The matter of US Government spying they say gets little attention from me but of course we liked to be corrupt with homosexuality and morals when the US spying was about paedophiles and have since continued to assume that there would be no problems when we think we have them under control and set off to our intellectual property pillaging bazaars. The matter in hand being that of the fact that size wise and ideology wise and politics wise the US is a Country that has potential for unlimited wealth and resources and over the years we have seen that they have become the biggest and richest economy in the world – of course that was always going to attract the wrong kind of fans and as long as they have no plans to lay off, it is never clear what they expect will happen either. I mean some of them expect the US to hate the world and gear towards a war against it like the Nazis did but of course we all know that only certain people in Germany who want somebody else to bear the same shame they do want that to happen, hence it is still a matter of astonishment that we hear all these tales about tapping calls of the German Chancellor. The other side of the story being of course that we never hear the supporting facts, only the media nonsense of it all, all of the time; we never hear that there was a need to monitor the calls and communication of the President for some reason and in that process the German Chancellor had her phone calls listened into, all we hear is that some Country in the West that is trying to programme its position on its diplomacy and International relations have been listening into people’s communication and the media nonsense that follows that all the time. Where I fit into the picture however is a simple case of the fact people can either serve me a peddled faith or use my property to do things and there will be no consequences whatsoever. Of course they always say I don’t stand a chance but we will find out when I wait for them at their retirement as well to ensure they pay for all the damage and then we will find out how much of chance I stand as a result of that. I mean it’s a little known fact as it were that the Nazis were beaten not defeated, so when people behave like they do some go all out and others like myself set out a case for how wrong the US is, so that the world wars can happen in their time and ensure therefore they have their first hand facts of an understanding of what it was about and stop talking nonsense all over the place. As for the chances I don’t stand, we will soon find out whether or not ageists can keep their stupid hands and stupid age to themselves and the Politicians that play their game can continue to claim I complicate things around the world of course; so that when people get to ask them I am certain they will be equipped enough to explain to people how I complicate things on account some leaders have a knack for killing innocent people. I want them off my books along with their idiots that are apparently the employees if the biggest employers in the country and hence seek their own version of power and if that does not happen soon enough we will put that big mouth to the test as well, just like I don’t stand a chance – I mean we all know they are stupid and can take any risks whatsoever but they heard me; no peddling my faith and no using my things to do anything or else. It’s not complicated, it’s a matter of the fact when parents have money to spend on their children they tend to spoil them with intentions to do so and once they had set them loose as a direct responsibility of mine; anybody in my shoes would fail to tolerated ageist idiots and their stupid women at the biggest employers in the country and not staying off my book sales while using those games to bring up something else over every occasion I try to find a job to keep me cash strapped and unemployed and talk nonsense like I don’t stand a chance will soon lead to more serious issues: they are not friends of mine and I don’t owe them money.  So this is the story of US spying; roll the credits.


I mean every time I mention something about it, the whole thing rather gets better for them instead of stop and then there is that matter of the fact it is difficult for people to work out where my work fits into government business while they on the other hand claim I interfere with government business and that it is the problem; for the latter it is a matter of the fact that even if you write books about MPs you have a right to sell your books without being abused and insulted everyday in the full view of a couple of million people that are encouraged to chose self improvements from doing so but of course you are not, only you had refused to let people take advantage of your faith and so such treatment is warranted – so when they complain about interference in Government business it is entirely apt and should be happening so and from that angle as well. For the former the reasons I never explain it is that I am always attacked for and over other peoples weaknesses and failures and so like I would turn out at the job centre to be unemployed for four years because every day I go there is another chance for a group of insolent ageist idiots to ensure everybody is on the same wave length before they then complain and so this sort of behaviour happens to the extent that it is completely forgotten that the place they are talking about is a job centre and that it is there to serve the purpose of a job centre and support me to find work and hence we are in this position where I want to get off the benefits because I have books to sell and they don’t want me to and are on course to blow their top for it as well. However on the matter of where my work fits into government business in its own right the reality is the issue of the fact MPs will have nothing to complain about if those insults stop – I mean black people for example are full of idiots that must be certain they can lay hands on any person that has the same skin colour as they do and is younger than they are and to have it has become the meaning of life itself which is not such a problem because we all know it is a matter of the biggest employers in the Country and the girls that