Please note I may not have paid a great deal of attention to my language on some occasions; it is an attempt to consign those language to history. Just as I have of a violent Nature to highlight the processes by which it is possible to get from feeling unforgiven for hurting another person to feeling justified for taking the life of another. 

The Hermitage Administrative reasons for not Polishing these feelings are  that  not doing so draws up a complete understanding and  for Equity applicable , of what I have done to impugn Market separatism.

Mind some racial slurs, in context they mean nothing but never the less must be explained as a response to my position being incessantly compromised by people who also want everybody to think they do not need help from my exorcist and hence in a circular sense, need to become more responsible persons.







As for the Public matters I need to get myself away from, the parts that means any who associate themselves with me gets into trouble with it, there are none; what we have mainly is a group of goons spending a lot of time on the one issue of digging holes all around me everywhere I go, in a hope that I will fall into one of those and become a character that people pick on every time they want to be famous, while the male ones will be the flushing my whole life down the loo on account I wrote a helpful Book that they wanted to own free of charge – we see it then brews an outcome where the more successful I got was the more people I met and the more people were affected by this nonsense on my account while the business of it being their civil rights to threaten me every time they had money problems continues to get completely out of hand; so in the end its all garnished by Goons who need to show that I am a kind of Man that damages women’s lives and need to be damaged as well to pay for it on account they were supportive of women, while what they were complaining about themselves was what these female deviance personified got off doing with the discomforts that an Arch Prince experienced due to an incessant need that their insolent selves had to discipline him all the time. We have seen that when they start, I drop out of University or it begins the same year that I had begun to trade my Books more seriously and says that they must get rich from my work first before I am remotely allowed to earn a living, like they are not blabbing anymore of those who do not beat them down before chasing the career being unable to do it on the go or unable to do it later on currently. These goons have no sense of direction and the problem with stating that they have no sense of direction which then gets worse when they got in league with bad people to build this sense they are hanging around in Public frowning on the bad things that happen around us to make fame and fortune while the reality is that they use the people who do those bad things to wreck our lives and glean fame and fortune from the controversy and pain caused, the problem with stating it is that doing so jeopardises what others have built. The reality about caring for women being naturally that it’s a trap I have created, knowing those who care about women too much end up getting into a fight; we do not need theories to see the results, as they have become more interested in completing what I have done, fighting my battles, as this was easier than fighting their corner, getting off to do my stuff at Buckingham Palace all the time, while where they ended up was their own personal decisions in the first place.

We hear other things come from it such as the idea if they said they wanted to own my Royal Commission, there was nothing I could have done about it while we know I have warned them about running out of deterrence and resorting to direct action concerning the fact that they needed to show me their Celebrity culture makes enough money to make people commit crimes which wrecks my career since it apparently cannot make its money without me – while the media ones have heard me speak of a public image that could mean that exploring how large New outlets need to get at each other’s throats when they are not sacrificing the freedom to chase scrap news for their career every day, whereby the theory I cannot do anything about their stupidities expressed at my expense will be tested to its limits. Its like we hear them claim the problem was still that I play around with other people’s women – truth of it naturally being that they invited themselves into a Court system which Women occupy solely for career purposes, which they approach with a specific sense of Commitment that says allowing their spouse into it would mean cheating on me, about which the effect with the spouse would have been a case of going to tell somebody I am cheating with their wives in broad daylight under the roof which will never happen – so we find them kick off from here to attack me, claiming that their bottom hurts because of their need for involvement with relationships that have nothing to do with them and I am to suffer for it with a big mouth and this is just after they had spent a decade and a half of my time pretending to be the spouses of these women, as abusively as possible, since they were male colleagues – soon after which we find them introduce me to what has happened as something of the fact the women use these matters to get ahead and they were the men who should be keeping the highest paid jobs, which I get to pair up with those bread winner insults they throw at me to maintain neighbourhoods where they and their children can pass exams and keep those best jobs in the land thing, then try and make sense of it in terms of the leadership their stupidities provide with Media to ensure hoodlums and their culture/society trouble makers were all over my finances and career every day, should I have felt that explaining it as something which happens because they are incredibly good at looking for trouble was insufficient. The little known view I have of them has always been that these are a collection of very stupid people who spend their time saving the health and energy that will help them learn other people’s jobs, they are usually stupid and the health and energy is usually very important because they listen to none and learn nothing from others – we find that the bottom chasing business that got Politicians spending tax payer funds to help them wreck my academic work is the same reason that the Politicians have rounded me up like sheep to make me do something about them and this is what is happening at Parliament these days but whilst they have not yet learned my job to grab the income, claiming they are more successful thus bearing in mind they have money by doing business that does not involve a contract with consumers which makes individuals that get into partnerships to buy what they sell better off by buying it and cannot explain what type of business they are doing thereof, the idea is that I should be done to prevent me from living as though it was my lot to say they are clever and then deal with their need to decide what happens with my person when I leave my Home to attend any meets and or persons that were important, while holding my tummy for reasons of the abdominal discomfort caused the entire time.

The other talk they love so much is that I am not making a good reputation for myself at the Monarchy which is utter nonsense – the two issues are that Royals don’t have money problems, I have money problems and my Books are not written for General Public Library, they are written as a means by which I engage with Community at this Hermitage, they are about my Family and this Office, I did not even do the spelling check in it, so I might sit back and observe how some popularity and Celebrity goons will develop all sorts of stupidities over it as disobediently as they possibly can without consequences. So the Royals don’t have money issues and since they have always loved to make a mess of my whole life because I do, my Books are written to draw a line on the matter and get money problems solved – the Books are written on the premise of my Family and this Office, hence those who read it do not create problems for me or get themselves into trouble on its account. This usually brings forth another part of the story which says we make a mess for the Government at the Monarchy which is utter nonsense too; what makes a mess for the Government is the Politicians that constantly get themselves involved with matters at the Monarchy i.e. what happens at the Monarchy being Primary Governance, that if people need to be controlled they will be, if Public Policy needs to be set out it will be and what happens at Parliament is secondary Governance, that Politicians consult the Public, get elected and make Laws at Parliament which is binding on all – we see these Politicians make a mess at the Monarchy all the time because they perhaps will now be able to do both the part of Primary and Secondary Governance, save the aspect where I get threatened and attacked because their bottom hurts while the very fact they are making this mess is the reason mine hurts in the first place. I do get told I dabble into Secondary Governance as well and yes I do – what happens is Culture and Society trouble makers inventing norms and organising themselves to enforce it as if it was law, effectively quarantining whole populations of people to keep it going along with their Media and Celebrity fools, whereby the only time we hear what the Law really was being discussed was when somebody committed a crime and they had all attended the Law Courts to witness proceedings; so where this affects me is when it sees me at University, its Celebrity and Popular culture idiots decided my personality was to make them money or I will not have the right to exist, the ethnic minorities claiming I am their kid on whom their future depends and the whites digging holes around my life everywhere I go hoping I will fall into it and become a character that attends Church whom people pick on when people wanted to eb famous, such that it grows into something that the market wants – the outcome was that they build up some provocation and to ensure they provoked and were not provoked, they set about getting Politicians to cover it with series of Legislation and to do so, every time they had an altercation with Next Door neighbour, it got right up to Parliament – so, I got involved in secondary Governance and they now know that if they wreck mine, their society will vanish too. The Celebrities being another story entirely; we know that they have shown us all what happens when they got in league with Criminals, while what they are complaining about is what happens when part of what I am doing ends up in the hands of villains, we are still talking about the question of what their problem is exactly and how they plan to just let me get on with it at this stage too.

