Now the idea of some passionate speech like we heard on 16/12/13 about how a plan by the government to deliver a care for the elderly that works for them in their own homes cannot possibly happen via the house of commons is that which I wonder what part is actually linked with reality anyway; it is clearly a speech that is run by a collection of idiots in the service of foolish women that have a personal problem with the personal freedoms of those who believe in God and regularly point out to them the stages at which the wickedness they practice on others comes back round to bite them, which is why they seek such a high level of cultural control of the civil service with which to ensure that it does not since they cannot do deal with it using their own personal and private property and then they tell me that when I mention a fact about how many elderly we have in this country and how many of them never had a job in their lives and how many of them never made a pension plan and how many of them we have to provide care for and how many of them are still alive and whether the question of an aging population is one of proportion or numbers and which part of that nonsense they speak of is actually true, they show they have no plans to give up a process f crowding anyplace I go to get employment with their trouble makers then get off in public to pressure employers as to when they are going to let me go before things get worse which is actually what this is all about that we might have a government that cannot deliver care wherever it wants. I personally do not think it a personal crisis; the suggestion is that when I get rid of this problem I will leave an entire party and its followers socially and Political stranded but I wonder what they suppose I care about when telling them I have had enough does not do anything to change anything and the roar carries on with wicked things they do to me and know it is evil but a world of good will come from it and you wonder whom for all of the time – it’s been 12 years of unemployment and cash flow crisis in this way and they cannot keep their insults at home or cease to assume they have a right to address me and I am going to rip it up as well. The labour party is full of nothing but idiots that organise themselves into group of people that ensure their party has everything everybody else is having and when they select people like they have me as the Christian on whom they want to practice oppression because somebody else is oppressing other peoples somewhere in the world, you do get to a point where you think something has to give – they believe however they have enough lies to tell.

The part about the things I do with other peoples daughters being the reason for it is apt; apparently daughters people have that they don’t know even when they are royalty and the purpose of my very existence is to fight this and to fight that and nobody will be offended and they cannot get off my books or the sales of it – so that when some want a relationship with me they must have one with somebody else instead. I don’t get involved because it is not my place to decide who others get involved with but the matter about The Princess of York goes one further – that this guy comes in from the US and gets involved with a Princess he thinks he loves but actually falls in love with my work and my royal estate on account she handles it and it seems that when he is shown there will be no inheritance for him for marrying her it will turn into a matter about his ego for human beings should be handled that way regardless of who they are, from what we gather, on account he is American: so this is the big joke about that relationship: it is a familiar story with popular culture fame and fortune goons – they will speak of injustices until they take your money and take your possessions and take your woman and then republicans will turn up and do your stuff for you that you asked them to do as well. The part where the Labour party complains about things do to them and their culture being the reasons for the things they do to me is an old story; that has more to do with the fact they are full of women that have a problem with my personal freedom – a matter of these twisted evil goons that cannot be reasoned with or communicated with and when they have a religion to hide behind become really set in their ways and their impunity knows no limits; beat up and somebody that will do it for them is what they spoke of when I refuse to hand over anything I own and we will get to the bottom of it as well since the beating up clearly normally happens in that way; we will find out if he that is to do the beating for them will beat because he is beating for his area of society and we will find out if his area of society is where the idiots he is beating for actually come from.  There are other damaging things they do as well for good measure; like claims I sleep with peoples wives and so on and one way or another they will have that thing I own with a big mouth; these are the things they never tell you they go off to deploy our offices to state to chase and that it is the reason for our economic crisis; as I have said before it is not a major crisis for me it’s just a fact we kept voting for it as a country so that Blair can stand out and tell us the Nation has decided with a reduced majority which implies we are doing the right thing but are going too far – what these guys did was read the bible and get off to government office to enforce everything in it that is the will of the devil; everything to do with the fact the reason a whor stands by your door step to serve her customers and discard the condoms is because it is her civil rights, enforce anything to with the right of fame and fortune popular culture idiots and their greed getting rich so they don’t hurt people with public funds, enforce everything to do with what we do when he hate the four letter word of work. 