work for them and the communities that support those girls and so apart from criminals who are probably in prison right now if they hate my guts and the situation is such that we all know they do what they do because they hate those they do it to and those they do it to are not part of the way crime works so it tends to mean they hate the rest of society and that is why they commit crimes against it hence unless they are really wrought in the brain no criminal is crazy enough of angry enough to attack the other side of an involvement with crime i.e. the Police – this issue I understand and apart from it, they and their biggest employers in the Country bullying and power thing is the next biggest problem and of course it does not mean that because they hate my guts I cannot have friends, that because they hate my guts I cannot have a job or somebody is unwilling to give me one – they are supposed to hate my guts because I am the guy that comes from the world of men that exists for no other reason but to complicate their lives and achieve nothing and if they stay off my books then all will be well with them as well. The other ones that like to think they are tough and tough and really tough and you can never go up against them being of course the fashion people and those live under a certain delusion that handling matters around my distributors and my customers will not get a response from me and hence are confident nothing will happen with respect to their insatiable desire to take pictures of their girls and place them on huge posters in the city centre wallowing all over my Equities in order to get rich; they do understand clearly that I will not stop unless that stops as well. Yes they say there is the other part I have not mentioned but it is largely much the same as the old story of US surveillance of course where people know the government keeps facts on my moves but want my life first of all and if they cannot have it keep their own facts on my moves as well which is entirely typical and then complain about being watched. It is about being tough and being a serial killer and there is cultural violence here and somebody will kill them soon if they don’t drop it and let it go and there is no more I can say about it. Unless I were to mention that what I have said may have been construed as something said to create compromise with Ministers of Parliament who are too much for me but I have said nothing to create any stupid compromise with any stupid ministers who may have been too much for me in anyway. The reality is that things like the Labour socialist Party is now completely irrelevant like the liability of my company and things have degenerated into badly and so badly we are now at a point where it is all about endearment and sucking up and being nice and they worked out they can kindle their fire again with wealth distribution but that has failed too because I am doing it better.


It is not true that I am not co-operating with government matters; it’s just a fact that the ratio of concern for me if something where to happen to parliament is not the same as those for whom parliament is their business – the thing that propels them to become whistle blowers etc. Although I would do anything I am asked to, this ratio is rather smaller for me, even though it does not mean that if something were to happen to parliament I would lose nothing either. I hear some people mention something about how whistle blowing is not the same thing as blame culture but I have no idea why it becomes a conversation either, when we all know that blame culture is a function of sadists while whistle blowing is something else entirely – in blame culture what we have is a process where sadists would get consent from each other and go somewhere private to hurt themselves for pleasure but some sadists do not wish to acquire consent from those they hurt for pleasure and come up with incredible and elaborate tales that will ensure they get to satisfy their needs; so the reality is that we all play a part and that is why I never agree with anything we do until it stops. We all play a part where those who are attacked confront those that are doing it and it stops but somehow no matter how long it might have taken more will be built up on media where it will happen so often that the victims can stop nothing and we go with it because we want to be famous and because we want to be rich without working for our money etc. I don’t think it is a serious matter, it’s just one of those issues that may lead to a Christian on a crusade to stop them or alternatively can named the chicken for seeking the alternative of making it into a social problem so that one way or another the Political system will get rid of it and it will start off from a test of whether or not I can tolerate their city identities – as for the crusade against the secret societies of which will happen anyway once I get a public life with respect to that rolling. They always say it happens to me because I myself have a sadist tendency but of course we all know that is not true and that the truth is that people want democracy but they attack Christians at the same time they expect others to be nice enough to give them the democratic existence; it is the sort of violent cup of nonsense I have to deal with everyday, so what I do in my view is entirely deserved to be done as well for this alone, never mind all the above mentioned ones. It’s all very well to make noise I will get beaten up by them but of course it is the threats that will eventually be their undoing for my part, I mean it must have been public knowledge by now I don’t want people to put their violence or wickedness into me and when they do they will certainly get it back as well and at a point stage and place in time where the price will be the same. So I am simply speaking of matters with respect to blame culture not being the same thing as whistle blowing, they actually cajole people into these kinds of conversations as it were and it is only when you give them time over the winning that the facts come through that it is all about making sure no means of getting attention anywhere that is not their business is beyond the powers of career piracy.

