So now we know it is said I disrupt the entire Political system but it is difficult to locate exactly how somebody that is not actually involved in the Political system gets to disrupt it when those who enjoy getting out of government Office to find somebody they can target an encourage society and community goons to do the same as well think they have not disrupted the Political system. I mean these people they enjoy spending tax payer funds on claiming it is wealth inequality, so they can follow others around are incredibly stubborn, goons of an age that is not young or Middle and like nothing better than to finger peoples bum in order to extract the job and career energy they will set up at Popular culture for their children to own and it never ever stops and some things never ever change as it were, now they tell me I am the ne disrupting the Political system; a sign of course that they are caught between a rock and a hard case.

It’s much the same as ISIL for instance, whilst the reality is that this is a group of ex soldiers who feel dispossessed and wish to ensure the rest of the world suffers to a point for it the government that knew about their existence long before they came to prominence thinks that it can safeguard the security of people without telling them that ISIL stands for nothing and fights for nothing, what they want to talk about is how to curb radicalisation in Muslim communities when only insane persons would help such a group with foot soldiers if they needed any on account they have a grievance they know nothing about all together, so that in my case that also translates into what they want to talk about being that I disrupt the entire Political system.

It’s never been a problem for me, it’s all one great big face-off with Politicians; it is as though every time they put their face in mine I back down and chose a different path, so that becomes their self improvement and their sense of progress and it happens daily to a point where you stopped running from them and this the fact that best explains the nature of the rock and hard case thing they are caught in. It’s their turn to back down for me and I know that sounds like expecting the entire Country to back down for me if I am asked to give up my personal life to those who deserve it more but I don’t care anymore, it’s their turn and they need to get off my Books and clear my space – it does get to such a point.  The story of how I risk people’s lives by pretending I can protect them when I cannot is utter nonsense; I wouldn’t have a Royal Estate if I was unable to look after my keep and there is every likelihood I will be out there one day set up to sign Books and this process of reciprocating men and their need to find some conflict in the world to play a game of who wants to fuck a boys arse with my Royal Estate equitable security will end with a test of what becomes of them over it in a violent way,  they do not seem to have been clever enough to read such realities off my websites so far so their behaviour is still a major preoccupation. As for the part where my claim I have a Royal Estate offends people however; it is the stupidities of men that has created this outcome where the need to get involved with The Prince of Wales has now given rise to the failed attempt to wreck my finances and create young people that will have the same Royal disposition as me in order to subject me and extricate respect from me ending up in a condition where these fools are now in charge of the worst their society has to offer and I believe they have now found that problem they were looking for and need to watch their mouth and get down to it too; We are looking at young people whose entire nature involves asking peoples on the streets for an opportunity to commit crimes against them and it is never because they are sick or something but because they think that when it comes to violence they have the upper hand – so every fool that has continued to seek connections for them with the Royal Family in order to rule me needs to watch the publicity he gets for his bigmouth concerning feelings about a process where I speak of my Royal Office as it were. Typical fat pot bellied bastard, some need to extricate my work and career strengths that will be put up somewhere for popularity scum of his to copy walking around as though he can do and undo and do anything thereof and is a disobedience that can only grow and grow and I believe I have made myself clear here. I have allowed this process of a sense they are as normal as everybody to exist for the time it had because people need to learn when it gets serious but they know they are criminals and they know I know that too – so the insults do get to stage, not that they are going anywhere soon anyway, the rest of us on this planet need a life.

I have only been making sure them power men and money men who pull each other in different directions don’t use my life or work to get it done but we tend to have male irresponsible journalists that bad people can hut to frame good people or good people can turn bad to harm, who will do anything to ensure I cannot run my own Office in peace and quiet and then they tell me I am attacking my own people as well – which is where the facts are that people can simply walk up to others to make their lives difficult on the streets without reason or the reasons can be that it is how they feel about me and if I want to know why that is then that will lead me to the fact they feel my existence just says hello to them and complicates their lives because they are not currently living in the 80s – the travel and tourism thing of which we would rather do without their own as it were; the main contention being the great old case of somebody owning a restaurant in the middle of the South African capital and making out she deserves better than I do because she has the same renaissance as a Royal Prince and is a woman that needs taking care of or a popular culture goon who does not listen when people don’t want him to do other persons public life to help young people to get famous has the same because he is doing fame and fortune popular culture in the US; this then means a theatre actor that is close to me, a dancer that is close to me, an opera singer that is close to me and everybody else cannot carry on in my renaissance in any semblance of peace and sanctity and usually does lots to show why the bloody idiots blow each other up all the time.  So that there are these tales where nobody knows what happened to the beautiful and peaceful version of me that they want to see always but the reality is still a condition where I meet a white lady who says communicates that she has just been through the problem of having a baby; it’s usually one thing not to know how to respond to it and quite another when you know but a black idiot takes over your life while you are at it – hence I am perfectly away if I stay calm and collected and good, none of these things will affect me but it is not clear what they cling to me like that for either.

