I do have all I need here in the UK and although it offer some curiosity to travel to the US which is a country similar and offers the same opportunities and is far larger is tempting, I am not the kind that will live well or survive the effects of travelling out very well for my part; so if I cannot live in peace will certainly burn their Labour and Conservative and Liberal democrat ones for them as well – this is what they never think is important enough to take into account and put their money where their dirt mouths are. I do not on the contrary create a process where there is gain and incentive for hurting me, that is what Politicians provocatively turn up here to do, so it is still the same old story about getting around without having to deal with the evils of their society and the end product will be what they will see I can do over one more contact with my parents to make me behave side of their adventures.

In the end I have no idea how offering services to women who have jobs because I am hoping to sell books to them means both my life and the existence of women must be plagued with men and their boys and their girls who all get some and share with the homosexuals and the problems of the world. This is what my perspective really is like if they want to know, when I am involved with issues and am concerned about taking action; so it is never going to be as pleasant as they suppose it will when I say they can make contact with my parents again to make me behave if they have got the fucking guts for it. I mean they will finish these things and expect you to have liberal views about homosexuality while they continue with it and test you so all the time, same with their city identities and their club life and their drink culture and so on and they cannot leave people alone the homosexuals are still the best things that have ever happened to women, while those that are not and just enjoy fucking women do not seem to recognise the effect their deviance of violence has on women or indeed other people but of course we all know as such that they have no business or concerns with women and generally just think they have a group they can dominate to get rich, which for me means I will not be a living breathing human being on account that they exist and need to get off mine and test and provoke and wind up the women by themselves so we can find out. The worst thing that can happen to immigration can be racism yes but this is arguably the new worst thing and all that yapping has not yet seem me in action distracting them from academic work and jobs in order to start a process of oppressing them yet, they talk nonsense and act in these ways every single day for their part and really, really, love their stupid threats for it too. I have not gotten to the point of distracting them from jobs and academic work in order to teach them and their insults what oppression really is for as a tool yet but they have reached that stage of their arsenal as it speak and continue to pass around those insults that express with violence the fact I am royalty and they are nothing, worse case just popular culture idiots who think they are famous. So it is something that is being considered as an option.


The claim I sit down in the UK and reach out to their cultures all over the world and use it to get rich is very well understood but it is not what I have done; what they did was work with their fellow media idiots to grab democratic ideology that belongs to no body from the life of a little shit and get off somewhere to improve a culture that will be their own, practical application was the pillaging of Intellectual Property from my company so they do not have to buy books when they see an Author and I am not giving back those stupid cultures or my access to them and fail to understand what their insults solve since I need the book sales in order to get a holiday for me away from their stupidities and then perhaps I may give them a break and move on by so doing, since it is never clear how a human being must change himself while they latch onto his life, so that they can feel what they want from it has belonged to them when it ignores their foolishness for the most part; as I always say they want some of me and will certainly get too; once I am out of my present status and therefore sought a public life there is no doubt that I will grab and sell that stupid culture and society so they can move on, no doubt in my mind at all. Yes I know when I say such things they tell me the culture is ugly and they had always wanted to get rid of it and I am doing a good job that I need to finish but of course we know that is asking for more and it is a typical example of where things can blow up over games with immigration, very far off from racism indeed. Nobody here is playing with them and nobody here is thinking about doing so either. The idea that I have to devise my own protection for myself which is laughable is not actually true in itself but never the less I do because I need to get around with my people i.e. they get into my royal business, rock my boat and talk nonsense like that on media which stifles the book sales and I will never at any point need the government to kick their arse – so that they can come round to get that frontier on the left if they suppose they have got it as well and then they can get involved with my royal business again when they want. It is not a great big crisis as such; the prognosis of people getting involved with my royal business and rocking my boat if they want so they can complain about the frontiers on the left is not just a matter of fighting me without reason or purpose because they are evil it is a matter of the fact once I had made it clear they can come and get the frontiers on the left if they suppose they have got it, then they understand why I stand and this does not breed a crisis, only set out that I am okay to sit down and work in an office in peace; however it is the same media idiots that travel to their countries to buy them a drink or two so they can co-operate with all the scumbags in the world that wish to explore my personality to get rich that get off to provoke me all the time and have a go at me every day until they get a reaction and just like that their stupid culture I will sell as it were, these media idiots I am determined will continue to find themselves in a condition where the reaction they get becomes worse and worse and worse by the day; then they will get together as men that know what it important and their major preoccupation will be me to that effect as well and then I will die for sitting down in the UK to explore their cultures all over the world with their big mouth. I