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Then again it is not the truth that I find it difficult to work with Politicians – what happens is that they have created very perverse ways by which Policies can be made and the one that means they get into Parliament to allow society determine its own fate generally means that the law exists to save people like me and they do not like to find out it exists to save their not normal retard madness from me too; hence each time an engagement has drawn attention to it, I take advantage and ensure the Politicians never forget the perversion bits they have created and more so considering I have not actually got the space to brush it under the carpet with. They rather speak of this case of a position in the world which I am not aware the position or disposition is a problem in anyway – since it is obvious that the more the Politicians create an alternate one to the one that has existed and has already existed, the more both will be at risk which ever one is real to whom. Hence where the Americans are concerns its clear those girls that love to pass insults at others and take their clothes off to make sex videos they display on other people’s public life to secure and exit for the way they have lived out their stupid existence will never stop and we know the republicans lie about it all the time while these girls have only one living and it involves violence against those they have classified as weak in order to get rich quick, alliances with some really stupid secret service goons that help with that and a warehouse in such a disposition by which to get about taking advantage of others to pile it high and sell it cheap. The democrats however rather tell lies about the Men who spend their time on nothing but chewing snacks, sleeping with girls, telling lies and making people feel they really need to watch their backs, so they can grab fame and fortune by putting to work women who clearly understand the processes involved in childbirth etc: these two groups will never change their behaviour and never stop, we all know that if we do not hear them complain about how the British State has no right to exist, then it is possible we are doing something terribly wrong somewhere. The other position in the world that was of concern had more to do with Asia and what we had to do there; so as it stands, if we needed to be in Asia for the sake of creating a presence there due to the pact we have signed with Communist Countries concerning the territories that have been handed over to them, we already are, hence nothing to worry about as such and there is of course talk of the role of the US, which is actually the only Country with enough Military strength to prevent the Chinese from destabilising the region but wherefore it is obvious that if we do not have a presence there, they will break the pact we signed over places such as Singapore. The talk of turning on the Chinese is an old one but there is no such thing; what happens is that the Chinese got involved with British culture and diplomacy on request and find something it wanted to do with where we were unable to police matters of black markets and made its economy a globally respected one by handling it the way they know; so we ended up with a Public security equity and trading block access arrangement with China but as we all know with Communists they will keep asking for more and asking for more harms them but they have a very clear idea who is at fault. Europe was never actually the difficult bit; the play and play out was largely concerned with the dream European Business fascists have of setting up leverage somewhere that allows whole peoples to be controlled while their businesses make profit and provides jobs that way, which means that a certain population gets jobs while they get rich and get glory for bringing about economic recovery as disrespectfully of other people’s personal finances as possible – so we are all played into a corner at this stage and in that corner we are now sorting out which one is whose trading standards and even then we see it so regularly, where they will get off and say especially where German Trading standards are concerned, that nobody knows by what perverted means I have gone off brokering equities with German companies and then they will go home and get stuck and start to stir up some society based hatred, which has a lot to do with the British having a problem with the idea that the Germans are the best when it comes to the manufacturing of a huge range of goods and services when we actually do not. In terms of the extremism itself of which they have come to that stage where they have it so mixed up on media where the racism and the environments that can allow paedophiles to become very powerful have come together, leaving us to find the skill to identify and tell both apart but mostly the extremism is happening only on Media these days.

