That what I say and do is a pack of lies is not one of those issues I think about and more so with respect to my leadership, we all know about would be important fools that love to be of service to those who are more important than those they want to steal from to begin putting their plans into action and it is their audacity that must never go unpunished as well never mind the intrusive and abusive and mostly violently insults. It does not mean when I am interested in the question of whether I act to save people from their choices on one hand and people think it is an abdication of responsibility on my part to allow them make the choices like most fashion Industry people do for example, I am interested in them or in paying them any attention in any case.

I am largely required to operate as a mid level Church pundit – I don’t to that effect love publicity since it does not even do my livelihood of writing and selling books at such an office any favours. What I am getting is the wrong ones and meant to be provocative and meant to make me annoyed and it destroys my income to that effect as well. If it is to be justified therefore we can see that security brokerage to that effect is either credible or it is not and not something young people ought to turn out in public to put themselves at risk getting involved with, talking nonsense about and then complaining about outbreaks of mass and deadly violence because they plan to pillage my income further and do not expect me to be pleased about their misfortunes as well. Sometimes I really don’t know if it is the part where they think it is a pack of lies that does those favours anyway.

It is never actually true that I try to justify myself over all I say either – it’s just that the so called poor people who are seen in public agitating about one thing or another cannot be seen unless they are seen destroying something on the other hand besides that is the matter of the fact they are clearly not so poor and need to stay off me and my concerns and fight their own corner. They speak of left hand side and right hand side, offer it as prerogative to those who desire power and think that it has become a way of life but we Christians will never fail to see it as the work of the Son of Satan. Meaning also that some do get off and embody the entire nature of pop culture and fame but we all know that their claims of others stealing attention everybody should be able to share is a factor of people making a living with their looks and that they invented the suffering and abuses that created that, so the part where they seek and need justice is one of the most stupid eventualities any leader has to deal with because you can never come off it without being abused by their wickedness that media give them the means to deploy as conversation with others then complain about what others do to them as well.

Their point is always the secret rooms and the devil worships as route to getting rich, that you are good looking on the left and they are good looking on the right with your good looks because their looks are not good enough and if that is not accepted there will be trouble but nobody can ever figure out what it actually means and I am sure people can see they are pure evil but seem to think it is the problem of the Church and hence when they have problems they attack the Church and which is why they think their desire to attack me is limitless because I am available; like the old case of finding problems to smear everybody with and get on media to measure relative privileges that must then be forgotten because other issues like Politics and violence have become important they still offer these idiots and their evils a place on media and conversations around my books especially the Americans and particularly love the distress it causes me when that happens without the customers buying the books first and then we hear them talk nonsense about believing in witchcraft and how it is a human right but never until they had completely destroyed everything around here, while their Politicians make up excuses for it.

So the left applies as per other peoples good looks that they want to use and the right applies as per where those people were born and grew up and the fact they have a sense of direction which they then want to own with media and it is an evil that does not sleep.

Justifying myself and what I say therefore does not in any way apply, since I have before mentioned that I leave home but cannot decide how many times I want to attend church because something else hangs over my head and weighs me down and those who are keeping it there with regular threats and abuses and intimidation without reason think it is funny and that I will get around with men so they can have fraternity from my life the day they restore my finances to what it was when they found it and such things can never be made possible thereof. Apparently they are no longer getting so much pleasure from fucking the wife I never married because I am too cash strapped to secure a date yet as it were – they are the invincible fame and fortune and media idiots.

The part where I never take responsibility for what happens on account of me is perfectly understood but I always say not enough have died yet as it were. So that when people raise their stupid children and furnish them with privileges that match that of mad idiots like these they have given with their social wickedness and make out they are hopeful about being able to pillage the life and work of a Christian to make it operable and turn up here to deploy my war and peace sensibilities and upbringing at Royal quarters for their own gain looking for trouble the question that needs answering is whether they do it in consideration that I might be stupid

I know they say when enough had died to suit my purposes there will be variables – it is utter rubbish and nothing will happen and I need them off my book sales, staying as far away from me and all concerns of me and effects of me as this vast planet allows is the only fucking way out.

