I hear this case where my present situation is likely to be the death of me and it does not make any sense to me either; what people are complaining about is that I have left them with a public disposition where their whole lives are about work and nothing else, what I am complaining about is that I have to get up everyday to clear out practical jokes peoples have set out on National and International Media over not my Book titles as such but the very contents inside of it, rendering it non-sellable because they have media jobs and it was the same behaviour I dealt with when stepping outside of my door meant the way my existence affected others was being deployed for stock market trading, which got them chasing me up to academic institution and pillaging the academic work to tell me they are looking after their assets which clearly do not belong to me. So when I say it this way we find that the threats on Media get completely out of hand since it is full of idiots with an alliance that involves society fools driving around insulting saloon cars talking nonsense all over the place; so the first time I got into trouble was when they invaded my Court and then got to see me in my bedroom like the ladies do, to complain about their hurting bottoms after blabbing nonsense of how others are responsible since – then there was the bit about my Books being unjustifiable while they have never really addressed how a tramp that walks down the streets to pass subliminal messages about me which encourages people to dominate me spiritually first before I am allowed to do my academics and finances is the way they support the theory that they are famous, showing their intrusive nonsense whenever and wherever they can for it as well. The Books were never going to be written so as to be vulnerable to anybody’s stupid ideas about how democracy is not necessarily a moral thing and I have no idea why they behave as though it belongs to them because of that either. We even hear of Russian influence in Hollywood as though nobody knows the sexual context abuses that do intellectual property security better than proxy two faced British was Russian – the idea they are not supposed to comply when I want them off my property because they have wealthy Hollywood lifestyles that allow them chase me around and buy shares in companies that are involved with me to play up ‘to be or not to be’ questions at me like they are marrying me will not suffice; they are supposed to seek their equities from their savings and Mortgages, not my work or property. So in the end what happens when I have to deal with people building practical jokes over my Book contents and therefore respond by making sure their whole lives are about work is that they are the ones with a pay package and I am the one waiting for a patents margin to come through and if I were the one with the pay package they would not be experiencing the difficulties that I am, so it is a reality where things are going wrong because the stupid ones are doing well – I do not want people talking about my Books or making references to it or talking over it for any reasons whatsoever, all conversations and gimmicks are to stop as part of a process of getting them to buy their copy whether or not they were with me all the way as I wrote it, which was obviously the job that paid them the last time we checked; the theory I am going to get into trouble is that old gimmick of financially well of psychopaths whom nobody is having conversations with about the extent of the wickedness of some of their foolish cultural powers and I want them off my Books unless their names were written on it to give them legal rights of ownership like mine is as it were. So it has become serious enough for me to get propositions from Civil service and Media operatives, while there are signs my Publishers are starting to get involved with mainstream media in order to protect their interests; so we can see their idea that they can do anything about me is pure fantasy and nothing more than that but so can we see the only thing they have left which is the salary is for all irritations the reasons for the problems we are facing here especially with respect to the narcissistic popular culture and happiness it brings them; how do you get your head around the way that an idiot who wants to be selfish with your property and at your expense is wired? This is the question but I am rather fed up with it being answered over my earnings. So it is then said I am unable to be happy and of course I have haters at the Monarchy; both of which are wrong i.e. those who antagonised me at the Monarchy are no longer there but their behaviour still runs on Media leaving me feeling that I have two minders and one is the real thing while the other is insane and there is talk these days that its the same person – so those responsible need feel the other bits where Politicians sign the trade deals but when people trade its one and the same global market, while they build their wealth up at the Monarchy and tackle me because HM approves of my work. As for being a happy person however, I am a happy person and that was the problem, the intense pain and distress caused when society idiots do those I envy you get out of my face with your existence routine which gets rough every time they cannot understand that somebody does not wish to get involved with them because they want to have fun doing it. So it was never over with me; what happens is that I may have a Court member who has a relationship with stock market people, work with them on a small matter to prevent stock market misogyny as a means of trading for the business cycle and a male journalist will interfere and mess it up to get attention and so we have to put up with the abuses for the duration of the cycle waiting for the next to a make a change, while they issue threats if it affects them with that big mouth, the stupid ones are doing well etc. same as when some have business with mining community and I can never be on plan B tolerating their stupidities, always way down to plan G or plan H or somewhere around the area, same with those who get involved with the classical world that is actually more political than the Politicians themselves. So they say first that my behaviour needs be controlled but nobody knows how and then also that they hate my very existence as a person who imposes themselves on others when they are not educated enough for their position. In terms of the former, we understand their sense of behaviour being controlled is a foolish and abusive behaviour on their part which involves a process where I happen to complain about idiots building popular culture on my public image, only for them to get on media to pass around ageist insults that barricade me behind my door technically so the fools that are doing it might make me smell like my toilet constantly but the part that really bakes the bacon is that they have become quite convinced that no punishment awaits them for damaging peoples finances bearing in mind more so that it is their finances that gets to their heads enough to make them behave in such ways. For the latter however they were not teenagers or Children when I got a Royal Commission and their persecution of me and destruction of my finances and academic began when I had to go to the University to select a study course by which I can manage what it required me to do properly and it has continued ever since but there is not much to it as a whole anyway, they are worried I will sack their civil rights while they have no wish to stop damaging my academics and finances like we see them do all the time but it is the involvement with me that causes people to complain about me all over the world; community croons do it and they end up with queer society so we can find out if what happens when I rip up that stupid culture is that I get killed like their big mouths suggest, civil rights idiots handle me and I sack their Popular culture for it but I guess we are getting nearer the stage where these civil rights ageist will get their own as well, especially considering they have become very good at making money from work I have done, become quite proficient in avoiding a process of earning their money from what is actually the jobs that they do and we can all see what it means as well all together – so they like to say some people get involved with me and others cannot but so have I mentioned female journalists are a work Court but everybody can also testify to the fact that if a member puts up a post on social media and I re-share it, the prevalent sensibility is of their stupidities especially concerning excuses such as me not being educated enough for my position which is very annoying and various other nonsense about making me into what they were when they became the twisted and stupid ageist that they are today passing insults at me to boost their incomes at m expense at the same time; so their own is coming up really soon (it is as thought it is impossible to wallow in the Mud doing some farming one moment and then the next bathe, get dressed and go into the City to sign some papers, likewise impossible for an Arch Prince to deal with Culture and society trouble makers then have his public image thereafter and its not as if to say the least the Politicians who facilitated it were complaining on a global stage the last time we checked in the first place). They speak of how I play with peoples wives all the time which is apt since these are likely the most insolent fools in the whole world; I mean I am not their alternative and my personal life was never free for all, so I guess this is what it means. Usually the divorce becomes the last nail in the coffin but until then I am an Arch Prince stuck with financial difficulties that are due to peoples practical jokes on Media and insulting involvement with my concerns and the purpose of it is to see that I commit sins which then becomes what people want to follow me for and my dignity is no where to be found, so after 14 years of a Court system I cannot say a certain way is how it affects the members and their families and have nobody to invite if a relationship with a Member of the Royal Family becomes a Marriage.


