The Politicians do like to claim all the time that without the pressures they have placed on me none of these marvellous things would have been made to happen and it is the biggest load of nonsense in the whole world; what they have done first of all which is why these kinds of claims are so annoying is destroy 45% of my resources of settle their pressures on me, cause me enormous distress they are not paying for financially and are now taking the credit for what has become of the remaining 65% of it after I worked myself near to death just to make that safe as if they can give to the frugal. So that the only thing their pressures have achieved is a condition where they have access and in return for this their great social equality is that for every penny they make with that stupid popular culture is 20 more wasted and destroyed all of which belongs to those who are too much of cowards to do anything about them and therefore means they can do and undo as well as they will never shut up or leave people alone. Therefore what would have happened without the pressures would have been more success and less access for them and all the distracting bragging and abusive insults and threats will always mean I get to appoint myself and do their own as well.

Its generally all about ethos and ethics; how you dress because you are a student with a little book shop to run, how you eat and when and you might even chose where you eat, all to ensure there is a compatible lifestyle with the kind of books you sell in order to make be all worth your customers while and then the rest are administration and nothing more – their stupid pressures do not achieve anything and they never seem to have it in them to apologise for the damage or seem to see a reason they ought to stop any of it too. Their pressures do not do or solve anything, what I have been mostly concerned with up to this point rather than claims when I say such things they are ahead of me in life to the effect it falls into their lap as their own what has been happening has been my position on the fact nothing has been falling into their lap when I know they are simply villains extracting money from the Industries and nothing more as a result of which I don’t want to see them at The Police Force of Secret service and therefore try and look the part. The Labour Party ones say there are Tories there but of course there are Tories that work there and there are Tories that want to or know somebody that works there but where these Tory trouble makers end up most of the time is the security Industry especially CCTV – whereby walking past a young woman changes your life because you are supposed to look after her and when that happens it can only continue as far as I am concerned when it does appear he wants to see me turn up on his CCTV all the time and there are certain problems I need to create for him to that effect too, starting with a process where stepping out of my door is a state of affairs and my personal favourite is walking on the curbs instead of the whole pedestrian pavement that has been laid out for me, because it makes motorists very nervous and when they are they tend to keep their fingers off my bum and to themselves as well and these fat bastards behind CCTV cameras want to change my life when I walk past women too. I have heard them ask how it was possible that they were more nervous driving their cars than I was walking down the streets but it is not the first occasion they have been scared out of their insulting saloons in this Country either. I hear they say I have a problem with wealthy motorists too which isn’t true, wealthy motorists do not behave in such ways at all; I mean there is a given atmosphere you have to be a part of on the roads whereby everybody is saying they have taken it anyway and there is nothing you can do about it and if you do not join in considering how much time and resources the Labour Party has put into funding and supporting deviance in the last 12 years before the coalition, they will all target you as a result but there are some that will stop short of breaking their cars in the middle of the road to take it out you and drive off threatening you as well when they have never seen you in their lives before and these are the ones that need to be more nervous driving than I am walking on the pavements for it does seem they want to kill somebody and had better started a plan while we watch as it were – the rich do bother me too but it can be about for instance how they get to do their own the way I do mine and then I will put up a body language that says they need to keep off the ladies and a lot of the times in a Couple of Hours I will realise they have given their daughters money to go on Holiday.

