There are some matters around the US Elections and myself which need clarification apparently and one of them is that I wanted Donald Trump to win so that I might end up with something to occupy myself with but of course that is just something bandied around by Liberalists who largely believe that their own version of wickedness has been too well and secretly developed that it is beyond human understanding and comprehension and that they can therefore practice it and be famous at the same time, so we see them have a fundamental problem with any atmosphere in which they are not controlling the majority population because they are favourites of the Media. The other which follows this immediately after, being that I am playing Unity Card for the Trump Presidency which I am not; the reality is that they are popularity insane mostly and so when I spend time at Church and work hard on what I know and do, soon after a certain level of success, what we find when the lifestyle starts to come along naturally is that it is something I do not deserve to have and becomes an existence that the Democrats who will go to any lengths to achieve their aims notice all the time and want to fight for, unless I am keen to do up their own split personality human being issues just as much too. The others are the warnings I have given about their problem Publicity concerning my Books being lifted as such, they say the Media is my domain but I continue to reject it, whereas what we see especially in the fashion Industry is a very abusive way in which people use the access temperaments I have between me and my Court to look into my soul so to speak and make me sick all the time; so I have played out this whole matter in a way that people get to understand my business does not work if I am trying to trade and operate with any other group save the female journalists at Court that I started out with and by the way of which things have changed a bit since we started out and it’s no longer the general learning stuff or the security systems and the way they make use of it giving rise to the creation of clothing and fashion stuff but very specific ways of doing the same things with a process of getting very specific results in mind. So this is an example of an occasion where I may be told I had omitted the Status aspects as well, which is simply the part where nothing grows around here unless I am protecting it personally and all things from Industry to Fashion and even Media and the Court system are run in such ways as means they are all fundamentally attached to the Royal Office.

So the story of a hate for LGBT people on my part does continue as such, of which there is really no such hate – I do not hate LGBT people, I am a Christian and Christians do not do LGBT; I mean for want of reassurance, the Son of God really did walk this Earth and we know he did nothing in the form of harm to any LGBT people but having said so, it does not mean I care if LGBT people in general are reassured by this because the only behaviour towards me that they have, is one of insults and abuses and attacks and nothing else but never the less I believe it is the right thing to put out in public in the circumstances.

They do say I have LGBT people in my Court but hate LGBT people, which is not true in anyway whatsoever; it is a story that does not stack up. The reality about the violence stuff is that it happens in two forms and is always cowardice in practice; one of them is the one where people feel they can grab somebody else’s public image and reputation to live on easy street with and then kill or violently attack such a person to make it their own permanently and always organise it into a community based form of injustice orientated violence; the most unlikely ones being the Media that are completely convinced that nobody ever suspects them of doing such things and nobody tends to act on them even if they are suspected – about it I have made myself clear too i.e. they need to work for fame and fortune if they want to have any or go off and find those who normally work for it to inherit from so we can see how they do it as it were, otherwise easy life getting a job will be the least of their worries and all can see that I have the ability to ensure that their fame and public image is a problem for me that I solve all the time and that the Politicians will not be able to do anything about it either. The second part being the cowardice violence itself and the way it operates, they are always scared of successful people, especially of those who band together to look after themselves but there are some lose like myself that they can calculate and groom into characters that can be beaten up or killed to satisfy whole communities and then it will seem that each time they see my business they have some sort of right to handle it and wreck the finances and ensure I have to recover it in an environment where people are bigger than I am and violence is profitable unless it does lead to results like mine and I want their problem publicity off my Books before I am forced to get it off myself the way I know how as it were and they usually say I cannot make such a thing happen which is a yapping that can only continue until they find themselves shot by a Police Officer; I mean the general sensibility is that Politicians have become much less aware of the extent of intolerance people have for the violence stuff all together, especially the cowards violence one and it’s the one where there isn’t a certain kind of sex, drugs and rock and roll for this generation because of the way that I handle it.

