Wishy Tories trouble is not one that concerns me half as much either , the problem is that nobody gets to tell them they are low life’s as often as they need to be reminded of it, so they are basically certain they can do whatever they like with absolutely anybody they wish to; it never really applies I am scared of them as such because the way to get around dealing with them will have more to do with having a personal issue with the idea of seeing them anywhere near the Royal family or the upper class and thereby anywhere near my office and royal work for my part and of course the other side of the fact they are never really aware that they are not business men and women but just thieves who always think they have found a way past the general state of affairs of law on other people property for what seems to be every second of their stupid lives which of course needs to be put in its place as well. Talking to me or talking at me and addressing me is a real problem in this regard since their plans for riches is based on insults that breed cultural powers by which to make people feel though violence that what they already own even when they have been driven stuck in civil rights, is not worth fighting for, with a big wishy Tory mouth and that government office they think is their property.

Some might say a process of making sure they keep their society and culture far away from me and my income and any means by which I make it is a bit excessive a way of handling people but there is no respect in this country for a process where you know there are evils around you and must develop your person over a period of time to a stage where you are not aware of them or you can control how it comes into your mind and of course they are always enforcing it as well. It’s like the popular culture thing itself i.e. he is bigger than me and as perceptions over looks go he is alright, he is not aware that the attention he gets from people because of the space his size takes up is already an affront to me, so he digs deeper and wants me to get stuck somewhere doing violence while the left is clear with my personal life and for him to access – should you inquire to find out the reasons they go so far, the girls and the mothers and the fathers support them publicly and you look abandoned and powerless, while they claim you seem to be unaware that it is how the millionaires make the money.

Hence we have ended up where they are fond of provoking me to make me say something in anger that they will make into their major preoccupation for making me live up to my promises and like I said before if a process of being able to develop yourself to manage how the evils around you come into your life is to be achieved by violence then so be it; their Labour party counterparts obvious got off light as it were and I am not giving back that stupid left hand side of Politics, while what they want with my right hand side will be settled according to the facts by which it happens i.e. they are older than I am and deserve to tease me and move into it with a big mouth. The idea then that I sell myself to anybody that offers just to ensure I do not get led by those that are actually in charge as well is utter rubbish; they create that idea because they have come to a general prognosis which suggests that everything I do and own is a part of and belongs to a certain culture to effect some process of a squander of over-empowerment to occur which might be worked by them and put down in history – I do not have a problem with it either and it is not the first time we have spoken of their new democracies with my income either – in the end they have manipulated it such that if I were to take a stand and say the Prime Minister likes to think he is older than I am and should be able to tease me and move into my right hand side is something I do not appreciate, they will immediately create a condition where the Queen has to have a view on it, instead of live up to their threats. What I am saying is that I am very comfortable with a process where they do popular culture wickedness and abuse me to get rich and famous, I only simply want them to live with a process where I write books about their wickedness for a living too. So I am very comfortable with it and do not have a problem as such and they need to get off the television and the radio to prove whatever they feel they want to, so I can teach them lessons they will never forget too. I like to say they couldn’t take me on even if they decided to stand together as one people for a change in their stupid villainy lives; where the case continues that if you say the Prime Minister needs to stop teasing you to move you left and into your right hand and every idiot in the land wants to take his own advantage of a process where they have manipulated it such that the Queen must have a say, in order to ensure that every process of some new form of privilege that comes from being the fan of the Prime Minister will work on my income. I am only saying I am comfortable with the Popular culture abuses and they need to be comfortable with my books as well before it goes all haywire i.e. they ruin me financially and create some new model fame for themselves from the problems I had to grapple with and I put the evils of their culture up in public for a business so I can change at will the context and content of their fame – these idiots are not aware they will have no future at all if they start a fight over the matter like they suppose they will, just like I mentioned before where they are bigger than I am and looks wise are not too bad but cannot see that their size and looks is an affront to my existence and a chance to live in the world as equals when we are adults and face the same challenges from the starting line no matter who we are, hence they will turn up and want me to be stuck somewhere doing violent from where they measure new forms of beauty to be rich and famous with and when I find out why they get support from parents and sisters and brothers that turn up with a big mouth, while they claim it is something millionaires do and how the ones that are rich today got rich. I am not saying it is a serious problem, there are a group of men that love their backstage media and cannot have enough of abusing me; they have come to that deduction the abuses have created a process where being me is no longer credible for me and every movement I make belong to them as a property: ‘the fact I work with you is not to say I want to hear anything about him’, ‘he