So on the tale of whether or not I have a problem with protection on one hand while on the other make things up about my position at the Monarchy as I go along; it’s an old tale of the fact I am aware that about 40% of the things I do is not really me or mine and the reason for it is the number of times people want to get off in public and go along with an alternative version of me which has been created on media. So of course it tends to mean I am free to do whatever I like provided it’s their fault too and it seems they don’t -like the whole game show as much anymore these days, while I am only warming up. I have made the matter very clear and obvious for my part as well; they all currently hate my guts because I have created a system of entrapment that does not allow them seek convenient fame and fortune all the time and that means that men have become more predatory when it comes to seeking their conveniences and leads to an outcome where I am always being shown that they wouldn’t mind killing me to grab my stuff, while they complain about law enforcement at the same time all together as well. The result they say should be that the pressure on them builds up to a point where there is civil conflict but there will be no such conflict considering I am really good at releasing steam from the system of which they can see if I allow them make money from that good feeling as well my purpose would be defeated hence another stage where they don’t like me at all; for their part their opinion of me has thus become that I am a coward but when I mention something about the homelessness that war causes and the question of whether they have ever been shot by a bullet before so as to know what it feels like for instance, they would tell me the running helter-skelter problem associated with war would not apply to them – so we can see that they are useless to a point and have had their own calculated but will not wait for others to calculate as well considering they have found their own profitable, so their conclusion is that I have no means by which they will fear and run from me as it were; hence somebody has to take responsibility on seeing that they are bloody idiots as a result. However they will never have the conveniences and as I mentioned before its nothing new about England, it is an example of the events by which we are able to judge today the reasons Queen Elizabeth I was very fond of lobbing off heads and so on – it’s the one where you have the great idea that you must keep somewhere because they have always told people where it is and how it exists so as to do their problems for them; I am aware that because they have destroyed every means of morality for their powerful male selves, their desperation for conveniences is making them more predatory in their behaviour towards it and that is why they will get it in hell too. This is how it has stopped being funny that Mr Gay master regularly turns up on media to mock and abuse me and make money with his celebrities at the other end, which celebrities and a behaviour to it as well has come to a stage where they will cease to try and round me up like sheep in a financial context and go off to the shops to keep me out of a job as well and I hope that whilst they continue, that process where employers should be able to protect their employees will be something they can do very well for the celebrities every time they send them out to target me thereof because it is leading to some serious problems too. They do speak of my war on women and that is of course when they are starting to make statements about that stupid woman that likes to think if she was in a relationship with me, she would have been in charge of the relationship; hence I have to review my crowd control thing all the time, where the poorer ones live in and create a community where nothing good whatsoever happens in it except it is done because women live in it too which then exists to serve them and the wealthy ones like to make friends with criminals in people’s lives and families because they make out extremists groups are the kind of problems that fit their power and wealth – these foolish women are simply the ones that make worse the problem of every fool that is bigger and older than me making a habit of insulting me to set me out as the guy from whom they secure these conveniences, she can never keep her insult where it is appreciated and move left where she belongs, she knows things about others all the time and nothing she knows about herself for her part, her insults know no limits and she hates my cuts because I cut up the communities that have emerged from her madness even when I am not in a relationship with her, a relationship in which she would have been in charge with a big mouth as it were. There is nothing unusual about any of these things; just the realties that remind us we can never make progress and economically more so as long as these idiots feel that each time they get a sense they can have something or achieve something, it is actually possible for them to have an achieve that thing – it is a state of affairs that should never have been and killing it dead is what I am doing; the Politicians do say I acknowledge my failures therefore but it is no such thing, they on the other hand like these insolent women that happen to bear the brunt of my so called war on the powers of women have always known that a condition where people have become more predatory in the seeking of conveniences because it is becoming tougher and tougher and the pressure is getting worse but they are still carrying out the behaviour that leads to such an outcome even by half of them wanting to be homosexuals and the other half wanting to attack