It’s never really been an issue; the problem with their pressures is that it detaches me from such realities as the fact I was meant to have been a University graduate some 7 years ago and the result of that would have been a process where I chose friends and people I met very well and that would have shut down any access their deviance by which they turn up to plan their stupid lives on my finances operated; most of the time it does not matter because I think my strengths are better deployed elsewhere but then it starts to become  something funny on media to make me hysterical and bully boys on media join in to get famous to we can up with a case because of the distraction and subsequent loss of various opportunities, mostly created by me and sometimes offered. They do say the distraction is the same as I do to others but having said so everybody knows the way I watch women on TV is distracting for the camera men for instance but if they sit behind CCTV cameras then I will have my life changed every time I walk by a woman, so none of those claims have a grain of truth in them. They do say it’s about the power of parliament of course and it has always been about the powers of parliament, all of it, from beginning to end;  they say this Country has come to a point where people expect its leaders to make do with power than has been allocated to them which is not good enough but the real reason is that they have seen a few inferior races settle in on a little rat hole they call home as somewhere in which they feel safe and have therefore spotted an opportunity with some powers of majority population to get rich and famous or important and if I spot them moving into my right hand to sit around getting up to all sorts what I have done will definitely look like a picnic because they never ever listen to other people, it has always been about the powers of the Parliament. At this point the Politicians are trying to push them back by manipulating immigration Policy to tip the balance because they seem to have this need to be seen everywhere abusing people and their case has not yet improved on bit because they are certain their lies will hold sway which it has for instance where SNP is concerned among many other scams; these are all scams that have been developed by the Labour party along with the need to manipulate immigration to redress the balance of population but before then they were more interested in how every fool that says when I am comfortable in my little hole I call home I need to return to Africa so I day might arrive where we all get together and leave their Country has got a point, so they are done with that part of international development corruptions and are now after the other of immigration and racism and have set me out as scapegoat yet again which will not do. So it is clear the Tories are doing the same things to me as well but not really as I can understand what people mean when they mention it, what the Tories are doing is finding democratic menaces that will add to the strength of stupid English Toy boys thing because they must make my markets into their freedom or have something like that which has been made as a function of a copy before I am allowed to exist, so it was all expected but will never happen and yes as feared I have set up the Liberal democrats to do the same things to me as well at some stage and some might say it is stupid but when you can predict these things you want to ensure you determine when they are occurring. I have never seen a group of people pretend a Country is a toy like these guys do but I suppose they have not been talking to the Police a lot as it were, we even hear them speak of prison votes and they even debated it in parliament but they have not yet seen one so they have trouble believing what they are told. All around they do like to assume they are the only ones with a bubble around their careers which exists between them and criminals and it can run haywire pushing peoples children into crime and mental illness and then sitting about rehabilitating them for refusing to cooperate until they meet somebody as insane as I am and then it starts to turn because of course I can sell my books or I can steal the money and there is a bubble between this Company and prison going on without a doubt. They do say they find it difficult to understand where and how I find these things amusing but they are because these guys like to assume people think they are Politicians by name; so that bad things clearly can happen to anybody and they do need to speak to the police or wait until they see one to believe it. They do say the problem is that I grab entire societies and take all the glory for its values which isn’t actually true as much as their need to cash into my market goes more so – what happens is that they damage my business and put up insults that mean that goons can chase my anus and penis and when coupled with women hating me because I have taken up and smashed everything to do with their wickedness and love for money and material things through it that means they love to target me and abuse me in sexual context all the time as well, and so these things are simply prognosis results of what it would be like if I were hysterical not an outcome of me laying claims of ownership to the values of entire societies such claims of which have not got a shred of truth in them as such. The Politicians say what I do is good but I want to keep it to myself but the reality is that they are playing superior, they want to add my work to their salary and become superior to me, so the behaviour mentioned afore is good news because it means I can treat them like the popular culture goons in the sense that when I make them famous it is like an insurance policy where people ask who the mad man that allows them do what they like with his career is and I take full responsibility for instance. I hear they say I am overdue for success which does not make any sense to me since I know what I am doing and the goons who say such things have not got a foggiest clue what they have while of course if they are interested in me are not interested in my books looking for trouble; the