It is never true that I have plans to get myself recruited into the armed forces; it is entirely foolish vandalism and robbery bred by media based feeders about and on account of whom I have come to the deduction this world needs to change. It is in the first place a very difficult work to bred a soldier out of statesman, so I am not trying to make other peoples work difficult, except I have to imagine they are trying to make the work of armed forces difficult in which case it is never clear why, except they do things like take drugs which explains their insults and criminality to protect those crime arrangements and I cannot remember the number of times I have had to mention I do not want to know but they have decided the insults that get to a point where a matter of security is created has become their major media preoccupation, especially for the black ones. So when I say Intellectual property administration and creative equities brokerage, alongside a half priest office where I make sure people fulfil the requirements of a faith first from which they can get the benefits and then decide if they want to peddle it after, they do not seem to understand. I intend to kill dead all means by which they barge into my life to find what they need to know to get on media and create a better place for them to repeat at the better place everything I do with. So the media has gone from something that should show they have no reason or auspice to get around winding me up, to something that gives them the real reason to address me because of the pleasures they extract from me through their insults. Of course with respect to this they claim largely that I have a secret that people need to find out so they do not have to be scared of me but I have no secret, it’s a simple case of gang idiots and drug lords and all these media scum having fear put into them and in my case, they are having such a laugh these days from the effects their insults have on me and my finances due to the terror that I have inflicted on them as well. Nobody cares and I do not want to know if they wish to be able to determine a process where they have a past and a future; this is simply not the place and the process clearly should not involve popular culture being pressed on a Christian and then blamed on him when they know they are the grime of society, so they can find their way onto the media and go on and on and then talk endless rubbish as well when they have considerable money available to them to play with. The point is that when they see a religion and a faith, what they are to do with it is get involved and understand and acquire all the benefits by fulfilling all the requirements they need to fulfil for such benefits and from there decide if they want to peddle it or not and if this position means a threat to them, like the old matter of being stuck between them and racists because their desire to get a particular thing from me is so intense, especially for the black girls and their stupid men, I am not their mate either. If they continue to see an affirmation then it is as simple as the fact there is no connection between earning a living and pressing their popular culture and club life and party life and market place on a royal prince to make noise about increasing the privileges of their freedoms on the left which they also claim he messed up with a big mouth; I intend to handle them like the grime of society they are as well for my part. As I mentioned, it is clear the way it happened before i.e. the part where they will never see that stupid culture and society and fame and fortune ever again, of which it is still early days hence the reason it looks the way it does at present but they have since gotten on media to continue claims about those who steal their majesty and some kind of connected relationship they have with the United States and this is something I want to take away yet again – just like looking me in the face, approaching me with an insult that hits the vein and then never getting tired of building on making so much noise I am scared of them that I cringe; they do not know me as it were and are on course to find out too.

The part about the Obama Administration and what I could be used for in a general sense of what is beneficial for all black people is not a major issue either; the fact somebody or an administration of a country likes your work is not the same or to imply that you are Politically aligned with them, so it is not something I think about from many angles. However everybody knows that idiots from poor economies with little resources like Kenya or South Africans minus the whites there etc or Ghanaians who express a great deal of stupidities in the UK to unknown extents and make noise about their position for a hatred for the life of children because they are always trying to settle in on their youth etc  for example are a collection of terribly insolent idiots and it is not difficult to see the reasons or indeed why they are so obsessed with being found at the corridors of international communities; however on the Obama administration they have their sense of what I should be used for and it is well backed up with that culture they have concerning which those who mess with will be killed and I believe I have been clear enough on the matter for my part, that what they do with a faith and a religion when they see one is fulfil all the requirements and gain the benefits from the teachings and then they can decide if they want to peddle it, otherwise I am not their mate either. It’s the old stuff about their insults and those they have found for it, whom they set up to get stuck between them and extremists while they show the world only they know what money is and use it to acquire privileges of abusive wickedness on other people; I am now stuck between them and extremists and I am loving it – no idea what the big issue then seems to be anyway.