Now the idea I am all beaten up by fame and fortune popular culture people is not actually true, the reality about that is that no matter what they get up to, there is really no way they can harm you unless there are people who are making sure that they do so – people who are making a mess of your finances and a mess of your personal plans in order to ensure they are able to make you chase after some really important things that are necessary for your own existence on account they think it is funny should they have been able to make it happen, without them whatever popular culture people do would only last a year or two at the very most and then you ignore them and move on with your life. Where they get into trouble is more to do with the idea that if they handle my work and do damage to it, there is nothing I can do about it, the work has been bastardised and the owner if there is one cannot do anything about what they do with it and the earnings as well. What I have done with them is take a look at the past, for example the 1990s where they can just set eyes on somebody and decide that they must ensure the persons career has already been done and there is global publicity to that effect – the problem we have today is how they will make it happen to somebody who has a certain degree of government office to fulfil, hence something they do to cause me a lot of harm and distress. So when combined with the Politicians and what I do about the Politicians who act in the same with insults and abuses, then we have a situation where we must get the Americans to sit something out over them on the matter of freedom and the process of spreading it around the world because unless they are doing government work for free then all this nonsense must have been wrong from the very beginning; the first consequence of course was the destruction of that culture on account the Christian is weak and always wants to see them do something useful with their foolish lives so all they need do is cause him all sorts of harm and thank him for it – now they will never see that culture again and need to move on and move out and do something useful with their foolish lives (to answer the question of whether I have lost my grip on matters presently), the second consequence that will follow will be the one where the Christian wants to control the lives of those who hurt and abuse and distress him and claim it is funny to do so as well – being that they are evil and twisted people with a flawed sense of right and wrong who cannot be reasoned with, tell lies all the time that help buy time so that there is nothing you can do about the fact that  whatever it is you do disapprove will be done anyway and what is left will be a matter left to you to decide what you wish to do about it but what they wish to do they will do anyway. Nothing new about it either half of them always want to spend peoples income, the other half are always either gangs or racists and the third are Politicians; so they will always do what they want to do to me and the only thing that will change about what I feel about it will remain the question of whether or not I want to do something about it. I don’t think I am worse off by any means I go about handling the matter either; it eventually comes down to the old case of the fact you can only keep running from a process where all your problems will be solved when the Politicians responsible are beaten, beaten hard and beaten down so badly they can never recover. There is no issue about whether or not I am operating within my social class; the personal case is that unless they are doing government work for free all that nonsense I get from them is wrong and for their idiots talking about how not everybody gets a happy ending they need to get off my books so I don’t do them again.

The story of secret service spying is all very well, I do not know why it is brought up around me all the time either, all I know is that the provocation by which it operates is run by civil rights idiots and their media and Government departments that always certainly always employ buffoons to do some service or another. I have to put up with all kinds of nonsense from these idiots about one thing or another every second due to the fact they want to be rich and I need to know about that, so what I have done so far is not hurting badly enough yet – since the last time I checked they were well paid and the number of contracts that pass through civil service departments and the thousands they collect from those every year meant they were not doing any badly. The reality of this matter if I need to pin point issues is such nonsense as how Americans give huge sums to British secret service and therefore demand access to me and can do whatever they like with a big mouth; I mean a gang killed somebody and it was an altercation, you don’t know what brought it on but the price the victim has paid is very high indeed, so this is Mr Obama’s answer and it is all he has done at office since he got there and his sense of superiority to me exists in another world all together by the way; when it comes to finding community croons from God knows where to stands up on stage during months of presidential campaigning in order to pass insults at statesmen from far away countries he is top dog when it comes to gathering intelligence he needs drones to watch over people all over the place and they want to gag me if I say he is a fucking idiot. I don’t think this matter is a major crisis, they mentioned something about how secret service spying and media will finish me off which is really far from reality, the reality that every job is a death dealing arrangement for those who have to fill the position but for people like me and my aesthetical appearance be it as a result of my faith or a result of the royal office always get a really bad deal indeed but then again that is nothing compared to the death dealing they dish out for me at the neighbourhoods when I get home as a result of that secret service and media nonsense as if I was not putting up with enough at the civil services; these are