 The insulting and abusive response from Politicians about this a lot of the times is first that I need to settle up on the fact they are in charge and then also that I know lots of things about handling life itself which others need to copy and that is not a matter that is improving very well as I am a writer and people it seems are not yet done complaining about their culture and society as the general assumption they have continued to keep and maintain is largely that I create the peace and quiet in this Office for their convenience and for their purposes – of which there is really no point complaining thus about their own when their social hooliganism and other mainstream crimes, especially the sexual ones they are so proud of has no plans to lay off it. Another example is the Milk price crisis currently; where there is now talk of export controls which is very exasperating i.e. the government has to run the agricultural sector first and then it can run the National economy after that but the process of subsidising Agriculture which every government on the planet does in order to make food cheap has to give way, not to government drives to promote local produce like people have suggested but export controls and you may have been worried about keeping up with the different rates of taxes in the Euro zone but now you are worried about export controls as well over Milk and it is annoying because it does tend to appear these guys need information when in actual fact they don’t i.e. they are the government and these things are on their desk every single day – Labour enjoyed employing people in the EU so we can learn our place now the Conservatives just really love taking away opportunities through doing things like such; in my case specifically they say it is a matter of my attitude which does seldom fail to make sense as well – since the reality is that when I get a job they will employ radio people to spread whispers and abuses and push me out of it but it eventually pushed me out of University in 2008 and I am still picking myself up since, so the matter of doing it to set me on edge and own my personal life is definitely leading to a situation where I feel I have no other alternatives but to take them on directly and I am on course to find out what they intend to do about me to that effect really soon. In their defence they claim my activities amount to a form of export control whenever they make connections and try to trade but it is impossible to locate what they were thinking if their plan was to wreck the finances of my empire so they can go to another place where I have not been to enjoy being me and having a run off of my Empire in order to make money – any normal person would have understood that really meant looking for trouble – so it’s all shut down now, right down to religion as it were and instead of go away, they get after my public life to feel good using the religious bit instead of using the religious bit to believe in God which is why I do the same in terms of my need for religion with their societies and popular culture and Politics and media but they do not wish to talk about that, they want to talk about my attitude. It’s nothing serious in any case – first of all they say I think I have an empire when I don’t whereas in actual fact its reality that people in my position always get wealth and patronage from rich people; so in my case they always say I behave in a way that causes them to think they need to spend their money all the time and have not actually said anything to suggest whether it is okay to or not, so anybody who damaged my finances to get me stuck in London while they run off to Sidney to sell products and get rich on my Empire would have already realised they are looking for trouble long before they started; its fat cats for Industry and popular culture goons for celebrities and Government security operatives for Royalty, about being in a safe place and in good company – when Politicians and Government Officials and Royalty do fat cats, I mean when I feel uncomfortable about top members of the Royal family it’s because they do more fat cats and less Royal Officer operation recently but for the Politicians nobody knows why they cannot  keep it out of government office. As for worries about where I say what I say, it’s a matter of a certain group of Middle and Working class people who have an attitude that is unfathomable in this Country where they also think they have some kind of right to touch people; so the reality is always that attitude leading to a death by the hands of a Police Office and especially so in the US and a claim made that it is my fault of which it is never clear what they thinking, perhaps that they will become Royalty if they are connected enough to be or perhaps that putting up those attitude in front of a Police Office with a weapon is their right or perhaps that I think those who have gotten killed were the criminals the Police were looking for? The way it really works is that there are these power men who like their power built up sky high on their left hand side and on their right hand side and there are these money men who like their popular culture and media built sky high on their left hand side and on their right hand side and the two pull each other all the time – the job of a Police Officer is tension and pressure 24/7 every single moment and these are actually the good people. Of course if those talent shows target me the mocking and spending my public life this year I will start a programme to destroy it as well – it’s the great old story behind it where you can walk down the streets and some goon will turn up to give you some problems and they will get involved and support it and encourage it and spend your exit and wonder why they get killed by the Police. Of course I am aware that if I continue to shut Politicians out of my concerns I will have to deal with more problems as there is no way I can keep out overtly cultural politicians while sorting out stability for equitable securities but if I need Politicians I can always find them in the US and in Canada and in Australia, if the ones I have here in the UK weren’t enough.