I know they do say I am a weak idiot who spends a lot of time bothering other people and making a fool of myself but they steal children’s faces which explains why they think they should be able to steal everything else from them, so it is a familiar insolence – we all know it happens primarily because of Industry but they have been found in Church these days running things there to exasperate me and factorising me by my anus and my penis what is what provokes me into harming them.


 We have sustainably heard that story on media for three days now and that is just TV media, the News paper and radio ones are something else, about students that will never pay back their loans and something about my career being done by somebody else even the part where I had failed on some things so that all of it might be taken away and with that a reaction from me will be secured. I have no idea whether the reaction does them any good or happens to be the kind they expect any way since it is clear the government says you have to pay back your loans when you earn above £20,000 and any dumb scum knows that earnings above that when a £12,000 which is what average minimum wage gives it earners is about £5,500, hence that level of income will pay off the student loan investment that the government has made plus a 50% as well in less than a decade, hence it is never a conversation whether or not students will be able to pay their loans. Yes they do say it is about putting things where they are but I don’t see the media doing that any time soon either, as we all know what they are complaining about on this matter is not just concerned with their cultural filth in church which is a recent fat low lives back stage media scum occasion, to have revenge on those who continue to plague them with morals but also a case of popular culture idiots being able to stalk me and cause trouble for everybody anywhere I go etc that they continue to facilitate, about which we have reached a point of clarity that for the popular culture idiots I have lived well with the idea the only friendship they can offer people is a homosexual relationship but not only has it moved onto the celebrity murdering to please industry people game they love to play, it has also developed into a need to bully me with it which is why we are getting into a reckoning as well and I want my own civil rights movements from them too but for the media and the Politicians it remains a case of whether they are nice people others cannot tolerate because they fail to understand – bearing in mind we only just flew Gay pride in parliament about 2 weeks ago this day. The Industry people who clearly understand how to keep their children safe and sound and drag me out of my Royal office to deploy my war and peace sensibilities to make fame and fortune – hence at least nobody gets to tell me regularly that those are nice people anyway, only the civil rights idiots started it because they wanted me to be left to them thereafter to deploy those sensibilities to make fame and fortune and are not doing so well thereof, hence the question remains not of whether or not I can do something about them which is a matter of if or not I can set out regular point of bullying for popular culture idiots and for some all the way to the Caribbean to look like Mr Golliwogs beaten arsehole properly for them for example or I am a Christian that is already hated on grounds I can write blogs and books to set up oppressive sentiments of good feelings towards other people in a Country where all they want to think about is money and hence becomes something they cannot be free from unless they make noise of some violence in my direction that makes sense of Mr Golliwogs beaten arsehole which does Mr Golliwog a lot of good as well without me responding to it necessarily nor are we talking the need to set out a system of responded and responsive bullying for popular culture idiots as well and of course for the girls and their stubbornness and need to handle my earnings it is not modern church anymore being business as usual bearing in mind it continues to get more and more and more intrusive. In the end I suppose they do say I behave like an American which I am not which brings up bad memories they have but of course that does not just happen and this is the question; is it Mr Golliwogs beaten arsehole or nice people others fail to understand?