They now say I am responsible for their various mental illness and I couldn’t make out how I became responsible for that either for my part; what really happens being that the poorer ones wreck my finances and complain to houses of Government about how I take up residence where my existence is likely to affect them in adverse ways, which becomes even more of a mystery when considered that they wreck my finances via corruption of involvement – hence obviously not normal retards as it were. Of course, I can always chase up the finances of the wealthiest among them and ensure they are out there getting their inequality problems resolved at the behest of those who enjoy spending money to fight others, hence completely lost as per where I got off being responsible for their retard mental illness. Then again of which we all know it’s a collection of very stupid people whose stupidities only adds to their wickedness – they say I fucked their bottoms but I am wondering why they have not gotten a job since anyway, showing up at my Estate and passing about those insults that allow them make reference to it all the time which is certainly not going to end only with a process of finding out what I am capable of if they squander it but a process where they suffer all the way to doing so too – I mean we all know the Women join the Military these days too and will be doing some fighting for me pretty soon as well. It’s so evil and so stupid that not only does it get a new one should you clear out the effects of the way it has lived its stupid existence but also has to find a way by which what happens to be your strength becomes a worry and then turn that into a means of fighting you – which is why I am said to be responsible for its stupid mental illnesses on account it has invested a lot of money and time into manipulating me, thus such a hurtful process becoming its answer for everything and when I ask what is wrong with them I end up with a case of having been said to be tortured until I told my own story, whereas reality is that they still assume that I am the only one that knows their insanity is the method by which retards of fools like them make fortunes; fortunes associated with shortcuts that are not meant to bring success but equality with those that are successful by means of having the things that allow them to express themselves the way it is seen in Public, of which crime is usually one of many methods – it blows off the big mouth like that all the time on the assumption there aren’t other fools out there. Speaking of causing their mental illness, I wouldn’t know how they came to such a conclusion but we all know it is a form of fun and games that they think is a worthy use of people’s time and will be talking nonsense about existence of extremists soon enough – extremists of which are not important i.e. I fucked their arse and I am at a loss as per why we hear them complaining about me instead of getting a job. So I do get told I speak such but do not actually believe that something should be done about it, which is not necessarily the case; we all know it’s a matter of doing the right things at the right time, so as to avoid resorting to the blunt instrument of state or legally sanctioned violence and yes it is usually said I do actually look like somebody that has been doing the right things at the right time as equally as we all know when these fools have jobs unless the employer is interested in where their anus and penis is, that job will be spent doing popular culture – while when I set up a Book shop they want to spend that on whiles and fun abusive accusations, not normal retards and we see them give to the frugal when they have any, I fucked the arse and am still listening to accusations instead of a process where they got jobs and kept themselves off my concerns especially my Books and Public image. It is obviously going to become more crooked the more it is being made straight as it were and talks nonsense endlessly about how I would never say so in the right places of Public access but we all know it’s the same blabbing that used to happen in the middle east before ISIL got involved and then its insults and twisted nature failed it at that war it talks nonsense about all the time and when it gets killed, video put up on the internet it is usually because of the environment of fear and distrust that has existed due to the actions of extremists, meaning that it failed to survive in a world where it had to have a simple conversation with people in order to get by. I hear they say I look soft on the outside but am a monster but I am not a monster; as I said, simple question of what is wrong with them as per the extremely hurtful means of spending time and money to manipulate me is the answer they have for everything which is going to end badly for them too.

Of course as usual we hear the boasting of how it is how the wars and genocides are created as a result of people like me having little respect for their stupid needs but we all know it’s mostly a matter of dragging me out of Government concerns for a fist fight that they have not been prepared for in 15 years so far; now every bit of their insults are designed to get me stuck in the way they have lived their stupid lives providing an exit in the process while community croons pay all their attention to me and these are the comments the Politicians especially need to shut down as I am trying to sell some Books here if they wish to put an end to their own problems too: they are all past it now, all fucking past it and know what it feels like to make such nonsense into a high dream to practice on people without reason or purpose as useless as they are – I mean I do get told that the use of swear words is an example of what causes my problems which I blame on others but it’s hardly any of their business, besides which their activities and attitude is apparently civil in their view. To imagine the idiots consistently expect us to trust them with the Economy so we can find ourselves working for them all together as well. 

Of course there is always talk of how no action I take on State matters are ever adequate but we all know that it was when I wrote and Published the Books which allowed the criminal operatives and criminality trouble makers to be exposed to hurt, so that those who want to manipulate them by pain in order to fulfil dreams might have access to their feelings too: we do not see the Politicians pick up guns for a Job or see them challenge Gang Member in order to make Legislation in the Houses of Parliament but it is what they want to impose on others never mind the optional extras of threatening me with the stupid laziness of the private Security Industry all of the time.

