I do get asked if I have worked out why these things target me and it’s a good old game as it were; we know its all because people are chasing money, much the same as I have warned them with damage to my career and academic work to show, that chasing money around my concerns wrecks my whole life. What we find instead is that if I cleared out every stupidities associated with pee, pee, pee creep into my concerns and deploy my asset to make a stupid women they claim is a socialite comfortable in order to ensure nothing I did mattered when it came to the way they wanted to handle me, I would see another that was built five days ago show up in its place to plug income gaps for their stupid suit wearing twaddle all day long, irrespective of being perfectly aware of the disastrous way in which it affects my earnings, they continue to blow off that big mouth at me that I think I can handle them but what I will do can only lead way back to contributions I had inadvertently made to their earning pot and they were going to provoke my stupid self-further by just attending to a day job and it will only likely continue like that to expect somebody talking and withering whenever it comes to action while he does whatever he liked for the rest of my life, being rich by being so stupid at my expense, until I had built myself a Public image which means I want to observe the bloody idiots deploy my Assets to win their jobs and contracts in the city, ripping up family finance bases around here just one more time as it were. So if this was a question I am meant to respond to; it should be quite clear here that they now have enough money to cushion their laziness and find a way to work for what they need instead of getting around being a suit wearing twat that thinks it controls people and the City alongside its friends, shooting off insults at me – I do not want to see their rich persons stupidities show up all over the numbers for this Royal Hermitage Literary Empire any one more time than it has already done over the last decade.

Now I am said to have created this numerous problems on the basis of thinking myself to be superior to others and we know its utter rubbish – the truth of it is that these are a handful of nasty villains; they are either always engaged in the business of gathering a Crowd to ensure that somebody is a security forfeit because they wish to ensure that the problem of being worse off was resolved through the persons existence or they ensure that the health they need for the bad things doing which they found exhilarating depended on the same completely innocent victims they have selected to kill off their lose image by. Its as they say that bullies always do things others had done to them and hence never really worth it to respond to their insanity but this only works when you are listening to the criminals – the truth of it is that none would set about making sure the health by which they will do bad things depended on completely innocent victims they had selected for their abusive behaviour unless they were making an antagonistic statement that affected those who put themselves in the land to protect the Public i.e. these are people who always work on the basis that their health was the Primary line of defence. It is not that much of an issue – writing Books is not meant to be a physically demanding task and earning from it on an ambient basis is not supposed to have been impossible as well, save when idiots like these act in a way which shows they are convinced I don’t have a penis as well; we see it go right up to the top, where there might be a scenario for instance where somebody is being made to steal from a Local shop by another person, who goes to the Police about it, concerning which the Police responded in a way that means a sting operation was set up with the person and the main bait, should the person act in a way which means they appropriate something from a shop in a course of this operation, charges or warnings will not be brought against them and if the person who needed to be apprehended were to be stopped before they committed the Crime, the Police only needed to show they had intention to Commit that crime and this means Judges only had to dish out half the sentence, meaning the system was being developed in a way which showed that it was true the prognosis that incarceration does not solve crimes but we then find the Politicians break it to pieces, allow their Media fools get up on Public places to provide a certain leadership for these communities of villains, reduce Police numbers and make the problem worse, such that more people get incarcerated. They do boast of how there isn’t a thing I can do about it while we know it is getting nearer the stage where they will be made to pay attention to the parts they signed a Contract for whenever they have a stupid media career to fool around with as it were – we are where we are because it has grown to an unprecedented degree, the business where the problem is that of matters I resolved to write some Books and how they wish to make use of my work without paying for it, effectively making me work for them, to produce sensations of decadence developed around an outcome in which I was not paid and ended up in a sense of cycle that was built around daily difficulties, like we see their stupidities share the ones they have with others the last time we checked. I have made it quite clear the next time they follow me around at University, I will build those stupidities a powder Keg and I will light it as well.