homosexuals on my behalf kind of behaviour etc – so they deserve everything they get and for such women, when they go off and get raped and start to tell stories about it I will feel sorry but my position will not change, for the Politicians it’s the fact that when I look into wickedness around me and cannot stay ailment after I am settled, I will always take steps to ensure I am not the one facing the consequences of that and then they can make difficult choices and decisions for a change – another example of which is when I shut down the left so they don’t ruin my finances and set out idiots that will count pennies around me until they make millions and get to tell me they were never stupid on account they have got money, it’s another difficult decision Politicians have to make and they will make more still and leave me alone when they had made enough – since they continue still to get into government offices to make laws that help trouble makers defeat me and my Court systems etc; the excuse is always that they make laws that defeat people who are fighting these things because they make laws that defeat people to defeat evil people and that is why I fuck all the Court systems as well, so they can get really fond of using it. They do speak of the fact it has come to a point of desperation but we all know the answer is really simple i.e. they are to get conveniences from their own living rooms; Politicians Media and Television personalities and as for Media bosses reforming their office operations and settling up celebrities to ensure that I am beaten down and they can get the conveniences, it goes beyond Mr. Gay masters vandalism of my property, and I really hope they can protect them celebrities and TV personalities as well on seeing when people ask others to do a job they should be able to protect those that work for them, like I protect myself whenever I run my Royal business too as it were. The politicians say whenever I am asked to fight for the system I tend to make excuses and excuses and more and more excuses but of course the reality is rather that of the old question of whom we are to exclude from the fundamental nature of Council services, Leisure services and the Utilities if they are so ready and each time the question turns up, we find them playing up the bubble that exists between their Offices and the prison service which bubble others do not have going on as well – then they get to tell me the problem has to be that I am always on a path to clashing with others when people are largely good people, which is utter nonsense too as we are all very well aware that every village has an idiot but their own has people it is superior to, is incredibly violent and must be helped to other peoples public life by them and their Politics, to make money that will help with mobility too and then just like we are having to look into here, we sooner than later had found them running away from the problem when their Political bottoms and media spin idiots bottoms hurts; I mean walk into public transport and there will be one in front and another at your back being clever because politicians and Media spin doctors help them to popular culture income on your public life and five minutes later four more will walk in as a group and you have to face that every single 24 hours and they claim you are not the one fighting for the system if you can make excuses instead – nobody knows why the idiots are always pointing fingers at me as the guy Politicians deploy to fix their problems for them and nobody will ever know what sort of name that is or what kind of a human being gets used to fix other people’s problems or indeed why Politicians are so fond of implementing it; now they can fight for the system as well as the cat is out of the bag because they talk too much and that spin will come in very handy too. As for me, if they cross that line and tell me they are on my case on behalf of the Politicians, I will step on them really hard as well all together – for now we have a kind of arrangement as it were. It’s the old story; they are always paying for it and want to use my own to pay – the one where they take a look at themselves and can see they are so physically endowed they can take five knife slashes and kill somebody else with six etc and I am not paying for any as such for my part which is why those stupidities around my Books are a function of Politicians claiming their behaviour is due to a lack of information and must be stopped as well, they must stop sharing how I was raised and will be a good father to my kids, stop sharing my personality etc and stop sharing my ability to make myself financially comfortable – it’s the new evil wealth distribution and it comes with the territory of Royal Office private equity intellectual property administration business as I am aware. I understand they say I do not make progress with myself because I do nothing in the correct way; I am not aware of such things for my part either – what I am aware is happening is peoples obsession for using the fact I am a respectful Christian as a pretext for making me out to be the kid they abuse to cope with their foolish lives and claiming it is a matter of how I make people feel about me and not a matter of what reality says, we have only ended up with the part where they claim that whilst I make out I am living in a world where I have to pay attention to myself whilst exploring what it is like to be those who tell me what to do as insultingly as possible, I am the one telling people who are more important due to their celebrity culture making money with my public life as stubbornly as possible on an accusation that has to do with how I bring it on myself by pioneering my own