There is a familiar question I need to address too and it is the part that is to do with the Political version of these things people do with their plans to get rich and famous at my expense and that old question of what my problem with Politicians is when we all know that they think it makes them powerful to turn out and tell people that I have a great talent and that if they cannot catch everybody that is responsible for wealth inequality in the world, the need for poor people to share my earnings for the rest of my life can serve as a starting down payment. Then they turn out in public to set up platforms and talk nonsense at me for it all the time, which eventually leads to a process where my ability to find work is affected due to the fact people don’t want to be chased around by miscellaneous problems which if it goes on for another three years or so gets to mean that Politicians have enough power to prevent people from getting jobs and hence something that they must exercise officially. Then we hear them bring up the question of how I think that Politicians have no right to control what violent people get up to when they actually have not since ended the story of the violent Christian because it is good for their foolish careers yet. I mean I do something about controlling what violent people get up to in my own little way i.e. when politicians are so powerful they can determine who gets jobs or not, the problem is that I become lonely and have to make friends and the result is that only poorer people are handy; so when I spend enough time among them what happens is that I realise hey, these guys are not bad people first of all and they are not stupid people secondly and then when I say this one is poor and that one has hit rock bottom and is picking himself up again and the other is simply criminal, what happens is that the Politicians get involved like they don’t know where the criminals are anymore, mix them up thoroughly and tar them with a brush and continue to think that just like me they can pick like an item and use to do things and talk nonsense about a problem with politicians which has not existed yet since I am planning to blow that right open over the book sales as it were and then they hand public funds through various tricks they call social forums to the criminals to make themselves into music studio managers and then all they will do with that is do things you have expressly told people you do not appreciate being done with your person or property and nothing else to get rich; while the Political idiots then get on a platform in public to talk nonsense at me and jump on my book sales every day, so that when they have conferences it is some kind of a frenzy of vandalism at my company and that is always before they complain as well and of course the point I am making is simply that those who chose to live a life of crime in one way or the other are people that cannot take in anything that looks like learning, so the question is whether Politicians think these individuals should be spending over 90% of their time around my affairs and if so whatever on earth they are complaining about then, playing games all the time and thinking their clowning around is enough of a process that makes them powerful by handling others who are clearly not their mates and then taking them for granted as well; it’s nothing that serious nor is it a major crisis, they need to keep their insults to themselves as they can see I am so tired of it and how violent it gets that they believe they can have me beaten up at will otherwise they will eventually have to swallow it and then they can be powerful. The reasons for these things are even more stupid; I cannot imagine myself think of another person’s source of sustenance provided it is not criminal as something I can trifle with to have fun, let alone something I can damage in order to create a means by which my community croons can get so used to teasing him in a sexually violent nature that it is possible to impute things into his personality that will change his Social Class on account I want it for myself and however on earth I will make that happen. It is possible for these idiots to spend tax payers funds and time on it because doing it on their own is impossible first of all and then we hear them speak of their various businesses as well which of course I now need to measure against the damage they have done to my reputation and my work and property in Royal circles i.e. the process that has led to those stupid political businesses reaching a state of maturity so they will have to look into their stupid attitude to make more money is as simple as that of wrecking my finances to build me a different public life to deploy my work in order to make even more money so that when I say anything I about it they then flaunt the importance of their public offices and the fringe benefits and privileges while insult here from them and their activists abound, tell me which class I belong to and make me feel as though I need to ensure we are ruling the world together and they do not have it to themselves. The access they created for themselves came as a result of grey areas created from insulting me as a person without reason until it became impossible to actually write books even when those books are published because the insults will continue to everything I do as well, so this was criminal, so was the process of handling my property each time which is every day, that they want to make this the case and so was damaging the property to wreck my finances and make it work criminal but this is half the story as the part that has become important is that I am a coward or I would have done something about it a long time ago and they do need to shut it and move on as this is not