We have seen them try to get around the prospect of such consequences by claiming my problem was due to the fact that people fought my battles at the Military, while we all know the security services have always kept an eye on what I got up to and it has always facilitated their jobs – what has happened is a collection of goons who have picked it up and corrupted it but once done they set about building from what we see the Duke and Duchess of Sussex get up to and it means that another Royal Child now exists who will be the one I lost my Office and Estate to, as stupidly as possible, among many things they make of it which is not based on fact but affects public life as if it was a life and death situation. As I mentioned, it is now past its sell by date; it needs to stay away from my Books and stop following me around – needs to stop its media abuses and the business of making an announcement of my tummy issues all day long, complicating my writing careers and my revenue processes unnecessarily while the Celebrities who benefit the most from this nonsense issue stupid threats because of the way it has fed into the lives of criminals that they know as well with a self-harming big mouth – writing Books should not be such a complicated matter and selling them on an ambient basis when I am not yet ready to sell it full on should not be demanding on my health to a point where there is an announcement that I smell and the next time they follow me around at the academic institutions, I will build them a powder keg and light it. I mean they complain about something similar that I do in my position as well, where I am good at fighting back instead of looking for trouble and they cannot stop churning my tummy because the health for it will rely on them, there is no part of it associated with people making the selves superior to their stupidities.

The range of the provocation I levy on them apparently includes the neighbourhoods being developed around abusive lasciviousness targeted at me, such that the general fantasies people have about my bedroom window, includes using their cars to make some noise that will draw up an announcement of my tummy issues at in the morning, while the Media curates leadership for it around 5.00 am which runs all day long and for instance like the subject matter we are discussing here, I don’t know that anybody asked them a question on a business of me bringing about trouble associated with pretending I am superior to them either, never mind all the abuses associated with the fact they were nearly more important than I am after years of their stupidities exhibited around me, before I had the effrontery to get involved with them from a distance as well. The provocation specifically I guess, includes wanting to be more famous than I am using my own public image which began in the early months of 2002, some 17 years ago, which their stupidities have achieved as we speak; at that time people said that according to the dead weight of their money being the reasons for the behaviour, in a vacuum, a feather and a deadweight will be of the same Mass and now we know there is a lot of discussion about why I don’t need to make myself rich to justify my existence to their stupidities. The provocation they need to discuss all the time naturally being what I have done to their culture and society which is largely a product of feeling sore all over because I am being disciplined at random by idiots whose names I don’t know and we likely then get to see if they discipline their own children as well but they don’t, what they do with those is hang around the Communities and send them out to run people down, deploying peoples public image to try and become Celebrities, turning neighbourhoods on its head to plan their stupid lives on other people’s wallets and then we hear that it is the same way that the Police disciplines them, beats imagination as such how people get into trouble with Police as a Community and why ever it has something to do with me because they believe a race I share with them was a curse. I did not think that writing a Book will mean they used my career as a means for making a mess of me all the time on account they had access to something closer to my heart but here we are – so what they are complaining about is just stage one; the part where I get disciplined at random by very stupid people whose names I don’t know, so when we find them complain about their culture and society and how a war will break out or I will get killed, it makes me think they want to screw around with me a little bit more as it were; their Politicians can always build them new societies on the patent structures for my Books if they wanted, as nothing will come of it like we can see it hasn’t.




The Female Bench at The Admiralty - China | Asia | South America | Japan | Global and Natural Environment  

 It is a simple process that begins from abusive access and develops into a slash and burn on media attitude to establish power and then grows into robbing me of anything that makes me comfortable because I am anal about peoples idea of what their personal freedoms should entail with respect to what they need to get rich as a result of access and familiarity and then moves straight onto accusations of laziness after the financial destruction wrought, which sets the stage for violence with a big mouth and it is never enough to just say it is better to be cleverer than you look anymore as it were.

Now there is claim all over the place that I get myself into the kind of trouble that means ethnic minorities and white people both want a piece of me as orchestrated by ethnic minorities because I talk too much about things I know nothing about. The fact is rather of course that I talk too much but about things I do not wish to have knowledge of, not the other way around - I know it is confusing but I can assure anybody I know what I am doing. I have had that silly question in my mind for sometime of whether they are trying to kill me, while their transferred violence that costs me my academic work and ability to commit to my Company and distant aggression they lace with media and intrusion and fashioned from their insults and plans to gain from my work without any necessary curtiesy paid becomes the answer to every little thing to make them comfortable in their stupid little lives, which if I did something to bring an end to would lead to a process where the level of power I will have in society will be incredible. I do wonder if this was the reaction they were expecting too, so am I aware I have lost my temper and am determined to distract them until I affect their social lives and financial activities and academic work as well, otherwise that stupid insolent confidence will know no bounds especially for the girls and their stupid fathers. 