stuff and turning up to threaten me, what to do; whereas it is filial vandalism to go out of find their stupidities so you might tell them what to do considering it will only have offered them a self improvement, it’s like taking pieces out of your gene pool and dashing them, hence not something I would have wanted to engage myself in either and if I see those stupid communities will cut them up again. I don’t think it is an issue, it is a habit we have that involves going about showing those who have a business but are always being bullied what they should be doing when they get bullied and the reason is because such persons are being bullied while we have worked out where most high earning Industry businesses keep their operations and have turned up to have the Lion share of somebody else’s literary Empire as a community that is connected with it – so it is not the sort of nonsense people should make time to tolerate and the idea I tell them what to do is scarcely credible despite the level of media exposure. It simply never stops; your new job can easily begin on the first day with public transport operatives working out that you are unable to do the job and then over the weeks what everybody including your boss will think will have moved in a certain direction that you did not design and even if you do your appraisals and self assessment it will all still have to follow that direction all together anyway, it’s another example of the kind of nonsense you should not get to tolerate and why it is important to exclude them from a work and business environment – as it stands their impunity continues and I don’t know what I am going to do to them considering its not hurting badly enough yet as it were. They say it’s my sexual habits and how it affects them which causes them to behave the way they do but I wouldn’t know exactly why they like to train their cameras on my Court in a certain way and make them uncomfortable in a certain way, so as to make a combination of them and me that will produce good sex stories to write and make a nice little earning with, then have other ideas about why I attack them so viciously when most people know it is because they make use of my Books without paying and then get on media to damage the sales as well in order to make these kinds of nonsense operable and tell me how to write a Book because their bottom is hurting as well and their stupidities are no longer making any sense to those that are not interested – it’s nothing new to me, I am just filling in the facts – I mean like when they say I tell people what to do but the reality is that if they used my Books without paying and damaged it then set out to attack my health as well a million times they will still do it the next second like they were never served the last few minutes gone by already, it will still never have been enough; so that its only when public transport operatives claim every job I get are the ones I cannot do that it tends to make sense and it’s the reason we have ended up here – they seem to have this confidence they can deceive a vast amount of people at any given one point in time as far as they are concerned and feel like I should be the target whenever they want to test their abilities every time and this is the real reason they hate my Books so much.  its not a rivalry of convenience that they have developed here which is the problem, it is the fact they use my Books without paying for them i.e. people are aware when people become predatory over seeking their conveniences, it is an evil thing and for every process of co-operating with it they deserve everything they get - I am not a Talented tortured Soul or a used Super star like they would love to make out and those who go along with that are going to blame me for something in the short notice at all times. It’s not an unusual matter; it’s the old story of spending time with women because I am many times the man they will ever be leading to vandalism that results in a process where my fame and stardom is based on hurting their societies and communities and cultures and histories and so on – because dealing with problems and keeping the female community involved or informed so the whole thing does not pop up somewhere else and return to bite everybody later has simply got to take up everything including your very breath; so that when I have gotten the Americans into a position where they cannot bother me with freedom on their account they still think I am playing with them for the most part. At this point they will say it’s all done now and the fight is over but it isn’t, it will be when my finances are fixed; the one Politicians damage to allow them a process of getting on media to build my fear of uncertainty up as a fear for them that allows their teenage idiots to see me as somebody they can attack when they want to use his personality to make fame and fortune and he refuses to co-operate etc and for the Politicians I have mentioned before they say I refuse to fight for the system if I can make excuses instead and I did inform them that they have spin and it will come in handy, so we understand each other well and they need to stop stretching it – when it comes to me and these foolish men however, it will be over when the finances are restored. There is nothing unusual about it; I do get asked about what the root cause was since the problem appears to be endless but it has always been as simple as the great old tale of wickedness and evil; in my case when it first started was around 2001 when they noticed that if they did irregular heart beat TV at me and cut themselves off from all means by which social morality exists and depended on my morals, then the result will be that they will