can either be a writer that Politicians are not interested in so I can enjoy my own life or I can be the person they want to make a mess of and boast about and mock in public all the time because they claim it is good for their feelings, for it they will get a piece of me as well and things will continue to work for them the way it is at present. However on getting into trouble with the Royal family the chance does not exist – somebody was always going to get ambitious and the reality of the fact that the only group of people who want institutional boundaries to be crossed in order to do things that harm others are women and it generally always works terribly well for those of them that are so wealthy the Police cannot follow up all the time as it were, then they can behave anyway they want for it. However I suppose I will never sell my books because the Prince of Wales was supposed to have abdicated the Throne so that the Duke of York might become King and Princess Beatrice Queen later and so since that never happened I must lose everything I own including my personality yap, yap, yap, royalty with money who prefer to steal; I do not consider it to be a major issue, just the way they ensure none of my books get sold a single copy because they want to ensure I have to shut down the business so they can own it I need to hold my own and not blow my top just in case the fight comes along. Until then nothing I have written on my websites will change in hell; I know I am not that vulnerable, those who have a public life for the secret service in the US and the UK are not vulnerable to those who think that the Heir should abdicate with my co-operation so things might change for them because there would have been a real chance for a fortune for me etc. I know my life is covered in secret service allies and things I say and do, does not get to understate that anyway as such – there is no need to be afraid of anybody and I share this office with none either, so this idea of unrelenting attacks from the Duke of York where people are royalty with money to buy things but tend to think they should steal them is nothing to be concerned about, however women ought to be doing that whenever people get ambitious as it were, then complain about domestic abuse as well. I mean at the end of the day when I leave behind the government security I still kick their arse anyway and they have since been able to take that frontier on the left away from me as such, now they can really get involved with my affairs and rock my boat, for example when I don’t want 200 men against another 200 men or more which is described a war and they think they want their enemies to be killed just like media idiots that can manipulate anybody with a big mouth and are hell bent on incessant financial destruction for me at all times unrelenting as well, then good for them too, since I never remember asking them to fire any cannons around here. The other part where my actions are not so good for the Prince of Wales is a case of him and popular culture goons while feminists fire my cannons for me; of course I do not share this office with anybody and want nothing of it and because it will damage my earnings it is fun to see there is some way it affects me in a condition where they are financially better off, which I am then expected not to be provoked by lest I seem incapable of my office. Hence a story of rocking peoples boats, which somebody does to you but HRH seems to do to himself. Likewise are stories told I don’t care what the Political needs of the Nation is and only interest myself in business but they have made sure on the other hand that violent transvestites and homosexuals are all over my government provided security which does not go hand in hand with expecting me to ignore the existence of business communities and of course there is talk of how I do not do the Queens work properly of which is not true although in order to ensure what the world thinks of Britain and the Queen are intact I ought to set out that I am a Christian and some things I do in service of HM while other things I do because I am a Christian and the Queen likes it because she is a Christian as well. Politicians are mad you see, they make laws they chase people around and force them to break those laws and then make them redeem themselves by being obedient to their wishes which may also involve murdering people on the streets and getting in and out of prison re-offending as though you live there and nobody has any explanation as to what kind of laws they are making when this is their public attitude towards the laws they make in the first place – like the tensions in Northern Ireland, where they say they want to find out how I am going to deal with the violence, when we all know including those who do the violence that violence is bad but it is the Politicians that have a special policy that encourages it i.e. bearing in mind we have a problem that faces the Nation but the fundamentalisms of the lower class is the answer, why can’t we just allow them do it instead of continue to pretend that Europe and the villages that trade with Africa and the Middle east and America will suddenly disappear and then some personalities we see will be no more on account social tricks and lies and quick oppressive laws are things that can be made – so that we endlessly have to try to go back in time to recover what people were trying to do when they planned a peaceful march by loyalist past republican territory etc – how do these characters turn out to be republican in the first place when as far as I am concerned a see people like that all over Europe and all over the place, I know they are different from me because their colloquialisms are different and no matter how many times I come across the same difficulty or successes they have I cannot talk like that myself, so this is how I come across them and I see them everywhere in Europe but in Northern Ireland they have become a group specifically described as republicans which is also a threat to a Crown and it is never clear why people cannot just let them have their personality and be themselves and find their way through their own lives as it were – hence in context I had said all I needed to say as it were for my part and this idea of a task that is not a difficult one but is one which politicians want to see how I will pull off is typical as well. The in-house Parliamentarians on the other hand have seen my books and changed their Politics accordingly so by all means they should have no other way to get around with me except black mail and so if they are concerned about a point where I will be interested in parliament somewhere in hell as it were.