They do say young people want advice on where I stand in terms of Public matters but it still lead back to the same old case i.e. the Boys don’t like to see the Girls do the Academic work and the Career because of the tendency women have to support society trouble makers but apart from the fact pointing out their Celebrities and Popularity goons who play their games have no sense of direction and cannot stop subverting my work to extract money from my property, invent gimmicks that make my life toxic to get away with it, we know that doing so would jeopardise the security of women at matrimony. So, at the Career stage the reality is still the same i.e. that the Girls must be allowed to do some Popular culture and the Boys need show up around my concerns only when they want a Book I have written. If the women hurt me with popular culture, I can always resort to tackling them on the basis of a need to see them make more babies in order to supply a work force that will serve them while they invent such stupidities but none knows how to tackle gits that round me up like sheep over what I know and are constantly making out it is their right to by pointing out they are only interested in what comes from my anus which is none of my business, as insultingly as possible, pushing on to the case of wanting the Books I had written to furnish them with what I know, free of charge which kicks off a mini war and the need was to ensure that on looking at me I had a disadvantage which played in their favour while I was in possession of property I could lose, meant I was cash strapped and their stupidities had somebody they could oppress and discriminate against – it comes back to the same bits, let the Girls do their Popular culture and the criminals complain of how there are years of popular music made to haunt them concerning how their personal decisions have affected them and how they have taken it out on others, the Boys show up here when they want a Book. What we have had here is quite unbelievable – that since the Left of Politics thinks most of its problems are located on the Right and the Right of Politics thinks most of its problems are located on the Left – my Books were the Political think I did and Liberal America has built a Global stage leadership for money hunting on the patents that were set out for it, looking to a future where they will rip it up and stand at the other end showing they did not need to because their stupidities were comfortable with their own side of society. All set out which features that began with insults on how I have written Books of problems because I wish to complain later that people had grabbed my career, now showing up as a matter of A List Celebrities who are never satisfied with what they have, sending out their foolish low lives to run their Show Business for them in a way that subverts my Public engagements, Public work and Public image, everyday.

It has become common place for people to claim I have a habit of getting myself into difficult positions with people of authority and it is utter nonsense too; what really happens is that the only way that Society trouble makers can ever handle the absolute torture of having to deal with what I know as a compatible way of getting on with the lifestyle they have chosen is to get some Royals and some people on Media and some Celebrities claiming that they have grabbed my career – nothing that any person who has played along with this does thereafter will ever be enough to pacify me each time they do it – more serious things like me dropping out of University have occurred over the last decade, so it should not apply that people think this is a preferred form of fun. The bottom chasing issues is an example of this matter never being enough for their stupid minds is where people want to get married into the Royal Family by chasing my bottom and yet The Queen is Head of State in a Country that Comprises of Majority population and Minority Population and she will surprise you time and time again by making it quite clear that you are not going to do anything about it irrespective of how much it hurts. Hence the idea is that I am allowed to do something about it, concerning which I am an Arch Prince required to support HM on matters of Church, while they are homosexuals asking me to sort out bottom chasing issues as if I am responsible for their personal decisions.

I am now told that I believe I have the capacity to walk on water and its utter nonsense – the reality of what we face here are a group of people with their secret society powers showing me that they had made money at my expense and can take whatever they want from me anywhere in the world; the statements they make shows they have supreme confidence in what they gather up with their equally stupid friends to do with my concerns for it and I so fed up with my life being such a toxic environment because of their money. So they don’t see anything wrong with deploying my work to make entertainment without permission and then doing it to ensure I dropped out of University or my finances were in a bad way, its all part of the game, I have come up with a means to smash their minds as well but the difference between me and them is that what I smash their minds with belongs to me and their ego is the main reason I get to smash it so. I mean none sees anything wrong with making a film that a three year old will get over their heads for and 6 years later making another sequel that will break their little into tiny fragments, they simply believe they have so much money my feelings would not have mattered if it was the deployment of my work that made those films; speaking of which they are always saying that there is nothing I can do about them because I have no money and since last I put up structures to ensure they did not invest my equities without buying and reading the Books, all hell had broken lose but it is still my property and not their own, so minds will be shattered over it still.

They do ask the question of what I want but that was an old case where I have a Royal Commission to look after and they have no business with it if they are not Royalty themselves but I am aware each time I say such things, I only place myself in a condition where they are to give me permission to access my own public image – they claim most of what I own was receded at the Monarchy which is utter nonsense as what I am aware of is that I am not just Hermit anymore, I have been given a certain share of authority over Society, which I have been given in the last 5 years, I would like to get on with it without anymore of their inability to keep their hands to themselves interfering with me. The question of responsibilities that lie with me have always been an obsession around here but it is still the same case of when I tell people the faith and public image and personal life is not to be peddled, which leads to a mini war of goons claiming I want to run their lives for them, while the above group carry on with their own madness alongside their Celebrities for it – so if both have not yet decided I should not be inflicted by that nonsense where I smell like what I ate all the time, I will soon decide that they are to sort each other out while I supervised for my own conveniences as well – it never makes sense how any group of people could be so violent about the sense they were better off than anybody else while we know they are mostly worse off most of them and have not got anything in their minds to help them out with any issues, likewise the get rich quick goons who run around with Media and Celebrities. Their game is that I have gotten more responsibilities at the Monarchy because somebody else was made to depart their position and it is utter nonsense as we know they are the reasons it is difficult for people at the Monarchy who get along with Celebrities to accept the fact others exist, spending all their time on punching bottoms and slapping panties and the reasons for it, apart from ripping up the academic work and career to attempt a complete destruction of my mind and person to set about teaching me etiquettes and how to be English and British, is that it becomes impossible for anything to be hidden from them; it simply cannot be hidden well enough.