So Policing Travel and Tourism develops along the same parameters

1.       The case of solidarity from the female community at Career; story of difficulties with men never letting women carry on while Politicians set out the deviant ones at the civil service ripping up peoples career; which means that any social stability is already beset by lack of trust and suspicion from the Politicians, except that in their case they can be insulting and very abusive with government Office and media indeed which also makes them really destructive but set out this way out as a process of developing an intolerance for their damaging stupidity. This allows people and families to have their own economic recovery and progress and what I get from it of course is a process where I am immune to market place and overt Industrial espionage and spying.

2.       All about money and men which is currently under control but is not to say that the ones of the right having that need to build up their power spy high on the right and on the left while the ones on media and popular culture having that need to build their wealth to dizzying heights has actually improved, instead it has secured the support of the foolish women that normally do so; the result of this being the whispering and back biting all over the place that is supposed to prevent others from getting jobs while idiots count pennies on people’s property until it becomes millions by publicity and this therefore does not go hand in hand with a process of making sure that when these two groups of men and their girls and women pull each other in various directions they do not use my property to do it, which is why we have ended up with a society that is career dangerous for women as well.

3.       It’s a game of poor people trying to sell something and a hatred for anything that is not a part of their community – so one must try not to tale anything from them and to ensure I buy only what I need  but that is not to say that the disobedience and destruction of the goons among them has stopped – the reality of that being that whilst they complain they want to do it all the time and their potential therefore to knock people’s heads together and trap people in a fight is that which they work harder for than they do a job  because the Labour Party while it was in government had helped them to some privileged injustice without asking why they need it and lost its international influence at my wake as well for it. So this is where the suspiciousness of the stupid Politicians do not pay off financially a wealth they have not worked a day for as well, hence the reason they hate mine so much.

Now I am aware the story I have no structure or order in my life and world but it is utter nonsense – since I returned to the UK in 2001 I have not had a moment break over the matter of women and how the world is an evil place and that is why we have ended up with a society where women are being threatened career wise as well; it starts with threatening me after the reality is that they hate my guts on account they don’t see me having any sex and then I will groom them as well for the women that really like to bully them and they will respond by starting to make those connections and the lies they tell through it to threaten me with men that will beat up that my body because they are not currently fucking it, so it gets in their face and winds them up and that is usually how it begins. As for the men themselves the main complain is usually wealth inequality and money problems but they will beat up the body their women cannot take advantage of or just damage that body and the personality claiming it gets in their face, so they can only keep damaging like that until a war on their problem which is wealth inequality results from it as it were. It’s like the story of how hunting does conservation in Zimbabwe for example; the truth of course is that 600 years ago hunting did something for the community in the sense that you had to have a Lion skin in order to be a local chief and even then Animals thrived perfectly – now they say hunting is the corner stone of conservation and it is the biggest nonsense we all have to listen to on television when we all know what really happens is that when you are American very big and want to express your stupidities at a vanity then you can kill a Bear and have the skin but if you are medium size then you can kill a Lion for the skin instead but  because they don’t have Lions in the US, the Lions in Africa will end up dead – whereas with the money they paid for the license somebody could make one for them and authenticate it to their personality all together – it will never make sense to kill rare wild life and those who do it, do it because they can kill anything even their own pets and then perhaps a person too; in need therefore of proper leadership, somebody that will stop them killing things. They do say I am a little twerp that thinks I am more capable than I really am but we all know what they do is get behind my back and build up a history they can look to every single time I am about to respond to them and then like the Politicians and diplomats that have not fared very well, start to put their faces in mine and get on my books to really provoke me; so what has happened to the Politicians and stupid women that started it all is that they are now going to use their own lives to build that perspective they want on the left or right now that I have shut down access to religion and my public life as well and they know they are stuck between a rock and a hard case and no amount of treating me with insulting suspicion over International relations with forge a process where I let them get out of making their own exit to spend as it were – so for these guys however people have always felt safe when they have no exit at all, the women make me so angry whenever they get involved with me and I don’t know what the reasons are, maybe it is because of the fact their entire personalities are built around a sense of entitlement developed from supporting men whenever the male population are out of order and out of control which is the kind of leadership that has thus robbed off on them to get involved with me by – it is insufferable. So people can try not to build up that history behind me and look to it every time I defend myself from them if they wanted and then assume they have seen the worst I can do and turn up to take risks. However it is just amusing that the only way out for them now is to make their own. They will never understand what it feels like to go round and round and round in circles of achievement so whole peoples can share on account they have a problem with the idea you might be respected for what you do – it is the only way to ensure they get their own so they can be treated in the same way.