Now we have reached an advanced stage of this matter where they speak of energy companies dominating and they say it sounds like what the insurance companies are doing as well and that is because they want to pillage all the contents of my books, keep the equities for themselves if they do in a condition where nobody sees them and turn up to fight the book and its existence contending with their right to claim it as their own and throw it up in public market for scrap, which is an old intrusive problem I have to deal with over their greed and stupid city life all the; of which in actual fact the insurance companies fail to insure people when they suffer as a result of Natural disasters which makes no sense whatsoever since it may have been the Tsunami but it was the gas mains blowing up that destroyed the house or it may have been the rain water but sewerage reaching an expensive carpet that destroyed it and they know there is actually no way of escaping paying up as a result of natural disasters all be it in part but of course it is something they can do with lawyers which is why they do it knowing people do not have the money to afford extreme forensic examination of the scene of a disaster that happened at their homes in order to make their case in Court which is where it should end up and those sort of things fly in the face of what the Insurance industry is meant to do which is support people in their dire hour and it creates this idea that the future of the Insurance business that is basically a cause will have to be an arrangement with a business that then supports it and collects peoples premiums and invests them to make a profit in a clear and accountable and transparent way of which the profits will then go into other structures necessary for maintaining the establishment because of course the reality is that even when insurance companies see people homeless and starving they are still doing it anyway. They like to say that it is the modern age that has given me the means of communicating these matters instead whereas this fact of doing it anyway even when they see people homeless – keeping their premiums for nothing is never going to be addressed as a matter of whether or not there are technological advancements. The energy companies on the other hand seem to be battering the Politicians, I cannot say I am said that people are suffering as a result of energy price hikes either for of course when you write books as a result of reviewing peoples equities and keeping your securities in workable condition for brokerage, what people should do is get on their media as usual especially with their girls and play powerful but rich useless lives with it in order to make money and get rich and famous, their Politicians generally think such things are done by people because they are terribly easy to accomplish. So the realities of their own is that the energy companies it seems will put them out of business; make them spend money to subsidise the energy costs of really poor people and at the same time put up prices for them so they can be really unpopular for it and tell them they can make it all go away by reducing costs of operation and other costs like Green taxes because they know nobody is likely to tell them that is the same thing as telling consumers at a bank that you charge them for using cash machines on account that if you did not you would not have made any profits by setting up a local branch of your big international bank in their area, without which of course the bank cannot exist – so they say it is set up costs like green tax that is the main problem and the politicians let them get away with it and you wonder what the financial sector will say about the cost of energy and what the people will say but above all you wonder which one is the government and which one is the company of the two sides but again it’s an old story – they think it is terribly easy and for those who do they can mess up and mess with all the time as they please; like their media idiots who claim I could not have done without them when what they do is see you and breed publicity for you and your career that they control and ever since they did I had left the job for them which they have not on any occasion whatsoever been able to do but have since decided they are not going to move on either which will cost them everything especially with those sort of noise making as well. The Politicians like their tales where they say they will hammer me at my book sales but of course we all know it would not have been long after energy industries had kicked their arse as it were for the most part; they don’t seem to take seriously at all what it means when I say these guys will put them out of business, they think my books are a plaything instead. Like an old story of the reasons we are where we are that is always best expressed by what the truth is when the purpose of their media appearances is to make out I am picking up pieces and blowing off a boast at the same time and it is utter nonsense as I am not picking up any silly pieces i.e. I look the way I do because I am a writer and writing all the time is what writers do and there is no reason I should be besieged by them on account I have put out a product and they know what value money represent when it is my income better than I do in their view and so it is the great story of how we ended up here:  - I am a Politician and here he comes and it is not good news, I am a banker and here he comes and it is not good news, I am a journalist and here he comes and it is not good news and so on and this matter will only get worse when I start getting a public life for it in its own right all together as well; everybody knows that selling my books and taking a holiday while they mind their own business for a change in 12 years is the best policy here, so we can find out who is cultural indemnity that others will collect for them to get rich and or famous with all together. Of course there is no truth whatsoever to that claim that I do civil rights then fail to live up to the hype; the reality of issues are that they wish to ensure my books do not sell by finding its contents and using it to promote their career, so if I have not spent a large amount of money to legitimise market that my product occupy of which it seems a little known consideration on their part that they might have large companies but my books are the products of my company as well, then there is a part of your mind they switches you off when you feel like acting on the matter, however the patents do tell them they need to stay off the earnings and profit margins in the first place anyway because of that of which I don’t feel I need to spend a large sum on getting publicity for anything. They cannot seem to do anything unless my books are the subject and they had talked it an debated it and ripped it up every time they appear in public and when I tell them it will lead to serious matters they think I am bluffing, I am bluffing that is until I mention something about how the financial system and other similar services are