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This is a matter of if you were informed of books that have been created from social pragmatism practicalities of business running, creation and business security and maintenance, for the purpose as a collective for who oblige the books are able to do Business in a particular area of the world of their choosing, with the result that the creator created the books for such purposes - basically to create equity and stop short of developing them into money because he is selling it off in the form of books as an opportunity. Sounds too good to be true? This is what Tunnel Light Books and Holdings offers its readers. Hundreds of pages of written Equities and Securities priced at no less than £20.00 and no more than £50.00 including P&P. These Securities have been created from my Literary Empire in the form of bundles of complete cycles of aesthetically quantified securities, put forward and explained in the simplest form possible, that can be used for Enterprise creation and profitability as well as product development, as equally as it can b read for pleasure. Background is that I found myself in a condition where I had already built the Empire without having to get through the process of setting up an investment and a product due to the problem at international market level I had to deal with and due to the fact people were trying to take it away from me and pushed my operation into a hurry; seeing therefore that they had deployed what they had learnt to drive some good businesses into Bankruptcy I blended some of my work with revenge and this will be felt all through, although it should not distract people from the Equities and Security bundles products. So now I am an Equities and Securities trader, to broke my Literary Empire Equities and Securities with those who want my property, derivatives and market. I do get the story from the Male Population and their girls, that I am an idiot but it has always been rather a case of the fact they appear to have a problem with the idea of a religious person earning a living; so it is not that they enjoy damaging my finances, its just a problem associated with the fact they want to keep it that way and need to spy on me and steal my Books to make a mess of me and get connected at Industry to that effect, claiming it is competition and Market - so I have this need to settle the matter, as 70% of what I wanted from my life was already sorted when I knew what I wanted of my Faith, now the remaining 30% of getting my finances running will take over and destroy it as people seek out sensations of convenience from my personal life that they must have as a matter of a crime of passion, along side an existence which increasingly means I am setting out daily to please popular culture, homosexuality and Media and so they still think it is a mystery that what I do to them as well is done the way I do it. They do say I have the ability to resolve these matters very easily of course as they do not know what I know but so has it always been a simple case of turning out to rip up my finances and get help from Politicians so as to bend my career and my ability to get employed and my qualifications by which I do a job into uncomfortable positions that will mean the extrication of abusive sensations of convenience over every single thing I do and I will not bend their own as well and extricate mine in order to sell the rest on and secure connections with Industry and get powerful thereof as well; personally however I simply have no idea what is wrong with, I just know this bit of their human behaviour beats my imagination but then again, its an old story of those who are happy to destroy a place of dwelling for everybody else such as a Country in order that they might appear to have a Temper that people pay attention to, while the Politicians are fond of a corruption which funds it and I am happy I have twisted those into a corner whereby the fund it at their peril at all times too and very proud of my hands work for it. Its always very easy for them to blow off their big mouth about why they chase my anus and penis and so on but they can want my own stuff and want what I have to offer at the employment system like that if they feel like it too (again); its like the City Centre ones want to have some corporate amnesia over handling me in such ways, I have no idea what the rest are after - perhaps it something of a social amnesia they want (it is always cheap and easy and quick and feels extremely good like some kind of right for the ethnic majorities but for the minorities, it is an open secret as it were; having been that they asked, they can always twist my up and want it like that again and stand up on their stupid media channels spreading all kinds of nonsense to want it like that every day too). The reality of their lives is that they engage in nothing else save ruining other peoples incomes and going off to spend years doing it in the Political area while they accumulate their savings to feel superior and then they will get done with that and have Children who are famous the day they were born but do us all a favour by attending to their academic work in order to be useful Citizens; what they want to have on the Roads and Streets is a process of insulting and abusing me so as to achieve an outcome of bending my place at the work environment and employed population into very difficult and oppressive social conditions and set about pretending later that not only are they superior but that they also run the Country, when we all know they are Middle Class scum at best or just Trash at most, which is what the feel to them is really like on the outside and in spirit as well.


I am essentially figure head and owner of security property in a Global Business Village which is my Global Intellectual space that works through an Emporium that I run and an Empire trust held by the Enterprises involved on my behalf with respect to it. It was born out of the need to be protected against the destructiveness of men and lack of planning for future generations, on the basis of what they describe as the fact it is not their duty to ensure things work well in the country or the world, as it is rather their job to make money from it instead and therefore the prognosis of their excuses was measured by me on the basis that one job is enough and having been this was not their standard, it will never be enough. I intend therefore to exclude all that sympathise with them or try to tell me what I need to give up so they can make money with their business from everything, just like they demanded my securities some years ago, got it and set off thereby to the creating of a condition where they made use of another persons securities at the stock market, as a result of which no matter how evil they are it would not matter to what people want and why they would want to buy it. It was as a result, a time of plenty and they destroyed it all and left me with nothing too, so that they can control me and make fun from silly and insolent claims they are only being human for demanding more and getting violent over it to the point of destroying my firm and I intend to punish them for it to my satisfaction as well at a global level and stage, especially the Americans who simply seem to be at the forefront over anything that is as insulting and abusive; bearing in mind also that I was meant to be the one who makes the country work so those whose job it is to get rich with it can get rich can do so according to their determination but they rather preferred attacking my earnings as well - this is the standard of what I mean when I mention excluding them and their stacks of cash too, whatever those might be and wherever they might be or whatever they might mean, from everything - especially my uncontrollable ranges of security based alternative arguments. I know my House therefore and I know it is in order too; questions about my assumptions of what people think or feel about me does not apply, I can play deceived if I want to, I should not be punished for that, it is my property; my Empire. Now with respect to how this applies with how much trouble I get into with disobedient members of the Royal family, I do not believe I should spend any of time time giving attention to such things: first of all I do not consider myself to be their equals when they were either married or born into the Royal family and they know so, hence I am not imagining that it is the problem, what I have is simply better than what they have and if it is not and they are so certain that it is so, then it has become impossible to explain why hey are all over the place. However the means by which their community idiots set out to ensure I pay it attention and Political fools with their media goad me over it to get rich and important is to be taken into account with respect to any action I might take, otherwise it means nothing whatsoever but the stupidities of people who think I am vulnerable to their violence and suppose it serves a better alternative to working for what they want to achieve - such that even if I am not vulnerable to those things they do I will be whether I like it or not when they are finished, with a big mouth. It is nothing about the bad boys of politics and that of the other side like they wish to claim that it is. I mean its the question of what is so gang-like about me that I am always being entangled with those who do such activities and why is it always me as well as every single one of them wanting to do it? The distance between this and what I really am which is a writer that becomes frustrated when he feels the job is not satisfactory like anybody else would is unbelievable in the first place; from this point of view of which it is not a problem either, as it is much the same criminal community of idiots that want access to my income and then their politicians help them to the access and then they turn out everyday to want a break from work and employment from then on, in order to be rich and famous. I at this stage do not feel they have built up enough of a state of affairs out of it, it is about 80% at this point - when there is enough of it the complains I handle their cultures which is just the beginning will not be enough and I will have means for administration and this company will serve me very well in that respect indeed, bearing in mind at this point it is simply impossible for them to leave alone my earnings and my health and well being. The idea I am always in some kind of trouble is one which I find most infuriating; the fools who love their games about a child who thinks he wan win power fights with his fathers have been so badly beaten around here anything they do fails to be recognised, to such an extent that they are now a danger to unsuspecting people if they want to be and I have to declare it - what they are suggesting is that when they insult others enough times they become invincible especially on media and it will soon get to a point where I make something serious that can be recognised and dealt with out of it and find out where those stupid right hand side where they save their lives and societies and families and turn up to rip mine to pieces over power games, where each and every one of them wants to see me in public places, shut it down and tell me what I am supposed to do for them violently. Especially for their Muslim African, Asia pacific and Indian friends who like to feel they want people to think it is a big problem for me as if I think as much as their idiots that when girls are bullies they do not want to bully boys as well. 

