Nothing people say on television bothers me any where near half as much as they claim that it does. All it does is make me take unfathomable risks, like the ones I took over punishing MPs for corrupting the armed forces which every body and see and feel today. It makes sense to everybody else because you need to be stupid in a very special way to mind other peoples jobs while you do yours for the purpose of destroying it; it is going to be a hellish task because it is what means the most to them in the world but you do it while keeping a job of your own, successfully with government help, then get into Unions and seek more interests. Today the most important outcome of this is enough energy around to democratise the world which they also think makes me really uncomfortable because I am the big meat that will be used for the party. it does not make me uncomfortable in anyway since I happen to have been the one person to whom they have lost everything over their fight to obliterate normalcy so that they can make people disillusioned with their powers and be able to cause and work violence. It is not in my interest to democratise the world either, since I will not make any money from such things. If it is however possible for them to guarantee that I will be able to sell more of those books that are created to shut it down forever, then it will be in my interest to democratise the world otherwise there is no point and they are just wasting their time. All that destruction on the basis of being able to say one thing and think about the other which therefore means they are gentlemen; stupid clowns.

Of course they love to bandy those threats about access to my books and publishers too and I am fed up with them since I write those books to earn a living and if people cannot steal my words when they buy them I fail to see how people who have copies of my chronicles will steal my world to get rich or indeed those whom I am published with will steal my income to get rich. So I want them off my market place since I have had enough of the fun otherwise I will completely decimate their civil rights and multiculturalism.


This is not what we are doing at the moment. What we are doing at the moment is more about putting them on a fools errand each time they spend my income which is what the real problem between me and their society and culture and communities is about; Politicians give them tax payers money and then spend tax payers paid time to hold me down so they can keep up with my earnings and squander it. So we have reached crunch point where each time they spend my money they go on a fool errand over their secrete societies, multiculturalism and civil rights to bear the cost and the risks and damages for what they have done, the backdrop for this as time goes on is a me versus office work idiots, which of course they can already see is what is happening anyway. If I am tired of warning people about my market place and getting on it with stupid excuses I will finish it. For now I am happy to be moderate so I have not gone so deep as dealing with the Universities and colleges issue where they do nothing but show that they really love their fools errands and really love to be made a fool of, then expect me to require convincing before I take it seriously, so they can get away with things like they currently do at the jobcentres.

As for taking my job seriously, the matter is that the socialists will never like the idea I work from home and information is gathered about me without people having to see me and so on. The truth however has more to do with the fact that their none whites have these clubs from which they drug themselves and drink themselves to death, then sit back and dispatch people on the civil service to show whose block it is and get money from the government, while the whites attack you when you defend yourself claiming you are doing their stuff and their ministers and Politicians hold you down for them when they know it is none of your business, then throw it into the air over inviting people to invest in the UK and make stupid economic Policies about Public spending line themselves up at the treasury, promise to sacrifice somebody to bring about economic growth and set off to spend tax payers money on themselves knowing that even if this money is recycled in the market when people trade with their new found wealth because there is inflation and because there is consumption the economy moves in only one direction which is down. So I am only looking after myself and as I said not getting off my market place will mean I will finish it with those civil rights and multicultural society as I already have rich privileged businesses to deal with so I can earn from my job.


I have made myself clear to them about their Politicians and the things they have planned for economic recovery which means I must now spend more time looking after myself. So the idea I am in a hole I cannot get out of mainly because idiots that think about sex all the time and like to drag a Christian into it because it is the point at which they can have power over him and talk rubbish about whacking a black cat when they are about to go for a plunk because they have respect for nothing in their stupid lives can talk. I need just 25, 000 sales to be in the correct place to see them set up businesses and mess around with me, so I can break it up and sell the equities to recover from the damages they do and for this I suppose they think I need to sell 25,000 books, more so when I need about 10,000 to go global with respect to marketing. I did not intend these things should draw more obviously the difference between the parties in Parliament. There will be none until Liberal democrats have won elections and stayed in Public office for at least 3 terms; until then we will remain as a country wherever I am concerned, in Political purgatory.

These are just people that like to make much of themselves but are nothing but pure evil. There is no other explanation for making sure I cannot have any earnings while they turn up to spend my money. I mean you hear the money the Christian should be giving me with his penis, I never knew it could go National or even global and people would tell all manner of lies and sacrifice everything for it with a big mouth.