crack open the heart of the Christian who stays one step ahead of the evil that targets him every day and in that way know what he is thinking at all times and get to dominate using media and public opinion ; naturally of which only male journalists could achieve it as such– at this point even they have forgotten what the reasons are all together (not hurting badly enough). They do say they have secured new conveniences at my expense but everybody knows I am in charge and they are not and that was a function of the fact they are always in my space and blabbing nonsense at a later time about me getting into violent trouble and really cannot see how useless they are yet as it were. They do say that I am now being bullied and that I am not doing anything about it but we all know that if you don’t want to live in City centre Sodom and Gomorrah UK, then you don’t have to but if you don’t want to and are forced to by Politicians, it makes sense when people end up complaining as well that you do nothing when you are being bullied – it is easier to leave other people’s children alone than it is to work hard and end up in such a position but we all know it is a matter that entirely depends on what they want to work on instead, which they always find a way to work on for money no matter what as well – then tell me how my stardom should operate. We do hear them claim I am only starting to experience the things that popular culture people who are far superior to me suffer to make a better society for me and not get appreciated for it but I wouldn’t know – it’s like the story of how amazing the things I do is on one hand while on the other the promiscuity of such foolishness tends to mean that people want to explore what would happen if things went wrong – I for my part really don’t know what their case is with raising their foolish children the way I was raised whenever they are stupid celebrities, it’s not as if they change any idiots gene pool by doing so anyway but then again of which what they gain is the financial damage that they do, so they can get on media and tell me I am doing the wrong thing; it’s one of those things that makes some of us wonder which stage we got conned into paying for Politicians as a tax payer, paying for Politicians that set out introducing social policies which means that we must spend our time on matters of gangs and violence first before we chase academic work or career but when we do, they select those that are to be sacrificed so that every idiot can get out of it as well in order to avoid what children raised from households of stupid socialist women who spent time wondering where teachers private parts were when they should have been studying and hence are primarily raised from birth to do society a favour by being a criminal, from paying for what they have got the means to pay for – so when we talk about it properly we put it down to socio-political evolution that we lost money to as a tax payers but when we speak of it pound for pound, it becomes a question of which point we actually got conned into funding such nonsense. I have never suggested that this case was a massive problem, only filling in the facts; I mean sometimes when it comes to the problem of women who need vast millions they have never actually worked for and have a low level of tolerance for a process where they are not in possession of it working with men that can beat me up to target me every single day, the Americans must be made to hold their horses. What happens is that they get beaten by their mates in every way including academics and finances and intellect and even social and political and then turn up to get into my personal space and hurt me and get out of bed for that all the time backed up by barely sane and barely criminal scumbags that will beat me up. They do say I have been beaten academically and in every way by my mates as well but that was never what we were talking about here – in any case speaking of which when I was the student that can handle the culture and society, they got really busy with destroying the academic work for me, now I have gotten the job and career done in a different way but because it’s the one where they have to buy the Books and go along with the way I want it to happen – they have ganged up and formed communities that will secure conveniences from me with a big mouth; showing up as suited up idiots in public places throwing it around all the time – they say they no longer have access to the left and a civil existence but this is precisely why I shut it down because it comprises of nothing but their National sense of fame that Politicians will deploy to aid them when they must have my public life at all cost and it’s been 15 years, so it seems it is impossible for them to get to a stage where they might think such behaviour is embarrassing on account they are psychopaths and I think there is something wrong with me emotionally as well; I have no idea if they do stop to take a look at what the poorer versions of psychopaths actually look like and I wonder if they do think about the possibility that somebody out there might want all of them to look like that too; the piece of advice here is not that they can get into my personal space whenever I turn up in public places or stand at my place of work and then bully me as well for it, it is that they need to keep off my Book sales and stop being seen around my space as we have nothing in common – there is no need for the other side of the story; which is largely about Industry and Popular culture and media and a process of making sure their parents do not bequeath them any money that constitutes a threat to me so it can cease to be amusing whenever we talk about it.