It's like when that case of something I wrote in my Books which are being read without payment, concerning abortion is brought up to run modernism over and over again on Media - meaning they do not listen carefully to the context in which I wrote what I did, as I did make it clear to any who gets involved with it legitimately, that contraception about 3 weeks s seen in my context as an abortion all together, since the gestation period had begun and even Animals do not have a gestation period by mistake and did go on to mention, there is likely in such situation to have been complications regarding such eventualities as sexual assault and the need to stabilise the victim first emotionally, then decide if it wants the baby or not - I did not realise the government was undergoing consultation to raise the abortion limit to 24 weeks, just three months away from due date, which is incredibly misinformed. What we find in the local communities are that religious and moral people are fundamentally hunted and trapped and used to build a state of affairs of constant and open secret abuses that are mostly sexual as well, by Women who ally themselves with violent Men so they can work their pleasures of seeing such Men and people as the lowest of the low in their society all day long for the fun of it - hence it is not far fetched to see that in context of 24 Week abortion, we can clearly see that they are very irresponsible people and it is only when they get killed by violent Men instead of murder unborn Children that we will see them take responsibility for a change. I am not making up my mind on this matter as construed; Women at the Monarchy tend to behave with respect and dignity and it might not be unusual to find somebody had a Glass of wine and Men jeered at her and she decided to get into a fight with a whole gang and get hospitalised - i.e. if the government says 24 Week abortion is not a crime they would have been misinformed. As for me, the reasons they say I am lowest of the low and chase me around like I am mice to be squashed is because I adopt that disposition where I inform somebody that is likely to have suffered for more than 2 decades because he or she is not good looking and then on the day one such person as his character gets elected decided to end it for them and for himself, that it is clearly what they want to do with their time. In the end they say I am blabbing from government support but which is an old story where I am being hunted down like chicken because I am a religious person who is not only a non violent person but also preaches non violence that others can hold him to when they want to take off him what he has worked for, due to what he has promised.- this then means a large proportion of what I get up to when it affects my finances and academics amount to public service of some sort, so it does reach a a stage where employers have seen enough of my CV and have decided that it's no use taking me on and then realising they need drop me off whenever the heat is turned on, so I must have this government support and complete my academic work to get on with what it is I am actually trying to do: hence here it would be said I am aware of this but tend to punish myself for the government support all together, which of course I allow them do because I do not really believe I should be on government support. Where the Politicians fit in however is the old story of my Books being prevented from getting sold because they faced the same problems in the past and didn't sell anything they were trying to do first of all but above all, it is because my Books mess up people's freedom in their view - the result being that when the immoral democracy then gets off voting for them, their bottom hurts, they target me and star the threats that go on to show the political version of the fact they make assumptions of what I am really like just like these other aforementioned goons out there at the local communities and so it's good preaching a tale of religion being the problem of the world especially the wars in parliament to threaten me when immoral democracy votes for them with that big mouth. It does get resolved as civil society by the way; during Mother’s day for instance and Feminists will rule and these stupid Women will then find out it makes sense if they are not bearing down sexually on those who want nothing to do with them, meaning they have eyes for their Men whom they hate and their men who hate them have eyes for them only for the day too at least - but it never really works because there is still a hardcore of idiots who will organise groups right down to school children and set out to target me, they want my bum obviously etc: another point concerning money obviously where my Books mess with peoples freedoms, the need to walk around talking nonsense about doing peoples stuff because they have some money having given way to Money in my closet complains, they now have found that cash has dried up where they belong, want to sell goods to the Customers everybody thought were bad people but really are not, think my Books may help but do not wish to buy a copy of their own, employ criminals in peoples families and neighbourhoods and threaten me when the immoral democracy votes for them.

