Please note I may not have paid a great deal of attention to my language on some occasions; it is an attempt to consign those language to history. Just as I have of a violent Nature to highlight the processes by which it is possible to get from feeling unforgiven for hurting another person to feeling justified for taking the life of another. 

The Hermitage Administrative reasons for not Polishing these feelings are  that  not doing so draws up a complete understanding and  for Equity applicable , of what I have done to impugn Market separatism.

Mind some racial slurs, in context they mean nothing but never the less must be explained as a response to my position being incessantly compromised by people who also want everybody to think they do not need help from my exorcist and hence in a circular sense, need to become more responsible persons.







I understand a case of a lack of discipline has arisen but I do not think I ought to let it detract from where I am heading at this stage i.e. to ensure this business of being a character that people can hurt and want to hurt all the time in order to fulfil their dreams gives way to a process where I am able to get a grip of it by building up my own habits for the culprits – I wish to ensure I can make my own mark concerning wealth inequality on this planet for the society and the Politicians, for the Celebrities however it does seem that crushing the whole fame business will be the way to proceed.

What has consistently happened with them having every important person telling them to lay off churning my tummy because they want to make an announcement about my tummy problems is that they never stop blackmailing me and it has continued for years, adding to the fact I dropped out of University because they consistently have a need to get involved with my personal space each time I step outside of my door and since then we have seen the same behaviour that cost me my academic work show up everywhere because it is how they make their fame and fortune; it has not changed and continues inanely like a machine because it is a procedure and none will yet listen when I inform them I have had enough of it and had enough of them for the time being. The outcome is that they never stop showing up here to threaten me over their money issues, this is usually followed on with the idea they are important and then if I gave up and accepted they were important, we find some people go off to impress Palace Guards and other people at Government on my account, we find some cannot keep up with the jobs they have to do if they are already important especially those who work in private security Industry,  then the trouble starts while they make their connections as any person who cares about me is never safe, making it difficult for me to taste my own food, which is why the anxiety has hit me hard enough to leave me with a tummy pain that never goes away, angrier I get is the worse it gets and if I never read myself a medical text that says tummy Ulcers are brought about by extreme anxiety I would never have been able to tell that laying off the anger train makes it better, this is the point as far as they were concerned that meant they could handle and abuse and insult me as much as they preferred to, hence the business of picking up on their own wealth inequality problems as well is not magical or malicious, it seems to be the only option at this stage – we can see that people these stupid exist in every civil society but that the only reason we are unable to live in a municipal environment is because the Politicians put up money leverage for them which gives them a world of self confidence and prospects for grabbing peoples career, hence there is no doubt that making the Politicians incredibly uncomfortable again is how I am going to begin this, while the Celebrity bits have always been an easy as creating them those circumstances that get them taking those drug overdoses, as we can see that eliminating it brings about a much worse result.

I do get asked what I really want as what I say does not indicate exactly whether or not I will come up with something else in the future but we all know this is a simple matter of the fact they need keep off my case as we are not mates and stop wrecking my academic work and income to play practical jokes on me which even I do not think I would want to on somebody whom my practical jokes pushed out of University about a decade earlier every day; each time their need to secure connections at Industry means that any person who cares about me cannot feel safe, it will drip down to me and that anus whipping me all the time insults of theirs will never fail to translate into an outcome where I betray their big brother stupidities too, likely to a stage at which they lost their lives if possible. I mean the older ones are a constant barrage of abuse personified and I am their son time and again when I have not twisted them enough to ensure they got off to get involved with the Military and fight my battles at a limit, getting shot at by the enemy, serves to answer the question of whether I am their son as it were. This was the entire purpose of wrecking my academic work to pass exams in school and get into the workplace first i.e. build an environment that destroys or disagrees with everything women stand for, then show up to tell me I am like a woman when I am not at all a woman and they had since run out of ideas, screwing around all the time to build up means that helps blame somebody else for the outcomes; so we find it will say that I would not dare tackle the career and built my own habits in the process and the last person to say such things in every occasion usually finds they keep their hands off my bum when I had torn it all down, only to make the process of doing so cheap enough to display on social media so that other people might have a go as well – it helps with that old case where they are after my Books as well and the biggest barrier to selling it, is not just that their need for industrial connections and blackmailing me with processes of making people who care about me unsafe while damaging the Natural environment, it still all comes down to a history of insults that means this place is noisier than a Public Library where the Books are free and everything I own do not belong to me, that my patents would have been respected if they were famous patents.

Their mentality shows up all over the Celebrity culture all the time where we hear them say I am in no position to control Public behaviour as they are superior to me and want to have a sense of fraternity that is linked to the land and I am already very well aware their only interested in this world is fame and fortune popular culture and the events that have resulted from these have meant they think I am a Terminal at which people learn what happens at the Monarchy while I am really a Public control freak. We find if people make songs about the way they live in their neighbourhoods, the way it is sold and run up the Music charts is about pillaging my Public image and my earnings all day, one test after another – we also find if some girls make songs on my Public work, when a Music Company puts Labels on it my Public work and Public image has become the property of the Music Company, as a song a Girl makes on my Public work has changed the composition of society, if it has not changed the National weather and so my whole life comes to a stop just in order to move them off to a safe distance. The same way we hear them make out my activities refer to Royal aides whereas most Royals have something they get away with for being well disciplined enough to do so and in my case they are always showing up here to make out I had lost a Royal Estate depending on which neighbourhoods I had taken up residence in; the part where I am not eating properly and they are making me smell like my loo by their involvement and gimmicks does not seem to mean anything to them and if it does, the reason would have been a case where I was threatened for being irritating and would never give it up when people tell them off, looking for more of what they are complaining about as I am not homosexual.

It eventually does come down to this incredibly annoying statement people make about me not being a real Man but it is nota matter of being keen to prove I am or maybe not as much as it is a matter of the fact what I do here is sell Book I have written and people really do need to show up for that only. The real man story bits being a long one over the last 14 years going from being bullied by Men who want to put me down to create a sense their children had been raised properly when I do not even know who they are, to a case of me not being a real Man after the business of making sure they decided I could not spend time on my religion and academic work and job the way I wanted but on their own terms, of which there would have been no such question about being a real Man or not if there weren’t so many incredibly stupid inventive things they have built a crowd on to ensure I am living out my existence to suit their purposes – it goes without saying if they do not wish to keep off my nerves then I am going to hurt them terribly for it too. The most important issue in this matter is still that I want to be left alone and each time they show up on my personal space they get told it’s a bidding to make an announcement that I have got Tummy Ulcer and Haemorrhoids but each time that announcement seems to be made alongside their disobedience with a sense of threats with respect to violence they shall met out on me, which does get me thinking they are bluffing as well most of the time – I want to be on my own, need to be left alone, cannot make out what is wrong with them or why they cannot show up here as a matter of interest in my Books or not show up if they do not need my Books; I mean if people were aware according more so to the number of times they have said they do not have the stomach for my Books, that it was a matter of writing created in an environment where I would want to talk about the world the way that young people see it but in my position would be counter productive and a new lifestyle choice, so it’s a way of putting myself out there with a sense of value and it is associated with an alliance I have made with the women because the Men will always lead young people into popular culture and lose lifestyle and somebody had to put up direction and light towards what was the correct thing, if people were aware of this which they would have been when another group of goons did not ensure the fact I had the same skin colour as they did meant they could follow me around, copy what I did, diminish my social status and then steal items from shops each time they follow me around at the shops as well, if people were aware of this, which they would have if another group of goons were not keen on the idea of handling what mattered to me and damaging it each time I had failed to co-operate with their manly needs, then make money of their own and buy businesses in order to trade, only to start thinking the prime way to trade is to control me as I had become determined to handle it and damage it each time I did not get what I wanted from their society as well – people would have been aware and then I would not have had to deal with the financial constraints tying me down like they are presently. Another important fact in this naturally is the one that relates to the reasons people hate my guts, being that they want to peddle my personality and public image for money despite being told I do not fancy that happening; so like we see nobody gets to make money from the Public image of their journalists and Celebrities and Politicians and they would not stop trying to do so with an Arch Prince’s Public image, this is now set to change in a way that will make them understand what it feels like to have your identity vanish while you have important and challenging engagements on hand to pay all of your attention to – personally I like to say it is either they are incredibly stupid but like to think they are famous and important or that they believe they can invent any stupid thing they wish and then insert it into my life. Not withstanding in any case is also the fact that there is a lot of instability at Royal Office; so the reasons my tummy is all over the place is because they meddle with it and make a mess of my public work, the reason theirs is all over the place is their involvement with instability of Royal Office and these are two eventualities that should not be taking place if they were not such an abusive and disobedient bunch; hence I am being helpful because I have had enough of it especially as there are tales now about how I am not a real Man and so on – it is good usually to say I may keep an eye on the fact he has made friends with Industry people and the shop managers and factory managers and warehouse managers, made some money and cannot drive his BMW on the streets without chasing my bum but what Companies are really interested in when they get involved with me is property equity which will help develop luxury products – this is the kind of instability and the one mentioned here is merely about private estate business. So we can see why economic recovery is always so difficult, as it should be since recovery is all about innovation due to the fact that current market is completely saturated, while the inflation bit will be the part where the economy itself had vanished and people were making up their own prices, such that when the government intervenes, it only gives them a pedestal which gets the inflation itself into galloping mode. So it becomes a question of how I did it, which is a simple matter of deploying Royal property to buy up National Liability at the market, when I had secured peoples willingness to spend money on products I have created then it was time to secure the economy and let the businesses work with it, those who did not want to will have to find their own equity, those who ‘do my stuff’ will have me do their own ‘again’ – so we can see when I mention it other Countries that are not allies of the UK gain access which is how it is meant to work i.e. they gain access we keep the records, if they want to partake in the equity we operate by that would be good, if they want to create replica that will be unacceptable. The part where Politicians might destroy all I have worked for is nothing new; I have a fail-safe mechanism for that as I mentioned earlier i.e. it has befriended the shop managers and factory managers and warehouse managers, made its money but cannot now drive its saloon car on the streets without chasing my bum. I mean I do get told that I fool around with what I am doing a lot which is not really the case, I am rather aware my Estate is about supporting Politicians at State Business and do some of the silly things I do because if I did not do them, I would be unaccountable and would sound like a gangland overlord.

Now we hear I interfere with Politics a lot which is utter nonsense; what really happens is that people have come to enjoy a lot the business of leaving home to pretend they were attending to a day job while they spent all day savaging my finances and academic work and Politicians operate at the top end of this. They have now developed from sending out their children to chase my bum at University, claiming I am there to copy how kids get by while they go off to lay claims to my Public image and Literary empire – we have now reached a conclusion on the matter, they hate my guts and loath me because they are a few years off being stuck with me forever and no longer being able to access their dreams for it but still have got some failsafe mechanism that involve other young people that want to attend University copying the way I have behaved towards them. It has therefore been a matter of Politicians wanting to get me sharing what I have but then I suppose they will share it by insulting me and this was always their challenge. Their Media goons ensure these occurrences and its experiences cannot be put down to the bad days and bad weeks and bad years of course because it will be deployed and run off for the Public every single day and it just makes me wonder what people have to be to leave home and get to the Office to spend time doing this to the finances of somebody that is more important than they are; they have been for the last 12 years and need to understand I have had enough of it too, hence the claimed interference; I was there on day one when the whole business of becoming more important than I am was an expedition they had embarked upon.

They always love to make out I have this complex whereby I want people to think I am bad and tough which is utter nonsense; they show up here to run my life and tell me how to exist, wrecking everything while the Politicians claim they want co-operation from me by getting me to drop out of University because I stood up for myself when tackled by barely criminal goons who want to peddle my public image for fame and fortune or wild women who claim I had stolen personality from those who can actually do the security that keeps people safe, about which they are now complaining of the actions of the same individuals they wrecked my academic work and finances to support and want to get my support by insulting me – so it’s one of those cases where they are going to make out they expect me to ignore the problems all together as it were. Much as we see them tell me my issues are a matter of my links with the Armed Forces considering bad things people who work there do, while reality is more that they are constantly being told by people who work there, that it is a job that is challenging in a life threatening way, thus some behaviour means people will do their dreams for them – I am not actually engaged in an Office that is challenging in a life threatening way for my part anyway but it goes without saying it’s all very well for people to show up and have a go like this, it just becomes more of an issue when it is obvious they are dealing with a dangerous person too; as we can see they are unable to control those they get off fucking around with but want to control me instead, so what the Nazis did not achieve they have, such as my Books showing up at Parliament where the sales are stifled, while Nazis burned Books but did not have the facility to stop an author’s incomes all together, therefore taking their own a stage further and showing up to gain my support by insulting me.

I do get told I have no respect for the Celebrities, now that I have been unhinged, detached them from the Politicians and Media and become very free to attack them as well but the warnings have been there all along as equally as I shall say it goes without saying here yet again, I wish to see an end to their involvement with my Books and Public image as I have no wish to sell my Books to their Celebrity stupidities anymore. My chest hurts, I smell like my loo, the job that was done to write the Books have to be redone and there is no time they show up in Public places we do not find their insolence cling to my Public image and tell lies about me, much the same way we see their wild girls continue the story of personality I stole from those that can do security for everybody, which leaves the society goons the means to claim certain jobs I have taken up is a process of being the boss while they were the real Boss, hence I have stolen their way of life which generally means they make a mess of my Public work looking for more of what their mocking stupidities are complaining about every single second that I step outside my Door. I do get told there is probably a reason that is worth paying attention to because most people have been blinded by this nonsense; there is no reason whatsoever, its wild girls who like to hurt boys and there is that insult about me being a little man they can hurt as much as they wish when the Politicians and Media have to rescue them from me to an extent where I am physically sick all the time but again it still matters the subject matter; I have had enough of it, I have had enough of them, what I am doing now is to ensure their Popular culture pays the bills for the damage they have done here, so if I get back to an academic institution to find them follow me around again there will be trouble that certainly goes beyond the business of getting the gangs and racists to chase their money issues and society lies personality as well, the way they think they should basically skin my life and use it as a blanket - everybody can clearly see that if I play up these sorts of stupid games as well, somebody is certainly going to lose their life in the process. I should confess then that I have only ever seen them behave in circumstances where they are complaining about a certain behaviour or way of talking which may cause the return of the gangs and criminals and terrorists, in a bid to look like they want to be living breathing human beings and not a memory, like little Men who steal personalty from those that can do security for everybody.