So Today 10/11/2016 the story has changed by 17.00pm into one about how I have come round to supporting the US Democratic Party candidate when it suits me but will not when she needs to win elections which is a justification for the hate people have for me and a big moth with which to wag it all the time but that is actually not what I am doing – what has happened is that they have gotten involved with me out of their own power yet again, in a way that indicates they want to buy some Books and I have co-operated with that and if I do not see Books getting bought in 24 Hours this mood will change again and make them sick as well. The reality of it is that I got out of bed today to check how it was going around my concerns i.e. if the Books must get sold, are the Politicians faring properly, are the Celebrities and everybody that has made themselves some useful person that does not cause the Government to spend money on crime carried on with their lives without complain and what I ended up with was that they were stealing the fame and money and using that to mess it all up and shove me back into the violent problems so I can keep getting around those over and over and over again – so by 1.35pm I decided to take a nap and by 2.25pm I was woken rudely to things having gone completely hay wire even on social Media, at the end of fixing that of which is the point the scumbags have told me I have started supporting their Democratic party candidate again as abusively as only they can when they must attain their needs at other peoples expense by absolutely any means whatsoever. So what I am actually doing is what becomes of that situation where successive Politicians have a habit of getting into government buildings to set me out as the guy that handled all the shit stuff and the trouble makers and criminals and mess that their administration will make all over the world and not enough have learned just yet that a lack of respect for me means they will never get any so far but I am accumulating the numbers never the less anyway. They do say I am always untidy and then their friends that get around the lives of other Royalty in Europe will tell a different story about me getting about with a social class that is not mine wanting to be squeezed dry of everything I am and have and spat out thereafter with a big mouth – so the implication is first that all the other various excuses for handling my property and damaging it was supposed to lead to these big ones eventually but it will never change a thing about what I have really been occupied with Today either i.e. a process where they understand their world is full of Women and the Gays on one hand, Men and their society on the other and that a lack of respect for me and my problems concerning a duty to decide what becomes of the extreme left and extreme right will mean especially over their need to savage my finances, that they get none as well; typically a case where stupid girl wants to deplete respect for state operatives in order to create a sensation that allows here to develop some form of exit for herself around the really foolish way in which she has lived out her useless existence because there are Men ruling over her and the least she can worry about over my case will be a process where I make those Men famous for her as it were and that can easily be the start only too  and then I can be abused and attacked into supporting the female democratic candidate again with their big mouth as it were. I mean people should see what happens is that if I put my Office and Business Literary Archives on the Computer system at the University for instance, what happens is that they download it and start what is so far a 7 year campaign on a daily basis to have me replaced, ripping up the lives and property of any Royalty that is fond of me especially in Europe, so this sort of talk of being bent to serve the will of their female democratic party candidate is not one that can easily lead to small problems as it were. The reality being that their world is full of gays and lewd women who want to live on other peoples earnings on one hand, Men and their society on the other but they are the clever people who want to change their Country and change the world, except if they have such problems and I solved it for them alongside dealing with my difficult Royal engagements, then write a Book for them, what becomes of my Book is that they throw it to the dogs, push me out of University and pass exams to return to popular culture, seek to control the country and I must be rejected and messed about until I am sick; whereby it gets to a stage where the Queen intervenes to prevent me from slaving away for them any further and they then get off to find some other powerful Woman that will force me to serve them and it goes on like that uselessly and endlessly and if you feel sorry for them and decide to let them back in, the whole thing will start all over again on a much worse premise too. They say it is the way I box them in and take away their sense of freedom and mobility but everybody else knows they can have those when they create it with their own lives and not mine as it were – it’s an old story about walking down a street and assessing how many of them have been travelling overseas to bring in trouble maker black people, then get off to hang around the shops and pass about blame culture concerning the person that helps to oppress black people and open the Country for them to show up and make a mess of the lives of racists as well and then start to think about what campaign you need to launch against them and make those stupid neighbourhoods hell for them as well, especially on the basis of making you smell whenever you take Public transport and mocking you as violently and abusively as possible over it – hence they are not the only ones showing restraint here. These things are just some of the things I have done to show them what will actually happen when all that nonsense about ripping up my finances to exhibit themselves on Media and steal my identity actually becomes successful.