matters they think is a game and I will kill them for it as well, like that stupid game – of course it is not going to finish off anything and wrecking my book sales to talk nonsense about how the books make them uncomfortable was never going to be the end of it either. I mean the books make them uncomfortable they say but before then if it ever does cross your mind when you set eyes on other people’s children that they have no right to an education and a job and need to be held back until you can dominate them, it will exist as a thought, whereas where they are concerned it is a vision, something they can touch in a tangible way with that big mouth, now they have a problem with a book, that was written on their property so to speak as well. Nice to see me complain about something people dish out for me as well they say; utter nonsense because that means they want to talk about why I like to squander political acumen to get things done for my part as well – since we royals have our own problems in terms of wicked and evil cultures people think they can hurt people with and then tell tall tales later and make out a process of hurting those people with it is a means to wealth in order to ensure they get away with it and it continues for ever, the need to either ensure it vanishes when it gets anywhere near you or indeed get them stuck with it until somebody’s business is secure and then they can have it and depending on attitude do civil rights for it as well – unless there are civil service department scum that can get involved with royalty. Nothing has finished off anything here and I am only saying now they feel they want to piss me off all the time when it does kick off I don’t have any state secrets to go to prison for either. I write a book with respect to a job done that needs to be put out there to serve and that is the precise point where they want to play a game of regrets and anger and we control you – these are people that bring out of you the need to hurt them seriously all the time because these games happen every day and run into a matter of years as well and I bet they are planning to tell tall tales and hurt me first with that big mouth which is why they are always finding out how much the secret services and media games affects me. I have to put up with it all the time, the one about how they want to be rich and I have had enough and view this point as a good time to tell them where and how to move on. They speak of two things at the heart of the matter; one being that I complain but my relations with the communities is worse about which it is not clear why anybody wants you to set up good relations with a part of society where you are getting the worst possible deal at work and people abuse you at home on account they think it is funny to do so, then when they boast about beating up a boy is usually where it begins to go wrong and we start from basics like the complains we hear about an alteration of their sleeping patterns and so on and that stupid culture they will never see again too for good measure. The other one of course is my problem with journalists of which the only one there is, is that they enjoy finding out if they can keep me from financial success on account they work on TV and have a big ego; people behave in such ways because they enjoy making you very angry and the reasons for that is that they are queer and twisted – so they would have abused a child but having the benefits of your career before you do will suffice and it is not something they can do in the real world with that big mouth which is why it is grinding towards attrition – and thus we hear the tales of cultures I have stolen and entire aspects of life itself that I have damaged on account it concerns their journalistic work etc. Five years ago no part of my mind was thinking about other options, at that time I was determined to ensure my career does not come between my plans to meet them in person so they can throw a punch if they wanted; then we can find out how I want to decide you are not selling any books today while my colleague decides what happens to every job applications you make and we create enough perceptions with our television jobs on you to that effect, which we keep up with community idiots that enjoy bullying until they complain.


I do not hold the view that British fighters who are fighting the Assad Regime in Syria are likely to become Terrorists; I know it may sound like going against UK security services but that sort of claim is placing property and information and work in the wrong places. The problem is actually that Assad is such a narrow minded individual that he cannot see that a religion where people believe that there is a set time in which you must defend, support and protect the poor will produce people that will turn up from all over the world to fight him for a sustained process of killing people, otherwise regarded in the conditions as innocent civilians. The one he knows is the part where the middle east will burn if his Government were to fall apart and yet of which it was always so easy for him to resign his office and conduct elections to avoid that – when mentioned he will claim people expect him to sacrifice much to help others in return for nothing but that would not have been the first time he had displayed clear signs he is not a professional Politician i.e. one such would be people who expect to serve under a good Politician and advance their own careers into public office and from there expect to advance into some international consignment and perhaps end up at International Communities chasing causes for the rest of their lives – if the question were to be asked that is about the exact direction Mr Assad Career is heading and most of all whom he would have been helping exactly if he resigned his office and conducted elections in Syria to tell bad companies to clear off and avoid a process where either his country or the middle east blows up? It is a matter of reaching a certain stage where you must do a certain things and then getting them done and nothing to do with helping anybody.