their own lives and it is likely to get worse the part where their definition of freedom is that I deny people little things they can do on account I exist in order to get rich, which if everybody did I would not have a society to live in – the bloody fools and crowds that must share my income and not their own live here now apparently in their view and I want them to move on and get off my book sales so it does not blow up in their faces. The part about getting into trouble with the Monarchy does not hold; that is their media idiots and activists with access to my government provided security playing games and I think I am clear when I say those stupid Political business have matured and they will want to look into their attitude if they want to make more money. It is therefore impossible to sit down and write books and engage only with my customers and fans on account they feel like playing games and we are not engaging elaborately on those stupid insults yet either, I cannot see any problems with Politicians so far yet as it were. I mean at this stage if it turns out that poorer people say I cannot get into a relationship with them because they must be able to make themselves a good life from the fact I find my own mates; they have destroyed everything in the form of alliances the Queen built for me along with my royal estate and that is before the bragging and noise making and popping questions close to calling me a cowards as well which has to do with an answer of what indeed my problem with Politicians seems to be with a big mouth – obviously cannot zip it as it were. So the facts remain as they have always been i.e. the talk of things I do which people are not comfortable with but I continue to do by people who want rewards attached to their stupid lazy modern lives based on abusing me and wrecking mine and calling me names but of course the truth about it is rather that people can drive their expensive cars close to me the first time and then another time and then another time and then start to say whenever they see me they feel like taking risks with their money and the result will be that they hurt themselves just because I exist; so if I refused to do anything about it and shut myself down the result will be serious mental illness, if I did anything I would not have done it properly due to royal work – so I declared the equities they were seeing and wrote books to sell as products and that is what idiots with plans to get rich because it is what they tell you that you are doing that you will agree you are doing for their purposes as it were when you are a person who knows what you are doing, claim they are not comfortable with and this is an example of the problems with politicians as it were. I personally think it does appear to them a little known fact that I know I have something they will never have and that it makes me very special indeed, never the less of which it is always better to be cleverer than you look as it were and I am not talking about the part where they attack people all the time to determine their level and social class which exacerbates the colonial history issue, then work out each time people attack them as well it has something to do with me, even when they attack me as well along with everybody else with a big mouth.


I know it is said the UK is hated around the world and that people have a special place for me in that arena too but of course they have always done except they will do nothing to change the reasons yet, which are such things as the fact the Christian will never want people to use his products and more so without buying them so that it can be clear they do on their own agency, to do things which discredit the Bible but of course they never ever listen, they want to bend it into a condition where business depends on that and for such a purpose media has become very violent and very restless with a big mouth. The other part where they sit somewhere to watch lots of sexual videos and pornography and then turn out in public to shove me left and shove me right the insults that have no meaning and their control of me; they like to say most of what I do provokes them because it interferes with their little happy worlds but of course we all know it is little happy worlds of trouble makers, who it appears need me to explain that zinging me left and right like they normally do is something that insolent women who call me names like little twerp they use and dump invented, now it has become everything to them while they complain, especially on that stupid media, about my activities which affect their little happy worlds and it is not the only occasion because we also have to deal with the one where they see me broker equities with a company and my business suddenly becomes something they use to improve their standing where they work, which bottoms out my finances and ensure I cannot work anywhere else looking for trouble and yapping nonsense and complain all over the place especially for the Americans that talk nonsense about how much of a problem for me they are when we all know they spend their time on nothing other than how to get involved with problems women have to contend with only when they are rich so there might be nothing left for women when they do, so that when I do my stuff they rally their fellow idiots all over the world including the UK to make out my work and even property and revenue is all problems women have to deal with, looking for trouble and making similar excuses to do damage here all the time and I have mentioned before that the access was criminal and so was the damage done criminal but they think I am supposed to be more concerned about whether or not they become famous from it; same old story of wreck the finances of people who are more clever than