They say I have a case against journalists but do not care to take note of how I treat people and it makes no sense whatsoever; I do not remember having a case against journalists but I am aware of my chest hurting like hell because of the evils I will not open it to on account people are male and have jobs on media and can rely on the help and following of their local and internet trolls. So the main problem even as we speak is that they still think themselves an equal of the Monarchy and think of me as a smaller thing to both that is found somewhere in between and needs to chose a side and nobody knows why they would want to complicate my life in that way anyway, considering we are all aware that not everybody was ever going to like the Monarchy in the first place as it were. I mean don’t get the wrong idea I am speaking of it in academic terms i.e. if I despised the Monarchy and joined their group, would that have placed me at the top and helm of that group? They like to answer it along with that stupid civil rights that cannot let people breathe that their groups are the ones where people get to the top by earning it and I can see that apparently which is why they are going to get into trouble over ripping up my books to create cheerful atmosphere with audiences claiming it is the way I react that has become addictive. That sais, I already know it all happens because they are pure evil and when they had run out of every means of pushing people into sin and evil and wickedness, they resort to all that nonsense we see them do with authority but that is still my question; if I despised the Monarchy and joined their group, would that have put me at the top considering they cannot leave people alone? This is usually where I get told that I speak and people like it but nobody knows what I am planning and yes it is always that way I admit but what I am planning here concerns the fact that the purpose of their activities eventually boil down to the interests of idiots who hold shares in peoples companies and got there by getting themselves and their stupid girls to stick finger up peoples bums; so it starts with journalists because it does not start anywhere else. They say I solicit for bad things to happen to others but of course it has become ever so difficult to create Books and sell them when these idiots are around and it’s a story of saying one thing to the same single group of people for more than a decade on a daily basis of being exasperated abusively and violently and of course we all know they will raise the story of that stupid culture and society again and yes they will if they dare. They do say I am doing racial reconciliation by the back door which has no truth attached to it whatsoever – the truth is that it is all about their evil and wickedness as a society, so being accused of racial reconciliation or more so by the back door is like saying I agree that when racists kill none white people it is acceptable or that when none white people practice devil worship which effects they do not wish to see on themselves if they can see in on others to spin off social violence that will please their mater the devil in the long run while they enjoy the comforts of practicing things they know they are inevitably going to harm people with as a form of worship, that it is also acceptable. Ultimately it is a matter of choosing self improvements and or getting rich where they are being stimulated, keeping away from me and my possessions. They do say I have a real problem with the idea of people getting into trouble and using my work to save their lives; its utter nonsense – they rather do not do what they do because they are nice people, if the part about being able to sit where their corruptions can have things everybody is talking about especially when it belongs to others that they can or claim to be able to dominate on media, so that they might use it as they please and ensure there is a bubble in which there are no rules covering it to ensure nothing prevents them from doing whatever they like with it, we are looking at a genocide eventuality that suggests religion needs to be back tracked to its very origins so that the history of how it plays out can be reset in favour of idiots like this who need the power more and need the balance of injustice in the world against them through morality to be redressed and their stupid young people need to stay off my books unless they can back it up. This is all just me talking about the technicalities of their stupid arguments; we are not there yet when it comes to practical issues but one of these days it will appear to be a very good idea to wage war on schools and the parents of the stupid children that attend them, to keep them off my Royal Estate and public work so the pricks don’t created their twisted and evil war in this Country. In reality the truth about their insults are very simple; my step Mom was a senior nursing sister you see and I did scheme through her books and medical journals sometimes when I was bored and I know that the reasons their insults have effect on people and cause people to give things up to them they can claim on media as a function of how they react showing consent or not on the basis of whether or not they are scared is a function of tackling pressure points on people, pressure points that nobody knows about unless they were medical practitioners – so this is what these fools do, they study medicine and teach their idiots these pressure points on people to do quasi militia and get in the social and cultural and financial good books of the powers that be with, by making sure they collect peoples possessions right down to personal life and when they say I am troubled others might make use of my work to get out of trouble they think it is all about the innocents they lead to death who clearly have a sense of morality of their own that they should have followed that will get me confused which is utter nonsense, so when we see the things they do with the schools and so on and the bully parents that simply never stop on the stupid future of their lower class bone head children it is a function of the fact I have handled their societies overseas for them as well and they cannot stop being scared of or fleeing from war, hence they feel they want to handle mine too with no plans to stop what they did to earn that wrath in the first place because they think that power is hidden from all knowledge and that I will likely get institutionalised being abused by their stupid psychological war fare all the time, looking for trouble. So they will stop getting on my pressure points every time they handle my possessions and want to make away with it on that stupid civil and criminal disobedience joy ride they have all over the place and they are going to end it my way or their own; I do it because I am a law student as well and therefore can, therefore can find out what they are made of too; how difficult can it be to do peoples culture and society for them overseas, create and sell books after finishing on the testimonials that you have gained? The number of times their stupid women cannot either stop playing the part of my mother over my work and possessions and their girls cannot keep their stupid hands to themselves over my pressure points will determine what the number of times they pick up arms and blow their brains out is going to be; it starts with journalists because it is a problem that never starts anywhere else but, as they do claim I am fundamentally terrified of a war for superiority because I know I would lose it and hence very important to make this point and make it clear too.