This story of fighters in Syria turning to terrorism I can understand is more about concerns on people being scared by the fighting there and having a disillusioned view of British society but that is as I said gathering information in the wrong places and or placing them in the wrong places as well. When a religion says a set time arrives when you should if you must put your life on the line to protect the needy and the poor and the weak, it should be seen that what people are doing in Syria against Assad will never turn them to terrorist as it is something that comes to them naturally. The only way that terrorist can turn them over would have been if they got there with heavy artillery and held them up in some way perhaps not directly and then recruited them into terrorism, in which case there is no going back after becoming one but of course they despise terrorists and terrorists would not want to recruit people who despise them on one hand and are armed as well on the other as it would make a case of grasping the air with the hands. The other way they can turn to terrorism is if the story continues to spread that they are terrorist and terrorists feel that they have been owed something, move into their ranks, play games and take things over and they cannot get out, in which case we are following that line of action of making sure it happens terribly well apparently.

Personally it blows me away that we see shops spring up all over the place in the UK and operate successfully as a result, owned by Muslims and do not wonder how they do it, except that there are rich people who are Muslims and when they do the part where you must protect the weak and the poor etc as well which their religion compulsorily stipulates, at such a time it is really easy for people to get money off them. Now for the part where I have not said anything or done anything in the middle east for some time, the reality about that is that I expect everybody else to abandon it especially the Americans, let those who are doing a better job do what they must and settle the place, I am not saying they cannot possibly have gathered their intelligence if they wanted to I am saying they need to abandon the Middle East for those who are doing a better job and that is what I am waiting for e.g. British Muslims who have gone off to take up Arms against the Assad Government in Syria are a terrorism security risks; now the question is what the single shred of truth is this, yap yap yap the stupid insolent white men and idiots with a sense of distant fascism, greed, insolence and transferred problems. So I am waiting for them to abandon it and I think I am making progress with that too.

It is largely suggested I try to tag along with Royalty when I am nowhere near their league but in actual fact everybody knows what the goons that set such nonsense up wish to do is get away with this destruction of my personality and then my Company and then every Royal Property that I had thereafter in order to make these things valid, however which they would have been successful if they did so in secret and controlled when it got out into the public domain which they have completely failed to do. The reality is that with respect to the generation my age I am arguably one of the safest pair of hands in the world and this is what my status entails for the most part, it is not a position of less importance and by the way this is what every One is talking about these days - that I continue to let poverty creep up on me by behaving a lot less important than I am and the whole situation is getting worse and worse, however which the vandalism that these goons have wrought on my work I will punish for it happens like they can give to the frugal if asked.

It goes too far all the time; where we see greedy evil fools who are American but must think the Australian ones are different or else on account they are not American and then must think the Japanese ones are different on account they are not Australian and must think African ones are different on account they are not Japanese etc and it seems the hatred for me is that I cannot think of them in that way and they therefore have no means of escape; so they can wreck everything down to my personality to make a point about trying to rob shoulders with royalty that are out of my league when reality is that I was there before they noticed I was there in the first place but do enjoy these games of causing others intense distress and making up excuses to enjoy the violent side of their stupidities. Apparently if they were to have succeeded in all these things they should have ensured they did it out of the glare of the entire world and then controlled when it got out which is something they cannot do, only a big mouth on media all of the time. 

The challenge forming the reasons I have allowed my finances to fall to ruin in that way was that the purpose of their stupidities was a familiarity with me that they did as a matter of entitlement which ruined everything and means the distress was a sign they were getting justice for oppression that sees them work hard for a living and that the end result was to be that of claims I make it easy for people to successful in other peoples country which is not what the countries really are and that being laden with such accusations mean I can never escape to achieve any form of financial success, enforced with media.