you, chart their movements and because you have media rewrite history in your favour and talk nonsense at those who tell you if they don’t want you to do it you never will of which I am one such person anyway. My work and my books and revenue is not a problem women have to deal with and by the way I am still me and a real person for getting involved with issues women have to deal with and where they fit in and tell their tales is all very well of course bearing in mind this is only the third stage of assessing how far their bullying is willing to develop. The first stage was the part where they wanted to get into and through to the hearts of women but not their women only the ones they feel they need to fuck and that only led to the second where I did what I did so they might know everything and move on which never worked and now it’s the third and their complains are underway already so we know we are making progress. The problem with these bloody fools and stories they tell where the answer to everything in their stupid lives will be whether or not they have used and dumped me sexually which does indicate all these to be about what they would gain from a process of twisting a Christians life into a condition where they can persecute him with that big mouth, especially when American, is that they confuse me for the Middle Classes who study hard and play hard and work hard, whereas of course I am not like that at all but that since this is a country my life is a simple case of cultural violence and the Royal office bearing in mind it is not a club. And they might be all kinds of alternative sexual nonsense I have given no permission to express itself on me with media that has access to satellite tech and will not train it on anything else but my personal life to create wealth by abusing me, if they wind me up I will do them again, little happy worlds my bottom. Hence the facts they need to be aware of clearly stated; I know their foolish men speak of access they now have to intimate parts of my body with their big mouth and they are very well aware of what the feelings of a Christian about such things on the media is likely to be. Fair to mention then that it was raised that the way I run my affairs does not allow parents with Children they want to get rid of who are too modern for their own good and therefore like to call others names, so I did takes steps to ensure there is enough means to get rid of such Children by any means around my affairs too. Nobody likes a terrorist and nobody likes a bully either; I am sure there is an awareness I am likely to collect those stupid means by which they get to it and manage the sins and evils that come from it to ensure the Bible is not pervaded.


Do I suppose then that the media idiots with games they play with my personal life and propose to play with intimate parts of me for example is something they do from no authority? Of course not, they are approved by a group of really insolent trouble seeking parliamentary idiots and it is the same old story where you do not need to have anal sex unless people bend you over the other way and pretend you are not a human being who has the right to enjoy rights because you are royalty and nobody will hear you complain, we hear them complain about me getting involved with female journalists as well which in political terms in a taboo but they do have the stage set for them to decide which one is the real job they are doing anyway and that is not going to get better before it stops either, especially for the insults and more so the ones that come from the females. I just thought I needed the idea of the anal sex itself because it is definitely an integral part of this career I have made for myself that is really all about their stupidities. I hear that talk and remember I hear it all the time and have for the last decade or so, on a daily basis from the talk of every stupid fame idiot and media goon and politics scum i.e. somebody or something interfering with either their sense of what their personal privileges is or refuses to give it to them or in interfering  with or refusing to give to them their entitlement to their actual personal privileges and I cannot actually find the words to explain how annoying it is because it happens on account they are really stupid as well and want to ensure they wreck mine on account of that thing they call personal privileges and yes of course they always say I think I can take them on and have no idea what I am dealing with and in the same way I think something they have makes them behave that way and I know all about having something special while my respect has gone on a walk and will take it away from them provided they continue to seek that stupid personal privileges from me especially for the media and for football idiots as well. The other big story of personal privileges is yet again Scottish Nationalism of course and they say I try to stifle the whole thing but of course we all know that their argument is that nobody is ever better off via independence, in the same way they refuse to see what people are really asking them i.e. how worse off – for them then the story is how they justify Scottish Independence as an action that needs to be taken to solve a problem and for me personally I don’t see anything they would do with independence that they cannot do today and at present and as things are; it is essentially the loss of the English if Scots will wreck the feel of their stupid City – I personally don’t like it very much myself anyway, I mean their side of it to be exact, I am not moving anywhere for any idiot as such anyway. Most of these issues are a matter of what fools can enforce when they impose them on others so they do not make a mess of people but the English specifically do not