They speak of how I do not understand what dangers I am in these days and I am not in any stupid dangers; what really happens is that the Liberals want to get me stuck with a disposition that exists between them and the conservatives so they have already set out a premise that suggests they have a right to decide how I exist and will make such a mess of it that the Conservatives will want to do the same as well. Its a simple matter of mathematics; how many Politicians we have in the Country and what happens to a person when they have become quite fond of abusive and exploitative behaviour with respect to a persons property and public image but these threats they speak of are something else that is running around as though I have not tolerated them enough just yet. The assumption they make is not just one of being able to tell what I am capable of as well, its one where people can do nothing about a condition in which their leadership blames victims when people are being bullied by them, it is also one of the notion that nothing will go wrong whatsoever as the bullying carries on unabated run by the most useless people in all the social classes while they live in a bubble that suggests majority of people in the Country are that useless; everybody knows these goons have no way of getting around with others especially those that are clever human beings, in a manner which is not violent, so people such as myself who are culturally aware always keep one eye on their need to get involved and get around with people who hold public Office and this is really all that Politicians have to threaten me with. Its not a crisis as such, its just the question of what they really think it means when they have seen something which does not belong to them legally; so we are here because they will have my work whether I liked it or not, to recover the global economy with, partly because they are Politicians and partly because they are real men but the reality is still that I am the guy they took advantage of to secure the industry connections that is now coupled with their government Office to corrupt them into the behaviour we see them exhibit today, blabbing nonsense at me as though I have not tolerated them enough so far. They were supposed to engage with consumers and find out what is going on in order to recover the economy not make my life hell, while their leaders get into a habit of blaming me for their bad behaviour – the leaders who handle and deploy my work without permission and so when I think it is an Honour because one way or another, by the time we retire, we always end up spending most of our time deciding how the Country works which means we are part of the system of running it all together, hence an honour for the leaders to deploy my work, an exception I may make over my legal rights but it is as though they need to make this statement that they were not deploying my work without permission because they wanted me to enjoy a sensation of honour, which is why I always get bullied by their media goons and subordinates while they blame me for it too without reason; leaves a question of what it deed is wrong with them and why also they need to stop being so stupid as to fantasise the dangers of government Office when it actually does not exist, as it is rather clear according to reality that there is really not much they can do about me. The other bit about people wanting to use me to make fame and fortune sits at the heart of this matter all together; when a person has some public Office they do have a certain amount of duty to look after the National frontiers which facilitate the things people experience when they come to the Country, the things that tell people what the Country is all about, the things that make it a pleasant experience for those who visit and their celebrated fools can continue to persecute me like they go to government office to spend things at their finger tips that let them control criminals and people who prevent them from fulfilling their civil duties on persecuting me because I attend church over a need to secure some self gratifying narcissism and talk rubbish about consenting adults at the other end if they wanted – when I rip up that stupid popularity and Celebrity culture permanently and it becomes a question of what they will do about me, then we will see how profitable that bad behaviour really can get too. It is really difficult to tell what the matter is with them all together but then safe to say that one will make them shiver again come the 5th of June; currently they continue to hate my gut because I have dragged them round in circles for the duration of their unbecoming behaviour 18 years targeting me to be precise and most of them now know they are no longer able to carry on with their lives as normal – so the purpose of that was to test the theory I was either going to get into trouble or I was going to suck up to them so they might have my public image for it. I do get told I spread around the problem which I do not; its my problem and I really wish that when it so applies that each time I take a look at the photo of a Celebrity or a portrait of the Queen and my eyes hurt and I feel sore all over because somebody took pictures of celebrities and fashion models on my public image and it became a collectors item which facilitates processes of money laundering and I thought they should lose the connections because they will never listen when I say I do not want it done, it does not turn out on Media as well, while people goad me over their conveniences and drag me out of my studies with it to sit around reacting to the stupidities of society and we see the same with the Politicians as well who always need to talk with people over me passing about insults that are so vicious and abusive they split up my personality and allow the society goons to chase my anus before I get told I am unaware of the dangers because I think its small stuff; people simply will not get involved with me for my Books and not to use me a shield for problems that come with a job that have ensured has become a problem for them as well all together; so its queer society and cracked up out of my league and damaged popular culture and I am looking to handle the ageist as well. They do like to say I will never be free of them which is utter nonsense; all we have here is a group of people that have persecuted me until it set out a public state of affairs on one more evil and twisted ways in which another human being can be handled, complete with statements about how it is okay if done to a few and not the majority – so I have gotten them stuck with me until they are no longer able to do anything useful with their lives, so they are supposed to blab people having had their lives wrecked and will come to me with a wrath and a right and a might. Like we hear them claim I am just a child who gets out of bed everyday to think about food while reality goes beyond the need to fancy state provided security when they want to avoid working for money at the expense of those who have public engagements, otherwise usually Women and Religious people become the subject of relentless attack – very stupid individuals who just appear to need the leadership all of the time while we can see that people are not necessarily holding back on it all together; this stupidity usually comes to a peak when they have become used to deploying the lives and work of those they enjoy passing insults at to boost their incomes and one may know that using the sales army of big businesses to crush all that insanity that wants to oppress somebody with tribalism it cannot afford garnished with savings that is not enough for them anyway is a bad thing but it still seems as though it is the only exit at this stage. They love to speak of difficult situations I am in but whereby its all a case of some society idiot having entangled themselves to me playing out some stupidity concerning which career he destroyed or nearly destroyed, yap yapping untouchable until he is properly touched as it were.


So we hear this case ever so often, that we are insulting in the UK, I tend to experience all the time this process where idiots with Media and Celebrity jobs need to mediate on my behalf all of the time overseas and so I suppose if they are the ones passing around the publicity on insults I am good as it will eventually get around. Otherwise the main case still remains that it is just not possible to leave my career and return to pick it up as I left it, first because they think it is not up to me and also because I am Royalty who has duties to the Church that maintain public and political stability and there are certain corner stone teachings about humility that makes me particularly vulnerable to them, which have of course recently been unproven as a theory. Every time they perform an abusive behaviour it concerns being bigger than I am, getting on my public image to make me smell like my toilet everywhere I go and its about double up the effects of their bullying because I am a humble person with no need for ego and show off and the outcome is lots and lots and lots of narcissistic provocation developed towards a process where each time Celebrities or journalists get paid, the need to taunt me and use the money to control me is what damages my Book sales and then I am left wondering how I explain to anybody that my issues happen when they deploy my equities and I ensure their whole lives is about work, so this business of narcissistic provocation over their incomes kick in to ensure that my biggest problem is the fact they have got salaries. Then there are the very respectful money mad civil rights women as well; what it has missed was a process of having babies on my public image so that the babies might feel safe and it means every other thing the idiots do with my work and property adds up to a need to handle the warehouses and mock me like a child they are taking any from, a child who is their biggest asset and should not be made any wiser than they have made him and so on, looking for trouble all the time considering it is an unprecedented level of vandalism and property destruction and then they have some civil rights movements and feminism to show for it too covering their tracks. I do not think it is a disaster, I am actually thinking about persecuting celebrities and journalists as well, you know, building my own group behaviour over doing so, just as I mentioned earlier i.e. how do I tell anybody that the fact somebody else has a salary is the reasons I am dealing with financial difficulties – so I have to do the warnings first; I do not want them addressing me any more, playing up those narcissistic routines every time they have been paid and I would like their cowardly stupidities to stop making deals with people overseas on my behalf for good measure. So I get get asked if I think it is okay to provoke people overseas which is utter nonsense; I do not provoke them – they follow up the stupidities of the ones from the UK who think an Arch Prince cannot rent a room in a bad neighbourhood if he thinks it will help him resolve an issue because they will celebrity stupidities confiscate his public image and public life for it and their own is the very insulting one where you feel as though it is cold but your jacket is being pulled off you and after you had suffered enough when the jacket was pulled off your body, you find out the cold was because they opened up the freezer and there was no real cold and hence you cannot tell anybody what they have done while they become very fond of it – their involvement with others is violent and abusive and hard and unforgiving and very insulting, then it builds up to the superior neighbourhoods versus inferior neighbourhoods they are well aware is not the stuff an Arch Prince fancies, which means if I do anything somebody somewhere will pick it up as a tool to look down on other people by and grows right up to the part where they tell me I expect to sit in the UK and sell Books while they are the local celebrities else where but the UK in the world: this is then picked up by the idiots who start all these insults on media in the first place and who will then get jobs as CEOs in companies I broker equities with, when done thinking its about putting barely dressed women on luxury locations to build up ideas of what important people do not have, my equities will be the thing that gets destroyed every time they show up on media or happen to handle the products and so they fundamentally need to own my public image and cannot stop getting on it to make me smell like my toilet, issue those stupid threats and blab nonsense about insults; so as I said, they are building publicity for the insults thing and it is bound to come around; its still the same problem – they handle my Books, wreck my academic work and I make them live in a disposition where their whole lives is about work and they get the salaries anyway and set out to control me with it and this is what damages my Books, developing fast into something that will no longer be looked at in terms of career and big picture but more in terms of person and damage; its never up to them what happens with my career, never up to their cowardly selves where I leave it and when I intend to pick it up again; this is the UK. So they say I do not seem to see that I am being bullied but I do see I am being bullied, I just do not see where those that are doing it are creating an effect as such – its a collection of very stupid individuals who appear to need the leadership that is not being denied them all together, right up to a stage where the lives of those they get it from comes to a stop and we see them speak of how I have everything making reference to my public image as per when I have engaged myself in some activity that exerts me, I cannot bathe, get dressed and go anywhere with them around having needs, then they claim nothing is stable or definitive any more on my account while reality is still that I dropped out of University in 2008 because their Politicians thought it was a good idea to bring them back into my life after I got rid of them before I turned 17, so got rid of them at 16, dropped out of University at 28 and it is going to carry on like that for the foreseeable future as far as they were concerned. They love to brag about it and its all they needed anyway; I leave University, they spot their opportunity and show up around my concerns to decide they would rather get killed than not screw with me, so I am wondering if what people are now going to spend all their time on is restoring the stupid cultures and societies every time I