Now the idea that I fought hard to get in touch with people in whose league I got myself with my lies, which is really lucky considering that most people do not. I have no idea what this means and how a Prince would fight so hard to get in the league of celebrities and rich people in whose league by the way he lied his way into and had to be made to get in through the correct route. The fact behind this is something people tolerate different i.e. I had a royal commission, when it was given it me I had four years to get ready; two I marked out to get myself orientated with the jobs market and the rest was meant to get me and education and I knew I could gets student loans for that so all was well, until they came along; then the Politicians thought they wanted a new jest figure and that is when it started with the civil service and my right to earn money, while they thought they wanted somebody that will work for things and give it up to them, which is how they started off with my academic work and their plans for fame. In the end of which it still makes no meaning but each time I want to move on with my own life there is violent encroachment from them on my earnings which ends with claims I now think others have stolen my fame each time people are famous. This they claim has created me unprecedented insecurity and also made them rich earning my income because they do not wish to get over themselves, their media, ego and laziness. It has not; what has happened here is that when these fools want to get involved with important people, they do not buy their books, they use fascism to threaten them, create problems, then wreck their finances and then all is easy for familiarities and access and so now there is no reason they would by the books or anybody else would when they have me. it is the biggest threat to those celebrity cultures and its industries and of course I am now so determined to ensure they can never make references to my work or my livelihood or earnings in anyway, to ensure they can never use my books without getting a copy of their own.   

Of course I mentioned something about threats to celebrity culture and they will want to know therefore, when we are all aware it is better to put up with intimidation and fascism if you are making sure no body and I mean no body gets feelings of being global stars while you are local champion. For now they are not getting better at the gangs and fascism yet therefore damaging what they like and I have not gone to the extremes for the time being. Obviously its always about things I can do and how they appoint themselves slave drivers because I have no choice it has always been the abuse that gets them into the most trouble with those stupid laziness that are later followed on with threats if they feel they are superior enough for it and it will wind me up soon enough. It is there that the story I like to play around with peoples wives comes into its own. To which I say they like to mess up arrangements and relations people have with TV reporters so that those people might never sell their books, so the question is what they have to say for themselves with respect to this. When I mention it of course the idea they had jumped in on their game of waiting for peoples blood and listening to frail voices of accusation in the air causes alarm and they get all over the place until they feel they are in a position to do that again before others are allowed to breathe with a big media mouth and for now it is snap goes the trap and they are in it; fight was always their idea not mine. Part of a wider picture it is of course about the aspect of my business that I run with the TV presenters which brought envy from around the world because people like to get prerogatives from media fools; and got to the point where the US president that is the more important leader does not have the kind of sex that makes women look like that hence I need to hand it over and since there has been nothing but destruction by which they are now bigger economies and every idiot has beauty to steal from Britain to go off to be rich in their home countries with. I for my part just want my stuff back the way it was and this time will certainly acquire those businesses for my friends to mess up so they can raise their children too. So its all very good when a media idiot is getting on Public TV to exercise power to dominate me by listening to frail voices of accusation in the air whereby he is always realising things with a big mouth.


As I mentioned, the only thing that makes their intrusion and destruction and audacious convenient insults worthwhile, is those things they do to create themselves civil rights, the spending of it. The blacks and none whites are an especially attractive target because they love to be in a position where they can pretend to be better than those they have facts and figures on the fact that they are not. It is always the white mans fault of course just like they all like to feud among themselves over peoples property and peoples lives, to seek out privileges for themselves and the depth of the rabbit hole is incredible but could have been much worse. Even now their attitude is hard in changing and so spending those civil rights so they cam complain about wealth distribution as soon as possible is in order: for now I need the message as clear and understood as possible, that all references to me in public places and such silly incivil access need to come to an end and any route by which they are operated, shut down - these are just Books and last I checked they were rich enough, they need to get their copies to use my work and an Autograph not referneces to or leaning on me in Public places (they need to get lost bascially).