thinks he is what he is not and I will wrench it out of him’ filthy men with girls that have successes that cannot exist unless they hurt good people etc, I have always been aware it is them and the big problem with Mr Obama has always been the clear fact that they are not part of my household; Yes I understand that perhaps they have something to offer me if I did what Mr Obama or Mr Cameron said I should do and I perhaps have something of my own to offer them as well, the only thing I really do want to offer anybody is my books and the only thing I want to take from them is payment for buying them if they like them in order to help me consummate and finish the job I started as fans, nothing else. So people do need to leave me alone and move on: the way these things normally work is that old story about homosexuality, where people are homosexuals because they are scared of something but do not appreciate the implications of making you a Christian subject to providing them with some sense of privileged civil rights, on account of equality and such things and what that means for you in terms of fear – so for the most part you respond to it by taking a stand to do something which really terrifies them and it is much the same with everybody else – these guys and their American friends want to speak of it all the time and where it should fit into my literary empire and all other forms of property and work and so they tend to do that stuff where it seems I have been rounded up and they are certain they have definitely got me but only realise once they have definitely got me, things I had done to them already a long time ago, because I had always told them they are not along with their American friends a part of my Household, while they have always wanted to push me into what I have done which is in a way put a noose around their necks and will tighten it permanently if threatened, threatening me of which is something they like to do all the time for trophy power because they are stupid. At face value it is a matter of things you do to terrify people who are not interested in your person and implications of things they do which is likely to scare you but deep down they are really evil people and what I am saying is that I am comfortable with the fame and fortune popular culture abuses to make money and they need to be comfortable with my Christian books and need to leave alone my business and my equities and securities or else – I have taken steps to set the facts that businesses want to create products and get a popular culture goons to appear on the advertisement for them, so we know they need to enjoy their popular culture and leave me alone and I have maintained I want nothing to do with it either. For them there might be questions of how to get used to my books but I have always said it all along; the path they have chosen towards fame and fortune is not the path that leads to it and they need to leave me alone – keep their own, stay out of my own and leave me alone – or else. So these are the way it operates when there are Politicians that have an ambition to oppress me and cannot get off my television; it is what they want to do with their time of course and I just do not want to have my time used in such ways.


Now I am aware they say there is something amiss for them on what I say about Politicians and sex but it is not as if I was hiding what was amiss for them either; we all know most of their abusive behaviour towards me has more to do with Politicians gathering and deciding on what official can offer them as little slaves in the land they can get pleasure with while they chase public office, on each occasion of which they always tend to finger me; the insults I always say are astounding but let’s only look into the facts anyway – that they are not aware that the Country does pleasure itself as well, that they aid and fund processes where men think women exist to have a penis between their legs which hurts all the time as it were and that the Country has a sex industry and that the sex industry in the Country does my thing all the time and does their stuff as a basic form of existence, so that the purpose of provisions I have made for that industry is related to the process where they will want to take it over which will I suppose have meant the gospel was able to come through then if they are going to relief them of it. In the end I suppose their own abusive sex industry is a smaller one and of course the question of why a Christian is involved with the sex industry is the part where they were the bosses, the stronger half of the both of us: there are other things I did write which I labelled as relevant issues in the equity bundle at the website they are referring to and they could always take that one and leave me alone. I have mentioned these things in other ways as well anyway; the one about what my really personal issue with the Popular music industry seems to be, which is that of the boys and the parody they create which sounds like stories about the gigolos they beat up – it comes through especially from things like One Direction, JLS and my personal favourite that thinks he can address me and label with me violence anyhow he likes, Justin Bieber – he likes boxing so much and his feelings about it so strong that he puts pictures of a world famous boxer being beaten at the ring on his twitter page. Then there are the girl ones and for those it is not just these filthy men and their successful powers which have to do with money made at my expense and used to rule me for example; it’s about those things they do because they have a grudge to settle with their mothers and so on which applies when I have mentioned I fancy women that are older than I am; usual idea being that I have got a type and they have got daughters and I can settle down and find a good wife but these girls will soon have made my privacy and personal life and major fame and fortune preoccupation because of that and nobody will ever work out the prognosis of the thinking behind it either, what we can say mostly is that of things like 007 movies of which they sometimes do mention or their stupid boys mention they do not see what the point is, or indeed Clash of the Titans and other movies that may be patronised by royal persons like myself and things I do to manage villainy in the world generally, especially those that are special abilities that are a factor of a blessings from God, that they have their own but it seems to have been the last thing they are ever interested in.