Now on the matter of handling other peoples history and messing them up I do not see any happening; the reality is that the process where you come across people and in four seconds they have damaged everything they see about you and are on their way is something that happens because they are misogynists and so they need to stay off my books and all effects of me and cease to use those to explain it away because that will always make it provocative. These are incredibly stupid men I don’t fancy testing me at all as it were regardless of those insults about how they are teaching a kid important things in life we hear all the time – all they do is try and handle women and try and handle children to ensure the two groups are doing things to help them get rich, I find the idea they have a history and more so which I handled to be very testing indeed and they do need to zip it as well to that effect. I don’t dwell on the handling women and children bit, it is their appetite for breaking stuff because it is always my stuff or public property that get broken whenever they think that doing so will help them gain from the little salary they have immense power over those who have been robbed by the damages they have done and as for the Politicians and their female idiots, apparently I am eternally grateful but never the less believe they have done enough and do need to move on. 

Of course when the issues about women and morons who complain about how people hurt them and hurt innocent people to get attention and make their point on the assumption nothing will happen, coupled with International community whors I pay for without using is considered from the point where I have done all the things I have done to them and collected trophies with which to write blogs on my websites and books to run my Intellectual Property Administration business some might say it is enough but exasperating me and fucking my feelings and being that intensely and violently familiar to a point where every good thing I do leads to a bad feeling in my anus that they later brag about means it can never be and I accept that feeling that it can never be enough as well as a good thing and in that way the idiots should have a lot more to do at my expense for every black person in the world too and they can force it on them as well if they want but the complains nobody wishes to hear anyway.

It becomes so important to take these matters to heart especially when they are being worked by Political and Media idiots - these matters that mean that One is trying to provide leadership without financial success and so it is a matter of a leadership in kind that others have bullied out of him and will get one way or another anyway and it is the reason for some actions carried out which amount to subjugation because it is not in their interest to see a case apply where the financial success will only remain a concept while the leadership is provided anyway and hence they therefore get to test whether or not the financial success existed and was actually damaged by them according to the nature of the leadership which means their civil rights is not making any progress but losing progress it has made so far and implies they will have to make public place noises is exactly the usual way. Such realities as girls and women who know what they want not mixing with Christians but the outcome of it is dependent on whether or not the Christian provokes them by daring to own what they desire instead of letting them have it and then discard it before owning it.

Of course it is not true I am concerned about young people being indoctrinated about profit - what really happens is that when people have businesses they set me out to their foolish Children as the next threat to their inheritance, then cross their own lines into mine to pretend they are anything like Royal Princes because they have made some money to buy some privileges with and in the process stifle my finances while their silly wives cannot make advertisement in any other way or appear on them in a different way other than one which suggests I extract pocket money from their Company because they continue to handle Ones Possessions without permission and cannot see it is a human right to earn a living as well: hence the understanding people might want to deploy their monies for advancement so they are not counted as the rest of the population but the really bad attitude to consider: especially in light of the fact that whatever the outcome they always deploy Royal Property and get better off then believe that all that elbowing and pushing with media does not hurt violently enough for decided action to me marked out for and against it for the time being. 

One is aware of course of a talk of a lack of clarity about my actions and activities and what I say etc - I can understand, the trouble is that it is only those who enjoy wrecking my finances and calling me a bum in the most sexually abusive way imaginable that love to make out there is a lack of clarity about my activities and they know that my increasing prejudice against that stupid popular culture is not in any way unusual to that effect as well. The rest consider themselves trouble makers at Royal Circles - none of which bothers anybody since the real issue is that they think themselves people who have an exclusive right to amuse HM, and we do see their corruption all over the Cities of the UK and some exported and displayed on media for it too - so I can only assume where their revenge will satisfy them will eventually turn out to be the point at which the whole Royal Family racism story has been reset all over the world at my expense.




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Posted by Ikpe Uno on Tuesday, September 29, 2015,


Where the Labour Party fits into the picture now is Politically organised theft and ideological robbery that they do love to develop to a fault meaning that I am yet again to blame for a condition where leaders can claim they love the Country without actually singing the National Anthem but of course I have no idea why I am to blame anyway; we all know that Party does nothing but develop a suggestion t...

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Posted by Ikpe Uno on Tuesday, September 15, 2015,


Some Politicians have become rather very fond of speaking of a problem that is me and how there needs to be a process where MPs are respected to a state of fear by some people but it has been 15 years so far of going out of their way to stifle my Book sales and Finances on grounds it is publicly amusing - knowing very well their country is full of evil goons that will do nothing useful with their own existence while complaining about how...