I am aware I will be vilified for some of my Racially unsound statements but it should be noted as ever that they occur as a result of a provocation concerning the support that none white people give to racial activities because of a conviction they have that it will make them powerful, the accusations levied at me when they wish to find ways of getting away with it as well as the wrecking of the products of my Royal talents by attacking faith and religion when it is sound to stir those matters that come back round again and again and again baying for blood which will not be theirs as a result of their lies which again tend to create issues that constitute a barrier to employment for other people but what provokes one most of all is the lies they tell when they are done or while they are at it - so it appears to have been a conundrum as well that a black man should deploy a racial slur and they can end it if they stop their behaviour, hence these slurs will never be reversed. I hear it being said I am being really messed around but there is really no such thing; just a process of me handling extremely disobedient people who simply want to extricate instances of it and build up a state of affairs on Media to allow them become important too; it makes sense of when they die i.e. when you think the person being killed is a very stupid individual that likes to think he is clever and reserves to himself the right to teach others very incomprehendable abusive lessons that change peoples mental disposition every time he looks around him and recognises he is not clever at all, especially when you private parts are in pain but of course it is still a socio-political failure to allow it happen as such. The part where I am being beaten down is another of those occasions where their new media based state of affairs will yet again lead to an outcome where it is said UK Government Officials are at War with everybody and there needs to be amnesty. The part about my actions annoying people and making them dispondent about life is one I am very well aware of i.e. it takes extra effort to be studious at Government Business and my academics and yet I am unable to be studious enough to distance myself from bad company at Media and Popular culture - so if I cannot lose them, they will lose me.


I know people love their stories which we see on media everyday but I fail to see what the stories will accomplish as the matters are rather simple; I am having a really difficult time because they are spending all I work for on themselves to make a luxurious existence and what has been happening around the world so far clearly is not hurting them badly enough. They feel as though they want to see me in a fight, in a criminal activity and they want to see me get hurt and it is for that reason I have created them one as well and want to use their lives and jobs and society and culture to get things done and I have a hard time understanding why they cannot see that none of the things I do are done for them – all that stuff on my websites and in my books, all about their lives and existence but none for them and I find it difficult to fathom which part of the fact I do it because I want to oppress them that they fail to understand, most of all of which it has been 12 years of them on a daily basis so far and it is still impossible to understand why they cannot see that I do or would have had enough of them by now. It seems to be their major forte; every day on media we have to deal with the same story, getting up there to talk nonsense until they are free of me and then when they are start again – it is still the way it was as it were, when they see me broker my property equities and turn up to hit me so that when I realise any response from me will only make things worse they can do whatever they like and then continue to hit me never the less anyway and then we see them all over the UK from overseas never off their phones at any point whatsoever of which I suppose they are organising some class A drugs deal or something like that and talking nonsense all the time about how I promised them I know how to make people rich and they travelled off from their countries and will ensure I keep my promise as violently as they can with that big mouth and those stupid girls beside them as well; the Islamic ones would be found in Dubai soon enough and the Asian ones will be found in Singapore since Thailand has a bit of political crisis presently and the Americans one Japan; not enough have died yet apparently and what I have done is not hurting badly enough yet so far either, whoever it is that gives them media to play around with anyway, never the less of which all they do there is talk nonsense all the time and show us we have the problems we do as a society and a country because we keep getting spoken to on media by idiots with real learning difficulties who fancy themselves bullies that want to get rich and powerful but I believe my position is clear enough for anybody to understand – it does not have to be complicated and it certainly is not. So we hear them claim I think I can handle City Centre executives and operatives when I cannot but its an old story of being done with their insults in order to keep my finances as they have made it using Celebrities and then we would find out which as well; they cannot keep their hands to themselves and it is as though since we are not taught these evil behaviour at Church they will teach us and ruin our finances for power in so doing in order to beget more Money, while being very well aware that once learned it has to go somewhere too and everybody knows I can walk into the City in rags and would not get stopped when I rough them up in their three piece suits for it everyday too, you know, just to ensure they walk into that insane market again which is of course really bad for my health and well being whenever they do. In any case I am not of the opinion that it is a serious matter all together, the reality is still that I do not look the way I do because I sleep with Peoples wives, it is because I am off their league and since they are off mine as well should be okay with everybody, except they fancy themselves bullies to add to that and seem to be suggesting that what has become of the incredibly corrupt security sector Industry and their incessant need to attack and abuse me over absolutely everything I do, so as to rip up my finances and help celebrities to convenience, is the reason for my problem, while it is in actual fact only a product of it; it is all together the general administration prognosis of protecting my income by making sure Men are always in financial difficulty as there is no know way of making a process of acquiring my secrets to make Money with profitable like they do in order to dominate Women and tell me which part of their perspective I am supposed to exist at with a big mouth all the time but we all know that all their time is spent on it and hence feel that it is their right that should not be rewarded as well; where Legal Studies Student writes his Books and they must use it to make Celebrities feel convenient, only to sit around the security industry mopping up all that is left of my career through my personality and a game of whom I work for - it can even be the part where I am a Christian who is respectful of others, so I must now nrse them to financial health or else. 


This is a lot to talk about or cramp into a single and finite space, I am therefore only going to make specific reference to my work.