Now on the matter of CCTV Cameras and how we are one of the most watched Nation in the world, I for my part as a person understand that CCTV cameras are not my property and I was not involved in the process that got them where they are, so whether or not they are there is none of my business  but this is because I am somebody who believes that unless I expressly created something or bought it, whatever I see is actually material things and mean nothing to me, except if I were to consider there is another person behind it who in actual fact is what we describe as the legal owner. So to wake up in the morning to entertain things happen on TV after I pay my licenses as it were which involve somebody engaging the Country in debates about how people should elect to appear on CCTV Cameras the campaign of which has a group and a funding as well is completely beyond me; I mean the bloody idiots think they are God’s gift to the world I should suppose otherwise useful fact and info gathering time of mine would not have been spent on such nonsense over and over and over again. What then should we ask is the character of those who appear behind those Cameras anyway? Thieves, robbers, murderers; the bloody idiots think they are the best thing that happened to me basically and yes from that angle too where it is impossible for them to leave other people alone we shall now talk about appearing on CCTV Cameras on consent. I am not shying away from mentioning at all that these idiots would believe I like them like they always do, first of all of which is therefore the fact that they clearly work for anything in their lives which is why a process of acquiring an academic endeavour, a research into how to handle yourself and a means by which to get money from others in return for a service gets to mean people have enough energy and time left around to engage the entire Nation at National and global media on how to appear on CCTV Cameras only when you have elected to do so and if I were to raise it they would say I have no energy to run here and run there and get things done and that is why I envy those that do for they have worked for any penny for any once in their stupid lives as it were, whereby I am also the reason these CCTV Cameras have become so invasive when I have made it clear on my websites that I have a personal life in which I serve businesses and Industries, in which I serve Governments and which is heavily worked by security services, instead of such things showing facts about a genius that can write out facts at his office about his business with the secret and security services which makes him more friends and allies and work partners instead of get him into trouble, those writings and my books have become their plaything over the plan to get rich. So if they were to use my time to talk about appearing on CCTV Cameras only on consensual election, how much of my bloody time would that possibly be anyway; I mean we deal with this kinds of things from them all the time, where people will realise they do not like life in suburbia but will get off to ensure they want your personal and social life all the time and the result is of course possible entrapment that you cannot control but they will draw your attention to on account it happened because they tried to harm you and they do not deserve to suffer for their stupidities because they are gods and so you endlessly end up in a situation where the bloody idiots will get off their lives and sit around wrecking your finances to show they are about to descend the stages from madness to indults and abuses to mass murder. Yet they say I destroy their stupidities on the left and that was the reason but of course they can get involved in my affairs and rock my boat for me yet again if they want bearing in mind also since I had expressly given consent to every feminist on the planet to fire my cannons for me too – the bloody idiots are convinced as such I should assume that I have not had enough of them on account they have stupid wives and stupid children to give money and the high living to. I do not think it is a complicated matter either – the reality is simple first of which is that if I was bothered about CCTV Cameras I would most likely take 1 or 1 and a half thousand pounds and gone on a cruise since people need to have their offices and their work place and their business and high walls and gates are unsightly, cost ineffective and could take up useful commuter space and secondly is the cultural things I do and the black idiots in secret places to whom it belongs for their fame and fortune careers, playing stupid violent games with me over it and over it and again and again and again because they mad, which I do not appreciate and now we have reached a stage where there are things I will take back into me so that they can have what they want since the fact I have a long list of insults from them and or their girls that will be punished is not yet a problem, so for that I have been going around absorbing the good stuff which then creates a life I must share with others, the punishment awaits still as it were and we shall see; they accumulate the insults like crazy and I think I will have to pass the punishments on if I cannot finish them in my life time as well.