We can have anything we want if we levy accusations at him that he cannot deal with while we handle his possessions and make him breathless all the time so that our pressure points bullying might become ever more effective – the most popular is the one being dealt with here i.e. upper class that does not want to share: losing an entire Empire and its Millions to my own pressure points - it’s as though they have a rule that says if you do not like it, do it to others immediately and make up excuses as you go along.

They do say we mess up peoples Countries and sit about congratulating ourselves and think there will be no problems for it but I never said there will be an absence of problems; sometimes you decide that it is not fair for many to suffer for the actions of a few when people happy hit you using these things because they cannot be stopped and your flesh is inviting, to a point where they have wrecked your academic work and you are now about to lose a 25 million pound Equity based Literary Empire to them and their popular culture and media idiots as well while I make do with State Benefits and they clamour for it every single second cutting me off from the income and making it their own as a basic form of existence hoping for a time when those that await it will give up on it all together which does not matter if they have set a new precedent for deciding who owns market share for their own products in the world and who does not, pretending that a law of the jungle applies and they have killed something they need to keep as well. For me it has nothing to do with the Country but my Company and its Royal Estate and how they will stop handling it, especially the media ones. It works obviously because you keep spending to securitize the market of the business everyday while the sale of the products have ground to a halt with their big mouths on media all over the place; they have time for this before they even remember they must pay their way in the world, even remember they have civil rights, all because you have pressure points through which you can be made into a freak that reacts to their whim for the pleasure and attention and then commerce later that does not detach itself predictably from your income. They have always behaved in this way as we all know but this whole case of the fact it’s all about money from my market place and therefore my purse need to operate only through a process of handling my products and it might sound like house always wins  game for them but it’s the consequences that will tell whether it is a worthwhile activity or not; so if I chase them up in the US they will make money in Italy and in Italy they will make money in Venezuela and knowing I am secured from their activities need to handle my person and products and make it cost ineffective for me to seek redress at Court using media and that is why I have accepted the challenge as well.

They do claim they now own half my empire which is not true; it’s a matter of their disobedience being worked in such a way as to handle the products without which they cannot make up their own customers to look like mine and their own version of my market as well, now the only option left is popular culture feel good parties that serve as a way of ignoring me and a feel good factor that is a platform for spending all I own if they wanted in a condition where doing so is legal, so killing that off can also create a human rights issue and I accept the challenge. I understand they tell their fans that they have expensive air jets and expensive cars that I cannot take away from them but that has always been the point, I need to create books and sell them and the only thing preventing me from buying my own expensive air jets and cars is paying attention to them – the only way their games work on me because I am rather good at what I do on the other hand is handling the products without my permission and seeing it is a crime they have now spent time using the opportunity to pillage my income with media and making it cost ineffective for me to seek redress at Court which has now been finished off with structures that will control me by determining how much I can earn from my current position and I have accepted the challenge too – it is such an opportunity to have a case with them in a condition where I have nothing to lose since other people’s feelings are irrelevant as it were when others such as they are want people’s stuff. We have come past the part where I was angry enough to explore the areas that afforded me capacity to rip up ensure National economies of course but National governments have wised up since then and are not playing their games anymore; so perhaps it is a clear understanding of what I don’t want done to my products they want and that has always been as simple as creating another version of my markets for themselves and then turning up to make sure I do not take it down as violently as possible which is something I really could do without too. So they speak of bringing me low and it does not make any sense too; I do all I do because I want to do them, I mean imagine a group of people that want to make you active all the time because they hate introverted people, they say they have been vagabonds all their lives and need to get peace from somewhere and maybe sell some if they need more money as it were, all of which is your problem generally so to speak, so what do you do about it after all? You can always be active but nobody knows why they make out you are active on their account either – no idea why anybody would be so stupid as such but the story of supporting the fact I do all I do because I want to do it with a sense of credibility here settled.