I hear the number of times I play my video games and what they see and hear me do creates leaks in British security systems but its utter nonsense as we all know that only a goon would base a strategy on what he or she saw me do with a game in 24 hours and even if they consistently watched me play over 2 years or more, I can play the game at any time and will still have a history of playing the game before then too – it is a really silly thing to do and explains why they cannot stop chasing peoples anus and penis considering they are fond of such nonsense but then again it is not unusual since it is the stupidities and vanities of African leaders we are talking about here all together as such. In the end their madness is something British Politicians like to mess everybody around with, hence nothing unusual but I am the one making convenient decisions these days and the biggest problem of all is how to catch me when I do knowing that turning up at my work place to tell me people are there at the authority of Politicians will lead to an outcome where things like the witchdoctors they visit whenever it is election season so as to bother me over such madness because they visited them from Africa and I am black coming to the surface and I will end up stepping on their Political stupidities and doing so really hard indeed too as well. It seems they appear to be oblivious to the fact that there cures for these social ailments and the one that prevents the sense of desiring other people’s property has always been war on celebrities, the one that prevents tummy doing whatever it likes uncontrollably has always been trading and observing that people come from various communities and those who are uncivil about their own get their deserved due, the one that actually curses every single ailment is the war on Politicians all together –so they talk of how I speak of the secrets of my hidden success story all the time and it is such a forbidden fruit as it were.  They say I am possessed and that this is the problem, which is utter rubbish; I just have a history with the evils of their culture and society, the one where I beat them down so badly people cannot work out if there are evil people about bullying others over money these days anymore – the outcome is that they are unhappy and I have a history with them, so I never want to talk about it, when Politicians and their Media fools enjoy the fun of making me by ripping up my finances to secure convenient choices, I don’t want to be responsible for what I say, hence take the steps I do; when their bottom hurts and mine does as well, the one the happens to me was something they created, talking about it is not the same as being possessed. It’s the same old story all around anyway; these their twisted evil goons are always after me and the blacks especially are related to me all together when I have no idea who on earth they are as it were; so they do that and before long we hear them claim they are asking me about the living of life considering I have a Royal Office and there is an Army that will hurt people on my behalf but when they see my stupid mother creeping around and telling tales of how I have stolen her fame, laying down her own pipeline of connections under me, it becomes their preoccupation to give her the means to ensure whenever I am dealing with social and cultural evils trying to beset me, she becomes their greatest asset by drawing attention to it and telling my secretes and building up even more like she has always done for the family even in Africa and then she becomes the greatest asset of the Labour party soon after that; I wonder if they can do me the favour to telling her to get lost unless of course they know who the hell she is all together which is not my business anyway; history is that the one these fools don’t do anymore is the one about telling me to control my mother – that was the main one from 2001, it is now overrated. So when we pay good attention to it, what we find is that Mr gay master and his fame seeking girls and the media connection is such a problem because the kind of entertainment they offer is the sort of thing people fancy in White Hall; combine it with the witchdoctors that are visited when it is election period and you end up with a clear sense of understanding of how different the world of Monarchy is from that of Politicians and why a show down with Politicians is the cure for all ailments. I for my part have a certain Royal work I need to bank roll and the job I do for that purpose has to be done by the same me who does everything else I am known for; so unless I am three or two separate people, I implore them to stop messing up my finances lest I do their own as well. It’s all an elaborate process of grooming me for a bad thing; the abuses are a function of the nature of celebrity and their popular culture and they are meant to ensure that my own people tend to feel that handling me in such ways are acceptable which will never happen if celebrities do not get to cross me again as it were – so doing the Politicians really is the cure for all things and when their bottom hurts because they like to pass insults at me due to being older than me, which these celebrated idiots can pick up and run with as well and they get to ensure my mine hurts too, they think that when I talk about it I am insane and when I make out I am not that will pass on to one of their fame freaks and girls etc. All I had to continue with was my war on celebrities and the Politicians need to be warned they started this mess and fighting them is the easiest way out of this mess of them all – war on celebrities with some of the most corrupt aspects of private security Industry, wearing sun shades and looking for the conveniences of other peoples personal lives to peddle and make fame with, eating snacks and getting on my nerves with a nasty behaviour that needs to stop at short notice, just like those fine cloths they buy pillaging my public life should indicate as it were. It is the answer for all things making Westminster hell for them and it’s not the one where talking like I do would put me in danger of them either; we are looking at a process where the main issue was to keep celebrated idiots out of here but they have turned up to offer me the one where I had to pay attention to those who want to kill me and grab my stuff having decided on what they want to work on and moved the entire world to work on it looking for trouble as it were, as long as stupid boys and girls cling to my public life, sell entertainment and have throngs of lawyers that prevent me from recovering it with a big mouth – so it is the cure for all things.

