It’s really nothing to worry about, this whole case of where I am heading with journalists and celebrities; it’s a simple one about the fact I am in for the long haul, I intend to devise my own fun too which will be rewarding for me and see them writhing in pain too – the warning stands, nobody here is interested in their problems and my Court is female only, I need them to keep their mouths firmly shut about my affairs and concerns as that is the only way to release my money when I need it without sharing any with them. It’s just come to that point where the rich pretend to be poor and poor pretend to be rich and in each case it is my property that gets spent, right up to the part where they chose whom I can get involved with and tell stories that I steal the benefits of being the spouse of a female journalist from their husbands and so on; so the idea that I am always angry is false, this is enough to drive anybody mad and more so if it happens every day and gets taken up a notch depending on whether they wish to extricate controversy to make news with. So there is always that question of what I think the real problem people have with me actually is but it’s the old story of those who lead from behind aka me and need to be forced outside, a problem with my authority and how they can be in a place where I have it all but beg them for the leadership and therefore power share and get told what to do, except they have evolved and so in my case I can be bullied and that will happen at random – same sort of provocation and attack and abuse by Political persons that always take care of Number one at all times especially when push comes to shove; they must be selfish with another person’s possessions, they must be selfish with their own possessions and must be able to do whatever they like turning up around my work to get sensitive to everyone of their stupid feelings which will result in an outcome where they are me and I am them and the media ones say there will be trouble when and if they cannot become me while I fall into obscurity. So there aren’t many English people inclined to behave the way I do, I simply carry on that way because I do not seem to be rude enough to deter them yet as it were; it’s about freedom too.

They do say the things I say are bigger than I am of course but everybody knows it’s just what they think at the moment before then it was insults galore because they are evil and the part where I drew lines and established normalcy without harming the general population, in fact improving their lives was actually a fluke, something which happened out of pure chance and a process where I took advantage of civil rights other died to create, now its reality again as it were. I don’t think it is a complicated matter, it gets settled when the blacks say there is nothing I can do with those stupidities that I see exasperate parents to a point where they think they want to throw away their children who behave in such ways – civil rights that destroyed everything and when you repair it he copies and gets the better of you on media and then wants more for instance but in terms of black people it also involves the business their parents and grandparents are doing which only makes profit if they finger your bum or finger your bum as a community, so it’s clear those who talk about it can do nothing and are also responsible for the actions of those who shoot them for it. I for my part have always been clear the importance of making sure people are not violated that only happens when they have nice little earners, especially those of them that have already got employment – the verbal abuse however is the part where we hear black women talk nonsense about success being a function of being relentless and the yapping nothing I can do I want them to stop following me around as a people and put an end to keeping any history of previous involvement to try and make money with – I have warned them in any ways to stop making money in this way as it were. They do say when they fight for civil rights, people like me don’t appreciate it until things go wrong; in the past it did due to the fact they are stupid and have not got a clue what they are doing at any time whatsoever, so that even when segregation had begun it was still horse play right up to the academic environment for instance, today they have found a new preoccupation that is my Empire and Royal Estate alliances renaissance, whether or not to compare to how they live in ghettos in South Africa or Jamaica for instance where they were superior to me; so the idea I have my own community and friends and do not need them as well does not seem to make any sense, they enjoy it as a prognosis of evil that is safe for them in terms of the law and hurts me in every way imaginable and become more and more obsessed with its use, such that every little hurtful thing gets many times as maximised while they have come to use it as a weapon claiming I am one of them and hence they should have been able to use me like an item to get rich and not the white man which gives me this sense I will need to control whom they can get involved with as well to ensure I damage their livelihood whenever I so desire.