I am aware they do mention something about how the point at which I travel off to attack people make no sense whatsoever but of course that would mean something if they continued to omit the part where people spend government funds to twist my arm until they secure a reaction from me for it; after which they speak of how the Africans and the Americans will take my up stuff and do it for me if I don’t get it done quickly and last I remembered the consequences that followed such things ended up being about the health and safety and well being of the stupid children of their Politicians being my responsibility despite the fact they always start off their insolence by an abuse in that direction anyway which did help me understand why they do thereof. Reality being as it always is that those two groups of people must always be seen destroying something for every 24 hours that they are seen at any point that they are – the purpose of the civil rights is a statement about things others have that society has not then bullied them into sharing and they think people largely always believe that the fact they are villains is news. The Africans are dying of hunger of course because such things are always far more important than remembering they will need to pay their way in the world, while the American ones live in a world where nobody cares about them and the rest of us as surprised. Surprised nobody cares about them when they are civil rights fraudsters, surprised nobody cares about them when they must ensure that they are as intrusive as they can into people’s personal lives with it; I mean I need not reiterate their Politicians had better been aware there is really nothing they can do about anything around here – it is not something I can ignore anymore because there is always a way of creeping under my feelings to get a reaction – it has become a state of affairs and must be looked into. I mean if you must get out to work on a day when you feel like hell, your rallying call islets do this but these are professional bullies who make promises of threats if they don’t get Obama care – you worry about whether or not you are healthy enough as the first thing you think about if you are a bully by the way. Here in the UK it does seem that as long as they vote the Labour Party into government they can have little places to go and get Government money for their various purposes but of course for my part if that dares wind me up as it were.

The other side of what they love to bring up endlessly is a story of how I do what I do because it functions are cheap censorship but of which there is none involved since they have come to a point where playing with aptitudes concerned with my career and family life is something they find works for fame and riches and also works very well for a desire to get rich. What happens is that they want to ensure all I can make money with is civil rights and then with that they might be able to ensure that I don’t because they are more deserving to do so and to do that they must destroy everything I have and there is therefore no part of that or of anything they have damaged which does tend to mean that there is an aspect I must remove from the list of retribution not even the part that makes it a question of a worthy use of my time. It is something people do to them you see because they are civil rights fraudsters i.e. ensure they are stuck with a need to make money with it then make sure they cannot and the reasons is that everybody has this history where 18-25 they must have lost something to society because of them through what is actually socially conspired constructive injustice, so that once you have gotten to 33 you simply want to get on and no longer have space to remove any harmful thing they do to you from your list of retribution. So there is really no censorship involved, like their Industry idiots who think they know where their possessions are and how to work it but the problem being that they simply have no respect for mine. They do claim American republicans have my books and that they are my biggest problem but those are not the ones declaring that they will do no work if they can see what my income is and share things with me that some people are known to hate such as skin colour etc; all I know is that I am published online and my distributors have dispatched my books to every channel they said they would and my Company is completed and I want to sit down and do nothing else except book sales and tours and my academic work, they have decided they are women who steal and want to be famous also, really love to threaten me and that is no news.

I do hear what they say when they claim I think nothing about what student are going through at the hands of a government that does not care but of course the idea the government is determined to hammer students has no basis on reality – what does is accounts; which assesses how many student drop out and how many are coming in and as a result how much the Student Loans company needs from each student to make a profit – therefore also implying that they can now take it up and do it and others don’t have to attend and have their academic work destroyed by fools in popular culture anymore. The other side about celebrities is very well understood – it is all about girls who cannot exist unless some man is collecting my career and therefore income for them. I have warned them about that without results and these things I write after they are done presently are the signs of things to come too. I am not experiencing any kind of silly despair; that part is when people are referring to the media – it seems to them like something they do because they are protecting a certain reputation that the media normally has but I have never stepped out of my door to make a deal with media to secure fame or anything like that and as a result of which they do those things in my view because they think themselves the world’s biggest school yard bullies about whom when you hate you really don’t know why you hate. We live you see in a country where twisted evil scum can turn up on our media and have conversations with the rest of us to promote their game of dividing our lives into left or right and so I know where I stand and have made it clear I don’t recognise all that rubbish as well – I know black people make a lot of noise all over the place about being behind the condition of me being bullied all the time and we find them at the MOD these days too which is something that was done by people there to solve a certain problems they had but has now been turned by them into a means of knocking my anus everyday and all the time, without paying attention to anything I say either as a result: I mean I do check up when I am not very satisfied with work I have done and at such times no society idiot interestingly seems to want to play his games with it, it’s always when the work is attached to my emotions which means I have been satisfied it is okay, then we hear them speak of some loss of Liberty for the Americans and then some process of holding me down until they feel they have recovered their confidence and are ready for a counter attack yet again which does nothing to rectify the loss of liberty and joys of naivety either; my point being of course there is nothing they can do and they cannot do anything and need to breathe as well so I can find it funny.