reality is that I do talk about popular culture and media and Politicians but without the violence of get rich quick millionaires and their deviance nobody would hear a squeak from me; so they do know that when it gets to a perfect point I will let it be and when it does not I have work to do and their sense of what is overdue needs to be kept to their piffling minds and off the Royal Estate Literary Empire as well; for them you see, this whole disposition of having taken something that belongs to trouble makers anyway concerning which there is nothing they can is what the idiots deploy to show off their new seaside homes and expensive drinks and so on, so for them it is about actually taking candy from a baby and they do not have a single plan that does not involve handling my books without the legal right to and I will break it for them and then I will be overdue for success as well properly; they always say its talk but I am so nimble as a result of their financial vandalism here that I have got nothing to lose and they are ever going to catch me when I do it as it were; looking for trouble is obviously something they are really good at anyway all round but in the end I know I have it under control i.e. I have set up these popular culture shit pieces to think they are famous and these are the things they hire to sing at their children’s Birthday parties after they pillage my markets and plug their nonsense into my Royal Property to get rich, so they have come to realisation this lifestyle stuff is not actually working but I don’t know how next they want to put their money where their mouth there as such. They do say I love to be worse off and it is not an example others ought to follow but The Royal Court The Queen has created for me is largely developed around Tourism and British Isles matters, so I am actually supposed to be well informed about such matters as the on-goings of every tax haven obsessed goon there is anywhere. Their civil rights army always like to tell tales about what I know and how little I do about it because it will set off an abusive sense of things I know I should be doing which I have not done and I know inside me that I should which they can feel superior with but of course it’s always a matter of abusing people for every single thing that is a stupid need of theirs and then eventually their brush with pornographers and a problem with female journalists in my Court and then a need to manipulate Politicians, so there are all sorts of abuses going on in the environment they are contained therein. So it is said I am in and I am out I do and I undo and so on and its difficult to locate where I am heading but the date today is 18/3/2015 tomorrow is going to be spent by these goons on some massive game of do not pass go and do not collect $100 alongside their banker friends collecting bonuses, if I became slack about it they would have located some reason to jump on media and the abuses will be incontrollable on account they have found a new nice little earner, so it is really difficult to no matter how hard they want me to. So how better off am I really in actual fact? The reality is that they keep extending the reach of my market to insert their products and the Business Empire needs to be secured otherwise all my brokerages and therefore subsequent sales will come to nothing  never mind the waste of my time – so we can see what is appealing about making money in this way for these fools and I am supposed to stop being their victim and make it the same for an empire – so the part where a business empire is no longer their victim is what the Politicians do not support. It does not mean I am vulnerable to Politicians that have a problem with a case where my business ceases to be a victim of trouble makers; it’s just that I can be the nice guy informing them of what the cost will be when they jeopardise entire parties and given half the chance entire parliaments to handle my property without legal permission in order to make their own money as well, so this endless mention of property becomes interpreted as anus and penis property and so on because they are having fun while you are sick of the blackmail and they cannot be reasoned with – but it is still business and the cost will apply just the same it only needs to happen and that is all that is required.

It’s not a useless venture as such – as I mentioned we will again return to a world where not everybody can be rich or famous and I intend to make their way there as painful for them as they make mine, I simply had to do this bit where it seems Politicians are always right when they say the wealthy stole their money unless they are the ones getting wealthy, so they pointed fingers at me and I got into gear to ensure each and every one of my actions were explained, now they want to share the profits as per what they see can be their own as well and I think they are bluffing. They will have to find another type of Politics, they had taken away everything that lets me tolerate them to get to this and tolerance is behaviour with an end result and a purpose attached as it were. It is not a waste of my time and I am not into harming myself; these fools love to handle people’s lives and possessions and find themselves amusing as they dream of tyranny and so I thought it would be best to set out an egalitarian capitalism that means when I have an idea we all gather like a family around the world and write it down and patent it which is why I like to write down and secure my market equity as well even though I would have liked to have money to put it into investment right away to be a good person thereof and avoid trouble but sometimes these guys need to be taught lessons or it will never improve, their civil and criminal disobedience is much too fond of putting peoples and property in bubbles where rules do not apply, all be it every time they want and then when done being as stupid and annoying as they are leave it in a very cowardly fashion for extremists and more times than not become collaborators at the end and make sense of their stupid socialism doing so – their behaviour now is exactly the same as it was during the