I do not think this matter is a crisis – I have Books which have been Published, I want them to keep off those Books and I need to make them understand what will happen when all that nonsense about ruining my finances to exhibit themselves on Media pays off in a condition whereby they had stolen my identity. The rest is just the general confusion about how I am this endearing person they are attracted to who has a sting in the tail and that is usually when they are done telling tales of an Arch Prince that is always untidy when they are done making their own up and seek to keep up appearances at my expense all the time, along with foolish Men who think they know much about business and hate Women. The truth of course is that I am happier spending time on some religious calligraphy than I am spending time with Celebrities because of who I am and they actually read what I wrote and looked into the lives of those I have listed as Court, they would have seen most of these facts to be true and somebody would not have been confused about what would likely happen when another who started out a career leading the Trees and Lands first before he leads people meets another who has a flash car and is so evil people cannot hear what they are saying to each other anymore on account he wants to be rich for example. Then others as well who take pictures of Women in nice clothes on scenic backdrops to think they are edging closer to a revolution and owning a country that will actually be their own as well, like Fashion. So they do say I am just one of those things that need to be taken out after separated from all forms of security but I wonder what with anyway; it’s an old story whereby people think I am a problem whereas the only problem there is, is people passing judgements at me on the basis of what a group of idiots who never keep their fingers more than mere millimetres off other peoples bums and know the language of excuses very well, by which such insults are supposed to install opulence in their lives get up to – as for separating me out and taking me out as such, that is an old story that can be achieved by means of international aid and media and a really big mouth alongside it too.

So they say it is this kind of behaviour that led to terrorism in the first place but everybody else knows that attitude of fighting everywhere, whereby we assumed they came to the UK to be safe, fleeing from an environment where they had to run from home and live in the Bushes which can even become much worse than the threats of living at home and the only safe thing to do was to take cover and hope that it was enough if they did or their children did, not to fight people as it were; otherwise the big old story is that they are always terrorism against people who have not taken steps to take the process of watching back so seriously they become fundamentally interested in where others are eating snacks and sleeping with girls etc, which of course is the environment that facilitates most of their powerful and distracting insults that can determine if other people have an attitude or not. By and large however, these are people that come from very bad upbringing and the wealthy parents are likely to have midsized businesses while any other wealth is small sized businesses that are not going anywhere so they can follow people around and ensure others are not making progress with a living – they have never actually experienced a process where somebody put the foot down and meant it, so they cannot understand why others do not want to be handled in such ways because they want to die first before they do and what they are playing with here is somebody that will not let them have that advantage as well – likely to start from the best their parents did to make them  better people and end with own ideas about making them improved human beings. Otherwise what I have done so far should serve a deterrent as well with that nonsense about families run by goons who are chief evil and the wives and medium evil and the kids are small evil and the girls claim I steal a Woman’s place in the world – as it stands I am either always selling off that stupid culture and society whenever they issue mortal threats at me or making them sell it while I supervise, considering my risk is apparently the only thing they know, which is killing people when they don’t get what they want. This sort of talk lead to such outcomes where this is stepped up to something greater as well since I am not one of those who thinks every soul from Africa should live in the UK or that people should have the one ambition in life only of travelling off to live in a Country where the life will be easier and when they blab about attitudes that make them kill people, need to watch whom they blab at before the only thing they know is taken from them as well. The Women are another story anyway; a problem they have with being protected by the Police whom are clearly doing such a bad job that they are doing a better one and need to do some for me as well – hence the fact I cannot breathe due to the existence of somebody that can beat me up on their behalf with that big mouth, as considering that all such idiots as mentioned here actually have a freedom that looks like these. It’s much the same as the claim I have no idea what I am doing with fashion whereas people like me ought to do that fabrics are made from people who work in very difficult conditions, then the clothes have to be made by people whose life is dedicated to making others look good in Public and hence all about it is not as flamboyant as the public displays suggest and I would like it if they respected my earnings and property as well, otherwise their current suffering is set to continue and get worse.