 Talk of how scared I am of Political spin doctors is an old story by itself – it was the one where former Prime Minister Mr Blair will screw up my stuff to an extent where when he takes a trip overseas, people turn out on media to inform me of the day he will return while they handle my work and wind me up, the day he will return which means I am in trouble and so on and then the end result was that fear he had for the safety and security of his family and then the follow on abusive treatment towards me with that stupid media which should make me the low life that protects peoples children etc which had no meaning or effect either as it were and then those idiots will turn out on media as well to show how much trouble they can make; of course it is those who make me susceptible to abuse and not those who feel like turning out in public to show people they can make statement of intent to become criminals I have a problem with as it were. I am not scared of any spin doctors but above all cannot understand why people keeping saying it. Then we hear the say the most important issue at the heart of it is that of what my problem with Politicians seems to be, of which I don’t have a problem with Politicians that they have not created for themselves; I mean it is impossible to make an entire civil service behave in a way that agrees with the wishes of your party but that does not stop you trying either and so all we do these days is spend government funds putting right problems that Politicians create i.e. one party will make the civil service into what it wants, the other party will get elected and discover they cannot work with the civil service and then reform it and then it will go on like that endlessly but the part that concerns me is that they break stuff, cannot stop breaking stuff and break my stuff all the time - in fact they boast that with respect to my valuables specifically they have started off such that it is now impossible for them to control their foolish and destructive supporters and I will never stop reviewing that their stupid culture because I love to extricate the good deeds they should have been doing, measured by the evil ones they do and then keep hold of it globally as well; the old question about how people get to make money and riches when other peoples stuff is being damaged and destroyed, alongside the one about Politicians asking others to give up their personal lives to those who deserve it better. Yes I know people do these things because of what I do to provoke them by limiting their progress but clearly I know for example that I am a Christian and if I do not do something that is proactive with respect to my Christian faith, something that is a positive and not passive obligation, the result is that people who are not Christians will do things that force me to react and once I react which Politicians can make me for fun looking for trouble, once I react, they will notice that and latch onto it and think it is fun to wind me up all the time but believe it or not, there are people who think of crime and the commitment of crime in the same way but take a guess of whose expense they and the insolent Politicians that want to see what the outcome will be think that should be in the first place – this is half the story of course since the other half is the one where they regularly turn out to talk rubbish at me all the time, especially the girls and their tough boys or indeed the boys who want to see me clash with racists and gangs. What they think is that people should wait for them to commit the crimes first and then label them as criminals once they have but that is not the way I see it for my part too. These are the implications of being scared of spin doctors for me and it is not the first occasion they will do or say such things and then turn out to handle my work and property and income in order to stay safe and secure and hence cannot leave me alone.

Of course we do hear the tales of Stock Markets developing at my expense but I do not think it matters either; I know it is not doing so in a real sense and is all made up on account they expect the rest of the world to fall into line with what they want by the shady deals they will make all over the place to make it so, hence it is the process of handling my books and shifting it around to leave behind markets I have built around it for them to cash into with a media I cannot reach or stop, this is the criminal activity that will be their undoing and is therefore beginning to set off a process where I scout the world to ensure they have had the difference of any money they have created in the imaginary side of stock brokeing off set over what I have not authoirsed them to do with any of my property and the real danger since Polticians never listen is another stock market crash of course which they think they have nipped at my expense and I think what I have done so far is not hurting them badly enough yet either which is why they keep talking and talking like that about stock market progresses at my expense while my book sales are stifled. Of course I am able to do these things because it is a Literary Empire and I dare them to create one like that I allow people hound them everyday for a decade in order to ensure they have a business empire but the money ends up somewhere else; so indeed all I can say is that they can keep talking and talking like that and they will soon find out what the implications are, find out what it means and find out what the other side of it really is - I mean it would be a world to live in indeed if supposing it were allowed and none least on the excuses I make for doing so in the form of the fact it is ultimately the choice of the consumer that determines what happens at market which they now show they wish to control with that big mouth and stupid media, what a world it would have become for us all to live in anyway. 

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HH has never suggested that it is a matter that hinges on who is important or not. He is an Arch Prince and cannot possibly get into a disposition where he suggests such things on my own property. Those that do miss the point already all the time, the point of which they made themselves. That point which is of the fact they never intended to get away with their financial crimes, which is why they do them as a matter of might and right and hence end up with the question of who has what, being a matter of importance and recognition. 