Now on the matter of wages and how Companies continue to employ low paid migrant workers and not UK ones I find it difficult really to work out why they complain at this stage; they enjoyed voted for a government that increased wages until inflation had to catch up instead of increase wages according to inflation and now it seems that businesses are prepared to chose lower paid workers because it is their way of managing inflation which their government is not doing at present before it complains about others. It was meant to have been the duty of the government to set wage rates according to inflation, then control the inflation itself and how many of that have they really done anyway, thus which part of market forces putting companies in a position where they have to show them that is the problem by employing cheaper workers means it is the fault of the businesses then? Yes I know they always say I am the most important champion of cuts to people’s rights to freedom but I really have no idea which part of the fact it is the duty of the government to set wage rates and manage inflation so they do not rise too high for the businesses, who only really need to worry about employing local workers because they have the skills and know the area and nothing else, has to do with anybody’s civil rights but we all know it is the good old laziness that we normally have several explanation for, especially the one that wants to be better off than you are with what you own, the one that creates problems to overwhelm you and then themselves as well because they think they will be able to manipulate the disposition to make you solve the problems for them and then solve none for yourself etc , it’s all laziness and decadence and the bit they think they have gotten away with is the part where they devise more of the violence according to which one will suit them best while the rest of us get back to the drawing board over the economic crisis. It’s like an art form for them, something they do obsessively like boys with their toys and so is my retribution for all they do to harm me something I do like boys and their toys as well and that is where we are at present. There is nothing here mentioned about their stupid civil rights or whether or not I am hampering it, unless if we were to imply that my position in general is that each time they hand my property to spend it on themselves and usually tell me racists will come and get me if I resist them, then we are going back to 1940 – this is actually true, it is the way I do things here. The part they normally say they are confused about is that of what I mean when I say they need to get off my books and the sales and get off the Industries where they know I work and broker equities with companies but there is really nothing confusing about the fact that the Music Industry is a global multimillion pound menace that wants you to be more concerned about the insults of their weenie celebrities instead of deal with them for the damages that they cause you and the media on the other hand is its twin and regularly gets to tell me that the music industry might explore my personality in order to exist alright full of lazy idiots that do not want a living wage when it is possible for them to have millions without doing any work for it but that they the media are the ones that actually depend on personality improvements in order to exist and this is where everything about my books disappears into everyday; hence they understand me very well when I say they need to get off the books and get off the Industries. The media and the Music industry are two giant multimillion pound menaces and they know that perfectly, hence want some of mine all the time as well. Of course what I want to do is confiscate it; so that everything they do will simply offer me more publicity for my work and then we will find out how they react to that. I am not in any silly position where I am now trying to find out how much money people still have left to spend on my products because they have all been taken either; these fools never find it possible to leave people alone or stay off people’s property whenever they feel like it and their cultural wickedness and by my standards everything that makes them such a problem for me will disappear as well. I mean when it started they never said they wanted to completely destroy all I have and turn out to develop new economy when I have ended asking if there is anybody with any money left to buy my products, they said at the time it was about somebody who knows what to do being made to share with everybody so he does not keep it all to himself and since I always knew what it was they got the Politicians involved and it became something else endlessly until they have reached this point, all of which is criminal stuff for they saw the patents on the books and they are not the persons mentioned around the equities and nobody permitted them to use or handle the company industry properties the way that they have. It is a little known fact they have done these things because they have a desire to lean on me and are too poor to look after that desire which makes it very annoying but I am sure they know it is criminal stuff as well and there really shouldn’t be any bragging for it out there either with that big mouth. I have before warned the biggest problem between us is the insults because any one of them does it in a condition where they know they can do anything to me from tramp to idiot on television I will go after all of them on a global stage for it and will never stop doing it if I have to pass on the vengeance to the next generation as well, so they can tell me their criminal destruction here will be ignored while there will be a new economy build around how I plead to find out if anybody has any more money to buy my products anymore – completely impossible as it were. I will never stop fancying older women and masturbating everyday so they can have big government and Politicians that know nothing of what to do at leadership except torture those that do to extricate successes that will be protected by violence, leave me like this and open to these bragging and abuses by their fucking idiots as well all over the World.