Naturally is the claim that all I do is a matter of what I have wrecked about the UK being fixed by me completely false; these fools are rather so convinced that when they mention how they will round me up and gang up on me and ensure I never get to sell any of my books then close down the books and lay their claims of ownership to all my equities and my literary empire to get rich with, what I will have to forget will be that they had already wrecked my work and finances in order to get to such a position in the first place, hence the idea that they will find the trouble they seek does not exist. I wonder therefore if they are talking about media vandalism, of their stupid violent young people and civil rights vandalism that has spent all my Court had to look after me with due to their access to general media and now is on a campaign to detach me from them and have access to more or talking about black people I enjoy provoking so much with my morals instead of trying to be greedy so I can make money and help others which insults we will run to the end or if they are talking about their general day to day narcissism or indeed the claim my sexual habits is my biggest problem I love to blame on others when in actual fact their Ministers always want to feel they can have sex with anybody in terms of what people don’t want to give which they have been forced to give about which they play their idiotic parts all the time and come up with things people must do to help their insolent girls using media bullying – I have no idea if all these things are what I am fixing anyway; the most important is the Politicians and I have mentioned before that a condition where pornographers publicly turn on them is quite rare, now there is sex everywhere and nobody knows what they are complaining about, the rest are not significant enough to rise beyond collateral damage.

The claim my work with journalists is designed to put me beyond public accountability is utter rubbish; it is not, it is specifically designed to control and monitor what people think they can do when they watch their TV and what they think they can do to me when they think there are no limits to their confidence that they can do anything they like with anybody of their choosing distant and contact alike thereafter and of course the swearing and its effects and the abuses and the violent gossips that happen like it was some kind of fix for them after they are done. They do walk around I get it, walk around like some people that women who have money to spend especially would like to get around with but you can see that they are dodgy, evil, devious, attention seeking untrustworthy goons they are already playing games about controlling women who have money to spend even as they speak. They say it is a defence mechanism especially so against men that like to abuse people like them but nobody knows what stage it is and exactly what item comes into play to allow a process where they wreck my life and make fame at my expense and then make a fortune of a life time from it that they cannot stop making at my expense on a daily basis. There is no point complaining – if they leave me alone and be by themselves there will be nothing to complain about. Those their Politicians as well are a typical example of the fact that it is their inability to leave people alone that is their biggest problem.

We talk now and we talk indeed but there really isn’t for example a public speech given by a public figure that does not end with humiliating insults for me that are good for their self confidence and attention seeking and it will end as disgustingly as it looks as well provided they continue to feel they have no reason to keep their stupid selves off my book sales. Now this matter is much better understood when seen within the context of the claim that the UK Position as a world power is still unclear especially as he role of the Military is changing, utter nonsense of course since the facts have always been clear enough; between 1900 and 1950 the world was at war, between 1950 and 1980 there was a cold war, between 1980 and 2000 there were revolutions and upheavals and social inventions that have created the society we live in presently – we are now in a place where all these lip service democracy needs to come to an end; the part where you want somebody to consult you before he does something with an effect of you and or property that is yours or your person but the process of getting them to costs you everything, better seen within the prism of the question of what was wrong with the revolutions and upheavals of the 1990s etc but the fact it was conducted by thieves and fraudsters and yes they did have their fill for if there was drugs it would be taken and if there was sex it would be had and we ended up with AIDS and stories it was invented and inflicted on the world by the UN of which there are no facts whatsoever to verify. The conspiracy theories does not bother anybody, it just isn’t something I am prepared to tolerate all the time after my parents had done their part and I had worked hard to get to the highest level, only for people to make fun out of making money from savaging my person telling tales such as an underground bunker in my home where I kill people and rape people and get to rule the world for the devil and so on and of course whether or not I allow it is a matter of what they do to ensure they get up every day to get on media and savage my finances leaving me to do government work without pay so that I may miss breakfast one morning and a million fans will meet me on the roads and then mob me and I will die and somebody else will take up all I own without having to commit a crime for their theft.

The case of white power and where they are going with it is not one I pay attention to that much; I simply want to get on and do my stuff without their stupidities and interference and if they are relegated whether or not it be a result of their superiority is none of my business, I cannot help them with that. Yes we all know they say I spend everything on myself which would otherwise have ensured the position of the UK is clear which I would never do with an African Country but the facts have been completely distorted of course because what happens is irregular heart beat TV because they are male journalists and are having fun with making sure when I do not allow them into my personal life I will lose everything in the sense that my career will be in the hands of prostitutes that will suck their cock with it and so on – it is never clear why anybody would do such things with other peoples career while they themselves do have one anyway but a villain is a villain and they seek a lot of things from the looks of it even the Crown itself which is why we hear so much noise about their opinions concerning those who are in Government or the Monarchy etc. It is not enough to simply do damage to my person or property or reputation then claim it is about the position of white people because the idea I will see it that way is an assumption and had better always stayed that way.