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The Arch Prince and Female Society | Law and The Arch Prince's Governance at Female Society | Company Global Market Property | The Arch Prince's Global Reputation and Fame | Cultures and Mystique | The Firm Empire Hospitality Propety Now with respect to the scaring and intimidating people on racism stuff, One does not consider it to be a major issue, as the fact remains the same as they have always been. A girl is supposed to get on with her life but what she wants to do is cling to a big strong boyfriend and find out if a black Prince will end up being gay because she plays with his heart. It is much the same with the boy or girl as the case may apply who ought to pass exams in school but will never do so unless she is famous for doing it and the purpose of this fame is to dominate HH The Arch Prince, so her parents can do well some how off fame and fortune for him or her as well One's expense especially because she or he is a sweet sixteen, like we see on their stupid abusive music channels all the time. It has to do with the parents of the same who are the most insolent fools in the world whose attitude of Pimping One's work and income thereby will lead to something very serious before it goes away in the world too and so is it recognised they like to make out he does not appreciate their competition of failure and useless familiar insolent people because they are better and more superior, whereas they can never compete unless half One's life and property is being deployed by them for the competition, all be it made up to stifle company income on media, while theirs is kept perfectly safe to make money and win with, whose rubbish will not be tolerated any further and the conundrum of if it is them or media these days of which needs to be settled as well and we all know that will be alongside the issue of the abuses and attacks politicians direct at the company and its owner in order to boast about their power in public when they give speeches, especially for the really foolish American ones, they are not a problem because One does not believe there is a lot left of them around him anymore at this stage. Hence the same applies to the Politicians who turn up to get confused about what it means when a person is 21 and an idiot wants him to be out of education and unemployed until he is able to compete; they will not understand during the first year or the second or the third or the fourth and if by such a time it is not clear that if they understand One will loose the competition anyway, they will still not understand up to the tenth year and then it will try to be like that permanently as well with a big mouth. It is never clear what they do expect from HH when they claim that each time they try to get racists to murder him because he owns what should be theirs and need to be stopped from taking the piss, the racists will do something else instead. It is not as if in One's view, enough of them have died yet as it stands currently, especially when they are black too but HH will most likely begin his means of dealing with this matter at the education system and when he starts will not stop. There is no connection in this world therefore between living in a Country and being murdered by somebody who loves his father land except through fame and fortune and Popular culture, that needs to stay away from the affairs of the Company, likewise the spiritually evil Politicians from the US who need to keep their foul tongue where it belongs too, hence much the same with their Politicians all around who lead in the cultural fanaticism of telling violent sharing which is so well polished it cannot be theft because blame cultures seems to have won the day in their fantasies but meanwhile the fact continues to apply that the reason they explain away their wickedness with One's job is because if every wickedness has been frowned upon by the law, then surely competition must be okay. This is the length and breath of it and will not be tolerated any further; they do understand they are not to do their complicity with wickedness to be famous and rich in a condition where they will be the biggest beneficiaries of actions taken by others to deal with the matter and then move into One right hand with it, the consequences of moving them all out there without reason especially Americans who does not like the Royal Prince so much at this stage, out of revenge of which has not done them any good yet as it were either; it-will-continue to-drive-him-nuts and we will definitely finish it off and globally as well. The beaten and battered by Popular culture fame wise and financially has no basis on reality and it is not clear why people spend their time having such fantasies either; what is fact is that they make music CDs abusing me and earn money among themselves to buy those CDs because they expect when there are no more improvements that can be made to my livelihood they will dominate me from then on for the rest of eternity as a means of making a living and so financially they are still doing that and seem to be quite happy to live the entirety of what it left of their lives on this earth like riff raff which I wouldn’t want to anyway, fame wise however I don’t see such things turning a success at this stage either anyway. I don’t know why they speak of me indulging self pity all the time anyway but it is a typical example of why they want everybody to be distracted by something else while they carry out evils and wickedness they know the Bible clearly warns us Christians to stay away from then claim it is their civil rights and offer prerogatives to politicians who have no limits and no discretion and think people do nothing with themselves but wait for others to do things to them. As ever the story is the same about people finding a ways of poking their nose into my concerns because they want to attack a good person for doing good things which will go against the ethos of general wickedness and I am not prepared to indulge them any of that chance for my part either – they can go to hell – they are not getting any and the modern Church goons and business ego greed freaks especially on media have always wanted some of mine anyway, like turn of events all over the world have shown - thus expressing the fact their ego knows no limits and I should never get fed up as well.