It really does not cause me any despair, it is the same old issue of people finding my books and reading the previews and creating an outcome after that which makes out I was published on their media and that is where my work belongs therefore literarily all together which has no basis on reality – everybody who reads the previews therefore has the right to use it as equally as they do and provided this state of affairs remains as they have made it there will continue to exist a confusion I am in despair when I am only in a reckoning with the media and the men in it thereof. It’s about waking up every day to confront a state of affairs that says that it is unfortunate I have put my strength into a part of society that is weaker and always ends up working for everything that belongs to them at a later date – the idea that I feel more comfortable with the sense I am likely to find a job in the company of women that I am in the company of men because they handle me and my person and work all the time violently and I kick them all the time as well and they feel they want something really close to my heart to tease me with and it will be better still if they can play with my finances; so I always feel that those kinds of things are a fundamental threat to my very existence but they think it is a game because they cannot let other be as it were. yes I know it is said this then happens to have created the despair in itself but it does not – it makes me angry quite right but gives me such hard work to do – like when a celebrity deploys my work after being warned I don’t want it deployed and I have to work so hard to take care of the issues and nobody knows what will come of the outcome and she thinks it is funny and even funnier how I react when threatened by her foolish men too. The part that brings up the bigger issues being that my Office of State is protected from violence while celebrity lifestyle is violent so I need the Court to help me with certain diplomatic issues and do offer them security from the violence through the office but each time they work my equities at the end of which they offer me something to work with it return for every occasion that they do, some idiot that has a conversation with them will deploy my property too because she has the same sex as the lady does and I don’t want it deployed or deployed by them or deployed at all by anybody and they never listen. The part that builds up the war in itself being that the celebrities do these things because they are being nice and are actually gearing up for the part where they are nasty and those who think they are real men are forced to provide a society where they can be safe and secure working their decadence with other peoples possessions and it is like what I have done so far to build up their civil rights idiots their new civil rights movements so far – you know living up to the standard and beyond it as it were, to ensure I find out what it is exactly black people can do when they find the trouble they seek so much and it turns out I make the civil rights movements impossible but do things that will ensure they have no choice but get around to it as well: in their case it is a matter of those guys you see in saloon cars that have new ideas because they drove past you and you walked past them – they are the media fools that always feel that what they see of your person does not matter because they can use it if they want and there is nothing they love better than a condition where they feel like children again with a process whereby you had an idea but it has already been done by them on media. I mean I was never published to television and there is no way of holding down a writers career on the web if I am unable to deal with them and they can run free – they know it is huge risk but want some of mine which they will find too – so that the celebrity version are supposed to be the ones about whom I do what I do because I want to do it and can do as much as I like and as little as a like and stop when I want and start when I feel like but somewhere the idea is being built up that I do it because I am forced to by society men who keep wanting more and more and more from their street light which is what they now turn up to enforce hence the process where we talk about all these things – so I understand their twisted evil culture scum with secret rooms and women they half love and half abuse turn up to have conversations of left hand side and right hand side with everybody they feel like as it were and I have made it clear I have no clue what it means – bearing in mind I am aware they are pure evil and those left and right apply as per left in that I am good looking and will have to live off my good looks so they can create a spoof for it on the right to do whatever they like with and right refers to the part where I was born somewhere and grew up somewhere and am heading somewhere all of which will be their own hence their big mouths issuing threats they cannot live up to all the time too as it were. It does require an explanation for what it really means from them at the end of the day but for the celebrities we will wait and find out how those with government offices will deal with the violence so they can have their decadence like they feel they have got it all worked out for presently. I mean they seem to have finished with travelling around the world to find problems they can pin up on me so we are now at a point where I am being manipulated by them into doing things as well and I will sooner had turned my guns on them so to speak so that the trouble makers can get up to all sorts all together as well – just like celebrities.