second world war when goons like these would normally have made a career and history for themselves as collaborators; so I just felt I had to do this anyway, the reality about the way I see the world is that where these goons are concerned it is more like girl sees fashion icon and goes off to beg him for a chance to appear on his catwalk and he has to say such things as one chance only, if you impress me we will take it from there – these guys will see Adolph Hitler and go off to beg him for a chance to kill Jews and none Arians and then he will have to say the same kinds of things. They do say I am a coward spreading the problem around which is utter nonsense; truth and reality is that of a case of how the need to keep up your dignity for every 24/7 is the only way to ensure Industry goons messing around with your possessions does not pay off financially and the question of how you make it a reality for the millions that are suffering it; so I had to ensure the process included a means of making sure I am always ever being picked on and caused financial loss by civil rights idiots who claim they have trapped me and every move I make solves their problems, creating this Royal civil rights as such whereby they always knew the risks was that I will take it up and do it for them, become adjudicator between them and the tyrants that are oppressing them and so on and sort things out on a case by case basis but they were happy as always to take that risk, for instance telling me I am the coward that does not stand up to racists if I can feel there should be an egalitarian democracy system in the world instead and it’s the same story all around that they cannot leave people alone and my books therefore get no attention which is where they should spend most of their attention at all in the first place. So there is that question of how I actually feel people should be treated; it’s an old story about the fact good things do come to you and so does bad things get thrown at you and you must know exactly what to do with both in your own right, so that is the reason nothing they do seem to faze me as such but a confrontation is a confrontation and I have a Royal Estate because others cannot take it from me and the challenge with these idiots is that they can try if they wanted, otherwise they can see this isn’t where they exist, isn’t where they live.

It’s never really been an issue; it’s as though being Royalty means that they get to decide that whether or not you have any rights or form of existence of dignity will be decided by the mob crowd, so if you are not the kind of person that likes a funny accusation by stupid men and women seeking things they do not understand because lying in wait for other peoples blood makes them feel good to ensure a crowd gathers at your door all the time telling you of a debt you owe, it can fall out and blow up very easily but if you are, then you fall in love with them. For my part they do say they cannot really figure out what The Queen saw in me as such but of course they still have not got a cultural or social or political leader in their Country that is yet anywhere near my league as it were – so the case of the fact we are all British and its all allowed but people do not keep things all to themselves is still the state of affairs otherwise mostly the last time I checked the air was free and I have a Royal Estate because they cannot take it from me and can turn up to take it if they wanted; I have been pining for my own civil rights taking as well anyway, I mean they are terrified as it stands already that everything they spend time planning means they neglect all they should have been doing and that somebody else will grab it but they are still adventurous. I do get accused of trapping them besides people thinking it’s amusing when The Queen wants to know whose own I was using to get these things done but I don’t, what happens is that they think they control me to enjoy the same things Royal gets to from me as well and claiming I am nobody really helps that cause too, so it’s a collection of very twisted and clingy goons about whom just deciding what to do with the bad stuff they throw at you is never really good enough on account they love that their media bullying so much; it’s nothing unusual, you simply can sit in an office and get told Manchester is burning for instance and you want to know what is burning Manchester and it turns out these goons had access to your privileges and considered they had become warriors, so it produces a condition where you have a very low level of tolerance for them. It is never true I trap them as such; first of all their Politicians want to keep explaining the life that could have been to them as the part of my work they can cling to on media hoping for a day a ;Politicians will wave a magic wand and make it their own permanently and then the part they play as well is that of being seen getting recruited by Industry trouble makers who buy shares in peoples companies and recruit them claiming it is power – how that affects me of course is a story about my foul language and my foul temper neither of which I have when the reality is that it’s not a matter of if or how but a matter of when they will be enemies on one side while you have to deal with problems mostly created by them to add to ones that were before of recruiting customers that will keep you employed when you have a business on the other, so they always say it’s a matter of the history of where they have been but before then they will be milking the idea I have not got a chance in the whole world of protecting a Royal Estate from them. They do claim I have sabotaged my own security of course which is never true; what happens is a daily business of media being concerned with creating some rift between me and a Royal family member and it’s as though they have enough Royal Family for two weeks and then they will run the whole routine all over again; so the result is the costs having been calculated and we do not see them make adverts anymore these days but for me they will keep off my property equity as it were and generally stick to the rules; look but don’t touch the goods.

