There is no shred of truth whatsoever to those claims I deny what I do to provoke peoples Politicians. The reality of that is rather that there is nothing being denied about the fact that they think they have worked their own out and stalked me to a point of having access to my life and valuables in a way that means they can hurt me anytime they wanted to which is what they are milking at the moment, so it will not have a limit until I acquire my own as well and the whole thing blows up and yes when I do say such things they do claim what I say could create more instability in the world of which we are talking about denying what I do to provoke their Politicians who then attack me all the time and encourage them to as well 7am on a Sunday morning on National television. It does not mean in any way that the fact I have not acquired my own means of having something important to them so that every time those stupid women turn up on media and advertisement and fashion to abuse and insult me endlessly linking to sales, their Politicians get a piece of me directly as well, it tends to mean they are better off – they are not; since we now live in the same life and I am the one calling the shots as it were.

The general idea is always that I have been abused by them but that is because they are convinced they could have taken me on in the first place of which there is no such thing as the reality is first that we have a socialist party complaining about how polls always put them ahead because people want to vote for a party that leads them towards the future and not back to the stone age – whereas the reality is that there is no body leading anybody back to a time when the unthinkable such as a socialist party being responsible for the biggest divide of wealth gap in the UK in modern times got up to most of their nonsense that is so widespread they even want to control the nature of the relationship people have with their parents because their insolence will know no limits as it were. I am not in that respect interested in what the polls say since it is clear people want to vote for their nonsense and they can keep voting until more serious things happen as well and then maybe they will wake up but for me it is a matter of being insulted and abused by fools who cannot have enough of wickedness they support while being safe from which they make out should exist at my expense because they love me as a sacrifice for their problems first of all and then also because it is important to extricate a process where I say something about it in order to be lumbered by a villainous filthy responsibility that will offer them self improvements the media can build up for them Internationally and to which end it is not clear why they cannot shut up if it seems to be the case that whenever I say anything about it there emerges more problems. The aspect about being abused has nothing to do with reality – that is more concerned with the fact that I live this two lives where one is the real and normal me and the other is the one where they get to me and get to me at my anus and get to me at my penis and get to me on my chest and get to me on my head and get to me all over my body and fucking get to me with a big mouth all over the place.

I am aware some allies are concerned about my treatment of what is democratic people but they are not democratic people, they are institutionalised Gold diggers; I don’t have a problem dealing with them for my part either; what they do is get into government office and spend tax payer funds to create popular culture fame and fortune for themselves and thereafter in order to look as though my Gold has been dug, they then set about damaging my finances sustainably to a point where we are presently that involves an idiot thinking it is funny if he gets out of bed and gets on media to spend my own everyday, which is why they have no trouble with things I deny I do to their Politicians to deserve what happens to me at 7am on Sunday morning because they believe they have worked their own way of dominating and bullying me out and it is a prized possession – it has been very testing and very annoying of course and I have had enough of seeing them around my book sales too. The reality being that I am required to be violent about it due to my government office – as we all know that with respect to government office they can only grow bigger and bigger and even bigger and bigger – so we have ended up with the part where they claim I stifle their movement towards the left and so on that has no basis on reality: the reality is the same old story of living comfortably with neighbourhoods covered in their violence so they can dig people’s lives and how the only relationship they can offer people is a homosexual one but it appears their ugliness to a fault has now created a condition with respect to me whereby they want to bully me with it and like to be seen talking nonsense all of the time and all over the place. They threaten me all the time you see and do not seem to have been able to make the connection between threatening me so that the abuses my work and the things that happen to them occurring, they do not seem to make any connections between threatening me and ending up with claims I provoke their Politicians and do not seem to see any connection between threatening me and a disappearance of a culture. The truth and reality is that the only way to peddle my public life and put up insults that never go away and make themselves celebrities, in order to turn up and claim I make assumptions about people who are richer and more successful than I am and love to pretend they steal my work and hence my fortunes to be who they are involves a process of making me give up the prospect of where I am heading as a person to them and that is why they are always on the left and making up stupid tales that are so silly people listen to them because of what they have on others like we know only they can – hence since it is not happening in hell it is not clear why they cannot settle for picking a fight with people their size so that they might win either.