The part about the Politicians on the other hand is simply the case where the idiots need to stay off the matter of black people in Africa and problems they cause me, giving money to black idiots to follow me around and keep up with me and getting me scared of racists so I can look into making them more political privileges. I bet it has always been my fault I have done what I have done to them so far because of their junkies who think they are really tough and like to make noise about somebody who has stolen their majesty and so on to get on my property, while they love to appear in public to ensure they get on my earnings to have the most amount of playfulness, concerning which I am not seeing people have as much of laugh these days anymore, so I must be doing something right. If they will not comply with staying away from black idiots and the problem that the fools cause me I have no idea what the complain is all about – it is not their business and I want nothing from them, not even the respect; although it is a piece of advice that when they handle me they do for who I am and what I am and what I can do not what they have made up. It is not so bad yet; only that I am over 30 years old without a girl friend because of them along with their idiots owning my life for privileges they want to have with a big mouth and I am after their personal and family happiness and they are not seriously suggesting that I will not be able to raise enough funds between now and when I am 50 to chase their retirement if the fact I do not have one is their doing are they? It was never a complicated matter; every fool in this country now feels that if they so wish, they can do anything to me and being held down by politicians for them to catch up with their deviance and everything of an evil activity that Christianity condemns which does not do them any good and then getting tax payer funds with which to support an idea of superiority to me is the reason for it – I will not take care of this problem with a financial means, only a physical one. When I say I will be able to raise funds between now and when I am 50 to chase their retirement if the fact I do not have one is their creation, they suppose it is a tall order; they are not black and should stay out of it, just like their idiots think when I say I wish to kill dead the insolent fame and fortune thing it is something that will take a long time to perform as a task.

On a personal basis the fact is simply to be laid out as that of how Politicians in the UK are not the sort of people who have any respect for your right to wake up on the day and get to a job and a daily business without having to deal with the evil side of their culture or indeed any culture, unless you have an altercation with somebody – they will simply set you up for the pleasure of it and the desire to see a ragged homeless man out of you as a mark of what the state of affairs is to be in their society without reason or provocation, then they can make up the excuses for it as they go along because it is not in their view up to your endeavour if such a thing happens to you with a big mouth; so I always feel they do it to those lazy goons like them, that they give visas to travel here with tricks they thinks shows they know what money is better than everybody else and turn up for the most part to play their game, so they can think every black person is like that. They claim they have now reached a point where anybody who thinks about hurting me does not have to keep it a thought or fantasy and you hear them complain all the time too. The part about stealing peoples majesty is simply the bit I mentioned earlier i.e. it was the culture and society first and then they got on media and the tall buildings and the advertisement and the enterprises and so on to abuse and practice violence on and pick on me all the time, so the end product became the need for a relationship with the US and I will now take that away too. It is never mentioned to them most of the time that they are not beautiful nor indeed can anybody really say that they are pretty, so they really are very ugly people who do very ugly things for what seems to be all of the time and maybe some look good in fashionable cloths but of course when those cloths do have something to do with me, they get after me as well with a big mouth. The part where they say I can avoid trouble by not doing their stuff is very well said but when people create products from equities brokered with or at this company their idea of what should happen when the product are used by them or placed on them by those who wish to sell it, is always something about something I must comply with as though that is an entirely normal and usual way to relate with other peoples livelihood. So I always say if they are so tough and I am jelly fish, maybe they can put some of the toughness in me with a proper fight or something so we can find out where it goes from there as well. This is not the end of everything; the end of everything can easily be understood from the point of view of the process where everything I do is a risk to my health i.e. I take a risk with my health get something done and return to normalcy and try to recover and the reason I live like that is that these idiots whose majesty I must have stolen, have taken over life itself so to speak but of course since they last did have not been able to do anything with or about it save get on my case and my income and nothing else. Most of these things people complain about with respect to my action is generally what they do to attack those who have a responsibility to protect me which is sanctioned by the British State and I do not mind getting involved either because they really do love to attack my fans and I do not remember myself nursing the idea that attacking theirs might be preferable either, in fact the attack of my fans is to intense that people want to change the content of my personality so that my fans may cease to irritate them and that is how they want access to my personal life and everything I do in every possible way. Maybe if I do not talk which of course I do because a process of being made to change your personality with abuse into something that irritates people so they can see reasons why you should be a subject for their hate, means it is all about me and I can say whatever I want with it too and all over it too if I want and whenever I want, however it remains the case they like to tell me that if I did keep my feelings to myself, perhaps my hate would have had some credibility and of course it is where it is never clear that I do not have to lose my faith to harm them and therefore intend to use their own hate for it. Hence for the sake of the part where there must be a change to the content of my personality to stop things my fans do which irritate people I get involved with my own security; this is not a good thing but it is sometimes that annoying and I simply wish to be in charge of all things I do to keep people I do not want in my life out of it – I mean I never could get the point anyway, it seems that if I were a fugitive of a crime the first person to have betrayed and sold me out would have been my own mother and this of course is their entire future, so I do not know what they want getting so personal with me and more so against my wishes, I understand the fear issues but I do not know them and I do not owe them anything.

