is an indication it can only get worse i.e. when there is an economic crisis they are exposed to hidden things like quantitative easing and where the banks are and where the Industries are and just like Politicians will see criminals and claim they are freedom fighters and they would get on media to ensure those that are targeted can never defend themselves until a controversy to help media get rich has emerged – we are now answering questions as to why I do my bit as well considering they are fighting for their stupid lives as we speak. I was rather under the impression what I have done so far to their side of society was their main problem. The story of how I hate Politicians is utter nonsense too; it’s just reality some Policies are really, really, bad; I mean how on earth do you go on and on and on about the needs of people who are criminals that you have decided to label as freedom fighters – they are not freedom fighters, they are people who need to commit crimes so badly that they will settle for a process of extricating the essence of it in some way to have their fix of crime committing but the benefit of being allowed to do so is that there are none of the drawbacks like going to prison or doing fines and community service – that said we now see they make popular culture millions from it and then become financially powerful for that purpose and then it is the money itself that ensures the law can no longer reach them. The story of my career going to somebody else exists in the same degree as well; I am somebody that has attained a process of setting out systems that make it possible for big Industries to understand they will be protected from a condition where wealth inequality and social inequality means people can attack them on account they have money to lose on one hand and on the other if they attack poor people it will mean their jobs can go to somebody else – this is not actually something that they can ever achieve in this life or the next, so we need to make that fact definitive as it were because there really is enough of that yapping for more than one lifetime (its like racism on my right hand side and Male celebrities on my left hand side making sure I am perpetually exposed to and groomed for mortal danger completely needlessly while they conduct a corruption of involvement into my concerns and maintain a process of getting rich with my public life to complain about the actions I have taken against it which serve as consequences as well in the hope of securing privileges of injustice - so when I say the guys want a piece of me and will certainly get it, they really do give meaning to that in a practical way but then again it is possible I am bluffing too).