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HH has never suggested that it is a matter that hinges on who is important or not. He is an Arch Prince and cannot possibly get into a disposition where he suggests such things on my own property. Those that do miss the point already all the time, the point of which they made themselves. That point which is of the fact they never intended to get away with their financial crimes, which is why they do them as a matter of might and right and hence end up with the question of who has what, being a matter of importance and recognition. 

One has always been clear to people that the monies they handle are not theirs in the first place, save the profits they make from it, how much of that of which he is not interested in-this situation directly involves government when they are handling bail out money from HM's Treasury during an economic crisis. He has always been clear to people that when they have taken my equities, he will recover them and when he do so will result those whose monies they had stolen put pressure on me to recover their monies for them as well, hence those those who provisionally take them should never spend them except they intend to show me a corresponding Equitable behaviour with respect to his book sales or indeed any cash or gift incentive. Thus all financial criminals really can do is dispatch media trouble makers, male idiots talking about what women they want to have sex with and female bullies talking about the protection of the finances of their bosses who share it with them and how the world is such much of a man's world in which a woman needs to be given a chance,  to seek corruptions on their behalf which is seldom thus successful, or attack my work to distract me and  keep me in the dark by doing such things as attacking Muslims and pretending America is controlling markets in Europe and Asia with One's property and Job, while  having people selling him out from the Royal Family, which seldom makes any sense too as this is his property and he does not share it with any that he should be sold out, which means that each time he has something of economic importance to do, the American economy must suffer because the US is not the UK in any way whatsoever and such games are hardly interesting.


It is the duty of any government to see to it that it is getting it's taxes, the financial services industries are lending and that businesses are employing. It must have been obvious by now that having mentioned the way in which HH deals with financial criminals on his property above, it applies that when the services lend money, businesses that are not playing by the rules of the free market and are not employing will have their equities reviewed and Politicians that play any of their games will have all they do to be famous confiscated; hardly surprising when One is barely alive by the insults of Politicians but is considered to have the power and talent to do anything when they add up sums and want a different figure from the truth for an answer especially with respect to international relations, Politics and world peace and especially with the insolent obsession with working it destructively through his personal and private Property and wrecking his office for fun. It applies that if it becomes impossible to have a natural free market, then those that have the commission and the Authority either have to create one or manufacture conditions by which it is possible.


This empire and all of it is the property of HH and no body else's; it is impossible to actually understand how the process of who gets what due to their importance works on who he makes friends with, share and or broke his equities with and games by corrupt men with his income make even less sense; The Arch Prince is an equity trader and or intellectual property broker not the bypass for criminals and corrupt individuals. It is unimportant what they recognise.


The idea of big bank bosses regarding other peoples Princes and in this case HH as a fantasist who thinks they will some how pass some of their money down his way is nonsense based heavily on refusing to work with what the truth is. The Arch Prince has been clear however about the fact he will not tolerate anybody spending his equities, which he has placed in their companies at the stock exchange and if people fall on difficult circumstances and feel they have to, they must express their own act of equity towards him by finding a distributor somewhere and getting copies of his books distributed, by which they send the amount of money intended to be a factor of their act of equity to his bank account, to inform him of which business has done it on media, which can be followed on with advertisement which just helps them even further. This is no games with anybody and One never go about solving problems while they pay themselves big bonuses-in his prognosis, no body spends his securities and he is clear enough about that. 

Bearing in mind the security is issue runs along the lines of stupid things Politicians say and silly things their media friends want to do in the sense that, when they want things from him, they flatter him and position themselves to give him anything in return for anything they have already worked out how to get from his property in a way he can do nothing about looking for trouble or send media people to use media to get it from him for them whether he likes it or not, pretending it belongs to them as well when finished and putting up a fight which they know plays on the fact time is money because they currently have liquidity advantage, which is an annoying fun they hope to have forever and when he needs his funds make out all he has is paper and this will never do, as it is seriously insulting, no body knows what they are doing with his property, why they are always at his place and it is also a story that is very familiar too bearing in mind current economic conditions and what Politicians have been getting up to too. For what would a big banking group  gain for having the exclusive distributor rights of his books in say Asia or Russia?