The part about the rise of far right groups and political parties outside of the mainstream is nothing unusual – when people feel that something they consider to be a taboo is being done to them, it is clear that the idea it is some distant culture which has no basis on reality while it is being carried out anyway is not good enough to prevent them from taking extreme action. The people to make the most victims in the list of extremist and racist attacks in Europe have been the most provocative of course i.e. socialists – they understand nobody wants to go to bed and wake up feeling like hell because a black idiot is ugly to a fault and believes if he has peoples sperm he will be rich by it since it is something he does with his culture is the filthiest parts of Africa – so that the Africans in Government don’t let them travel out but if European socialists can travel to Africa and help them travel into Europe all will be well. We all do something about their spiritual wickedness and they do claim I am so defiled I belong to them and get out of bed to answer their questions with that golliwog mouth that suggest they are not learning well enough what I write on my sites do indicate the chances I can rally people to go out there and grab their homes and businesses and possessions and switch owners etc, so that does not trouble me as something in the list of my priorities – what does is that old story of not being aware why there is a rise in far right groups and political parties outside of the mainstream; we all do something about this evil and of course so do we know there are really nasty white people out there who will get a break from me the day they had decided they want to give me one as well; all that stuff about touching a racists penis and anus to get rich and so on which they do from a distance knowing those people are likely to protect parts of their body they consider sacred with extreme violence can continued to remain something they claim they are continuing to do from a distance because they want to ensure the violence affects everybody and kills me – so that popular culture inevitably has become something I will cut to pieces next and then I can become so defiled I get out of bed to answer their questions; I mean they never take a hint even when you make yourself look like something they can walk over because you are protecting people from them, they feel they have it all worked out because they can gain access to media if they wanted and whilst the flash cars they want to drive to mask their wickedness and make them good which they then claim are the only things in the world that can make them good people hence expect me to tolerate questions about if they are okay with crime or organised crime etc with that golliwog mouth talking nonsense all over the place for good measure etc, hence having had it all covered that the fact what makes me good is the fact if I get into a fight with them there will be women who like men that do the right thing to cheer me on as it were. Hence the other popular story being the matter of letting women into board meetings etc in top companies which they claim has been shown to improve productivity which is utter nonsense since all it does is create a sense of good things from a side of society that is really seen or heard of which will dazzle consumers and make sales happen – it is the same prognosis by which they tell me that as long as they are able to be a part of my life all be it for a while in order to gain from some sense of fraternity that will create powers that can be used by them as they see fit, all will be well with that big mouth.