THE YOUNG GREED                                                                                                        

Of course there is that story about what people are sick of concerning my work and my books and the idiots who would like to appear on media to express what they have done to ensure that is the case; the truth that matters is that I am not interested in what they are sick of – I always say the way it works is that she comes into church with a very revealing attire and makes out the reason for it to be that the deacon has a go at her all the time claiming she is at risk of promiscuity but the reasons for her revealing attire has become the need to give me some of the promiscuity to get me on her side and make me fight the deacon for her: these idiots are always convinced when they explain their deviance away with other peoples income, it begins to make sense in the real world and of course the reasons they think they can intimidate anybody they like is because they are certain people are scared of them, the ironic fact being that the fact you are scared of them is precisely the reason you should stand up to them. Including the plan people always seem to have especially when they have jobs at the public sector and so therefore setting eyes on you means that life itself must be defined all over again for them, which is why they do very evil things to you but that is not the serious part because the serious part is the evils they are planning to do as a factor of the leverage that the present evil gives them i.e. they are aware of aspects of their lives such as personal happiness and family life which you might attack for the wickedness they perform on you because they work in public services or have some power to explore on account you are looking for work and the wickedness they do is to ensure you understand clearly what will happen to you if you try, on account they want to be able to cleave something from your personality due to their lucrative stupidities they like to claim is a functional culture and these are things they want to deploy for self advancement therefore. I always say they are joking if they are telling me they do not understand what a creative and creativity equity brokerage and Intellectual Property Administration company I own is really all about, especially when we look down to enterprises that are built on the prognosis of the actions of those who hate religious people like me who will rather sit around and wait for people to kill me than be ready to kill people so they can have what they want, who are always convinced that even if you are provoked there is nothing you can do about it because they have media and some money at their disposal and it tends to suggest they are deaf or really stubborn when I tell them clearly about things I do not want done to me, all the way to things I do to their civilian stupidities and violence which are aimed at spending their civil rights and societies and cultures for them in every turn first at a matter of socialised control (I do not have any political authority or power hence I cannot exercise social control) and as a matter of the fact that doing so offers those who have been marked out for death, the means of expressing themselves, so we can find out how far the big mouth of those who do stretches in the end – when you say categorise the politics and power, get rich quick and business idiots and gang goons that think they should handle people as they wish and the media scum that like the businesses that build on a process where they intimidate a person provoke you all the time by giving them some upper hand against you, which is salt to injury because they must have handled your property and person without permission before then.


Of course I am aware the Labour party speaks with a single voice when they say they want me dead; the question for most of the time is that of what is stopping them anyway. Point being that some people think walking around as irresponsibly and violently so like they do abusing certain people of their choosing to make riches and fame and a resulting process from it where the person is not doing anything about them is actually a good thing, so I can see that if I were to have done something about it, then they would not have been telling me they desire to see me dead. One of the ways of shutting these fools up all over the world is of course the old way of twisting them until they do those uprising, like I always say nobody tells them they are the grime of society for as many times as they need to hear it and of course that the fact people are scared of them is precisely the reason they should do something about them and not the reason they should not but of course with these scumbags my major problem is how to part with the publicity itself that I love to cling onto so much as it were, so it is far more serious than killing me – which of course the idiots never tell people successive prime minister from their party have always continued to think of Downing Street as the point where they get out of the way before it happens with a big mouth. I see they are beginning to understand what I mean when I say that they understand what creative and creativity equity brokerage and Intellectual property administration company which I own really does as a business operation and therefore need to stop being so stupid when they tell people they don’t know what it means as it were, so I can wring it out of them as well if they want. I am not suggesting it is a big issue, there are always these group of evil scum who think you serve a greater purpose when you are dead, about which it is not for them to decide, I will not give up anything that makes them want to kill me and of course they will pay for preparing me for it, since I am not their mate anyway.