I don’t think the fact that most jobs going in the economy now are part time and low paid is a main problem; after all the only excuse people really have is that employers are trying to get labour as cheaply as they possibly can to maximise their profits but then the fact remains again that if they are employing at all then they are considering the welfare of the Labour force on the route to recovery and that has got to be the acceptable way to go about it. What needs to be cleared up is the matter of this rumour swirling around that the government wants to cart everybody into some work programme largely unpaid to get them off the books and push the Bank of England into increasing Interest Rates. We need to know if it is just a rumour or is actually true because the realities are that for us to succeed as a Country we must find some jobs from somewhere and then when people fill those jobs banks can sell them financial services – for those in government to have the plans whereby they create fake employment and force an interest rate hike so they can expand their international businesses is pure madness because what it will do is hit households and I had already mentioned before of which it would not have been the first time politicians give you the feeling they will continue to damage your livelihood until you handle them physically, since when the economic crisis first began we all knew there was a certain level of consumer spending in the pipeline and that if they were serious about recovery this was supposed to have been the point at which all their efforts towards recovery was channelled, nobody would hold it against them if they wanted to get rich with that, I for my part thought of the crisis as an opportunity because of what I am able to do; what are they able to do? Why do they always wait for somebody else to patch up the economy for them so they can turn up and hike interest rates like that, who the fuck do they think they are and why can’t they stay off my book sales? On a personal basis I am going to find out how I will work for that big Tory mouth without pay so they can expand their stupid international businesses overseas without working for a penny and this is the personal issue in the matter; the part we already know, the one that is not a rumour. I mean it creates wonder as to whether their prognosis on European Migrants was created as a result of statistics or the views of their Tory idiots getting all over the streets and passing insults all over the place.

The part about how these things have been squeezed out of me by the media is one that is very well understood of course. I have only one message for it i.e. at this rate a time will soon approach when the fact they cannot stop making slight statements that bottom out my book sales so they can annoy me and push my buttons into a fight, review my work when I have not given them any right to do so and or have opinions about it that I have not approved, leads to a process where there are no more actors and there are no more pop stars and there are no more journalists and TV personalities as well because I have destroyed it too; for now they can continue to Hollywood big star me as it were, it seems they are convinced that I care. Some may ask where this relationship I have with them went wrong as well but there has never really been one; the reality is that their producers for example can come to the UK to get around with communities similar to the ones they have in Hollywood and maybe sleep with some of the girls as well which must be done with my royal privileges if the girls can get it of course, full of their own sense of personal superiority over other people and whilst they do everything 24/7 to ensure the lower classes do not turn up anywhere near the Film industry alongside them and their middle class vandalism, they have no respect for my royal work and ensure that they do everything in their power to get involved with and to damage the finances to sell their entertainment on it instead and then it gets worse since the producers always want to make something that shares the party spirit they have with everybody in the form of popular music and films etc but despite these things being made from conditions in their superior communities where they sit down and regularly react violently to a process where I have had an opinion about the way things work there when nobody cares around there if I exist, the popular music and the films and all worth not and the journalism and the TV personality always never fails to sell in place of my books with my own market, just like their Politicians and a story of ripping up my literary empire to make me work to take their foolish companies to the next stage globally for free. So I have mentioned it just in case they might want to say that I invent it and blow it up – like the old story of Syrian fighters being a terrorist threat to the UK when we all know that the terrorists have the same charitable views that all Muslims have but in a twisted evil way i.e. when our people die your people die as well and in that way a set time when we support and defend the weak operates.  Nothing but a huge big destructive responsibility that never grows up and it never goes away and you have to deal with it and the destruction every blessed day, then they talk rubbish about their importance which makes you so angry your health is affected as well but hope that by then you will only wallow in revenge for all the things you were so dazzled about their stupid physical appearance that you failed to do, such that if such an occasion never existed they will create one with what is their personal and private property that they have been given the right or permission to handle as it were.