rip them up as well. The Media ones simply cannot keep their mouths to themselves all together and assume those rights endlessly; other parts of the world would see them fight for their lives because really stupid ignorant society goons had a habit of getting involved with people at Government buildings because their jobs facilitated fame and fortune, so I am now being persecuted by the Media because I am able to protect myself from these trouble makers whose only sense of involvement with clever people is one of violence; apart from the story of their need to show up around my concerns and ensure that when I read the Bible which is the main reason they persecute me so, where leadership is the matter, I never get followed, only when I fornicate do I get followed because they will raise some publicity for it and now it has reached a point where I am sitting in my Arch Princes office thinking about financial constraints and a processes of selling my Books to solve them and we find every idiot that gets on my public image to make money they cannot account for and make out they were famous in the process wants to make that difficult, then make references to my public image as a right that they have been denied with that big mouth. So it is apt these fools has stopped fantasising being persecuted for working on Media lest they end up having their wishes granted all together; they have always been just as stupid as the culture and society goons I come across all the time, hence I am not actually like they think, sitting down somewhere wondering when the fools had turned. I do get told I talk about it but never really do anything and of course it is pointless to drop out of University because Politicians think people who spend time on class A drugs among other insanity should be spending time with you as well, never mind the fact that those that are educated spend all their time fooling around until they look like characters people want to take jobs from and then the whole bullying thing that brings the financial benefits is made up as they go along i.e. in my case it started with the fact I turned up at Church and then they realised that Politicians and Industry fools were willing to give them money for it and so it meant they could keep at it driving around those insolent cars with a body language that fundamentally says they want my career and my personal life and my family life all the time whenever they are not complaining about me and expecting support from the entire community for it as well, it had since grown into one about how the Law is an Ass that allows the weak do whatever they please while the strong are unable to be themselves, so once they find they can continue the bullying to satisfy the narcissism while there is a type that will reward them financially, I find it difficult to locate what benefit people who have worked with it suppose there is if I did anything about it. In the end I just want to sell my Books not spend time working out bad ways in which people who are taller can be treated to a stage where there is a state of affairs that sets it out as a sub culture like they love to pass their insults at me to create but it is simple for them too at the other end ; they keep off my Books and stay away from my Public image as I am one of their concerns. They say I am a bully as well and I am not a bully at all; we see it everyday that my 24 Hours are usually spent on somebody else's gratification on Public places and the Celebrities and their Media are particularly guilty of the need to be so successful they are given the right to handle and discipline me by society every day – apparently happens when that condition applies where a certain ethnic group feel they are better than others and some on the media have ideas about how to make the inferior ones react and so on but it has come to a point where they are complaining that I stop their fame which of course I do so that when I need to be listened to I am as well; we still hear them speak of some bad behaviour on my part that is worthy of discipline of course and like I say when I meet like stupidities on the streets, they nearly got me but for a thing or two and yap yap yapping is killing me yet. Its the same behaviour that has never changed in a long time; when they say I have no Royal Office, it makes a mockery of everything I have worked for and sets the stage for them to make money getting on the Public image, when they say somebody else wants to be the Arch Prince and has set out society fools to chase my private parts, it has this effect where the general idea is that it is what my existence has become. In the end they say the Media is a difficult thing for me to handle while reality is that their range is the fact people in the third world watch them on terrestrial TV and so each time they provoke people it quickly develops into a matter that involves humanitarian activity, we have been getting ample opportunity to see which part of Gods gift to this Country they are while those women have been provocative to their limits showing up around peoples product stock to play parental roles and practical jokes that involve deceiving children who have great things so the parents can enjoy them and so on, can only continue until I handle their own as well I suppose, considering its no joke making a habit of damaging peoples finances to blab about missing an opportunity to have babies on the public image of your victims so your children who will clearly act just as stupidly might feel safe. They do speak of me being lost and mystical which is utter nonsense; I was a happy and content person and then I got involved with Church activity which made me even more so and then I got a Royal Commission thereafter as well; so if they do not believe in God this is enough to show my personality is not a product of sleeping with peoples wives like their community croons have claimed. They do say I play around with peoples wives which is utter nonsense; I don't, what happens is that they are always passing those insults that mean people are getting beaten up by somebody they got married to, either because they have a camera to train on people or they were male colleagues, so I am fed up with paying the price if they want to accuse somebody in order to behave differently, besides which what happens is that Mum of three kids is being chased around by Lesbian for instance among many others and then they get involved with me which they do most of the time for their children but before it turns out that way my dignity has now completely vanished; I would say my Court is not free for all and they need to get out of it, bear in mind that not doing so will progress the matter to a stage where people lose jobs for addressing me but it would never be enough so we have to look at making them enough trouble to get them paying attention to the job in hand i.e. every extra thing they do to make spare cash will always be for Celebrities and Journalists, the means by which they avoid paying attention to the job and the means by which others will have nothing that looks like normalcy. An example of this insanity is what I see happen in my direction on the streets all the time; somebody bangs the car door on my bottom is a gesture, the reason is that I have not had a shave and that deters well to do women from the City who show up to buy his products and I am lost as per what connection there is either with my shave or the banging car doors on my bottom with well to do women showing up from the City to buy products and so it appears the business of getting those big companies to crush some small ones because I am very busy with consumerism was a bad thing to do but now looks like the only exit I have got. Its never a crisis for me as such, every 24 hours of mine seems to be spent on the ugly parts of other peoples jobs where I feel as though the clothes on my back are bing pulled until they are pulled off to make me feel naked and then others can feel covered in that way ; we especially see it concerning Celebrities and the Fashion Industry and all I want them to do when finished with the insults is to keep the secrets and be famous because if I see any of it considering the effect is that my every 24 hours gets spent insultingly on the ugly parts of whatever jobs they have which gets to their heads, I will take action that is better than the beating up women and doing something violent bits, I will use their own until people hear them complain about me as well – they usually do it because they perpetually feel as though they want a slave that is Royalty, for all the things they are indebted to, they want Royalty that is indebted to them as well.


I am said to interfere with things I know nothing about all the time but likewise we know it is work and study time that is being taken from me and doing so happens to be the only way these goons get to understand why they should not; they do make those excuses about how I come up with ideas that suggest the many brave things men should be made to do of course but its all feeders and time wasters and I really fancy the Americans as well; for those, get them off tackling anything that looks British and they tackle women instead, get them off tackling women and they invent new things such as these, the tackling of those who invent reasons men should be made to do brave things for instance. I do not think it is a crisis; simply the fact if not all persons at the Banks and Stock Markets are friends of theirs, it is deductible by any normal human being that there is significant Mathematically discernable probability that some are friends of mine; so it seems if I do not have those things that enable me fight for support that people can deploy to make money and leave an inheritance for their children, I will have no friends but if I protect it I will have no money and it is a stupidities that is far exceeding its own limits and needs to spend a bit more time with its mates as it were – so we are getting nearer the point where they will lose the job in return for addressing me. I do get told that exposing the reality of affections Celebrities have for me puts them in jeopardy but I am not aware that is the case anyway; we all know the Lesbians want to deploy processes of provoking me to learn how I react as a means by which they teach themselves to fight instead of turning out a cracked up out of peoples league all the time but be it even that this is a process of showing they love me more than the Celebrities, it is a Royal Order they are playing with and as processes of showing such feelings go this is not it – their case does not bother me in anyway, if they do it again especially the blacks, they will feel me again as well. Point being that I can expose any existing affections I share with a Celebrity any time that I want to. It simply reaches a stage where it matters to take a stand with respect to the damage all that stupidity does which they claim depletes the number of clever successful people to make way for idiots to taste some success as well and to ensure they found their mates to spend their time on instead. I understand they say I am in a mess and the way to get out of the mess is to deal with the problem that I am facing and it is utter nonsense; it is the same problem about which people think the law is an ass that looks after the weak so that the strong might never be themselves, the same about which Politicians search me for years claiming I am planning to make money from their Political lives without permission, then get off deploying anything they find around me that has nothing to do with me, wreck my finances and career and get up on media to blow off big mouthed threats at me even when they know very well that I am not afraid of them – it is the same problem whereby it is not a matter of democracy or the absence of it that the law decides what happens with society and not a House of Lords full of society deciding what the Law should be which applies to society; now I will be made to solve problems when I do not want to if their bottom hurts, after 12 years of persecution and vandalism because I was solving the same problems. Its not that I have stopped as such, I am just going to do it on a case by case basis and each time I am taken advantage of, spend even more of their time taking them back to square one so that patents might mean something to them and when they see property that does not bear them legal name, it might mean something in the same way as well. I do get told I am not innocent in the matter which I am not; they are always making a mess of me and now I have made a mess of them the various ethnic minorities do not fancy each other because they are always making a mess of themselves and the whites who want to play them like cards are a mess as well and cannot do it, so the last time I checked they had developed a preoccupation of trying to make me into a generous person that shares what I do to clean myself up with everybody while they cling to my public image as well which of course is an escalation, makes me determined to find out how they plan to make me. Its not a complicated matter as such, we all know that otherwise the Politicians will be just people who won elections and that this business of deploying peoples work to look good in public and stirring up some feeding frenzy on it to issue threats and blab about what it is and where it is coming from lest the coward responsible continues to get away with it is not part of what they are supposed to do and they are aware it is futile too as I am not afraid of them. I have mentioned this matter is a simpler way before i.e. they say I am creating a lot of instability but whether that is true we can all agree that these goons will continue to threaten and attack others on account that they need money and I am determined they can threaten my own again if they wanted; so for now the damage they are doing comes from very unlikely sources of abuse i.e. humour – the Military is funny, the Law enforcement is funny and I working an intellectual property administration business after a history of not fancying people peddling my faith and personal life and public image am the most ridiculous of them all, so its all humour and those who ask what they are doing with it all would not fancy the answer to such a question – it would make them terribly angry if I told them these idiots are using all these destruction for sex – which then gets to make sense of people like me who identify racism as a form of lottery for those who do it i.e. things we suppose is safe to do with it really is not safe at all, adding up to a crime on my part whereby