There is that talk, just off the processes of the sharing and vandalism and more so of personal life and health of those who do not cooperate, complete with a desire to do everything with a prognosis of seeing them fail at what they do so they might not have a choice about what insolent women bother them with violence into giving up, of how the conservatives have shown their hand on economic competence but labour has not yet put out its economic plan; I have no idea what it means anyway, all I know is that the so called cuts that Conservatives have made which we wail about is about the same level of cuts any party would have made and not at all out of place more so for what we know is a conservative party. The main point is of course that if Labour made the cuts their priorities would have been different from that of the conservative party. So let’s look at those priorities:

1.       The Labour Party wants to make the State bigger which will put more money in the pockets of people and help the shops, the conservative party wants to make the state smaller and encourage more industry which will create jobs.

So which one is better and which one do we go along with? This means it all boils down to what the parties have in their arsenal; the conservative party on one hand is not the party that was responsible for creating the deficit, the Labour party was. The conservative party is not the party that made a habit of giving tax payers money to criminals to move around with, which means that security matters for businesses so that they might at all settle and get any operations underway is astronomical and hence increases the number of dips that the recession of our economy has to undergo before we recover at all, let alone grow, Labour is. So the Labour plan is the last I would go along with, it can only get worse.

They always say these foolish men will get off their crimes and start doing business and making money and employing people but we all know that the rest of us will have to wait as a National economy to the tune of years for that; so a Politician can turn out to pretend it is what I actually want. Hence we are hearing complains about cuts and economy being tempered by Politics because those who already have a policy which says half of what must be done involves getting trophy victory over people using the National economy before thinking about jobs and growth, just like getting into their offices to fight the next Christian on the streets is more important than serving an entire country as we all know it has always been. Hence it is all over the place and lots of yaps over it because they are not the ones doing it and somebody else is doing it before they do. In terms of which the arsenal in that respect is that the conservative party is not the party of Satanism and wickedness that wrecks peoples finances to bully them for trophy cultural power and then decides that when it continues to a stage because nobody is paying attention to it except extremists, it can start making money those who are practicing such things.

As for the things I would get into trouble for not doing, I do not believe there are any such things or any such people to enforce them; reality is that the first three years of the economic problems should have ended with a process of beating them, defeating them and making them tag along with everybody which became impossibly difficult for reasons of the above mentioned reason i.e. Labour giving them tax payers money to move around and get on media with. So they always say that they know what I am like and would teach me a lesson, yap, yap, yap but everybody knows they are not prepared and that it is all rebellion and some insolently abusive form of discrimination and freedom alongside it as well but this is never how they put it when they make you pay such a high price for it for their part. So my position remains the same i.e. that the idiots who think they have industries need to stay away from the women so I might work out how I need to act to ensure their insults ends where it needs to, otherwise they can continue and one way or another they will find out what I think and feel about them in businesses with no clue what to do and an obsession with marking me out and hurting me because it gets them lots of attention and now having been they have their own small business or have bought shares in somebody else’s own I have to deal with their entire families. Some people say there is too much of what I say people are confused as to what it means but the simple fact is that it is the faith and personal peace and happiness that my faith affords me that the idiots are spending, so they spend it using their anger and frustrations and are now convinced they want to dominate and rule me with their money which I in their view also have need of – they do have a real problem leaving people alone and what I have done so far is not hurting badly enough yet.

The part where I expose myself to danger does not apply; it’s a three set of things, the two that stem from the one i.e. corrupt people and their stupid girls and media and corporations, think I have something to say for myself because they want to get rich at my expense and so dealing with them and the stupid things they get cheat electronics from Japan and their connections with US politicians comes with a certain level of an experience of violence which people who have found their way into my life and world and business need to keep where I have left it or accept that I perceive them to view their place of work as a means of fighting me and need to stop complaining. Even prostitutes and pornographers do society a favour of putting them away – not the noise making they get off on media to all the time either. As I mentioned it is the Labour party that hates its country and gets elected in it at the same time because life for them is so terribly lucky or else that gives them money to get free of their bonds and turn up to locate me hence when I say the things I have done to them all is not hurting badly enough yet.


The part about the perpetual process of getting into trouble with the royal family being their best deal of course; the reality is rather of course is that it is a country of rebels and royals and I find myself somewhere in the middle. The point of course is that when the Queen asks you to provide a certain service, then you will be deluding yourself if you think you are not going to, hence once confirmed that you can go ahead with it, you must find the logistics behind the process of doing so and get it done, apparently the problem is that there are people who were meant to look after those logistics and hence the trouble I get into all the time when we all know there is one question to it only i.e. do I stand down or carry on when the Queen is on tour? Nothing more serious than that but for them it is the same old problem of doing one thing at a time so you do not blame people for your problems, people never seem to learn it apparently. One thing at a time so you do not turn up on media or talk rubbish about people you want to kill blaming people for your problems. The stage set on this matter specifically of course is that when they had mentioned I am in trouble with the Monarchy, the result was that they found themselves at a certain location in what happens to be a country of Monarchs and rebels concerning which I am sort of stuck in the middle; so their villainy was to decide it will run and run and run and run on their media and so on and so have I set the stage for the actions I might take here as well, especially considering when they take pictures of their stupid girls whom I saw grow up and put them on glossy magazines and expect me to fall flat on my face and masturbate for which they place on those glossy magazines that they cannot do without savaging my finances as well, specifically to provoke me. So am I also aware they say my people are out there and have no respect for people’s right to do one thing at a time as such but it creates much wonder thereof of who started it: ‘my actions are so unfathomably wrong that they are right’ – I mean right for whom? And yet some of them are not teenagers yet.


We all know stories about my laziness are the bees knees for some people but of course the main issue has not changed either, that they believe that their country is such a safe haven for evil parents that start their children off for them, so the foolish British Men speak of stalling my earnings on a daily basis and work towards it as a basic form of existence and it never seems to get through the fact they talk about a fight all the time but all they want to fight is a weakened and reduced opponent, will not shut their mouths or adhere to what I mean when I say I don’t want them playing with me in such ways, or recognition of the fact they need to go away, get lost and find their level as only a fool like them blames other people for their difficulties no matter who caused them and so this is a start, I will think of something as long as I am not disturbed. I have no idea what brings it on anyway.

As for the part where what I say fails to help British Businesses overseas and makes things worse, that is utter rubbish too: I have not got a clue what kind of government thinks that British overseas interests can either be defined as they want it, or that the companies that work for markets in their countries will give it up or that some economic apartheid will take hold and they will be rich etc. It is no governments business whether or not British companies are working for markets in their country. I do not have a problem with it either, it’s just the many varying interpretations people have of what British overseas interests look like and by the way side the inability to see that companies that have worked for markets in their countries will never give them up. However on the more important issues is the old matter of sort of clobbering pompous Brits and also the matter of how I overdo my work so on which makes no sense since markets do not fall off from the sky and land on some random country for people to trade with, it is something they work for and tap into at a later date and of course I do not overdo my work, some people love to allow the idea of their Government interests to be determined by what media says and what media really wants is social unrest, civil war and so on so that they can make news, they go along with it and then blame me for the results all the time and I am positive the reason is the old one of the fact they have sex with stupid girls and dispatch them on a campaign of insults and abuse in my direction in order to get rich and or be famous, it has not gotten any better.