HH's Consortium are just a group of women that aid him with and at his duties in, at and towards the Admiralty and the Equities they Broke with him largely has to do with the virility of their endeavours in the City of London, bearing in mind they culturally as a matter of fundamentalism own and run the system itself by which the British Financial Industry is Operated.





So they are apparently not going to do the cultural thing for me then are they, for the rest of their lives as well? So that I can have my career wrecked by people who get help from Politicians to attack me with claims that they use to see me as an obscene thing, which I did become because they are always sending out their wives to seduce me violently on account of the kind of sex they want to have and the fact they want to be writers that are selling books with my writing career for those of them that go into Europe to tell lot of lies and likewise artists and so on and I had made everything I do so I can concentrate on them a function of what I have denied them beginning with the sex they cannot beat me up to have as it were. Then they make a connection that must be kept going perpetually which means nothing but catch up spat, which happens all the time as they fight for their lives on the media between that obscene thing and me, preferably my personal life, in order to have the kind of personal life they want.

The basic human rights is always to have a profitable business by which I take care of my needs and go out to preach the gospel because I am a Christian. To ensure all those distant fascism and cultural powers by which people hold others down in problems until they reach the prime of their lives and can give things up or give people things that make no sense to give or share in life on account they love to use it on me violently, does not become something violent but this is being taken away by men and Politicians who are obviously bearing in mind the above facts looking for more trouble, who expect that when the bad things they wish for must happen, it should to racists and anything that prevents them from having the kind of sex they want to have. Thus there is no other way to make the business profitable but hurting them.


All of which gets to mean that I really do like to see that their stupid culture and we do not have a history between us at all as it were, while they think they will use it to ensure I cannot earn a living. Bearing in mind they and their Politicians are always throwing around insults which suggest I think I can be important in the UK, when I would never dare somewhere in Africa where I would have been more respectful-while their diplomats are really, really incompetent as well, which is all very well, until the evils I had cut off from normal life in Africa before I returned to the UK and had also set about doing the same in other countries around where they travelled to to mess around my work and reputation around the world from the UK, are set into mainstream existence again, like they caused it to happen over their silly war on global terrorism involving me in Iraq and the giving up of my intellectual property, the consequences of which even the State cannot buy them personal and private security an safety because of me today and then I will hurt them again seriously more than I have done before to, for which there is no other way to. We can always view the way it is going clearly i.e. the UK will be a conducive place for me to live in or some other country will be, whether or not they exist or have violent cultures that hurt people with intent on killing them.

There are good bankers and good stock market traders out there and they are all passionate about the rest of us are passionate about; good schools, good hospitals and good roads etc. The trouble makers are more often than not likely friends of Politicians, bearing in mind that doing business has its own unique challenges that are very different from society and Politics and the process of gather wealth by overpowering others, such as the issue of girls and stupid men who own them and therefore have publicity about how they can do exactly which aspects of the lives of successful people makes money does, so it is never clear what they expect the rest of us to do about it. Some inquire of course of how possible it is that I am able to gain such a grip on public service corruption and the Royalty that are party to it, in the UK and for any Countries where leaders may adopt my work for their benefit; the facts are simply that if it were simple corruption, the short comings would have been its limits, those limits would have allowed my honest living to thrive and the finances would have enabled me to shut it down early and so it would have lasted for a short period. So in order to ensure it does not last for a short period and that they can take everything of mine down to my very essence if they want with a big mouth, which is a greed we are all very familiar with, they made it a global matter and it is this that has enabled me to globally settle on how much money any industry they are involved with makes or is allowed to make; generally therefore a matter of things they do and the licenses they give me with it.