I mean if I took my local neighbourhood girl somewhere and made her wear pants and bikini and Minge all over the place while I took pictures, which I then put up on somebody else’s public life, the person would be provoked because I don’t know him and we are not in any way related. They have worked out how they are going to have a life of their own and it involves destroying my finances in such ways to delay a process where I got married and had a family so they can copy that and go places and it will settle for no other alternative like it gives to the frugal. They are now being gratuitous of course considering it is an example of how resourceful Politicians really can be as it were. However on earth ripping up peoples finances and reputation and property over some excuse that they are not Royalty but like to pretend they are instead of taking what the Royal family has given them and going off to get famous and then exhibiting yourself to sing an inspirational piece for the goons that live in your neighbourhood actually get to mean that you have made enough money on the persons public life to be a famous person – it’s happening on one hand and then on the other a world where Male Royals don’t like females getting involved and females don’t like males getting involved, it’s another example of how much destruction these fools wrought here over what they know nothing of as it were and enough is enough. So is there any aspect of Celebrities which is actually salvageable? Of course there is; its the one where people use their good looks to exhibit my Position and work and actually get to tell people that it belongs to me and the simple way to stay out of trouble is not to get involved even in a derivative sense; it makes me feel I am surrounded by people who know what they are talking about bearing in mind I have to tolerate the fact they are not buying Books and I am losing money as well but because of which I am losing time all together and everything else goes into disarray including academic work, so when they exhibit their stupidities later like they at present make out it is justifiable competition looking for trouble all the time. It is said I interfere with the business of other Royals which I don't; I mean for instance The Duchess of Cambridge and what HRH did during Her Wedding day is not actually meant to be a Liability of minebut at the time One did not realise that according to Men Women were useless and according to Women Men were useless, so she had lots of benefit of doubt to go by, most cases whereby I am said to interfere are pretty much the same (The story of living under the protection of black people these days being much the same as when traders cannot trade because they are more interested in Royal concerns resulting in a process where they have something to hate because somebody showed them their place and put their insults in perspective - in terms of black people, those are only starting to realise what it would be like if I used that their stuff we hear them claim I use all of the time, the one where the vilest means of whipping up a crowd against me has to be deviced by immoral people aka I stole all I am and all I have and all I do and all I own from an aspect of their culture that they were saving up for the future, to have some of my personality from the very bottom of the source like we see them give to the frugal; so it only just stopped being amusing since I ended up with an Empire that was fundamentally detached from its market equity and their idiots could not stop damaging my property to round up and control their kids looking for trouble; so we are talking about gay masters this time because it seems they take turns between the races and so on and then within that damage they do to a relationship I have with the male community which relies on fantasies meant to show I am not the kind of person that builds violence for others, we see them show up on media to pretend every body absolutely adores them endlessly, knowing that was always a lie but blaming it on something which thing I have no wish to give them a chance to get out of me too - its never been a problem, just that Politicians are really fond of making laws that allow gay masters to beat us down and that is why I fuck all the Court because they are too fond of using it, as there are evil people out there they can make laws to help gay masters beat down as it were.).