Now the confusion that people have over my work is the part that baffles me; the fact of course is the matter of power i.e. all I know I am involved with here is my books and the relationship I have with my fans because they buy it and nothing else – I never asked people to give me all that publicity they were very well aware I had never approved and I am not sharing the power with anybody. Thus if people have not bought any of my books, I have not got a clue what their business with me or my work is about, no idea what they are doing here, since the job must be done and if it is done must be completed and it is completed when people buy the books and get in touch. They always say all I have done has not amounted to something as simple as selling books which does not make any sense, since I am aware that I set out things I needed to divulge as leverage for a means that I might be able to handle and adjudicate on certain very important matters and accumulated this leverage over a period of a decade for my royal work, at the end of which I should have been able to sell the books, except that they have been more involved with the fact they were westerners and feel they have found a spirituality to corrupt and peddle and must have it no matter the cost which they are definitely paying at the moment and nowhere near enough of it too for that matter, like it is with most things so we can find out how much they can give to the frugal. This is one side of the story of course, the other side being my question of or else what if they are unable to peddle the spirituality here and the owner of it is a person who needs to earn a living like every other person? It comes down of course to that matter of how people use me like I am an item because I provide a service that they need through my books, this again is another irrelevant point since there is no link whatsoever between hurting me and getting people to buy their wares, which will soon develop into something more serious and thereby become a matter that I take up in tangible form, however the main point remains that it continues to get more and more and more and more provocative by the day; it is not the only display of wickedness and Satanism that we get from them – distant and provisional fascism where they are poised on media to get out of the way while somebody gets killed, is another typical example and they cannot of course keep it away from it and my earnings to because they need it for the trappings of power with a big mouth. I have done everything to ensure that my work is very well set out and that whenever they handle my property, especially the American friends of theirs, that everybody knows it is mine and not their own – they do not seem to have any desire to get on their media with a sense of respect for me and will soon have to get on it to suit my purposes as well. I mean I have ignored it mostly because I do not see our paths ever crossing, unless they are going to try to become politicians, in which case I can then establish my own media and run it on the basis of what I have learnt from them as well which has no space in my life by the way, I have no plans to go to them to ask for any decorum and need them to stay away from anything pertaining to me; I mean it continues to get worse and worse and worse; first it was their desire to own the talents by which I provide those who follow me with security through royal work and now it has progressed all the way to the suggestion what I do is not all about selling my books when it really is. I am aware people have these girls they claim have a problem with the idea I would be most unlikely to wither before them but of course I have never really physically looked like I want to get involved with women that will make me run faster than my breath allows me to anyway, however it must be seen that it is the same matter as that of being out of my depth for going against the deviance of society but the reasons for the issues continues in that whenever I do my work they change it and whenever I build my things they move in – media, get rich quick idiots and business goons. The part where I am being handled and manipulated by media is just as well anyway: with respect to ascribing my work to people they meet and get stories from at international communities they are all seriously battered, not even the leaders who think it is a good idea because there is nothing I can do about it have fared any better either, so I have no idea how you get around being manipulated by people whom you ensure are doing the jobs you are supposed to do on account they wrecked the finances and most of the time make them do it the way you want it done as well without any finances and while they do it for the purpose of those stupid jobs that exist to hurt people anyway; I am not in any way being manipulated by media, it’s all the other way around. They think of themselves as some of the world’s most privileged citizens of course, which I wonder what I am to them in the first place anyway; as I have mentioned, I have no paid attention to it because I am of the opinion our paths will never cross, however I want them to stay far away from me too, not make noise about the effects that my books concerning which they have not bought a copy of their own has on their relationships when they are really fond of being preoccupied with music CDs that idiots create from abusing their leaders until they elect one of their own to continue to cover their tracks with respect to anything I might do to them to defend myself due to their plans for me, so it must mean therefore that those stupid music CDs and parties and deviance at my expense have become less of their pre-occupation then, just like it gets more and more and more provocative and they must pay the full price for it, which is not the only display of Satanism we see from them and that stupid media anyway. Maybe once I had gotten myself an apartment is say a place like Hollywood, I will be at the centre of things and comfortably put an end to these things so I do not have to bump into them at work all of the time but until then, I suppose they can continue to live as deluded as ever and as for their girls, it will turn one of these days and they will have to spend those insults on the men in their lives so they can see them as well and more so all the time; as I said, I will never give up anything I do which provokes them to a point where they feel like killing me, after all I am a stupid Christian that will sit around and get killed no matter what anybody tries to do to make me hurt people for the safety and security of stupid girls and women.