I mean they say the purpose is to make me fight and slave over something for their pleasure and the black say they do it to prove to me that whites are bad because they want to deploy my person and possession for an end that will benefit everybody but of course we all know these idiots look for trouble all the time and there is nothing to get concerned about when giving some to them as it were. I mean the part where my career is being used by a prostitute to suck their cock on their direction if white and if black is deployed at their modern churches so they can have it as well wrecking everything if it is not damaged by their girls and women talking nonsense nobody asks them about all the time is something they do without expecting consequences and some of them actually turn up on media to pass around even more violent insults and gossips to that effect which means I have to make a statement about the fact they are in no position to make me slave over anything telling me to fight or forcing me to fight over something etc but since they insist have to remind people of the effectiveness of their insults and such facts it brings up like a condition where they use make up to do their jobs, the fact they are male presenters of which it is mind blowing that men should use makeup and present things let alone pushing their insolent lock to find out if people will not make them assume the position that women normally do; hence bringing to light why they believe I deserve these things i.e. some people who are much less tolerant of them than I am kick their arse all of the time, along with the assumption they make that I will be completely unlikely to do it as well. The reality is of course that we work in the same area basically but the difference is that I have a detailed way of working information while they don’t and since they are being paid to have a less detailed way of working information and we ought to live in a same family where they get more privileges for various reasons including age which is what their black friends teach them is a worthy use of other peoples time, we are here because they want to write books once finished with their reporting career and the only way they can do that is stifle my books and write their own in its place; so the result is that he who seeks trouble always finds it and we hear them speak of bigger provocation such as a process where the broadcasting corporations will build up a fan base that they trade with and then determine in the end it is worth a certain amount but I turn up and pillage some from nowhere – what the world recognises however is a royal estate from which there is a Literary Intellectual property space empire owned by one person and hence a sole proprietorship, while they own corporations that are owned by several people – besides which is the question of how many forms of information business we have between a writer and a broadcasting corporation if we were to exclude the very vast variation of new reporting, hence without a doubt seek a piece of me especially their girls that put them up to it which they will most certainly get as well. We also hear the part where they speak of what communist think of all these democratic upheavals taking up attention everywhere and this they always think is a major conundrum for me – utter nonsense of course since what happens is that Communists know that when they speak of economy and income they speak of government but in democratic Countries it is largely a case of finding leaders and thereafter a matter of whether or not I am doing peoples stuff for them when I do things for them, hence finding the people who stimulate others and getting them to do what they can do, unless people say things to communists that wind them up and come off worse off at the end, to turn out and ensure it costs me the most talking nonsense about their race which as I said the trouble they seek they will certainly get and more so from me too.

This matter is never as complicated as they make out it is, I mean we are all human beings and it is possible for everybody to have a piece of everybody in everybody, however when peoples superiority means they can handle and damage your finances and take up your work to run it on media over a period of time which means everybody has gotten some of it in them and that is something that belongs to their race black and white alike then what they seek with the property equity destruction which we should not be talking about at this point if they had stayed off my book sales is the idea of what will occur if after all these years they still get whatever it is they want from me as a people. So it is in the end a case of the idea the world may revolve around them and their wickedness but mine does not and they have not really grasped what the full implications of exploring this matter to whatever end if this does happen really means either as it stands, what they think they want to do is go there all the time. Of course I am aware the most powerful person in Hollywood these days is a black woman and that is why a certain Dave considers himself the boyfriend of Beatrice of York and I am constantly being informed of how much access black people have to my personal life; in the end I will continue to harden my heart over the matter with every occasion where they get on the sale derivatives of my books and break it up to make money of their own with media – it should reach a stage where I get hold of their companies and break them up and extract the equities to pay for damages done here as well; as it stands they tend to send out the message I am not aware what annoys them the most about me is that I have a hold on their lives I will not give up but I intend to deploy it to my end of course provided they have no other plans that does not involve my person or anything that belongs to me – I know what I am doing is a life of carnal people which is not what a Christian should be doing, I am perfectly aware of that but it is the same old story with fools like these and even tyrants that are of their kind, they spend your health making you into something that fits into an area of society from which they can take anything they want because you have something they don’t to assume that you cannot make them as well and as I mentioned before have a serious problem in the sense that they cannot leave people alone and assume thereof that everybody is to appreciate them that much; so this is supposed to have been raised on the small matter of some black woman that heads Hollywood society and some great surprise about sociopathic idiots having access to my personal life when we all know that those who continue to deploy government to pave that access for them are the ones that are done complaining at present and the part where they do as well has only just begun. I have no wish to keep tolerating a process where I leave this office and get outside of my Christian activities to deal with their civil rights nonsense over my company and products because they are trying to get rich or even richer and such a fact in their view should be news to everybody. Hence the message is clear for the men; each time those stupid girls ask them to, they should do it and turn up on media to talk even more rubbish as well. Now I can take a look at my physical appearance and determine what kinds of vanities I am due at people’s expense as well – provisionally maybe and for them they will have to do the society all over again to show people the right place to be so they can do whatever they like and then all will know they can do it whenever they are asked to as well.