Of course we even hear these goons complains about Parents helping their children financially at University which is a bad thing, when we all know that it has always been a case of setting up a certain savings first before even venturing to get your student loans in order to start University and for the most part while you are there, you will have to acquire a part time job as well; so their problem seems to be that if this whole issue of the need to mind their own business at Parliament so students can chase the part time jobs that should otherwise have become full time jobs for their hoodlums is not chased up and enforced we will not end up with the kind of social state and economy that they want regardless of whether or not it actually is the economy that works. It is much the same with media unprofessionalism that costs others where they are paid to report the news but their main concern is reporting information that I deploy for something I need to do – so a lot of the times they report half the news and misinformation that they later clear up to select whom they wish to allow use the information they have been paid to broadcast and it is all fun – they say my behaviour causes them to behave in that way which does remind me of the one about Politicians damaging the Company I built with my hands and sweat only to make out there is nothing I can do since I too have thought religion to be a good thing and have consistently supported or given strength to a system that is good at damaging businesses that criminals own; so in effect it does reach a stage where you have enough of it and decide they must duke out what kind of society we all want to live in which is where we are at present -  especially because they love to make out they want to make it personal like a fist fight or something like that. So things generally stay as they were i.e. the blacks if men want to beat up the Christian that is grabbing all the attention and generally refuses to have sex outside marriage and if female then it is about that stupid under world and clubbing and drugs and greed and the general sense there are some men they feel they want to beat up or bully until they are become homosexual which is why those things are disappearing on account of myself as well. the whites simply regularly come up to update a story about how I am not allowed to finish my academic work and or get a job which is why my mistakes especially the part about what will happen to you if you don’t have a certain savings before you return to University and your parents are not at hand to support even when you do have your student loans etc led to a condition in which bearing in mind all their stupidities, I happen to have dropped out of my studies becoming one of the most important issues they want to bring up on public places and stalk me around the education system to ensure they milk for all its worth; until that is it also leads to a condition where they will never see that stupid culture and society again and the day they decide they wish to give me  a break will be the day that they will have one as well – which is where we are at present as well.  My point is that these guys know how to look for trouble like they claim people turn up in their society to spend a lot of time getting a lot of attention to do things they love and not things they should earn money from but I do wish they will back that up as well when their side of media is fond of being found around decisions people make with their limited resources so they can make their own get rich quick decisions for industry connections on it as well which bottoms out everything all the time and becomes soon something they want to do on a daily basis with no scruples whatsoever – they know how to look for trouble, they are very good for that indeed but soon want me to turn up with a damaged company that they think damaging is funny to discuss it as a social issue as well, when it isn’t.


On the matter of my getting into trouble with the powers that be, there is no getting into trouble with anything anywhere; the reality about that is simply that these fools must always be seen damaging something because they are frustrated about finding it difficult to be important and cannot work out how some boy that is me makes it work and to that end are always seen damaging my stuff because they want to be important.

Where I stand on matters like what is happening in Ukraine is as simple as the old case of the fact that some idiot happen to have known some serve agent that died and some soldier that died and the fact he claims that they died was my behaviour issue – apparently of which men are making contributions as well anyway as it stands – therefore facts about how badly it will continue to develop made public on the matter of the fact I can do anything I do for social interest for how much I want to, stop when I want and do how little I want at any time I want. So what happens is apparently that the US throws a lot of Money at British secret service and black people in the US must get their worth for it along with their fellow white idiots and so to that end it seems that what they want is royalty that brokers their civil rights for them because they are so stupid the problem comes up again and again and again and again and they fail to make it work and think that they must abuse me every time they have problems and there is never a good way to gain from me thereof.

On personal Policy the reality is that these fools do nothing else except factorise me with the lowest and commonest denominator imaginable, it happens because of their greed which they then claim happens because of civil equality that will be better thereof for everybody and I too do know how to factorise people as well and hence do not necessarily have a problem with it – only that the offences that accumulating and their big mouth is beginning to wag about violence and I need to make time to ensure none of them goes without punishment no matter how many at any given day. The one problem I have is that winding me up so is dragging me away from a condition where their insults will be settled when their civil rights are settled for them, to a point where there is outright war between me and the very art and acts of popularity – bearing in mind they always claim they live in such ways on grounds they are happy people but not long after which I had become the statesman they have access to who se state provided security will then be deployed to kill people first before abuse of me and my work and public life and possessions come to end – setting the stage as well therefore, for the fact that unless they are factorised like that too, it will never come to an end, which is what is happening presently too. You see people underestimate just how difficult I find it to tolerate these things; office split between Church and State of which neither of the two do them any favours as it were, does not necessarily mean that I am able to get along with the stupid things they do which seems to be a normal way of living and it would be nice if I got along without a sense hanging over me that they exist and have some means of influencing what I do. So I am not going to be dragged into a war on popularity when I have chosen a more acceptable way of dealing with the matter, their industry idiots need refrain from provoking me since when it is a matter of their money we all do spend money to buy things at the same global market place that they do and know what money can buy thereof, as for the blockade of my book sales as a result of their ego and talk of how I will be made to shed blood and have it on my hands before I can move on, it does apply that when you are royalty and have some work to do concerning crime and the underworld people do behave in such ways because they think the least insult will yield the maximum dividend as well and it is this same prognosis of existence I have already imposed on them as well and will enforce violently if provoked – we all buy things at the market place with money and they do need to stop being so stupid and keep their insults where those belong.