I have everything I own and do completely destroyed to build a side that I must chose from, talking more stupidities at me on media as well because their bottom hurts. So the business of making a mess of people while being a real man that gets by without peoples making a mess of you has come to a head now; I am now the real Man but there is so much disrespect for me that there is a plan to make me generous, hence the need to see how they will too. It is turning out like it should; where they show up here to do these things and realise as they go along that they can extract an income from my public image doing it all together; which means they satisfy their narcissism, then they speak of consenting adults and homosexuality as well to tell me it is better for me to be gay than for there to exist a war on my account rather than stop it if they see it is causing me difficulty. I do get asked when I would suppose this problem had been solved and its the same case where they need to lose everything they can handle in order to make fame and fortune, without which others have no normalcy and the same job that gets to their heads and makes them such a handful of bullies will never get attention from them as well. Those who say I have lost everything at Industry are just as good too i.e. they never accept what it means is that my whole empire has now become a massive male benefit since the last time they started showing up here to select women to get around with like they were preserving their stupid genes at my expense; in the end it becomes obvious that when the government does not wish to tackle the playboy vandalism we have to deal with in this Country, people need to look after themselves privately and yes they always say I am a war monger which is utter nonsense – first of all which the same principle applies to the Politicians and media and Industry Goons, when they know if they killed an Elephant you will never rest until a major coffee chain has been closed down too, when they know felling an ancient tree means you will never let go until a sky scrapper has been emptied as well, it ceases to be a threat and yes in terms of the war, that would be the one where everybody has gun and wants the goons who keep going on about respect for millionaires to join the gang as well having decided they will die one way or the other, fighting side by side or on opposite sides, so I am lost as per why those who are not moral people but want to be given the right to discipline others like to think that war is such a trend if they blamed it on me; its not about war, its about sex and they are about to complain again over the sales of the Books they love to abuse this time all together. Its about making their money important you see but the outcome of this business of getting up on media to abuse my work and destroy my income so theirs might provide them with power has not been overlooked because I am unable to handle people who destroy my property and especially for the Celebrities it is getting very serious indeed – I hear the problem is that I have a sexual habit I need to justify which is utter nonsense – if my sexual habits went right up to the top for example and was about the Queen the question will still be that of why they are always keeping the Queen in the dark about things and when the Queens decisions are never important; we are all here yet again because of a life threatening issue on which She has provided leadership which others have not respected and now I am the scapegoat on course to build my own problem for those who make me into one as well – it begs the question of what they are saving it for and suggests that this whole business or sexual habits people are to be punished for without substance is the reasons they never ever follow HM decisions. Then we rather hear most of the time that I am an unworthy candidate for my position as well; while they have such a flawed sense of right and wrong they cannot even make laws in the Houses of Government where they work as elected leaders, what is more is the question of what crimes they did commit themselves to deserve the society that is now split between Law enforcement and criminals and normal people – I am certain I committed none for my part. It all feeds into the Russian debacle where there are other Eastern European Countries that want to perform a part that is similar to our Alliance with the US, so one has to ensure they spend so much time on it and then at the end take up even more of their time turning off the taps as we can see its all about power and those stupid insults where they will not be denied satisfaction with a big mouth; as mentioned earlier, they say I create instability but we can all agree these goons will always threaten people because they need money and when they threaten my own it will be another debacle in its own right concerning the fact none is to peddle my faith and none is to peddle my personal life and none is to peddle my public image – I am in the fight of my life obviously because I deny people such things with their big mouth and it will all remain just a fantasy as well. As I said, its about sex and the abusive behaviour does not apply to my Books or public image or faith or personal life these days any more directly, it applies to my websites which is my livelihood and the only means by which I keep a relationship with a Member of the Royal Family alive; so we can see what it means as well i.e. they are still handling it. The case about being threatened by Labour Party Politicians sits at the heart of this; I have never seen such a disorganised Political system in my life and certainly never seen one that is so convinced that other people are the problem – I mean we see Tyranny at work but it is a professional sense of Politics never the less, I am talking about a party which leadership has become completely incapable of controlling its own Members and then set about giving them an impetus to locate people they can attack for conveniences at will, Tony Blair started it and ran it off for 9 years, now what we have a lot of the times is that if a slim built git from the train station chases your bottom it is Jeremy Corbin's Influence. The threats are good but in my view its a self promotional stunt put together by a collection of goons who want promotion they have never earned and I am not sure they are prepared even to deal with it as a conversation while I have to deal with all those stupid threats and whether I will likely get into trouble with their families story that comes with it; all I can say is that when I do tear up the party itself all together, I suppose the outcome will be first of that they will catch me and then after that they will do all kinds of things to me as well. People do ask if I am aware the Labour Party is linked to Russia these days and I am aware of it, the old case of what exactly their business with an Arch Prince's Office really is, why they cannot keep off it, their foolish Children running around with a disobedience and a greed and a need to handle other peoples insultingly and violently a tribalism they have no money to support and who will likely build the stability that they are complaining is inexistent when their main preoccupation is still the Office of a Royal Personage. I do get told the main problem is that I need to get rid of the sexual habit and I have no sexual habit; its the rock bottom that hits a single Man when things are not getting done, only becomes a habit when he remains single while the situation persists for too long and I do not see how insults and threats while people make good their disobedience that lets them make money by bulling me from the Labour party will likely resolve the problem; it is the reason I think the main problem we have in this Country are the things people can handle to secure fame which really should be a lottery lest people are unable to select and experience the best talents. This feeds into the other facts that I spend too much time with women while what I do with women is a well calculated plan to ensure that if I have a Royal wedding coming up, I can avoid inviting any abusive black people and invite people I have met on the internet and Television instead, so as to ensure I do not have to deal with any more of this nonsense without losing a grip on the Office and yes they do claim I am lowest of the low but sometimes the greatest do those things that may suggest they are, like when I watch Pornography and then make a statement that I did while I kept a Royal Office at the same time and others cannot do it as well. The point is that I am in a relationship with the Daughter of the Duke of York and have been for over a decade, all I do is designed to ensure I am able to serve Her and Her Family as most we see her do is designed to serve me, not least when people complain about the consequences of intellectual property breaches but I will not have a relationship when these financial matters persist on account these practical jokes around my Books do not seem to abate no matter what and so those responsible will not be free of wrath as well. So their main case these days is that I can never say that Trump is racist, I have a behaviour of calling a spade something else but as far as I am concerned it does not matter, the black abuse me in racial ways than the whites themselves, so in my view Trump is not yet racist enough to be called racist. With respect to the threats I am wondering what they will do when I do not say that Trump is racist anyway, they need to have it sorted out, stop bothering me; in the end I suppose they have got lots of things set aside which will prevent me from beating them up as well when I feel I am being physically threatened over that need to express some society or group or clique power in the work place which is either always supposed to cost me what I am thinking about or cost me my income, otherwise it would matter if they kept it firmly shut and kept away from my Book and public image thereof. I understand this will never happen of course as far as they are concerned but so will the situation remain as it is i.e. Me and my Court systems and a process of controlling them publicly as well – feeds into where the Politicians stand in the matter i.e. they have always thought it a good idea to bring the rascals into my personal life and that is why we have had this case where I want them off my Books and public image on one hand while they can confidently tell everybody they are better off than I am on the other, they are better off than I am because it punishes the Politicians as well, it helps me make sense of stupidities that involve people who behave in a way that suggests they show up at academic institutions to pick out a kid and cause the child setbacks not for 6 months, not for 6 years but for a decade and a half, building a public state of affairs out of how they want to behave towards the kid over his personality; so it is completely deserving of the punishment as there are few things in this world which are that stupid as it were. For me its a matter of having found something else to fill in the loss of my academics and the fact I simply cannot be happy with it on account of the perverted sense Politicians have of how to behave towards something that does not belong to them legally; so I have become rather fond of this process of taking them back to where they started while they and their media goons make the money, which allows us to live in a world that is poorly because it can be explained away on such realities as the stupid people among us doing well financially. I do get told my problem is that I do not wish to keep away from the Celebrities which is utter nonsense, its like when they say I am lowest of the low and it will make sense too when I conduct some prostitution that is supposed to hurt their bottoms – of course it would not be real prostitution but the effects will be just as good anyway; personally I have no idea why these guys always think it is a worthwhile activity to show up on peoples lives dressed up to make people think they are clever organisms but are bloody idiots abusing those they make use of to boost their incomes and blabbing what trouble I will get into if I do not help them label somebody as racist, whether or not the persons really are. I am not lowest of the low; what happens is sitting in a half priests office after driving my finances to the ground to ensure I am certain my Book writing which I could have given away to help people know what I know has become my livelihood, which also of course disputes that stupid theory on media that I am disrespectful of those who are financially successful, whereas its a matter of the financially successful that I actually want. So its the same as the claim I cling to Celebrities while reality is that they just had to wreck everything for me because they had media at their disposal and I am a young single moral person – now my whole life is about sex and they do not want their own to be about putting a name to their faces because of their jobs, it was a little mutual respect issue and that will never come from them which is fine by me as well. The other celebrities I get along with are the ones that do this routine of picking up everything that bothers me and then doing something about it but not in a real way, so when people take pictures of it and put that on the internet it sort of adds to this sense that it is in their interest I am a happy person, I then have to respond when my unhappiness affects them by showing them I am actually happy and the claim I am not is really a myth kiss kiss. The rest are not famous at all, just people with really bad history, so the more attention they collect for themselves is the more publicity is brought to bear for the bad history but they never wish to be famous on the basis of what they did with the bad history, they want to be famous on the basis of getting off the bad history to claim another persons public image with Media and popular culture, which is simply a more publicised form of very bad history. I do not know what I have done to create them this incentive they have that there are places where I would not say what I am saying as such, since we all know its usually a process of picking a fight with people they have never met, then making sure it affects lots and lots and lots of people in between followed by a media salvation they will not keep in peace; this apparently as a whole then produces a behaviour where it will drag me out of University and work experimenting on whether or not it has the power to oppress people which it would like to, the same way their