They say I use people’s lives to get things done and that is why they always want to gather a crowd to share it but I don’t; I can stack my books and sell them or somebody can ensure I hurt them until they find a corner they are most comfortable with so as to facilitate that; personally the part where they said I dedicate myself to my Christianity and they want to be the thing I am dedicated to was the bit I thought a joke, apparently they can take themselves too seriously, I have got the time for it as it were and they need to stop complaining. It’s never been an unusual eventuality – everybody knows the way it works is a collection of stupid black women that cannot keep their hands off you because they need to handle you and make money and that there are white friends of theirs all over the media to that effect; so it’s always 7am and a black girl gets in your personal space as a function of her needs and will remain there changing your personality in public and bringing home the mess she has made to change your actual personality with media based violence as well and they cannot actually tell due to their flawed sense of right and wrong when others are on the edge and do not want to answer their questions or speak to them – so it’s always a very evil twisted form of aggressive begging and they always handle my books because they want a piece of me not because they think I might resolve it at the Law Court or something like that and to ensure they get it I will start by doing their culture and society for them, it’s usually the only way they get to settle up on the fact that you are going to likely harm them until they find a corner they are most comfortable with and leave you alone. Overall it’s a simple case of a group of idiots whose conversations nobody really understands getting involved with the Monarchy to build their wealth to dizzying Heights and climb social ladders as they put it at the Monarchy mostly as such and there are this popular culture minions they set off to bother me all the time, so that is how it works not something I do because I want to and like hurting people; but it’s nothing new they are evil and I am very, very well informed about every devise the devil has at his disposal; the rest like to change their ways when it costs me everything so they can be reasonable people that get to stick me because they need it anyway but as I said, it’s all their wickedness and Satanism and I am not a novice – they can keep off my book sales if they want to be nice or wish to stop anything and we all know why they are not doing so as well. It’s nothing serious just the need to pay keen attention to reality that’s all; I mean if you don’t, their need to handle your products and ruin a market lead and intimidate associates and customers and put you on benefits in order to claim they have won a great spiritual battle when in actual fact they have only put you in a place where you can tackle them while having nothing to lose and everybody knows they expect to defend themselves using the need to get rich with your property as well, the story of neo liberalism and so on, so whenever you acknowledge that you end up justifying the actions of those who kill them because they are worthless; it’s always a matter of letting them do it by themselves, they always do; either through hanging around your possessions so often they create a social problem for such people, or they get about winding those people up themselves all together because they think that if they claim it’s all your fault that will suffice but for me they it seems have a problem with my right to be a happy person so they are now in a place where they feel like that every single moment. They speak of the part where I show off all the time and stir up peoples envy but it’s the same old case about morality not sitting well with Royalty until they take themselves too seriously – the bit where they said the only way to ensure the Christian who is not interested in material things needs it so desperately that he thinks it matters, in order to make what money they had seem important was the bit where they thought they were joking, so it’s another group of fools that take themselves too seriously for their own good here as well: so far the outcome is that they have not been able to impress their stupid friends in this Country for decades on my account and it is getting better and better as well but the part where they cannot make their stupid children programmes or advertisement without addressing me and killing my book sales to make me fight for them before I can get some of their money is the real problem that has built this complain in its own right. The part about serving the Monarchy was just the bit about being me but selling the Books is not the only job I have around which the sense exists that I have not got a job as it were and I will stack the books and sell them in peace or these fools will get hurt until they locate a corner they are comfortable with in order for that to happen; I don’t want anything and certainly nothing they can give either – it has always been as simple as sitting in an office to decide how I want to build the book and how I want to make it work for fans and customers on one hand while on the other without reason and completely unnecessarily another me is running on media getting up to something else every single day – so if they do not wish to attend their own fool’s errand as well, we can all see it does not have to be complicated in anyway. They do give their own reasons but top of the list is the bit about their hate for those who are doing things on their own skill i.e. those who are so good at it they are aesthetically proficient and this is the sort of nonsense that gives them the pleasure of wrecking people’s property, they get such a buzz from seeing owners put it back up again while being copied by those that are superior and so on and the Politicians really love to give them such privileges while the other idiots in their Communities love to deploy the opportunities to seek power that puts them beyond the reach and social jurisdiction of the law with distant and sexual context abuses – so the damages in usually the part where you say society is full of all kinds of people due to when you are picking it all up so they can get a buzz and develop nepotism that is necessary for their well being, everything else depending on the extent they have gone should not be tolerated. They love to speak of me being stuck between black and white races, stuck between this and that in order to use me to steal noble women and get linked to the Royal family which is a problem we have dealt with before and they didn’t fare very well then, in fact football people hate my guts because of it – so its back again of course and I am not stuck anywhere, just made even more time for them. They do say I am stuck somewhere telling tales of what happened like a House Husband but of course they could always keep their stupid school children and