the big employers in the UK and how people who work there want power and generally feel those who do the manufacturing are supposed to be the smaller and subservient ones – hence a situation where apart from the criminals that are in prison because they hate the rest of society which includes me, they are the next best general hate thing but people need to stay off my book sales and stop assuming that trifling with relations I forge with consumers and distributors will not be avenged. In effect I have never seen any group of people as destructive as these; you live with the middle class versions every day with their stupid girls and how they complain and do transferred violence on their stupid media because they learn a lesson from you incessantly as well but just when you settled up and were to move on there are lower class version too and so it carries on like that and they think you are bluffing when you say anything until you mention if that noise making of doing your stuff does not stop and they don’t get off the book sales they will be criminals by themselves or their middle class versions will make them one so that we can hear those stories we normally do, then things become a bit real. It is never a new thing; in Africa it would have been a case of ageists and the fact that if you act against them the younger versions of them that want to grow up to be like them will steal whatever it is you have done and set out to create even bigger problems for you and it was never a problem for me either, in the UK things are a bit different and are handled in light of what they really look like and they really need to stay off the book sales – I know it is exasperating that people could be as destructive as they are but it does not change me or change my name in anyway; I never speak of it because the reality is that if I wish to trade my books then that is what I wish to do and nothing more and that is an end to it. If I were therefore picking up pieces whether or not I were boasting about power I don’t have, I would probably have been the best pieces picker in the whole world anyway. They say they have big and rich companies; I have a literary empire and a Royal Estate alongside it as well. I mean we are here because the picking up pieces thing is that old story of naming me a cultural indemnity and refusing to accept I am a writer in order to do whatever they like around here, then turn up to wreck my finances on account I have located a different way to live – sometimes they say it funny, other times they say it is a pleasure that works like a need for them and provides and attitude that makes popular culture sales operable but my personal favourite is that it is meant to ensure that what I have given stays given forever – so of course it I were picking up pieces where we have ended up does show I would likely have been the best at it in the entire world. It’s the same as those claims when people career piracy pillage my career I want to make something out of it of which if they did I would have found another life to live and then I would not be seen by employers as absent minded and unreliable at this point; what really happens is that when I have not paid for publicity what they do is create one to extract an income from my work and then keep that publicity as their own to use as they please and so instead of thinking about what this means if I get around my work, I refuse to travel anywhere for any reason or purpose and refuse to do so in order to gather facts and take pictures to write my books because they can do it instead while I make them do it properly – I mean I have done everything possible including putting my own efforts into the books rather than use only what they produce of which they are not doing the job properly therefore at the end of which I will then make them sell the books whether they want to or not. What we have to deal with is that they are people in whose interest it is not for any harm to come to the Prince of Wales and it is little things like their jobs being there to make money while mine is a plaything so I might be made to give up personality for the Queen and then get protection from the Prince of Wales as like as if that is what government is about that creates real issues and they talk like they do because they think that The Queen will protect them for doing these things. As I say all the time it will get worse when I get a public life for it as well and they do need to get off the book sales; I mean we take advantage of Mr Top CEO on one hand and squish you on the other with a big mouth would never have been the answer to everything in the first place anyway – I for my part have never seen a group of idiots that are so destructive in my entire life before. The part where I make out I am upper class when I am not does not constitute one of those things I give a second thought to; I mean there are allies that will lose if I lost favour with The Queen and do not really deserve it, so I never pay attention to such things unless I have to answer a specific question. The part about being counted as a member of the Royal family just happened, I am quite content with being commended and supported by the Queen for what I do. The other part about it being that they know what the value of what they damage here is and some condition where they created a higher society for themselves and a lower one for me does not exist in this life or the next. It goes right down to the issue with Americans as well where people seem to be the only ones that can perceive that the expediency of my work is a grand plan for taking peoples freedom away from them and there is no doubt they should because they do nothing with their time except take away peoples freedom and try to keep theirs in the face of such people and think they can do it at everybody; so they can mention how I do what I do because the UK has a special relationship with the US but we all know all Nationalists are compulsive Lairs in the first place and they are joking with those things they do because they want freedom – it is something they will never get, we are not mates and they had better moved on, left me well alone and got off my work. The part about where I stand on the New British identity I am working on is never really a real matter either; I always say if the UK was a Middle Eastern Country it would have been Qatar or the UAE and this is what and who we are identity wise – toughness and fighting is another matter entirely, I am talking about an economy that people come to do benefit tourism in because it provides support for its poorest due to the fact that its biggest employers are the services Industries. Hence if somebody thought there were services in the UK that people somewhere in a remote part of the world have never had and set out to make that a business, the big problem would have been these goons that have not been taken care of and the fact they can travel around the world and seek out exotic cultures doing popular culture and squandering people’s property, to live powerful useless lazy lives that make them rich.