So the case of my problem with the rights of black people continues but I have no such problems – the reality is that a useless woman will sell food to celebrities in a Bar for instance, then get off to compare herself with me because a community exists in her business and she shares a skin colour with me and feels like play the role of my mother over my finances and the perks of my job – play the role of my mother at random and so it seems that it is something that leads to war and terrorism when Muslims do it except when Africans want to, they take their time and work it out and find somebody they can fuck with all the time while it is all being set up as it were; so my renaissance and my alliances and the Communities and the Entertainers and the Industries all global are their equal because they share a skin colour with me, have a problem with my leadership considering that somebody else is more worthy, and the slums they live in is much the same as my Royal Estate because I share a skin colour with them. We hear it is about high lighting their poverty and I really don’t care for my part; what is being highlighted here is that somebody else is more worthy to be in my position first of all if they should be pacified now that they will give the world hell on account I exist with a big mouth and that I am a bird in a bag as per they will always be deserving of me and all I own and to which effect there isn’t a thing around here right up to my company empire emporium and its Intellectual property space, which does not get damaged when touched by them or they get to say anything about it thereof. So the Arch Prince does not have a Community of renaissance that is the same as African idiots living in a slum and that is the end of the story but we can always keep running with the one where they have found somebody to mess with when they wish to ensure that it does not lead to Political instability in their various countries and so on. They do speak of the US President of course and he does appear to be a President of Horse play as well – where they behave as though racists do not know those they do murder very well and that it is all random killing provided they tell lies and get other peoples involved in some tit for tart murder to hide the facts. I am a British Prince with  renaissance that runs through Europe and the Middle East and Asia, I don’t want any more extras from Africans more so and I believe it is apt that my wishes concerning myself all together are respected; nobody is deserving of anything around me, in my case or where I am concerned. We keep picking up the bits such as capitalist and communist economies must be the same thing on account they have needs and poverty going for them – nobody’s insults is deserving around my concerns – abuse is abuse no matter how sexual and verbal without which things cannot be sold for money. It’s not a problem necessarily, it’s just the facts that need to be highlighted, as I have mentioned before not all English men behave the way I do and I am aware it is really rude too but it is about freedom and democracy as well.

We have all heard and seen the News of our UK Prime Minister delivering a big National and global speech about corruption be it as it may of which the reality is still that the Politicians enjoy creating these problems so they can seek out those they will get on public places to target with them - thus the big idea has always for me been that Mr Cameron does the same and would target me on account he would have wished and wishes so to express his total lack of regard for the Constitution, this therefore gives him and his friends a sense that they have access to things that people will drop their jaw in awe for because it is completely incredible that a human being would be so perverse as to demand such things or indeed that a condition might have existed in which they had it too; now, according to my CV, the ability to frustrate people at such things is that which the US President and his global civil rights movements and the biggest military in the world could not escape, so I am pretty sure British MPs will be easier to handle. Going back therefore to issues that were of real relevance, Society Goons and their fame and fortune popular culture Gits have now been given the necessary isolation that handles well their corruption and corruptibility, so that the Politicians that make it into a lucrative problem for me because they want to handle my own earning potential like they do express they wish to make for so for the general public as well, can now have their own escalated too. However for these Society Goons and their fame and fortune Gits, the extremely violent and destructive playfulness that for some reason around where products are being merchandised, turns whole families and family members over and then manufactures and begins to run a violent campaign against homosexuality and homosexuals, while those they had already violent hurt in the past - homosexual or not, are still waiting to be allowed to go home so to speak by them, has turned to towards threats and it is my opinion thereof that what they seek is proper leadership from somebody that has a real wish to ensure that their stupidities remains where it comes from to prevent a process whereby he gets hurt by it.