I know of the question of whether media tells me what to do; the media does not tell me what to do, what happens with the media is that they think I have no wish to take the risk of acting in ways that attack right to speech and expression and in that sense they are correct but when it comes to it, the problem is a matter of people getting out of bed and getting to work by which they cause me distress and attack me all the time as intrusively and abusively by means of factoring me in the basest way that they can on a daily basis. So what I do with the media is largely a matter of the fact that I am in charge and they are not, hence I do not necessarily agree with those who say they only need to be kept at a distance: by this I mean that like Politics is full of strange people, the media is full of those who want things in your life that can be used to create fraternity that will enable them to seek out a process of protecting themselves and if they do feel that what they think should be deployed from your possessions to that end is being used for something else, they will stop at nothing to destroy it making out they are one of the highest earners in the Country and should be accorded respect as such etc which is where their leverage is. So that if that thing is a business or a livelihood or a company that will work very well with civil rights people and so I am in charge and they are not and I simply do love the pressure and do love to put it to test too. This bubble of distant violence they apply and can use was therefore created by me because I speak of all I do and so if I did stop it for a certain period of time it would dissipate but I don’t want it to because I want to use it for other purposes; you see lives have been lost and the characters that were lost do not do me any favours but have been lost anyway along the lines of media making out I sleep with peoples wives and it is something racists need to know so that I might be scared of them and now that they have done it for long enough to feel they don’t have to be scared of me anymore they have turned out outright daily intimidation all together, making me feel like the purpose of my office should be that of finding out how much power I need to deploy to ensure they lose their jobs all for the fun of it; so it is actually violent apparently and I think the bloody idiots know that too.

We apparently get a message from them that we want to live in a society where what belongs to you can belong to you depending on whether or not a large body of people decide so and they will see outcome of that kind of society they seek in their life time and I will see to it that they do. There is no such thing as people in the UK working really hard to hide something about tyranny and Monarchy that they apparently love so much, it’s like that old story about the Church and about violent Americans – in terms of the Church they have gone off their popular culture and back stage media and celebrity underworld into the Church where they think their entire existence is to work by factorising and abusing me, now they think I don’t know them anymore and everybody else is confused about it too; whereas I have warned them when I get my hands on the culture again I will not just mess with it like I have but completely destroy it or indeed the violent Americans that you seem to change all the time when you handle a bit but love to sit down somewhere and issue threats that mean there are places in the world you have to beware; we all know their talk is based on the fact they live in a big country and know lots about freedom but at the same time their hate for stereotypical European was never based on other peoples speed of recovery and getting back into the fight which they suppose they will copy so people can fight them over ownership of warrior engagements. But the one that really sets it out is the Americans spying on people and so on, maybe I am being protected from the Chinese or the Chinese are spying on things I do with my video games and so on I wouldn’t really know – all I know is that there is nothing here that they might protect and talk about my behaviour with those stupid insults as linked to the death of some agent or soldier will make the matter a lot worse than it already is a sit were; last I checked of which they do not address just about everybody in their own Country that way with that big mouth. They wanted responsibility of spying on me and now they have got it too, so I find it difficult to figure out why black people and their friends pick up things they cannot do and destroy things that others produce from their ingenuity – indeed. I am aware there are people who want to fill the opportunity of being my male aides of my age range at Buckingham Palace and that some of these things are done around that; I believe I am comfortable with their offer as the case may be, working on exposing myself less and killing off the cash flow crisis that may constitute a problem too – maybe that is not up to me anyway but I have to bear it in mind some activity on my part – so the reasons for these activities thereof thus declared.