I am a High Diplomat, A Government Chief of Staff that has an Office which duties equally divided between The Church and The State. It is a little bit of a Monastery of a way of life and a bit of a Government Official of a way of life thing. The matter that I had to deal with was that of Men and the process of working mob based vandalism for which they know, such insults developed with it and abuses resulted never lag in public places in the first instance. To them therefore I had to understand it is just means by which they are either doing what they name 'bouncing back' and hence are not compelled to be questioned by conscience at all or they are simply taking down somebody that is smaller than they are to get to what their eye desires. In that sense it it true that I cannot move forward with any meaningful way of existing in the world, if I have not put them in a place where they cannot be of a lot of harm or interference to me in any form that they might take. Hence I can say I am is an Arch Prince that settles the balance of power in society but only with respect to the matter of adjudications on intrusions of Men and of their women and then eventually other things like violent prostitution in Europe and drugs and gangs culture in places like the US for example - these two Areas of the world I have mentioned directly due to their notoriety for damaging other people's livelihoods by corruptions of involvement which may be basic, irregular and or even violent and so do those who work their financial centres notorious for taking the pompous behvaiour attributed to such things as their cars to the point where they abuse people when who have suffered it. It is actually my Job to provide securities under the Leadership of Her Majesty of Queen of the United Kingdom. Hence on my sites it is easy to find the scales and the Crown on top of it. Another very important matter is that which is specifically related to Privacy and the effects of changes that the New Millennium brought as regards to some corruptions of involvement. What I did on this was ensure that those who engaged in such behaviour were having their own extremism to deal with as well, in that I extracted a process of integration and general tolerance from their side of society and made it public. This meant that while they continued to attack my finances in the hope they will realise dreams related to such things, the basic pattern with with respect to my work will remain the same and the idea they will be able to have me murdered by some kind of wasteful street violence, which may have created and caused happened at random will mean nothing.  At the cutting edge of their activities what I found were incredibly lazy people that have come onto some money and wish to get more from it in a way that does nothing to hide the fact they do not deserve it, therefore cheating people everywhere to get rich and completely unable to appreciate work in return for money, spend all their time raising young people that will join them at turning the Judgements of Local judges in Law Courts whether or not it is issued against them, into cries over spilled milk that offer them further self improvements. I am not therefore actually in the view of those who do these things, meant to know how they are done, even though so much of it is done in my direction, hence vandals whose businesses have stalled and have created their own history with me trying to play a game of the mingling of Heirs and Heiresses which may have reached my Boss the Queen, so expecting to gamble and win something which if they do not, take it out on me and earn my income to the point where I cannot afford my bills and so this is what they act towards me in such ways to secure. Media Moguls seem to be the persons whose intrusion must be broken because it appears that their monopoly on publicity and product placement, which I am determined to make them concentrate on outside of my Royal Estate, was apparently not good enough for them. Hence they pretend already to own my property, through confidence built from insults that are based on interference and demand for repetition of whatever I do and so therefore expect enough support to make such things possible while telling a lot of lies and talking as expected, lucrative insults everywhere in Public. Everything left over thereof being common foolish people that think they can just not try not to tell me whom to sell my books to or tell me whom not to sell it to at all, while they find products to get rich with, respecting another group of fools in possession of money but also appreciate abusive insults that make favourable comparisons for  the Heir and Heiresses they want to sell their products to, which is of course why they are always earning my attention for the wrong reasons. It does make me wonder if when people do these things, they do give thought to the kind of part I want to include myself in their lives and Jobs to play in every aspect of their lives. Those talk of how people can get whatever they want and if they do not will strip me and have such thing anyway, being a factor of the fact they do not understand what a crisis means and so because they use my work and my personality to prop up their confidence at the market where they show off that they get away with how to them things are never enough, they have made plans for stripping me while I am supposed to have nothing on the other hand. So they say such things to the pleasure of Politicians that ask them to because they are begging for somebody to teach them what the meaning of a crisis in the real world is. I am not for one moment pretending that most things people have done which I deem to be bad are a factor of what they have invented but that is not to say that I am wrong over what I have done to them, to make them react in such ways too. It should be sexual abuse without contact from them, with which Americans chiefly and every other numskull that like to think they are able to manipulate others or live in Countries that are bigger than mine, waste my property to create, as some economic recovery that their insolent country needs which I will pay for because it is as they claim, bigger than mine, which manifests in Public as very confrontational and very violent scandals of a sexual nature, which then enables them to earn my income instead of work for theirs too because of security and equity expenses, coupled with distant fascism and physical justified violence or the promise and desperate fantasies of it. So I made very public all those insolent secretes of theirs as well, with respect to which I was supposed to have been subjected by their  women in some failed game to make out I am their plaything and more so sexual plaything - a man about whom and through whom they can have secretes women should have in order to be good wives to their husbands, which rather seems to become violent all the time and I have as such also taken further actions to round them up like animals too at the pornography industry in order to maintain my prize, bearing in mind such things have continued because those they do them to have always felt that these kinds of industries and such industries are too dirty to get close to but in my case I have due to the fact that in their view I am already inferior enough for them to start anything they feel like on me and then do it to me without any concerns or compunction because no body will care, in the sense that I do not matter at all. So there is the other matter in which I speak of American Political recklessness, handling and vandalism but the issue of course is that Americans and their Politicians think I ought to be accountable to them for my income and accountable to them in various other ways too. They think they belong in secrete societies of men who want to rule the world for that purpose but we have some of those here in Europe too of course and many Politicians belong to various ones. I have an office that is split between Church and State and do not necessarily tolerate it – and nothing can get me The Queens Arch Prince to become accountable to anything or anybody. The part where such people expect to get rich at my expense from advertisements will never happen, be it for my products as well. My name and reputation and status is enough to sell these books to give me a start, otherwise it is fair to presume they expect advertisements to make them money which will ensure that they find market for the books and that when they do, the trouble makers underground I took care of to write the books will not get after them too as it were but of course they are planning to work silly games of controlling me, whereby they will make me deal with it and then I will end up being stuck with them forever. So when it comes to society and the matter of some things some people do with it, I get to have whatever I want, I don’t have to seek it and I do not have to strive for it as that will create violence, so in reality I have not an idea what they expect me to be accountable to or account for. I am okay with the diplomatic work and of course expect to sell my books for a living as well – I do not see them do such things with their President’s salary for those of them in the US for example, so this is a conversation we are definitely not going to spend any time to have too. It is not to apply or suggest that I am afraid or apprehensive about talking about the activities of the far right. Not at all, the matter is that the activities of the far right exist within a certain level and area of the way society operates. They are disillusioned about facts and what to do, not because they are afraid of anybody or anything but because of their own short comings. In the same way the Politicians that mismanage entire economies are. So I do not mention anything about it because it is a work in progress and do not quite appreciate the idea of anybody picking up my work to get around shooting off loose statements about it, unless they happen to be of a category that I am well aware of as well, whose wickedness and abuse and more especially of it in my direction, is a contest I have indulged myself heavily in the last decade and still will not give up doing so because I intend to make them the bottom of absolutely every aspect of my affairs. So some ask why I feel it is up to me: this is not necessarily the case, the reason that it is up to me facts to be considered about the social issues, whereby they have decided that it is my books and holdings business that stands between them and plans of making profits with money, especially those that they wreck National economies to acquire and so the issue is that once they start making profits with it, the question will become that of how many people they get to employ doing so, which will settle what kind of bottom line financial accounting is acquired in general from it as they continue to claim service to the public as the reasons behind their actions and this of course is an unacceptable outcome. Another group of questions is about why I feel it is feasible to get the money back from them or how possible that is; I do not make my judgements of how to get the money back from them on the basis of getting it back from them in the form of cash, that will involve logistic expenses and the results might not necessarily be the desired outcome. The main issue is that being that Politicians have grabbed all the money in various countries for themselves, they must not be allowed to make profit on the money and they must not be allowed to spend it too; this is my work in progress - the money must find its way back into the economy in one direction or another, even if it has to be stolen off of them. I am not of the opinion breaking the law is the correct way to handle the matter either; the way I wish to, is gather up the equities of all the risks and destruction they have wrecked to gather the money and then ensure that for each and every move they make to dispense of it, is a footing of those expenses attached and so if it costs all the money, it will show they really had none in the first place but when those expenses have disappeared, every other money they have will have been money that actually belongs to them. So with the same old public media things they love so much, they say I am in trouble with them, when in actual fact they are a handful of real trouble makers that like to go out and look for trouble all the time. In my case they have made such a huge scandal of my work that they now think it is enough to provide platforms by which they talk about their new found democracy and that this will suffice but it remains the old story of what would have happened if I did not defend myself from ten years ago to date, when it started i.e. they would have made a mess of my life persecuting me because I am a Christian until I am mentally ill and then they would have moved into my right to have new lifestyles and of course I am currently therefore in trouble with them too because if I do not have them seriously beaten up, there will be no middle grounds found for every time I establish one so I can get on with more important things they will subsume it and destroy it with media and if I allowed them to do these things without reprisals, it would have become funny to them when they had won. I am in trouble with them again apparently and they always win as it were. What I have done so far is that of a matter of how I am being faced with the prospects of never having or enjoying anything I own because while I have been working for it, those who have never lifted a finger to do anything for themselves in their lives have been working out how to manipulate my feelings, whose public Television humiliations that others can make use of to feel like they have made something of themselves get to enjoy, as such what they are pushing for next is a process where I do not extract any penny from my work i.e. no book sales, which is the same as payment confiscation. They have not attained this yet, hence it is still being worked by lucrative and violent insults, whereby when I earn from the administrative renaissance of my royal office, they earn from it as well as though we are equals and in their minds as they say it on National Television, it is a matter of which country I don’t come from, that is a country where they have power, which means that they can have it there with. Now they tell me I am in trouble with them too, such that I have begun to apply empiricism to facts that I have worked so hard for all I own and none will drift away on the wind of men with secrete societies and their foolish girls and boys and so I have noticed their wives need to get off my book sales, especially the African and black ones. In trouble with them they say I am I suppose because when people look into a problem of an economic crisis, while they are the biggest beneficiaries of those people doing so, not only does it apply they were not asked to and did for their benefit when such things as confiscating the livelihoods of those who are succeeding while everybody else is not has been rhetorically discussed already, then such people look funny. It is mine of course, all of it and I will never forget they mentioned I am in trouble with them either. Hence I still see it as a question raised by their actions: how far detached from reality exactly with privileges and money? They even claim they have got businesses of their own too, when my opinions are being listened to, as though it is really credible they could hold one of such together by themselves. It is suggested that I have no prove that Politicians have taken all these money I so claim they have taken, it must then show that they suppose no body else knows how trust funds operate and the various possibilities of what a process of Politicians bribbing peoples with government initiatives around matters that should be determined by the market could mean. The problem is a bit to do with some of my language, which I deploy because those who seek it of me set up a state of affairs by which they can. What has happened is that companies that have been taking advantage of the economic conditions since it began 5 years ago, date year 1212, are all companies that Politicians partly own and this process of partly owning companies in which all the money of the world ends up was not accidental. It is the kind of conditions that emerge by some market abnormality caused by mistakes that people have made, the fact it was artificially created was enough to inform those that did create it that they needed to ensure the economy worked in the circumstances in an artificial way and instead of doing so, they are rather determined to express to people how relevant they are to peoples lives. The resulted is that their timing for investment has not even happened at all and they have created so much Politics into it that trouble makers want to have businesses too when that time finally arrives and so for people like me, I was told the recession will be made to hit me hardest because I have no respect for their perverse vanities, hence patience runs really thin indeed. Where the conversations and reasoning abound is that of a condition where I put myself in their shoes and the small me is thereof getting into my bed after driving one of my many cars etc but thinking about the entire nature of my billions and checking them to see if they are safe. This money is not their money, it came from consumer finance pipeline which had become a subject for conversation since the crisis began and even if there was transaction which put it in their hands, it is still not their money; it is technically company money whereby the transactions came from and if they do not want the companies to exist anymore they needed to sell the assets and shut them down (I mean the Bank Of England has done quantitative easing for four times so far in the UK without results, so we are getting very fed up). I really have no idea what or who tells them to get involved in the world of business – so they can keep saying things like my money when there is a hole in the company they took it from and the global economy as well; hence the nakedness of my language, which I am certain there is no other way of putting the matter. I should never have had my book sales stalled for four years and my company damaged as a result on account that some collection of lunatics have found out that taking over the treasuries of the world, while no body suspected a thing and therefore took steps to mount a defence, will only mean that they have money and can only buy things with them, just because they have now realised that they need to be the ones who own all the things that they get to buy to keep the money, which not something that everybody is prepared to go along with.