I. Uno I 



 Having been that dividing society between Theocracy and Capitalism is well underway, my relationship with Industry Communities and Public appearance to that effect are determined by these two parameters presently. The case of tarring Politicians with the same brush is a load of nonsense, there is no time to tar anybody around here; the reality is as simple as the fact their insults are having devastating effects on me because they are so violent so wide spread and happen way too often. I get out of bed to face exactly the same challenges they do which involves working for money to pay my way and they might like the insults because they are in a place where they can make various rules over unemployment benefits of course, I think they are doing very well too because once I get the chance out of this place what I will do to them will not look good at all. They don’t stop in five years, not in ten, not in fifteen, they stop when they are certain there is something damaged about your personality and we all know they are so intense about it that you cannot fake anything. This whole story of tarring Politicians is something that tends to suggest therefore that I will one day seek out a blanket revenge on all the Politicians in the world but of course the truth and reality is that those who offend me have names and it is the same story with media as well, they say the same thing about blanket revenge when those who offend me have names. So its all very well with those stupid insults and the ability to manipulate what happens with benefits then speak of competition when we know it is all about Politicians making sure they do not look like losers; so for the females it is a matter of finding big boys that gets small boys to do their jobs for them while they cross their legs on the lovely government office seats, for the men it is the same attitude where people are pieces of meat and they are wolves. I can only there is no need to worry about being tarred only important to note that we have racism in this country with all those insults they love to much and throw around and dish up the way they do every blessed time they have any opportunity to appear in public. Some people say there are concerns I speak like I will become a gangster but what I am doing of course has nothing to do with that; the fact of the matter is that I am meant to assume for 12 years and counting of this behaviour around me, that a piffling idiot gets out of his home and kisses his wife and children goodbye to get on parliament that is his property to rip up the yarns of my books and only rest when it he sure he has destroyed everything that looks like the sale of it so that he can boast, is something he does because he does not know what he is doing – whereas we all know that he does not behave like that towards his family and friends. So that when I ask the questions of why it has to be me and why it has to be my books, they then make statements about how they do it because they find it amusing which blows me away completely and offers me this determination to find them a fight of their own – a proper one, over the values of this country.


Now the issue of gun laws in the US is that about which it is said that my action and reaction is unacceptable; the Christian who lives in a Country where guns cannot be owned by members of the public supporting ownership of guns that kill their children. The reality of course being that in the UK the way it works is that aged 16 somebody will decide he wants to go into manual Labour aspects of Industry and so there is no point pushing him in another direction - having been some of such industries are very unstable the government has a welfare system to catch those that fall, in the US there are no welfare systems but some people still think it is standard behaviour for them to have if they decide they have a 7 year old daughter and therefore have a good reason to get around handling people and making them flexible claiming it is to ensure their daughters can live in a better world. You can only imagine that as an Adult, if you are finding it challenging somebody else must be finding it challenging as well and so that this is lock stock standard behaviour for some people in the US is quite incredible even though we know that power corrupts, the reality is what we have i.e. for some people if you get it anywhere near them you will be dead by the morning and so we cannot simply get rid of the guns to make the problem go away this behaviour must change. I mean if people enjoy cornering people and then enjoy sending lots of children from homes where parents love to go out and corner people to the same school, what do they expect - that some teenager is likely to kill those children and kill himself as well? This is an example, the list if looked into can run endlessly for the most part but the one common thing that is has is that there is always a back up activity a cover up story and that is why and how these individuals have reached a stage where each time anything happens they want to ask people to get rid of their guns. I mean mostly you feel they have been watching you all of your life, besides that old adage where you hear Americans say I don't like this guy or that guy as per the world was never enough for him and these of course will have been the ones that tell you what they are thinking, so the idea that people still behave in this way there is quite amazing but it is even more amazing they have had it all worked out that it has become the fault of others that guns are not being removed from their Country; you feel they have been watching you all of your life in the sense that they would have taken advantage of you when you were a child but there were parents to support you of course and now they will when you are an adult and need to support yourself and so you feel that whatever they are doing presently will not have been the first things they would have done to make your life such a painful mess as they possibly can without reason or to an end, only to find the end as some kind of trophy spoil from what they have made of you as well - so it is the provoking of people towards deadly violence that causes deaths of all kinds and not whether or not there are guns, when people want to kill they will kill anyway. I personally have no idea what monumental twat makes others more flexible on account they have a daughter they adore at home without considering that others have one such as well or indeed that the outcome can be horrible indeed. I personally am said to be dithering and yet I am dead already but that is utter nonsense; I am speaking from a position of having a Literary emporium with equities and securities running a large proportion of which is brokered to support people who are so far skilled and so far achieved in what they are doing that where they will end up if they fail would create greater social problems that where they would if they did not - so people cannot suggest that if three brothers in the US own a Ranch and anchor a large proportion of their activities on equities and securities made public by somebody would have applied as property that belongs to somebody they can simply trip up or push over - the question of whether I am dead and finished is best answered by the fact I was never published on Television and they need to get off my books.  I mean we do hear the tales about how much I gain from what their girls become and those things they do to control violent goons and with popular culture but that is largely because they never listen to others and did not hear me ask if that is their section of society - the part where I know he takes a look at me and feels all the time there is something of his bad life he I should take into my life from his and something of my life he should be having.Of course I am aware of the claim that my activities as a none white person in areas of society where I should not be found has created the economic and social crisis we have today about which I am to get the Country out or there will be trouble and they can see I am already doing things I do hoping that I will cover my tracks before then. The reality about this claim of course is that it is designed to ensure I build an empire and those insults end the money up somewhere else, for of course the insistence of their Politicians to build success that is not a threat to the fathers only gives industry mobility to scumbags like them and does nothing to create a recession and some social damage – I mean the whites were never the only group of people to suffer as a result of the fact the issues I have to deal with are bigger than them and any of those abusive noise making will see me have their Hyde again, there were always the blacks as well in the first place and the case has always been a simple matter; for the whites circular society was never enough and then we hear the complains later – for the blacks the extra they add is that black communities were their personal and private property in their view . From where I am, nothing these fools do will change anything; none of it will change my name, none of it will rob me and by the way with respect to the matter of how far I can go it is supposed to have been related to the insult of whether or not I can blush, which of course is one of the biggest problems bearing in mind I am black and that would be pretty impossible as it were.