To the effect of what he has done here, he expects people to push for the sale of his books in order to work with their margins, not confiscate his property to get rich except they were looking for trouble, bearing in mind it will also make it impossible for the law to protect them, except their business is not quite large enough then they can boast on media especially until it goes badly wrong too, in order to save money on advertisement to reward their customers. This is somebody's personal and private property, people were supposed to have a government that checked what the structure Banks had for paying dividends to their shareholders was, before giving them tax payers money to play around with but did not have a government that did that, neither did they care. ‘Don’t spend my securities’ is simply enough for anybody to understand and certainly not a fantasy. It is a clear and active process of working with him when people get involved with HH's securities and equities  not stupid rich boy fun and games; if they feel they want to gather information from his books without buying them, he would have supposed we have come through that anyway as all they will create for themselves is Orphan investments all over the place that he can play around with, looking for the protection of tyrants all over the place and playing the powers of the US against that of the UK to get away with it, worse still is the fact his books do not mince their words on the problems of society-so they can go right ahead.




I am not a witchdoctor extraordinary. This idea has been created and floated all over the world by "we are staff" colloquialism disruptive figures and evil business idiots who aid them, more so, to take over other people's intellectual property and global Intellectual space (mine to be precise) on media to earn lots of pocket money with, while they for their part do not like people to usurp their culture and or spend it. As I said, they are always keen to make out people rob them but the real heroes of the rise of the middle class for example is actually those who created things like radiator heaters, so that people do not have to have Castles and then large lands with them to have enough log for the heating or people who invented penicillin so that instead of a group of 30 people that live somewhere in a little forest community dying of Malaria or Sleeping sickness, the Population explodes and middle classes can sell things to lots of people to get rich (perspective). So it tends always to be from them all about Middle class insolent, abusive, selfish, self seeking nonsense, where they do nothing but squeeze one part of the economy to get rich pushing like a baloon, the problems to other parts more tightly packed and then when they do refuse to spend the money because they realise they need to, if an economy must exist but that if they do others will earn while they will make themselves comfortable and therefore power is impossible to have with it, hence refuse to spend the money creating the reasons they do for hating me for much because they are now interfering with government work knowing that the money they have amassed with be of no value once they force the Central Banks to print new liquidity into the economy, these of which they love to do all the time and love to express on the media, looking for lazy self improvements that I would love them to stick so they can try to do it without determining my temperaments every time they do.

Reason being for example that somebody will travel from India to the UK, wishes to set up a restaurant, he decides the name for it has to be the 'Mumbai experience restaurant', which is not because he thinks such a name is the ultimate stuff or because there are no English alternatives but because he knows most people have heard of Mumbai but have never been there or tasted food there and so this will be catchy and will grab peoples attention and also give him identity, which is the same as my Intellectual property; so while they want to dispatch my property, savage and spend my Intellectual Property, Securities and Equities and my income too, they want their cultures and societies to remain intact because there are no known ways they can be made to pay for anything they damage here in cash, so it does not get spent and they can keep tapping into it to do business and stretch their profit margins with my earnings, which is somewhat impossible with such provocation that never has a limit.

The fact about whether I spend my time fighting for poor people which they throw around as well, especially bearing in mind the bottle necks it creates for me each time this nonsense about teasing communists over things they cannot do needs to stop, is that I never spend any of my time fighting for poor people. People are poor because half the time they are stupid and do not do well at school or are lazy at work and the other half the time they are evil and the negligence they express towards any problems they have is criminals, likewise their unquenchable and uncontrollable desire to attack anybody that does not have the same problem.


The part where there is the possibility of somebody earning the money while it ends up in the Bank Account of another, is just the bit that will lead to so much trouble that they will then end up somewhere seeking to get past my business to get to the British Crown because they want to peddle whatever they like-which as I said, will mean the way it has to be will have to be ripping to pieces peoples businesses in order to be popular enough to sell books.