It is suggested a lot that I presume ownership of a path of life that a lot of people have taken. This is a result of Politicians and the consequences of the disrespectful insults people channel towards my Office abusing my privacy. It started out years before over sacrifices they claimed they needed to slaughter for a new Democracy and fresh modern freedoms and so seems to get personal on a daily basis too because no such sacrifices have yet been killed or sacrificed, justifying with vandalism and expressions of envy with impunity over any property that belongs to me. This they do so that they can say something in Public which entangles my work with their culture to look good, which will produce the result of their trouble makers taking advantage of something, so that they can get anything they want whenever they want it, like some kind of Bank held by stupid cultures that assume custody of society and ownership of what others think about, to actualise and acquire for fame and fortune, which they do because they are mad and like to see themselves making riches by making others mad as well which is then funny before they remember such energy should be spent working for enough money to fund their needs and a Government then comes to their financial aid and then it all makes sense when it progresses to the point where they provoke me and escalate the provocation, which I always guess is something they also do when they get tax payers money and wish to therefore create a powerful effect for the Politicians that gave them some. I am not saying that any such things changes the fact that with respect to women and maybe their men and children, there are a vast amount of fishes in the sea i.e. 90% of them are not my type and of the 10% that are, I can only get through the path of life for the rest of it, with only one of them - that is if the world had run out of alternative people to get along with, I am not married at this point and therefore do not deserve all those and these kinds of stupid sufferings inflicted by them.  The fact is that Politicians rule the world and they mention it to me all the time and I agree too, since there are more of them in the world. So it appears too that even their pornographers are powerful and I therefore owe nothing to anybody because their businesses are stuck - mostly due to their insults and behaviour issues and especially laziness and that they had more money than I did when I did set mine up, mostly as a factor of the fact there is potential to do better than them with respect to earning money. As it stands, for the steps I have taken to make it worse for them, I ought to excuse myself by explaining that I was never responsible for making a personality crisis out of other peoples jobs, like they have on mine to make me as angry, in expectation of such activity being copied by those that work culturally abusive insults but are far poorer than they are and I am. They did in my view because they wanted the world to see me loose my temper while they play around with my feelings on a global stage, especially so each time I make an effort to fix the problem, in a bid to earn my income instead of work for their own, which of course is the only way they get to add to the money they have and only works with those that are weaker than they are. It is impossible to understand why they suppose I will or ought to get off my job and more so to do what they want so that they can have money, which I always suppose it is mentioned on account they have great insults to throw around. Their girls that they vandalise my work and earnings with really have nothing to offer me, besides which they are too young for me and if they were in my position, judging from current arrogance and insolent abuses, I would not in their position be in any ways looking for  ways of earning their income instead of working for mine on account I think I am beautiful enough to lure them into violent sex annoying them intensely and wrecking their lives and finances for my pleasure, no matter how much I may like to apply such things to other people's livelihoods because I like to think of myself as more spoiled than they are, which is clearly a worthy use of other people's time. I imagine then that the reason is because I would never get the chance and so this matter does not look up for a good ending either. The idea also that I face a risks of an indiscriminate explosion of Trade name tags on this business is not such a risk as I recognise; first of all, I have as a sign of respect and decorum made it clear to people that this business and its property is protected by law in my name, when I already have enough powers of State and Government Administration to ensure I gain access for leverage to the lives and earnings of anybody who shows any signs of attacking it, so that each time they mess with it, I can then make sure that they never do so ever again and therefore never really needed to do such things if I wanted to be rude. In the same way, I have the range to work robbery on people on the basis of evidence and pre-emptive attacks needed to protect my livelihood if I wanted to on a personal basis. The problem here is that people will never be caught dead buying the Intellectual Property Books they think is so obviously available for the pleasures of their unnatural wickedness and vandalisms, no matter how much they want it, especially the young and they suppose that I do not therefore have a means of working tyrannic and oppressive and violent over-enslavement on others with my intellectual property books, when they always seem to turn up on the scene only to do nothing they are expected to i.e. buy books.  For those of them that do the hate crime based theft in order to show whom they are superior to, as a sign of a history they have of having stolen more money in the past, in a desperate bid to show people who is inferior to them that are trying to get involved in their league, only to be forced to get involved with gangs to do dirty work and hurt people, the greater issue has always been that of how a Christian will be paying youthful strength deviant behaviour very expensive Princely attention that is lucrative for fame and fortune as well and gets shown up on Public Television all the time and more so if they happen to say so when they want. Regarding which the fact the younger ones would spend their time on such things is more baffling than their threats of violence when they do not get or have what they want. It is entirely understandable that they should behave in such ways, after all their Politicians and business parents do know how to give them the stupid false confidence and alternative means to satisfying feelings. Those of them that have been reading my work without buying their own copy claim that they do not want to hear or see any rubbish written by anybody which says something insulting about the Heir to the Throne, which I suppose is a change because mostly they would have said it was pertaining to them or indeed any of the Royals but of course that is the irony of it all since those who have possession of loyalty to me do not read my books with intention of getting connected to the Royal family but they on the other hand are just a collection of people from whom all kinds of nonsense can be expected. The natural thing is to have my life taken over behind me by stupid women that back them up and men who would rather become idiots that make something of it on Public Television for them, so that they can get into conditions where they fight me to stop me from existing or being me because they are busy being me; I have been one few pushed to the point of reaction and therefore tend to react very well indeed globally because I do believe that this matter has been ignored by generation upon generation on the public scene except that is with respect to internal wars and conflict; I do not believe they are that significant. Clearly the media does enjoy explaining away what I do and the purpose of it of course but what they will never tell people is how I spend all I own to create what is needed, all the way down to entertainment for hard working people but insults and comparisons is all they want to do, hence I have no money left on me and only the love of my people left, only to have people who hate the idea that when people enjoy themselves in my world the securities and equities and everything and even with the entertainment, I will watch it and derive pleasure or fun from it as well and so if they do not violently use my stuff to do their own for the purpose of making sure I always have to run after my own breath, then make claims of the existence of a Royal Prince that likes to see women work harder than they really should, which they never discuss with their Americans on the point of exactly how selfish they really are. It begs the question of when media are explaining away everything I do, are they really explaining very well away properly, along with the reasons and purposes of it - like the old issue of America holding people accountable. What we are talking about is the idea I get pleasure from what the girl that works really hard and has fun with me on my property for example does and that it is the real problem that these individuals have and we are not talking about my right to earn a living and all else, for that they claim it belongs to them for example and their claims are operated on media  with threats and what could become of provocation with my health, that are meant to keep me away from it because the process of temporarily extracting money from it while I wait can also be likened to my refusal to have sex while I am single and is therefore sustained on claims I am a coward and also masturbate, which of course is the constant sense of besieging to extract money from my earnings that I experience everyday and they never mention when they complain. Obviously very devious, dubious, violent, thieving people that have a taste for the finer things in life, know very much about freedom and love to tell me that when they create economic problems i.e. hurt themselves, the result will be a disaffection for the Monarchy, which makes me feel as though I wish to play disaffection all the time with everything else.