Politicians get Unions and Civil service to persecute me because they need my personality, which it really difficult to recover from academically and financially but then show up in public to make out its all my fault as well, get me all stuck in the deviance they have chased up and gotten stuck in themselves and then their whole lives in public places after that will be about how much I annoy them because I am neither good at the deviance nor am I good at the moral things, the outcome being this process that only takes from me the time for study and the time for work, which is the most important of all the times I have set out in the first place. So for the Politicians it becomes a matter of threatening me and ending up with this process where I get the society and culture trouble makers who get involved with clever people by violence to learn the way their jobs work and they have since not had the imagination to use them as tools for fulfilling those threats as well, never ended up as badly as it looks with a goon getting off the gangs and crime to join the military and one day have an idea about how the Country should be governed by the Gun to make their insanity look a bit more serious than they think it is. I have no problem with these matters, its just my whole life is about them on one hand while on the other they like the insults of the Media because the Media is successful like they are which I am not and soon after we find I will get into trouble if I had failed to say that the US President is racists which of course I will not as well to see how deep the rabbit hole goes. It seems to be a good replacement for the other part where they have chased up a Book I wrote concerning matters The Prince of Wales was chasing to the detriment of the Monarchy that he was meant to govern which I intend to sell for a living as well and then used it to create this provocation that will get the Prince of Wales telling people to sort me out, while they think I should stop what I am doing when they continue to look as though they are onto it again i.e. that I need to do something about Liberal trouble makers in America or they will do it for me and their reason being that I am stupid enough to stop them from doing anything they wanted with my public image; so to be fair, they can teach their children all those insults if they wanted, when I find another picture on the internet of a making money on my public image to put the feet up on a beach and pass insults at me, it will remind me once more of how I dropped out of University as it were. The insults about being a bum and a dunce is nothing new, it will always lead down the path where their sex lives is mechanical and they have to tell each other how to lie down so they might just have a fuck, there is therefore no way I will know that with those stupid abuses showing up around my concerns and each time I have to deal with them, the fact they have not got it to push me into the sex trade will be the foremost thing on their minds and it will progress towards a really bad end gradually. The general idea is that I am not meant to behave in such ways toward children and young people but I would not know anyway; these are not children and young people that are prepared to do anything that will affect other human beings the way that God intended, so write a Book and they will not be content with either reading the preview or buying the copy as much as they know how to manipulate you and secure all the information without reading the tedious Book or paying for their copy, so talk of me being lowest of the low or a dunce is blabbing that will get them into the kind of trouble which if I persisted will make them damaged goods as well. I do get told this is what racism is but that is not important, what is important is that Politicians and all their git especially the ones that show up on Media, need to keep off my Books and all other property, even more so as there is nothing that they can do if I had refused to say that Donald Trump is racist. On one hand they say I do not know when to stop which is a matter of the fact they are always after the part of my Book that have to do with publicity raised for the work I did in it, the part that says I would normally have given it away but I worked on it and deserve some payment, the part that says the contents have a phenomenon to it because there was work done for the facts stated and each time I tell them off, I am abused on media and then insulted and then threatened and then laughed at, so it apparently got serious when I started emphasising my point strongly. The other story is that its all bad Communist influence and we all know Communist influence is usually not as bad if people are not spending all their time on Media making a mess of the life of single moral male as in my case and it feeds into the story of why the Politicians ended up in the matter as well i.e. when they say everybody wants to run the Country and if allowed will make money on the public image the Politicians have to work hard to build, it means if I am seen spending time on my computer and it is assumed I want to make money on their Public image, I do allow people see what I am writing but since they saw mine, we can see where it has landed me as well; now when I tell them off my Books, they threaten me and laugh at me and then get much much worse, soon after their local git pick up on my diet and then the bullying intensifies when they have not had a good time themselves. Its a regular point of talk that I am deserving of punishment of course, which is an old story – very rich coming from people who have cleared out their bad behaviour image so others do not think they deserve it but then again, I can spend 3 weeks indoors and once I step outside my home thereafter I am deserving of punishment already; they said they liked to make me smell like my loo because they were such Manly Men it would never happen to them, now it seems they were wrong; its an extreme form of stress obviously, mine starting from when their media fools had a need to make me reactive over my faith and not proactive, so that I may develop a tendency to be religiously violent, which progressed to the wrecking of my academic work, needing the whole civil service and parliament to show I am cursed and now the need to chase up my Book sales income every day – in their case the theory has always been that when I wreck the culture and society I will die. So they claim I am always running away from a fight while their need to start a fight and black mail people with classical and public hostages and lots of power leverage based blackmail that makes people sick to the stomach with Industry insanity and Political madness and media insults is the reason this business of not giving people a false hope has become so important and by the way of which they are the masters of false hope because they are villains, they get into a fight they will never win because they are improving their Public profile and we all know what happens when they had become other peoples masters on Media and in Politics if it isn't the bit where they lead people up to very difficult situations and then abandon them: it feeds into the case of me serving Americans and they will never be free of it as well in the same way I am never free of the effects of being pushed into crime so I might be rehabilitated out of my personality that more important people need, the way out is when I take a holiday from their insanity and recharge my batteries, which they always claim is a self service and nothing to do with the State while reality is that I had worked the Estate in such a way that it as cost effective for government and self sufficient but they have since had a problem with the bills getting paid and I am not the one complaining about serving Americans either. They always say I am screwed anyway and I would not know, somebody has to be screwed in their view all of the time but the reality remains in my case however that they have no means of stopping me from preventing European business people running around areas of British Monarchy influence to make money and rip up my Estate, we all know that creating any such measures will be counterproductive as well – in the end, as I have mentioned before, there is no business person on this planet that gets hurt because the government had set out public policy on the economy save the ones that set up parameters for hurting people which they claim is a livelihood and its all good teaching their children those insults they love to teach them so much, if I see any fool making money and putting the feet up on my public image it will remind me of how I dropped out of University and their problem with start again from the very beginning – like Europeans are free to make money anywhere in the world without damaging my Books but chose not to do it without damaging my Books, they are free to do their own thing that involves getting around picking those stupid abusive people that only have a violent way of getting involved with intelligent people, running off a tribalism they cannot financially support all over the place, it is their freedom, they need to stay off my Books and my Finances, neither of the two are legally their own. Its never true I have nasty surprises for people either; this is a structure that exists to support the stock market operatives and the large company board members that are friends and allies, so we are here for the fact that it is none of their business and also because they love to play games.


Its like when they say one moment that I am a female Man who thinks he can run other peoples lives while reality is that some Men decide matters of violence on the basis of how many people can sit around that stupid culture that causes so much problems to pass exams in school and we can see they have had their fill of making trouble and are now out of their depth for it as well, justice served – as for the tale of me simplifying everything about my Office, there is no such thing – its the same case where looking at these goons or even prostitutes as people while holding public Office is virtually impossible, that said of which it is not a feeling that you should act on since when the prostitutes have a problem and want to approach Law makers they will likely have told you where and when they want to be looked upon as human beings – there are some exceptions I make however which lets me look at the pornography they make for the purpose of the evolution of criminal activity where if I start to look on them as human I will start to enjoy the pleasures they are offering therefore I do not but I have to especially concerning the priestly part of my Office, keep an eye on the number of media people create and set up in public places concerning whether or not I have been having sex. It adds up to these goons being the same old kinds of people where it will likely get serious enough for them to get around a public orgy which has something to do with another losing a Royal Office, then it will start to make sense about all those reasons that some people should not be seen as human beings, especially the insulting and abusive ones – so when they do those orgies it becomes the beginning of a response that has a tag on it which says they are human too and people can therefore breathe the free air if they had a cosmetic freedom to shoot off incredible insolences with all of the time. It feeds into that case I have heard for sometime now i.e. that people have spoken to the Police about hurting me with knives which is nothing new; these are very stupid individuals and we are all trying so hard not to feel like kicking it while it is trying to climb onto public transportation for example, it needs to stop blabbing rubbish that adds up to attacking me because I grab all the attention for instance among other beeline stupidities that adds up to a reason and then reach a stage where a Kitchen Knife would make sense, again and again and again, letting it build up all over the place with that big mouth. Their civil rights does not look like that, they do not know who I am and I have not a clue who they are, we are not friends or mates, we do not know each other and I am sure they can understand when I make it clear I want nothing to do with them as writing and selling Books is a difficult task much the same as the study and little activities concerned with employment on the side lines, I dropped out of University over their stupidities in 2008 and we are now in 2018 – there is nothing preventing me from starting a campaign from their insulting parents who cannot let others share a work space without dealing with the evils of their society all day long and find out if they will not likely play stupid games with me and get killed while I stay out of prison for it as well thereof. Everybody else except these scum understand that it is pointless carrying a machine gun on your shoulder while another has a converted air rifle with a periscope and two bullets just for you in a building but then if people must know that you carry a weapon and are not to be messed with, you must know what you are doing with it very well, blabbing insults that add up to a process where it ends with a knife and then another the day after and the day after building stupidities on me does not bear in mind the fact every 24 hour that passes without trouble does not because they are stronger but because it is a stand off as it were, those who can play games with weapons know this, so if I feel the slightest whiff of such nonsense again I will teach them a lesson they will never forget again. They speak of the Russia issue all the time and its an old tale i.e. we have to live with Russians because of our Interests in South America and our Interests in the Middle East but the part that will bake the bacon of these goons I suppose is that British Interests in South America is bigger than British Interests in the Middle East, the problem therefore being the very annoying business of Mr Putin Building weapons that will tackle the west over every occasion in which Russian and British interests meet. They do speak of the way I provoke people of course which is utter nonsense; I mean every time I am violently distracted from something important, every time I am made to look to the fact the private diaries I write to cope with the bullying I ensure is full and that I am repeating myself, every time I endure abuses from civil rights idiots in a sanctimonious Church environment the reason is always something they have which I do not and the chief of that is always the Country – cooks up the need to do something that