wish to take a hint and I am not talking about regional governments having a cosy relationship with the central government to secure their lobbies here either – I am referring to the opinions of a Scotsman in England that receives a here we go again response, it feels as though they always have something deriding to say of the Scots which will have the destructive effect in their bags at all times so they can pop it open when the need arises. The other personal privileges issue is the part where I am in trouble with Mr Obama in the US all the time and it is always that way because Mr Obama and other black idiots think of themselves as the good guys but in my eyes they are the same as the racists and both sides do nothing with their time but invent one fight after another and you can only guess where they want to play it out if you exempt everything that matters to you and is important in yourself – but why of course nowhere else will do; hence he has his invention about a kid who gets involved with the British Royal family that should really be removed and I have my own ideas about how so much better it is when people are cleverer than they look and then when they look clever but are fucking idiots get to tell me who to get involved with. Naturally a lot of what I say and do they say provokes ballsy American men that can do a lot of damage; rubbish – the trouble with ballsy American men is that they never listen i.e. they are incredibly stupid and the only clever thing about them is that they also realise their stupidity will not make them money they need and so set out to handle the women and those they deem children and start becoming peoples daddies; so when they wind me up and I do them yet again the question will remain still – do they know what feminism is and why women do it or aware that messing with women like they do around my books will lead to feminism being worked on my property and that will not make me a fan of theirs yet again? In the end I am aware of where all these little bits are going i.e. the fact that Politicians will begin to take extreme measures when they are unable to connect with voters and that is why I have set it all out and sped it up; I don’t care if any fool gets to connect with any voters for my part I ought to set it quite straight – the truth and reality is that I want to run my affairs without the slightest contamination from Politicians whether or not it is about them. I mean I have tolerated them every day for the last decade and counting two years plus, I deserve this and they need to move on and do so as soon as possible too.  


They have also mentioned that great scientists have predicted the human race will destroy itself with its own greed; I understand that but I am also sure the scientists are aware of human agency as well and so for me it is entirely hypothetical, I mean I can do it as well the part where I don’t have to lower myself, all I need to do is show how intolerant I am of people stupid city identities, then find out what will be the result of their incessant abusive invasion of my personal space and those stupid decadent nonsense that does not agree with the teachings of the Bible they make out of a temperament that is a blessing from God and which I share with him to partake in the Spirit and enjoy my spiritual life; it depends on whether or not I am willing to tolerate their stupid city identity absolutely every time. There is that question they want me to answer all the time by the way i.e. what for or why I think people behave in these ways but the right answer is the one they never want to hear me mention i.e. they get a kick out of it – that is why they do it; imagine the Christian and I worked government office to make his finances a mess over a period of time and now I can place burdens on him and when he gets rid of it place another one because he clearly cannot escape from me yapping etc to exacerbate their foolishness and the effect it is creating and escape an consequences that may need to be applied but it gets worse because the general idea is that they are laughing secretly, having more sex with their stupid husbands as well making conspiracies when they can and try to get media to implement it for them, all the while of which the US President speaking of some prominent idiots, know which family is evil and which ones are not and then showing off intense difficulty in understanding I see them all as the exactly the same thing as racist and both wanting a life where they preserve excellent jobs for their pleasure on one hand while having enough time to mess with mine on the other – “because they get a kick out of it.” I know there is a lot of complain out there over my systems of distraction that makes them desperately angry as well but before now they were making a lot of noise about how stupid I am bearing in mind nobody is actually really wise enough to explain why or indeed how they go from getting a kick out of these things to making them into the meaning and answer to everything in life as well, hence it always does continue until stuff hits the vein like it has now.  