The rest are supposed to be the trouble making fools that have come to some money who have raised the issue in the first place, complaining about how I interfere with their sex life while they threaten to empower criminals with funds all the time or create rich criminals perpetually, with any opportunity they appear on anything that looks like some kinds of media and with the use of any money they have because they have not been working for it and have all this time left for causing trouble with, thinking it is threatening and thereby comparing themselves to just about everybody when they know all they can ever be no matter how rich are Staffs.

So they can get involved with what happens in Royal circles and try to find out what the origin of things are around here all the time, in order to pretend they are other peoples bosses when they are clearly not-the result of course the businesses feeling unsafe enough to sell their Crown Jewels, while they become the small businesses that blame others for an economic crisis they created because they cannot get any lending, so take it further making friends with peoples rich evil wives trying to be powerful and rich socialists, which as I mentioned is due to the fact they are evil but have come to some money, so it is a bit difficult to keep them out of my personal life and hence they simply exist as people whose lot is betrayal from me at all times, except they have media idiots who serve them and think they can insult anybody they like as much as they want to make them tired all the time and pose that as some kind of victory to help them with confidence and thus make the problem worse since the economic and financial facts on the ground will never change wither way, after which they cannot deal with tyrants but can control heroes.

In the US for example they have the chance to move into peoples right and become really cultural, insulting people with accusations of laziness because they want to keep spending something those people have got and in the UK, I got fed up with such a state of affairs because they ruined my finances just so that they can ensure their wives and daughters have jobs right from their youth to adulthood, in order that they can ruin my health and boast about how I cannot even take on their women who are stronger than me on the inside but always plan to take them on, which is why I am not allowing them have any stupid insolent Western decadence as well and such nonsense as my privacy being or becoming the new way in which things as done especially at the market place is just looking for trouble that will never end well for them for their part. So on the contrary I venture to mention I do not make these things up either like they claim I do for what it is worth.

Others of them that think they will climb the social ladder into Royalty do not seem to show signs of minding their own business. Hence traders express demeanor of a King at me when they are nothing, on account they had a hand shake with The Presiding Monarch and therefore think their plans to make me join or form a gang to beat up people for them to have power with, has taken a turn for more power, which infuriates me very intensely and as such gets me to conclude they have boasted enough getting rich at my expense-especially using media, rumours and lies from their female idiots, commercials industry and those games they play to suggest they have been taking over the Popular music industry. I feel they need to move to somewhere else otherwise the physical attack of businesses, so I might sell my books will take another turn as well for whatever it might become.


They tell me the fact I can write a sentence or two to bring about equality with businesses, just like they stifle my finances to reach that level and keep their money to be more important than I am for no reason, whenever they get off as usual to ruin my finances and simulate my life and talent so their money might dominate when they had reached my level, is really special; it is not:-its like the Politicians; when they want one and I give them the fight of their lives, they create the idea it is about balance of power with the Monarchy because I have made it possible for Monarchy to conduct revolution in the territories of politicians as well, especially so bearing in mind America is the only real democracy around here and they are a bunch of violent, insolent, thieving hypocrites, that decide they can beat up people and grab their property just because they are vain, evil and stupid, by looking at them. It is never about any stupid balance of power, so my boss can keep up judging anything between me and them like they think about, so they can feel like they have the power to over work anybody. It is about my boss’s Government and its stability, not their opinions. So when they say my saying such things is really clever, I have no idea what they mean since they are fighting for their lives currently.

I must imagine these people must have by now mixed with high society enough to understand what a Holdings Company is (which is what Tunnel Light Books is together with its subsidiaries). So when next people tell them about The Arch Prince and his Holdings and Holdings in Government they should never think it is what they can grab for gangs that can beat up or kill people for them because they have plans which involve things they want to have or that they can play insolent multicultural games which involve cultures which have to do with the fact they know him and can get involved with him whether he likes it or not because he gets involved with people and should never exclude them as if it is their own lives or that they can play their silly Political games about him with respect to his property to make him do things for everybody. It is always a matter of deep and abusive insults that never end the way it begins for obvious reasons-it is not clear how perpetually preaching the insecurity of my Friends and Fans will help their case and cause either, especially as there isn't any in actual fact.

I. Uno


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