One has always been clear to people that the monies they handle are not theirs in the first place, save the profits they make from it, how much of that of which he is not interested in-this situation directly involves government when they are handling bail out money from HM's Treasury during an economic crisis. He has always been clear to people that when they have taken my equities, he will recover them and when he do so will result those whose monies they had stolen put pressure on me to recover their monies for them as well, hence those those who provisionally take them should never spend them except they intend to show me a corresponding Equitable behaviour with respect to his book sales or indeed any cash or gift incentive. Thus all financial criminals really can do is dispatch media trouble makers, male idiots talking about what women they want to have sex with and female bullies talking about the protection of the finances of their bosses who share it with them and how the world is such much of a man's world in which a woman needs to be given a chance,  to seek corruptions on their behalf which is seldom thus successful, or attack my work to distract me and  keep me in the dark by doing such things as attacking Muslims and pretending America is controlling markets in Europe and Asia with One's property and Job, while  having people selling him out from the Royal Family, which seldom makes any sense too as this is his property and he does not share it with any that he should be sold out, which means that each time he has something of economic importance to do, the American economy must suffer because the US is not the UK in any way whatsoever and such games are hardly interesting.


It is the duty of any government to see to it that it is getting it's taxes, the financial services industries are lending and that businesses are employing. It must have been obvious by now that having mentioned the way in which HH deals with financial criminals on his property above, it applies that when the services lend money, businesses that are not playing by the rules of the free market and are not employing will have their equities reviewed and Politicians that play any of their games will have all they do to be famous confiscated; hardly surprising when One is barely alive by the insults of Politicians but is considered to have the power and talent to do anything when they add up sums and want a different figure from the truth for an answer especially with respect to international relations, Politics and world peace and especially with the insolent obsession with working it destructively through his personal and private Property and wrecking his office for fun. It applies that if it becomes impossible to have a natural free market, then those that have the commission and the Authority either have to create one or manufacture conditions by which it is possible.


This empire and all of it is the property of HH and no body else's; it is impossible to actually understand how the process of who gets what due to their importance works on who he makes friends with, share and or broke his equities with and games by corrupt men with his income make even less sense; The Arch Prince is an equity trader and or intellectual property broker not the bypass for criminals and corrupt individuals. It is unimportant what they recognise.


The idea of big bank bosses regarding other peoples Princes and in this case HH as a fantasist who thinks they will some how pass some of their money down his way is nonsense based heavily on refusing to work with what the truth is. The Arch Prince has been clear however about the fact he will not tolerate anybody spending his equities, which he has placed in their companies at the stock exchange and if people fall on difficult circumstances and feel they have to, they must express their own act of equity towards him by finding a distributor somewhere and getting copies of his books distributed, by which they send the amount of money intended to be a factor of their act of equity to his bank account, to inform him of which business has done it on media, which can be followed on with advertisement which just helps them even further. This is no games with anybody and One never go about solving problems while they pay themselves big bonuses-in his prognosis, no body spends his securities and he is clear enough about that. 

Bearing in mind the security is issue runs along the lines of stupid things Politicians say and silly things their media friends want to do in the sense that, when they want things from him, they flatter him and position themselves to give him anything in return for anything they have already worked out how to get from his property in a way he can do nothing about looking for trouble or send media people to use media to get it from him for them whether he likes it or not, pretending it belongs to them as well when finished and putting up a fight which they know plays on the fact time is money because they currently have liquidity advantage, which is an annoying fun they hope to have forever and when he needs his funds make out all he has is paper and this will never do, as it is seriously insulting, no body knows what they are doing with his property, why they are always at his place and it is also a story that is very familiar too bearing in mind current economic conditions and what Politicians have been getting up to too. For what would a big banking group  gain for having the exclusive distributor rights of his books in say Asia or Russia?