So the issue of my problem with the American desire for freedom thing is as simple as it has always been; they have not been able to stay away from me and all effects of me as we are not mates, they are not my friends, I don’t owe them money and their insults create me a cash flow crisis while getting better at it for them means social advancement and none of it is a much a game as they think it is either because what happens is that they turn out with the abusive insults on media and the result is that their Politicians get this sense of boundless prerogatives and my finances bottom out instantly and then they do it every single day and try to seek out fringe benefits to sit alongside plans for every goon to have leaders they are linked with in order to turn up and attack me, to predict how I am likely to react and take revenge before I do which they make out creates the sense they are academic geniuses but in my eyes every time they do it will earn them enough wrath for media and Political complains and then we can hear the Nationalism and how they want freedom which is then amazing and how they will never lead on account of me which is an extra. Some want to know how it happens and of course it is rather as simple as the fact the US is full of people that claim you cannot get successful by obeying all of the laws all of the time and that you have to break them and have parties doing so – I will never have that kind of a life and will never get the chance to, I am fed up with their effects on me imposed at National media by their male fools and they do need to go away. Apparently of which they claim they are hitting on me but of course I don’t fancy them that way besides which they always have boyfriends in the fame and fortune world who put them up to it so they can be known in show biz pillaging my work and nothing else which is what their violence is all about and it is intended to change my quality of life too, so I have no idea why they complain either. The other part about my commitments are rather simply the fact that some still cannot work out the story of how I am likely to travel out of the UK is extremely distracting, something they put up on media to ensure people want me to stay off it so they can keep my so called history built up there for their own infantile purposes but of course it begins with the fact they have businesses and therefore have no regard for a part of another person’s Royal Estate Working Court that exists on Media; so when they had started complaining about the sexual nature of women affiliated to me we know we had hit the mark and of course the result is women turning out to build nests around it to do business which was meant to happen since there are equitable benefits to it and for every occasion where my court is altered and they had gained a corruption of involvement seeking means to make the powerful thing and not the right things to do powerful so they can get rich and connected, there will be as much carnage as we have seen and we can therefore only get better and better at it. The Industry side being of course that the Court is the best way to develop certain equities that involve big companies that may have ended up working a public service like in Aviation and shipping for example. So yes the point is that if nothing happens to it on any occasion they have nothing to worry about and I will never give attention to what their reasons are either – as I have said before bullying operates on the basis of excuses that other people cannot argue with and enough is enough and this warning is global too.