The story I cannot control what men do about and around me is not an emotive one, it is a simple case of when you look at the civil service and see people there to seek out and bid for contracts to get rich, you do not worry about it so much if everything is working well but when you go there and come off with a sense that your chances of getting work is diminished and so on then you take note and make an inventory and then once it has reached a point where the Unions and society types with a greed that has no limit and a sense they need to control a boy getting completely out of hand, factorising you endlessly like they do me and trying their hands on media to that effect then you have reached a point where you need to take action – which does not make it a social issue but a process where they want a piece of me. The problem being of course that these idiots think when you say I am not a phenomenon who cannot control what people do with his existence and what the world thinks about and does with it but a person with feelings, you are referring only to stupid girls that fancy themselves name calling and abusive bullies in the fashion Industry and media and advertisement Industry only and not chat show hosts and talk show hosts and journalists in general but I am aware even if I say they are to make use only of what they have paid for around me they would have been in too much of a high to take note; So I must think about the options which are that they would take note if I did ensure I got in and found something valuable to the Labour Party and Ed Miliband and then ensure each time I have to deal with any insults on any usage I kick Miliband seriously for it so that the issues might tend to show there are people behind them on either side but the big matters would include when people see me do that and what they then decide to do with it as well and that is what I am concerned about as a responsibility, hence must find other options and hold onto the fact it does appear what I have done is not hurting them badly enough yet. They do speak of the juvenile nature of our belief in God but I have no idea what it means since when you have come to an encounter with God like I have, when people say such things you on the other hand tend to think it the most stupid things you have ever heard: I mean my person is not made up of what earthly nature and nurture can provide anyway and people can see that, I have been reduced to a state of being content with a light breakfast and one other meal everyday which is not nearly enough because I always had food from that person they say does not exist: so it makes no sense to me. The more serious matters however are that of the idea they think the rest of us should let them live a life at our expense that involves support for wickedness that they are safe from and a society that is fundamentally split between villains and heroes which what both sides do is not their fight nor mine – however which to take the facts into account we Christians have a name for things such as those who behave in such ways, we have a name for the Gollum and his relationship with the ring of power and the need to show it is beautiful and lie in wait for peoples blood behaviour, we have a name for I would like to meet Hitler and become his personal slave and worship him for the rest of my life kind of behaviour, the name is sinners and wickedness and villainy but whilst these atheists do not have a name for all these things what they know is how to pin it on God. So it is the same old story about the fundamental difference between Heroes and Villains being that Heroes are far more ordinary than the rest of us a lot of the times while their deeds are stuff of fables – villains however are seen seeking glory all the time and in fact the reality is that atheists fall within the latter category. I for my part they say am mentally disturbed of which they have spent more time among mentally disturbed people than I have and know the difference regardless of which if you did ask me and they and mentally disturbed people to appreciate the word ‘realised’, we would see easily that they are much closer to the nature of mentally disturbed people than I am. So in the end when it does come down to it they say I have nothing to say about racism as such but of course I will have a view of racism someday, reality as it stands is that everything they do is insulting and the insults are enough to last a lifetime as well, so it is unlikely that I will I should confess. Yes it is said such views of racism will not do but I am caught between a fight with racists to keep them safe in which I will die because they hate me so much and generally see me as a sacrifice to make their problems go away because they are too lazy to work for money and their relationship with other people and need to have it done by civil rights and have come to the deduction the civil rights will be bigger if I were murdered over it; they say others have paid that price and they dont know what my price is before I decide to pay it as well and as time goes by they will take it by force; so they do underestimate how easy it would be to take sides with the racists in the matter anyway and these facts are lessons they must learn about that too: - in the end it seems the white ones will make these statements like I need to be advised all the time but have these black idiots to protect them from racists and ensure while they are happy to live a life that purely consists of black fools like these bullying me they dont want me to create a world where there are white people are bully them as well which is precisely why my views on racism will stay exactly as it is until that is achieved.