Now they say I am making enemies for the Monarchy, the reality of course is rather that my behaviour depletes the enemies of the Monarchy and the problem we have not got is that this has turned from an advantage for the future of the Nation into something of a situation that some people basically own; what they are doing therefore is making as much enemies for the Monarchy as they can, at my expense and then trying to  replace me on one hand while on the other keeping the entirety of what they are doing secret like property that needs to be protected from everybody else. It is the same insanity about the Media too; those started off years ago travelling around the world to tell non British people that they control me and that they are the ones anybody who wants to make use of my public image has to speak to – thus setting off this process of various appearances they need to preserve by hurting and attacking me, for which when we hear them complain of what I do to them as well we might be forgiven for thinking it is the end of the world already. So what I have done to them mostly is a matter of what they think they must now raise questions about and try to determine when it is supposed to end i.e. every mess they make of my work and my business can always be followed up with a process of dragging them back to where they made it and making them fix the problem while I ensure it is the kind of solution that fits because of time constraints. Hence the whole process of when it stops or comes to an end is a matter which is entirely in their hands; no more involvement with me or some form of Media based community leadership that is specifically targeted at me and any Publicity around my Books obscuring any conversation or relationship I have with my fans – I personally have no idea why they find it so amusing but the process of making them fix the effects and forcing them to fix it properly and with the correct solution will never stop until that ends first.

In their defence they say I am very rude which has no basis on reality, my rudeness is all circumstantial i.e. if football people start that own local community leadership which means that I must face some faith and religion based competition that facilitates credibility when people wish to claim I corrupt their Women and leads to an outcome where somebody else and not me enjoys the privilege of being so good that when he suffers violence society is outraged, then I can get about selling peoples society and culture as well or just make them sell it while I ensure they sell the one that I want them to sell. The others at the Monarchy have always been at it; when The Queen has a Golden Jubilee they want to have a Child that will get a Royal commission and it has come to a stage where every major National ceremony is followed by some grand plan they are fidgeting with that involves digging up something about my past and them simulating it and then having a child that will fit and have a Royal commission in the future, I simply have no idea which part of it has resulted in me making or creating enemies for the Monarchy anyway. As for the bit about losing my Royal Commission, that has always been something about people making me untidy all the time; it does not mean I will get around Monarchy being untidy as such but they seem to realise that making me untidy facilitates all the negative publicity that can reverse my good work and my good name if they wanted, so it has become a main preoccupation and the Media simply does not get manned by people who listen to what happens whenever a local idiots complain to them is that these fools then get into a position to determine who has access to me and what the distance between me and Media is and how somebody else can own my identity, after going off to the Media to complain about my behaviour towards them which occurred because they made use of my work without paying, concerning which I implored the Media to stay out of as well; so it’s an old story that it is all in their hands and if no stupid media local community leadership is directly affecting what I do with my fans they do not have to worry about a current misery that does not seem to end but then again they need to realise too that if it were in my hands I would be running a Public campaign at this stage to control broadcasting corporations staff for them if they cannot do it as it were and it will become a total obsession just like everything else I do.