I shall begin this business of making sure they had stopped handling anything I do at this Office by engaging with the business of their mates leaving them behind in the world of career success, which then allows them to pick on me all the time, so when the damage is done to the livelihood, I happen to get involved with the work force and everybody wants to attack me the way they attacked people to get where they are. I mean I cannot imagine normal people having an ego that is so big that since a victim will not respond, they are so important if they find his Books irritating they set about a campaign to stop his entire career, hence looking like they are not being told regularly that they are incredibly stupid people especially the famous ones. They always love to tell me I would not dare and there is nothing I can do about them but it’s an old story of preaching wealth inequality all over people’s lives; while I am engaged with the business if supporting people who are willing to employ people that have been stigmatised with joblessness, they are busy building crowds of idiots that regard me as the enemy of equality, not because I am but because it is how much CD gets sold if they want to use my public image for it, meaning each time I set about something important my identity vanishes and they can never be told off; they have done these things and I have not yet become interested in where they have kept the money on the global stage just yet, for now it as simple as it has always been; I do not wish to tolerate any more of their involvement with my concerns or my Books. As for the respect for Celebrities bits, the reality of the way I was raised is that if I have as I do at present, a court of female journalist and then it all came to an end, being single was bad enough in terms of the question of who it is all for, losing it is something I must recognise as a very bad thing indeed.

Now it is said that I have very complicated problems which I do not; the only problem I have is that of when Media wants to run off show business with Celebrities on my Public image and the number of times they show up without buying and reading my Books for it as well; then there are the insulting bits that take the whole thing to another level where we hear them say that I much preferred the Royals to the Celebrities while the Royals cannot help me out with finances, the Celebrities have money, I need money and the Celebrities are more important; this then must have justified the financial loss caused when the paparazzi got a Celebrity on my Public image to get the right shot for a magazine that will show up at corner shop top shelves to continue the carnage he had created for me that day, building hell around my concerns everywhere I look and running off like a train every day. Another hugely complicated occasion will be when Companies have Brokered Asset Equity with me, the Managers are paid a lot of money for their job roles and they think I am getting a fine seat in the House for putting my feet up - it will lead the Board to decide I may want to do the sales and management myself and a situation will emerge where they do not want me putting my feet up and do not want to lose their jobs either - so what happens is that I am not spending time here or selling my Books as the case may be, I am spending weeks and months and years on when the Media wants to work Celebrity Business on my Public image because it bottoms out the Finances and then these other Industry trouble makers will take note and pick up as well bit by bit, creating utter carnage around here, about which I also believe I have been very clear to them about the fact I have had enough of it too, especially considering that if I built them a reputation for being the money people and wild society people that they are, the racists and gangs will begin to follow them around for it and people will get killed as well - no idea why my life and Book is used as a cover for their existence while they are buying and reading none but it is the same forms of stupidity that courts the discrimination that serves as a method of disciplining their stupidities as well. In the end they also say that I have a difficult existence with all this Royal business going on which is utter nonsense; it should be all about buying and reading my Books when they show up around my concerns, an end to the insults if they wanted – Royal business is supposed to be challenging and ‘challenging’ is the word not ‘difficult’, I would sail through it easily save the number of badly behaved Royals that show up here to fix their own personal problems on everything I do and its all about them and the Celebrities and the Media and everybody else should know how difficult it had been for them and how much pressure the Top Family exerts on everyone else – so there is no bit where we see them get good at any Political issue knowing HM is always active and that suggests that she is setting rules on how we interact with each other every time, they will not lay off my finances and let me pay my Bills either, just like the Media insults about Celebrities being more important bottoms it out every day.


There is this story that I behave like racists which shows up on Media all the time, about how I do not fancy extremists but tend to behave like one while everything I do with my Hermitage and Company is generally toxic as they continue to push up my stress levels because it is what makes their stupidities happy – leaving me then to wonder who behaves like the racist anyway; these fools are the ones that have now successfully established competition between themselves and racist over money making not me, so I have never really thought it a big problem since what it actually means is that they are the same as the racist except that they are not the racists, so they are the same as racists except one item is missing, therefore if I handle them the same way I handle the racists, minus one item it will make them inferior enough to be complicit like that all of the time.

It’s the old case; it talks about other peoples behaviour that is disrespectful because there is no co-operation with its needs so often that it does not have the time to look to its own behaviour anymore and because it has no behaviour by which to seek the money it would be happy to kill for, it has started raiding Churches for good behaviour that facilitates customer service, talking nonsense about how I behave like racists the whole time while it will not keep the stupid hands off my Book sales income – same as we found it talks about that money so often it does not have the energy to work for it anymore therefore its problems are things other peoples created especially when others do have this knack for doing everything their stupidities boast about, better than they can.

I do get asked how the matter of handling their case should operate in terms of Public Policy but that was always an old case of the fact that the entire point of their insanity and corruptions of involvement with other peoples lives is to be able to manipulate people and push peoples buttons, when they want money and we find they can never stop lying especially when they have some Media to play around with on account an idiot will not keep the Media job in peace and loves to make references to my Hermitage claiming they want to take it for their stupid celebrity selves with the big mouth they have. So the main problem is still the other goons who got into government Office to spend tax payer funds wrecking the finances and academic work while helping them build their own, so that this process of manipulating people, pushing peoples buttons had so become incredibly powerful enough for Industry trouble makers to buy into while they adopt a Public position that says the problems should be left for those that have the knowledge to solve it and cannot keep their fingers off my bum to ensure the academic work and finances never get fixed looking for more of what they were complaining about. Such being the pleasure of Politics that provided you run there is a tendency for you to get somewhere near Government buildings with your stupidities.

Hence it is usually said that it would be so nice if I were financially better off too but there is nothing wrong with my finances, just the fact these goons appear to exist in a condition where it is not in their interest for me to get it settled. So we find that I am now stuck with incredibly stupid Public transport operatives that want me to behave like Celebrities due to the sheer number of people passing insults at me about how Celebrities and Traders who have money are better human beings than I am, while they do not now wish to pick up my work and get it done for their part all together – leaving me in this state where I cannot do what I must when I have to do it anymore; I mean the Politicians are the ones setting the Public Policy obviously, so why do we now have a crime spree if they were doing their own jobs? That is never mind the fact I have not been earning from my Books for years while the idiots who work these nonsenses have not yet forfeited a Year’s salary since last playing up their foolish practical jokes around here began. I Mean I do get told its the Royals making trouble for me and it is the Royals alright at the end of the day; like HRH The Prince of Wales said that the Conditions in which he will Govern is very different from the one in which HM Reigns, so the business of the fact these trouble makers, especially the Celebrities and Liberal America which I am at war with because I do not want them raiding mine for good behaviour that facilitates customer service came into play on Armistice Day, right up to the part where there was a link between Women feeling sore in the privates and Men having a sense of fraternity with land and Country, while HRH was to represent the Queen about which HM showed up at the Balcony just before the main events began. For my part, they can keep their fingers up my Bum, it looks like its not going to end very well especially when I start to push hard at this business of those stupid girls doing the career of the Men for them while the foolish Politicians that fund their stupidities have their own careers done for them by these stupid men and therefore meaning they are only likely to stop when they were writhing in pain somewhere.

Its much the same as those stories they invent, that Marxism gets the rich and powerful doing something about the problems of the poor, where in my case it’s a matter of media insults suggesting that is what I am doing until the Public thinks it is and a vandalism of my property to keep up an appearance, yet it is what I am doing which serves the Public more than their stupidities all together; we do see it play out on the racism that makes the rich and powerful solve their problems as it were, not least especially when Church and Moral people steal jobs and opportunists from socialist Politics so that the extremists might show up to do their possessed by demons dirty work for them. I mean unless I am telling lies, I was there the time between 18 and 25 when the younger ones chose poverty and put my personal life alongside my Public image on a pedestal of abuse, while the older ones wanted to ensure they were able to destroy all I had until I became like them, something we see them make time for while they make no time to find ways by which their bills might get paid. Hence the end is usually like we see that their health is never affected by criminal activity just in case the Government is desperate for municipal living and starts to make extremist Policy – what they then use it for is to get at the fore front of civil rights movements conducting their own secret extremism and tyranny and murder somewhere, while feeding on the fears and toil and sweat of the poor and ignorant, for those who are not desperate for their leadership however, we find them tear up small businesses to suck up to rich people, claiming everybody wants wealth inequality but they were the ones with the well being that allowed them tag along with the rich to sort something out. So in the end how this fits into those cases where they get off tearing up peoples lives and career, then show up on public places to make an exhibition of themselves which suggests that doing so was the new forms of happiness that brought about wealth without work, gives rise to a process where somebody got shot 20 times and it turns out he had died when it was shot 5 times but there was something else going on in the mind of the perpetrator for the other 15 bullets – how this then means racism makes me solve the problems of poor people to exalt socialists beats my imagination (generally its the same case all round; have a unique talent and there is money to be made from it which means socialist tribalism based raids because other peoples lives and property usually revolves around socialists - so especially when they disrupt what I am doing to claim Celebrities and Traders are better than me over that drive to abuse and insult whenever they think they had suddenly become terribly important, its does pose the question of my Equities on the line to facilitate their dirty sales against my wishes, causing the Capitalist system to experiment on itself to a point of destruction and whether performing a Public service by pulling the plug is necessarily such a bad thing; so racism is not making me solve their problems, I am waiting for them to change a behaviour asap). 


The part where it is said I am getting deeper and deeper into trouble is nothing but Political gimmicks and they do love to put those out all of the time; this is a Hermitage and I spend all my time dealing with the fact society goons never take a moments break when it comes to brewing up evil that will put pressure on the head and chest and tummy and bottom of people who are just getting on to daily concerns as normal, which is then left to silly community croons who spent time wondering where teachers private parts where when they were at school and are now between 50 and 80 years old to perform all sorts of sexual fantasy violation and abuse that they fancy; it is the bedroom in which an Arch Prince spends every night – they have been making a mess of the sanctity of it over their stupid Politics and have not been able to win their freedom from me because of that since as we speak but are blabbing some more. It’s the same case we see all the time; the Politicians were the grown ups who tend to want the ways I handle sociological matters concerning my career until I dropped out of University and then the sociological matters itself will happen to be the way I associate with others and drink some beverage in the Canteen and so on – want it until I drop out and then when I sit about blaming myself for what happened tend to invent one stupid thing after another to exasperate me by every day, meaning as I have mentioned before that the right way to handle them is still one of brewing a public issue by which to beat their Political stupidities back to where their jobs are located. The younger ones will be the teenage twerps who cannot let me breathe because they would like me to drop out of school and turn out in the neighbourhoods as an old man that teaches people how to win their fights with honour and of course they have not yet dropped out of their own as well so far, hence it will never stop. I do get informed I never take into account how much The Queen does not fancy Europe but I rather do; the Monarch does not respond to foreign powers and as for Europe itself, its usually fine except when Germany has controlled everything and then there will be a sense that the only type of Country that should exist is the model and structure that Germany has and somebody will start to think that going around systems that work so well that the Political parties agree with each other more times than they do not and making a mess claiming to work change and progress adds up to a job and that Politics and Government was not in itself a school of thought like his or her almighty physics and Chemistry that makes them the geniuses they think they are – whereas we all know that it’s a whole body of knowledge and that there are various different types such as Government of corporations and government of people and government of going concerns and so on; so what the German sense of responsibility is unaware of if that Corporation Government works the way it does because it is likely to entertain the opinions of a fat cat panel talking about whose own was being used to do things, while Government of people was likely to going break up the UK due to interference and then a problem will blow up meaning that the Germans will then need to take up what will have happened to be a real job in the school of Government thought unlike the ones they had invented and then do it until they failed. I for my part am rather miffed people do not know Government is a school of thought that is as complex as physics and Chemistry for those who have studied science and are generally superior to others especially – right up to the point where they think the Law itself as a separate entity while what happens at the Law Court is that people end up there because they come from different Political parties and ended up in a situation where there should have been help but there was none because the person who should have given it failed to and or the person who should have taken it failed to, point being that the help should have existed but didn’t, bearing in mind that since the Political parties are always telling the Public that the other ones are not good enough for the job ahead, the fall out is that if there are things that a political party cannot do, you can be certain that it is likely to be what its rival specialises in and we should not forget the jury of Peers, they decide on the basis of fact or the Judge can simply say the Jury is not needed in a case therefore it’s a matter of what reasonable people should have done. In any case which I have heard its about the House of York but I have been openly operating on the internet for some years now if HRH Prince Beatrice did think it mattered, she would have made contact. The real trouble with disregard shown to me at the Monarchy is largely of the effect that people get involved with my concerns for the purpose of taking over and a sense has now emerged from the dreams of seeing me suffer held up at Industry alongside it, that I need to marry into the Royal Family to keep the Arch Prince's Office, the fact that I do not means that unless the matter is cleared up, I will not be able to raise a Family and I will not be able to run my financial concerns alongside my Bookshop.