will get them solving your problem by destroying it all the time, so the part where they gain from the fact your care for it as well is not on. The point I am trying to make here is that knife threats and all with that big mouth showing us we live in a Country where leaders are under assault and those that are actually trying to make their lives better are particularly vulnerable is that these are very stupid individuals that are easy to hate and I do not want their stupidities showing up around my concerns especially with those foolish threats any further – one more insanity about me being attacked and I shall do my best to see they had regretted it – its apparently always more important to do that than to pay the bills if they can get on the public image of their victims should they have financial needs as it were. I know I give our morale based support to people on the economy, it makes me wonder if these activities means they have been converting my equities into the decisiveness of the stabber thing we see their foolishness play around with all the time because if that is what they are saying I will give out another type that will set the stage for a war that will be waged on them as well. They do speak of mediocrity being an issue but mediocrity was always the problem here, the foolish insults it brings such that it is the fact they are always clipping my happiness with their involvement that is preventing me from providing a service to somebody who wants to read my Books: very stupid and very good at building the thing, only to blame the outcomes on others, issuing foolish threats because they think we are mates and they can play games of insanity with me. We see the same over their media gimmicks on the Russia debacle; I could never understand anyway, why the Russians think we should be convinced they were never behind the attacks in the Nerve Gas attack on a Former agent in the UK in 2018 – terrorists would never use such a small amount on a targeted ex Russian spy if they had any and of course if they had any we would have known all about it too; they speak of the spies being dangerous naturally which brings up the question of why they never kill serving spies all together as it were, since it was obvious that serving spies were decent people who only tend to pass information where it is in their interest to and those who play up double agent dispositions usually try to get out before they were caught – which leaves them the means to tell everybody that the information spies pass around get people killed, while the reality we have on the ground is that the Spy that was attacked in the UK was an Ex-Spy – therefore was out of the game all together; hence we are left to conclude that he was surrounded by a mess that was not of his doing which is why he became a double agent and now there has been an attempt on his life, the Russians are trying to get out of it by claiming they were not involved, thus on saying so we find that perhaps there was possibility he was planning to go to the Media with his information, now that his business with UK security services had come to an end and had to be stopped, which does not make any sense whatsoever: Political opponents overseas can be a threat to a Government, Spies at Home or Overseas can be a threat to a Government, nobody knows why the Russians are attacking Ex-Spies but I suppose it is a measure of the breakdown of civility that he was surrounded by and the Russian Government should not be allowed to get out of the mess they have gotten themselves into as well as doing so is not in the interest of global peace. We find the fools do the same things as well with Club mentality, behaving dangerously in ways that allow other peoples with Club mentality to get into government Office then start to wonder if there would have been a different result when there are millions waiting to have a go at Public Office, somewhere between the people they helped get there is their great discriminative lottery of idiots and themselves especially when there are results which suggest that a lot of people are going to get killed. They ask these insane questions about how a Country works as though it was not common knowledge that you may have a £30,000 saloon Car, earn £40,000 a year and yet another person who has exactly the same as you may be working on the same things you need to avoid to keep all these things all together, therefore all that superiority and need to tell others how to exist is not just pointless but saddles the idiots who do it with tons of work that will never pay them and as for the Media goons, those are having to emphasise everything they say and do as people generally these days spend their time abusing and Arch Prince, thus no longer able to decide what they feeling but are blabbing at me as well concerning lives I have ruined – needless to say their insane involvement led to a University drop out in 2008 and this is 2018, I have given them enough time like I have given the goons in their society who tell wives and kids they will bring muscles to bear on any who attacks them, then show up in public places to make speeches constantly that target abusively those who have things they do not; the time I have given them off my schedule in 12 years and like I suspected, it is not enough , looking for trouble, blabbing about knife crime, finding the stupidities secretly amusing, has no plans to move on until it is moved; out of their depth when we have not even reached the part where those insults and bum fingering gives way to a process of paying dearly for the pleasures they cannot afford, which will give rise to a need to have special places where they go to chew snacks and sleep with girls leaving me to show them I can watch my back really well too. So I am said to have paid to waste my security here again and I have not; I am riding the wave, having triumphed in every other respect, riding the wave where my whole life is no longer about other people and of course the Politicians want others to be convinced that they fact they are no longer reputable Labour Party is another persons fault since last they had a brush with me at the University following me around with abuses and gangs because my Mum wants me to learn a trade not study law and they were the more worthy black people for any good ideas I had, time wasters and feeders until theirs is wasted and fed on as well. I am not stuck with the Media either; the experiment was to give them a decade of my time to work that squatter style squander where it destroys what it cannot own to feel good about itself by and to see if it would be enough and so the results are back and we can all see that it is not but they are also aware that to act in a way which does not harm other reputable journalists and Media operatives will mean getting after the Camera Men and the Managers applicable and are also aware I am in a position to make them fix any jobs that have not been done here. So I do get told I am playing around with the matter while I am not at all; I just needed to set this stage where there was a logical explanation for every insanity their civil rights came up with and the one at the heart of my case is that they are not wealthy which is very rich coming from people whose activities fills up my personal diaries which of course is so full it has no space left for new behaviour especially so as there is none but continues relentlessly anyway. It was an experiment to find out whether letting the media play around with the means to create people a bad reputation over a sustained period can wreck their chances of getting an education and finding employment thereby rendering them poor and marked out for repression leaving the Media with power to oppress was actually going to satisfy them but we can see it is not enough as well, so like Industry people who need to kill endangered species so when they ask you not to mess with them lest something happens there might be evidence they were being credible, it comes down to a case of acting but not affecting the jobs of reputable journalists and media operatives; hence I get told I am taking power from the Media which I gave to them which I am not, I only built a Court that was to support me on society issues and we are not finding out why that was so important. They say they do not like the way I talk but its an old case where they never keep their hands to themselves, its always on my head or my chest and their imagination for it is extreme, such that I feel them all the time and then it creeps up my bum as well; so it has started becoming an important issue that if they want to talk they need to talk and keep their hands to themselves for it, lest there be only one peace of mind and it happened to be the one their money paid for which I got.


Recently they have asked this question of whether I support the death penalty, surprisingly of which I do anyway and yes it always leads to an outcome where they get all abusive and discriminative in their language naturally but I would not fancy the talking nonsense at me when it is not their Family life and their work ethics and every little peace of mind they have left, that is being used to contain and pacify psychopathic killers – usually of which there are things the government must do if it wants to abolish the death penalty and there is nothing wrong with abolishing it after those things are done either, just that I support it as a form of punishment anyway. The parallels between when you went off to visit your family and you played and played and got carried away and somebody got hurt with a process where finding jobs, having friends and even having sex ends in sadistic and brutal murder of another human being – looks like these idiots have no idea what they are talking about thereof like we see sexual assault issues get completely out of hand all the time i.e. when he rapes a woman it is because there was a sensibility of rape going round and he did it to ensure somebody else was the pedestal that solved a secret problem not his wife or daughter or mother and then the outcome is when women get assaulted they never report it, so it becomes part of society and builds up to bigger problems; same as we have when somebody has killed another person by strangulation or even stabbing or even shooting and so on. They speak of murderers being remorseful for their actions but I do not see that their attitude makes it possible to keep the death penalty abolished like it currently is either – here in the UK the way what the government did to keep it abolished worked was a process where we lived in a system in which the society was where children could be guaranteed safety and the Media was where it could not be guaranteed; whether or not this was true in absolutely all of the cases was irrelevant, this was how it worked most of the time – now we have ended up with a Country full of idiots in government Office who think I am scared of them and will need to take permission from heir prime Minister to bleed their nose as well, issuing stupid threats at me and having a wish to see me broken all the time blabbing about discrimination that works against people who support the death penalty; personality of which I think they should support it as well, as there is no point at which it was right when that person who is ill and mentally disturbed, picked a knife and moved it towards another persons chest; usually if somebody is suffering from ADHD it is hard to wrestle with him for your life until he submits and gives up the weapon, you will need enough strength and stamina to do that for more than an Hour and a half stretch because he is insane but we can see these fools and their need to break people, find it amusing and pretend others are either scared of them or will need to take permission from their Prime Minister first would take the strength from you if you did have it at all, it does not help to keep the death penalty abolished and it is my opinion that it is an acceptable form of punishment, not their decision to make as per what my opinion should be. They talk nonsense about the fear of the person who is fearless all the time while reality is that every time they do not have to contend with the stupidities of the remorseful criminal whom before he became remorseful could not stop insulting others to make people feel perpetually tired, only to find that his foolish children are the far left and therefore do his victims favours of protecting people from his powerful children – reality of which is that people never get stabbed or shot because they are unable to do those things but the reason Mr A is not killing Mr B is because they are both distracted by something more important, meaning that contrary to these idiots in government buildings thinking their power is what keeps the public stable, it is the stand off that does it actually – I think they should support the death penalty as well if it is not their family life or any little bit of personal peace of mind they had which is being deployed to contain and pacify people that is impossible to reason with because they are either sick or are not wired like the rest of us, stop insulting me. We see the same behaviour with the media ones as well, those are usually more keen in expressing something of the reasons people hate me, the reasons of which have always been as clear as the fact they build up my public image on media and now we must find out whom they have the bleeding guts to ascribe it to as well, then there is my party piece where the scum have the right to discipline me every moment because it makes them feel good, no idea who gave them such a right anyway but as we can see, they have built up my public image and I am frustrated because I cannot build a publicity for my Books due to the fact they have, coupled with the earlier need to split up my empire and share it which then adds up to the fact if they are sharing my empire I will end up with a total loss of income all together – obvious that the stupid ones among us are doing well financially since their media is still paying anyway and all that could have been avoided if I were the one who had the salary instead shall now happen many times as poorly. We have not even started talking about the power bits, that would be the one where they like to say that I am a coward – while reality is that if they have those stupid evils they want to play with, I will be fighting for my life in the neighbourhoods and when they do not, every process of punishing me for getting rid of it is on the cards and so those stupid insults that suggest they get what they want from absolutely anybody they wish is having