Of course we hear them say so all of the time, that what I have done is rather something a soldier should be doing; when we all know they come from a group of people that can fight but will never dedicate their lives to fight for the country because all they know is a take, take and take and that they belong in gangs and would rather do gangs instead, so politicians can make up excuses for their crimes and give them money to do business with that the use to make profits that help them take revenge on those who support the law, in search for trappings of power and blackmail that is so culturally acceptable in becomes the norm, which tends only to apply with respect to those who are too lazy or such a handful of villains that they do not handle them as well like human beings should not be in that way. What I do is not what a soldier should be doing, it is what a person who fights for a soldier should be doing and they can do it as well if they want, only remember I did warn them they have no royal commission like I have, to do it with. In my mind as far as I know its the old stuff and the defence industry is sophisticated and very intelligent and cost a lot of money, contrary to stories of the industry of those who make money killing people, it is a good industry and if people are worried about a process where it becomes a dangerous thing they need to act like they are. The foreign frontiers of the Country is always the turf of the Military and the backyard that of the Police; like when they get themselves shot dead by a police officer and have stories to tell when in actual fact everybody knows they clearly over did it – over did it like when they have T shirts in which they write their hatred for the Police in the hope they will end up at the stock market making millions they know nothing about but instead one day they walked down the street and a thief who was robbing a Jewellery store shot them dead for no hard feelings as part of getting the job done and then the Police have to clean it up with their T shirts that say they hate the police still on them. I am well aware of talk of how most of the issues I have to deal with over my book sales and finances and most of my financial problems are created by an angry Prince of Wales due to what I have said in public about his personal choices but of course as usual the fact of it is rather different i.e. that HRH was always aware I am likely to react like I have when he did some things that to do with perversions which took into account a process where I was hunted by media to choose between communism and democracy and more so at my personal life especially, while he decided he wanted to play the part of the man who had to lead the church but really didn’t like to and needed to make compromises with the antichrist concerning which I was the person to show him where it is - he does not tend to do these things anymore as it stands but that does not detract from the issues either i.e. the passions people have for wickedness and how far they will go to see that they are able to get the privileges they think they are due from it and how it tends to apply to me all of their time. The rest are politicians and the real problem with those is that I am never really understood when I say they cannot leave people alone and so most people cannot see that what I mean when I say Politicians cannot leave people alone is that they like to do things to people that hurt and harm them and in my case specifically like to target me and do it to me at my finances several times every day. When I ask why they do it, their response is always concerning how I have a sense of home that they should be having which is really provocative and will continue to drive the matter towards real attrition. The media ones on the other hand like to find out if I have become troubled about their wickedness but in actual fact they are the ones that matter the least, bearing in mind if they told me I had a sense of home that they should be the ones to have as it were, it would never have done them any good; they are neither on one side or the other. The fact here is that these are a handful of criminals that like to make out there is something fundamentally wrong with the law on account it is made on the basis of social need and morality, while they are the biggest cowards in the world that cannot stand the idea of getting hurt for the betterment of others. Point being that we now have the sections clearly set out; they cannot get through a second of their lives without cursing and abusing me and I cannot get through mine without laughing at their predicament; everybody knows they think public office is the place to run to when they kick me for no reason whatsoever but it really isn’t and I am not actually running away from their reckoning as it were. Laughing at their predicament of which has not created a book I need to transform into something that makes me a living. They always say things are not as black and white as I make it but I am a Christian and I know that criminals think Christians are hateful people who find other ways of getting around with those they hate in order to avoid consequences at the law and so if they mess up Christians they will settle in on and locate a means of doing their crimes in a way which avoids trouble with the law; to the fun that the politicians have never comes to an end until thing have gone really bad as it were. To this I always say laws are not the contraptions of do-gooders but are made as they are made because it is the only way to make them. Then of course are other matters to take into consideration; their cowardice and the idea I provoke them because I have a sense of house and home that they should be the ones to have, which brings home to roost all that rubbish they carry out with respect to bringing about balance doing causes for criminals and nobody knows why they cannot bring about their balance somewhere else but here or indeed around my life and me and my property; I mean if you said that we wanted to spend some billions to help homeless people with a home every year as a government, it is the very pinnacle of philanthropy but it is still fraught with problems, here however we have a group of idiots bringing about balance doing criminal causes; so that if you were doing charity and then did causes for criminals, the implication would have been that it is not so easy to make out which is right and wrong because even a murderer has a cause and a reason but these fools on the other hand are talking about Politics and so it is the same old matter when they are to do a particular thing and another becomes their preoccupation. They like to say I have taken up the spirit of the law and made it mine and therefore now think that it belongs to me, I always such things are brought up like the goons who have access to my state provided security and think I am in trouble over my position on the actions of the Heir to the British throne on account that they exist, goons that are idiots that were raised by criminal and will not do the academic work properly either