I mean people will chase me about with government office for years and years and years on a daily basis just to wreck my finances and keep it damaged (bearing in mind I am so significant tax payers time should be spent in that way and it is also what government office exists to serve), just so that they can get a kick out of it and laugh and joke and have sex with each other and yes a Mr Obama will continue to sit in the US and see that go on with abandon in his country and make out the Royal family is evil – I am only saying he needs to knock it off and relax. The part where I handle peoples wives whenever they appear on TV to get things done is an old story; the truth of it is that when people have male journalist colleagues, they then get their friends chosen for them especially when those allies and friends are Princes, never mind the need to protect female journalists who have cameras trained on their boobs from the violent sexual fantasies of society men being betrayed by Managers that find out who your friends are and attack them all the time because they want to have sex with you while you work on National and international media, considering of course that they got involved uninvited in the first place and will pillage anything spiritually unique to get rich and famous. I simply have a part of my business called a working court and those that are a part of it fulfil four criteria; first is that I like them and they are relevant to me, second is that they are white and not ethnic minority, third is that they are journalists, fourth is that they are women and now I have every self seeking idiots where I want them as well. The original plan was to provide them with security from my Office because they were leaving me with publicity through their work and that security was meant to ensure they can work safely in Countries that are governed by those who do not necessarily have an easy going diplomatic relations with the UK but these goons turned up to show that nothing else matters but their personal freedoms and personal privileges, so they like the journalism so much they love to destroy it and make business connections out of doing so and hence the armed part has been deployed where the Court is turning on any places in the world where their silly media establishments have fans, like developed economies for example and will rip it up as well, in order to bring about balance and restore that much needed security that had to exist. We have only reached a stage where they have begun to complain its nothing unusual – I mean people would not want to find out I have a Court and that it happens to be the Journalists they employ or manage or work with, if they didn’t know there was a spirituality to peddle and pervade in order to make riches and fame, let alone have sex with my Court if they didn’t know that they were linked to the Company and the Literary Empire. And yet we still remember the early days where their case was that I was stealing the style of these journalists and hence they needed to do something about me in order to preserve their own means to treat the audience like clients and the reasons for it was to use me to get to break down what is happening in the hearts of women and of course we all know it is things like that and that idea that does not seem to go away that I am the route by which it is supposed to happen that leads to an ending where they complain like they are at present. They speak of how I do these things for women who hurt me all the time and then complain and ensure my problem affects everybody else but of course that stupid claim could not be further from the truth which is that I had committed a crime against them for getting involved with problems and issues women have to deal with before I got rich and so because of that women have become more equal to them than usual, hence it means by business is not a business but a solution to problems and issues women have to contend with and we have simply reached a stage where I have had enough of it as well. It’s like the Politicians thinking I have a difficult issue to contend with about them but in actual fact it’s all about insults, more disturbing when it comes from the females i.e. she gets out of bed to get to work and understands the challenges of competition and the need to support herself and her family, knows I face the same challenge as she does but turns out regularly to get a kick out of public sexual context insult and abuse of me without reason or provocation which is meant to satisfy a need and the Male versions simply think they exist in a completely different and higher league of it all together. So when I spoke of it before I was speaking politically, now it is getting personal. I don’t talk about it because it is supposed to have been something they do as a result of my Christian faith that teaches me to be respectful of others and those that are older than I am but it is the same old story where each time peoples children are taught to be respectful idiots like these who think everything is a plaything suppose they are weak. So we have this other story about how I bring members of the royal family to disrepute but we all know that when people tease them, it happens because they bully people as well and nothing to do with anything that I may have done – however if we look into the details of how I have brought members of the royal family to disrepute what we will find there is a process where they cannot keep off damaging my book sales while talking of the need I must fulfil of dealing with Africans they meet who claim to have history with me and in that history they got used to wrecking my finances and turning out in public places to show me how that my thing should be done, so that the point it gets provocative is when these activities are frenzied in order to force me into a conversation with those Africans when they can see nobody wants to have conversations with those who wreck their finances and turn out in public to show them how that their thing should be done, so they deserve everything I do to their moderate racism stupidities. I do not wish to know anything about them either, I want them off my book sales and that is all that matters, so they don’t turn up here to insult me like that and latch onto their country they claim somebody is stealing from them. They always say the point of provocation is that the lower classes in the UK are upper classes in Africa and that I think I can just travel here and become of a higher class than they are which is traditionally a taboo but as I said the issue is their appetite for destroying my property and not what the Monarchy or Royal Family itself makes of me, so we can find out which class I really belong as it were.  