I have not got a clue who the people are that continue to try and tell me to get rid of my work Court – I need them to ensure that it does not apply when people have certain women at their disposal and money to spend at Industry they can do whatever they like and there is no other way the Literary empire and its emporium is to be run either which by the way I want returned to the way it was since I myself have not changed and these violent nonsense do not belong anywhere in it. Another example of these industry goons playing games will have been the playing communists to make you work the Country for us to get rich thing and even when you tell them that when they had failed to do their jobs properly of which they need to in order to make the millions they are squeezing you it still does not mean anything to them and one can see they need to be allowed to keep their mature businesses but we need to be protected from their ego and theft to that effect as well; they always say it does not matter but a decade before now it was only just a personality being used and did not matter just as much, a decade on and the finances completely destroyed and it still does not matter because it is only just a personality being used. I have warned we all spend money at the market place to buy things, the Court is the least of their worries although they must see there is nothing they can do about a journalists that says something that leads to the downfall of their companies – there is the bigger issue of causing me to run a game as well where one part of the economy swallows up the other. The media part would tell us people are becoming less proud to be British but the number of times they put up girls that are mine on giant billboards and not their own girls with my equities and securities and public work has a ratio of 0 – so how they come to this prognosis is not entirely clear; never the ones that cannot lie to me of course, always the birds. Like the old case of US Presidents that feel goons with cultural filth should run the Country thinking their distant abusiveness is the route to making a living, then expect economic and diplomatic success at the other end – the media is never a place for social equality, it is really very provocative people who keep upping their game on grounds they think they are good looking and their position helps them to broker how much attention everybody gets but it is the other stuff about how the Queen is Monarch and they are planning for things they will have and do when The Prince of Wales succeeds her that really creates the problem because the new thing the weaker side of society should make available to all is never possible unless the process of asking people for what makes no sense to give or share is endemic and of course it seems to them especially the socialist women ones that when men run society I will be taking rubbish from them as well. I do not feel uncomfortable about these things, I know what kind of celebrity I am and their idiots don’t know why they are celebrities and that old adage of murdering celebrities to please industries just had to be curbed and any who causes me to pay attention to their need to be important severely punished like I do regularly all the time (of which the Muslim ones do because they do it to those they are superior to then complain about the wars in their homelands as well). Ukraine does not actually trouble me as per where I have failed like they love to make out – the White House and the EU have responded to the Russians like they have because they are compromised e.g. where I am now is a case of industry telling me they will do communist economies, get money and make me work society and make it pleasant for them to get rich with after failing in everything imaginable especially the Muslims ones of which this is not the first instance I have had to sort their own out as it were, the first was concerned with the promises I had made which caused them to travel close to where I live to get rich – so I only had to make them understand if they fail to do the job properly I will sack them even if it is their own company they work for; where western leaders are is a point where they tell socialist idiots to secure them privileges of injustice so they can feel they are important while socialists have made them understand that Communists and not capitalists and democrats will get all the rewards. The part about the Royal Court they always want to put on media like the old case of feeling threatened as a writer because those who do live news want to explore peoples conviction with the use of your work, and on those grounds being threatened as a statesman and government operative and being threatened as a leader as well – what I do with HM office is to the British Establishment what the French Pottery artisans were to the French Court, so it is a simple uncomplicated world where nobody needs any nonsense from them and we all try to live with what is left of our lives that are virtually always disturbed in a larger sense by cultural violence and I myself want no rubbish from them on that occasion either.