In the end I am said to be in an irrecoverable difficulty with society which I am not; its the same pointless gimmicks from public transport idiots who spend all day driving around the Country telling tales of how I want to be Royalty as though somebody had taken my dreams and aspirations from me and it is the same excuse that supplied them a story that got them involved with my academic work at the University as well – what then happens is that every twerp picks it up and has a gimmick to play with me which will let them take advantage of the situation and it always involves a process where I feel sore all over if they are being nice, like fools who want to make their own case real, hence the reasons I am always told that I never take it seriously while I do. I do take it seriously, we can see there is always an alliance between society and celebrities – if any persons will likely tell you about the life of a famous person it is going to be the person who drives them around and handles their security and this is not done by people with bad behaviour and a need to make use of swear words etc. the Celebrities we have today are the ones these fools who do what they do because they think they are untouchable until they are really touched indeed, which is why there is an overwhelming need for people to be important alongside their criminal history in this Country and the reason my crime is my personality which others can make use of but we are here by the way because it does seem to them that it is a gimmick that becomes their main preoccupation when told off, that becomes main preoccupation when people are enjoying a Church environment, that becomes a main preoccupation even when they see their victims drown in difficulty like I am, untouchable until touched and then it becomes a family feud. The problem was that they really enjoy threatening me over their financial needs and so this was my problem until the other idiots at City Centres decided to get involved and throw their money into it to blab nonsense at me about getting it back at my expense, which they can now see is never going to happen since I think they are bluffing, know nothing about those Industry Communities and those big mouthed threats will not help as much as they believe it will for its part in this matter. Its become their main thing those stories about how I nearly lost my career to them and how they have ended up at the Monarchy when there were no such things; we know the idiots enjoy hurting themselves by trapping others as though people were animals using the involvement and bad behaviour that gets completely out of hand all the time and then when academic work is gone they realise they do not like soft arse shit, so usually what happens is how they will balance the responsibility alongside looking after the education of their superior Children so we find them teach very young people about other peoples private part and their heads are always up my arse while they try to be famous. Its never really been a problem for me as a whole; I have a history of visiting those who bother me with their insanity with a madness that they will never forget for the rest of their lives as well and blabbing at me all the time tends to suggest they want me to make a public image out of it as well, when I want to be myself. They do claim all I have said and done does not get me out of trouble which is utter nonsense; the Court is female only and we have had all the problems we have had because they wreck my Court claiming if there are any persons a Royal Boy will serve by protecting from Culture and Society trouble makers it will be them, especially supported by black people who have a way of complaining about me, improving themselves on what they know of my Public image and then starting all over again, like a problem about which I can only do well academically if I get into a fight with people over the way they drive their Cars and exhibit those civil disobedience where if people tell them off it becomes their main preoccupation instead.

So they say the way I live is a useless existence which is utter nonsense; I am constantly having to contend with a process where Politicians and Media idiots have explained my Intellectual Property Administration business to the world while they have no interest in it or its products or what it does and it gets right up to the stage where those goons who run around Industry Communities hijacking the public image of companies and turning it into a sales man job for themselves that gives them money they can bully women with, it continues in a worse form not abate. So it has gotten real since the last time they made themselves into the Celebrities whose job it is to see that the goons get anything they want off me. I do get told I am now stuck in a very difficult fight that is not good for my Office but I am not; if I decided to follow another path because I wanted to be free of Media and Political abuses, it will not be possible to write and broker my equities the way that I have had a history of doing, so the old business of controlling people with Media jobs who mess with it is still the answer for any difficulties that exist here and I need to do one such the way I have done with culture and society. Its a Hermits Office in any case so half the time its the Bible and Gospel, the other its being interested in Culture and Society trouble makers - the bits that one moment are frustrated and want government funded rebates on tackling personal problems or just living a life, the next you find it wants to be able to attack somebody who is below him or her - soon we find it has gone up against somebody it thinks is but really is not. So I constantly have to set out this case where it is obvious that if he knows he will win a fight, he is happy to just go around taking people down because he knows he will win the fight if there is any, if he knows he has a fighting chance but winning is not guaranteed, he is happy to just sacrifice people for no reason and if he knows he will never win, not even the struggles that allow him to get a life will matter. So they say I am just worried about others being powerful too, which is utter nonsense; reality is rather that of making a living in a way that lets you assess if you have protected your talent as it would be impossible to provide a service if everybody shared it, if you have looked out for problems associated with having a substantial amount of money and if you have failed the test of having energy left to chase criminal interests which suggests that you have not been doing something right anyway - the highlight being when you find out what happens should you lose all your money and its the bit where society and culture people will give you a hard time because you lost yours and are now expecting others to accommodate you, allowing you to accept yourself as somebody that has done well. Around this I get told I give away my Estate all the time which I do not; the Americans are a bit more abusively vulgar about the fact their Liberalism thinks of peoples Estate as something that should be turned into cults to protect Men and their interests while they make money and seek power - so I have written a Book and they will make a global mess of it in order to move into my right hand and feel safe manipulating baby into doing what they want and these are the things that will develop the matter from what appears to be a local shop security problem into proper political issues that blow up in their faces.

I do get told that the excessive exposure I cause myself is part of the problem but there is little I can do about it; say I attend University, we find that everything will be involved in ruining that including Lesbians chasing female lovers, if I try to avoid them, my personal space will have become the point people put the foot down on what bothers them personally. It feeds into the Anti-Semitism thing where we find that although the Spanish are White, their culture in practice sits between White people wearing spandex and playing video games on one hand and Jews attending a Synagogue on the other but this does not appear to be a problem for those who practice such things - I am not suggesting I do not know what it is about - I know it is about the theory that all problems are a factor of weak people and that ethnic minorities are usually not salvageable but so do people fail to observe that I think all matters of violence are born out of Tribalism and that people being able to conduct their affairs and return to find their homes as they left it is something that cannot be accomplished without an alliance with women - so it stands to reason that Culture does not prevent people from passing exams in school and getting proper jobs, so those who pretend it does need to stop pretending nobody can get them complaining in public as wel, just as the quantity of scandalous things it is said I perform with women even when they are married now borders on the bombastic.

So the Politicians claim most of my actions are circumstantial claims and leadership forms which allow me to impose my will on others with low mental capacity but I wonder how they can justify such claims while everything they say and do is developed from criminal anomie where there are lots of things human beings have done which human beings are not responsible for. Half the time we find people say that their personal morality wickedness and social corruption would be best expressed if they had children they practiced it on instead of the general population and then the other half the time we find people say that its not the best as their children are human beings as well and do not deserve such terrible treatment – the whole time we find that they have spent time raising the children to be just as crooked as they are and in my case has developed into something of a need to stuff me full of what I do not want through civil disobedience, then go off to teach very young people that I smell and this is how I damage peoples career and then I have to deal with young people chasing my bum in their imagination and holding their nose when I walk down the street so those insults that make me smell like my loo and is linked to the profitability of disobedience, irresponsibility and decadence might really take hold of the general population, brewing this question of how to handle whole families if I want to make it stop – all the whole of which their Politicians have become quite convinced that any wickedness they wish to practice would be most proficient if they got elected and therefore had the means to practice it at Government buildings, blabbing circumstantial at me like so. We do hear them claim it is the power of Parliament but I do not see how power of Parliament allows people to spend tax payer funds wrecking other peoples finances and academics in order to allow these fools build up a sense of spiritual evils that can make people poor or make people rich, which disposition they can sell up to City centre idiots and money mad celebrities and now the question big has become how they propose I should stop them pretending to be me or showing up in public places to make references to my Estate as though we were mates getting around with each other daily but the circumstantial disposition here in itself is that these fools would have loved to be racist themselves if the condition was right and I am tired of their insults which is what this is all about; its very debilitating and causing an inability to get around with those who wish to work with me at Royal circles then clips my finances in that way too. They always say I do not have enough property to be Royalty but whilst I am ready to speak about the fact that since I got my Commission it has been impossible due to their involvement on Public places, to just go to an academic institution and complete a bundle that will help me with tools I need to do what I have to with I, the fact of the matter is still that their stupidities are coming round as well, since they always knew show business was a business but had always decided to push it deep into peoples personal lives as some sort of cause and then each time people want to breathe the free air, we find they need to get to their Offices and run a show business on it for the day – whenever I do not have enough property to be Royalty, they are apparently coming round as it were. So here we dispel the case of those who claim there is tit for tart and not real leadership as well and I for my part wish to ensure they understood I am not bluffing about ripping up the Celebrity culture if it is the means by which they pretend to be me all the time – never mind the other effects that mean each time people get involved with me because they wish to keep the jobs and then keep the families too, it becomes a real problem, a real problem for them; they can always get involved if they want, they need to feel safe and so on, while their Politicians blab circumstantial at me thus; usually married against the fact that if I got off other Royalty to get involved with them as well like I have these other people they have a problem with, they will want to do what Royalty is doing while what is really going on does not concern them in anyway and will waste my time in a matter of years and make capital out of that at the end; showing up every day currently to tell me the problem is that I believe myself to be able to walk on water where women are concerned, while we can clearly see they walk on water where I am concerned, such conditions of which are an example of where I agree with them that my activities are circumstantial and will imposing (they are really a very twisted CV faking, Women hating, Society loving goons who just happen to be rotten to the core). They do say I never speak of matters at the Monarchy because it would affect my interest, which is not the case – what we have at the Monarchy is the best friend of the interest of the Prince of Wales coming up with ideas for what Government should do and be like and we find that in each case, a simple process of a celebrity friend or two and people from the world and so on, that one takes into close friendship and Court with to get matters sorted out when some courtiers are being abusive, adds up to a business of the Princes Trust building The Prince of Wales his big show reign for the future, which is why the goons show up here to tackle me all the time and I get told I needed to mention it straight and clear so that what I want might be determined, rather than ensure it is a game and a gimmick until I completely destroyed Celebrity culture as well – I mean the translation after they have had a problem with the Books I wrote and then had to explain does not add up to a process of telling The Prince of Wales how to live, only to consistently fail to sort out the problems that Book had resolved but continued to tackle it anyway, is that The Prince of Wales gets a big show Government and the Prince’s Trust ensures I do not have any money – it is quite a plan indeed and then they say that I will do what they wanted whether I liked it or not, which adds to the other theory that I do not mention matters of Monarchy because my position would be affected; about which I am certain it is possible for all to see that The Queen having provided this leadership for the length of time that she has, those things these guys usually deploy the whip on are no longer at their disposal if people did not want to be and that the Men are free to be themselves to the fullest if they wanted to as well, thus never likely to be a result when people tell me of things I will do if I wanted it or not. Its much the same as the complain about the difficulty of my state provided security when it has been obvious for years, that I secure what HM wants from me by means of hearsay and that the state provided security are handled by women, thus those who feel they do not have the stomach for such things would not be getting involved in their interest – apparently which does not apply to them because they have their own agenda, looking good so far; the same people, same information, same telling off, for the same reasons for over 50 years. We hear this story all the time whereby people want to be free of being punished by me while the choice not to get around bullying those who have their hands full with Government or Royal concerns was always their own to make – willing to talk about how my body type is the one that can tolerate lots of bullying whereby if I do not co-operate with it they will get rid of me on account they want to be free of society violence, which is why people always want to be me, ripping up everything around here with that stupid media and not how it all started obviously. I wrote my Book in 2009 and since then have had my life stuffed full of the public cynicism of celebrities who make war when they are criticised and judged for taking naked pictures of themselves that they get people to pay hard earned money for and now because they still need the Books but do not fancy me anymore, they will destroy my career and write one like that for themselves at the hands of somebody they fancy with a big mouth. They do not like to be cracked up obviously, just love to be consistently and abusively and relentlessly nasty to others. 

They always say its selfishness of my part but everybody can see what they have done to my Books; need it and need it in a certain way that means they build me publicity of cynicism until I am ill with depression and psychosis on account of the issues I resolved in order to write the Books they need anyway and generally encourage other irresponsible scumbags like them in society to want me in such ways too, while they make out they were famous. I do get told I should be afraid of them of which I am only bothered about Politicians showing up here to damage my finances and build their own on tax payer funds so that stupid self confidence can grow and grow while it trains itself on all sorts of nonsense it will be able to practice on me complaining about being cracked and looking for more of what I can train myself on as well all together as it were; it is the issue at the heart of their stupidities pretending to be me all the time – these will be the gimmick ones, while the ones who want to be the Arch Prince have already showed up at the Monarchy - exactly how complicated an existence can get, wherefore I ask if my life is toxic because I am the one with criminal record and a bad neighbourhood reputation all together, soon we will find the idiots make children they do not wish to look after and believe is my responsibility as well if they were convinced they had crept under my skin, just like trendy economic crisis led to this process of seeing that they are not rummaging around Industry communities to seek power when they have jobs to do and taxes to pay. They say their main problem is that I have wrecked their freedom naturally but how that happened is even more interesting i.e. when I have a Court of Female Journalists who provide hospitality to tell millions of people what the facts of the day’s occurrences were because they want to hold onto their family as well for a job that exposes their personal feelings, what happens is that it is free for all on account these goons want to make trouble for people while having it as a refuge and we see it with Liberal America corruption of involvement that is pure evil at the helm of every aspect of it we see all over the world happen every day – so it isn’t free for all and the lesson they have learned is what people are expected to do when they take up space meant for other peoples friends and family and the discomfort caused had become a Public issue – now it got serious because they are really safe too, needs to threaten me and create some air on the left all the time looking for more since the last time it got serious, of which I crack them up to establish my authority because it is the right thing to do. They do say I am regarded highly at the entertainment Industry of course but what it means is that if somebody wants to play a film role that is emotional and uses my concerns as an Anchor for it, I should not be allowed to complete my academic work because other people want to be safe (I mean if most of the films come with stunt doubles in this sorts of circumstances, the question stands on a stronger stage all together and we have not even started talking about the part where I am street light for all goons that want to marry famous people without knowing that I am, so I bump into my existence over their stupid freedom all the time like I tend to do some 'One Direction' Boy band that somebody had set up to take revenge for the fact criminals are not as free as they used to be because of my actions, never mind the Celebrities getting involved with everything so its impossible to decide which advertisement and endorsement they are being paid to perform anymore these days, having been they have my public image to make references to and play with on Camera). 

We do hear them say that I am out of step as we are not a Nation of Celebrity haters but these are not Celebrities, these are Industry manufactured goons, created by CV faking, Woman hating, society loving twerps who want to get away with sexual context abuse by making money through it that is shared with others – their sole purpose is to run off narcissistic popular culture canopies that serve rich peoples children and is targeted at those who dare to have something they do not have, while the money sets the stage for who gets killed a gang violence when those who have had popular culture wealth equality preached on the incomes decide to tell everybody where their Swiss accounts at located. The abusive media ones are now the teachers obviously and when you tell them to get out of running off secret communities where they tell lies about the reasons your tunny fails you in public while as they get off to do it anyway, they love to blab about the size of their stupid children for it.