stupid Politicians off my Royal Estate to avoid seeking a piece of me; I can always say I don’t want to stack books to sell while I have to deal with another me running around on media getting up to all sorts or I can say depending on how teased, their stupid school children and Politicians need to be kept off my Royal Estate, their stupid money where their mouth is. It’s an old story about a case of comparing my books to other peoples multimillion pound products; the reality of which is rather that everybody knows the market is mine and they have declared themselves alongside some civil rights excuses as the ones that are going to replace me and have a product in hand that will replace my books, so there is no other way of getting rich as it were and so what about peoples peace of mind and their right to it as well? If I shut do down the business and pick it up again at a point, the question is that of who will fight for them then anyway? I don’t think it’s a problem as such, the Company business empire has a problem with equities of product appearance and how people use it to destroy me right up to the Royal Estate itself i.e. she wants to model herself and she will not do it unless it is a bikini that was created on my equities; was the Bikini designed for such a purpose of those who want to use it for a modelling job? Of course not, it’s just important to feel like they are me when they are doing their jobs and so it does not show signs of lessening in anyway while the celebrity ones like to play a game of me the vulnerable celebrity getting involved with you and so on with their stupid media; so when I do their cultures and societies for them the result is always whether violent guy is so stupid he wants to hurt them for a British idiot and then violent guy will have a problem with British idiot who have wrecked his Country whereas he has his own problem as it were i.e. it is the very fact you are trying to prevent him from doing a bad thing which causes him to do it. So the Empire is still worth the Millions that it was but two things need to happen i.e. first hurting these fools until they let me be and find a corner they are comfortable with and the other despatching the Books, I am not saying the latter will not involve hurting more fools, I am only talking about an ideal world; it’s the two parts of the company – one concerning the Books and the other the Holdings and Equity – holdings and equity is ready book sales not yet because of them, I only have to trash it out that’s all. They speak of opportunity for all but take out of the equation the men and the women you really actively need to protect yourself from and what you have left are a group of people that are being made to pay for damaging other peoples own – they say justice is tiresome but that their attitude is not; the electorate matters when these goons need to decide which one should be the acceptable version fact to those who dish out mob justice and it is the insults and abuses that come from it that leads to the conversations we have on it but the insecurities of having crowds at your door by the hands of stupid women and stupid men on media is another debt they will soon have to pay as well – I mean it’s good for their well being for a crowd to rage at your door today and find out they are lairs and then turn up again after 24 hours day after day, they say it is how they peel off good health and privilege from you but apparently it is justice that is tiresome too. They say something has got to give and I do not see it that way either; for while others are working on their needs these fools and their crowds work on happy slapping that is a function of Politicians wrecking peoples finances to push people into their area of society to slap for various reasons that will build up the nepotism that is good for their well being, including stealing women's beauty and not having sex with ugly women and of course allowing my problems to affect other people - I cannot have that damage done and give them anything I own after that of course - so they say they will take it anyway and that is with a big mouth only and they also say I already know what happened on happy slapping and how bad it will get if I do not co-operate right up to market and media and advertisement based self improvements they will chose at my expense with my public life, I say with a big mouth only (they love to claim the happy slapping was something I was responsible for creating the environment for and its just one of the many ways they pair me with psychopaths for their purposes; however which does not change anything as they are still more important than I am as a result of what they have already done to my finances and some stupid plan to do steady damage that keeps it that way permanently in order to bring their importance into realty so there is no point to their complains in actual fact; I do not think its an issue, they only mentioned something has to give on the way society is going in terms of their needs and I had to point out there will be no such thing since when everybody else is working on a need they are working on happy slapping until when they think those they slapped yesterday need to give them money today or just give away their products when asked). Its rather like the story of a lack of respect for women on my part - where the younger ones seek equality with me when I am doing well and until they squander it to make an industry idiot better off on account they will get pocket money from him they will never rest, the respect thing belongs to the older ones as such but the good bit is that the whole thing has become such a problem that the idiots that use it for fun vandalism are now telling the truth about it most of the time (it happens because an idiot who has gotten where he is by fingering peoples bums and plugging products into peoples market place to make money and buy shares in large companies has women all over those companies looking after his stupid interests but the problem comes where there is need for equality with me and they think they are beyond my league for that purpose and plug products into my market on account they share skin colour with me and therefore if I do it they can do it as well and so on which creates the problem, its much the same case i.e. if their stupid children and Politicians can keep off my Royal Estate we will live in peace as it were, as for the big mouth, I am sure they can put it where their money is too and that is for the Blacks, for the Whites its largely a matter of Companies setting up in communities and creating an atmosphere because they operate there and people can get off to talk nonsense that does damage here if they think they have got the guts for it too, talk nonsense to an extent where it is said I failed to act and we will not have to find out what they are made of too as it were; its only clowning around the respect for women and their community idiots can always tell me something has to give as well).