 These are not complicated matters and I would not like it to be seen in that light, it is a simple case of a condition where it is okay to simply see somebody and point a finger and say the person is devious within a condition where other may understand or not what you mean – if they say they have a right to handle my possessions and think those fame and fortune media games they play are perfectly alright, it is difficult to envisage what exactly they seem to have been complaining about. I mean I do enjoy spending their own as well even though I think there has got to be a better way of living. I don’t want to have to get off this office to deal with anything of their carnal stupidities for any much longer and all that needs to occur to avoid this is a process where they shut it and go away as this is not their own lives. I know it is said I find it difficult to keep my principles when the going gets tough but of course the reality is that they have made a pact which has to do with making sure my products never take a step outside of the storehouse and to that effect have built themselves little communities to get rich with peddling everything that comes forth from my entire existence to sit somewhere on media and get rich talking about their civil rights and so the bottom line is that since I find it provocative that when I tell people not to touch the books they do otherwise, I must find a fitting consequence for their course of action – there are no principles involved, they simply need to do as they are told. I do not think it a major crisis, I simply avoid conversations about it because what I lose is an ability to confront famous women about their vandalism that means that because they are famous and have body guards and have managers they can regularly dispatch people to savage other people’s lives for them to get famous with and so this idea I can tell them about it and make them stop it is something I will not give up in hell. They say I mention something about people living in my life for cannot get off other people’s lives either but the reality of that is actually that it is a matter of personal pride for me to sit back and ensure that I cut down drastically on the range and quantity of wickedness and sins available to them to practice because this is my life and not their own – I mean they love to mess things up and find out what will happen and I am almost the same, I love to open up and let them in so that if I am beaten then they can live in my life and make me do what they want but if they are beaten they will have to do what I want while they live in my life and if they don’t like it that way need to move on and move out. To which they always say that will never happen as I do rather love to mess with other peoples wives, makes no sense of course since I am only aware I mess with the wife I should have married but other people are using to spice up their failed sex lives and get rich wrecking my finances to ensure I don’t because she now belongs to them and that wife of course can be anybody, I am sure they will find out a lot more if they did ask the ladies what they think for a change, I for my part couldn’t care less anyway. In the end it is much the same game anyway; you do not expect to sit down and write books and sell them successfully when men and women who pride themselves in making sure you wake up one day to find that great product you created, that great idea is obsolete and that it is because they have deployed the benefits and that they deployed the benefits because they had media to dominate you with, you cannot write books and sell them successfully when they are able to run around and run wild as much as they like. So when I tell people not to touch my books and they do otherwise it will solve nothing if they wish to speak of principles instead of do otherwise and yes these are just books and these games of theirs have been running for 12 years and counting now, so it is invariable that the books will become their nightmare, since anybody understands there is enough provocation to make that happen when it is about power i.e. that they know where my books are, have plans for their civil rights, have already put those plans into action on the books, failed and now are going to hold onto the books and ensure they are never sold until I ensure those plans are fulfilled on the books because it is what they want to get from me – principles does not come into the matter at all, what does is their decadence and how their problems must be my priority otherwise they will enforce such a thing with force as well to ensure I am dealing with problems they are so privileged that they are not used to handling but have in their stupid lives anyway. The part about the media and male journalists is simply the other side besides the one where they gather facts on my career and stifle my products sales until they are able to get it like I do as well and to that effect go off to give these facts to their spouse or a prostitute who will suck their cock for them and then ensure they get my career as well the way I have it and turn up on media to conduct more of their sexual new man vandalism ready for when that will wane so they can do it again for another fix. The other side of which is the one where they are always a part of something whether the owner likes it or not for the purpose of their corruption of involvement, hence the story goes that I cannot allow men and their stupid girls who pride themselves is seeing come to be a process where my great idea has already been deployed and that it was because of their media power because I am self published, that is considering when people make the claim that others are writing and selling books successfully without doing what I am doing that is, to which they say I am self published but not self published etc – the purpose being to be part of my life and part of my world and to cheapen everything until the products that come from it are nothing but products and they are the ones that feel special on it etc – hence when I happen to start my own insults as well about whether they are presenters and are using makeup to do a job etc. Eventually this matter is better understood when developed around the issue of corrupt Police Officers for example – where the story is that the number of corrupt Police officers have steadily risen in the past years or so endlessly: very good to report on