Now I hear those tales about my involvement with celebrities that have declared to have taken cocaine in the Law Courts but I do not see what it means either for my part; I mean the idea was supposed to have been that she is married with children (hello) and stands up on TV to cook meals and blow a kiss at everybody she is like that permanently (the matter referring of course to Nigella Lawson). The reality being that everybody that has some form of public life always has two separate existences to live and in this case this was her own, in my case they claim they know everything about me – like the old story of see them on TV and decide you can and will beat up and then when you meet them in person it turns out the TV lied and it is much too late because they are way bigger than you. They do not know anything about me; I am bullied by these people because of an uneven relationship I have mentioned before and it is something you get used to over time i.e. this is their side of society and there is no right here for you until it becomes a process where they cannot tolerate your very existence when you pull yourself back from living freely and enjoying a process where your very countenance shows that you know everything about them socially and temperamentally, so while I am not living like that this matter gets worse and worse and worse and it is of course the old matter of their teenagers in gangs and the idea they can bully anybody to show they have had a better background and stuff and it is the sort of thing that can only be settled with a six inch gash on somebody’s arm and a 2 inch stab on somebody lap, then you will be holding the knife at the time the Police arrives and then it will be a horrible memory and then you will end up in prison but if you do not move that fast then the process of rebuffing the Police until you had accomplished your aim of shutting down those stupid sources of their insolence will have meant you are branded a master criminal, whether or not you did prepare yourself for death when you did it anyway. I am not saying this ideal but we can see they are able to bully until people wonder where they get the energy from and talk nonsense all the time about their need to be famous as well for it; I believe I should deal with the matter accurately too as I have already mentioned that every problem a country faces can be traced back to popular culture; I mean it’s not just the fact we all know they are things that Politicians and self seeking irresponsible leaders make use of as such, it is also facts like if we were to take up the components of the British economy and stitch them together to get them working, these are the things we have to do just to get round to that and all we really have in the UK are big chain stores, financial services and the industries that produce the goods we consume in those large stores. The Politicians on the other hand continue to think I have not at all had enough of them so they carry on and have already claimed some of the things I have said about their popular culture idiots to be what they had always been bullying me into doing for them to make their homes beautiful – this I don’t mind of course since I have always ensured that they have to look after their Popular culture idiots and that has always meant they work harder and become a lot more responsible and a lot less stupid and a lot less destructive and such insolent talk will continue to make the matter worse and worse since the last time I checked Politician was never their names. I don’t think this matter to be a major crisis; all I am saying is that it is all very well to build news from people with a public life to live who actually have two lives and it’s all very well to make out they know everything about me and can take me down at any time whenever they want and hence cannot get off my book sales to that effect to secure provocation; but I have not yet begun to cease to tolerate them and it is important they bear in mind that if I live like the real me where a look at them affords me a means of knowing them socially and temperamentally instantly and my Christian requirement s demand that I teach people how to stay off an evil living, they will have to tolerate it whether they like it or not. Hence the only reason all that noise making comes from them is because there is an uneven relationship here where they think they have become intolerant of my very existence like it is something that they can enforce while I have to tolerate everything they and their various stupid families do to me because it is good for how they wish to feel in their sordid and stupid existence; then we hear talk of how less I can do with violence which indicates when people move into your right hand and you move into their own and it may end in your death but their gangs must be shut down before the police come and get you, then the result of that is that the Christian activities will not have been something they would have tolerated with that big mouth and the violence would not have hurt them with that big mouth as well and the warnings given at present would not have made sense as well. Now the part about businesses does not bother me half as much, the big idea is that you should think about packing your bags and moving somewhere else to build a career away from trouble makers but the choice is always that you can handle them instead and stay