So there is talk now of how things have escalated since I wrote the above paragraph earlier in the day and that it is in addition to other things I have been up to which will never make sense to me as well for my part; I was under the impression people are found around other peoples books and aptitudes, taking what they want from times when you are not writing or publishing any which means nothing I can do to prevent them from doing so, to times when I have and hence they are simply living a life they have gotten used to, was a function of custom, something they did to stand in line and get involved with the Business to pay for their products. So as ever it is a behaviour that will be tolerated here no longer and the bag logs of accusations over the years that gives them that stupid false sense of being the oppressed will never suffice - this is the prize of rebellion, the reason it is so attractive and the excuses by which I get targeted all the time, sometimes people break it for them and that is simply reality; Hence it’s a here we go again seeing them get all over Industry communities to lumber me and my allies with gay problems and equality due to the fact they have a problem with our leadership and our ability to provide security, which behaviour degrades the security in any case and creates an environment where they end up with one and we must have lost the ones we had, just so they  might stand up at their Politics and media where nothing done in my direction is ever respectful to tell me to act on the escalations that are happening in their stupid worlds and so the process of enforcing that was always to issue an accusation on public places that I am the offender while they go off to line up at my market place and take what they like, to kill off my Book sales like it was a joke and this is something they have done on the assumption too that there is no way that they will pay for the insults and abuses too. So need I say more? I really don’t care and they need to leave me alone; every time their insulting and abusive Media and Political jobs that like to target me for it because I am soft touch, does what it does best to my property and business, they will feel me as well - it is not a topic for conversation. They say I never pay attention when things are said to escalate as such for those who have the job of security to perform but it is actually not; I mean you can always ensure that somebody does not turn families inside and out and then start a violent campaign against homosexuals by turning them inside and out for the Police as well but how on earth is that to be enforced when and if Media and politicians are free to say anything and do anything in the most public place imaginable? So it is their own that is about to be escalated next as it were because there is no way they will stop considering what is actually life threatening for others is something they find amusing on account they think nobody will ever find out and then it will become profitable later as well. So this is usually the point where they revert to that routine I hate so much where they are in and then they shut it down and threat you for protesting you need to be left alone by them - so does it mean they do not know what they are doing or that it was not a pre-planned process that has allowed them to it? I do not care if they are power people who want their power on the left and their power on the right, if I am running a business I would serve them equally and if I do not have a service they require I simply cannot serve them too but how does this process get maintained when the Media and the Politicians are up in arms against those that are having it easy in life 24/7? 

It’s one thing to be one of the wealthy guys, another to be one of the guys that can make trouble and commit crimes or have tendency for it, another to be one of the inventive people that come up with stories for killing others all the time and like to work in a group but these guys are just low lives below all of the others, only there to do all the bad things that they can find and it is impossible to work out anybody gets along with that anyway while they have located this inability people have to get along with them as a source of power, it cost me my academic work and I don’t know them fir my part still to this day anyway, I just know they remember my face when I walk down the streets and that I am suffering because I can become famous and rich easily but am stuck in a very bad place on account Politicians and lie telling media friends they have want it so – I did warn them I will bend their own the other way as well. They do say that mine is clearly the way of the coward but if that tale were to be followed up, it will end where facts are cleared up about why Politicians and Media hate my guts so much: I mean The Labour Party that is most fond of this accusation now knows there is clear strong public view they cannot lie their way out of at this point, that they create poverty into people’s lives in order to make themselves relevant and we know they never listen or stop the stop that those they are messing with want, they want to do it and stop their own stop and that means that while they work hard on doing that, the result is that somebody cannot run away from a problem and gets sexually assaulted for instance, of which we know they have ever done anything to make such things better when it happens; so that when they do it to me I understand I need to become a man so they can move into my personal life and have the peace of mind that gives them the respect they deserve but when they do it to women and very young children it is because they are pushing the boundaries of my liabilities obviously and that is why I ensure no matter how rich or powerful they are I will always spend the distance between them and their violent problems especially the Americans and a nice guy comes last somewhere else as it were. They always think they are on media and people will listen to their version of the story first on a daily basis so when they are done with their uselessness and vandalism of my livelihood they can then think I care if that is what they think will decide what the state of affairs become; so if they had stopped making remarks about my public life and my work that ensures their barely sane media jobs continually ensures people cannot read the Books or settle up on what it is about, then this will continue until it is stopped or managed; they do think their stupid temper and others whose business they mind all the time raising their hair will