When it comes down to it and they say they do have a reason to hate me, I guess it is a matter largely of zero scoring scum in diplomatic circles who frequent the races at the establishment and cannot be seen in public doing anything except insulting me; zero scoring scum with wickedness all over them that they would like to show off as the beauty that was, and all their villainy thereof and the need to wind me up all the time but I do suppose I have mentioned this is not the 1990s and have mentioned something about those insolent girls at Industry: apparently the vulnerable Royalty and the very powerful and determined Gold diggers and he has not got a clue what he is doing with a big mouth – as I have mentioned before of which it is thus clear every other leader is reacting to it and the US support and funding for their villainy and other activities as entirely normal behaviour: hence when I say it is considered among what I put into a list of what constitutes a problem for me that I lose sleep over etc and people wonder if that is ever true, facts to consider. They do love the part where they try to get into my head of course but I dont know what they intend to find either so I guess the main issue is to clear it up i.e. the blacks speak of my position as untenable over the rights of black people but what happened is that they came to this Country and decided that unless the largest Population which were the whites used it for power and the second largest whichever it was uses theirs as well and so on until they located where they stand they will not exist and it eventually blew up and there was racism and even the Police were getting involved too – in the US it led to a condition where you take a wrong turn and get shot by the Police: my point is that they are unapologetic about living in a way that does not take into account what is right and what is wrong and because of that everything they do is provocative while they want to get into the disposition of right and wrong in order to do it all the time such as set up Church and we see from those Churches nothing else happens except the benefits of their laziness, their laziness at working on their relationship with others because civil rights will get it done for example among many others – so I dont know why they want to find out what I think or whether they do expect to find such facts either, all I know is that it amounts to a tale of somebody who is so good that if he dies over their civil rights the stupid civil rights will get bigger and is thus a measure of their greed and I tinker over my need to deliver the goods until I will tinker and let them take it by force. The part about working homosexuality and corruptibility with my body fluids is perfectly understood because we will soon be talking about how I need to be scared of racism and middle authority thereafter as it were – now the important reality of mentioning these things is that they there is no more to know about what goes on in my head and for me it is a case of how they need to stay off my public work and my Royal Office and my reputation and book sales and of course so am I aware whenever any little woman puts needle to thread to make some cloths and call it fashion their diplomatic violence is all over it because she is royalty, followed with abuses of Industry and stupid women exhibiting themselves all over the place: so a failure to comply will result in an outcome where I dig gold digger as well and we all know when it comes to fighting I kick them and get to them all the time to make sense of whites setting white people up for blacks and blacks setting blacks like me up for whites so they can get rich and famous then complain about racism and I kick them and get to them and create an exit route and they understand the media is the only hope and I will soon take that away as well but for now it seems they talk rubbish all the time and when I handle them a bit get the Politicians pronto. The part about digging gold digger as well being of course as we all know that one of the things you learn from them is how to delegate such things: normally you think that you need to keep it all to yourself or civil rights idiots will take advantage and then it will never end but from them you learn that when you take a stand you take a stand against everybody and then you can delegate: so it remains as it is that they are not a problem, it’s just that they are greedy and twisted and feel like they would be comfortable will killing people to grab their possessions if they had to and I want my normalcy around my work as well otherwise they get mine too.