There is this case where it is said I spoke of handling the boring Monday issues but have not really done anything and its much like we see people want to make use of my Books without reading it because they have not got the time – likewise they want me doing something about boring Monday without listening to anything I have said. In any case of which is usually feeds on itself; people feel refreshed after the weekend and so do the criminals; this means they work hard and wear themselves down and the criminals work hard to take their money from them and so it all burns from both ends. The trouble of course is that the Politicians should provide leadership on the activities of the superstitious gits and culture trouble makers but what they prefer to do is give them tax payer funds and make excuses for them on media with it as well, then find some religious people to lean on and blame for that too; so we can see that Mondays should be hated by such goons and their celebrities and that what is really happening is that the rest of the population have started hating Mondays along with them too because they are exerting a lot of influence. In the end I get told I should be working with the Politicians and not against them which of course I am; I have just mentioned they support the culture trouble makers who want Politicians giving credence to wickedness that can make people poor or make people rich and the Politicians have been helping them make public statements about being good people who only need money and now I am just one person dragged out of University to sit about reacting to them on account they see my personality and public image as a tool they can deploy to bounce back financially, instead of provide leadership that supports those who live in a way that facilitates the government work that they are doing. So they do say that I perhaps need to sort out the Media and I wonder if they understand what they are asking since it is a matter of the fact Politicians are vulnerable to society and culture goons whose way of getting on with those that have a professional work to do is violent but none is more vulnerable to it than the Media, whilst that is the case, I am no longer vulnerable to the culture and society trouble makers because I am so good at handling them, I am vulnerable to the Media all together and they have even got excuses to do with how I have caused those who have already got their own figured out to get into a fight, which makes their case with me a lot worse because I then have to marry this up with the fact that I get around my matters by pumping the heads of society and culture trouble makers full of what I know, so we might find out how they will get up to all sorts with it, save the problem is that every time a fool has a media job, the purpose of the job becomes to help them get on public places and tell the world they have stolen my career, then extract money from my public image selling something at the market – what the Politicians are asking is one of those ones where I make them understand I will bleed them if they do it one more time and then go on to live up to my words. It is quite incredible that these things are happening anyway; no longer vulnerable to culture and society trouble makers but the Media has become the problem; so in the end, apart from getting them off my Public image or making sure they have o buttons or levers to pull around here which facilitate fame and fortune and those lying tricks and practical jokes they play all the time it does come down eventually to the part where one day it will claim that it had lost the best job in the world that was the reason he will wreck peoples lives for fun first before he carries on with it and then the wife and children will find out on the basis of what it decides to do next, what sort of nonsense others had to tolerate during the period in which it had the job. In my case this nonsense will include such things as picking off what I say and do about my Books to take out of context and thereby create a sense of what has happened to the guy who thought he could take on tough Media – it includes the fact that what I do with culture and society goons at a Royal Office has become their main preoccupation for the purpose of making me feel a sense of obligation to look after them while they threaten me into doing it for fun – it includes people not being able to access my Books because others are playing up practical jokes with it – includes what I do to look after the female colleagues they love to attack being the reason I get persecuted since it id done by facilitating the means by which female journalists can run their jobs i.e. giving them access to proper journalism where people say somebody has an adage and it would not be possible to say he is a criminal lest you get into trouble, but you say he has an adage and we only need see what happens when a female journalist stands in the middle of the streets reporting what is happening – it includes these activities being carries out, not just to take from me my study time but also to ensure they endear themselves to the culture and society trouble makers I have ensured do not get to mess with me as they wish, in order to acquire their own private army. So for the time being it stands to reason that if there is always high controversy over what they have getting to their heads and a mess they make being made on other peoples lives, that what is being tidied up because it gets to their heads can be used to clean up this mess – plays right into the fact that the big news is always the one all of them want to have access to at the same time and if a process of dragging them back to fix the mess they make for me does not work, getting them all over each other throats over the big news always does, especially over the fact that the reasons it seems to be a problem that is not going anywhere fast is because they are certain that in the case of violence their victims would be vulnerable in every way. Eventually I have to deal with the most popular controversy around what I do and which is that I have not got a clue what I am doing all together and of course like every other stupidity they wear suits that makes them look clever to exhibit, they never explain what they mean but the way it plays out is that I am usually a listener because I see the world according to what I hear; what they have since done with this naturally has been to set me out as a personality people can dump their problems on if they want to make those problems go away and every time I am left wondering how this nonsense fit into everything that happened which was none of their business to say the least, it thus shows up on media because an idiot has got a job there. So they do say that we are not a Celebrity hating Country, however which it is not deniable what Celebrities and their quacks   who fancy themselves a very violent form of Freddy Mercury and like to think my reaction to being exasperated by them is something they are addicted to continue to abusively and vindictively do around my concerns every day, the same model each of their nasty television personalities wish to adopt. We even hear them boast when I talk about how difficult it could possibly be for them to build up enough cynicism and abuse to make me mentally ill like they have, if they were as far more famous than I am as they have claimed, boast of the fact I have lost everything, which we hardly hear them claim when running off civil rights on other people’s income and gang killing those who tell others where they have kept their overseas accounts – its apparently that guy who built a business empire market and set about breaking it up to broker equities with working Associates, whom they claim has not got anything like what he makes out he possesses, losing all his market and everything he has to their Celebrated madness obviously, it would never put it that way so I might move on, it only will when it is out of its depth as well; it’s the same as what they do on my social media – where I have made it so simple that any who wants something to do with me can follow me and make it easy for me as well but they have preferred to talk about their eccentricity and their character being the type that does not go along, so they have showed up on social media to deploy my property equity, trust and market, without following my profile which is just a click away, so that just as the Celebrities brag about me losing everything when they have trouble keeping out of other people’s concerns unless the part where a designer gives them a piece at discount for endorsement turns out to work on the red carpet as something they are a part of messing up my public image to sort out the problem as stupidly and repetitively as they possibly can, before boasting of what I had lost; hence I have come to a stage where I want to make an example of them on a matter of job satisfaction for law enforcement as well – so I have this list on my profile that is indicative of whether they are marrying me in the future and it also contains Police forces, mostly from the UK and the US, who have a social media profile, and we are therefore expecting the old case where they do not like to be cracked up, only love to be relentlessly nasty like taking up 8 years of my time to get cynical about my Books until I am mentally ill as we have seen without even being able to explain themselves for good measure – mentioned here I have obviously due to the issues they run off on Media all the time, so they can be jubilant if their Politicians had copied it and done more damage, the Politicians who like to claim they need to ensure I am not criticising them to make a living as though they are not working in an environment where they have press secretaries, permanent secretaries and biographers, so those who love to blab about teaching me lessons never ever escape the business of ending up with something serious to complain about too.

In the end we hear I enjoy attacking the journalists and celebrities while I complain about them at the same time, which is utter nonsense; they are the ones attacking me and complaining about me at the same time – the main problem at the heart of it is that the patents that let me go into an Office and just work on Books are not respected because they are not famous enough to be respected. So we find they claim I have damaged celebrity culture and they will have my Royal Estate, leaving me to wonder if they assume constantly making reference to a Royal Estate that does not belong to them and has nothing to do with them along with abusing the person who owns it and is clearly their mates is unlikely to cause distress or that it may have happened because they have found Royalty that is a mate but then again their biggest problem has always been the fact they really cannot let other people be. It feeds into the other story of how everybody that has invested their lives around me is worse off which has no basis on reality i.e. take for instance the reasons I need a Court of Female journalists being that the Labour Party is providing local and national and even global leadership for popularity goons that will take a position for money making on my public image and then have me beaten up, so having been the project was successful, it should not be a bad life being the child of a Television Journalist anyway.

They love to say that my type thinks he is in charge but is not and I could not make it out anyway, reality is that I am fed up dealing with financial complications while they get to share my public image through it without buying the Books and then encourage people to share my market as they sell their own products in its place. I have a Book sale business attached to a Royal Estate so I do think it is actually out there as one of the best ventures in the world speaking of when it is not an empire until they had decided that it was as it were, behaving as though they would have respected the patents that lets me get into an Office to work without responding to peoples practical jokes, if the patents were famous and of course there is this other behaviour exhibited which suggests they have a certain attitude that can keep me from accessing my public image as well, which causes me to wonder what they suppose I am going to do when I need to get the Public image off them all together. They do say much would be avoided if I spoke in a civilised manner but I wonder how civilised they expect me to be when what really happens is that society has been setting itself on squandering my work and I have been clipping them, so when they build up a public image for me that is to churn my tummy, what really does is industry CEOs, their friends and Media playing games with my income and public image like a stupid thing invented and practiced on my career which they have gotten used to – then there are the others who simply fake CVs and go off to work for big companies, then make deals with society people and get them involved with the job opportunities for small roles, for this they get support and their whole lives are then developed around abusing people sexually, chasing bottoms and striking peoples tummy all the time, never mind the fact they live like a plague as well and the main attitude to access the opportunities is usually one of banding together and somehow locating a link between making people smell like their loo and hustling to make some more money for the family at home and of course since I am a writer it is overtly very destructive experience for me to keep having especially when they link profit making to the use of my public image all together i.e. they are the ones creating things that play out as the means by which I smell like my loo all day long after the work I have to do, so in terms of civilised conversation, they really need to stop it and not tell me they have certain behaviour that can stop me accessing my public image. I am really fed up now with processes that mean I tolerate them and end up with financial difficulty while they get into a position to brag about having enough money to fund conflicts as their friends on Media pretend that those who give them money at Industry have created a condition in which we are productive as an economy while reality is more a matter of people who cannot be happy even when their income depends on it unless somebody else is in distress and suffering and they were laughing at the person as a community with narcissistic sales canopies at Industry they believe means they were in charge. I have never actually seen a successful business person involved with big business who has time for this stuff anyway; it is a world in which over 95% of your time is spent on providing people a service and making peoples feel their custom is being served – what we have here are people who are convinced that when they are done with their tribalism based raids at Industry and therefore find their way to the top, their problems will be over; if its a civilised conversation that is required then they should know I am just very tired of tolerating them to face financial complications while they make use of me. I just need to be able to work when I am working, study when I am studying, write when I am writing; I do not think it is too much to ask a people inventing stupid ideas they can exhibit on my career like it was behaviour normal people should exhibit claiming they were important and successful the whole time that they were at it.

So the story never goes away that I am in a bad place and the Liberals will never let go of it until I am doomed and hence always getting into trouble but it is utter nonsense; reality is that they are always putting thoughts in my head and words in my mouth and making out my daily concerns adds up to a process of capitulation that means I have invented reason to explain their bully behaviour which I never have – they are even trading this off to the Celebrities and their popular culture goons on Media as well and nobody knows what their problem is save the understanding they are victims of crime who are criminals themselves all together. As for my Books, it seems the patents will only be respected when they are famous patents and I have never seen anything so stupid in my whole life; we have even started seeing the effects being that the scum want to play these games with them and have somebody they can deploy as human shield to feel safe while they make the money but so can we see they are selling the safety to celebrities and coming back for more they will get through bullying and of course my party piece will always be the one where the business of making me look and feel sad and soppy is escalated with a case whereby I need to control my Mum – they are now controlling their Mums as we speak all together anyway, so I win again. As for the reason for their behaviour; that was always a simple case of an insulting greed that shows up to seek and demand my public image for personal use and I only have a problem with those who keep passing around insults at me or handling me so as to make it available to them all together, so the talk of war is utter rubbish – those who cracked up out of my league live in glass Houses should not throw stones at others; we all know its strong suit is to take advantage of other people’s weaknesses, every postponement must make them millionaires, every temporarily suspended success must become their own, armed with insults they claim can prevent people from accessing own public image, talking rubbish on media all day long – hence another 24 hours of not selling Books well enough and I will make them feel it during the next. They say I am not really as popular at the Monarchy as I have made out but that is an old case of a certain group of people who have clung to my finances as the means by which they will rise and I will fall, to such an extent the only vulnerability left to explore is the fact I spend my property serving the Crown instead of going off to get rich and famous and every confusion about what I am doing at the Monarchy is built from it too – they have a problem with my Books but have still not solve one bit of any of the problems that it resolved, let alone the ones I did in order to write it in the first place. The others say I mess about with industry people and I think this is past its sell by date too; the bit about disrespectful women who make out I take advantage of aspects of their partners concerns where they should have been supportive to make some money of their own, while the children need to tackle me to expand family business into ethnic minorities and therefore really get to look like the characters that will take over in due time – apparently what I do is really easy hence I have ended up with many 24 hours of not getting my Books sold, had to pick up another means to pay the bills, adding to a third job that involves getting around the stupidities they invent everyday blabbing a messing with industry while it is complaining about its involvement with big business which is an environment where millions of people know who owns which property and therefore very difficult to take anything from anybody and the whole case of looking like the character that would take over from the parents would have been so much easier if they had some respect for what others do for a living, kept the mouth shut and worked hard for it too. As for the bit about the parents and politicians who wish to seek equality, their case will only end when I secure some celebrities that will act with me specifically for the purpose of making sure they got none – since it is still a gimmick a decade after I dropped out of University and their children did not, really difficult to locate how they justify it still. What really happens however in terms of making sense of their case according to the facts of the aspects of society they live in is something incredible; of all your body parts they claim to fancy for instance, it is your anus they are most interested in and it is always a scorch – so we see the same stupid society behaviour showing up here like when they want to sleep with women and produce children they have no wish to look after or provide for, where I write Books that help their kids with school issues and they want me to stay out of academic work so their children can have my place in the world, I do things that support them at work and they want me to do it better by being out of work in order to really understand what I am doing in its own right and similarly we find the Celebrities show up here to get cynical about a Book they actually need everyday for 9 years, leaving me with mental illness as a result and of course it has come to that time when they ca continue to show up here and want me like that, build up publicity so every fool can show up and want me in their own way as well all the time as it were. I understand the claim to be that I interfere with Politics a lot which is utter nonsense; the truth is that Parliament is full of MPs that cannot be controlled by their party leader and the whole business of making another person to be a punching bag for the so called frustrations of party members and subordinate MPs started with Tony Blair, since then it became impossible to control them especially when it came to privileges and trappings of power and I just think that if the MP that had no prospects whatsoever could take advantage of me the way the Prime Minister did, the local community goon should be able to as well; it is supposed to have added up to a field day for the Media but not quite since I can ensure people stop threatening me over their money issues by causing them to have the fame instantly and as they are and that means the Media can then keep up with its gimmicks of settling up on a need to see my body bits in a gang fight that will make them comfortable, like a desire that must be fulfilled. 