So it is said the Americans are a real issue for National revenue at this stage which of course is so because the Politicians really enjoy making out the UK is an extension of the US but apart from that there is no real threat from the US as its all villains doing what they do best and I have to control mine here at home when I don’t want to see them at the secret service and law enforcement messing things up; Mr Obama however is apparently free to let his own roam and use them as market advantage but it seems I am a nigger too, so I understand why some of the violent colloquialisms there are in the US do exist because these guys make a show of civil rights all the time due to the fact they are deviant and want to get rich abusing others and so you end up with this cases where they confront people with questions of what their rights are on peoples possessions and then it can go from there and will never stop unless they are dead creating more attention for civil rights and for more people do continue doing those things; so the US President loves to support it and I do not think he knows what he is doing for my part either. His Media goons say it’s the pressure I place on them and him as such; I say they can go fuck themselves and I mean that literarily, so when they cross me they have to know their size first before they start as it were; rules are there for a reason, they are there to protect the vulnerable and people are not vulnerable because of their physical endowments, they are because it’s a matter of when the abuses got to a stage where the final abuse happened; nobody here wants to talk with any idiot about what was what and how he was a psychopath and I understand they have a reason to be paranoid because I have set up women and equipped them with means of bargaining for their dignity with these fools who handle peoples earnings and pretend father figures and never ever listen to what they are told and the distress they are causing but that does not mean they will not have anything to worry about in terms of their villainy either – so naturally there is always this matter around the cases of those they push into the sex industry and so on and each time those liaise with my work, it must have meant I have hit rock bottom on that occasion and it is linked to them and the powers of Obama, so that is why they get mine all the time as well. It is ever such a baggage and they do not teach all these baggage at Church anyway – I cannot leave it elsewhere in which people are below me as it were, so I am sure they know what it means too, hence it is possible that if I am overwhelmed they will be free of any problems; in terms of which rules are there for a reason and people do not simply expect to break them and polish their image in public and sit about thinking they have somebody from whom extraction of power is guaranteed, then shake it off like Taylor Swift. So there is that question of what my motivation is which has always been rather simple; the Royal Estate Community has people involved and they are involved for the sake of the Community and it also has people involved and they are involved because it is in their interest for the office to do what it does and in case people had failed to notice these are all celebrities as it were – so there is talk of the power that Obama gives them but time and again it populates the pornography and sex industry so people can turn up to liaise with my work to make sex videos all the time.

It has never been an issue for me; I mean people took risks and got killed in the US over Policies that ran along these lines but these guy has got what they never did – what he is rather more interested in is killing my book sales to make me a deal I cannot refuse and its all now just a media and secret service game, no deals made yet, we have no reached that stage yet as it were, work in progress for the deals get made just like that as it were. So he has set out his Policies and what he wants to achieve at the White House and it is all about a set of beneficial arrangements that run along the lines of feel good factor for none white people and those who view existence the same way they do which implies that they can always get what they see other people have as such using civil rights – so the overrated Arch Prince whose finances they love to wreck is clearly in a place as planned where others can have his royal estate as well and they are in the mood to make deals and tell me I rob shoulders when I don’t have enough money to get in league with, wonder whoever on earth is playing with them around here as it were. I have never thought it was an issue; I mean they attended prestigious Universities and have lots of money in the Bank but they were not picked out of the general public given an Empire that they turn out to manage very well and put away as National treasure to liaise with Top levels of government offices to help them get things done while they tried to finish their academic work – whatever on earth makes them think they are my league when we can see everything they touch around here gets damaged while they make up their own version of what my books should have been and then gain from its contents anyway; same old story Arch Prince overrated until they are the Arch Prince and they have trouble being orated as well making me deals they cannot make.