It does not mean I am at war with everybody as such so to speak; the issue is that they are all ruffians and ageist bullies and Women who think the only form of abuse there is, is when Women get raped hence they can do with men as they please but when somebody drops out of University because of a community organised corruption of involvement that targets him, managed by the Media and they are still having fun with providing a certain kind of local community leadership that disrupts a livelihood everyday, which they have enjoyed for 12 years so far, it changes such a person. So they do in turn say I pretend I know much about Politics when I don’t; the reality is that if I made a thousand laws and still have people that will either want to break them and get to the law Courts to hear what the judges say before they try and obey when they do get a second chance or basically just expect lawyers to lay before them a legal career and expose everything about it so they can know about the law and obey it, then I must accept I will have to make a thousand more every day. It’s the same story with the Media goons who think themselves gentlemen when they send all day basking in the dichotomies of the problems of women in order to control their bowels which does nothing whatsoever for anybody else; they want to provide fundamentalist leadership all of the time and then spend most of their days talking about Royals that fear their people power and first of which they have got a foggiest clue what they are talking about and then of course which they have not made arrangements with violent people as well concerning the various causes, which is all very well unless it threatens me and then we end up finding out their Human rights does not look like that as well. It’s like when they say nothing I say solves any of these problems but the only problem is that they don’t know what they are doing and will never in hell accept another person’s leadership if such a person knows better – so it’s always them on the left being peaceful and some violent person on the right running other people’s lives and threatening me with a crowd which is their human right. Then we hear those stories being a matter of conditions in which people dwell, which is then the same conditions that must apply when I write Books to help them too; I am supposed to have my Court systems on the left around my Publicity matters and security on the right and the celebrities in the Middle but I have now ended up having security on the right, court on the left and pornography in the middle – the conditions they live in which then limits their abilities – I mean, do I have to learn what the Celebrities are protecting me from as well by seeing all that pornography? When the conditions they live in makes them so stupid.

Now they say the winner of the US Presidential election 2016 is racist – the result being the far right groups that are starting to make progress at the Polls here in Europe and really brings to bear the need to start taking much more seriously the process of preventing liberalists and democrats and socialists from sharing in my Book sales and a need to put an end to that nonsense where they are getting jobs, ripping my finances and trying their hands on capping my income and oppressing me with it as well. So I need to make it very clear that if getting them off my Books and the need to end all stupid exhibitionism around my Public life is going to be a fight, then this is how it will start i.e. it was difficult to believe anything democrats say to begin with but this story of Trump racism is off the scale – I mean the first ever episode of Apprentice which was his TV career was won by a black person and there has not been another like it since for instance. This is not an unusual eventuality either, what we know is that democrats and their bad upbringing are pretty much the same as the worthless people and criminals that they chase all the time and so you become like them when you chase them around over their financial and property and public image vandalism as well, I have done it because Politicians never stop lying and now that things have happened beyond the point where they can be denied it’s time to shut down that stupid access that they have to me as it were all together and prevent all that stupid sharing that happens with everything I do especially, facilitate a process of kicking all the scum responsible for each occasion in which my expenses are not being paid for every work I do; we all know they complain about one plight after another but in the same way we know they have been on my case for the last 12 years everyday and always have a new story to tell for it too, this time even spending time detaching me from my Royal Estate, making it their own and turning me into a Politician using problems. It has never had a thing to do with freedom and democracy which they profess, it has always been a habit that those who can ill afford to pay for do not have to be forced to pay for, unless a public story comes forth from those who are forced to making sense of what their stupid politicians get up to for their part as well – so what we have here is that for the first time ever in American history in a very long time, people are free to trade and do business as they see fit without responding or being forced to give a quota to the democrats who have fought for their civil right through Media and celebrity bullying; this the democrats do not like, so they have begun a protest about a racist president they elected in the most powerful Country in the world, are still sharing my Book sales to put a cap on my income and are out to control the majority population and ensure they are the only ones that can get rich and popularity culture is king. In terms of when it is not a fight, the reasoning should be the difference between me and them being that when I do not feel I can do something I do not try to do it and the reasons I have ended up with a life they must steal all they need and stupid ambitions fed from is