So it feeds into this theory that the US and the UK rather believe they control the West, which is utter nonsense; what happens is that France and Germany as far back as history goes are always the first to start leadership based on the theory that you are as superior as you feel and then the next time a conversation will be had on the matter, we will find ourselves in a war crimes tribunal where they are asking us if we really did expect them not to take jobs from the Gestapo when it was being offered but that would be after the war that must have nearly wiped out the human race – the Spanish are usually a bit more honest by saying those who say what they say, say what they say but when it is time for people to do the violence stuff then there will be much to say and not the will to say it thus insanity and they spread it right through to the South Americas where they used to exert some Colonial power in the past. Their case being that we British talk dirty all the time which is hardly credible but does show we have come full circle all together: we see each time we sell and buy that they are punishing British and can never stop telling us that we play all the time and blame our problems on them while taking over the public image to express something about working hard and playing hard; so it has only come to the stage where there the question of what would occur if it were collected and something of an Asset or even Liability made out of it is to be determined. It is usually pointless to introduce the self to others on the basis of telling people how to behave in the Country; so what we usually find is that the crime and violence is usually say, say; what gets you really is first the weather and thereafter will be culture and society; so when Europeans who operate in the UK have started to replace real workers with popular culture goons who want to have children they do not look after so as to be free, we find that one has to speak up.

 We hear these tales from republicans all the time about counting pennies the Royal family is worth it, they love the part where I respond to it and create some debate and change because they have no wish to listen to what I am saying which makes no difference anyway whatsoever – after all everybody knows they know it does not make any sense and anybody else that gets into the Top Office in the UK will still leave us with the process where they are Heads of State and their Children after them are Heads of State as well but unlike the Royal family that runs a Government for us they will be doing it for private gain and for Industry while the rest of us that are clearly stupid regularly go off to the polls to select whom we want for that Office because that is our purpose. The part that concerns the Royal family being that they love to make up and believe their own ideas about how the Royal Family is full of people whose minds as programmed 1005 around being heads of state in their Country and no one thinks about doing something else with their lives if they lose a job. Which is where the part that concerns them comes into the picture i.e. when people realise The Royal Family can get another job is removed from office, they will want to ensure that does not happen so they can never return after being removed and once the stage is set for genocide then we all know who will be the people that complain about that and do International human rights campaigns with it. The part that concerns me being that I have no idea why people do such things anyway in the first place and then of course there is also the fact that if you want to remove people from a job you must set out what they have done wrong – of which it is the republicans doing something wrong and wanting to remove those who are more important than they are from a job, so since I have a temper as well and have paid enough prices over their involvement with my possessions and concerns the big question is that of whom they are addressing, whom they are talking to and what they want. I am aware when I say it this way they will want to start doing their stupid republican jobs properly for a change which is not unusual as it were either; after all, Heir apparent in the British Monarchy have been known to abdicate on many occasions, so the system there has a way of sacking people no matter how long they have been raised for a role and we wouldn’t be caught seeing them venture.

There is this talk of infighting among Palace Officials which I have no idea where people get from anyway, what I do know however is that it’s a matter of people doing some National service and then thinking that if they got a Job at Buckingham it is a right; in which case they knew already that the Military is an academically charged environment and that the rest of us are actually not that stupid about it as they think we are. It is an old story about the power that Politicians believe they exercise over the rest of us when they really do not, so that the other side of this infighting bit is supposed to have been the one that Politicians and their local goons have created; the part where they say it is all a big crisis for me while it is just a problem of plucking enough courage to do something that may affect an esteemed Office of state even when I know it works by consultation and debate among peers, which is becoming increasingly impossible to resist since the biggest financial squander of my work and property never comes from celebrities and media that I avoid the main issues to tackle but comes from Politicians – Politicians and their goons who know that Industry involves making money and bragging about it so poor people might chase their bottoms, then find somebody else to lay a blame culture upon and set about messing with the Monarchy over my work and Public image like a need to see me go from a living person to a memory, which they seem to be doing every day; apart from which they have already been manipulated into signing up to the security services to get involved with matters that have emerged from over 40 years of global socialist onslaught because of me – just like it appears to be surprise to them that such things as chasing the Monarch’s bottom can mean that if 999 soldiers had ignored it, there might be one that becomes really determined to get them for it, thus I am no longer their Toy as it is; I mean who are these soldiers anyway, how much do they earn compared to what others earn in sales Offices and Media, which ones are the pool from which Palace Guards are selected? How do they earn their money compared with people who earn it sitting in an Office? Such that the case being that if you go around locating where a Palace Guards Private parts are, the assumption you are making is that you are the only one with an ego seeing things. It is not a complicated process for my part preventing other peoples idiot children who got elected from squandering my property and threatening me like it is at present, its just a matter of not being able to pluck up the courage to tackle a system where people have seen others gather as a group which may be deployed as a means of hurting another person, because they have seen oppression happen before and are taking precautions or they have suffered it and are making sure it never happens again with intent to oppress somebody of their own as well, it is a personal decision that a Politician must take whether to move them into Government buildings and make decisions for Public matters on their account, playing stupid games with society right up to the House of Lords, where they have since appointed as many society goons to take honour away from the Legal system as they possibly can and created us a Supreme Court that they believe will show the Judicial committee was not doing a good job – I can tackle them therefore without harming government Office, its just not my main feeding ground but I have no idea how long their destruction of my property is to last anyway and this will cause me to make a decision about it soon; I do not deserve any of it from people who do these things and show up in public to win elections where we have as a population decided that academics and career is more important than gangs and war to the various tunes that it costs us. They always say that people like me are happy to live in a place where there are no changes but so are we aware that the only change that matters is whether or not somebody who is leaving home has planned their provisions properly and somebody who lives in an abusive home has been rehoused or moved into State care – the rest of their gimmicks for want of a better word is a trap and every time somebody one is caught up seeing it all from their point of view, there is only this one image of people who have made some money and want to use it as leverage whom their mates had gotten ahead of, hence my part is the whole Palace staff infighting thing. They do tell me I am tired of government matters which is utter nonsense; I am doing it right up to the Industry bits so well that the trouble makers are paying taxes and if they do not want to will find themselves pushed into a corner so that a proper code of conduct might emerge for those who want to work for them all together, if this is not good enough, they may leave the Country without causing any more damage – it’s a simple case of the economic crisis revealing facts of how rich people live alongside the recovery processes becoming a Public popularity trend in its own right and how a Government provides recovery based leadership; to let people know when they screw with peoples lives, it is possible for them to be made to run after their own as well, no matter how big they are. I do get told businesses love it but I do not see why not, they always love having all their market options available to them – it’s the Politicians saying I am tired of government matters when it was a simple old case of that gang member who was 17 years old when he joined a gang in which 5 of his friends got killed, now he is 60 years old and when I see him play up civil and criminal disobedience in which he was supposed to be a super star, screw with my own and end up in a game I want to play as well concerning how famous he is about to get as he is, the Politicians will talk about inequality and make Policies on his behalf and run it through playing games at the Highest Houses of Government in the land, to complain later and brag soon after about putting pressure on stupid people like me who have found their way into leadership – when we know as I mentioned before, none of their change save whether somebody who lives home has planned it well and somebody who has no home has been housed is their madness trapping people in difficult situations so they end up fighting for their lives while their victims end up fighting to look after a commitment like we have between myself and them at present – so my games do pay off in all aspects including the bits about the goons who want their faces on a sky scrapper and the reasons they cannot be a super star like they were meant to be was the Girlfriend they had at 22 years of age etc – people get famous when they want it now and get famous as they are: I am not in any way tired of government matters. So the complain about my activities being Political is an old one and they are never Political; the reality is the fact that I may not have lived in the UK when the clash over the need Politicians have to pick up members of the Public and write them off, was between the Queen and Margaret Thatcher who was Prime Minister at the time but now I can see what it is like in all its form and glory. They always tell me that my demands are too many but we all know that it is as simple as firstly not making public policy to please people who have formed groups that will defend them from oppression and injustice and of course the more important one being that the obsessive need Politicians have to pick up people and write them off has now become so endemic that we live in a Country with a level of basic education and even the learning of jobs an crafts for all that indicates we do not have a future. So like in my case where Film broker ties in with a patented Popularity system and with it I can administer mobility matters where people are able to share and trade and move around the world with Celebrities I have agreed to operate with at the top of it – not letting talent shows decide when girls can attend school or for how long and chase me about whenever somebody gets off to extract money from their popularity empires over my Public image as well, never mind the goons that have caused this issue to become so difficult by showing up here to do their own business and end up with an alliance at football people which will have me beaten up, over trying to get them off my case while there are problems that black people are creating and the fact they have gotten rich pillaging this Estate was no body’s fault. People do not have to understand all of how it works; just know it’s a world where people do not get selfish, they must have their mobility and the Celebrities must work my Public image o-behalf of everybody; we see these behaviour everywhere and every time I go off networking I end up with a problem where I have to keep my work secret lest the Celebrities and the Media and Fashion trouble makers had found it first and then I had lost everything to them and its this level of total lack of respect they do not think constitutes their problem - every minute somebody is being told their staff has broken a Lord of the Rings type game the whole time and if true to kind the person was facing a Demon of the Underworld, they would be killed without resistance and dragged away basically - in my case they expect me to get off a Half Priest Office to fancy their cars until they mess with the Public image to buy more and then I will end up with such financial difficulty it crosses my mind they could give away one and then I may peddle it for part exchange and deploy the Money for something else, while reality is that I will never get as much as a certificate of rejection, so we are here answering questions instead about why these activities do not affect me at all. Pretty much the same with tales of how I get to abuse Women, while reality is that Journalism these days since there is mostly nothing serious the Men are getting up to, is about very happy women who spend all day playing with me - provided people are getting the news anyway of which there is nothing to complain about a 'broken staff' gimmicks. The talk of checking me up to find if I am a sex predator of women is utter nonsense; we all know its the Lesbians and Rude Playboy millionaire aspirations type persons that always want to get married to the Celebrities who are instead spending all their time with a Kid who has a body type that can tolerate lots of bullying; so any who shows up here with their insults especially when Famous, will be spending money on them - the world of sexual assault does not wholly look like rich and powerful perverts who may have taken their sexual frustrations out on rich actresses who went to their Offices to screw around with everything so as to deal with personal depression and leave the wife something to clean up which may or may not have been the case or generally developed from such a case into a habit that spread to women who did not behave in such ways, not that I am saying the sexual assault did not happen - my point is that the world of sexual assaults is more a case of when you think that you would have been wealthy if women let you do whatever you wanted with their Public image and then decided to take what you think you need or perhaps it develops into one such cases where you have one at home to do as you please with and if people want you to beat her up they will provoke you and tell you something inspiring, so when you return home drunk and she tries to patch you up saying such a thing, it will be the day she ends up in Hospital and it is the bit you were not responsible for besides the fact you are actually a sadist; hence I do get asked if I think I can take on the Men which is never about taking on the Men as it is about mentioning that they cannot seriously suggest they were unaware of what they let themselves into, which when mentioned enough times will mean they have to do something about feeling as though they have already ended up in prison; naturally I may say so but I end up doing it anyway is the great story but so are the facts about sex outside of marriage and alternative lifestyles - you do not know unless you have done it and you do not do it if you do not wish to find out.


Of course it is true that Companies and Industries do not recognise the existence of this Firm and what it may do with the Equities they like to think nobody knows does not belong to them because they have so much fun and games to play that people always tend to think they are not aware of the damage they do to others while they are at it or indeed that they do not know when they are trying to steal other peoples property - like the Politicians and civil rights idiots that really enjoy their media appearance as a means of laying claims of ownership to my public work which causes damage to my office while they talk nonsense about their rights: its always only a matter of waiting for them to be concerned with something they really care about so that while I handle their possessions as well especially for the Americans, they will not be able to take care of both - it is the same feeling of being burgled by them every single day with their idiots talking nonsense about their anger all over the place mostly assuming social media is their domain which they will lose soon enough as well and I will not be far from the reasons for that too.

Its like the story of faith in our schools and so on - reality of which is that I have no wish to discuss their faith schools and faith in their schools with them, the reason for that being that they know their competition with my faith which pervades it and annoys me endlessly is based on damaging my finances because it makes no sense and hence something they devise to create a bubble of involvement with me in a condition where there are no rules - they never listen of course and soon resort to civil rights and whiles to get their way by all means as if that is what the rest of us exist for and it always goes on until people bend them up the other way as well which is where I have no plans to make myself an exception to the rule either. I mean if I discuss faith in their schools with them, then what do I make of playboys chasing money, big girls in my service, extremism and the nature of it and all the others - they know these are things they need to have somebody they can sacrifice whose dead body they can gloat over and so on: my point being that just like the Politicians do express it, it can only carry on until messing me up becomes something that their children do for self confidence and then at that stage it will be a story of messing with Politicians resulting in having your life flushed down the toilet just like they have no plans to stay off my personal life at present and they like to think I am not going to simply get from no where to flush their own down the toilet first of course with that big mouth but I believe I must have heard that from a thousand bastards by now as well. So when there are other who do say if I lived in Africa for example I would have no opportunity to brag it makes no sense whatsoever since this is all a matter of their laziness: we all know these trouble makers want only three things out of everything they are seen doing in public and will want to control your finances and personal life to have it too because they are evil i.e. having their hands on your finances as you earn it, making sure you cannot do anything about that and or about them, finally making sure the rest of the world thinks something entirely different from the effects it has on you is what everybody thinks is happening but those who say such things are rather a collection of some of the most lazy fools that the world will ever seen and it eventually we see that I am meant to have become so messed up that everything becomes as easy for them as a gesture or a body language or a wink and so on - but then again of which their laziness is nothing new, I am mentioning it as a matter of fact everybody knows it is legendary. Its rather like the story of a lack of respect for women on my part - where the younger ones seek equality with me when I am doing well and until they squander it to make an industry idiot better off on account they will get pocket money from him they will never rest, the respect thing belongs to the older ones as such but the good bit is that the whole thing has become such a problem that the idiots that use it for fun vandalism are now telling the truth about it most of the time (it happens because an idiot who has gotten where he is by fingering peoples bums and plugging products into peoples market place to make money and buy shares in large companies has women all over those companies looking after his stupid interests but the problem comes where there is need for equality with me and they think they are beyond my league for that purpose and plug products into my market on account they share skin colour with me and therefore if I do it they can do it as well and so on which creates the problem, its much the same case i.e. if their stupid children and Politicians can keep off my Royal Estate we will live in peace as it were, as for the big mouth, I am sure they can put it where their money is too and that is for the Blacks, for the Whites its largely a matter of Companies setting up in communities and creating an atmosphere because they operate there and people can get off to talk nonsense that does damage here if they think they have got the guts for it too, talk nonsense to an extent where it is said I failed to act and we will not have to find out what they are made of too as it were; its only clowning around the respect for women and their community idiots can always tell me something has to give as well).