fantasies about my body and personality being involved in a gang fight while it is complaining as well and we have not yet progressed to the bit where it starts to pay for the pleasures of its narcissism that is usually more important than getting a day job because it can screw around with peoples public image to make money, which is supposed to lead to outcomes where they loose everything and find out I am very good at watching my back at the other end as well. Eventually again they say I get about with Celebrities and that it is the reason for my problems, while the reality has always instead been that when Celebrities like you, they tend to have this behaviour of picking up something they think that you are struggling with and then set about fixing it – so it becomes heart breaking to hear that they fixed it for that Film Producer and got sexually assaulted, that they fixed it for that Music Producer and got sexually assaulted and so on – so these are very stupid individuals and I happen to have done right anyway with those hurting bottoms that help them understand that celebrities have a reason to be afraid all of the time as it were, talking nonsense at me because I support the death penalty and like all those excuses we hear them blab when they kill people, I have been told I am enjoying the sweet bits of Celebrity and will be complaining as well when I have to deal with the ugly bits, which is utter rubbish; if I have to deal with their brain dead female servants, they will hear from me again that stupid attitude that supports death penalty but likes to deny it works as a form of punishment all together and its not the one that is unwilling to get killed by a murderer in order to have him taken off the streets like everybody else obviously, its just the one that hunts you down with a coward label because there is racism in the land, that hunts you down with a cowards label and brings your whole life to stop because it enjoy mocking you for not getting into a fight with somebody you had identified as clinically insane but does not want the death penalty for high crimes. So it feeds into this case of getting closer and closer to war with Russia which they also boast is a consequence of having lost their fashion and media and industry connections as a whole, I do not know about that anyway; its the big old case where people have become far more interested in listening to stupid demagogues like these because they believe they have somebody to blame for their problems and likewise the stupidities the Media comes up with all the time but at the end of the day I am getting very tired of feeling sick because I am simply unable to stop the boys from the Hood ripping up my Books in search for fame and fortune, supported by Russian Politicians and Politics all over Europe; its much the same as the case of Companies not really getting a clear view of what we are doing here in the UK, so some have been moving out while the reality is that we are fine and doing better than most European Countries all together. They tell this tale endlessly of how the UK encumbers the Mobility of Europeans especially to do with relations they might have with the US; the reality of course is that especially the French and Germans, they spend most of their time preventing us from getting ahead if we have an edge – so they will always get all over it and ensure all we do is spread around for everybody, while they go off to acquire the Edge and find themselves amusing. So I do get told for my part that I never speak of it in terms of Politics, where the Politics bits is that these trouble makers usually expect others to get involved with these matters and make enmity with it and then they can place themselves in a disposition where they will be able to make themselves a part of either side when it suits them the most; so its another day, another 24 Hours and the American ones have led from the front over the effects of the stupid ones doing well such that access to the salaries means they make more trouble and set up more structures for hurting people which they claim adds up to a business, supported by the Politicians but the Politicians lead the way in encumbering some Royalty with extremist problems; naturally the extremists want the same things as well i.e. get stuck with the problem so they might be in a position to chose both sides, hence the most courageous option is always the best but then you end up all stuck with the unbelievable behaviour from the Politicians everyday; so we have started another day and like every other day it begins with intellectual property breaching; the Americans have already been running advertisement since 4.00am for companies that are called Gotham, while we know Gotham is a fictional City in a Comic but it has already resonated everywhere and provided these fools with some tool by which to address me about what people are doing to cash into the Country and make money where they have not worked for it in the US, so it is not some wanton display of unhappiness to ensure the Politicians are stuck with the civil rights goons as well because it is a problem that has a purpose for me and should not be solved, when they are, it seems that everything they do about it allows me to chose either side when it suits me the best too. They speak of this case where its largely a matter of supporting women in the work place being fraught with problems but I think I am a wise guy – so its in the same par as getting closer to war with Russia considering I have gotten them all stuck so they cannot get off the making money they have not worked for campaigns and attitudes to get into the employment properly any more; what happens with the women being that just as they have spent time on me from 2003 to 2017 to perform, you systematically have everything you have done to prepare for work completely destroyed and then you have to start again while being told how you were meant to prepare but the conundrum of course is that they will allow you no stability where you say it is how it is – in my case they want nothing more with me apart from personal conversations and it is supposed to replace their interest in my Books and gets abusive all of the time. Its the old tale of when they hate my guts because they thought I was joking when I told them moving into my right hand would be something they did if they were mad enough. The bit of this matter that concerns how I think Journalists are just journalists and do not deserve any regard is an old story, we are closer to war with Russia since I have gotten them stuck, stuck so that they are no longer able to return and seek money by means of employment having spent so much time persecuting me because they wanted to make money they had not worked for; I would not understand anyway having built a Court of Journalists being told I think they do not matter, however what really happens is that their affections towards me is a very difficult thing to do for another and yes I am Royalty I should expect it but I have to explain since they bring up the matter, having said so, we can see the Men are still really good at getting on media to tell lies along with insults that have to do with making me do what they want and I do try not to lose my temper bearing in mind these women have Jobs on Television. So what is happening is that the fun days were the days when they could chose the friends of their colleaques once done choosing their wives friends, and whatever the female colleagues had they will have as well, now they have access to me and my Bed chamber and if it makes them uncomfortable need to stop talking rubbish at me that they cannot back up and get out of it. As for copying what I have explained to do their own as well, its an old story cracked up out of my league doing what it does best – reality is that I am supposed to know the Court well enough to know their families and there is supposed to be aspects of my public image that I share with their children and being involved with a Royal Marriage would see me invite them instead of some abusive black people that would give me a headache on account I have found my way into the Queens family by means of marriage – so those who are not complaining enough can continue their gimmicks claiming I have been made to step aside from the attention, we all know they share my Empire which I built and they think I built for them in such a way as means I am unable to sell the Books because they are very stupid individuals talking rubbish about what will happen if I labelled them with such a tag. They always say I will never be free from the Men issue which is utter nonsense; they are now starting to find out how angry it makes me to deal with those insults of playing up father characters on me all the time squandering everything here and damaging what they cannot have – I mean when it sees me get off Public transport looking tired and tells me I need not complain since I am good at taking things the daddies should be doing, its not because it thinks it should say such things, its because it has a very insulting habit and I do not believe I spoke a foreign language when I said they were not too stupid to understand when somebody is having difficulty for a decade of financial complications that were wholly due to tolerating their habits anyway but what is clear is that they always want to fill in the gap between Monarchy and Parliament and so that is the part one can do nothing about, the part where it starts to get serious for them is when they realise I can damage the happy vandalism Industry connections and Media abuses lest they destroy everything I have to avoid getting involved with me for my Books; so we should just say when they teach their children those stupid insults and money is made off my public image to see them put their feet up at my expense again, it will remind me of how I dropped out of University one more time and their problem will begin all over again. The rest is the Politicians on one hand speaking about Russia they are not defending themselves from, while they think what Liberal America does is the Bees Knees at the same time and on the other blabbing about a sense that Parliament is not in charge of the Country whereas it is stuffed full of very stupid individuals who got elected some time ago and it is not a corruption that can be paid off with money either, while it is a type of corruption that does not want anything from its victims specifically looking for as much trouble as it can find. Its largely a matter of how people respond to the mediocrities that are levied on them by others but in my case somebody wants to confiscate mine and make themselves look good with all the time, they enjoy getting on media to tell lies blabbing about how I will do what they want when they want it with their big mouth – the women ones who claim I commit crimes against them want to extract money from my work and secure Men from what is clearly not their part of society who will beat me up if I am not co-operative; so they say I am supposed to have worked for those securities and then stepped aside for the women as well and it is so annoying when they do that, suffice to say they need stay off the Books and let me be as we are not mates; otherwise its the old case of having a problem with their civil rights, so I will be wasting the civil rights movements as well, all equities they build up on media too, especially the bits they hope will translate into publicity that can help them sell things, waste it like they waste my Books but what we are dealing with at this stage is not that, I have already been there and set that up for now, what we are dealing with is a daily test put out by some fat headed chamber pot from the US with a private Army talking nonsense about how the UK should be so idiots respond by tackling me because of how we wants to make advertisement with it everyday – we can see what will come of this case as well all together. Eventually it culminates in the talk of climate change matters but they do not see what others have placed at Industry over climate change issues as Assets; in my case very important ones that are meant to buy producers time to create climate compliant products, so we find them pick up property that belongs to the friends of people in their boardrooms, which is something that a kids in suits making money in the City needs to stop as well; apparently they do not believe in Climate issues and environment security to such an extent that if somebody put assets up as leverage to protect it, such an asset would not be an asset. My crime overall case led by Politicians and silly journalists, appears to be that I am good at managing extremism – their problem; that they want to be famous but are also not good at managing civil rights trouble makers, so something exists twisted and evil and abusive I have to put up with and tolerate everyday; the Politicians claim it is because I behave in a way that causes women to be unfaithful to their partners but everybody can see what it would have been like if I had a Court which relationship with me was not sexual, as equally as I doubt anybody can understand why they do it when they have no evidence I have been having sex with anybody, while the real me does not believe that taking my clothes off in front of both male and female friends is the right things to do. While we see the ethnic minorities build a whole world for themselves based of access to me by a combination of civil disobedience and blame on the white race, playing up the role of very abusive family and dreaming of what they have lost which concerns such things as having children on my public image in order to make them feel safe, wasting everything in my warehouse and market place and telling tales about people not letting me know as these are games played by mothers and bigger wiser siblings, it has of course no doubt as an evil that has no meaning, reason or purpose, propelled me to see to it that none of their civil rights based, Media based and sexual impropriety based trading equities ever mature before they were publicly deployed the same way they savage mine. In the end Socialists have always professed their hatred for the West but it will not change the fact they are never lazy people who fundamentally want to claim ownership of every process of romanticism in the Capitalist world, since it is obvious the charm offensive is usually necessary to get people leaving things they find important to them, to listen to what you have to say or offer at the market place, we have seen it play out where a large number of American Presidents have spent their last days in Public Office