Now I am aware they ask questions of what my stand and story and view of their great work programme for those on benefits is but it comes up often because they have not yet discovered what I think and what I will do i.e. The Labour Party steals all the time and steals from my company and plays games of lying about me for sport compulsively and this can only lead to a result where I am in a place where I spend time checking my bottom line against that stupid party of theirs and by that time they will say what I am doing is not the right thing to do obviously, the rest are playing really stupid games that will not end well, I mean they expect some sort of court battle that I can ill afford the time for and there will be none; the reality is that they simply have no means of creating me a work programme that does not justify a process where they keep paying my benefits because it leads me straight on towards direct and full time employment and then a government deploying my literary empire everyday can pay me £70 a week and put me on some free Labour programme claiming I am on the dole – it must be that easy, if they don’t recognise it, it does not exist and this matter has not been funny in 10 years and I am 33 now, have not got the time for court battles; if I am nice I will grab them and twist them into handing in a work programme that is beneficial and if I am not I will let it roll so that their society idiots can piss me off and cause me to seek revenge. Yes I know they say it would be better if I got involved with Politics but of course everybody knows I would have been doing businessman’s Politics that they can use to get rich of course and it would mean I work many times as hard while they make money without working for it, so it is the Politics itself that will oppress them and they will do it anyway never the less. I am not therefore suggesting I am innocent in the matter, I know I am with respect to problems Politics have to contend with at their career counted globally among the top three problems they face today and that is because it is funny to rip up my finances and then even funnier to claim it is connected with culture associated with my skin which is what their black idiots tell them too. My main concern at present is a process where I set my catalogues in the hands of a republican who then destroys them and causes me damage thereof because they will certainly make a social issue out of it and the Politicians do therefore have a real problem with respect to that even though I have some liability about it to look into. It is not work programmes and I would not like to have it as one major headache to contend with either. I have told them the problem they have is their society idiots and that it is the reason the government is pricing people off benefits; all they do is stay out of employment and get their Politicians to wreck other people’s lives and then when the time is right deploy those peoples work, they normally say they are doing their stuff for them, to make fame and fortune. You largely contend with the middle class ones and their access to rich city girls but watch your back and not long after you will find you are not very far from lower class versions; I am in no position or disposition or even outpost by which I may lose anything by exacerbating the problem it should be noted despite my treatment at the hands of insolent abusive politicians claiming to hate people’s faith and religion in this country but my warnings are clear – if they fail to stay off me, the lower class ones will be criminals in their right or the middle class ones will make the lower class ones into criminals and we will hear those stories we normally hear in this country like it should be. There has been recession in the air for the last 13 years and I was never going to become a Banker or service provider in the city centre and the Politicians have always known that; nobody here is playing with them and it is hard therefore to understand why they cannot acknowledge such a fact; I do not mind and am in no position to lose anything by making their jobs many times as difficult as it could be and many times as violent as it could be imagined. And as for their black people; the men are not killing their wives and daughters yet because they want them to kill me instead – it has not yet appeared to them it is a problem they have to solve because they get my stupid mother to work with their needs and think they have me in a corner. It will be real oppression here soon enough; the actual thing by the way if they want to know. Yes of course they like to make out everything I say is a secret given away that others can steal but that is clearly one of the most common insults that is the reason for all these in the first place because every fool that wishes to do other peoples stuff for them gets an argument and a means of communication on account you are talking to them through it. The other would be the part where I am facing an uphill struggle when they have heard me mention they are not killing their wives and daughters yet because they want those to kill me instead and we will soon find out how deep the rabbit hole goes as well; so it ought to be made clear the reasons for their big problems are the insult cheap and easy and the means by which to work them which nobody sees their constituents do to them as well i.e. find their parents to have a pint with and tell their parents to tell them how to behave in public places – so yes it is the eventual outcome of how they apply that in public cheap and easy and it will never go unpunished, I have no problems creating them even more work. They always say I have a problem with Asian economies and that it is not doing me any good but of course it is the old story of Asian economies that offer city workers with power to bully me in return for selling them past times and entertainment etc – so yes it is an old story about people whose entire lives are about short skirts in clubs and bars, raunchy behaviour and dressing for 24/7 looking for a ride in expensive cars and expensive boyfriends and of course general drunkenness and clubbing but it has always been their vandalism of my finances because they have an infantile need to see these stupid needs met while entertaining a view of me that is abusive which has always created a problem. The first time I took actions led to the results we are living with today which was taking that stupid culture away from them and making sure they never see it again, so they can continue never the less and worse will not happen as it were. I don’t think of it a major crisis it’s just they expect me to do worse than those who were there before; so that when I took the culture away it generally meant I was going down. I mean everybody knows everything they do is meant to cover their tracks like when women take martial arts classes and it turns up on media and the purpose of that has something to do with me it is meant to counter a process where I can no longer ask them if they are dead yet and or whether their husbands and men are saving their lives up so they can get to take my life instead but clearly it has not on any occasion worked over the years and I am getting closer especially over the vandalism of the media section of my Court to peddle things and get rich, getting to a stage where I will collect pictures of their cities to focus my activities towards determining what happens in those Asian economy sky scrapers etc and when that starts it will become a lot more serious when I mention they need to get off my books and finances.