To the effect of what he has done here, he expects people to push for the sale of his books in order to work with their margins, not confiscate his property to get rich except they were looking for trouble, bearing in mind it will also make it impossible for the law to protect them, except their business is not quite large enough then they can boast on media especially until it goes badly wrong too, in order to save money on advertisement to reward their customers. This is somebody's personal and private property, people were supposed to have a government that checked what the structure Banks had for paying dividends to their shareholders was, before giving them tax payers money to play around with but did not have a government that did that, neither did they care. ‘Don’t spend my securities’ is simply enough for anybody to understand and certainly not a fantasy. It is a clear and active process of working with him when people get involved with HH's securities and equities  not stupid rich boy fun and games; if they feel they want to gather information from his books without buying them, he would have supposed we have come through that anyway as all they will create for themselves is Orphan investments all over the place that he can play around with, looking for the protection of tyrants all over the place and playing the powers of the US against that of the UK to get away with it, worse still is the fact his books do not mince their words on the problems of society-so they can go right ahead.




I am not a witchdoctor extraordinary. This idea has been created and floated all over the world by "we are staff" colloquialism disruptive figures and evil business idiots who aid them, more so, to take over other people's intellectual property and global Intellectual space (mine to be precise) on media to earn lots of pocket money with, while they for their part do not like people to usurp their culture and or spend it. As I said, they are always keen to make out people rob them but the real heroes of the rise of the middle class for example is actually those who created things like radiator heaters, so that people do not have to have Castles and then large lands with them to have enough log for the heating or people who invented penicillin so that instead of a group of 30 people that live somewhere in a little forest community dying of Malaria or Sleeping sickness, the Population explodes and middle classes can sell things to lots of people to get rich (perspective). So it tends always to be from them all about Middle class insolent, abusive, selfish, self seeking nonsense, where they do nothing but squeeze one part of the economy to get rich pushing like a baloon, the problems to other parts more tightly packed and then when they do refuse to spend the money because they realise they need to, if an economy must exist but that if they do others will earn while they will make themselves comfortable and therefore power is impossible to have with it, hence refuse to spend the money creating the reasons they do for hating me for much because they are now interfering with government work knowing that the money they have amassed with be of no value once they force the Central Banks to print new liquidity into the economy, these of which they love to do all the time and love to express on the media, looking for lazy self improvements that I would love them to stick so they can try to do it without determining my temperaments every time they do.

Reason being for example that somebody will travel from India to the UK, wishes to set up a restaurant, he decides the name for it has to be the 'Mumbai experience restaurant', which is not because he thinks such a name is the ultimate stuff or because there are no English alternatives but because he knows most people have heard of Mumbai but have never been there or tasted food there and so this will be catchy and will grab peoples attention and also give him identity, which is the same as my Intellectual property; so while they want to dispatch my property, savage and spend my Intellectual Property, Securities and Equities and my income too, they want their cultures and societies to remain intact because there are no known ways they can be made to pay for anything they damage here in cash, so it does not get spent and they can keep tapping into it to do business and stretch their profit margins with my earnings, which is somewhat impossible with such provocation that never has a limit.

The fact about whether I spend my time fighting for poor people which they throw around as well, especially bearing in mind the bottle necks it creates for me each time this nonsense about teasing communists over things they cannot do needs to stop, is that I never spend any of my time fighting for poor people. People are poor because half the time they are stupid and do not do well at school or are lazy at work and the other half the time they are evil and the negligence they express towards any problems they have is criminals, likewise their unquenchable and uncontrollable desire to attack anybody that does not have the same problem.


The part where there is the possibility of somebody earning the money while it ends up in the Bank Account of another, is just the bit that will lead to so much trouble that they will then end up somewhere seeking to get past my business to get to the British Crown because they want to peddle whatever they like-which as I said, will mean the way it has to be will have to be ripping to pieces peoples businesses in order to be popular enough to sell books.