brutally – my case is that it has always been their behaviour that peoples preparation for work needs to be destroyed, soon after which they build a crowd dedicated to mocking them and abusing them over any process of building new work preparation processes, which is soon used for greed and dominance as they find out they can make money from it at a later date – if they do not change it and more so at my expense, I will have no reason to sack their own as well. In the end is this story that will not go away, that I do double standards when it comes to female decency and rights which is utter nonsense; the reality is that in an ideal world we Men would be spending most of our time fighting and hunting and gathering just to exist but now we live in a world where women do not just cook and have sex and clean and look good, while we do not actually have to prove why we exist by some violent means but some people still cannot give the women a break – it does not mean I am thinking that those who say a little bit of attack on women is not on are wrong, what I say is largely a function of being in a position with some individuals who simply want to be spotters for criminals at my expense and so it becomes important to point out it is not given enough exposure and publicity that a large proportion of the female community are indeed very stupid people, especially if they are using female movements as a cover. Its a matter of those times I see women push back and then expect me to say something about as they are a bit confused themselves and I am wondering if they expect me to have a different opinion from the one they have since these Men are very good at getting rich from building up stages and stages of original provocation that works conveniences for them at the expense of the opposite sex, so we are looking at women pushing back to get by, pushing people people who have got twice as much already going for them; the distant sexual and sexual context abuses are all good but if I find them blabbing nonsense about it like so I will start to think they want to kill somebody as well. In essence its that old tale of what I do not have the strength to do but like to assume the part all of the time; reality of which is more a case of people spending time to build themselves a culture and society that helps them seek poverty for self preservation, then launch raids on people who dare to have things they desire by working for it; so it always tends to show up around my case to have need of the National Parliament and National Media and National Civil service even when it needs to show that I am cursed and cannot stop talking nonsense on Media, knowing what we have to tolerate all of the time is Politicians giving them money so it might be impossible to set out the fact they are really stupid individuals but when it does come to it, the assumption we will not be fighting over what they have learned from me by provoking me to copy how I react and add it to a size that is bigger than I am will not be enough, when it comes to it they need to stop threatening me, by the way of which those silly distant sexual abuse is all good if they keep their mouths shut about it not start blabbing and looking like they want to kill somebody. I understand the questions are asked as per how it started out and its an old story; it started out with the usual clubbing and partying lifestyle and me ending up with a sense in the Community that I am the guy they have selected to be homosexual so that black women might find a means of power and it has continued very disobediently with a habit every day since, with blabbing on media in terms of what I have the strength for, which is none of their business. They do say they feel I am keeping them under siege, while reality is that they need build my public image and then start to attack me all the time because they want to keep it for themselves; apparently a matter of money and fame which I am clearly fed up with; so the theory here was that when I damaged the culture and society as well, having tolerated them for the last 13 years everyday and dropped out of University in the first three years for that matter, I am going to get killed, so it is proving to be wrong apparently. I want them off my Books and to clear my Public image space as well, yapping how they do not wish to see me around the royal Family or Monarchy will not necessarily make them feel like real girls anyway and by the way of which every time I see them, they want something that they do not wish to apply anywhere near 40% effort that people normally apply to accomplish such things in order to achieve it , what they want to do is cling to people, pass abuses and blame, do some sexual assault at a distance and get the Politicians and civil rights to secure something like that for them. So they are supposed to do this routine of setting eyes on peoples lives and property and then having this interest that says it is a threat to them and their future if those people get jobs or complete an academic pursuit, followed soon by friendship with people in government buildings, then friendship with the media thereafter for obvious purposes but they need to have need for National Media, Civil service and Parliament stop threatening me (blabbing what I have strength to do which is none of their business). What happens with the jobs we see obviously being that people first prepare themselves to be part of the workforce as a whole, thereafter once they find out how it operates, prepare themselves to integrate, then they learn all of the time after that; its what my parents did and my whole life I have never seen them unemployed even during the time of great economic crisis, even now I am not while my Mum has a job. So I may be told its a shameful thing which is technically not the case; what I did was build a literary empire and break it up to broker equities with companies because there was an economic crisis and I had a contribution to make; people were not support to get involved with it and make it their main preoccupation in public image even so, I was set to get my money back at the other end by selling my Books which I want them to stop building stupid practical jokes on especially when they happen to be some foolish Liberal America thereof; so what happens is that we are dealing with people who could not be trusted if the operations of a company were laid bare before them and yet on seeing what my work is like love to just get involved with me and find out they can make money spotting for criminals later, blabbing what I like to try which I do not have the strength for and if they follow me to an academic institution or any institution again, they will not fancy what I will do with them as well. We hear those insults all the time about how I am unable to solve the problems which solutions I have enjoyed to the tune of insulting their foolish selves all the time; I would not know they are solving any problems, I know they are clinging to my Books with practical jokes and coming up with stupid tests that will ensure they flout my leadership which involves outcomes where I may just have it looked at once, if I solved all the problems that beset them socially in order to prove I am a better human being than they are – the liberal fools have time for this naturally but no time to consider what it might do with the racism they complain about so much. We hear them say that I shut down their access to things they consider to be their right but we can see my whole life has become a social group people can be a part of if they wanted led by dumb students who do well in school Liberal America and now they cannot do anything save if they provoke me and make references to my Royal Estate or Public image, which is about to get them into trouble one of the days I lose my temper for reason of their stupid tests as well for my part in the matter. I will never be free of them until they can take advantage of my Books and public image they say and even so, they will never be free of me until they stopped wasting the lives of other people who are as stupid as they are and therefore likely to be persuaded by extremist and racist views, only to get off and blab nonsense like these about problems they solved that I had no respect for, they will be free of me the day they stopped telling me how to exist because racism exists, they are just as equally as stupid as the racists. So the story of the reasons they do it fits right in as it were, the fact they are evil; never united by any money made at peoples expense even when allowed, never united by any politics or media or common ground, always United by their fear and the need to lean on other people and so we find they wreck peoples lives and keep it going with practical jokes for decades, then blab nonsense about those who stir racism by what they want and think they can achieve but cannot do anything about it and therefore need to stop. Its how I am insulted by them all the time you see and the black speak of me getting beaten up endlessly; the same group of idiots who see me speak of the Media ones and think that their need to hang around my warehouse doing financial damage and telling people not to inform me lest I have a way to show my deluded sense of being a better human being than they are to be correct, it thinks the distant sexual assaults will never lead to outcomes where it has to pay for pleasures it it unable to afford and then show up here with a big mouth and find out I am very good at watching my back. Nobody knows why I need to deal with this idea when people capture British service personnel at Duty they should be thinking about male rape all the time either, if the bloody idiots were solving a problem and yes we can see they say I hoard information, so I suppose they are good to go, not going anywhere else but showing up here to get stuck with me and then we shall find out what it is exactly they can do when they are no longer able to get on with their stupid lives. They say I have a problem that will never go away, reality of course is that there is no way I can do what I do with people that are as big as they are, which means it is not my problem at all and this is why it persists; as for the part where there is nothing I can do about anything however, it usually indicates it will end with a fight against Liberal America and will be a fight that solves all problems because it will be channelled at anything they do concerning US Power where I work or on the internet new where I look after my interests, it seems to be the reasons they do what they do i.e. that there is nothing I can do. The case behind the reasons my Books are so provocative is very well known, I was rather meant to write Books that set me out as Royalty that can be taken advantage of and yet I have mentioned before the fact that there are no Royalty in the US is not to say it is okay to put a band on the back and walk round the streets pretending to be me on account it will cause fame and fortune; besides which its never about sharing with these stupid Liberals its about me having no control of what belongs to me and the process of being shaken up all the time like that is painful and abusive and makes me sick; they do need to find their equity from their saving and mortgage and stop chasing my life. They always need to have these layers and layers of provocative public disposition; 17 years ago it was about the law protecting weak people so that the strong might never be free, since then others have been added on and their stupid Politicians have been making laws to ensure the effects are permanent while I have not got any - not surprising of which they do nothing with their time save build a reputation for me whereby I am disrespectful of people who have more money than I do claiming they are provoked by my people, while I simply am trying to sell Books to pay some bills at a Hermits office and yet its blabbing at me like we see yapping how I cannot do anything which is therefore the reason they have such an incentive. They do claim I am unable to get myself out of the media trap which I am not, I am a writer, talking is bad business, getting out of media trap should be a career skill – its about where it started for me as well i.e. they never stop threatening me because they need money and I need to control their lives and supervise while they make it to earn some peace of mind – it helps too with the business of owning everybody's arse whenever I am in a relationship with people and then deciding whom those people will have relationships with claiming I owe them a debt and am being isolated. We are getting near the point where doing the honourable carer excuse will not be enough to get them off any more if we can to talk about self and damage. Its never true I am a victim of that scapegoating they are really used to and are trying to make safe for them to practice, reality is still that if I tore up the culture that facilitates it, the theory would be that I shall be getting killed for so doing but we are now talking about people having something to lose and thereby becoming the main preoccupation these days, the main case is still on concerning what will happen if they build up that popular culture from US to Japan across this Estate again. They always say they are in control and I am not but the reverse is true; I try to handle each of them according to the habits they inflict me by but when I handle the Media it is usually because I am making them pay for any money they have made at my expense – its getting to the stage where they will be paying for those distant sexual abuses too, along the lines of paying for pleasures they take which they cannot afford; they have always had the one way of living, that involved shafting peoples personal lives and careers to create controversy that facilitates selling entertainment but I am fed up with them clipping my Finances and property to race themselves to a certain amount of millions with secret service backup to scare me with, then show up on Media to blab about problems they were solving which I have no respect for – it has come to a point where their need and tools and processes for and of addressing me is about to be handled, every means by which they address me has become a problem. Its like they say I have got a sexual habit while reality is that I cannot have a moments peace for reason of them striking my bum because they want to see me get into a fight – the idiots are really sad and troubled as a Community when they see me at an activity that is concerned with employment because they want to stupid Men with habits know what I am doing with my money.