Hence there is story that what I was meant to do with the Americans is a mess whereas that was completed and went very well all together. What we have had since is this goons, especially their Politicians, showing up here to make a mess of it and broadcast that mess all day long - most of them are angry because the need to have neighbourhood parties and make money whacking the Arch Prince over the head and robbing it in his face to solve civil rights personal problems brought about its own unpredictable results but for me, the way to solve the problem is still to grab the fame and fortune and deploy it to pay for any mess they make for m; it is indeed my opinion that they will see reasons to stop it when they have no more fame and fortune left but I personally do not actually care. It has always been all about money - money, money, money and when these goons think about money other human beings are a menu, while the rest of us are likely to think that jobs are instead; they always say it's the fight that my people begin, especially the females - utter nonsense of course since the reality is that I have worked hard for all I have but the Public image is selected as a means by which success of insults from 3 to 5 bedroom flat owners who drop off their kids at school chasing other people’s anus, can get around passing about insults that allow them have one like it and hence have it too; it comes to this stage where it might be said that if feminists had a law which meant men had to go along with their demands, every time these goons found themselves spending more time with their age mates they would still get about the bullying that is about bearing down sexually on those that may find it distressing because they need to get rich and it can always continue until I wage my own war on the neighbourhoods as well, which will not likely be like their war that has to do with Women in my life making trouble as it were, while they cannot explain what those that target me personally and make alliances with men for fun are doing with it all together - they however sometimes explain that the UK is a diverse place and I might be an Arch Prince but I will be safe if I do not get around leading those who would have been the upper class if this was not the White Man’s Country all together and tends to mean I need prepare for an occasion where I might want them doing something and they might want to tell me they will not go along with. Otherwise it's a familiar story about how far the success of insults can go and the fact the world is a place where other people exist too and not on my finances as it were but wherefore when they think they need more space, should always bear in mind I do not think that such a need actually matters and that stupid War can start if they want. It's never a matter of finding out what I want etc, it's not about me or what I want, that was never part of the case.  

They say we live in very intense times and that it is all my fault and I could never get my head around it anyway; I mean in terms of finances it is my fault these idiots want to practice some oppression on me and are always showing up on media to make accusations that will allow them see me finish a cycle of work at Industry without selling products and getting paid because I denied them a lifestyle and what happens to me in my fault – in terms of Public matters it is my fault they are always trying to show me they deserve what they have not gotten when they have not even shown me they have worked hard enough to deserve getting involved with my concerns the way they do; it’s my fault their character is split three ways and one is the energy for Women’s whiles, the other the energy to screw people over and make some quick opportunistic money in order to survive, while the third is for tackling anybody who thinks they do not deserve what they want because somebody else has got one. So of course it’s very intense but the fact it’s my fault beats me every time; I mean even now it should be over when I say but it isn’t because if I flipped music channel it will be full of idiots who have sold things to make some young person’s millions being treated to my life that I have gone off to acquire because I think I have grown to such a stage – hence I am not in a hurry for my part too, taking my time making them squirm a media scum. We hear this new term around the matter that they have described as psychographics and I wouldn’t know how it applies to a daily dose of incredible insults and abuses and disobedience that allows them build irregular heart beat TV at my expense to run bulletins that ensure they hurt me and make money by all day long anyway – in the end there is always a connection between community croons wanting to establish a relationship with me so they can beat me down in my own bed as full time housewives that spend their days on nothing else except thinking about me and my public image for their stupid husbands and Daddy characters making money and it’s a problem that can be easily cured if one starts to invade their personal space and sell the proceeds to celebrities, so as to ensure they can never have and keep a job because they smell bad, bearing in mind it is usually easier for them to become homeless than it is for me to be but the question of what psychographics is still stands never the less anyway.




This is a matter of if you were informed of books that have been created from social pragmatism practicalities of business running, creation and business security and maintenance, for the purpose as a collective for who oblige the books are able to do Business in a particular area of the world of their choosing, with the result that the creator created the books for such purposes - basically to create equity and stop short of developing them into money because he is selling it off in the form of books as an opportunity. Sounds too good to be true? This is what Tunnel Light Books and Holdings offers its readers. Hundreds of pages of written Equities and Securities priced at no less than £20.00 and no more than £50.00 including P&P. These Securities have been created from my Literary Empire in the form of bundles of complete cycles of aesthetically quantified securities, put forward and explained in the simplest form possible, that can be used for Enterprise creation and profitability as well as product development, as equally as it can b read for pleasure. Background is that I found myself in a condition where I had already built the Empire without having to get through the process of setting up an investment and a product due to the problem at international market level I had to deal with and due to the fact people were trying to take it away from me and pushed my operation into a hurry; seeing therefore that they had deployed what they had learnt to drive some good businesses into Bankruptcy I blended some of my work with revenge and this will be felt all through, although it should not distract people from the Equities and Security bundles products. So now I am an Equities and Securities trader, to broke my Literary Empire Equities and Securities with those who want my property, derivatives and market. I do get the story from the Male Population and their girls, that I am an idiot but it has always been rather a case of the fact they appear to have a problem with the idea of a religious person earning a living; so it is not that they enjoy damaging my finances, its just a problem associated with the fact they want to keep it that way and need to spy on me and steal my Books to make a mess of me and get connected at Industry to that effect, claiming it is competition and Market - so I have this need to settle the matter, as 70% of what I wanted from my life was already sorted when I knew what I wanted of my Faith, now the remaining 30% of getting my finances running will take over and destroy it as people seek out sensations of convenience from my personal life that they must have as a matter of a crime of passion, along side an existence which increasingly means I am setting out daily to please popular culture, homosexuality and Media and so they still think it is a mystery that what I do to them as well is done the way I do it. They do say I have the ability to resolve these matters very easily of course as they do not know what I know but so has it always been a simple case of turning out to rip up my finances and get help from Politicians so as to bend my career and my ability to get employed and my qualifications by which I do a job into uncomfortable positions that will mean the extrication of abusive sensations of convenience over every single thing I do and I will not bend their own as well and extricate mine in order to sell the rest on and secure connections with Industry and get powerful thereof as well; personally however I simply have no idea what is wrong with, I just know this bit of their human behaviour beats my imagination but then again, its an old story of those who are happy to destroy a place of dwelling for everybody else such as a Country in order that they might appear to have a Temper that people pay attention to, while the Politicians are fond of a corruption which funds it and I am happy I have twisted those into a corner whereby the fund it at their peril at all times too and very proud of my hands work for it. Its always very easy for them to blow off their big mouth about why they chase my anus and penis and so on but they can want my own stuff and want what I have to offer at the employment system like that if they feel like it too (again); its like the City Centre ones want to have some corporate amnesia over handling me in such ways, I have no idea what the rest are after - perhaps it something of a social amnesia they want (it is always cheap and easy and quick and feels extremely good like some kind of right for the ethnic majorities but for the minorities, it is an open secret as it were; having been that they asked, they can always twist my up and want it like that again and stand up on their stupid media channels spreading all kinds of nonsense to want it like that every day too). The reality of their lives is that they engage in nothing else save ruining other peoples incomes and going off to spend years doing it in the Political area while they accumulate their savings to feel superior and then they will get done with that and have Children who are famous the day they were born but do us all a favour by attending to their academic work in order to be useful Citizens; what they want to have on the Roads and Streets is a process of insulting and abusing me so as to achieve an outcome of bending my place at the work environment and employed population into very difficult and oppressive social conditions and set about pretending later that not only are they superior but that they also run the Country, when we all know they are Middle Class scum at best or just Trash at most, which is what the feel to them is really like on the outside and in spirit as well.


I am essentially figure head and owner of security property in a Global Business Village which is my Global Intellectual space that works through an Emporium that I run and an Empire trust held by the Enterprises involved on my behalf with respect to it. It was born out of the need to be protected against the destructiveness of men and lack of planning for future generations, on the basis of what they describe as the fact it is not their duty to ensure things work well in the country or the world, as it is rather their job to make money from it instead and therefore the prognosis of their excuses was measured by me on the basis that one job is enough and having been this was not their standard, it will never be enough. I intend therefore to exclude all that sympathise with them or try to tell me what I need to give up so they can make money with their business from everything, just like they demanded my securities some years ago, got it and set off thereby to the creating of a condition where they made use of another persons securities at the stock market, as a result of which no matter how evil they are it would not matter to what people want and why they would want to buy it. It was as a result, a time of plenty and they destroyed it all and left me with nothing too, so that they can control me and make fun from silly and insolent claims they are only being human for demanding more and getting violent over it to the point of destroying my firm and I intend to punish them for it to my satisfaction as well at a global level and stage, especially the Americans who simply seem to be at the forefront over anything that is as insulting and abusive; bearing in mind also that I was meant to be the one who makes the country work so those whose job it is to get rich with it can get rich can do so according to their determination but they rather preferred attacking my earnings as well - this is the standard of what I mean when I mention excluding them and their stacks of cash too, whatever those might be and wherever they might be or whatever they might mean, from everything - especially my uncontrollable ranges of security based alternative arguments. I know my House therefore and I know it is in order too; questions about my assumptions of what people think or feel about me does not apply, I can play deceived if I want to, I should not be punished for that, it is my property; my Empire. Now with respect to how this applies with how much trouble I get into with disobedient members of the Royal family, I do not believe I should spend any of time time giving attention to such things: first of all I do not consider myself to be their equals when they were either married or born into the Royal family and they know so, hence I am not imagining that it is the problem, what I have is simply better than what they have and if it is not and they are so certain that it is so, then it has become impossible to explain why hey are all over the place. However the means by which their community idiots set out to ensure I pay it attention and Political fools with their media goad me over it to get rich and important is to be taken into account with respect to any action I might take, otherwise it means nothing whatsoever but the stupidities of people who think I am vulnerable to their violence and suppose it serves a better alternative to working for what they want to achieve - such that even if I am not vulnerable to those things they do I will be whether I like it or not when they are finished, with a big mouth. It is nothing about the bad boys of politics and that of the other side like they wish to claim that it is. I mean its the question of what is so gang-like about me that I am always being entangled with those who do such activities and why is it always me as well as every single one of them wanting to do it? The distance between this and what I really am which is a writer that becomes frustrated when he feels the job is not satisfactory like anybody else would is unbelievable in the first place; from this point of view of which it is not a problem either, as it is much the same criminal community of idiots that want access to my income and then their politicians help them to the access and then they turn out everyday to want a break from work and employment from then on, in order to be rich and famous. I at this stage do not feel they have built up enough of a state of affairs out of it, it is about 80% at this point - when there is enough of it the complains I handle their cultures which is just the beginning will not be enough and I will have means for administration and this company will serve me very well in that respect indeed, bearing in mind at this point it is simply impossible for them to leave alone my earnings and my health and well being. The idea I am always in some kind of trouble is one which I find most infuriating; the fools who love their games about a child who thinks he wan win power fights with his fathers have been so badly beaten around here anything they do fails to be recognised, to such an extent that they are now a danger to unsuspecting people if they want to be and I have to declare it - what they are suggesting is that when they insult others enough times they become invincible especially on media and it will soon get to a point where I make something serious that can be recognised and dealt with out of it and find out where those stupid right hand side where they save their lives and societies and families and turn up to rip mine to pieces over power games, where each and every one of them wants to see me in public places, shut it down and tell me what I am supposed to do for them violently. Especially for their Muslim African, Asia pacific and Indian friends who like to feel they want people to think it is a big problem for me as if I think as much as their idiots that when girls are bullies they do not want to bully boys as well. 

I am aware I will be vilified for some of my Racially unsound statements but it should be noted as ever that they occur as a result of a provocation concerning the support that none white people give to racial activities because of a conviction they have that it will make them powerful, the accusations levied at me when they wish to find ways of getting away with it as well as the wrecking of the products of my Royal talents by attacking faith and religion when it is sound to stir those matters that come back round again and again and again baying for blood which will not be theirs as a result of their lies which again tend to create issues that constitute a barrier to employment for other people but what provokes one most of all is the lies they tell when they are done or while they are at it - so it appears to have been a conundrum as well that a black man should deploy a racial slur and they can end it if they stop their behaviour, hence these slurs will never be reversed. I hear it being said I am being really messed around but there is really no such thing; just a process of me handling extremely disobedient people who simply want to extricate instances of it and build up a state of affairs on Media to allow them become important too; it makes sense of when they die i.e. when you think the person being killed is a very stupid individual that likes to think he is clever and reserves to himself the right to teach others very incomprehendable abusive lessons that change peoples mental disposition every time he looks around him and recognises he is not clever at all, especially when you private parts are in pain but of course it is still a socio-political failure to allow it happen as such. The part where I am being beaten down is another of those occasions where their new media based state of affairs will yet again lead to an outcome where it is said UK Government Officials are at War with everybody and there needs to be amnesty. The part about my actions annoying people and making them dispondent about life is one I am very well aware of i.e. it takes extra effort to be studious at Government Business and my academics and yet I am unable to be studious enough to distance myself from bad company at Media and Popular culture - so if I cannot lose them, they will lose me.