 That talk of Books I write which affect UK international relations I understand is some sentiment that all Politicians tend to share but all I really want is a holiday away from their stupidities to a quiet life, so when the Monarchy requires my service it will be a lot more obvious for me more so; the way to do that is work hard and sell my books and raise funds for it and their continued destruction of that work will be the continued undoing of them as well. I mean Politicians and Business and Media have no respect for authority, this is a given fact but they are violent as well with respect to me and will get the piece of me they want so badly too. the fashion ones take for example have a policy for business that says they are supposed to work hard to destroy my earnings and move into my personal life through personality competitions that they win because they have the money to and then strop all over the cat walk to show off and get rich – the more they do it, the more provocative it becomes, the longer they do it the longer the provocation, the more they show off for doing it the more the provocation is shown off. I mean we are talking about people who may earn a million pounds in bonuses alone where they work, who cannot buy £40 books and we mean £40 including P&P, in order to broker equities from another person’s company, so that what happens is that they will twist everything into a condition where they usurp all the equities, the offer me a deal to work for them writing new ones that meet their needs specifically and then when I do that will mean all I own belongs to them officially and then they will broker equities from my company without buying the products and all will be made to happen using media and advertisement and others will have equity companies that makes Industries millions without selling any products themselves and of course it is not the only time I have had to show them I get the kinds of things they get due to how they are parents which gives them that sense they can bully anybody and therefore have absolutely everything they have as well – so it is clearly not hurting badly enough thus books that affect UK International relations. It goes without saying I am not doing a bad thing by handling their businesses as well because it is not just a case of that noise making where they claim austerity does not apply to them and then get off to locate politicians that will ensure that other people remain in austerity as well, it is the fact that having handled my income for it they have ever worked for any of it in their entire stupid lives as it were. Like I always say, it is their inability to get off the book sales of books that affect UK international relations that will be their undoing as it were. We all locate these things from the things their stupid girls and women do indicating the nature of their silly sexual needs but that being said, they will do nothing unless they are using my own sexual needs to do them and so look for trouble all the time as though I am in need of an education about the fact they have no respect for authority. I do not think it to be a major crisis for my part either, speaking of each idiot with their spin doctors playing games at all times; the reality is that we are all surrounded by systems that were there due to the nature of our work or one that we put in place and offered ourselves up for scrutiny and accountability like I have, which ensure that we get what we deserve - so are we aware as well that those who do not want such reality to be applied to them can always expect our good friends at the Kremlin or the White House to set one out for them and enforce it. This idea of what I will get up to when people turn up to show a problem they have with my give with one hand and take away with the other hand Policy, such that they spend a lot of time forcing me to give things and give them up indicates they think that it is their worst nightmare and all I can say is that they need to stay off my patents, the profit margins of my products, stay off my Public work and Royal Estate and stay off this Company and then it will not have to be.