media of course like such things were entirely unpredictable, when we know that there are equities deployed for public use from this Company for example – equities which are used to ensure what is for public use is for public use and that is why the value is there, what is a public monument is a public monument and the value is there to serve that purpose, what is a Law Court is a Law Court and the value is there to serve that purpose etc – hence with media games we are not surprised that fame and fortune idiots have been signing up to the Police force and have been running their own brothels and drugs lairs to resign each time they are found out etc, all the while of which my stuff where I happen to work with the Police in some way exists to deal with their stupidities because there really isn’t a function to it at all. I mean I for example am able to protect any of my Equity deployed by Government institutions and those who want it can come and get it if they feel they have got it, however they always pretend they are very clever but the question here is what they expect a recruitment officer to do if his latest recruit spent all day while they went on a drive, talking to him about how much immigrants have wrecked the Country? That said however it rather does not imply I am doing it anyway; they are, they are the ones that have got the media and this particular one is their problem. The stupid community ones speak of something about the need for people to know about what is going on of course, the reality of which is that putting up with evil women that abuse and attack me all the time because I am a Christian is one thing but the Labour Party women and their insults and the stupid husbands that can beat up anything 24/7 who put them up to it without reason or purpose every second is quite another, so it is never clear exactly how many times they do explain their insults to others in order to deserve a process where I explain my actions or that of the Police to them anyway, bearing in mind also that their stupid children will most certainly provide the criminals of the future as well. I suppose we will stick to it, my plans to express how less of half a person a Christian is on account he is a Christian and not a wicked person that will do anything for money on account they are clearly absolutely everybody’s personal gods. The rest are picking this one up as I am not – I mean they would have taken care of the issue if this was a Country in which they were allowed to do some vigilante men gathering around the fire and telling Children to get off violence and go to school but return later to deal with the violence anyway – then they would have supported the Police and we would have seen it. In effect their own is ruined and mine is still working perfectly I guess; I mean we are here in the first place on account my career is not recognised by them as something built to manage them as a problem which they are especially the famous ones, in order to have a career based on reputation but their own is, which is based on making music CDs abusing me stanza after the other endlessly, then run it on a daily basis and turn out to enforce a certain behaviour I must maintain so they can make sales of it to secure fortunes of a life time that it is not their fault that they keep making.


 Now there is that talk of how I have created a condition where no policies are the preserve of a particular party and that is brings about social instability and insecurity – has no basis on reality of course, I have created this condition that is correct but it has been created in the face of such activities as a need to destroy another Political party reputation over minimum wage on account I try to get a job or borrowing the Country into debt to support civil service jobs on account my details are held there and so on, so that whether or not they have done the latter I should mention it is the social case they have raised for people to rally with that they have and that there were social equality reasons behind the acts by which they did. The downside is that we are in for a long period of hung parliaments provided this behaviour continues but the answer still lies with Politicians i.e. are they out to set out a manifesto that shows them to have had enough leadership going in them to manage a civil service department in a County in such a way that it creates enough success and the services satisfy the Council residents to a point where they are re-elected or have those Policies and explain them to a point where they are elected for the first time? Not a case of whether or not there are policies applies by Labour on the NHS that must be the preserve of the Labour Party when we all know that every party that wins elections leads the NHS and leads the Civil service and that such things are playing games with people’s lives – I mean how well do you have to plan the day you grow up and leave home anyway, how well do you have to plan it to escape tax payer funds being spent on civil rights fraudsters to enable them wreck your life and hound you to death for having something they don’t which in actual fact was simply a juxtaposition created as a result of your finances being wrecked which left you with the means by which you had it in the first place, how well do you plan it to stay out of trouble before it is ever good enough for idiots with a plan to lead we find in Politics? Then we hear them say I speak in such ways but actually believe that some parties do not have the right to pick the policies of others parties while some parties have the right to do as they like with the Policies of others – reality being rather what people get corrupt with; because of course when you have asked nobody of a conversation on democracy and they turn out to waste your time having it just so they can get corrupt with what is actually an ideal and borrow the policies of another party to create violence fixing the problem and more so at your expense, then they have been looking for trouble on all sides and that much is obvious – no idea then whatsoever why I needed to know they are borrowing the policies of other parties in the first place anyway. It is much the same as their people claim they want me to explain whether or not I tend to support extremism when everybody knows they are narcissists and feel like making people squirm all the time and mostly it is more important than getting a day