I know people love their stories which we see on media everyday but I fail to see what the stories will accomplish as the matters are rather simple; I am having a really difficult time because they are spending all I work for on themselves to make a luxurious existence and what has been happening around the world so far clearly is not hurting them badly enough. They feel as though they want to see me in a fight, in a criminal activity and they want to see me get hurt and it is for that reason I have created them one as well and want to use their lives and jobs and society and culture to get things done and I have a hard time understanding why they cannot see that none of the things I do are done for them – all that stuff on my websites and in my books, all about their lives and existence but none for them and I find it difficult to fathom which part of the fact I do it because I want to oppress them that they fail to understand, most of all of which it has been 12 years of them on a daily basis so far and it is still impossible to understand why they cannot see that I do or would have had enough of them by now. It seems to be their major forte; every day on media we have to deal with the same story, getting up there to talk nonsense until they are free of me and then when they are start again – it is still the way it was as it were, when they see me broker my property equities and turn up to hit me so that when I realise any response from me will only make things worse they can do whatever they like and then continue to hit me never the less anyway and then we see them all over the UK from overseas never off their phones at any point whatsoever of which I suppose they are organising some class A drugs deal or something like that and talking nonsense all the time about how I promised them I know how to make people rich and they travelled off from their countries and will ensure I keep my promise as violently as they can with that big mouth and those stupid girls beside them as well; the Islamic ones would be found in Dubai soon enough and the Asian ones will be found in Singapore since Thailand has a bit of political crisis presently and the Americans one Japan; not enough have died yet apparently and what I have done is not hurting badly enough yet so far either, whoever it is that gives them media to play around with anyway, never the less of which all they do there is talk nonsense all the time and show us we have the problems we do as a society and a country because we keep getting spoken to on media by idiots with real learning difficulties who fancy themselves bullies that want to get rich and powerful but I believe my position is clear enough for anybody to understand – it does not have to be complicated and it certainly is not. So we hear them claim I think I can handle City Centre executives and operatives when I cannot but its an old story of being done with their insults in order to keep my finances as they have made it using Celebrities and then we would find out which as well; they cannot keep their hands to themselves and it is as though since we are not taught these evil behaviour at Church they will teach us and ruin our finances for power in so doing in order to beget more Money, while being very well aware that once learned it has to go somewhere too and everybody knows I can walk into the City in rags and would not get stopped when I rough them up in their three piece suits for it everyday too, you know, just to ensure they walk into that insane market again which is of course really bad for my health and well being whenever they do. In any case I am not of the opinion that it is a serious matter all together, the reality is still that I do not look the way I do because I sleep with Peoples wives, it is because I am off their league and since they are off mine as well should be okay with everybody, except they fancy themselves bullies to add to that and seem to be suggesting that what has become of the incredibly corrupt security sector Industry and their incessant need to attack and abuse me over absolutely everything I do, so as to rip up my finances and help celebrities to convenience, is the reason for my problem, while it is in actual fact only a product of it; it is all together the general administration prognosis of protecting my income by making sure Men are always in financial difficulty as there is no know way of making a process of acquiring my secrets to make Money with profitable like they do in order to dominate Women and tell me which part of their perspective I am supposed to exist at with a big mouth all the time but we all know that all their time is spent on it and hence feel that it is their right that should not be rewarded as well; where Legal Studies Student writes his Books and they must use it to make Celebrities feel convenient, only to sit around the security industry mopping up all that is left of my career through my personality and a game of whom I work for - it can even be the part where I am a Christian who is respectful of others, so I must now nrse them to financial health or else. 


This is a lot to talk about or cramp into a single and finite space, I am therefore only going to make specific reference to my work.

I am a High Diplomat, A Government Chief of Staff that has an Office which duties equally divided between The Church and The State. It is a little bit of a Monastery of a way of life and a bit of a Government Official of a way of life thing. The matter that I had to deal with was that of Men and the process of working mob based vandalism for which they know, such insults developed with it and abuses resulted never lag in public places in the first instance. To them therefore I had to understand it is just means by which they are either doing what they name 'bouncing back' and hence are not compelled to be questioned by conscience at all or they are simply taking down somebody that is smaller than they are to get to what their eye desires. In that sense it it true that I cannot move forward with any meaningful way of existing in the world, if I have not put them in a place where they cannot be of a lot of harm or interference to me in any form that they might take. Hence I can say I am is an Arch Prince that settles the balance of power in society but only with respect to the matter of adjudications on intrusions of Men and of their women and then eventually other things like violent prostitution in Europe and drugs and gangs culture in places like the US for example - these two Areas of the world I have mentioned directly due to their notoriety for damaging other people's livelihoods by corruptions of involvement which may be basic, irregular and or even violent and so do those who work their financial centres notorious for taking the pompous behvaiour attributed to such things as their cars to the point where they abuse people when who have suffered it. It is actually my Job to provide securities under the Leadership of Her Majesty of Queen of the United Kingdom. Hence on my sites it is easy to find the scales and the Crown on top of it. Another very important matter is that which is specifically related to Privacy and the effects of changes that the New Millennium brought as regards to some corruptions of involvement. What I did on this was ensure that those who engaged in such behaviour were having their own extremism to deal with as well, in that I extracted a process of integration and general tolerance from their side of society and made it public. This meant that while they continued to attack my finances in the hope they will realise dreams related to such things, the basic pattern with with respect to my work will remain the same and the idea they will be able to have me murdered by some kind of wasteful street violence, which may have created and caused happened at random will mean nothing.  At the cutting edge of their activities what I found were incredibly lazy people that have come onto some money and wish to get more from it in a way that does nothing to hide the fact they do not deserve it, therefore cheating people everywhere to get rich and completely unable to appreciate work in return for money, spend all their time raising young people that will join them at turning the Judgements of Local judges in Law Courts whether or not it is issued against them, into cries over spilled milk that offer them further self improvements. I am not therefore actually in the view of those who do these things, meant to know how they are done, even though so much of it is done in my direction, hence vandals whose businesses have stalled and have created their own history with me trying to play a game of the mingling of Heirs and Heiresses which may have reached my Boss the Queen, so expecting to gamble and win something which if they do not, take it out on me and earn my income to the point where I cannot afford my bills and so this is what they act towards me in such ways to secure. Media Moguls seem to be the persons whose intrusion must be broken because it appears that their monopoly on publicity and product placement, which I am determined to make them concentrate on outside of my Royal Estate, was apparently not good enough for them. Hence they pretend already to own my property, through confidence built from insults that are based on interference and demand for repetition of whatever I do and so therefore expect enough support to make such things possible while telling a lot of lies and talking as expected, lucrative insults everywhere in Public. Everything left over thereof being common foolish people that think they can just not try not to tell me whom to sell my books to or tell me whom not to sell it to at all, while they find products to get rich with, respecting another group of fools in possession of money but also appreciate abusive insults that make favourable comparisons for  the Heir and Heiresses they want to sell their products to, which is of course why they are always earning my attention for the wrong reasons. It does make me wonder if when people do these things, they do give thought to the kind of part I want to include myself in their lives and Jobs to play in every aspect of their lives. Those talk of how people can get whatever they want and if they do not will strip me and have such thing anyway, being a factor of the fact they do not understand what a crisis means and so because they use my work and my personality to prop up their confidence at the market where they show off that they get away with how to them things are never enough, they have made plans for stripping me while I am supposed to have nothing on the other hand. So they say such things to the pleasure of Politicians that ask them to because they are begging for somebody to teach them what the meaning of a crisis in the real world is. I am not for one moment pretending that most things people have done which I deem to be bad are a factor of what they have invented but that is not to say that I am wrong over what I have done to them, to make them react in such ways too. It should be sexual abuse without contact from them, with which Americans chiefly and every other numskull that like to think they are able to manipulate others or live in Countries that are bigger than mine, waste my property to create, as some economic recovery that their insolent country needs which I will pay for because it is as they claim, bigger than mine, which manifests in Public as very confrontational and very violent scandals of a sexual nature, which then enables them to earn my income instead of work for theirs too because of security and equity expenses, coupled with distant fascism and physical justified violence or the promise and desperate fantasies of it. So I made very public all those insolent secretes of theirs as well, with respect to which I was supposed to have been subjected by their  women in some failed game to make out I am their plaything and more so sexual plaything - a man about whom and through whom they can have secretes women should have in order to be good wives to their husbands, which rather seems to become violent all the time and I have as such also taken further actions to round them up like animals too at the pornography industry in order to maintain my prize, bearing in mind such things have continued because those they do them to have always felt that these kinds of industries and such industries are too dirty to get close to but in my case I have due to the fact that in their view I am already inferior enough for them to start anything they feel like on me and then do it to me without any concerns or compunction because no body will care, in the sense that I do not matter at all. So there is the other matter in which I speak of American Political recklessness, handling and vandalism but the issue of course is that Americans and their Politicians think I ought to be accountable to them for my income and accountable to them in various other ways too. They think they belong in secrete societies of men who want to rule the world for that purpose but we have some of those here in Europe too of course and many Politicians belong to various ones. I have an office that is split between Church and State and do not necessarily tolerate it – and nothing can get me The Queens Arch Prince to become accountable to anything or anybody. The part where such people expect to get rich at my expense from advertisements will never happen, be it for my products as well. My name and reputation and status is enough to sell these books to give me a start, otherwise it is fair to presume they expect advertisements to make them money which will ensure that they find market for the books and that when they do, the trouble makers underground I took care of to write the books will not get after them too as it were but of course they are planning to work silly games of controlling me, whereby they will make me deal with it and then I will end up being stuck with them forever. So when it comes to society and the matter of some things some people do with it, I get to have whatever I want, I don’t have to seek it and I do not have to strive for it as that will create violence, so in reality I have not an idea what they expect me to be accountable to or account for. I am okay with the diplomatic work and of course expect to sell my books for a living as well – I do not see them do such things with their President’s salary for those of them in the US for example, so this is a conversation we are definitely not going to spend any time to have too. It is not to apply or suggest that I am afraid or apprehensive about talking about the activities of the far right. Not at all, the matter is that the activities of the far right exist within a certain level and area of the way society operates. They are disillusioned about facts and what to do, not because they are afraid of anybody or anything but because of their own short comings. In the same way the Politicians that mismanage entire economies are. So I do not mention anything about it because it is a work in progress and do not quite appreciate the idea of anybody picking up my work to get around shooting off loose statements about it, unless they happen to be of a category that I am well aware of as well, whose wickedness and abuse and more especially of it in my direction, is a contest I have indulged myself heavily in the last decade and still will not give up doing so because I intend to make them the bottom of absolutely every aspect of my affairs. So some ask why I feel it is up to me: this is not necessarily the case, the reason that it is up to me facts to be considered about the social issues, whereby they have decided that it is my books and holdings business that stands between them and plans of making profits with money, especially those that they wreck National economies to acquire and so the issue is that once they start making profits with it, the question will become that of how many people they get to employ doing so, which will settle what kind of bottom line financial accounting is acquired in general from it as they continue to claim service to the public as the reasons behind their actions and this of course is an unacceptable outcome. Another group of questions is about why I feel it is feasible to get the money back from them or how possible that is; I do not make my judgements of how to get the money back from them on the basis of getting it back from them in the form of cash, that will involve logistic expenses and the results might not necessarily be the desired outcome. The main issue is that being that Politicians have grabbed all the money in various countries for themselves, they must not be allowed to make profit on the money and they must not be allowed to spend it too; this is my work in progress - the money must find its way back into the economy in one direction or another, even if it has to be stolen off of them. I am not of the opinion breaking the law is the correct way to handle the matter either; the way I wish to, is gather up the equities of all the risks and destruction they have wrecked to gather the money and then ensure that for each and every move they make to dispense of it, is a footing of those expenses attached and so if it costs all the money, it will show they really had none in the first place but when those expenses have disappeared, every other money they have will have been money that actually belongs to them. So with the same old public media things they love so much, they say I am in trouble with them, when in actual fact they are a handful of real trouble makers that like to go out and look for trouble all the time. In my case they have made such a huge scandal of my work that they now think it is enough to provide platforms by which they talk about their new found democracy and that this will suffice but it remains the old story of what would have happened if I did not defend myself from ten years ago to date, when it started i.e. they would have made a mess of my life persecuting me because I am a Christian until I am mentally ill and then they would have moved into my right to have new lifestyles and of course I am currently therefore in trouble with them too because if I do not have them seriously beaten up, there will be no middle grounds found for every time I establish one so I can get on with more important things they will subsume it and destroy it with media and if I allowed them to do these things without reprisals, it would have become funny to them when they had won. I am in trouble with them again apparently and they always win as it were. What I have done so far is that of a matter of how I am being faced with the prospects of never having or enjoying anything I own because while I have been working for it, those who have never lifted a finger to do anything for themselves in their lives have been working out how to manipulate my feelings, whose public Television humiliations that others can make use of to feel like they have made something of themselves get to enjoy, as such what they are pushing for next is a process where I do not extract any penny from my work i.e. no book sales, which is the same as payment confiscation. They have not attained this yet, hence it is still being worked by lucrative and violent insults, whereby when I earn from the administrative renaissance of my royal office, they earn from it as well as though we are equals and in their minds as they say it on National Television, it is a matter of which country I don’t come from, that is a country where they have power, which means that they can have it there with. Now they tell me I am in trouble with them too, such that I have begun to apply empiricism to facts that I have worked so hard for all I own and none will drift away on the wind of men with secrete societies and their foolish girls and boys and so I have noticed their wives need to get off my book sales, especially the African and black ones. In trouble with them they say I am I suppose because when people look into a problem of an economic crisis, while they are the biggest beneficiaries of those people doing so, not only does it apply they were not asked to and did for their benefit when such things as confiscating the livelihoods of those who are succeeding while everybody else is not has been rhetorically discussed already, then such people look funny. It is mine of course, all of it and I will never forget they mentioned I am in trouble with them either. Hence I still see it as a question raised by their actions: how far detached from reality exactly with privileges and money? They even claim they have got businesses of their own too, when my opinions are being listened to, as though it is really credible they could hold one of such together by themselves. It is suggested that I have no prove that Politicians have taken all these money I so claim they have taken, it must then show that they suppose no body else knows how trust funds operate and the various possibilities of what a process of Politicians bribbing peoples with government initiatives around matters that should be determined by the market could mean. The problem is a bit to do with some of my language, which I deploy because those who seek it of me set up a state of affairs by which they can. What has happened is that companies that have been taking advantage of the economic conditions since it began 5 years ago, date year 1212, are all companies that Politicians partly own and this process of partly owning companies in which all the money of the world ends up was not accidental. It is the kind of conditions that emerge by some market abnormality caused by mistakes that people have made, the fact it was artificially created was enough to inform those that did create it that they needed to ensure the economy worked in the circumstances in an artificial way and instead of doing so, they are rather determined to express to people how relevant they are to peoples lives. The resulted is that their timing for investment has not even happened at all and they have created so much Politics into it that trouble makers want to have businesses too when that time finally arrives and so for people like me, I was told the recession will be made to hit me hardest because I have no respect for their perverse vanities, hence patience runs really thin indeed. Where the conversations and reasoning abound is that of a condition where I put myself in their shoes and the small me is thereof getting into my bed after driving one of my many cars etc but thinking about the entire nature of my billions and checking them to see if they are safe. This money is not their money, it came from consumer finance pipeline which had become a subject for conversation since the crisis began and even if there was transaction which put it in their hands, it is still not their money; it is technically company money whereby the transactions came from and if they do not want the companies to exist anymore they needed to sell the assets and shut them down (I mean the Bank Of England has done quantitative easing for four times so far in the UK without results, so we are getting very fed up). I really have no idea what or who tells them to get involved in the world of business – so they can keep saying things like my money when there is a hole in the company they took it from and the global economy as well; hence the nakedness of my language, which I am certain there is no other way of putting the matter. I should never have had my book sales stalled for four years and my company damaged as a result on account that some collection of lunatics have found out that taking over the treasuries of the world, while no body suspected a thing and therefore took steps to mount a defence, will only mean that they have money and can only buy things with them, just because they have now realised that they need to be the ones who own all the things that they get to buy to keep the money, which not something that everybody is prepared to go along with.