lead to problems but I am of the opinion they are in need of real leadership too. The custom systems of la la land they build around other peoples establishments where they go to do what they like and not what they are told while keeping me out of employment is something that has searched a peak as I really cannot work out which part of it they indeed do find amusing (I mean I can only handle it by ripping up that stupid job of theirs as well i.e. what is so amusing about the fact I applied for a job and based on the jerking of my screen because I am being spied on my chances of getting a job is now three times as bad, simply because these really amusing media word has been going out there by their hands for the last 15 years getting into people’s business establishments to do what they like instead of what they are told). I don’t think it’s a do or die affair, they are actually very useless people and love to be able to buy cars and homes before others who find them out do so, meaning others will not be able to tell them so, be it on the prognosis of their activities which means they earn a powerful and lucrative disobedience and if it does not stop the slight comments about my Books and public work which does tend to ensure people cannot pick up their copy, I will start to rip up their media jobs too and that is the purpose of this warning. The first problem with them is usually a personal one where they peddle my public life to make fame and riches for it was how they were born and raised and how they grew up as we all know as it were but each time they do it they must finish off getting rich and leaving me violent problems they can bully me into doing things for them with like they can give to the frugal – where it becomes a problem in social context is that they take wealth inequality problems especially ones concerning their relationships with record labels out on the general public and you can never tell what sort of radio service they are running like that anyway; so somebody had to tell them they needed to sell the entertainment and keep their financial problems, the one in their own businesses, to themselves. It’s all culture and that is why they say they cannot understand why indeed I allow the general public to enjoy entertainment when it is not the will of God but first of all which people have the right to enjoy what they like and secondly the general public can get involved with their culture at any time to ensure their own does not get done, at least that is the part I notice (the story of animal rights being much the same as the tale I have no idea what I am doing: the reality of course is that from Oil Companies to shooters of Rare creatures, their lives are the same when it comes to evils they think they can perform when nobody is looking and when you had challenged them a bit start to become an alpha type that is calling on some personal security people either on their left or right and its usually all their threats comprise of too – so they do say I have no clue what I am doing but the reality is always that what you hear from them and the fact they have government people concerns how they pay taxes so government people can have an entourage and then when done pay for their own private security all together as well; so that when you do get them involved with government your assumption is that you are dealing with very clever people but in actually are dealing with goons. ). It is obviously the prize of rebellion and an assumption others cannot carve out a way of rebelling against them as well in order to secure the same prize too. There are those delicious questions I must tackle of course; the one about whether I have realised yet why I am always being targeted – I wouldn’t know if I am being informed of the reasons anyway, since it was rather always obvious that people have a capacity to follow around those they don’t know and have never seen before, being a menace on account their chosen victim has this claimed capacity to be successful or famous very quickly – talking about such nonsense as being father figures rounding up their children like I am cattle for instance, because they wish to ensure they decide who gets famous and who does not depending on how much respect that they get, ruin my academic work and finances and leave me with social problems born out of endless subliminal messages they have brewed concerning how it is the problems that the white man creates for the black race on one hand, while on the other any attempts to make any friends on my part is deemed by them to be me creating a rival community which outcome will be gangland violence should I proceed, while any success I have is more concerned with breaking their record as my fathers and mothers and then paying for it, all because a skin colour that was a curse I share with them was the fundamental basis and reason for it. So I don’t need lectures or information on why I am being targeted and I am sure they have raised it because they are not paying attention – these guys are actually below inventive people who just like to invent things about somebody they want to have feelings about, that will see the person in hospital or dead, they are simply stupid and when these things are done over and over and a Literary Empire due to their insults has its profits tied up in trust systems and market currents, their activities ensure I cannot shut it down while I am not getting paid, while I live on benefits to ensure things do not go wrong - none of which is unusual anyway because they are known to love their need to destroy the property of poorer people to make richer people even richer while they have none of their own to show for it, it creates the reality that they are in need of a leadership designed for them by somebody who does not want that stupidity they regularly get to make out means something to them and to everybody when they make money from it and therefore constitutes a threat to their victims health and safety and well being, to harm him. The other side of the story being that of their popular girls of which who claim I like to think I can talk my way out of everything; whereas reality was that if what I say is placed on one hand and compared thereof to what they get up to on a daily basis, the reality which emerges thereof is usually that they are the ones that are winning as it were: I mean the problem these people have with me is that I am able to tie up loose ends when Politicians and Media expose me to theft, robbery and loss creation and it isn’t clear whom they really think they are anyway.