job because civil rights will share other peoples earnings with them as well since apartheid has been outlawed by the International community. The two sides by which it is better understood is the male side first of all which has to do with getting into other peoples religious organisations for example to pervade everything in sight and turn out to provoke them endlessly, attacking and destroying people’s lives over them to use them as human shield for violence and when people continually ask them questions about it the response they give is that the person that is now their human shield is the one that got away but their prize lies in a condition where those who resort to violence do not see any difference between the two on account whatever has happened has occurred and their lives have been destroyed anyway either way – the end result mostly for those they cannot handle is that the human shield eventually moves on with his life and moves away from them and there is nobody left to be used as human shield and then every angry people will want to cut their throat to find out which one actually got away etc, which is the point they realise they need to become homosexual and get a government to sign a law approving it. The female side is the trouble they get into with women and all that noise made about how some women are actually a threat to female power and freedom and independence when in actual fact they get up every day to spread very violent and livelihood destroying rumours that test people to their limits to give people the worst day of their lives imaginable and get out of bed to do the same yet again right about the day after that and the one after and the one after for as long as it might take for them to find it funny and have pervaded sex to make out a new decadence has been discovered then later locate how much of financial progress it has created as well – the outcome is always the same old story of what extremists get up to because of course it’s all about girl narcissist who wants to kick a few men arse and cannot go off and do it by herself and leave me alone. So this is the answer to their question, I don’t support extremism but like most women always kick them for all the time my message remains the same i.e. they need to leave alone the men and having a go at me in order to ensure that they make me a deal to minimise it if allowed to sell music CD singing rubbish to abuse me is not on either. I have never said extremism is not what it actually is – it is more like young people creating groups in which some people are high profile speakers, in an extremist group, the high profile people are bomb makers and gun buyers; the case is that Politicians want to see people broken hence the facts never count until the bad things happen so there is never a point discussing it. Ultimately I do hear these small tales people tell of how Hollywood does take liberties with the stories it tells at its films; I can understand the envy of course but I don’t mind for the most part as the reality is simple: Hollywood is a place where people have the most resources to make a big show of the wonderful things that are happening in the democratic world and therefore any stories they bring to the big screen will be done in light of those wonderful things they want to express and share with everybody – now if you feel that you could have gotten money when those things concerned your life you can ask them about it but a typical example is when people claim they take liberties with the stories they tell anyway: is it really worth it if you were to say you wanted a bit of danger? If I mentioned some people can simply get themselves beaten up by a white man and turn out to suggest every black person in the world should be grateful for it, they would say I am an attention seeker but even now when I say they need to leave the men and having a go at me is not on either, they are still around and do not understand, hurting and attacking for the pleasure nobody understands – same old story of standing your ground and being a man as it were. As they usually say at the Government that I short change myself and weaken my position which actually does not really happen, all of it is made up by the media – the only part of me people see mostly is me dashing here and dashing there playing around with women, the other side is security that HM The Queen herself controls, so I am aware of how powerful I am or can be if I want to explore it, however such matters are only brought into light by trouble makers such as a certain Dave from the US who is marrying into the Royal Family at the York Duchy – his stupid women turning up with no sense whatsoever of what I loathe about them to destroy things endlessly and chase my finances to secure his position with impunity and insolence that cannot be measured, I can only say it is coming to head and he is not getting married into anything. There is nothing to fret about around these matters; if they say I have been beaten down and made dirty permanently like they love to boast about all the time and ask questions later about how much extremism I support – then let them declare it in public so I can move on with the rest of my business and the entire world might find out how true that really is: they cannot tell the devil to do his own work by himself you see, my chest hurts like hell now because there is no demon in it yet as it stands and of course they cannot leave people alone either. There is no point to the complains of the Politicians when we all know they are all colleagues I have heard it said by the way, in fact it is a regular topic for conversation, that it is the female journalists I get around with that are the biggest problem I have but I will not be seen giving them up in hell; the reality of which is that they have had me all figured out again for it is indeed the case that when you have people round you up like an animal and beseech you all over the place to hurt and attack you all the time to make you do things for their stupid little sordid lives and more so in a condition which makes them better off than you are since last they were unable to gain first from your work before you did to satisfy for need for a sexual perversion that feels like abusing children and the children are party to their demands as well, it is when your friends ask you for aid that you lose your temper for this was their own lives as it were.