because I only do what I can and tend to have finances savaged while I end up with this cluster of things I can do, looking for trouble, hence it has come to a point where this nonsense needs to move on and anything that stops my expenses being paid will start to feel me as well – I mean it’s the sort of thing where an average 13 year old democrat will likely think it is okay to slap a Police Officer because their parents and communities will think it is amusing and courageous unless there is racism to complain about. So I want all their interests around my Books and around my Public image to come to an end before it gets more serious than they can handle too; it’s the old story where a war might have happened and some 3 million people died and it only needs end for 2 week before Women want their own war as well, so it’s not just that stupid self confidence their Men have to insult and address me I will be extracting and beating down seriously as well here, there are the other aspects where it must be beaten down to a point where it understands what will happen when it does it again. Two candidates contested the US elections and one of them was interested in Public welfare, while the other was interested in foreign Policy that was propped up by duties of a vice president who was concerned with the insults of men – nothing surprises me about how their attitude lost Hilary the elections and I will take no more of this crap for my part as well. They do say they want an easier life but such a claim adds up when an account of spending Media time to create reputations for those who have desirable property and a history of supporting female colleagues and friends, of being somebody that lives like Women, if such a person has pointed some lewd fools out as people who should take up a Mans duties then if it bothers them so much and we are not talking about Obama’s entire Presidency being spent on giving out word that people should not buy my Books and that it should fundamentally be prevented from getting sold while they steal Political careers either just yet.


So there is now some need for myth bursting as usual; I wouldn’t know anyway – we all know it’s the lies that modernists need to tell to facilitate the Modern gospels they must preach and various other means of selling other people to get rich but when they love to attack my finances and personal welfare like we have here I do start to take it personally and will likely react if somebody said I had a basement in my mansion where I killed people because the person who actually does all the killing and tying up and hiding bones in the basement is probably their next door neighbour. So they say I pretend I know much about war when I know nothing about it – the reality of which is rather that State provided security is not something those who have the training already cook up their own ideas and perform, they do it on the character and leadership of those who govern; which is where they will say that judging events around the world, I am clearly the hidden war guy that people have hidden under their nose but are oblivious to – whereas the reality is as ever the old story of the fact you need a door but when you have one somebody will bash it in with a hammer and then you will get another that is strengthen with steel and they will cut it down with a saw that was made by the Russians who were actually not involved in the first attack even though the person that did it was supported by them on the global scene because it would be amusing if Russians got involved etc – so then arises the need to have a door strengthen by a special metal that the Russians have no means of manufacturing a saw that can cut down and then finding a way to start a small business that deals only in such metal and making sure the Russians do not get their hands on it; does not work the same as building a plane that can circumnavigate the world in 24 Hours alright but it does the job and the Russians can be monitored that way. The point being that if a Country more than 5 times the size of the UK and an even Bigger military to show for it likes to think it is not a threat, there is a need to have a means of hurting them which they cannot have access to, otherwise it will never ever stop. They do say I appear to have no other way of getting on save the sad and miserable mode but I am a very happy person, it’s just realities such as the show business people attached to me who gave and give me hoot all through the tough times have vanished, not because I have committed a crime against any but because of trivia such as Men not being able to tolerate reality based films that takes away their ability to think like Men of intelligence and intrigue, fostered by insults of foolish black Men and Women that are always knowing me on account I share the same skin colour as it were. So I want it back as they found it or this will be the beginning to getting it back the way it was. So they say I have a problem with showing some respect and decorum in the direction of Leaders who are actually more powerful but there is really no such thing - what exists is a condition where more powerful leaders send out idiots, especially Media ones, to address me in order to prove a point which therefore never gets proven because its all shit and in like manner I never address them either, what happens is that like for instance US President is that each time a new one is elected, these Men will gather around and bid for power and some new war and who will be the scapegoat so that conveniences can be places where they should be placed; so the problem they have with me at the moment is that my people in show biz just vanish like magic because they want to take over my Empire and do not fancy reality based Films that encumber their ability to think like men of intrigue and intelligence and I want my property restored to the way they found it within the storm of those stupid nepotism and popularity discriminating insults otherwise I will do it myself and their complains will not suffice.