I mean it is one thing to make those popular culture music and fame and fortune at my expense like that and quite another to work out that threatening me allows them to set up a process of getting to me to an extent that I will be forced to give up the part of my life they have taken a stand on and wish to get used to which of course is concerned with privilege etc. So there is no such thing as my temper costing me everything – my service to the Crown is impeccable, those who have a problem with it have a problem of Middle Authority and if allowed to get out of handle a little bit the civil service is wrecked and then everything else – they need to make a connection between threatening me and the vanishing of civil rights and cultures; I dont care a bit what they root for and whether or not that concerns my race – they can keep their insults. The claim most of what I do complain about is a factor of HM disapproval of what I get up to, that was of course because it has been getting around that I have turned against everything whereas I was only settling the case of the Middle Authority people, so it does eventually come down to the matter of US relations and the problem with that of course is that the Americans love to make deals – as it stands the one that concerns them most involves a process where they are not yet there on slavery; the fact that slavery was a means of social control in Africa and if Children didn’t behave too well the parents could sell them on but of course that got corrupt and if people envy their children they could sell them on too etc – it was that way long before the White man came along, problem being that the white man used it to create perverse ideologies. Those whose parents were sold into slavery understand the way it worked when the black markets emerged was more concerned with small power kidnapping middle power and selling them on in order to get around with big power and have everything, so they do not say much about it even though they do not think those who take it lightly to be the best things that ever happened as it were: so when Americans are there they will make deals and then idiots will not set out a means of access to peoples possessions in which conditions stubbornness will be worth millions and the world will work that way all together while they get away using those who are so tortured by them to a point where they talk about the facts to distract people and by the way of which it is not a form of discrimination, it is not racist – not withstanding of which they can insolently shoot it off at whomsoever they bloody well wish looking for trouble. They do say it is the same way I am treated by my evil mum of course which is not exactly the case; reality is that she hates my guts as a result of my views on her Marriage with my Dad and so on and knows I will be the last person in the world to get along with anything she wants to do, so she hates my guts and I dont care: I mean you can travel off to somewhere you have never been before to meet people you dont know and to be told things about you that your mother told them that she never told you and it is the way she enjoys exasperating the family living from outside to inside and becoming convinced she will extricate power and control from it – so I cannot make out which part these idiots are playing in the matter anyway but if they want to be tools they can be tools and stop making so much noise talking nonsense all over the place – I mean if I have to deal with this from my mother it is normal my chest will feel like exploding when I go out with somebody to meet another person and once I had turned my back, he had returned to people to have conversations about things he did with me in which he is the boss and how he is the boss while I think I am there yet so I can bump into that regularly and so on – there is no point in them doing it and complaining at the same time, no point is stirring the temper and complaining – last time I checked this air was free – 100% free – they need to get off the temper and make the connection between those insults and the disappearance of them cultures and civil rights, make the connection between what happens to their humanitarian activities and the insults thrown in my direction, concerning which if it is humanitarian then it is supposed to be so unless they want me to take it up and do it for them which using my office means them and their kind will be completely eliminated from the process since it would involve government and society and general cohesiveness and any mediation that may apply: they would say that in saying this I have already robbed them of the power but they have really insolent and abusive media idiots who think only they have a temper and a personality that is 90% ego in this world, the fat bastards that know a thing or two about violence as it were and cannot stop talking nonsense all over the place while being seen all over my books: they need to make the connection between the insults and threats on one hand and the fact it is happening on the other and stop being so stupid. A perfect example is of course the story of the arrest of Gerry Adams in Northern Ireland over a confession to murder somebody made involving him and it runs and runs and runs to the effect of how his arrest and detention and questioning affects the Political system and all that rubbish – whereas he can be arrested and kept for as long as the law deems fit to determine if he has committed the alleged crime in this Country and any other where the rule of law applies and of course at this point he might still be charged anyway: hence having been he was arrested under anti-terrorism laws, it seems these idiots are not hurting badly enough yet. In the end institutionalised and organised and Political developed Gold diggers is not a problem that Sinn Fenn has the legitimate authority to tackle in Northern Ireland, the Monarchy does and Sinn Fenn has recently enlisted itself as a Political party to do their part as a job: where my office is concerned is simply that of the fact media showers and Political support the last time I checked were things and not the bane of life itself and when people do it, it is only normal and reasonably so that they expect the consequences as I am a person and not a phenomenon.