We hear them mention all the time of course that I am stuck somewhere and will not see the light of day and so will my give on one hand and take with the other hand policy never last but it is the same old story of a hatred of women first of all, those women that beat them up all the time so they can pick on me. However it is a lot worse than that all together because they say such things without taking into account a) The Campaign I need to run in order to make my case about the need to ensure they are getting what they deserve and reaping what the sow so that the world might be stable in terms of Politics and Economy, b) The incentive I have for the World Powers I have been able to draw onto my case and my work c) The existing animosity and hatred between myself and media that vandalises my property and my earnings and makes a finances and health costly jokes out of it for a daily fun as well - so when the world hears the complains and the screaming we would be undoubtedly settled about how wrong they are.




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 It is suggested a lot that One wants to be with Liberal people but has no plans to be liberal himself; what they are referring to however is a sense of seeking second opinions for my actions from the Court which is why I created it and make it exclusively female and white; either way the reality of which is that whatever pressure it is we also hear them claim the Monarchy puts on me while I suck up to it works and I don’t want to be with them while they have plans to avoid the Royal Family at all times especially when black. The other part of the story that works really well with their American idiots too is that I am a poor person that tries to get around with rich people wrecking in the process the lives and wealth of middle people such as they are which is why they cannot do anything unless I am targeted but I am not a poor person, the investment of every single paragraph of equity on this website and its subsidiaries along quantified at market value runs into something between £20 Million and £25 Million sterling at least, which of course tends to mean I do not put them up there at the websites so fools can deploy them as well or have opinions about them or make slight comments about them for whatever reasons or indeed make their own market spoofs out of them, thereby looking for trouble and tempting me all the time which of course does not get to mean their Politicians save them from my actions at any occasion either; having said so the reality is better understood when considered in the way they live i.e. for example Daddy earn £40,000 pa and Mum earns about the same amount, so that if their mortgage costs them £25,000 and their feeding as a family runs into about £50 per day and their savings runs into about £10,000 – these fools apart from all their living costs including the cost of educating their bone headed children have still got £12,000 to £15,000 cash that they have not got a clue what to spend on; so I am not one of those people who has this opinion that everything they do to attack me and turn up on public places to develop everything they get around with in my direction and develop them within a process of saying something or doing thing in my direction in a way that makes them feel superior like a drug is a function of the fact they need money – it is wickedness at work within them and my possessions is what they have set aside as what must be destroyed by their wickedness in order to save their own. When I lived in Africa there used to be a culture saying that goes like; you cannot actually get rid of people because there isn’t a dump for human beings’ – this is what black girls love to latch on it, to create a sense they can do whatever they like with me and what belongs to me because work is poison to them and their wickedness and of course as expected we have now reached a point where we are seeing them sell it on to any Industry fool that wants to listen to their stupidities then complain about what I am going to do about it in order to ensure while they want to keep doing it, I cannot harm them in any way for my part: so the bit about African culture which means the men bread win and the women do the chores and so on does not apply to them because they were supposed to have been the wealthy idiots to whom it does not apply but then again it is difficult to locate which side of my intolerance of the nonsense we see them get up to at corridors of international communities they fail to understand: its the parties and clubbing that annoys me the most you see because sooner or later it becomes a platform by which an idiot has located a Christian that they will bully into homosexuality so that women might become powerful.   It  has never been an issue in a larger sense: its like My Company may have been named dog leash and it turns out people have been putting leashes on themselves to spice up their sex lives on account  of its success which creates problems for me and I change it to dog leash with a clause which transforms the name to that of a Firm without which such a thing does not exist and become the exclusive inventor of dog leash to carry on my business in peace - so its what this Company provides brokerage Equities to Allies and Customers for, nothing unusual.