It is suggested a lot that I presume ownership of a path of life that a lot of people have taken. This is a result of Politicians and the consequences of the disrespectful insults people channel towards my Office abusing my privacy. It started out years before over sacrifices they claimed they needed to slaughter for a new Democracy and fresh modern freedoms and so seems to get personal on a daily basis too because no such sacrifices have yet been killed or sacrificed, justifying with vandalism and expressions of envy with impunity over any property that belongs to me. This they do so that they can say something in Public which entangles my work with their culture to look good, which will produce the result of their trouble makers taking advantage of something, so that they can get anything they want whenever they want it, like some kind of Bank held by stupid cultures that assume custody of society and ownership of what others think about, to actualise and acquire for fame and fortune, which they do because they are mad and like to see themselves making riches by making others mad as well which is then funny before they remember such energy should be spent working for enough money to fund their needs and a Government then comes to their financial aid and then it all makes sense when it progresses to the point where they provoke me and escalate the provocation, which I always guess is something they also do when they get tax payers money and wish to therefore create a powerful effect for the Politicians that gave them some. I am not saying that any such things changes the fact that with respect to women and maybe their men and children, there are a vast amount of fishes in the sea i.e. 90% of them are not my type and of the 10% that are, I can only get through the path of life for the rest of it, with only one of them - that is if the world had run out of alternative people to get along with, I am not married at this point and therefore do not deserve all those and these kinds of stupid sufferings inflicted by them.  The fact is that Politicians rule the world and they mention it to me all the time and I agree too, since there are more of them in the world. So it appears too that even their pornographers are powerful and I therefore owe nothing to anybody because their businesses are stuck - mostly due to their insults and behaviour issues and especially laziness and that they had more money than I did when I did set mine up, mostly as a factor of the fact there is potential to do better than them with respect to earning money. As it stands, for the steps I have taken to make it worse for them, I ought to excuse myself by explaining that I was never responsible for making a personality crisis out of other peoples jobs, like they have on mine to make me as angry, in expectation of such activity being copied by those that work culturally abusive insults but are far poorer than they are and I am. They did in my view because they wanted the world to see me loose my temper while they play around with my feelings on a global stage, especially so each time I make an effort to fix the problem, in a bid to earn my income instead of work for their own, which of course is the only way they get to add to the money they have and only works with those that are weaker than they are. It is impossible to understand why they suppose I will or ought to get off my job and more so to do what they want so that they can have money, which I always suppose it is mentioned on account they have great insults to throw around. Their girls that they vandalise my work and earnings with really have nothing to offer me, besides which they are too young for me and if they were in my position, judging from current arrogance and insolent abuses, I would not in their position be in any ways looking for  ways of earning their income instead of working for mine on account I think I am beautiful enough to lure them into violent sex annoying them intensely and wrecking their lives and finances for my pleasure, no matter how much I may like to apply such things to other people's livelihoods because I like to think of myself as more spoiled than they are, which is clearly a worthy use of other people's time. I imagine then that the reason is because I would never get the chance and so this matter does not look up for a good ending either. The idea also that I face a risks of an indiscriminate explosion of Trade name tags on this business is not such a risk as I recognise; first of all, I have as a sign of respect and decorum made it clear to people that this business and its property is protected by law in my name, when I already have enough powers of State and Government Administration to ensure I gain access for leverage to the lives and earnings of anybody who shows any signs of attacking it, so that each time they mess with it, I can then make sure that they never do so ever again and therefore never really needed to do such things if I wanted to be rude. In the same way, I have the range to work robbery on people on the basis of evidence and pre-emptive attacks needed to protect my livelihood if I wanted to on a personal basis. The problem here is that people will never be caught dead buying the Intellectual Property Books they think is so obviously available for the pleasures of their unnatural wickedness and vandalisms, no matter how much they want it, especially the young and they suppose that I do not therefore have a means of working tyrannic and oppressive and violent over-enslavement on others with my intellectual property books, when they always seem to turn up on the scene only to do nothing they are expected to i.e. buy books.  For those of them that do the hate crime based theft in order to show whom they are superior to, as a sign of a history they have of having stolen more money in the past, in a desperate bid to show people who is inferior to them that are trying to get involved in their league, only to be forced to get involved with gangs to do dirty work and hurt people, the greater issue has always been that of how a Christian will be paying youthful strength deviant behaviour very expensive Princely attention that is lucrative for fame and fortune as well and gets shown up on Public Television all the time and more so if they happen to say so when they want. Regarding which the fact the younger ones would spend their time on such things is more baffling than their threats of violence when they do not get or have what they want. It is entirely understandable that they should behave in such ways, after all their Politicians and business parents do know how to give them the stupid false confidence and alternative means to satisfying feelings. Those of them that have been reading my work without buying their own copy claim that they do not want to hear or see any rubbish written by anybody which says something insulting about the Heir to the Throne, which I suppose is a change because mostly they would have said it was pertaining to them or indeed any of the Royals but of course that is the irony of it all since those who have possession of loyalty to me do not read my books with intention of getting connected to the Royal family but they on the other hand are just a collection of people from whom all kinds of nonsense can be expected. The natural thing is to have my life taken over behind me by stupid women that back them up and men who would rather become idiots that make something of it on Public Television for them, so that they can get into conditions where they fight me to stop me from existing or being me because they are busy being me; I have been one few pushed to the point of reaction and therefore tend to react very well indeed globally because I do believe that this matter has been ignored by generation upon generation on the public scene except that is with respect to internal wars and conflict; I do not believe they are that significant. Clearly the media does enjoy explaining away what I do and the purpose of it of course but what they will never tell people is how I spend all I own to create what is needed, all the way down to entertainment for hard working people but insults and comparisons is all they want to do, hence I have no money left on me and only the love of my people left, only to have people who hate the idea that when people enjoy themselves in my world the securities and equities and everything and even with the entertainment, I will watch it and derive pleasure or fun from it as well and so if they do not violently use my stuff to do their own for the purpose of making sure I always have to run after my own breath, then make claims of the existence of a Royal Prince that likes to see women work harder than they really should, which they never discuss with their Americans on the point of exactly how selfish they really are. It begs the question of when media are explaining away everything I do, are they really explaining very well away properly, along with the reasons and purposes of it - like the old issue of America holding people accountable. What we are talking about is the idea I get pleasure from what the girl that works really hard and has fun with me on my property for example does and that it is the real problem that these individuals have and we are not talking about my right to earn a living and all else, for that they claim it belongs to them for example and their claims are operated on media  with threats and what could become of provocation with my health, that are meant to keep me away from it because the process of temporarily extracting money from it while I wait can also be likened to my refusal to have sex while I am single and is therefore sustained on claims I am a coward and also masturbate, which of course is the constant sense of besieging to extract money from my earnings that I experience everyday and they never mention when they complain. Obviously very devious, dubious, violent, thieving people that have a taste for the finer things in life, know very much about freedom and love to tell me that when they create economic problems i.e. hurt themselves, the result will be a disaffection for the Monarchy, which makes me feel as though I wish to play disaffection all the time with everything else.


 That talk of Books I write which affect UK international relations I understand is some sentiment that all Politicians tend to share but all I really want is a holiday away from their stupidities to a quiet life, so when the Monarchy requires my service it will be a lot more obvious for me more so; the way to do that is work hard and sell my books and raise funds for it and their continued destruction of that work will be the continued undoing of them as well. I mean Politicians and Business and Media have no respect for authority, this is a given fact but they are violent as well with respect to me and will get the piece of me they want so badly too. the fashion ones take for example have a policy for business that says they are supposed to work hard to destroy my earnings and move into my personal life through personality competitions that they win because they have the money to and then strop all over the cat walk to show off and get rich – the more they do it, the more provocative it becomes, the longer they do it the longer the provocation, the more they show off for doing it the more the provocation is shown off. I mean we are talking about people who may earn a million pounds in bonuses alone where they work, who cannot buy £40 books and we mean £40 including P&P, in order to broker equities from another person’s company, so that what happens is that they will twist everything into a condition where they usurp all the equities, the offer me a deal to work for them writing new ones that meet their needs specifically and then when I do that will mean all I own belongs to them officially and then they will broker equities from my company without buying the products and all will be made to happen using media and advertisement and others will have equity companies that makes Industries millions without selling any products themselves and of course it is not the only time I have had to show them I get the kinds of things they get due to how they are parents which gives them that sense they can bully anybody and therefore have absolutely everything they have as well – so it is clearly not hurting badly enough thus books that affect UK International relations. It goes without saying I am not doing a bad thing by handling their businesses as well because it is not just a case of that noise making where they claim austerity does not apply to them and then get off to locate politicians that will ensure that other people remain in austerity as well, it is the fact that having handled my income for it they have ever worked for any of it in their entire stupid lives as it were. Like I always say, it is their inability to get off the book sales of books that affect UK international relations that will be their undoing as it were. We all locate these things from the things their stupid girls and women do indicating the nature of their silly sexual needs but that being said, they will do nothing unless they are using my own sexual needs to do them and so look for trouble all the time as though I am in need of an education about the fact they have no respect for authority. I do not think it to be a major crisis for my part either, speaking of each idiot with their spin doctors playing games at all times; the reality is that we are all surrounded by systems that were there due to the nature of our work or one that we put in place and offered ourselves up for scrutiny and accountability like I have, which ensure that we get what we deserve - so are we aware as well that those who do not want such reality to be applied to them can always expect our good friends at the Kremlin or the White House to set one out for them and enforce it. This idea of what I will get up to when people turn up to show a problem they have with my give with one hand and take away with the other hand Policy, such that they spend a lot of time forcing me to give things and give them up indicates they think that it is their worst nightmare and all I can say is that they need to stay off my patents, the profit margins of my products, stay off my Public work and Royal Estate and stay off this Company and then it will not have to be.

We hear them mention all the time of course that I am stuck somewhere and will not see the light of day and so will my give on one hand and take with the other hand policy never last but it is the same old story of a hatred of women first of all, those women that beat them up all the time so they can pick on me. However it is a lot worse than that all together because they say such things without taking into account a) The Campaign I need to run in order to make my case about the need to ensure they are getting what they deserve and reaping what the sow so that the world might be stable in terms of Politics and Economy, b) The incentive I have for the World Powers I have been able to draw onto my case and my work c) The existing animosity and hatred between myself and media that vandalises my property and my earnings and makes a finances and health costly jokes out of it for a daily fun as well - so when the world hears the complains and the screaming we would be undoubtedly settled about how wrong they are.




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 It is suggested a lot that One wants to be with Liberal people but has no plans to be liberal himself; what they are referring to however is a sense of seeking second opinions for my actions from the Court which is why I created it and make it exclusively female and white; either way the reality of which is that whatever pressure it is we also hear them claim the Monarchy puts on me while I suck up to it works and I don’t want to be with them while they have plans to avoid the Royal Family at all times especially when black. The other part of the story that works really well with their American idiots too is that I am a poor person that tries to get around with rich people wrecking in the process the lives and wealth of middle people such as they are which is why they cannot do anything unless I am targeted but I am not a poor person, the investment of every single paragraph of equity on this website and its subsidiaries along quantified at market value runs into something between £20 Million and £25 Million sterling at least, which of course tends to mean I do not put them up there at the websites so fools can deploy them as well or have opinions about them or make slight comments about them for whatever reasons or indeed make their own market spoofs out of them, thereby looking for trouble and tempting me all the time which of course does not get to mean their Politicians save them from my actions at any occasion either; having said so the reality is better understood when considered in the way they live i.e. for example Daddy earn £40,000 pa and Mum earns about the same amount, so that if their mortgage costs them £25,000 and their feeding as a family runs into about £50 per day and their savings runs into about £10,000 – these fools apart from all their living costs including the cost of educating their bone headed children have still got £12,000 to £15,000 cash that they have not got a clue what to spend on; so I am not one of those people who has this opinion that everything they do to attack me and turn up on public places to develop everything they get around with in my direction and develop them within a process of saying something or doing thing in my direction in a way that makes them feel superior like a drug is a function of the fact they need money – it is wickedness at work within them and my possessions is what they have set aside as what must be destroyed by their wickedness in order to save their own. When I lived in Africa there used to be a culture saying that goes like; you cannot actually get rid of people because there isn’t a dump for human beings’ – this is what black girls love to latch on it, to create a sense they can do whatever they like with me and what belongs to me because work is poison to them and their wickedness and of course as expected we have now reached a point where we are seeing them sell it on to any Industry fool that wants to listen to their stupidities then complain about what I am going to do about it in order to ensure while they want to keep doing it, I cannot harm them in any way for my part: so the bit about African culture which means the men bread win and the women do the chores and so on does not apply to them because they were supposed to have been the wealthy idiots to whom it does not apply but then again it is difficult to locate which side of my intolerance of the nonsense we see them get up to at corridors of international communities they fail to understand: its the parties and clubbing that annoys me the most you see because sooner or later it becomes a platform by which an idiot has located a Christian that they will bully into homosexuality so that women might become powerful.   It  has never been an issue in a larger sense: its like My Company may have been named dog leash and it turns out people have been putting leashes on themselves to spice up their sex lives on account  of its success which creates problems for me and I change it to dog leash with a clause which transforms the name to that of a Firm without which such a thing does not exist and become the exclusive inventor of dog leash to carry on my business in peace - so its what this Company provides brokerage Equities to Allies and Customers for, nothing unusual.