exactly where you are since others do not necessarily have to make their countries good enough for you to do a career in. Whilst the one about how I am unaware most of what I complain about is done by black men and Africans is more concerned with the fact I can sit down and realise that it is a matter running into years that somebody has been going off to wind up racists on my behalf then turn around to protect me from them as well – these are all things that these idiots should keep me informed about and I am aware they are going on and the consequences I dish out for them in my view are entirely deserved as well; you see they are a product of what these fools get up to especially with their media and the need to get involved with me, so that when I ask them why they do such things they will likely tell me it is because they always get what they want for example – so they never explain it is the reason for the problems they have and never tell people it is what they are doing it is simply supposed to be a behaviour that destroys all I own and creates a process where they end up owning it instead, none of which they can enforce – so that I work only with female journalists and since they will not get lost it is not my fault that I don’t have to change the way I relate with them either and if it makes them homosexual then so be it. I am not in any way stuck with female journalists, that part is simply going to make a lot of things a lot worse; it started years ago with every fool that appears on television being able to decide whether or not I watch television and steal her style to make myself likable with and it is not as if I do not do them the favours of warning them about what kind of environment will exist for them when everybody that wants to have a masturbation gets what they want and it is not that I don’t take care of that problem for them either, the result is as it always has been while they complain; they will wreck my life and ensure that I have to cash into some form of civil rights that they can ensure belongs to everybody and thereby keep me from doing so and for that reason do not see anything that is standing between them and my book sales at present. When it really comes down to it nobody knows why I am always being bullied by them and their stupid children and why they cannot stop making out I am a dunce that can be allowed to rule people in the UK, I mean I know the reason for it is to set off a process of being able to do whatever they like around me and with my possessions but I am speaking of reasons that people do what they do as persons and it is this kinds of provocation, the parents and the children and the women alike all like each other in equal measure, then we hear the complains as well. It is never clear now have they ever explained why I am always being bullied by them; I mean their mean will simply have me beaten up but their stupid children can make progress with their stupid lives by abusing me and their women can abuse me until I complain which will show how little respect I have for women and get me beaten up and it will lead to the demise of the fame and fortune industry as well for my part; for now as an Ideal I will never give up control of it yet; just one of the many reasons people go off to wind up racists on my behalf and turn out to protect me without my knowledge apparently – their stupid children cannot exist or get anything done without it. I don’t think these matters to be a major crisis I mean if we must exist then we need to ensure we are able to make a good deal with larger countries we trade with bearing in mind ours in smaller and we have less resources and I am not talking about hell holes run by fools from which nonsense like these comes from either and for these women that complain all the time it is never really clear why I am always being bullied by them either, reality being that I don’t want to know and they need to move on and move out so we can find out if the game of getting involved with me whether I like it or not on account that telling me to get out of their house has become a Political statement they make through a process of simulating the effects and is therefore something they cannot do without for example, will not lead to the same and worse effects from me – same old story of how they clearly can handle men that they think are weak. The part about being stuck with female journalists I make assumptions about being the biggest load of nonsense of them all, for these goons I am happy to be the biggest obstacle to their desires for fame being met since I still have no clue as to why I am always being bullied by them their stupid children nor do I why they will not stay off my books and finances so that they can keep doing it, being full of themselves and seeking out violent orthodox nonsense they can put forward looking for trouble all the time, never listen, want to raise other people’s children and their children are gang members murdering people all over the place while they boast with a big mouth – the female journalists however need to keep the part about provoking me in check, I am not stuck anywhere and they need to get the hell out of my Royal work and my Company and stay off the books, just like the Politicians need to as well. Now they are doing it, getting some good old female responsibility into their foolish lives so I might have some peace for a change.