Building an empire to watch your millions end up somewhere else on account people have made up their own ideas about who you are and are determined to enforce it, holding royal office and losing all your money to end up on benefits so idiots can do academic work and get important does not create social damage and an economic crisis as it were, only mobility for idiots like these, especially the one that lets them find some big stick with which to whack those who dare to have something they have.

As for the story of getting into trouble because of interference on my part with the Business of The Prince of Wales – it is never clear why every time men want to sit with a King and talk progress they feel as though they need to sacrifice the Christian whose Mum already thinks should be a sacrifice for the pleasures of stupid Politicians she wants to get noticed by and then the assumption following immediately after that I cannot possibly have enough of them and there cannot possibly be consequences for that as well. They believe always that they will suckle me to a point where they become a problem that is too big for me to handle as it were and like to see themselves talking about those who have risen too far and too fast for their own good but of course it is not a new story in anyway; every time they want to do their social ladder climbing it has to do with wrecking my finances and making up a story, and their story always ends with a process where they have settled on this idea that attacking me used to be because I was a pain in the backside every time they want to climb social ladder since last I took steps to ensure that on account I like them to plug their money madness into me so that I can have lot of fun behaving in ways which ensure they cannot make profit but now it is  simply because I am a general pain in the backside all together. So I am aware of all these realities and they need to sit where they are and deal with their own problems; tested by those claims I got involved with the Pornography Industry to deal with the insults of their stupid women who cannot seem to place it where it might be appreciated and not where it might not be when they know they do not want to complain about me as it were – it is never true they are the reasons I did it, what it true is that I did it on account it was the entire ethos of the gospel to do it i.e. I dont think people should be doing pornography, even though I know it is a matter of choice I need to at least tell them that it is a case of taking your stuff and handing it to another who uses it for their pleasure and then uses it to serve you a bit of your own pleasures as well in order to keep it – so since they last started to make pornography on the basis somebody has damaged the moral fabric of society it has also applied I am a genius. It isn’t true I am getting involved with Politicians either – the Consortium I have is comprised of Women that do not appear to have any Twitter Profiles: I mean it is a system built for women that have deployed my public work to hold jobs at high services like The Bank of England or other Top service jobs like Industry Watchdog jobs and so on and some of them are still holding top positions in Banks as well as Government Industry Bodies like the Council of Mortgage Lenders and maybe OFCOM and so on; so when it happens that my public work is deployed by somebody once I can say it is a one of, if it does happen several times I can say it is unusual or even a problem but they have been for years and they hold onto it and look after it, so I have to build systems for that, which is how it was created and not a matter of fantasies that means I can decide to get involved with Politicians if I wanted to as well. Not withstanding still of which it is the ones that have got Political careers that always tend to have profiles on social networking systems such as Twitter; the rest are more fans of Linked-in for example, so I am not suggesting they do not have social networking profiles on the Internet either.



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