The rest are supposed to be the trouble making fools that have come to some money who have raised the issue in the first place, complaining about how I interfere with their sex life while they threaten to empower criminals with funds all the time or create rich criminals perpetually, with any opportunity they appear on anything that looks like some kinds of media and with the use of any money they have because they have not been working for it and have all this time left for causing trouble with, thinking it is threatening and thereby comparing themselves to just about everybody when they know all they can ever be no matter how rich are Staffs.

So they can get involved with what happens in Royal circles and try to find out what the origin of things are around here all the time, in order to pretend they are other peoples bosses when they are clearly not-the result of course the businesses feeling unsafe enough to sell their Crown Jewels, while they become the small businesses that blame others for an economic crisis they created because they cannot get any lending, so take it further making friends with peoples rich evil wives trying to be powerful and rich socialists, which as I mentioned is due to the fact they are evil but have come to some money, so it is a bit difficult to keep them out of my personal life and hence they simply exist as people whose lot is betrayal from me at all times, except they have media idiots who serve them and think they can insult anybody they like as much as they want to make them tired all the time and pose that as some kind of victory to help them with confidence and thus make the problem worse since the economic and financial facts on the ground will never change wither way, after which they cannot deal with tyrants but can control heroes.

In the US for example they have the chance to move into peoples right and become really cultural, insulting people with accusations of laziness because they want to keep spending something those people have got and in the UK, I got fed up with such a state of affairs because they ruined my finances just so that they can ensure their wives and daughters have jobs right from their youth to adulthood, in order that they can ruin my health and boast about how I cannot even take on their women who are stronger than me on the inside but always plan to take them on, which is why I am not allowing them have any stupid insolent Western decadence as well and such nonsense as my privacy being or becoming the new way in which things as done especially at the market place is just looking for trouble that will never end well for them for their part. So on the contrary I venture to mention I do not make these things up either like they claim I do for what it is worth.

Others of them that think they will climb the social ladder into Royalty do not seem to show signs of minding their own business. Hence traders express demeanor of a King at me when they are nothing, on account they had a hand shake with The Presiding Monarch and therefore think their plans to make me join or form a gang to beat up people for them to have power with, has taken a turn for more power, which infuriates me very intensely and as such gets me to conclude they have boasted enough getting rich at my expense-especially using media, rumours and lies from their female idiots, commercials industry and those games they play to suggest they have been taking over the Popular music industry. I feel they need to move to somewhere else otherwise the physical attack of businesses, so I might sell my books will take another turn as well for whatever it might become.


They tell me the fact I can write a sentence or two to bring about equality with businesses, just like they stifle my finances to reach that level and keep their money to be more important than I am for no reason, whenever they get off as usual to ruin my finances and simulate my life and talent so their money might dominate when they had reached my level, is really special; it is not:-its like the Politicians; when they want one and I give them the fight of their lives, they create the idea it is about balance of power with the Monarchy because I have made it possible for Monarchy to conduct revolution in the territories of politicians as well, especially so bearing in mind America is the only real democracy around here and they are a bunch of violent, insolent, thieving hypocrites, that decide they can beat up people and grab their property just because they are vain, evil and stupid, by looking at them. It is never about any stupid balance of power, so my boss can keep up judging anything between me and them like they think about, so they can feel like they have the power to over work anybody. It is about my boss’s Government and its stability, not their opinions. So when they say my saying such things is really clever, I have no idea what they mean since they are fighting for their lives currently.

I must imagine these people must have by now mixed with high society enough to understand what a Holdings Company is (which is what Tunnel Light Books is together with its subsidiaries). So when next people tell them about The Arch Prince and his Holdings and Holdings in Government they should never think it is what they can grab for gangs that can beat up or kill people for them because they have plans which involve things they want to have or that they can play insolent multicultural games which involve cultures which have to do with the fact they know him and can get involved with him whether he likes it or not because he gets involved with people and should never exclude them as if it is their own lives or that they can play their silly Political games about him with respect to his property to make him do things for everybody. It is always a matter of deep and abusive insults that never end the way it begins for obvious reasons-it is not clear how perpetually preaching the insecurity of my Friends and Fans will help their case and cause either, especially as there isn't any in actual fact.

I. Uno


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