I know they want to call me the black sheep who needs to be fleeced but I don’t see myself taking offence to that either since I have taken stock of what I have done since 2002 and it turns out my academic work was wrecked by them and it ended in debt and the little jobs I have had along the way have been spent on how I must look to avoid being stereotyped and attacked violently without reason or purpose while the way I react makes popular culture, so I have collected it and created a job for myself that is about them: this is rather one black sheep that wants to be fleeced. The part where they complain for now as I said is that of how the Christian is a weak kid and the result of that claim too; important they stay away from me and leave me alone so it does not blow up in their faces. It goes without saying that my view of their class claims over their actions around me only serves to show that all that popular culture abuse and destruction and vandalism is a function of carefully weighed thought that the victims can reason with and make them stop whether or not they are standing in front of millions of people conducting some kind of a performance or another, it shows they love to complicate things for themselves and try to deal with them with a big mouth and so in my mind it does lay a solid foundation for what I must do to ensure the fact I understand it is not some random thing done by the agency of the big Crowd felt and understood all over the world of how their popular culture and get rich nonsense affects me and all I own and all around me - I mean music is for example an expression of themselves but they live on expressing me abusively and violently to wreck my finances and seek power instead, then put it in context of black people that think they are of a higher class than they are and tell others it is all something that you can do nothing about due to how it is a matter of too many people using their personal choice in that direction and try to convince yourself not to do anything about it because they are too many. Its like that question they ask of what my problem seems to be with football people but we all know that football people expect me to explain to them that yanking me right or left whenever they see me is something really stupid women invented from claims of having used and abused me and dumped me sexually and no body knows exactly why they would expect me to explain it to them when I have told them I do not appreciate it either and yes they do it all the time as well, especially when talking about their stupid personal privileges or just simply to make a point to others and that is before we listen to the complains there are today because they play football. It goes far deeper than that too, it was five or six years or so ago I sent my book to a publisher that returned it to me and went off to Publish the Autobiography of Wayne Rooney to absorb the market and they made a big abusive show of it in public which indicates I am trash basically since there was no other alternative attitude to selling a book as it were - so despite these complains it is not just a matter of the Company and the fact they rip up my creative equities seeking more respect from my public work when they buy expensive cars only, they do rip mine up before we hear those complains made because they have access to media where they can make them. The other side right after the question of where there is some requirement for me to like football people, is that their girls and women cannot keep their mouths and insults to themselves as well and feel as though they want my earnings all the time with it too and the glossy magazines insults are not diminishing any time soon either; the general idea is that I am in great suffering and pain and enduring a lot of torture but this is far from the reality of the fact that whenever people handle my property to help idiots make millions at my expense that they have never worked for, the deal is always whether I can stop them here in the UK and if not, whether I can stop them globally - the result is therefore the exercise I indulge currently of making sure those who are responsible and everything around them lose money that amounts to the millions they helped them make at my expense and then they can be really tough and beat up everything they want as well thereafter, while those who do the helping them make millions bit will now await the day they will see me in Court; so there is really no point any body flattering themselves, they are not torturing anything and I very much enjoy this exercise if I should confess, only that it should be noted that despite the complains their girls want to report my books to give them glories they do not deserve with media and they do rip mine up before they make them complains themselves and so I suppose I have a problem with my temper and become a drag over my finances so I get get around the world measuring how those who help them to get rich and or more so at my expense can balance my books out of their own pocket to ensure that money came from their own bank accounts and property instead. We hear them speak of competition a lot of course but I do wonder if this sort of thing is to be counted as one of those especially when people extract millions from my work and bottom out my finances and make a mess of my person and reputation thereafter on media because they have enough time and energy on their hands having not done a days work in their lives for all that money.