The claim that I am very disrespectful of other peoples society is not news to me; they will complain like that endlessly on media, while at the same time I am full to my neck with matters concerning things I do which I have no right to because they should be done by those that are stronger than I am or I only given permission to do it by them. I only thought I ought to put them through an elaborate and protracted system of social education – now they know that if I screw up their society and they end up being oppressed by a tyrant whom they join up with on account that they can oppress me either I be against it or not, then what I have done will never have been out of place or cease to be the correct thing to do. They play these games all the time when they persecute people until they bend their entire lives into a corner where there will be a fight in a condition where they fight on other peoples terms for no reason unless you do them as well and we hear the stories that do nothing to make them change their ways either, apparently of which this is what my own life should be used for by others thereof. I do not think it a major crisis, they steal all the time and that is the problem, they steal everything right down to peoples personalities – you might tolerate the idea that the fame and fortune ones always love to think their problems to be paramount to everybody else’s own in other people’s lives on grounds it is not your business to determine how they wish to live out their stupid lives, when in actual fact you should not but then again the problem becomes that they wish to impose their problems and stupidities on you to drive you on like a slave while they get on media to seek riches and decadence without reason or purpose and this is the side we never get to hear because people should not mention it as it is something they cannot do anything about with that big mouth; I have never thought it a major crisis this matter of idiots and a process where I am doing the things that the strong and not the weak like me should be doing for attention, it’s just a matter of fact that nobody knows which is more respectful towards others be they tyrants or not; what I do and the activities they get up to chiefly of which is their stupid conspiracy theories – give it half the chance and that sense you have a warehouse underground where you rape and oppress women and children will run and run and run until they wreck your life and laugh on National television for it to tell tales about trophy victories which is all really bad for your health and then at some stage threaten you with violence as well but it is the last thing they will mention to those who ask them why they hate my so much but at the same time cannot stay away. As I said, they steal all the time and it is no new thing; it’s the one where they steal and tell me I have got a small penis as well – I mean if they get anywhere near my penis it will be something else and we are not talking about failing to wreck my life and drag me into a corner where they will be a fight that I engage in on their terms either – those stupid insults they carry out even when they know you are decades into your adulthood and your bones will grow no further and hence you have peaked and beating up does not just happen with a big mouth, I am only mentioning they do this anyway and one of these days if they wind me up really big I will soon get to the bottom of how much of my stuff they have been stealing and it will end as badly as it looks. I mean this matter is a topic for conversation at present because the Politicians are beginning to discuss my lack of respect for their world war one and world war two history and the power it gives them over Monarchies all over the world and advances the cause of Politics but before now it was a case of every little twat around them being given the opportunity to get hold of me and alter my life claiming this sort of thing offends them; whereby I have no right to exist and must be altered as a person on account they do not tolerate Monarchy – so they have started again since what I did to that stupid history was not because of such things in the first place, they are discussing the importance of their world wars history and it has something to do with me already – predictable entirely how it will end again. It has never been a major issue for me; just a case of civil idiot who hold public office and is referred to as Politicians has no respect for me or my person or my books or my finances; insults me in public all the time and make those stupid slight comments that destroy my company and my literary work all the time because they find it sporting, so I am at a loss as to what they suppose they will accomplish with the complains since they cannot leave me alone yet. The part about Russian Politics is not a new thing; Russian Politicians is not about setting out a manifesto and getting elected on it with plans to fulfil as much of what is on the list as possible, it is about being a force for something; so when people wish to be serious about it they will be serious about it, when they wish to offer support for idiots that steal from me and abuse me in context that I have a small penis for good measure they can do whatever they like but always remember I am very good at what I do and it will not end well either. This is what always happens it is nothing new; they think that they can do whatever they want with my person and possessions and talk nonsense all the time of how I go off to do things that the strong should be doing just because it is there – then the blacks think when you go up against them you will only make yourself into something the whites will use as a yardstick for everything until the Monarchy is ousted but so far they have done much of that yet as it were, so much have they done that people now ask why we British People like to protect tyranny whereas what happens is a Monarchy that opens up its country to the subjects to protect them from extremism and whenever an idiot sees that I don’t have to deal with such problems as mean that if I have a child when it began by the time it gets better my child will be ready to take their GCSE in which case the financial issues still lie ahead, they want a new country – they always do it when they have had their own figured out and feel as though they want to do mine instead for a living and this is where the problem is, so that those who want to aid them rather than get serious about their own issues can always do so but remember how this one has ended and how so much worse it will continue to get provided they feel they do not need to let me be. So here we have it all about the strong with that big mouth.